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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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May 17, 2023 5:55 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 17, 2023 5:55 am

The Lakers make a push late, but Nuggets hang on for Game 1 win | Is AD the most important player in this series? | How long is TOO long for the playoffs?


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What time it is. It's time for the hump show. Middle show of the work week. We had our fun. We had our run on Monday night with no basketball and just one hockey game.

Tuesday night now, back to the compelling action, the drama, the big stars to be sure. And I love the separate angles from which the Lakers and Nuggets approach the Western Conference Finals. And there's some of that with the Eastern Conference Finals as well. But it's fun because the lower seed is the team with the championship. Heart and metal, the franchise that's highly decorated, the Lakers looking for their 18th NBA banner, while the Nuggets do not have one. They are the top seed, but it feels like they have a lot more to prove than do the Lakers. Even though the Lakers weren't really supposed to be here, whatever that phrase means.

I love it when people say that in sports. You aren't supposed to be here. Well, guess we didn't get the memo. And while both the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics have championship banners, they also come from two opposite ends of the spectrum. With the East Finals starting on Wednesday night, we will let you hear from a couple of the players for each, but also Eric Spolstra on quality veteran head coaches getting fired.

Because there was a third on Tuesday. This blows me away. If you think about the three coaches who've been fired in the last couple of weeks. Mike Budenholzer, who led the Bucks to a championship two years ago. Monte Williams, who has seen the Suns transformation into a championship contender. And now Doc Rivers, who also has a championship. And while I see what some fans post with their hot takes about Doc Rivers, how it's ancient history, it's not like he forgot how to coach. It's incredible incredible how much of what happens on the court with grown men who make their own decisions and a lot of times don't even pay attention to their coaches.

It's amazing that they still end up as the fall guys. Now, is there something to be said for building culture? Yes. Certainly a timeout here or there. Adjustments here or there.

La, la, la. But do you really think that NBA players, grown men, the best in the world are going to say, oh yeah, the coach is why we fell short of our goal. Do you think Joel Embiid would say the coach is why we fell short of our goal? Coach is why we fell short of our goal.

No, I understand the need for change. And sometimes it has nothing to do with wins and losses, though that can be the fallback. In the NBA, coaches are managers, right? They're not doing a lot of teaching unless we're talking about a really young team. What they're doing is managing minutes, egos, rotations, sure they'll draw up an out of bounds play here or there. And they see the game differently than the guys who are on the court, but it's not as though they're they're pulling the reins.

And so it's, yeah, it's, it's pretty stunning actually to think about these three coaches who've all been fired in the last couple of weeks. But expectations, fair or unfair, they very often determine the fate of coaches in pro sports. So, Doc Rivers, for those of you who wanted to see him go or thought the Sixers should make that change, we talked about it, I guess, on Sunday night, right? That was our question about the Sixers. And if they come to you and ask you for your professional input, what do you tell them to do? A lot of you said fire the coach, just as many of you believe James Harden should no longer be included moving forward.

Some of you think the whole thing should be blown up. I highly doubt that's going to happen, but apparently the change that the Sixers franchise believes will make a big difference is different head coach. It would crack me up if they hired Mike Budenholzer or Monty Williams. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Thanks so much for hanging out with us.

It is The Hump Show, one game into the Western Conference Finals. We'll dive into that coming up. Many of you have already found our post on both Twitter and Facebook. And we're asking you to send your questions early. Actually, that's how you'll get the attention of producer Jay. Ask Amy anything on our show, Twitter, After Hours, CBS, on our Facebook page too. The post has been up for a couple hours, so chop chop. You don't want to wait too much longer. Our phone number is 855-212-4227.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Also on this edition of the show, Tamar DeRozan, he takes aim as in ready, aim, fire. As he talks about some of his peers in the association. And then the draft lottery won by the San Antonio Spurs, which is as pretty close to a done deal as say Zion Williamson going back a couple years ago when he was the consensus overall number one pick. You'll hear from the young man, an international superstar in Paris who is likely headed to the Spurs. Interestingly enough, the last two times the San Antonio picked number one overall, they ended up with a pair of Hall of Famers. One center, one power forward. I'm a huge fan of those two players, if you can name them. Producer Jay, would you like to name them?

You can if you like. Tim Duncan, David Robinson. Yes, the last two. Tim Duncan, David Robinson. They were not just difference makers, but they altered the entire trajectory of the Spurs franchise each time with those overall picks. Well, this French super prospect is expected to be in that same category. That's a lot of pressure to bring into the NBA, but who people who watch him and there are videos and highlights out there, they believe that he is the real deal and could end up being just as impactful as David Robinson in 1987 and Tim Duncan a decade later.

So we'll get to that as well. In Major League Baseball, well, Justin Verlander's debut in front of the hometown Mets now. His first game at Citi Field as a member of the Mets, it resulted in booing. Not all on him, I should say, but his performance didn't help. Another pitcher ejected for stickiness.

Sticky, sticky. If you missed our conversation, by the way, with Matt Snyder, I know it's getting a lot of traffic on our social media. We talked first quarter of the baseball season with him, and we definitely looked at the impact of the pitch clock as well as some of the early storyline. So that's part of our podcast, and our podcast is posted every weekday morning on both our Twitter and Facebook pages. In football, Joe Burrow talking about his contract extension, sort of.

Devante Adams with some pointed comments about him as a receiver outside of the duo that he was with Aaron Rodgers for years. PGA Championship starts on Thursday. Oh my goodness, it's the springtime. Sports never stop. And actually, there's a story coming out of the WNBA that I want to talk about on this edition of the show. Speaking of the San Antonio Spurs, you'll understand coming up. Oh, I look up and there's David Robinson's mug, and Tim Duncan's actually on TV. Yeah, pretty high profile.

The only two times that the Spurs have previously won the NBA draft lottery, they were franchise cornerstones. All right, so we're diving in. We'll do Ask Amy Anything in the third hour of the show.

Got a lot to get to between now and then. Here's what I loved about the beginning of the game for the Denver Nuggets. They were running. They were running. They were pushing the tempo. They were using defense and rebounding and outlet passes and pushing the tempo. They weren't waiting for the Lakers to gather themselves on defense. They weren't waiting for the Lakers to get organized. They were trying to avoid being in a half-court situation or a half-court battle because the Lakers are better in half-court sets when they have time to set up their offense. They were trying to get the Lakers to get the Lakers to half-court sets when they have time to set up their offense. They like their chances or they like the matchups with the Nuggets' defense in the half-court.

I mean, think about it. They've got two of the best players in the game in LeBron James and Anthony Davis and other guys who can shoot. Austin Reeves showing us that yet again in the opener. So what the Nuggets wanted to do clearly, it was evident at the beginning. It was evident the strategy was to run and that's what put them up by 20 points. It was a brisk pace in the first half. Every chance they could, the Nuggets were looking up court.

Heads up. Everybody, all five of them going as fast as they could to try to catch the Lakers out of position on defense and get an easier look at the hoop. Loose ball down to Bruce Brown. Front court Gordon three. That one misses. Rebound Jokic and it's tipped out of his hands and it comes to Lonnie Walker, the fourth. Lonnie has it.

He goes coast to coast. Hook shot no good. Rebound down to Jokic. Porter leaking out, gets it in the corner.

And a three. Missed it. Rebound Jokic. Put it back up.

Got it. 14 point lead Denver. Their big lead of the night. LeBron James left side of the midcourt circle. Nine on the shot clock. Whips it in the corner. Three pointers on the way.

That's an air ball. Rebound down to Murray. Murray's quickly up the floor. Denver looking to tack on. Murray stutter step and a drive jumper.

Good! With one second to go. Denver leads it by 18.

And there's the horn to end the first half. What a performance by the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals. Half number one. They lead at 72 to 54. Jason Kosmici on Nuggets radio and they were up by as many as 21 in this game. So the midsection they were dominant but in the third quarter as they come out of the halftime locker room they're not running as much. They're not pushing the tempo as much. They actually seem to take their foot off the proverbial gas there in the third quarter which gave the Lakers some life. We had 19 fast break points tonight but 17 were in the first half. That's because we were getting stops and turning them over and running out. In the second half we didn't get stops so it became a half court game which is to their favor. They have the number one defense in the playoffs so for us we have to continue to find ways to get pace into the game and not play against that set defense.

They have tremendous size length and athleticism out there. Well that's John Ireland on Lakers radio as they were able to get a bunch of set shots. Austin Reeves draining threes. Lebron James, Anthony Davis. Anthony had 40 points in this game and a 14 point cushion there in the third and then in the fourth is whittled down to just three. So you could feel the tension there in Denver because again the Lakers have all the championship hardware and they've got two players not only All-Stars who are part of the 2020 championship team but they've got a ton of playoff experience and the Nuggets well they don't have the championship banners but also they've got a reputation's wrong they've got a track record against the Lakers in the playoffs so with the Lakers having a lot of that experience on their side not to mention Lebron and AD Denver's got to accentuate their advantages and as they kind of took their foot off the gas and stopped running as much and then Mike Malone mentions they're not playing grade D and honestly neither team was locked down on D. There's a uh let's see 258 points in this game the most total points without overtime since the late 80s and get this as I was watching the game I'm thinking and probably fourth quarter you were thinking the same thing it really bogged down there were no field goals in the final two minutes or I guess after 153 mark there were no buckets just a few free throws and so even with that they still had 258 total points so the defense wasn't the primary focus there's a lot of scoring both teams shot better than I think it was 56 without looking both teams shot at a very high clip it was the Nuggets early and it was the Lakers late and so the game is hanging in the balance with about two and a half minutes to go and the turning point for the Nuggets t-mobile's network can help keep you connected to all your favorite podcasts when you're out and about whether you're an early bird looking to dive into a daily news podcast or a night owl who wants to catch up on the latest reality tv drama 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chance for her heart to skip a beat on her wedding day every plasma donation helps more than you know do the amazing help save lives donate today at your local csl plasma center and be rewarded for your generosity rebound fought for grab by michael porter jr and davis falls on him that should be a foul casey takes it away leaking out as murray good job mpj getting on the floor six point lead for denver two and a half to go once again denver nuggets radio and what stood out about that is they got the ball down the court in two passes one big outlet pass from contagious calwell pope to jamal murray rushing up the left side to a streaking aaron gordon on the other side of the court for an alley-oop in mere seconds that ball went from one baseline to the other that's what i mean about pushing the tempo a long pass down court jamal murray he's running he's got his head up he sees aaron gordon coming in from the other side boom alley-oop and that was a huge momentum swing now certainly there are opportunities for the lakers even in the final minute this game whoo still not yet in the bag 50 seconds remaining lebron into the front court lakers trail by three jamal murray guarding lebron three for the tie no good rebound rebound to the dubber nuggets not dead yet 42 seconds remaining any time here they come lakers got to wake up they're complaining about the call but now they're good they need to make a stop here though three will clinch it for denver a two mike clincher here is jamal murray throws it to jokic down the middle blocked by ad grabbed by ad and what's the call a foul on anthony davis late ball oh that's a tough one i didn't see the foul oh that's a tough one on anthony davis on the lakers radio network you hear john ireland and then michael thompson to be fair as much as the foul led to free throws for denver their best opportunity is fumbled away in the late stages when lebron james loses the handle on the basketball in the paint and jokic is able to scoop it away from him i mean that was their best opportunity in the late stages and so the denver defense showed up when it needed to that fast break with the alley-oop dunk seemed to wake them up again and the lakers come up just short so we'll hear from both the nuggets and the lakers as we move forward but some big performances nikola jokic another triple double how about these numbers 34 points 21 rebounds and 14 assists jamal murray with 31 ad with 40 points and 10 rebounds lebron james racking up the points later in this game 26 points 12 rebounds and nine assists so one assist shy of a triple double there's some stat sheet fillers in this series 258 total points that blows me away if you play defense in the series maybe just maybe you can grab an advantage grab an edge all right find us on twitter after hours cbs also on our facebook page send your questions for ask amy anything we will hear from the denver nuggets victorious in the opener of the western conference finals could this finally be their year it's after hours with amy lawrence here on cbs sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast lebron has it at the point for the tie missed it long rebound knocked out of bounds last touch by la so now the nuggets can go two for one here this is after hours with amy lawrence the nuggets hang on and survive against the los angeles lakers in the opener of the western conference finals all these games start at 5 30 pacific time but now this was in denver so 6 30 mountain time but 5 30 la time 8 30 eastern time they're trying to split the difference but yeah kind of tough uh if you are a lakers fan the game starts at 5 30 in the afternoon but the national tv audience that's right in prime time on the east coast and so it's still it's still a little awkward eastern conference finals also began at 8 30 et 5 30 pacific time so the schedule stabilizes a little more over these next couple weeks it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio mike malone head coach of the denver nuggets gotta take that win that's the most important thing we'll take the win you know we protected our home court and uh wins are hard to come by this time of the season but our defense has to be a hell of a lot better you know that they shot 66 in that second half and they didn't feel us and it scored way too easy to get 19 fast break points to our rebounded them by 17 and 29 assists on 11 turnovers are all really good numbers so i'd much rather clean up things after a win in the western conference finals than a loss so i will take it but much work to do nikola yokic he was doing work 34 points 21 rebounds 14 assists and you could tell from the outset at least initially as they're building that 20-point lead he's extra aggressive we need to be aggressive we need to win a game so especially from a home crowd especially because they won two game ones so it was written i think it's a being aggressive it's a normal uh right now nikola was great you know 34 points 21 rebounds 14 assists two blocks and as you mentioned harrison his aggression him driving the ball dunking the ball in traffic um and and we always talk about an aggressive nikola yokic is a very effective nikola yokic he certainly is what now six triple doubles i think in the postseason uh so he is even though he's not the nba mvp he is right now one of the most impactful players that you're going to get in the postseason except the lakers made a run jamal murray knows it they pulled within three points multiple times in the fourth quarter just whether the storm um not foul um no rebound not turn the ball over those are the things that were going through my mind at the time why is it serious man sometimes it's tough to adjust mid-game especially with you know especially with matchups and all that but i think we did a good job of just making shots and uh weathering their storm um but that's why it's a series can go back and forth both teams are gonna make adjustments but i like what mike malone had to say you sure would rather work on your game and make adjustments after a win than after a loss caught this from the nuggets radio network i was actually listening to it following the game cantavious call well pope says they actually got away from their game plan even though they did get the win the way they started is not how they finished we talked uh a lot about it uh just defend rebound and get out in transition uh what we best at you know and what they uh lack at on defense so uh i think we did a lot of that first half uh but uh the second half we kind of gave up on it a little bit but you know we finished it out strong that's why i love the team man we're resilient and we don't let up uh so he admits they got away from defend rebound push the tempo defend rebound get out in transition i think i heard i i don't want to say exactly which player it was because i might get it wrong but i thought maybe it was bruce brown who said they took their foot off the gas in the in the second half in the third quarter essentially it might have been kcp uh with one of those guys that they had built that big lead offensively but then didn't keep pressing the tempo didn't keep forcing the issue and my goodness in the shoot was it early fourth quarter or early stages of the fourth quarter there were those two reviews that seemed to take forever slowed the game way down that's annoying and it seems like it's happening more and more i know there's a commitment to getting it right but goodness across every sport we got to balance these lengthy reviews with the need to to get it all completely 100 right and then sometimes still the calls are not exactly right so it just it bogs down the game as for the lakers their big guns had the points they needed in ad and lebron and they got 23 from austin reeves rui achimura also ends up in double figures which made a really nice game i really enjoy watching him play and his defense on nikola jokic so they made an adjustment in the fourth quarter if you noticed uh rui was actually guarding jokic and ad was kind of back in the paint clogging the lane almost like your last line of defense with his his long wingspan right the long arm of the law so when they did that it changed the offense it altered the offense for the denver nuggets and that really sparked the lakers run so some good strategy here i enjoyed watching it the nuggets obviously are tightening up the rotation other than bruce brown you're really not seeing much off the bench jeff green he's got a few minutes off the bench i can't believe he's still playing it feels like he's been around forever he's he's in his late 30s but he doesn't score a lot but he'll at least give you some minutes but really their rotation has gotten shorter and shorter now the lakers play the same number of guys in this one but a few more minutes off the bench ultimately those two units kind of canceled each other out so here's another question marco balletti's here in studio with ad and labron playing 42 and 40 minutes and the turnaround right so in between games that are in one location so the next game comes up on thursday night we're talking about mile high city denver yada yada yada i mean that's a lot of minutes for two older guys who've got a ton of mileage on them i don't know if they can sustain this continuing through the you know what might be a long series yeah look it's going to be difficult obviously bottom line if you want to win you want to win a championship you're going to have to log a lot of minutes and you're going to have to ask guys that are older to be able to do that i mean if there's one thing we've seen from labron james he's going to find a will and he's going to find a way anthony davis is a different story you're going to probably get some clunkers out of anthony davis during the series now whether that's in game two or not we'll find out that's something that la is always going to have to guard against and that's the problem when you got a guy like anthony davis because he gets beat up easily uh and he's a guy that has a tendency to disappear when he's not at his top game his floor makes no sense because when he's at his top game he's so good but he'll put up you know a game where he's got you know 12 points and six rebounds you're like how is that even possible you're too good for that the lakers have to guard against that but when you got a long series maybe they can they can they can adjust with one bad game but they need to get one on the road game two is almost a i don't want to say it's a must win but that's it's very it's pivotal for the lakers you the last thing you want to do is have to win two games at home just to make it a series late in late in this one that's going to be a little rough for them yeah anthony davis takes 23 shots in this one is perfect from the free throw line so it was 11 for 11 from the free throw line but as the series weighs on or wears on as marco points out he has a tendency to have at least one game in which he's i don't say non-existent but a shadow of what you saw tonight and again and that's offensively i think and that's going to be important lakers need his points don't get me wrong however they can't live without his defense if he's not going to be the guy that's you kind of mentioned too long arm of the law if he's not going to be in the paint lane he's not going to be able to adjust shots he's not going to make everyone have to adjust their game when they come down the lane the lakers have no chance they need him to be impactful on the defensive end they need his points they need him to be offensively there if he's not a guy that's going to be able to cloud the paint and take charge the lakers are done there's no way they're never going to be able to to overcome that it's too much i mean the fact that they're still standing now is actually really impressive but we'll see what they have left in the tank and as you point out the defense that they have to have on the back line because of what jokic does they have to and maybe they found something because they did adjust pretty well down the stretch maybe they found a little bit of a different recipe we don't know see if that translates in the game too and obviously in a long series as much as they know each other you still you kind of feel each other out in the first couple of games and see what works see what doesn't work see what kind of adjustments you're going to make if they can find a way to get anthony davis off of jokic and still be impactful on the defensive end that can serve the lakers well the rest of the series well you hear from the lakers coming up next on twitter a law radio our facebook page two after hours with amy lawrence the nba draft lottery tonight for people who still partake if you're keeping score at home you are listening to the surgeons keep our hearts beating they do the amazing help save lives and so can you your csl plasma donation can help create 24 critical life-saving medicines that can give grandpa the chance for his heart to swell when he meets his new grandson or give a bride the chance for her heart to skip a beat on her wedding day every plasma donation helps more than you know do the amazing help save lives donate today at your local csl plasma center and be rewarded for your generosity after hours podcast rebound clockwork grab buys michael porter jr and davis falls on that should be a foul casey takes it away leaking out his very good job mpj getting on the floor six point lead for denver two and a half to go it was big it was very big i was a momentum swinger um got the whole crowd back into it and uh i don't remember the following play but it felt like they got a little stagnant after that you know i typically when you go and have a big swing like that this is after hours with amy lawrence jamal murray who's the one connected with aaron gordon for the alley-oop dunk with about two and a half minutes to go at that point it was just a four point spread but as you hear jamal say it was a turning point he felt like that aaron gordon alley-oop saved them and i was impressed that they were able to get the ball the entire length of the court in just two passes and really caught the lakers flat-footed it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio lakers deserve some credit for cutting what was a 21 point deficit down to three multiple times in the fourth quarter they put together an 11-2 run it was the defensive adjustment with ryu hachi mora it was anthony davis on the back line altering shots as he can it was austin reeves sinking triples it was a different mentality for the lakers and it was their ability to slow down the game and slow down the pace ultimately though might have been too big a hole for them to climb out of it took us a half to get into the game and uh that was pretty much the ball game right there we got to understand that um you know we got to start from from the tip off you know and uh they punched us in the mouth to start them getting second chance points they also got on the fast break and killed us in the fast break in the first half you know and uh it was 10 for 10 from the free throw line so you know i know the game is won in 48 minutes but they set the tone in 24 minutes and you know we're playing catch up for the next 24. hmm they did have some real positives though again the ability to alter the defensive approach cut that lead way down they certainly hit a ton of shots anthony davis had 40 to go along with 10 rebounds and they only had seven turnovers which is really impressive too they've taken great care of the basketball but what about that change on defense ad different adjustment just throughout the course of the game um we did end up you know liking it stay with it for a while uh maybe something we go to game two you know obviously i go back and look at the film but i'm just thinking about it right now uh something that we like slight adjustment wanted to take a off as being the initial line of defense and hopefully you know ruey could turn him make him go east west a little bit more and once he went up to shoot you know he's he shoots 70 on those floaters those little short range chip shots and floaters and floaters and the idea was just to get a behind him a little bit and um have a is that big long arm just ready to contest over the top of rui and so uh it was good for us in some segments and you know we were able to after a tough first half giving up 72 points claw our way back into it first half was really ugly to say the least got it going in the second half and really just played harder uh was the common denominator at the end of everything was we went out and competed in the second half we gave ourselves a chance austin reeves a big part of their rally from 21 down he ends up with 23 to go along with eight assists and as we've talked about we're we're looking at heavy minutes for both these starting lineups so the advantage in that case would go to the denver nuggets game two coming up on third game two coming up on thursday so at least initially they're going to alternate every other day it'll be the same for the eastern conference and when they're playing in the same building and back-to-back games well makes it a little bit easier but we know the odd scheduling is on the horizon because here it is may 16th tuesday night may 16th or if you're already awake on your wednesday morning wednesday may 17th and we're into the conference finals the nba finals game seven is still over a month away if they go to a game seven it's still over a month away but at least initially they will alternate so wednesday friday sunday that's eastern conference games one two three tuesday thursday saturday and then actually monday as well so not taking time off in between which is nice they're gonna get these conference finals done lickety split and then we're gonna sit around and wait for the start of the nba finals one finals game a week hold on let me see what the start of the nba finals is i know the last and the reason i know this is because when bob was planning his vacation to the northeast for some hiking this is crazy i just looked at the date this is nuts when bob was planning his vacation we were trying to figure out the best time for me to be able to meet him in west virginia and i said i gotta wait till the nba finals is done or at least potentially a game seven of the nba finals is done i can't take off during the nba finals and he said okay so i looked it up and realized that it was june 18th which again is over a month away guess when the nba finals start all right they end on the 18th yep don't tell me it's may no that's the part if that's the part that's crazy they don't start till june 1st so if you're looking at it right now okay just for the sake of argument it's may 17th right on wednesday when the eastern conference finals begin so if you look at it there are still two weeks left in may right so we're we're over two weeks until june 1st it's still two weeks in a couple of days okay which means if the conference finals are going to alternate and go every other day every other day they could be over by middle of next week yeah right and then we're sitting around waiting for over a week for the nba funnels to start it's just dumb and then once they do a start there's gonna be they're gonna make it draw it out what two plus yeah there'll be also major gaps well yeah actually again this is if the nba finals go seven games they're gonna take two and a half weeks just to do one series that's insane i know but it's all based on their tv dates they set these dates way in advance i just don't understand why then we have to drag out the rest of the playoffs it just the the first round is way too long condense it we need to condense it but yeah the nba finals won't start until june 1st at the earliest let's see i want to look and check the schedule so for it let's just say for the sake of argument we go into uh game sevens for the conference finals the conference finals right game seven would be if necessary in each of these series would be sunday and monday of next week so they will take some time off it like before they get to the kind of second half of the conference finals if that makes sense let's see yeah so if the conference finals go to game sevens then you'll have maybe a three-day gap but if they don't go to game sevens let's say they go to sixes or they go even to fives what if there's one that's over in five then we're talking about a couple of weeks it's just yeah it does seem like it's taking forever this is what load management is about darvin he's got the right idea this is what load management is about because the playoffs take eight months oh my god i really hope they both go game sevens that'd be great then we'd only have maybe a three-day gap but if not if they're over within say five games then you're talking about a week of sitting around maxing relaxing waiting for the nba finals and i get it it's a high profile championship theories but it also could lose its momentum coming off of these playoffs i don't think i'd like if i was a player yeah that true good point it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio surgeons keep our hearts beating they do the amazing help save lives and so can you your csl plasma donation can help create 24 critical life saving medicines that can give grandpa the chance for his heart to swell when he meets his new grandson or give a bride the chance for her heart to skip a beat on her wedding day every plasma donation helps more than you know do the amazing help save lives donate today at your local csl plasma center and be rewarded for your generosity you
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