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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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May 19, 2023 6:05 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 19, 2023 6:05 am

Golfer Tom Kim takes a mud bath mid-round | Rafael Nadal says he plans to retire by next year | Matt Ryan speaks on joining the NFL on CBS booth, but says he's not retiring.


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Listen for free on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. I love that music. It fires me up every single time. I never knew this song before.

I actually don't remember when it was that someone introduced it to me. And it just now whenever I hear it, it gives me a jolt of energy and gives me joy. And I look forward to it. And that's exactly what we need right now. Halfway through our final show of the workweek and happy almost Friday for those of you who are still on your Thursday night.

That actually includes me. It still feels like my Thursday night. But a lot of you waking up on your Friday mornings, ouch, doesn't matter. This is the last day. It's the last morning of the crazy week.

And it seems like there's been a lot of craziness at least in and around New York City where we have our headquarters located. I don't know what's going on with traffic morning and night. It's not so might as well be rush hour when we come into the city. At the time that we do, it should be quiet. It's not. It's the same thing in the morning, too.

It's not even 10 minutes after the show ends. And already there's bumper to bumper traffic in places, which is six o'clock in the morning Eastern time. So if it's happening in this city, well, then it's absolutely happening elsewhere. And the trends show that now this is some of the big cities that have mass transit. Fewer people are taking mass transit since pandemic.

They're working in the offices. That means there are fewer cars on the road. That's actually not the case because fewer people are taking mass transit. That means more people are driving. And so there's more people on the roads. And now, at least in New York City, the stats show that there are more cars on the roads than pre-pandemic levels. They exceed pre-pandemic levels. Well, that's just one city.

Whatever city you happen to be listening in. Whether it's San Francisco, whether it's Las Vegas, whether it's Houston or Dallas or Cleveland or Miami, Atlanta, you all have to deal with your own crazy, frustrating traffic cycles. So to that end, the statistics show that people are commuting earlier and earlier in the mornings because they want to get their workday started earlier. But they believe will be the worst of the traffic and then get done with work earlier and kind of have an off, a slightly offset schedule, if that makes sense. So because of that, we know there are people already in their cars heading to work, number one. Number two, and sometimes the schedules might be different anyway. Number two, we have people who are heading to the gym, who are walking, who maybe do deliveries overnight or you actually work overnight. Work a third shift. So and then thinking about West Coast and the second shifters, we actually get people who are studying and reading just can't sleep.

They're up late. So we run the gamut on the show and we enjoy it. We try to have a good time. Two hours to our weekend. And I hope for your sake that it's going to be a weekend full of whatever you need.

I don't have any yard work this weekend. Instead, I'm going to see one of my favorite musical groups, the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. And it was right before the pandemic shut everything down.

So it would have been February of 2020. This is the first time I'd ever done it. I went to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, which is in Newark, to see the symphony orchestra, the NJSO, they call it, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. Perform the score for Return of the Jedi while the movie was airing on a big screen in the auditorium. The acoustics are amazing. It's an auditorium that was built for music, built with music in mind.

And the NJSO, like many symphony orchestras, state orchestras around the country is brilliant. And I thought that I had experienced Star Wars every way that you possibly could. No, to watch it while the John Williams score is being performed live is a completely different emotional experience. Now, I missed the one last year. I think A New Hope was last year. I was on vacation, so I didn't see it.

But Empire Strikes Back. I've had tickets since, oh, easily since September or October of last year. So, and I'm not the only one from the building who's going. We've got some colleagues that are going too, actually. And so really looking forward to this.

It's been circled on my calendar forever. New Jersey Symphony Orchestra performing the Empire Strikes Back, the score, the John Williams score, and then the movie will air. Of course, the wonders of technology, they can split up the dialogue from the music.

So they take the music off of the broadcast of the movie, of the film, but you still do hear the dialogue. But it's, yeah, I'm pretty sure I cried four or five times when I saw Return of the Jedi this way. This is a movie I've seen probably 50 times, but it's a completely different experience, an emotional experience for the Star Wars nerd, and I cannot wait. So that's coming up on Saturday. I've been looking forward to it for a long time. But no yard work, only spring cleaning. It's still technically spring. Mine just is a little bit delayed.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio, on Twitter, ALawRadio, also our Facebook page, After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The story that we're going to share with you now these next couple minutes has to do with the mud. There is a reason why the cliche stuck in the mud exists. All cliches have truth behind them. So I'd like you to think about a time in your life, if it ever happened to you, that you've been stuck in the mud. Whether it was your vehicle stuck in the mud, whether it was your own two feet stuck in the mud, whether you did a face plant in the mud like I did.

I'm not joking. I'd love to tell you my story, but first I want to share with you the story of Tom Kim from the BGA Championship round one. It's Rochester, New York. We were just talking about the leaders, Bryson DeChambeau, his physical transformation, Eric Cole being partly through his round. He's sitting at minus five.

Tom Kim, well, we're not talking about him because he's on the leaderboard. No, he had a tee shot that went off the fairway. In fact, went not quite OB, but went way off the beaten path on the sixth hole. So as he walks down the fairway, he's searching for his tee shot. He was told, now a lot of times there's supposed to be spotters there that go into the rough or the high grasses or maybe it's near a body of water.

If it goes into the water, they're supposed to be able to tell you. There are spotters that are volunteers in many cases and what their entire job is, it's all about planting a flag or instead of the little flag or standing next to a golf ball that is not visible if you're on the fairway, right? So for those of us who are hat golfers or don't golf for a living, you know what we're talking about. It's hard to find golf balls if you're way up on the tee and you hit it, I don't know, 150, 200, 250 or in their cases a lot of times 300 yards. You can't see where it lands.

So that's the idea of having spotters. So as he's walking down the par four sixth, he's told that his golf ball has crossed a creek and is somewhere on the other side of this creek in some really high weeds. So he decides he's going to go searching for his brand new golf ball.

But the video out there, if you watch it on tv live or if you've seen the videos, they're all over the PGA, Twitter, but also there you just have to search for Tom Kim and this is what happens. He comes back, so he kind of dips down. The creek has a bed where it's low enough that a human being is not visible.

A regular sized human being is not. Maybe Nicole Jokic is visible, but Tom Kim disappears down into this creek bed and you can't see what's happening. So he goes over, he tries to look for his golf ball, he doesn't find it and he gets covered in mud for his troubles. So the idea was that he was going to try to find the golf ball to see if he could chip out.

Okay, so if he can find his goal, he can play it. He wouldn't have the penalty stroke and have to take a drop, but instead not only does he not find the golf ball in the high weeds, but he comes back up out of the creek bed covered in mud. He had taken off his shoes and socks thinking that he was going to wade through this creek and instead he ends up in a mud pit. It's just a really muddy part of this creek. It maybe looked like it was innocent enough with just the water and instead the man sinks into the mud and actually said he couldn't get out of the mud and so he has the fight of his life just trying to get his body out of the mud.

Great stuff. He talked to Sky Sports after the fact. Now he had a really good attitude about it. He's laughing. Not only does he get stuck in the mud and he can't get out for a few seconds, he said, but also once he's completely covered in mud he decides well I might as well go back into the water and try to rinse this mud off of me. So he goes mud first then he goes back in the water to take a bath to try to get the mud off of his clothes. I'm sorry.

I don't know. As soon as I went in, no I was thinking about not going in, but I got my feet wet. I was like okay it's too late to come back from it and no I wasn't able to find my ball and there was a moment where basically my whole part of my legs were inside the mud and I wasn't able to get myself out for a minute, but you see me there. You see me disappear. I was talking to Joe.

I might as well go in the water and wash myself off and no I took a bath over there. Joe is this caddy. So yeah he had to call for help. Tom Kim is 20. He's in the middle of the PGA Championship the first round and it all goes horribly wrong.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. So yeah he calls his caddy for help. What his caddy says well if I go in and I get stuck, neither one of us is getting out. So his caddy wasn't waiting it after him, but Tom actually had to crawl out of the mud. So it's not only his pants that are completely covered in mud.

Again if you've seen the video it's hysterical and he's laughing too. He not only has to well somehow pull his lower half out of this mud, but he then has to use his hands and his arms to try to get out because because he's he's stuck he can't get any momentum just by pulling his foot out. So he has to crawl out of the mud so then his arms and his hands are covered in mud as well. And he said afterwards well it couldn't get any worse. I was covered in head to toe mud so I thought I might as well just go in the water then and wash myself off.

All right so Sirius XM also did a quick interview with Tom Kim and he gives a different part of the story to that channel. I mean obviously hit the ball right off the tee and they told me landing in the mud. I wish they would just tell me we're in the water. No but we're in the mud. I thought it was worth finding because it's sometimes it sits up there and if it's just hard enough you're able to get a shot out of there and and no I went in and didn't think it was gonna be that soft.

I knew that it was kind of soft but I just didn't think I'd sink in that deep and no but yeah that was it was a dark moment for me. producer Jay have you ever gotten stuck in mud? Vehicle? You? Your face?

Anything like that? Kinda yeah so actually I was playing ice hockey on a frozen pond in the winter and one part of the edge there wasn't frozen enough I guess towards the lip and I my skate my foot went right in and I sunk and I was it was grabbing at my leg like you really couldn't get out. Also I had an ice skate on and I couldn't get my leg out of the mud. I ended up both my legs up to my waist were covered in mud.

I had to go home, ruined my day. Yeah so your other leg ended up in there as well? Yeah because I'm trying to get my one leg out and then like everything's soft in the area and I was on like the edge where like everything started breaking around me so then my one leg's trying to propel my body weight to get my leg out. I'm wearing ice skates I'm trying to contort myself. Oh man it was a not so frozen pond. Yeah well the middle seemed good I don't know there's one section I guess just got a little too much sunlight. Did you chase a puck in there or something? Exactly yeah. So mine is not anything to do with sports instead my mud story my muddy tale is from when I was helping my mom plant a tree for what was her I think it was her 60th birthday and so we were still living in Ohio at the time or my mom and her husband still had my grandparents house in the Youngstown area northeast Ohio and so we had this sloping backyard it would slope down to the creek bed haha and then it would slope up to this incredible layer and barrier of trees so about an acre of property but because there was a creek in the middle of it there are times when it would get muddy toward the bottom so we have the tree it's a sapling we're gonna it's a red maple one of my mom's favorites we're gonna plant it up on the the upper tier of our backyard so we have to go down through well over the creek bed which is soft and muddy and then we have to try to in a wagon it was actually a tractor with a motor for heaven's sakes but it had a wagon on the back we're we're gonna pull it up to the top in the upper yard where we can plant it on the side of the hill so I'm just walking along behind as they're driving the tractor with the wagon the trees in there I think mom's probably holding the tree to make sure it doesn't fall over Mike's driving and we get through the mud at the bottom again it kind of soft ground because there's been a bunch of rain we get through the soft spot at the bottom and some mud at the bottom but then as we start to try to go up the hill there's again a big spot of mud where the tractor gets stuck because it's got the heavy tree and Mike who's sitting on the tractor so the bright idea I'm sure it was my bright idea I'll claim it was to push I was wearing sneakers I guess maybe I was wearing boots but probably sneakers it's it's the fall and so my bright idea is to push and to throw my body weight into the wagon on the back to help Mike get some momentum so that he can then get up the way the rest of the hill so what happens is I'm pushing I'm pushing the thing's not budging the wheels are spinning first of all there's mud flying up the back so that's already getting me muddy but that's not how I ended up completely covered in mud pushing pushing and you know when you're trying to push a vehicle that's stuck what do you do you move your legs farther and farther back so that you can get more and more momentum you can put more of your body weight into it so I'm pushing I'm not prone but I would say I was probably a 45 degree angle off of the ground pushing pushing like trying to like rock back and forth to push the back of this wagon on the tractor all of a sudden the tractor gets free takes off I was left doing a face plant right into a big huge pile of mud now here's the funny part I mean that that in and of itself I ate mud I mean I was prone in the mud and because I had been leaning on the tractor I went down so hard it wasn't a graceful hey I can prevent my fall no no no no I was 45 degrees arms completely stretched out like I'm Superman pushing as hard as I can and when the tractor takes off I'm left just boom right into the whole body weight on it my entire body weight slamming right into the mud so not only do I have my whole front completely covered in mud jeans top whatever I was wearing face it's in my hair I'm not joking covered in mud my mom and her husband don't even realize it so they keep motoring up the hill like it's a miracle they keep motoring up the hill they have no idea so no one comes back to help me up no one is concerned about the fact that I did not make the trip up the hill until they get up to the hill they up to the top of the hill which is probably about 50 yards from where I am and oh no maybe it's more than that's probably 100 yards from where I am they stop it they turn off the tractor they're all excited they finally realize I'm not behind them they turn around I have barely gotten on my knees I'm I'm eating mud covered in mud and what is my mom's great idea let's take a picture oh so yeah gloves are covered in mud everything and so yes there is a family photo my mom says it's in a drawer somewhere she laughs at it every time she sees it of me covered in mud hair face entire front legs everything but a big smile on my face probably had mud on my teeth too because I was attempting to do a good deed to help my mom plant a tree for her milestone birthday well yeah I mean end of that story you got the job done you did it you got you got the tree up the hill we freed the tractor but Amy was no longer free from the mud that's just insult to injury though take a photo they didn't even know I'm lying in the mud they have no idea they get up to the the spot where they're going to plant it and they turn around and all I've managed to do is get up on my knees but oh we collapsed in gales of laughter we did they probably laughed a lot like also when they got to the top like look we did it we did it and then they turn around and I'm barely peeling myself out of the mud I mean I did put a whole lot of weight into that tractor getting that tractor I had to do a steer and hold it and I think you know the uh the brain and the muscle behind that they just took off the tractor took off and Amy did a face plant it was fantastic so Tom Kim I know exactly how you feel and it just sticks to you right mud in in parts of your body that there should never be mud I'm sorry if you got a good mud story well you can let us know on twitter a law radio or facebook page two it's after hours with Amy Lawrence good morning good Friday morning if you're waking up on your Friday yee-haw on CBS sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast we welcome all kinds here on after hours oh Amy thank you so much you're awesome this is my first time calling and I googled you too because I was like I wonder what she looks like you know great you're very beautiful hey Amy it's just a pure thrill to talk to you I can't say enough about how much I like your show I want you to know you're only starting out in your greatness you've got another 30 or 40 years the way you carry yourself I mean oh my god it's like you're a typewriter you're just reeling away and you're not pouring at all well that's good to know surgeons keep our hearts beating they do the amazing help save lives and so can you your csl plasma donation can help create 24 critical life-saving medicines that can give grandpa the chance for his heart to swell when he meets his new grandson or give a bride the chance for her heart to skip a beat on her wedding day every plasma donation helps more than you know do the amazing help save lives donate today at your local csl plasma center and be rewarded for your generosity he's taking your calls at 855-212-4cbs first time I heard this song I thought she was saying fish I still kind of feel like she's saying fish feels fish truly I love to fish clearly my what should I call him my significant other he takes me fishing for our first date and well wouldn't you know it worked it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on cbs sports radio fish equals feels in my world coming up speaking of feels Rafael Nadal very emotional as he shares his plans for the future for those of you who are big tennis fans this is tough it's a little bit like Roger Federer he did not want to retire or walk away either but injuries oftentimes have a say and Rafa's clearly emotional as he makes his announcements on social media on Thursday let's first talk to Errol who's in Houston welcome to after hours cbs sports radio how are you doing Amy I'm good I uh a couple I'm actually driving home from uh work at night and a couple of nights ago I didn't get a chance to call in I'm a first time caller okay and I heard you talking about you're getting tickets to go to the crown of the Statue of Liberty in New York some years ago in fact it's been over 30 years ago my wife and I visited New York and and we decided that what we it was right before they did the renovation on the Statue of Liberty and we decided that what we were going to do is we were going to go up to the crown and you could either go by elevator or you could actually climb the stairwell and go all the way up to the crown at that time so I had this great idea what we would do I talked my wife into climbing up the stairwell after we had started we found out that wasn't such a great idea after all because it was a long way but the bottom line is there were people behind us and we couldn't turn around oh so once we I tell you what once we got to the crown our legs were aching we were tired and needless to say we decided that what we would do would take the elevator back down rather than try to climb back down the stairwell but that came to mind when you talked about having tickets to go to the crowd at the Statue Statue of Liberty well I think that I might be too stubborn to take an elevator I will definitely be walking the steps and this is my college roommate that I'm going with uh she if I tell her we're not taking the elevator you have to walk with me uh she's gonna have to be up for that challenge too because I can't very well hike the Grand Canyon than and take an elevator to the top of the Statue of Liberty crown I understand I understand I'm just saying that okay I didn't know what the procedure was now since since they uh had renovated the statue whether or not they had opened up the stairwell yeah because at one point in time it had gotten so I guess dangerous to do that because of the condition right of the stairwell they had stopped people from doing that but I didn't know whether I didn't know whether or not they had a base basically start allowing people to do that whether it was a situation where you had to go up and catch the elevator at this point in time no they've done a ton of renovations as you point out there they were not only was it unstable but after Superstorm Sandy came through the lower Manhattan the New York City area there was damage to it and so for several years it actually was closed and even the base was closed for a while too it wasn't just the crown but they've since reopened and they sell limited numbers of tickets but yes it is renovated and safe now and so they are back to allowing people to go all the way up well great I hope you enjoyed and I'd like to hear about I'm just waiting to hear about your experience once you actually have an opportunity to climb yeah yeah it's coming up in July so I certainly will tell the story here on the show thank you Errol oh thank you I appreciate it good to talk to you in Houston thank you so much for listening it's after hours with Amy Lawrence good to hear from people in Houston I know it's working there not that my mom is listening she's still teaching school and even though she's getting close to finals I would expect her to be sleeping right now though mom has sleep issues I come by them honestly I guess because I inherited them from her all right Rafael Nadal on his Instagram page has actually announced that he will not compete in what is his favorite tournament a tournament that he has dominated over the course of his career he will be skipping the French Open now he's got 22 Grand Slam singles titles he's tied with Novak Djokovic remember they passed Roger Federer who will forever sit on 20 barring some miracle but Rafa has 14 French Open crowns four US Opens two Australian Opens two Wimbledon championships sitting at 22 again tied with Novak Djokovic and it's not as though we expected these guys to play forever but in the case of Roger Federer now the case of Rafael Nadal they're not walking away because they've decided they no longer want to or they're satisfied with their careers no in both cases injuries are forcing them out and you can hear the emotion in Rafa's voice hello everyone as you know I will not be able to be in in Roland Garros have been a few very difficult months I worked super hard every day to try to to be ready for the clay season and then I was not able to to play week after week missing in super important tournaments for for my tennis career and now this this one the most important one Roland Garros the most important tournament of my tennis career you know so after that I decided to to make a break I need to stop for a while uh try to recover my body the last couple of years uh haven't been easy uh too many problems he's actually dealing with a hip injury that actually that goes back to the Australian Open in January so he's been working to be healthy because not only does he want to get back on the circuit but he's never missed the French Open he made his debut there in 2005 it is the most important tournament to him Roland Garros he's the king of clay I can't imagine anyone surpasses 14 singles championships at the French Open and even as he turns 37 next month his entire goal was to be ready if for nothing else than for the French Open but as he tells BBC News he his medical staff his trainers they've worked to try to figure out how to approach this hip injury and how to help him feel better how to treat it it's not working we were not able to find the story every single day for the last I was even working as much as possible every single day for the last four months have been very difficult months because we were not able to find the solution to the problem that I had in Australia so today I'm still in in a position that I am not able to to feel myself ready to compete at the standards that I need to to be my ambition is to try to is to try to to stop to give myself an opportunity to to enjoy next year that probably going to be my last year in a professional tour that's my idea he deserves to have the last run through but I can imagine if he's not healthy that he's able to play all of the tournaments in 24 but similar to Roger Federer who was at Wimbledon where fans could say goodbye to him remember he was part of a ceremony that was honoring a milestone there at Wimbledon but it would have been better to see him play right and I guess we've always over the past few years had the back of our minds this could be it for Roger this could be it for Rafa we may never see their matchup again we never may never see them with Novak Djokovic again you gotta have to keep that in mind same thing with Serena Williams this could be the last time but when these incredible athletes some of the greatest we've ever seen compete in tennis when they are forced out because of injuries it almost feels like we got cheated and they got cheated out of a happy ending it reminded producer Jay of a comment that Francis Tfoe made at the U.S. Open last fall and he found the audio this is this is Francis but it's also a perspective that many young tennis players who faced Rafa or Roger or even Novak who continues to compete and you could imagine would likely end up breaking that tie with most grand slam titles ever on the men's side these young players it happened with Serena and Venus too they relish the opportunity to face these incredible champions because it may not happen again you see all these young guys you know get Rafa and Fed and Novak I was like am I ever gonna be able to you know say I'd beat one of them and so you know today I was like nah I'm gonna do that and so now it's time to tell the kids the grandkids yeah be Rafa hopefully I never play him again that's going back to the U.S. Open hopefully I never play him again oh I wonder if he would take that back now because of what we know about Nadal I'll throw these numbers out we repeat them every year of course they they accrue but every year around the French Open again because he's never missed a tournament at Roland Garros 18 appearances a career record of 112 and three in matches at the French Open 112 and three in 112 and three wow that's obviously the kind of dominance that we've never seen before and will likely never see again but he won the trophy last year at age 36 it may be his last one he was dealing with chronic foot pain then but in capturing his 14th French Open crown he also became the oldest champion in tournament history 14 French Opens and he hopes to compete in 24. I hope that that is the case as well his passion for the sport the way that he put his whole body into it reminded me a little bit of Ken Griffey Jr. right how much longer would Ken Griffey maybe have been able to play if he wasn't constantly throwing his body all over the field Rafa did that he's an extremely physical player constantly running chasing you know balls that he felt like he could get to falling on the ground diving around and his his physical style of play his violent style of play at times potentially led to all these injuries he's dealt with but the French Open his kingdom he will be missed along with Federer I still miss Roger Federer watching tennis tournaments you are listening surgeons keep our hearts beating they do the amazing help save lives and so can you your csl plasma donation can help create 24 critical life-saving medicines that can give grandpa the chance for his heart to swell when he meets his new grandson or give a bride the chance for her heart to skip a beat on her wedding day every plasma donation helps more than you know do the amazing help save lives donate today at your local csl plasma center and be rewarded for your generosity name to the after hours podcast Ryan out of the gun Taylor stays in his back to the right side looking left Ryan watching her fade pattern into the end zone it's a catch Michael Pittman jr touchdown i n d y and the game is tied 16 apiece with 16 ticks to go in the third quarter this is after hours with Amy Lawrence it's Matt Taylor on Colts radio why are we playing anything from the Indianapolis Colts and Matt Ryan well because he's got a new gig if you missed my conversation with Armando Saguero from outkick he joined us earlier in the show it might be mid-may but there's a lot going on in the nfl like Dalvin Cook and the Vikings i now believe they are actually headed for a divorce i thought it was was uh just bunk before now uh the latest was Saquon Barkley and his negotiations with the new york giants also Matt Ryan leaving the door open for a return to football so why get into the broadcast booth well talked about that with Armando we had fun with it actually Matt Ryan versus Tom Brady who do you think will be the better analyst that was the question i posed to him and uh you can let me know what you think on twitter a law radio or on our facebook page i'm not really sure it's not that Tom Brady isn't a talker we know that he is he's been practicing on his podcast with Jim Gray but a lot of times he's relatively vanilla my question about Tom is whether or not he can make the jump to actually criticizing not saying he's going to rip players but being able to point out both strengths and weaknesses both the positives and the negatives which is very often a challenge for professional athletes excuse me who move into a booth i never thought that Matt Ryan is a great talker either i always thought he was kind of boring he gave you the company line except he's headed into the CBS studios he's going to be a part of this the NFL and CBS yay and he was explaining his role to Sirius XM NFL radio this week the opportunity that they presented me with for next season where it's a combination of doing some games and getting in the studio and doing some work there just just to really get a feel for how all this operates and to learn from you know so many of the professionals that they have there it seemed like a good fit and and i'm excited about that and you never know like i've tried to keep all doors open uh we all know this league is is crazy and and there's a lot of things that can happen in the course of the season so i'm excited to be you know with CBS and you know really excited to to do some of this work this fall the thing is he made it very clear on his twitter page when sharing the news that he's not retiring this is not a retirement announcement but he does admit that all of the as he says the stars would have to align for him to get back into the NFL i've just learned you know at least during during my experience in the in the 15 years i've played to just not shut any doors you know that's really the the decision behind that like i said i'm excited to to to kind of take this next step and and to move forward but you know at the same time you never know what's going to happen in this league like i said anything anything is shake out and and so uh we'll see what happens i'm intrigued i don't know if he's going to have the same exuberance which i know annoys a lot of people now about tony romo i still find he and jim nance to be an entertaining listen though admittedly very often i'm tuning out announcers as i'm taking my own notes and and watching plays and then sometimes i'll go back and and replay to hear what they have to say now and then though i'll hear tony romo do something goofy or say something goofy that catches my ear and i do think he and jim nance have a great rapport so i wonder where matt ryan will slot and is he going to be the the substitute he's going to be the the backup if another announcer another analyst can't make it or are they going to give him a couple of one-off games in pre-season not really sure but he is going to do both games and studio watch out boomer is says and he's coming for your job it's after our cbs sports radio also with armando i asked him about the new quarterbacks in new places which one is the best fit it was not erin rogers of the jets just so you know he explained why he believes anthony richardson to the colts is a great fit richardson is a project okay so is the job gardner men choose well maybe right now it is mid-may gardner understands though that he's got to work with the rookie the first thing is just how impressive you know like the ball jumps out of his hand you know physically everything like got everything you want you know so from that standpoint just seeing him is like wow this dude's really got a chance you know and then you know getting around him and seeing you know how he works how he you know takes criticism and wants to learn and get better uh all those things are really really encouraging to be around let's just consider the colts progression for quarterback shall we andrew luck then it was jacoby brissette right for most of the season when andrew luck retired philip rivers they went from philip rivers to carson wince they went from carson wince to matt ryan who did not play the entire season remember they benched him but at least initially frank reich did because the offensive line was was awful and ryan was getting killed and was really ineffective they go from was it sam ellinger who was the was it sam ellinger it was sam ellinger right they go from matt ryan to sam ellinger then just saturday takes over puts matt ryan back on the field it didn't work obviously it was a just an abysmal season for the colts which is why they picked fourth overall but then an end we're interested in moving up to the number one spot so i don't know if anthony richardson was their first choice but that's who they end up with in the draft their starter though after matt ryan and sam ellinger last year sam's still there it's gardner minchu man what a progression and of course gardner understands that in order to keep his job he's going to have to be willing to work with richardson part of my role is trying to help get him comfortable you know you want you want to help you know the room as much as you can you know everybody that's in it so you know we got two young guys him and sam so just trying to help them out you know whenever i can with whether it's learning the offense or you know just what it's like to how to prepare for meetings how to get ready for practice you know that kind of stuff um just wherever i can you know trying to try to make them comfortable there no seriously let's go through it again andrew luck jacoby brissette philip rivers carson went matt ryan though baker mayfield did want to go to indy remember that matt ryan sam ellinger back to matt ryan now potentially gardner minchu or sam keeping the seat warm for anthony richardson whoa what's worse the cults progression of qbs or the commander's progression of qbs since kirk cousins what's what i don't even think i'd name all of those well they went from kirk cousins to alex smith right yeah how long ago was that now yeah was it dwayne haskins got drafted there they gave him a couple of different runs through it they went with carson wentz to kyle allen got in there because of ron rivera no seriously which one's worse cults or or commanders honestly probably commanders gosh it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio surgeons keep our hearts beating they do the amazing help save lives and so can you your csl plasma donation can help create 24 critical life-saving medicines that can give grandpa the chance for his heart to swell when he meets his new grandson or give a bride the chance for her heart to skip a beat on her wedding day every plasma donation helps more than you know do the amazing help save lives donate today at your local csl plasma center and be rewarded for your generosity
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