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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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May 23, 2023 6:07 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 23, 2023 6:07 am

It was a Star Wars weekend & an After Hours field trip for Amy & Producer Jay this past weekend | Freddie Freeman hits game-winning homer in return to Atlanta | The story of Michael Block continues.


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Find out more at slash C-Y. That's S-E-E-W-H-Y. You're not going to believe what happened. I'm not sorry, but I will be remembering it for the second half of the show. Our engineer, Martin is his name, he got called into work. I'm not sure what's happening, but he is on call and he just walked in the building. Okay, so he's one of our engineers here at Odyssey for both the network as well as the seven, I think there are seven local radio stations that are on these two floors that we lease here in Lower Manhattan, which is where headquarters are located.

Martin's eyes are half asleep. So as I'm coming out of the production studio where I'm doing prep for the segment and I'm walking down the hallway, I see the engineer Martin walk through the newsroom. It's really a lounge. It's supposed to be a lounge area. We've turned it into a newsroom because, you know, the sales team needs half of the floor because they want them all to work together and collaborate, except the pandemic shut everything down.

No one uses that half of the building now. So cool. Why don't we just stay in the lounge to do our work?

No problem. But I digress. So Martin walks through the lounge slash newsroom. His eyes are half asleep and Martin and I are buddies.

What are you doing here? Oh, I got the call at 2 a.m., which would have been two hours ago, our time. I don't know why it took him two hours to get to work, but apparently his services are needed here. So Martin and I are friends.

I give him a hug. I should have known that even at four o'clock in the morning Eastern time, even with his eyes half closed, Martin would have his cologne on. Martin always does. He's a good Italian dude. Italian dudes. They take pride in how they smell, which I appreciate.

Thank you. But now I smell like Martin. It's not a bad thing. It's just I didn't wear the cologne, but now I smell like Martin. If you feel as though, Jay, if you feel as though you need a refreshing of your scent. A little freshen up. You can go hug Martin too.

Martin, come here real quick. I just got to rub up against you. Ew, that's not what I did.

I gave him a hug. I mean, same thing. No, it's not the same thing. Jay, that's disgusting.

Giving your friend a hug is not the same thing as rubbing up against him. Ew, don't be gross. That's vulgar. Oh my gosh. This is a family show, number one. Number two, don't try to paint a picture of me of something that I'm not.

There's no need to call HR for heaven's sakes. We're friends. I gave him a hug. He's good to me.

He always gives me the Comrex when I need it, blah, blah, blah. But that's not the same as, ew, what's wrong with you? I didn't mean anything bad.

No, that's disgusting. I just meant touching his body. Okay. Stop talking right now. No more talking. You can't, why can't you just say the word hug? That's what it was. Hug.

Thank you. I will go hug Martin. Exactly. It'll be a bro hug. Don't tell me you boys don't do bro hugs because they do.

Oh, they do. Exactly. It's not, ew. Why do I even allow Jay to be part of these conversations?

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. So now I smell like Martin and his cologne, which is fine. It won't be till I wake up on Tuesday afternoon that I won't smell like Martin. I'll have to change clothes.

Again, it's not bad. He smells good. He's picked a notable scent. But I'm not going to be able to forget it. I'm sure you all have those people, those friends in your lives that you hug and then, I mean, the alternative is that he smells like pig pen and I smell like pig pen the rest of the show.

Some people around here. Thankfully, I do not because I just showered a few hours ago and would, you know, would prefer to remain clean for the duration of Tuesday. I do actually have to work out on Tuesday. It's a cardio day, so eventually I guess I'll wash off Martin's cologne. I hope he's not. I know he's not listening.

His eyes are half closed and he's busy with our New York affiliate. But yes, not a bad thing. But you always have to know about Martin and hugging Martin that the cologne will then become your cologne. So right now I smell like a man. But whatevs.

Is it the same every time that you've known him? It is. It is. It's his signature.

And it happens every time, too. I don't want to hear anything else that you're saying about scents or hugging or rubbing off on people. Nope. You've already proven yourself to be awkward and not capable of being part of this conversation with any kind of grace. Okay, that's fair.

So no. It's after hours on our Facebook page. We've got pink peony power on Facebook as well as on Twitter, A Law Radio, because everyone needs some pink peony power and perfection for your Tuesday. It's good to connect with new people who found us on social media.

That happens every day. You've got a half hour left to take our latest show poll. So check that out on either Twitter or Facebook. And it's, as they say, a great question. And right now you've got merely two percentage points separating the two possible answers. So we'll let you go and check that out yourself. Our phone number is 855-212-4227.

That's 855-212-4CBS. I'm a little reticent to allow producer Jay to turn the mic on again because of how awkward he's already proven to be in this particular segment of the show. But we'll see if he can get through his evaluation, his grade, we'll call it, of what was a brand new experience for him on Saturday night. So Jay and I are both Star Wars nerds, though admittedly Jay is more of a Star Wars nerd now than he was before he met me. So we've, Jay and I enjoy watching Star Wars series together.

We watched through group watch. First Obi-Wan, then Andor. We can't wait for Andor season two for those of you who know what we're talking about.

Those were, they were gritty. In fact, I've told Bob, my Bob, not Sergei Bobrovsky, but I guess I could if he ever asked me for a recommendation, I've told my Bob that we need to watch both Obi-Wan and Andor. Now get this, this is sacrilegious. Bob told me he doesn't like Rogue One. What? What? Ooh, have you guys watched it together?

No, which we will. He's agreed to watch it with me. Rogue One is in my top three. How can he and I be so far apart on our top three?

This is how you know it's true love. We've actually gone through our list of Star Wars movies and decided our top three. We had to guess each other's favorite. I guessed his right off the top. He did not guess mine.

It took him ten guesses and he still didn't get it. Well how long ago has he seen Rogue One? Like when it came out? Yes.

Yes, when it came out. So it's time to reset. But also I told him he would love Andor. He would love Andor. So anyway, back to Jay and I because this is not really about Bob, though I'm going to watch them again with Bob. But watched a couple of series with Jay. He's turned into a big Star Wars nerd. Now he's the one who tells me when the movies are airing on TNT or TBS when it's Star Wars weekend. He also bought me Star Wars gifts for Christmas. So I have Star Wars socks now. We started watching The Mandalorian but Jay is unreliable in that respect.

So I might have to move on without you. That's all I'm saying. I don't think we've had a night to be able to watch it in the last how many months? Two. Two plus months because of the damn hoops and hockey. I mean seriously, can we catch a break please? Can you give us one night without hoops and hockey please? Just trying to watch the Mando.

We're just trying to not watch hoops and hockey. See how could Dante fall asleep to this soothing quote unquote voice? I don't know how that's possible. Anyway all that to say Jay and I love Star Wars and so I decided that he needed to experience Star Wars with the live symphony orchestra playing the score.

John Williams of course who is my favorite composer and while he was not conducting himself the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra played the live score for Empire Strikes Back while the movie was airing on a big screen. Now I could tell you my reaction but you need to hear Jay's because it was his first time going so what'd you think Jay? I will give it instantly a 10 out of 10.

Honestly even an 11 out of 10. It was from that first note which you were telling me the whole time was like going to be like the greatest part was in that first note finally like initially hits and it was just a tremendous crescendo. I might have smacked Jay like ahhh! I think at one point you were like don't worry I won't hit you the whole show.

No I tried not to. It was so exciting though it was incredible. I did notice though throughout the whole time I was watching the movie and I kept watching the orchestra, watching the movie, watching the orchestra, watching the movie. I wasn't really sure which one to focus on at certain times so I mean they all kept going I was trying to see I'd hear all these off notes and I tried to see who was playing it and try to pinpoint like the section leaders.

It was really cool it was tremendous. It brings the music and the emotion of the music, the power and the flow of the music to life in a way that you don't get when you're just watching the movie with the music blended in the background. And I would say there were a couple of times now they did use subtitles on the screen or I guess closed captioning sorry not subtitles they used closed captioning so you could see the dialogue however I've got Empire Strikes Back memorized so I don't need the dialogue.

However I just said however twice in the span of 20 seconds which rarely happens there were moments where the orchestra if you didn't know the dialogue had drowned out the dialogue a little bit. So they were louder than when I saw Return of the Jedi in early 2020 but still the music is really the focus as much as the movie is phenomenal. And here's what else is really neat about seeing any one of these movies I saw Jaws last October. Jurassic Park is this October.

They're playing Batman next March which is pretty cool too and that goes I think we're talking about the Batman that goes back to Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger so that would have been in the 90s maybe. Anyway the difference is that you're watching it with presumed fans so Star Wars nerd Star Wars faithful like us which means they clap they cheer we get all excited in the big moments. And so when Princess Leia says I love you and Han says I know the entire auditorium starts cheering or yeah or when Luke Skywalker I don't know where oh when he went into the cave right and Empire Strikes Back he goes into the cave and he kind of encounters Darth Vader but he cuts off his head and it's actually Luke's face. Even though everybody in there knows what's happening right the big moments the moments where there's big fights or there's these triumphant moments with like on the planet Hoth blah blah blah whatever introductions like when Lando came on screen for the first time. That's a good point when Lando appears on screen for the first time or R2D2 and C3PO are on screen for the first time everyone starts cheering it was it was an experience that was captivating in that way too because people are reacting to the movie as well as reacting to the music. And again the music is is amazing John Williams wrote the Imperial March first for Empire Strikes Back it did not appear in return or in Star Wars A New Hope only in Empire Strikes Back is where it really was the claim to fame and it's got to be one of the most famous pieces of music in film history. Anyway so it was a lot of fun people were dressed up well some people were looking like bums other people were dressed up but the auditorium was full and it was pretty incredible to hear the music again played live on the stage in front of us.

It just it comes to life in a completely different way. So we enjoyed it we had what were our snacks popcorn which you could see in the photo that we put on Twitter and Facebook. Pretzel. Right a pretzel hot pretzel with with cover with salt which was really tasty. And it was actually hot as as we're carrying it into the auditorium J's like ow hot. We had the most extreme airheads I've ever eaten in my entire I'm not airheads Sour Patch Kids I've ever eaten in my entire life. Yeah they did warn us on the box that they were they were more sweet and sour they were enhanced sweet and sour.

I don't know about the sweet but. So we had a bunch of snacks it was also taco night so we had taco night before we got to the auditorium. We saw a colleague who was there with a big group of friends standing in the t-shirt line because it doesn't matter what the cost. Our colleague who may be as big a Star Wars nerd as we are has to have a t-shirt for every single one of these these concerts so yeah it was it was super cool.

It was a lot of fun to experience with J even though I did smack him a couple times like oh my gosh. Because I get so excited I didn't cry during this one but I cry during Return of the Jedi because I always cry during Return of the Jedi. And I dare say that when I go to A New Hope I'm actually going to A New Hope in Houston. Bob got us tickets what about that so it's the Houston Symphony Orchestra coming up in July when I'm visiting Houston because who doesn't want to visit Houston in July.

So we're going to stay indoors right indoors and see the concert. I dare say that I will cry because it's so moving but in Empire Strikes Back other than when Leia is broken hearted over Han being frozen in carbonite. Otherwise they're not a lot of moments that would make you cry necessarily. I actually saw this I don't know again for Star Wars nerds who are out there this would be something that you would know. But there there have been multiple threads out on social media on the internet because the the original trilogy is celebrating anniversaries. Right so you've got the various anniversaries coming up for all of these movies. And there was this one thread that I saw on the internet but I think it was Twitter over the weekend in which it was celebrating the anniversary of Empire Strikes Back.

But it was also like kind of sharing this intel and behind the behind the scenes type of information that you would never know. So it was released 43 years ago this week the Empire Strikes Back. And this is something I found out the reason Han slash Harrison Ford was frozen in carbonite is because he actually did not want to do another one of these movies. And they froze him in carbonite just in case he wasn't going to appear in Return of the Jedi. I never knew that I never knew that.

I can believe it but that's crazy yeah. So if you check it out if you go to it's called All the Right Movies and it's a very popular Twitter account on classic and hit films. Maybe I'll retweet it. And it's a thread about the Empire Strikes Back. Oh it's only been seen 17.2 million times liked 77,000 times. And it's not only got behind the scenes photos but it's got all this really cool information about the Empire Strikes Back. And again it says Harrison Ford wanted Han Solo to be killed off at the end of Empire as he wasn't keen on playing him again.

It was for this reason that Lucas had Han frozen in carbonite in the film as it gave him the option of bringing Han back or not for Return of the Jedi. Could you imagine Return of the Jedi with no Han Solo? No I couldn't.

I can't either. That's crazy. I know he doesn't love the character though even to this day he refuses to go to Star Wars events he refuses to really even answer questions on Star Wars at all. Except that he did participate in the new trilogy he didn't have to. Well it's because he made 20 million dollars reportedly so I suppose for a bunch of quick work he didn't have a ton like he wasn't on screen the entire movie. And they killed him so he's done after that. Yeah but he came back in The Rise of Skywalker sorry it was at 9 he came back in that one. To that one I'm not as privy on. Oh gotcha okay.

So this is kind of crazy too. Apparently Harrison Ford ad-libbed some lines. When he's frozen you know the exchange we just saw it on Saturday night where Leia says I love you and Han replies I know. That wasn't in the script which I knew. I knew Harrison Ford had ad-libbed that but do you know what the script said? Would you like to know what the script said? Yeah cause I didn't even know that was ad-libbed. The script oh you didn't know that?

No. Yeah that's classic. It's I've heard that many times before that Han came up or Harrison Ford came up with that on his own. It was not in the script but they liked it so much that they left it in there of course. Brilliant. Right so the script originally read this.

Leia's I love you was to be followed by Han saying just remember that Leia because I'll be back. Could you imagine that being the response and not I know? No. I can't either.

It's pretty terminated. There's no way there's absolutely no way that I could that I could even. I hate it. Yeah I hate it too. That I could even appreciate it any other way. It's so Han Solo that he says I know.

It's just one of those things that it was just meant to be. He ad-libbed it. The brilliance of Harrison Ford and then he didn't want to be in Return of the Jedi but too bad so sad. I hate that new line. That original line.

That's horrible. I'm glad that he didn't take it out. A star is born. Although I would like to see a like an outtake of him saying that line in the script. I guess he didn't. He never did. No he never did. He said I know and they liked it so much that they never took it out. I'm not sure I'm glad I know that Harrison Ford didn't want to do Return of the Jedi but man I'm really happy that he was in it because I can't imagine without his role.

Well on that note Jay and I had fun. I know some of you have indicated that you've also seen whether it's Star Wars movies or other movies with the live score for your various symphonies that you have in your areas. I highly recommend it.

Star Wars or otherwise because again it brings the score to life and it brings the emotion of the movie to life in a way that you wouldn't ever expect. And so thanks for all your replies to the photo. We did put it up on Twitter A Law Radio as well as on our Facebook page After Hours with Amy Lawrence. This tweet. That's awesome.

Best music of the entire Star Wars saga. So that was one reaction. There was one more too that I wanted to read to you. Oh okay.

Danny on Twitter. I saw Return of the Jedi a couple of Saturdays ago. Had a great time.

Highly recommend to anyone thinking of going. Yeah. I saw Jaws that way last October.

Halloween weekend. I'd never seen Jaws before. I know. I know. Never seen Jaws before but I saw it last fall.

And didn't know anything about it. And so was able to appreciate the movie while hearing the music. You want to talk about iconic music. I mean the crowd just went crazy the first time we heard that music. Pretty awesome.

J ruins everything. So you can find the photo on Twitter A Law Radio or on our Facebook page. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. And Freddie Freeman's Return to Atlanta coming up here on CBS Sports Radio.

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Listen for free on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. That'll bring Freddie Freeman up to the plate and let's see what kind of reaction he gets. Steps outside the box, gives a wave to the fans for the most part of standing ovation for Freddie and now everybody's starting to stand with a former brave Freddie Freeman. I'm a little surprised.

I didn't think it would be this demonstrative with the helmet off and waving to everyone, quite honestly. It means a lot. You know, I think they understand that I left everything out here on this field every single night and I appreciate them. I really do.

None of this is that possible without fans in the stands. It's a joy. It's a joy to come back here and for them to show appreciation for all the years I spent here, it means a lot.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Freddie Freeman acknowledged the crowd. I happen to see this moment as he was introduced in his first plate appearance in Atlanta as a member of the Dodgers. You hear the call there on the Braves radio network and promptly the Braves posted a four nothing lead in the first inning against the Dodgers. This is in a battle of the top two teams in the National League, surprising for the Dodgers because they didn't make a ton of moves in the offseason.

They were expected to be run of the mill, middle of the road, probably cough up their NL West title. But even after they fall into a four run hole, they got a little something, something to say moving forward. And two on, nobody out. And the pitch from Charlie Morton swung on and lifted high to right, failing deep. This ball's way back and it is gone. A home run, a three run home run for Freeman. And the Dodgers take the lead six to four. Freddie Freeman has returned to Atlanta. It's career home run number three hundred and one.

And it flips the lead on the hometown bridge. I felt a little weird at my first at bat. My dad was here, he wasn't here last year, so I was trying to do really good for him. But once I got the first one over with, I was able to just stay on it and just try and attack and not take too many strikes. I took two strikes at first at bat, so I tried to flip the script and be aggressive. He was that and he was part of a twelve hit outburst by the Dodgers as they were able to storm back and take the lead.

Not just that, but win this game. The Dodgers become the first to thirty wins in the National League, even though the rookie pitcher Gavin Stone allowed five runs on five hits and five walks. And so just his second start for L.A. as they're trying to fill the gaps here left by Urias and others who have kind of vacated that starting rotation. Clayton Kershaw's mom passed away, so he was away from the team. But the Freddie Freeman aspect of this, he notes his family with him in the stands or with him there and cheering for him in the stands. Just the fact that they still appreciate what he did as they were able to, I think, capitalize on his MVP season, right? And the way that the Braves desperately wanted to keep him, even through the lockout when there was all that tension because the negotiations couldn't go on. The flap that was reported between Freeman and his agents, which turned out not to be true, but there was a lot that was made of them. He picked L.A. because that's where his dad and his grandfather, I think he said his dad and his grandfather, but he wanted them to be able to see him play.

And he's found a home in Los Angeles. But for the Braves, right, for Freddie Freeman, it was a prosperous relationship. I mean, there's nothing negative to be said about it as much as it's hard for us as sports fans because we are loyal. So we want our favorite athletes to be loyal. I understand that. But it's still a business for them.

It's their livelihood. They can only capitalize for so many years on their skills, their talents, their abilities. And Freeman was part of a world series there. He was an MVP. He was a Gold Glove.

He was a Silver Slugger. He was an All-Star multiple times. He gave them the best of what he had to give, as he says on Sportsnet L.A. And to be able to change jobs, to get a free agent contract, those are all results. Those are all perks of the effort, the heart, the soul, the blood, sweat and tears that he gave to the Braves.

He earned the right to be courted by multiple teams. So I don't begrudge athletes when they leave, when they go somewhere else, because their career window is limited. And while I get it, one huge free agent contract is generational money. It's monopoly money to most of us. It's not as though the baseball owners aren't making money hand over fist as well.

I'd rather have the players get a larger piece of the pie. But in Freeman's case, he's a class act. He didn't hold back with the Braves. There was no acrimony at his exit, even if there were some hurt feelings. And the Braves are still one of the best teams in the National League. So I'm glad they appreciate Freeman. I'm glad they shower him with adoration when he returns.

That is awesome to hear. The Braves radio network team, they were a little surprised by it. Real quick, one more before we get to our update. Hey, you know how the Houston Astros have not been so good through the first quarter of the season?

That may be changing. 1-0, and Alvarez punishes one deep to right center field. And you can kiss that one goodbye. 11th home run of the year for Alvarez off the facing of the second deck. And the Astros lead is 5-1. First pitch, and Alvarez pokes this one pretty deep to left center field.

Going back on it now. Coach at the wall looking up. Grand slam for Jordin Alvarez. His second home run of the game. And the Astros have broken this one open.

It is 10-1. Big fella, you know, he can just hit. I mean, he can really hit. So he's one of the best hitters in this game and one of the best that I've seen. Dusty Baker touting Jordin Alvarez.

We know what he can do. The Astros are the defending World Series champions. And to this point, they've been languishing in the middle of the AOS.

But that is changing. They've found their stride. I don't know if there was a World Series hangover.

I don't tend to believe in that. Though I would say sometimes you don't have the same drive and sense of urgency when you're coming off a championship. But they've won eight consecutive games, including pounding the Brewers on Monday. A season high 12 runs. So they might just be rounding into form.

Immaculate. The call there on the Astros radio network. Yeah, if you were expecting the Astros to stand pat and not flex their muscles on offense, well, think again. We were due for one of those. And, you know, we had a big offensive output and hit some balls out of the ballpark, which we hadn't been doing much. Obviously, they got some big names at the top of the lineup that if we seen on TV from a lot of playoff action, it's a good lineup. They're a good team. We just didn't make enough pitches tonight.

Craig Council of the Milwaukee Brewers. So, yeah, the Astros, they've won eight straight. They are closing in on the lead in the AL West, though there is a long, long, long way to go. I just love the different storylines with the various teams that were supposed to start out hot and didn't.

Maybe teams that are now finding their footing because over the course of a 162 game season, anything can and will happen. So I'd love to hear from you on Twitter. A Law Radio also on our Facebook page. After Hours with Amy Lawrence. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. Shot to the heart and you're too late.

Darling, you give love a bad name. You're listening to After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Well, make the most of our time together, aight? Pleasure to speak with you. I always have a great time. Huge fan.

So glad to have a female voice on sports radio. I love you. I love this show. Girl makes the rules around here. You are absolutely right, Amy.

I listen to you every morning on my way to work and I appreciate as do millions of others that you report like you do. Love it when chicks call the show. Boom! Shot to the heart and you're too late. You give love a bad name. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence.

Amy's taking your calls at 855-212-4CBS. Shot to the heart and you're too late. You give love a bad name.

I play my part and you play your game. You give love a bad name. Bad name. You give love a bad name. You give love a bad name. You give love a bad name.

You give love a bad name. I know you're not talking about Kevin Love, but Kevin Love is closing in on another NBA Finals appearance with the Miami Heat. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

So glad to hear from you on Twitter, ALawRadio, as well as on our Facebook page. We've got more to come next hour. Back to hoops, not just the Nuggets reaching their first NBA Finals in franchise history. Eliminating the Lakers and LeBrons.

I would say emotional. Probably exhausted comments about his future in which he's considering what to do next. But also Carmelo Anthony retiring. Remember, he did play for six teams over his nearly 20 years in the league.

One of them was the Denver Nuggets, but they never got to an NBA Finals. So an opportunity for Nuggets fans to relish in this now. We do have some football. I'm not sure if we're going to get to it, but all the Carolina Panthers quarterbacks speaking on their first day of OTA. So the NFL is now going through its OTA slash practices. And while not everybody is participating.

For instance, Lamar Jackson, he's not participating with the Ravens, though he's expected to be in the facility soon. It's yet one more spring opportunity for fans to see and hear media to track down their favorite football players. And it's nonstop. It's nonstop. It's After Hours here on CBS Sports Radio. So yes, hoops coming up at the top of the hour.

We'll see if we can get to a little bit of the football, but if not, we'll save it for the hump show. The story that captivated sports fans. Young and old.

Tall and short. New and diehard over the weekend of the PGA Championship was that of Michael Block. And he was making the media rounds on Monday, as you can imagine, including CBS This Morning.

If you didn't hear his story. He is a club pro. Qualified for the PGA Championship and then ended up playing on the weekend with Rory McIlroy. And the stage wasn't too big for him. And by finishing in the top 15, he's already qualified for next year's PGA at Valhalla.

But the incredible moment, the once in a lifetime unforgettable moment that is all over social and that fans were talking about all day Monday. His hole in one on the fly. Going back to the 15th again, he's paired with Rory. He doesn't even realize that it's gone in. He can't see it from where he is.

Rory comes over to give him a hug. You can hear him on the play by play with Jim Nance from CBS where he's asking, did that go in? Did that go in? At the 15th. The fairytale story gets better.

No way. Rory, did it go in? The seven iron flight, it is a pretty good win into us. I was paired with Rory McIlroy, you know, one of my idols. And I was doing okay. I just, you know, I was too over at that point. I was trying to get back to even par.

I hit the seven. I couldn't see it go in the hole. And all of a sudden Rory's walking away and he turns around and he has his arms open and he's going to give me a big hug.

And I'm like, I couldn't figure out why he's giving me a hug if I just hit it close. I didn't think it went in the hole but the crowd was going, you know, nuts. The crowd was.

In fact, the crowd remained nuts as Michael Block tells CBS this morning. The entire time that he was walking the par three until he gets up to the cup, pulls his ball out of the hole. He's very emotional. He's kind of tapping his chest to say thank you. Nearly overcome it.

It looked like he was in tears. So that was the 15th. By the time he gets to the 18th, he has to get an up and down to finish among the top 15.

I know that's a lot of numbers, sorry. But on the 18th hole, he has to get an up and down. He drops a punt. Oh my gosh.

Okay. I do love telling stories but I hate it when I sound like an idiot. He drops the putt from I would say 15, 20 yards away. It wasn't a super long putt but it was one that required some concentration. It was one that he desperately wanted. So as it drops through and the gallery on the 18th goes crazy again, he bends over hands on his knees and just kind of overwhelmed by that moment. The atmosphere was one that he'll never forget.

And he says that he has spent time visualizing what it would be like to be part of a scene kind of like that one. I always saw myself coming down the stretch with Tiger Woods. And I was like, I'm going to do it. Even if I'm 45 or whatever it is, I'm going to come down the stretch in an event with Tiger. It just happened to be that I was in the 2023 PGA Championship Oak Hill and I had Roy McElroy in my group.

And I wasn't coming down the stretch to win but at the same time Sunday at a major with the crowd here at Rochester was unreal. I love that for him. You guys know that I dig stories. I dig the athletes and the moments that come out of nowhere that we never saw coming.

Those are the ones that produce I think the great joy. It's so captivating because of the all access we get all the time. The insiders, the analysts, the announcers. We dissect every moment in sports a bazillion ways to Sunday. But this is a moment that regardless of how much time you prep, how well you know the game, how well versed you are in who could win, what, when, who, why, where, no matter how much you know, no matter how much you've watched, you've listened, you've read, you've followed. This is straight out of a movie script because it defies logic. Sports are based on human beings who sometimes take an opportunity and turn it into an unforgettable theater, right?

Turn it into unforgettable drama. This is why I tell you that analytics can only be a tool because formulas, mathematical formulas, they only measure the numbers that we have in front of us. They're based on historical data. But what if it's something that's never happened before?

And also those analytics, those formulas don't measure human heart or desire or the ability to perform like they never have with the world watching. Life changing for Michael Block and a moment that we will never forget as fans. Never thought it would happen to me, to be honest. You know, like you said, I'm just a club professional from a public golf course in Orange County, California. And all of a sudden, within a couple of rounds of 70s here at Oak Hill, my life changed quite a bit. And I'm sitting here with you this morning. So, yeah, it's it's very surreal right now.

And I'm just I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible. I never thought it would be happen to be honest. It would happen to be honest. Michael Block on CBS this morning following his. Emotional.

And electric. Final round at Oak Hill in Rochester. How many people now will say I was there when not when Brooks Koepcke won his fifth major, which is a big deal. And there's no taking away what he accomplished or the fact that it was a live golfer who won a major for the first time.

And really his redemption, too, after two years away with injuries. But even Brooks Koepcke was standing on a tee box listening to the roars for Michael Block on Sunday after he holed out at the 15th. This is why I love sports every day, every night at something new. But also, we get these moments that we never saw coming. It keeps it fresh here on After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.
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