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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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May 22, 2023 6:11 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 22, 2023 6:11 am

How have the Miami Heat so suddenly found their offense? | Is the Game 3 loss on Joe Mazzulla? |  The story of Michael Block and his hole-in-one at the PGA Championship.


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Find out more at slash C-Y. That's S-E-E-W-H-Y. Monday. It's Monday. Can we say good morning?

I suppose we should. It's a Monday, so good morning to you. If that makes it a little bit better. It's funny because sometimes Bob will send me a text in the morning and instead of saying good morning, it's just morning. So I know it was not a good night or he didn't sleep well or maybe he's mad at me for something. I guess that's happened to you a couple times where we're not having a fight necessarily but we had a disagreement that we didn't have a chance to finish talking about and so I just get a morning the next day. A grumpy morning text. Yes, it's okay though because I am not an expert or a connoisseur of mornings. I don't do mornings well at all regardless of when the morning happens to be. I don't do well with waking up and so I certainly understand. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Unlikely run by an eight seed.

We've got two of them that we're inspecting on this Monday morning. Considering their paths, which one is more unlikely? Which one's more dubious?

Which one is more unexpected? Is it the eight seed Florida Panthers who almost didn't make it into the playoffs and had to go through the Bruins in Boston to now reach not just the Eastern Conference Finals but they've also had a pair of wins against the Canes in overtime? Is it the Panthers who granted were the president's trophy winners a year ago but had to go through the best team in NHL history to even still be standing in the east and now two wins away from the Stanley Cup Final that they didn't achieve last year with all the expectation and the promise of having the best record in the season?

Or is it the Heat? Now you can say they're not an eight seed. They're not a legit eight seed.

Hell yeah they are. It's the NBA. We don't have a selection committee to determine what line you're supposed to sit on in the bracket.

No you are what your record says you are. You're an eight seed because your offense stunk most of the season. You're an eight seed because one day you were world beaters and the next day you look like you couldn't beat anybody. You were Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde all season long and the offense was among the worst in the NBA in every statistical category.

Gabe Vincent was asked about how the heck the Miami Heat have found this version of the offense in the playoffs. I'd say the process was painful at times and rewarding at others but definitely right now it's rewarding. You know it's paid off. We've put in a lot of work. It's been a long season and we're just playing good basketball at the best time. They are playing their best basketball at the best possible time but don't act like you watched the Heat play all season and thought oh yeah they're a championship contender. Stop it. They are an eight seed because they nearly lost to the bills the bills they nearly lost to the bulls in the play-in tournament.

That's what happens when I do QB news on the show. Yes they're an eight seed. Their record makes them an eight seed. The play-in tournament makes them an eight seed. To use the NCAA tournament analogy they had to go through Dayton.

They are exactly what their record says they are. There's no way the Milwaukee Bucks took them lightly as an eight seed but yes they are a legit eight seed. They earned this eight seed because they barely made the playoffs. Have they been to the Eastern Conference Finals three of the last four years?

Yes. But they still had a very challenging path to get to this point. A one seed, were the Knicks a four seed? A one seed, a four seed, and now a two seed. That was nearly a one seed and a team that they faced last year. Each of these runs is unlikely. Maybe not in a vacuum where it's just the Panthers and the Heat but when you take into account their opponents absolutely and the fact that they have not had home court or home ice it's pretty amazing. Don't mind if I marvel.

Which one is more unlikely? The Heat or the Panthers? The poll is up on Twitter, ALaw Radio or our show Twitter after our CBS. It's also on our Facebook page and we're happy to hear from you on this Monday morning even as the Boston Celtics are going to feel like they've got a massive hangover but they did this to themselves. I don't know how on earth a team with this much championship heart and medal, and remember they're the Eastern Conference champions from a year ago. I know they don't have an NBA title yet, this group, but they're still a team that has put themselves in position. They're a team that went all the way to the NBA Finals last year until they got a chance to win the NBA.

They're a team that went all the way to the NBA Finals last year until they ran into the Warriors. But Jason Tatum, Jalen Brown, Marcus Smart, Al Horford, Robert Williams, Malcolm Brogdon for heaven's sake, these are not newbies in the NBA. They should know exactly what's facing them in Miami in Game 3. And I'm sure glad that a couple of the guys stood up for their coach was an embarrassing blowout because as much as Joe Mazula is a first-year head coach, really at any level, as much as he is a first-year head coach, why do you need to get your guys ready to play in a Game 3 of an Eastern Conference Finals when you're already down 0-2? Why is that on the coach and not these professional basketball players? They know what's required of them. They know the hole they're in. They don't need a pep talk. Let's go boys.

You can do this. Come on. Maybe they didn't follow the game plan or maybe they just went out there and looked like they were stuck in cotton balls. And maybe they didn't adjust. And that could certainly be on the coach, but the players have to bear some responsibility. You can't honestly watch what the Celtics did in the second and third quarters. Fourth quarter doesn't even count.

This was a mercy rule game. You can't honestly watch what the Celtics did. The product they put on the court, the lack of intensity, looking like they were not just slower and older, but looking like a team that didn't care as much as the Miami Heat did last night.

How can you put that on the coach? Do you think the coach should get credit for Jason Tatum's 51-point performance in Game 7 against the Sixers? Should Jason Tatum give Joe Mazzola credit for the fact that he was shooting the lights out? Do you know that same Jason Tatum who crushed Philadelphia's spirit at the end of Game 6 and then flexed his muscles on him in Game 7? You think that same Jason Tatum who said, humbly, I'm one of the best players in the world is going to be blaming Joe Mazzola for what happened in Game 3? Stop it. If he does, he's a jerk.

But also if he does, he's not seeing the forest for the trees. Jason Tatum, humbly one of the best players in the world, has zero baskets in the fourth quarter of this series. A couple of free throws. Zero buckets. He's got no buckets. While Jimmy Butler is getting buckets, he's got no buckets in the fourth quarter. How do you call yourself one of the best players in the world? And here's the thing.

Did we not? And I use this stat because I said to you, I don't buy into this. I think it's ridiculous. It's a stat used in a vacuum about LeBron James. But did I not tell you on Friday morning, the stats you're going to hear, LeBron James, he's over 19 with three pointers in the fourth quarter, going back to the previous series. Shouldn't that be a big deal about Jason Tatum too?

The fact that he's got no field goals, didn't even play in the fourth quarter last night. That's a problem in the Eastern Conference Finals. Should be the same criticism for Jason Tatum. It should be the same criticism for the Celtics. Yes, the Heat deserve a ton of credit.

A ton. They've done everything the Celtics have not, in terms of their mental toughness, in terms of their approach, their business-like. And yeah, there's a little trash talking. There's a little something-something going on extracurricular with Grant Williams and Jimmy Butler and then Jimmy and Al Horford last night. But the Heat have earned that. Can you do me a favor, Producer J?

Let me know when you have it. Go back to what Jimmy Butler said. Shoot, I forgot what day this series tipped off. But last week, before game number one, we were doing a preview.

It was actually right after, so we were combining kind of Western Conference Finals opener in which the Nuggets had staked their claim against the Lakers and then we said to you, Heat and Celtics open up tonight and Jimmy Butler, while you can't necessarily call this a guarantee, you can definitely call it a guarantee. He put it out there because they believe that they have the right formula and now they have the offense to back it up. So again, I circle back to their offense being one of the statistical worst in the league all year long. But they've always played defense. They've always been tenacious and physical. And honestly, if they were going to win at all in the regular season, at some stretches, all they had was their defense. They had to make their opponents look as ugly as possible.

But now they've got the one-two punch. Not only do they have a defense that is so crushing at times, they have a defense that makes opponents work their arses off. And that could be part of the reason why Jason Tatum has no, now he's turned the ball over a bunch, but why he has no field goals in the fourth quarter of the series yet. Because he's having to work so hard for everything. They harass him and that's what they do.

This would be illegal in a place of business. The Miami Heat harass you with their defense and that's supposed to give them a cushion. But now they've got the offense and they've got the spacing and they're swinging the ball around and they're causing the Celtics to chase. The Celtics defense, which was one of the best in the league last year on the way to the NBA Finals and which we saw against the 76ers. Didn't see it against the Hawks though, which made me kind of nervous.

I remember I said it multiple times here on the show. If this is the defense that the Celtics are planning on playing through the playoffs, they're not going to last very long. We saw flashes of that championship defense or championship defensive mentality against the Sixers.

Matchup issues, right? The Sixers are relatively soft. But against the Heat, who are the opposite of soft, they're the antithesis of soft, you get a fight. The Heat will fight you over everything.

They fight, they scratch, they claw. That's their MO. That's how they got here.

That's how they got here. And the Celtics defense, it's not been able to keep up, which is crazy to say. But they've spaced them out. They've swung the ball around the perimeter. The ball moves faster than the people do.

I know that's such a huge revelation. It's physics. The ball moves faster than the people and the Heat are swinging that ball around like nobody's business. And how about this, just for fun, Jimmy Butler was the fourth highest scorer for the Miami Heat in game number three. Oh, it couldn't have gone better for the Heat on Sunday night. Snaps into Duncan, three ball, left corner pocket, splat!

What is happening? The Heat have the soul of the Celtics, and they shouldn't give it back. Heat 56, Celtics 37. The 4-0-5 remaining here in the second quarter. Jimmy to drive, kicks it to Martin. Out top to Duncan.

Open for three. Chi Arctic ripping up the net. Kaseya Sinner is running on Duncan. They lob in the smart. Couldn't get it up.

Nomney, the other way for three. Transition into net. Ripper. He's staring it down. A hand slap with Bam. Time out. Tatum on the drive, cut off by Bam.

Nice little heavy move. Lost the ball. Jimmy has it.

Looking down the right side. Snaps it to Nomney. Side step.

Kicks it to Caleb. Long two. He got it to go. Only Tatum and Brown have scored in double figures for Boston.

14 and 12 respectively. Not enough. Jimmy side step. He rolls in a long two from inside the arc on the right side. Got at least another game. The game is loose.

Cook up a ghost. Six threes in nine tries. He has 29. A career high 29 for Gabe Vincent and yes he goes six of nine from beyond the arc and he led the team in scoring. It wasn't Jimmy Butler. It wasn't Bam Adebayo.

It was Gabe Vincent and it was Duncan Robinson with 22 as he hit five triples. They were lights out from beyond the arc but honestly the entire game. The offense was contagious and the Celtics did not run enough interference.

Not even close. This team the Miami Heat that was so bad all season in terms of offense shot 57 percent in this game and the crowd was on fire as you can imagine. The third quarter is when it all came apart. I was listening to Sean Grandy and Cedric Maxwell on the Celtics radio network and they went to a timeout. I think at this point it was nearly a 30 point lead and Sean closes out the segment or closes out that particular stretch going into the timeout with and the Celtics have surrendered. That was in the third quarter and the Celtics have surrendered.

Eric Spolstra he knows exactly what he's getting from the Heat. He knows exactly what they have to do to win. We were able to to get the game on our terms and sustain it you know even you know through some of the runs in the first half and early in the third quarter.

That was a solid mature professional approach. You know there's a lot of pent up stuff here and we're getting closer but you know we still have to finish this off. We just needed you know the ups and downs prepared us for these moments. They prepared us for you know going 11 and 3 in the postseason. Still having a great opportunity to go further in this playoff run so for us it's not shocking because you I mean y'all not around but y'all don't see the work that a lot of guys put in you know and you know it's speaking volume right now in this postseason so for us I don't believe it's a it's a surprise or a shocker.

I don't know surprise is the word. I mean we played well tonight. We defended. We made shots. We forced them into turnovers and it was just great to be home. I think we rode the momentum of our crowd as well. 15 turnovers by the Boston Celtics and again that's including a fourth quarter in which none of the starters were still on the court. Actually Marcus Smart was out there to begin the fourth quarter and I thought what in the world but I guess they needed somebody out there to run the point. So the Miami Heat have built themselves a lead that no NBA team has ever ever overcome.

A 3-0 lead on their way to what would be their first NBA Finals appearance since the days of the big three. Oh no no no I take that back. They were in 2020. I forgot about the bubble. Yeah yeah since 2020.

You know those all those years ago. I forgot about the bubble. I'm gonna forget about the bubble. It was so strange but honestly if you need to be reminded of the bubble well then you just have to listen to Jamal Murray and what he says about how that was training ground for the Denver Nuggets who are also sitting on a 3-0 lead. The Celtics with some pretty pointed comments after the fact and I do appreciate that Joe Mazzulla put this on himself but there's no way.

These are as Jason Tatum wanted to remind us humbly I'm one of the best basketball players in the world. There is no way in good conscience anybody in that Celtics locker room could blame their coach for this. The coach may draw up a play, change the starting lineup, alter the defense which that's not really what happened. The coach doesn't have to tell you oh yeah this game matters. Hey by the way did you by the way did you know that you're down 0-2 and game three is really important in Miami?

Hey by the way you should really come out with all the intensity that you could possibly muster. Hey did you know if you lose this game no team has ever come back from it in an NBA playoff series? Do we really need Joe Mazzulla to repeat that to these veterans in his locker room? Stop it. Stop it with the this is on Joe Mazzulla.

No. Now he's part of the equation. I'm not saying he's completely absolved it's the entire team but those Celtics don't need a head coach who has worked with them. It's not like he just showed up on the scene. He was part of their run last year to the NBA finals.

This group knows each other well. They don't need a freaking coach to tell them this game's important and that you're facing a life or death in the playoff situation. A playoff life or death okay. We'll hear from them coming up. On Twitter A Law Radio take our poll. Heat or Panthers?

Which eight seed considering the path is making the more unexpected run and just ignore producer Jay's creative use of the English language? Sorry. Do you think do you think people still know what we're talking about? I think so. You think they're figuring it out?

I think so. All right cool great because you know how much I love errors in our in our tweets. I need the edit button come on Elon. Oh we need you to read it before you post it. There's an edit button I mean it's just a simple thing. Okay so you don't have to read it before you post it then. Nah that'd be too hard.

That'd be like the Celtics showing up in a game three with their backs against the wall and thinking wow we actually have to win this game. It's after hours on CBS Sports Radio. Hammock. Check. Arnold Palmer.

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You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Game three of the 2023 eastern conference final belongs to the Heat. Largest margin of victory of this postseason for Miami as they win by 26 and improve just like their counterparts over in the west to 3-0 in this eastern conference final. I just didn't have them ready to play. Yeah I just I just didn't have them ready to play. I should have uh whatever it was whether it was a starting lineup or it was an adjustment just I have to get them in a better place ready to play that's on me.

I don't even know where to start. It's obviously obvious let down. I feel like we let our fan base organization down. We let ourselves down and it was collective. We can point fingers but in reality it was just embarrassing.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Chaelon Brown just says it like it is. It's reality.

I don't even know where to start. It was embarrassing but if even one of these players and this could be behind the scenes if even one of these players dares to point a finger at their coach they should be ashamed of themselves. You should give up your NBA players association membership if you're actually going to blame your coach for what you did on the court.

Again we're not talking x's and o's and we're not talking about a team that needs its hand held. This is not some upstart young roster that has never been through this before and I'm telling you what Jason Tatum would never tell you that a coach is in charge of what he does on the court. I mean coach is a manager in the NBA. They manage playing time. They manage rosters. They manage egos.

They certainly can make adjustments out of bounds plays. I get all that but a coach isn't responsible for you being mentally prepared to do your job. No more than my boss is responsible for me being mentally prepared to host my show on the night of the Super Bowl which is our biggest night of the week or the biggest night of the year. No one has to tell me that's a big night.

I do this for a living just like they do and they should be ashamed of themselves. They should be embarrassed but also you cannot let your coach take the fall for this. He just got the interim tag removed from his name. I can't imagine that the Celtics brass would blame this on Missoula but there are those rumblings because that's what happens. Coaches are expendable. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence, excuse me, on CBS Sports Radio. I'm so fired up. Actually it's a Monday morning so these things tend to tumble out of my mouth now. So Joe Missoula says I should have had them prepared, better prepared, yada, yada, yada.

Al Horford, yeah this is not on Missoula. Coach is saying that he's being generous but at the end of the day that falls on each player. We know what we have to do. We knew the magnitude of this game and as a player I take responsibility because you know we didn't we didn't have what we needed to have so that's what that is.

But how does that happen? It's one thing to lose. It's entirely another to be humiliated and not be ready to play.

That's it's it's completely different. Al Horford minus 21 in game three. Jalen Brown minus 25.

Jason Tatum minus 23. I mean anyone want to hear what Jason thinks about what went wrong in game number three? From the beginning of the game we was turning the ball over. We didn't shoot the ball well. They shot the ball extremely well and it just kind of felt like we never recovered honestly and that's on that's on all of us as as a unit.

You know we didn't play well at all and you know obviously by the score it showed. We just got to come out and play basketball. Come out with a great mentality. Come out and have some pride about yourself. Come out have some pride about you know who you plan for. You know have some pride about whatever and just come out and play basketball. I believe we can win the next one. So we just got to come out and play.

That famed Celtic pride. That's what Jalen Brown is talking about. Before that Jason Tatum. Three straight games for him in which he did not have a single field goal in the fourth quarter.

It was stunning considering the way he polished off the Sixers. One more that you might end up hearing from Joe Mazzulla on this Monday. The question was posed about whether or not his voice is still effective in the locker room. I'm paraphrasing. Whether or not it's a locker room that he's lost or they're not responding to him.

Again, ridiculous. Why do you need your coach to give you a pep talk in the locker room when you're in the NBA's Eastern Conference Finals? These are not teenagers.

These are veterans. These are polished professionals or they should be. But the question was posed about Mazzulla and his voice in the locker room and whether or not he's doing enough. He's saying enough.

At the time you think you say what needs to be said but at the same time like you just have to be better. I got to make sure when we step on that floor that we're ready to execute. We're ready to be physical. We're ready to play harder than the other team.

That's my job. I mean did it change from game number two? Did they not know from games one and two in Boston? The line of questioning is somewhat ludicrous because again if you understand how pro sports work and especially look at the makeup of this team there's yeah there's no way that Joe Mazzulla needs to give them any type of last minute words of encouragement.

During the game of course there's a lot that can be said. But if the players are tuning out the coach that helped them have the second best record in the NBA this season that took over for Ime Udonka and made sure that they had what they need they were equipped. He made the adjustment to put Rob Williams back in the starting lineup against the Sixers. Remember that adjustment? If they're turning on him which there's no indication that they are it's more just questions from the media trying to figure out what the heck just happened.

But if they actually make him a fall guy you I hope as fans you would lose respect for them. It was too easy for Miami. Everything was so easy and again I'll just go back to that Hawks series. I was a little bit nervous for the Celtics considering how many points the Hawks were scoring and the Heat have now found that groove and they are dunking and driving and taking wide open shots routinely. Damn right. Oh dear. And the one thing the Heat don't do is cough up double figure leads at halftime.

Hell no. When they have the lead and they have the foot on your throat as an opponent they tend to protect it. I mean they have all the tenacity and the mental edge but now they've got the offense to go along with that defense. I mean every time I look up there's another bam out of bio alley open dunk another fast break another Gabe Vincent three. The wideout in Miami full effect and Jimmy Butler also being petty.

But you know what if you stay petty you don't have to go petty. If you didn't see it he was mimicking imitating Al Horford who going back to the opener of the series had gestured to the Heat bench when the Celtics were on a run they desperately needed a timeout so Horford was gesturing to the Heat bench hey like I'll call a timeout for you you need one. Well Jimmy Butler returned the favor last night signaling for a timeout because the Celtics yeah they could have taken seven timeouts and it wouldn't have made a difference. No team's ever come back from 3-0 or from 0-3 down in a playoff series in the NBA. It will happen eventually I don't think it's going to be Lakers or Celtics. Did you guys see the tweet from Magic Johnson?

I'll read it to you because it was significant. In my 44 years of being associated with the NBA I never thought I'd see a Boston Celtics team a franchise with 17 championships quit. Quit? That's a tough word. I know Celtics fans all over the world must be disgusted and devastated. Charles Barkley was certainly having fun with it they had Gabe Vincent on the set and Vincent was talking about what the Heat did well in game three and and what they expect from the Celtics moving forward. You know they're a really good team they're a well coached team they got stars they're not going to lay down so you know we got to come in and handle business on Tuesday. Yeah clearly you didn't watch the game tonight. Well coach and don't lay down.

Hey go look at the tape again. Oh no oh no Jason Taylor. That's the one we're getting in the Eastern Conference Finals the alter ego of Jason Tatum.

All right on Twitter A Law Radio take our poll we're asking you Heat or Panthers which one is on a more unexpected run as an eight seed if you consider who they've had to go through to get to the verge of their their sports championship series. Also on our Facebook page it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast.

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It sure did. This is After Hours with Amy Lauren. I hope you saw this moment on Sunday the PGA Championship.

Boy do I hope you saw this moment. If not please check it out on social media. He is a name that you will hear a bunch on this Monday following the PGA Championship won by Brooks Koepka but next breath Brooks Koepka and Michael Block who stole the show. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Jim Nance with the call of a hole-in-one on the 15th on Sunday by not a PGA Tour professional. No a PGA Club Pro.

A teaching pro. They're allowed to compete in the PGA Championship. It's part of the tradition. If you finish in the top 15 well then you get a chance to do it again next year. You get free entry in.

So this one requires qualification. Next year not so much for Michael Block from Mission Viejo California. The fans they recognize this once in a lifetime moment for a guy that was playing on Sunday with Rory McElroy.

He was extremely emotional as you can imagine. Didn't even realize the ball had gone into the cup on the fly. It never hit the green. It never bounced. It went right into the cup. Rory knew it. Goes over to give him a hug.

Michael doesn't have any idea. So that walk down the 15th hole was pretty incredible because the fans were they were full-throat. They never stopped and it was again on the 18th which we'll get to. He had to have an up and down in order to finish in the top 15 but he did. This was one of the coolest stories of the tournament. Maybe one of the coolest stories in golf that you'll hear all season long. Michael Block a hole-in-one on the 15th and an experience he will never forget. Rory hits. He misses the green right.

I'm just like like yeah you can't go there right. And so then I'm over my tee shot and the crowd goes crazy. Like the crowd went nuts. I hadn't even hit yet. So I had to like step back. I'm like this is pretty cool right. This huge reception I haven't even hit.

So I sit back for a sec. I'm like this is cool but I could I got this like nice flight at seven. I could either hit like a hard eight but all day long when I tried to hit anything hard I was pulling it and so I'm like I'm just gonna flight a little seven in there into the breeze from like 150.

It was playing about 167 in my head and so I hit it and it's just right at it but I can't see it. I'm like just like like right now and all of a sudden it disappears whatever and I'm like cool and I'm like thanks guys and Rory's walking down the pathway and he about 20 yards away from him and he turns around starts walking back at me with his arms open to give me a hug and he goes you made it. I go what I'm like seriously he's like yeah you did dude you made it.

He's like had to tell me five times that I made it. So it's a pretty cool experience to have more Rory be telling me that I made only one in front of god knows how many people that were supporting me. The atmosphere out there playing with Michael was um was unbelievable. He you know we both got amazing support but you know he got unbelievable support understandably so being um you know in this position as a club pro and playing so well and you know competing into the into the latter stages of a major championship. It was it was really impressive and um you know it was nice to go out there and and share the course with him for 18 holes. Rory McIlroy so supportive of Michael Block and Block emotional understandably and then on the 18th he was able to get up and down to to maintain his status in the top 15. He did an interview on CBS with Amanda after Amanda who's the reporter. Belionas is what she used to be. She's married now but she did her she did the interview with him after and was talking about how his son had been following him the whole time back in California and just got him to break down. It's it's amazing uh I'm living a dream I'm making sure that I enjoy this moment I've learned that after the my 46 years of life that uh it's not gonna get better than this there's no way no chance in hell so uh I'm gonna enjoy this and thank you.

Yes Amanda Belionas Renner is her name and that was her interview with Michael Block and he thanked her for getting him to cry his eyes out. Nothing could ever compare with this this is the best day of my life except guess what he's already eligible for Valhalla in the PGA Championship next year and he's able now to compete in multiple other PGA Tour events because there are sponsors exemptions and sponsors invites coming in. This is what happens you you make some noise at a golf tournament and all of a sudden other sponsors and other tournaments want you to come in even if you haven't qualified so here's this club pro not a PGA Tour pro but a club pro and he steals the show amazing after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio uh you know who else is not a PGA pro anymore that would be Brooks Koepka but he also stole the show on Sunday his third Wanamaker trophy his fifth major but the relief the release the emotion that we saw from him after was largely tied to the fact that he spent the last two years battling what were serious physical maladies a knee injury that nearly ended his career a wrist injury he admits he wasn't sure he'd ever get back to the point where he could compete for a major again. It's very hard to explain it's just you can't fathom how difficult it is just to get going um I mean it was a lot worse than I let on to you guys to let on to everybody um like I said I think maybe only five six people really know the extent of it um and it's just it was hard I mean cold weather it's achy it was I mean the swelling didn't go down till maybe a couple months ago but uh I mean so that's almost what two years um it's it's been a long road but uh it's look that's who I am I'm open and honest uh I know I seem like this big bad tough guy on the golf course that doesn't smile doesn't do anything but if you catch me off the golf course I'll let you know what's going on and um like I'm happy they got that side right um that's that's truly me and uh some people might hate it some people might dog it but uh at the end of the day it's just me. He says I know I look like this big bad guy on the golf course who doesn't smile who doesn't do anything. When he's healthy he's one of the best players in the world and when he's healthy he is a threat to win any tournament so congratulations to Brooks Koepka. Now he's no longer part of the PGA Tour but I actually had this revelation as I was watching him on Sunday and and then thinking about his injuries it makes a lot more sense now it might be easy to say all these guys left the PGA for the live tour because it was more money and I suppose it is more money but think about Brooks perspective two years ago he didn't know if he'd ever be healthy enough to compete with the best in the world he didn't know if he would have five more years ten more years in his career and again not knowing if he was going to be able to compete at the highest level so the live tour is more appealing because it's guaranteed money and you don't play nearly as many tournaments to me it makes perfect sense also do we have time for him to talk about live so the live tournament guys are still getting a lot of backlash but he was asked about business it's a ball and a tee whether or not it bothers him oh I hear it all I just don't care I mean that's that's sports right they're gonna uh you gotta be mentally tough enough not to uh some I guess some lady was chanting some stuff and another guy was shouting at some stuff but it's you gotta be mentally tough enough not to deal with them it happens in every sport I'm pretty sure when Tom Brady was playing I'm sure when he walked into uh when he was playing the Jets or the Dolphins he wasn't exactly cheered upon when he ran in the stadium no he definitely was not but he would run in and he would do his yell anyway with the Patriots fans who were in the corner of the other stadium so congratulations to Brooks Koepka again if you see his body language at the 18th where he makes that putt remember he lost at the Masters because he couldn't close out so here he is now healthy and a threat yet again with the live guys being able to compete in these majors uh maybe tonight we'll let you hear what Bryson DeChambeau you know his new BFF had to say about the win have a great Monday it's after hours CBS sports radio boom when it comes to clothes it's great to have options but having pieces that you can wear anywhere is a must for everybody that's why American Giant makes clothing that fits into your life seamlessly with quality you have to feel to believe and with an impressive selection of staples to choose from there's something for everyone so whether you're on the hunt for the perfect t-shirt a solid pair of jeans or super soft sweatshirts American Giant has what you're looking for each American Giant piece is designed to last and created with commitment to doing things better and all their products are made right here in America because keeping things local ensures the kind of quality you'll feel and appreciate for years to come discover the American Giant difference today shop wear anywhere closet staples at and get 20% off your order when you use code wa23 at checkout that's 20% off at promo code wa23
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