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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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May 22, 2023 6:09 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 22, 2023 6:09 am

The Vegas Golden Knights take a 2-0 series lead on Stephenson's OT winner | Breanna Stewart makes history in NY Liberty debut | QB News. 

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Find out more at That's S-E-E-W-H-Y. Speaking of hurricanes, well, they're facing a bit of a deficit in the Eastern Conference Finals of the NHL. Stanley Cup playoffs, they're down to their Conference Finals. Last two series before the Stanley Cup Final, which is one of the most iconic events in sports. Even if you know nothing about hockey, really, if the Conference Finals are any indication, with right now all four games having gone into overtime.

Did you know that? We're four games deep in the Conference Finals. Two in the East, two in the West. All four of them have gone into OT. All four of them decided in sudden death. And you think about the tone that was set by the Panthers and the Canes in Raleigh on, was it, Thursday night?

I think it was Thursday night. Four overtimes. Four overtimes and nearly a fifth, if not for the game-winning goal by Matthew Tkachuk with 13 seconds left in the fourth overtime on Thursday night. That was how this series and these Conference Finals were set up by the Panthers and the Canes. So the Canes need to find some way to rock the Panthers like a hurricane to try to figure out how they can climb back in.

Because right now in five overtimes, they're 0-2. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. An hour ago, if you missed Dave Hyde from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, we talked to him about these two hot to trot teams in South Florida. And actually, I asked him the same question as we're asking you in a poll now.

On our show, Twitter, After Hours, CBS or on our Facebook page, look for Darth Vader. That's all, Jay. Miami Heat or Florida Panthers? Well, the poll says, what the more unlikely run? I like it. Jay, don't worry about using proper English. It doesn't matter.

What the more unlikely run by an eight seed considering their paths? Always read it before you press send. I might just spend the $8 for the edit button.

Oh, okay. And then you can get a blue checkmark while you're at it. I don't need that.

I just really just want the edit button. What the more unlikely run? I mean, if you say it quickly, it kind of makes sense.

What the more unlikely run? It's not helping. I just feel patronized. I'm trying. I'm trying. It's coming across condescendingly though. I know. But the problem is we've already got a bunch of votes.

I don't know if you can take it out, but make sure that you edit it on our Facebook page because that in fact does have an edit button. What the more unlikely run? Yo, who needs S's? Who needs apostrophes?

Who needs proper English? What the heck is more like it? What the heck? The more unlikely run. The bowl is up if you would like to see Jay's creative use of the English language.

It's on our show Twitter again, After Hours, CBS, and also on our Facebook page. If you read it really quickly, you don't even notice it. It's like slang. Right. Because that's what I love when we use our social media.

I love slang. Remember, you're representing me and the After Hours brand. Do we have a brand? Are we branded? We have shirts, so yeah. Oh, we have swag. You know, it's as close as you can get. Okay, but that's not our brand.

That's bright orange with my dog on the back. I don't know that that's our brand. Do we have an After Hours brand? How would you describe our brand?

Don't answer that question. That'd be fun for tomorrow though. How would we describe the After Hours brand? Maybe. Oh, that'd be scary. But what if we reach out and ask our listeners to describe the After Hours brand? That could be fun and terrifying.

And terrifying, yes. For sure. Okay, so on Twitter and Facebook, look for Jay's slang version of our poll. Which team is on the more unlikely run as an eight seed?

And consider their paths. The Heat or the Panthers? And I pose that question to Dave Hyde, who's in the midst of covering them. But yes, every single game of the Stanley Cup Conference Finals to this point has required overtime.

And that includes Las Vegas and Dallas. Game two on Sunday afternoon. Bouncers stopped by Ottinger. Suter plays it behind his goal. Left wall barbership. Behind frankly.

Centered. Score! Marsuso! What a pass!

I go to Marsuso! He ties the game! 2.22 to go in the third period. What a setup! That's a skill play.

That's as pretty as it gets, Dan. Stars take the puck and around to the nearest side. Lindell pitches it to the Vegas line. Johnston knocked it down. McNabb smacks it ahead into across the line.

Stone to the right. Theodore shooting safe. Rebound is loose. They score! Vegas overtime. Another win for Vegas to take a 2-0 series lead.

The flamingos are on the ice. Vegas strikes just a minute and 12 seconds into the fourth period and a 2-0 series lead for Vegas. I mean it's my first so um you know anytime uh you know you're in the playoffs and watching it growing up um and to be able to you know get a game winner it's uh you know pretty special so um kind of I haven't really thought about it or have it it hasn't really hit me yet that it happened but um yeah it's it's cool and it's just obviously to go to go up do nothing um you know was important for a group. Chandler Stevenson first time with an OT sudden death goal in the playoffs and it comes in game two as you hear both the equalizer late in the third period against Dallas but also the follow-up early in OT what was it like the first minute of OT right we were watching it Jay and I were actually on the phone and Jay says oh the the golden knights just won an OT like wait a minute the OT just started so thankfully I had it on DVR and could rewind because otherwise I would have missed the overtime goal by Chandler Stevenson and what did I send you as a text in response to seeing the goal because you didn't tell me what happened you just said the knights won and my response was do you remember? I got to look at remember the exact okay Jay doesn't care what I write to him on twitter or what I write to him in text I'll just tell you offensive rebounds baby yes offensive rebounds are sexy whether it's hoops whether it's hockey offensive rebounds and that's where Chandler Stevenson found the overtime winner because it was a long shot in that bounced off or bounced around in the crease and and squirted out to the left where Chandler Stevenson was crashing the boards well kind of he was getting close to the boards he was crashing the crease if you will and had a wide open look behind the goalie wide open look he had three feet all he had to do was knock it home and he did in that moment I thought oh no what if he got all wild and crazy and it hit the post or something but it didn't it was it was easy well it was easy looking but I'm sure his adrenaline his heart were pumping pretty fast so Chandler Stevenson gets a huge sudden death winner on an offensive rebound for the golden knights they're up 2-0 now for a head coach Bruce Cassidy we function that way all year you know a term different terms like no passengers right we need everyone we we don't rely on two or three players or the goal to understand this head we need a timely save we certainly got that in overtime timely goals Marsha so gets a big one for us gives us a chance so there's certainly guys that we need to be drivers I'll say but they don't have to be the driver 82 times then again and how many times in the playoffs right so different guys can get us going and we saw that tonight we saw it the other night. The Dallas Stars meanwhile are operating with a very distinct theme in these playoffs now it's the first time they've been facing an 0-2 deficit this is the first time in these playoffs that they've been down 0-2 but they're also maybe feeling a bit of the pressure in overtime do you know that they're 0-4 in sudden death this postseason and how often do we describe sudden death and overtime in hockey as really every shot toward the crease toward the goal is an opportunity everything that happens in overtime because it's so heightened because you recognize all you need is one and the game is done but you're also defending against that against that everything's an opportunity in overtime and yet the stars are 0-4 in this postseason they haven't been able to capitalize or crash through that OT glass ceiling if you will Peter DeBoer who's their head coach did say that he felt like the stars looked sharper on Sunday than in the overtime loss going back to Friday but 0-2 is 0-2 it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS porch radio so yes if you've missed any of the conference finals in hockey it's not too late to get in on some sudden death that gives you heart palpitations because all four of these games have gone into OT though the first one for Panthers and Canes was a marathon right they literally played another game and a half of overtime before they were able to settle it while it took a minute for the stars and the nights to be off the ice in overtime on Sunday interesting to think about the start time too is kind of chewing over that do I like the three o'clock in the afternoon eastern time so it was in Vegas noon it was noon how often do hockey teams play at noon now maybe when you're talking about those stadium series and they play earlier sometimes holidays they'll play a little earlier but a noon start a noon puck drop in Vegas on Sunday that that's not easy to adjust to when do you eat right when you get to the arena it's so different than their typical routines even in the playoffs when most of the games have been at night not all of them but most of them that's really challenging to try to be mentally ready for a noon start not to mention a lot of these guys are probably used to sleeping well getting into bed late at night and sleeping later in the day so you have to change your routine when it comes to your sleep and your breakfast or your lunch or whatever sure they're professionals but it's very different so the nights are up 2-0 Panthers are up 2-0 as well both their victories in overtime also this weekend the WNBA tipped off its brand new season and maybe you remember this we certainly covered it when it happened Breonna Stewart was a free agent and she left the Seattle Storm where she'd won MVPs and championships and she takes a gig she takes a free agent deal in New York for a couple of reasons number one she called it you're the biggest media market it's the biggest stage but you remember where she played her college ball that was UConn and a lot of their games were in Hartford not in stores which is up in the north east corner of Connecticut out in the middle of nowhere really driven by the exit a few times but you get off the exit and you still have miles to go before you get to campus it's out in the woods in Connecticut so they play a lot of their games in Hartford at at least it was the XL Center the last time I was there not sure but I've done games for the UConn women against the Hartford women at their arena downtown and it's an electric atmosphere because there are so many passionate women's basketball fans in Connecticut many of them made the trip to watch the Liberty play and Breonna Stewart to make her debut with the Liberty on Sunday and wouldn't you know she put on a show 45 points a franchise record in three quarters and as she's walking off the court she's raising her arms she's acknowledging the crowd who are fired up to greet her is now a member of the New York Liberty I didn't know I broke really any record I looked up at the scoreboard one time and then I saw I had 37 and I was like I don't even know what just happened but I wanted to be aggressive I think that you know there was many different things that you could kind of dissect from last game the way that we can continue to get better the way we can score better play literally do everything better and want it to come out and and set the tone and set the tone and just be confident and you know when you when you get in those moments it just feels like everything is going in we love Breonna we've had her on the show twice here including right after the pandemic shut everything down if you remember the timing for the WNBA this was as they're getting set for their season right they wouldn't have I don't think they had their draft yet when the pandemic shut everything down but she was coming off a torn Achilles she had blown her Achilles and so as everything's shutting down you can't work out with your teammates you can't use facilities she told us I had to find creative ways to keep in shape because she couldn't shut it down she was trying to get ready to ramp up for a season after having lost the last year with a blown Achilles and then we had her on again when the pandemic was done and she was able to play again with the storm and had won another MVP so we'd love to have her on the show and she's one of the best players we've ever seen in pro basketball women's pro basketball so this was her home debut with the Liberty and get this she goes 15 of 21 and hit a half dozen three pointers only one other player in WNBA history has ever scored 40 points and shot 70 from the floor that's the thing Brianna doesn't just shoot a high volume of shots she is extremely efficient with the shots that she takes when she's locked in she rarely misses so she shots she shot better than 70 from the floor even as she's scoring 45 points and setting the Liberty fans on notice that well this is what you can expect from an MVP it was really important to to play like this in my debut um because I want people to be here and I want them to come back and I want more I want more of everything and yeah it sounds selfish but um as a women's basketball player as a female athlete we we need to continue to kind of get recognized for more in in a lot of different ways and media coverage and in fans and eyes and viewership so to be able to make a hopefully I made a few first impressions on some people and I hope they they come back and they come back with more I hope more I hope first impression is just uh the phrase that you use because if you don't know Brianna Stewart you're not paying attention not only was she a champion at UConn was she a player of the year but again she's a she's got multiple MVPs and is a is a two-time champion I think with the Seattle Storm maybe three but definitely two she and Sue Bird being a formidable combo when she was there in Seattle and that's even around the torn Achilles and having to be out for more than a year now remember the Liberty also have Sabrina Ionescu that they drafted number one overall going back up a couple of years now and so they've got some some players they brought in along with Brianna to kind of form this new core that they think can be a challenge to the Storm to the Phoenix Mercury to the Vegas Aces they believe this team that they've put together can be one that draws a lot of attention not just to the Liberty but to the WNBA as they close in on 30 years as a league and we had just spoken last week to Ann Myers Drysdale who is talking about the legacy this league has built in nearly three decades and Brianna Stewart is one of my favorite players to watch there isn't anything she cannot do on a basketball court nothing she's like the KD with maybe a better attitude she's the she's the KD of women's pro basketball because of her size and her length and her reach she can play any position on the court she will run the fast break even though she's not a point guard body but there's nothing that she can't do she can she threes she can handle the ball she can post up inside she can rebound she had a double double in this one with i think a dozen rebounds so it's great to see her with New York and yeah she definitely wanted to make an impact right away she wanted to serve notice in New York everything looked good everything felt good uh being able to to kind of get some shots inside opened up outside and um just knowing that everything i did is um kind of falling back to this and like i said it just feels like every time i shoot it i'm gonna make it and and it's that confidence and um wanting to make an impact she wants more media coverage i think we should reach out to her again and see if she will do an interview for us as i say we've had her twice before i covered her career at ucon because i was still in connecticut working at my previous network and and also doing games at least once a year between hartford and ucon because at the time the hartford women's coach was jennifer risotti who's actually now in charge of the connecticut sun so she's left coaching for now and she's running the connecticut sun of the wnba but because she played for gino ariana at ucon they would always do a home and home series every couple years and so yeah it was big deal when the hartford women would be able to to take on the ucon huskies because the the basketball fans in the state of ucom or state of connecticut would go nutso for that game and and all the the uh star power on the court and off all right you can find me on twitter a law radio we still have to get to britney griner's return to the wnba which i want to do i will mix in a little more hockey back of the hour we're gonna do a qb news excited about that why you say well just wait there's always something to talk about it's after hours with amy lawrence ah hammock check arnold palmer check motorized solar shades yes please get your home and 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store where i possess a collection of the scariest true stories you've ever heard all told by real people mark your calendars for oh apparently it's available right now i'm a little late with this promo listen for free on the odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts surgeons keep our hearts beating they do the amazing help save lives and so can you your csl plasma donation can help create 24 critical life saving medicines that can give grandpa the chance for his heart to swell when he meets his new grandson or give a bride the chance for her heart to skip a beat on her wedding day every plasma donation helps more than you know do the amazing help save lives donate today at your local csl plasma center and be rewarded for your generosity cbs sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast off the draw panthers have reinhardt near point montour down here on the near side sweeps it around far boards burns pressured over there by sam pennant bennett's got the clock bennett in the right circle out in front reinhardt back door they score and it's the overtime winner and the panthers take game two they lead two games to none it only took a minute and 51 seconds a power play goal in overtime the panthers win it two one matthew kachuk again ends it this is after hours with amy lawrence how about that is matthew kachuk the jimmy butler of the florida panthers that's what we heard from our guest dave hide of the south florida sun sentinel who is covering both of these teams in the east finals as they close in on their championship series what a time to be a south florida sports fan it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio yes matthew kachuk with a pair of overtime winners as the panthers now have a two o series lead over the hurricanes and i'm sure there was a lot of relief a lot of relief that they were able to avoid four overtimes in game two the way that they played into ot in the opener but can you imagine being these guys now they had to play essentially two and a half games on thursday night they've got fewer than 48 hours to get ready for saturday they drop the the puck on saturday they're still tied they go into overtime again no doubt there were ghosts of the recent past but it took what two minutes for them to be able to dispatch the canes and sudden death on saturday and kachuk immediately leaves the ice he immediately leaves the ice and he's out he's ready to go back to the the locker room just uh the old bus and 10 celebration let's get out of here it's been a lot of hockey the last two uh two games uh three four days so i don't know it's it's better i don't know it's great to celebrate with the guys in the locker room and i don't know it's just great to end it early i don't think it matters whether we're at home or on the road but um you know we're we're a confident group uh no matter where we're playing if it's at home or on the road we've we've been really good on the road it's uh i don't think there's anything much to it but uh yeah we're a confident group right now um and i think we're gonna continue saying that confident so you hear from sam bennett after matthew kachuk they just wanted to get the heck out of raleigh and it doesn't matter to them home or away now i think with their track record to this point in the postseason not to mention the veterans they have well it shouldn't because think about what they did in game seven of the series in boston to take out the best team in nhl history it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio on the panthers radio network doug plagans now for rod brenda moore is the head coach of the panthers why do i keep doing that it's the panthers for florida it's not the carolina panthers in the nhl that's not right it's not fair it's the panthers it's the panthers and the panthers they're doing this to me on purpose all right the carolina hurricanes i mean there goes the perfect show how do you get them ready well actually do you know what this it just popped into my brain this is how my brain works are the carolina hurricanes not in the same damn situation that the boston celtics were and look what happened to them going into miami to play the heat in game three they've lost their home court advantage the celtics now they have every reason to be motivated with a sense of urgency with fire with intensity feeling the tension of being down o2 and going into your opponent's building are the carolina hurricanes not the same exact situation down o2 heading to florida to take on the panthers knowing that if you go down o3 the chances are slim to none that you rally and make the stanley cup final what are the you know what i don't even want to say what are the chances there's no way the canes show up with a lackadaisical effort and with zero intensity where the celtics did on sunday there's no way the celtics did on sunday there's no way that they go into game three and that same exact position and maybe maybe all rod brindamore has to say to his team is did you see what the hell happened to the celtics when they went to miami last night well we played pretty well i'm happy with the game everything i mean it's like i said we know how the two teams are going at it i thought we had the better of it um just you know i haven't found a way to score i mean that's just it so yeah these are tough when you're you're right there and you know obviously like you said i mean the margins are tight and we're not quite haven't got a bounce yet and hopefully we can get one because that's what we're gonna probably need considering their paths both of these teams are eight seeds now miami could have been a seven c but because the play-in tournament were not so they are an eight you can say they're not a legitimate eight you can say they're not a real eight you can say they shouldn't be an eight they're an eight you are what your record says you are this is not the ncaa tournament and the selection committee they don't put you as an eight when you should be a five no you are what your record says you are and this is what the heat deserved an eight seed they nearly lost to chicago and didn't even make it into that series against the bucks they are an eight period no one chose their fate for them this was the record that they had and this is where they ended up in the bracket same thing with the panthers they barely made the playoffs and i've said this before but it's worth noting if the penguins don't leave that door wide open at the end of the regular season the panthers aren't even in and so they're also an eight whether or not you think they're a legitimate eight and then considering their paths versus the bruins and the bucks which is the more unlikely run by these eight seeds considering their paths miami heat or florida panthers and you all are voting on twitter after our cbs ignore jay's use of creative use of english language and then also on our facebook page after hours with amy lawrence and then if you missed my conversation with dave hide of the south florida sun sentinel it'll be part of our podcast because i asked him the question and he had really great insight into the heat and their undrafted players and how eric spoelstra brought them on board especially caleb martin the story of caleb martin is an incredible one gabe vincent the same thing bam out of bio we talked about and then he has a really cool analogy for matthew kachuck and sergei babrovsky so you want to make sure you find that on our podcast that's posted every weekday morning minutes after the show is done on both twitter and facebook and then i will share that interview later in the day too we're glad to have you with us happy monday if you're waking up we had quite a saturday night experience if you have not seen the photographic evidence jay was actually involved in this photo so i took the photo but jay was providing the assist i'm going to retweet on my twitter a law radio it's also on our facebook page so check it out straight ahead mike tomlin why not it's monday morning mike tomlin after hours with amy lawrence never say never but never never you are listening to the after hours surgeons keep our hearts beating they do the amazing help save lives and so can you your csl plasma donation can help create 24 critical life saving medicines that can give grandpa the chance for his heart to swell when he meets his new grandson or give a bride the chance for her heart to skip a beat on her wedding day every plasma donation helps more than you know do the amazing help save lives donate today at your local csl plasma center and be rewarded for your generosity where's podcast hurry back to throw and it is is back to throw looking firing deeper chase in the end zone oh joe burrow and the bangles the homes fires for the end zone caught touchdown can sound city and off the echo again no herbert keeps it in so touched up charges herbert with his second of the day here's the snap josh gonna keep it himself and run it again inside the five into the end zone touchdown buffalo josh allen nine yard touchdown run the bills respond and then some it's time for qb news on after hours what why it's a monday morning in mid-may but you know training camps are right around the corner and we're obsessed with our quarterbacks of course it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio i'm looking up on uh the screen in my studio i was watching nba tv nope now it's no tcs uh because it's been changed to a spanish language channel the other people in the building we might be a sports network slash new york affiliate yeah they don't actually watch sports they watched and none of them speak spanish either so i don't know why they man we got a lot of warts seriously doesn't matter that we're in here doing a show or anything don't worry about that all right we'll turn our attention to qb news now and it's a mike tomlin monday if you will kenny pickett getting set for his second season but his first full year with the steelers as qb won and coach tom on the guest on the rich eisen show recently he's got big plans for his young qb you know i expect him to kill it you know and and i'll describe what i mean by that um you know it's the second lap around the track um he's no longer speculating in terms of what what this business is about what what the job demands what the challenges are what the feel of the process is like whether it's getting ready for a season or getting ready for a week um he has all of that experience and so i just think it's reasonable for him to have significant growth in all areas with that understanding um to be more engaged in the process and to have an opinion about the process to lead more comfortably in his own voice um because he has deeper relationships with his teammates he's delivered for him some and so credibility is there um and so it's reasonable to to feel that comfort i'm just looking for him to take a significant step in all areas but wait a minute we seek no comfort we make no excuses we seek no we seek no comfort that's mike tomlin right so sure there's a comfort level but do we really seek comfort as members excuses we seek no comfort yeah i don't think the stealers are allowed to be comfortable that's mike on the rich eisen show even when he's not trying to wax poetic he still waxes poetic now the stats weren't necessarily there for kenny pickett though he did lead four game winning drives in his rookie season he started a dozen games and the team went seven and five with him as the qb 2400 yards seven touchdowns nine interceptions though as you hear from tomlin that's old news and it really was a trying and attesting kind of a ground for him so that he could now be fully ready to go as the sealers would like to compete this year in the afc north as for their former quarterback that hall of famer future hall of famer ben roethlisberger uh he didn't actually throw all of his support behind kenny pickett as he reveals on his football and podcast i wouldn't say that i i wanted kenny to necessarily fail but like you know when someone comes to replace you you're like you know i feel i still feel like i had it like my hobby doesn't come like ball out because then it's like ben who right right i just didn't know what was going to happen i didn't i wasn't aware and i i was i'm i was pleasantly surprised i'm glad that i was wrong in the sense of where i had you i thought you'd be a quarterback that was good i was going to come in i i think you're the future of this team i really do and um and i think they got you know the the fans should be lucky they are lucky they got you um but but that that's that's that's what i'm gonna say obviously i was early on i didn't want him to succeed because i didn't want him you know they followed me up i didn't want to happen i think that's probably the selfishness of me and i feel bad for it but as it went on as the season went on he got to like this third game playing i was rooting for him yeah i was i was excited for you yeah a little bit of selfishness by ben roethlisberger i'd rather have the team struggle with a new quarterback so they don't forget about me ben who oh my goodness insecure much throughout this burger on the football and podcast now it sounds like he's speaking to kenny pickett who is also on the podcast but i don't know if he's just speaking to him because he knows this is going to get back to him or if kenny was actually on the show i'd have to look that part up it's after hours here on cbs sports radio another new quarterback in a new place as kenny pickett was new last season pittsburgh had to go through a transition well now you've got the raiders who had derek carr as their longest tenured player he was there from the time he got drafted what was it nine seasons ago so now they transition from not that we're calling carr hall of famer but a long tenured quarterback in derek carr to jimmy garoppolo howie long of course a raider legend himself was on the green light podcast talking about the transition to jimmy g josh mcganyer went down to to to see jimmy before the draft and they went over the draft in great lengths and you know coaches do that they go down there they go out fishing with jimmy and yeah he was impressed they like garoppolo they think garoppolo fits the team the team better garoppolo knows the offense inside and out he's a worker from what i hear the players love him and the thing is when garoppolo is starting the numbers aren't impressive we're not talking about dazzling patrick mahomes type stats or even moves what we're talking about is a guy who's steady who when he is taking care of the football leads wins like that's what he does that's the jimmy garoppolo track record or legacy if you will if he can stay healthy when he can stay healthy and he's playing without turning the ball over he's a game manager sure he can make all the throws does he all the time nah but he manages the game extremely well and the team wins that's kind of the point by the way the green light podcast is with chris long the two-time super bowl champion who's the son of howie long it's after our cbs sports radio taking over in san francisco i hope it's not sam darnold in the wake of jimmy garoppolo's exit they bring in sam but they need him as an insurance policy why well because garoppolo's gone but also because trailance who apparently has been working out with a noted qb coach who actually works with patrick mahomes this summer well spring sorry they've been working together and according to those who are paying attention and those who've been in touch with uh the coach who's in this workout who was part of this workout lance is making incredible strides with this personal tutelage okay so trailance we don't know about brock purty though kyle shannon had indicated that brock had earned the right to at least be the qb1 if he's healthy because of what he did last season and taking over for the niners so then where does that leave sam darnold this is former nfl head coach mike martz i really believe that the veteran donald more than likely will star you know you take a highly talented guy like that out of college you put him in a couple bad situations with it things are in disarray and the sads are on the way out like he's been right jutts and panthers and whatnot so that now here you go you got a solid solid offensive staff like this and a head coach that is a brilliant guy with quarterbacks now he's going to get with a group that really knows what they're doing and can back it all up and it's an extremely talented team so he's been he's been around a little bit and i i really believe that he more than likely will be the starter i think that's a good thing really interesting opinion there from mike martz you remember he was the head coach in st louis going back to when they were at the super bowl the greatest show on turf la la la and and this is a guy who has been around the league in other capacities too offensive coordinator for years as well he's also worked in the college ranks most recently i mean it's been over 10 years since he was in the nfl but most recently he was with the san diego fleet remember the ill-fated aaf i forgot what that stands for american uh something something football legions was it alliance alliance alliance of american american football alliance i don't remember it was doomed by its money issues and the pandemic as well but mike martz thinks that sam darnold actually will be the starter in san francisco because of what's happening with lance and with purty though we'll see there's a long way to go yet i don't like playing this game but everyone keeps asking me that question he hates when you ask him about his quarterback except they have no stability at the position really so we're going to keep asking sorry kyle shanahan that sounds like i can keep surviving press conferences you are doomed to repeat the history there in san fran one place they don't have to worry about the starting quarterback that's jaylen hurts philadelphia coming off the nfc championship his best game as a pro in the super bowl and now he's got the huge contract extension that will pay him 51 no 50 50 million 51 million dollars per year i lose track pardon me with the monopoly money aj brown all about it for his quarterback it's a blessing just to see it you know talking and talking to him about it you know working with him on the side and you know and last last season actually helping him you know achieve some of his goals and you know uh from a friend's standpoint man it's it's everything you can imagine so ecstatic for him um he deserves it um and uh i'm just excited what the future holds for for him you know he's a great guy as all y'all know you know he's still that hard worker he's still determined to be great so um it definitely didn't change him you know it definitely just motivated him if anything aj brown part of the reason why jaylen hurts had a successful year and they are now well they're now the wonder twins if you will so they've also got a new guy in town his name is dallas godard oh i think eagles fans are familiar with him uh as the new tight end for philadelphia though uh going back to this past season right we're talking about a a guy that is continuing to make some strides right so wants to be able to factor in the offense not just as a tight end but a reliable piece could you see him serving as kind of a travis kelsey security blanket uh if he can get to that point all right so dallas godard and he wants to develop that connection with jaylen for him to be the highest paid player at the time was incredible super happy for him and you know just knowing that he's going to be my quarterback for the next uh x amount of years is is pretty special when you got a guy like him uh you know he's got high goals high expectations for himself for this team so uh really happy that he gets to continue to lead this team and i'm excited you know to follow him and uh keep elevating everything that we do i love the arc with dallas got it right because jaylen hurts took over two years ago and they had to learn a whole new quarterback even though dallas has been there since 18 and even though he was drafted by the franchise when you change quarterbacks it's almost like it's a new team it's a new offense it's a new voice it's all of that new and so of course dallas is excited about not only a validated quarterback but one that he knows he won't have to transition from right he's gonna be there and he's gonna stay there uh one more quick one that we're gonna throw in and this is sean payton kind of funny ben dinucci who's new with the bronco staff in payton's first year apparently threw an awful interception right in front of the owner in practice recently it was right in front of greg pinner you know i told ben i said you know he owns walmart you know and if it doesn't work out here there's i'm sure a greeting opportunity somewhere one of his local stores ouch so sean payton bringing his sense of humor with him to the mile high city and ben dinucci tossing what was a brutal interception in practice right in front of the new owners remember these new owners are probably gun shy why well because they're the ones that gave russell wilson a massive contract extension right before he went out and spit the bit as the new quarterback for the broncos they'd already given up so much to get him from seattle in a trade and then and then they give him that huge contract extension as the owners take over in denver before they've seen him take a snap that mattered and oh it did not go as planned by the way stay with your first answer always go with your first answer yes jaylen hertz was the highest paid player in the nfl for a few days at 51 million dollars until lamar jackson got the 52 average annual value it's after hours cbs sports radio surgeons keep our hearts 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