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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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May 12, 2023 6:09 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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May 12, 2023 6:09 am

Celtics force a Game 7 vs. the Sixers | Jayson Tatum on how he overcame his aweful shooting night | Did Aaron Rodgers big-time Joe Namath?


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Good morning. It's Friday. For those of you who are on the same pay schedule as us, it's also payday and it's Mother's Day weekend. I wouldn't say it's a holiday, but it certainly is a big weekend for a lot of families.

Also tons of graduations going on this weekend. That might explain why at 1215 at night it was bumper to bumper traffic from the time I left my house on the turnpike outside New York City and then in New York City it was a madhouse. It might as well have been rush hour. That's how crazy it was. And we're used to Thursday night traffic being pretty terrible, producer Jay and I, because people start their weekends early.

I have no idea. Or people just go out and don't care whether or not they have to work on Friday. I guess working from home definitely changes a lot of that, right?

So we're used to Thursday night traffic being pretty crazy into New York City, which is where our CBS Sports Radio headquarters are located. But this was next level. As in make you want to throw up next level. As in take an extra 15 to 20 minutes to get to work next level. Just gross.

It took me a couple of minutes to breathe again. Yeah, it looks like rush hour. Get out of here. And if it's that way where we work, I'm sure it was that way in a lot of places. I think people are getting out of town because of Mother's Day weekend and graduations. As I say, I have a lot of friends who are traveling this weekend, family members who are on the road too.

So seemingly the case across the good old US of A. But we're glad you're with us on this Friday morning. If you're out of your regular routine, welcome. We do celebrate Fridays with extra vim and vigor here on the show. On Twitter, A Law Radio, also on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence. I'm not surprised that one fan sent a tweet along these lines.

This is Tracy. A worst case scenario, Rodgers, as in Aaron Rodgers, goes down with an injury in week one and the Jets have 10 prime time games with Zach Wilson. No, that's not going to happen. That can't happen. We can't. As just a football fan, we can't root for that.

There's no way. God's a football fan. He would never do that to us. Could you imagine the NFL?

Yeah, that's right, because at least they actually had Russell Wilson on the field for most of it. But could you imagine how quickly the NFL would backpedal and flex and drop as many of those Jets games off national TV as they possibly could? I would guess instantly.

As quickly as they could, they would look for the next option. How many schedule reveal hype videos did you watch on social, Producer J? I saw a couple good ones. I watched the Lions, who did an AI-generated game of Madden between someone and Dan Campbell. That was funny. The Chargers redid their anime schedule release video, which was totally popular last year. That was a good one. And the Raiders had a really good one. No, the Titans, I believe, had a really good one. That's the one I was going to mention. They go out on the streets of Nashville and they ask fans to help them reveal the schedule for 2023.

It was good, too. So yeah, check them out. The hype videos are out there. But this is, of course, where the leaks came from. Because the teams and their social media departments have to know the schedules ahead of time to be able to put together the videos. Obviously, there's a lot of people who have their hands on these schedules. So when the NFL says we're going to release it, quote unquote, it's a big mass reveal.

All 272 games. Woo! Well, there were leaks that led to Twitter posts and the schedules being unveiled by someone other than the NFL. On Thursday morning, they were already out there on social. So I wonder if the league will crack down on that. We got to keep a lid on it.

Maybe Mike Tomlin will crack down on that. All right. So good morning to you. Please find us on either Twitter or Facebook.

We're glad to connect with you as we head into what is a busy weekend for a lot of people, no doubt. We're going to get to a little more of the football just because Joe Namath was really funny in talking about how he tried to reach out to Aaron Rodgers. Apparently, if you don't have his number, you're not going to get his number. I don't think so. And so it doesn't matter if you're Joe Namath and you offered to give Aaron your actual retired number.

Nope, not even that gets him to pick up the phone. Also, we'll set you up for the weekend. We do have a couple of, well, we don't yet have a couple of game sevens on the horizon, but we still have the potential for three game sevens in the NBA and a handful in the NHL.

But we are closing in on the final four in each sport. Celtics sixers. This was tense, intense. It was a lot of I don't want to say bad offense because that's not really fair. It was gritty.

It was gutsy. Defense definitely mattered in game six last night in Philadelphia. But there were also stretches where neither team could score consistently, where the flow had left the building.

The flow is departed, exited stage left. Celtics initially built a 16 point lead, but it did not last. And it's not because of James Harden. Oh, see, I can't help it.

I just I can't help it. I give him credit when he scores forty two. I give him credit when he hits game winners like he did twice already in this series. Right.

I give him credit, but also when he goes 0 for six from beyond the arc and insists on shooting threes, even though he hasn't hit one all night. OK, I'm going to point it out. The guy is a Hall of Famer. All right.

Thank you, Doc. So it was a typical game between these two teams late in the playoffs. Right. Late in the series. And really not just these two teams, I would say in the NBA as a whole. A lot of times you get deeper in a playoff series and you go deeper into the postseason bracket itself. And what you get is more of a half court. What you get is defense that actually matters.

And in both. The Celtics and the Sixers huddles, there were emphasis on defense. Celtics played really well initially.

And actually had a seven point lead at halftime without Jason Tatum. I mean, he was there. He was on the court. He was rebounding.

He was setting up his teammates, but. His shot was awkward. His shot selection was even worse. Over 10 from the field in the first half, he missed all 10 buckets that he tried all 10 shots that he tried.

He had one point, though few. He had one free throw. It didn't get any better in the third quarter, actually. As Tatum struggled.

The Celtics still led, but the Sixers turned the table in quarter number three. Brown on a drive. Brown into the lane on B.

Puts it up and B rejects it. Saves it. Falls out of bounds. Harden with it. Harden going right left. Harden into the lane. To the near corner in the A. He shoots over smart.

It's good. The 76ers have cut it to two. Back out top Maxey. Maxey driving right down the lane. Into the lane.

They pull it up. No good. Melton with the rebound. Sixers go to the A. Three-point shot.

It's good. By George. He's done it. George in the A.

Bang. He puts it in. Joel in the lane. A fadeaway 14-footer and in. What touch. What ability off the bounce to create the space. And at seven feet, the touch and the shot over Brogdon. Good. Sixers by one.

Tom McGinnis on Sixers radio. Neither team was going to break out. Meaning even get to 100 points. The offense was hard to come by, as I say. Even with the talented players on the court, when you're talking about. A game with so much on the line.

The ebbs and flows. I love this kind of game where neither team really can break out of the Celtics led by 16 at one point. But in the third quarter ended up trailing by five. They're still tied in the low 80s. It's funny.

What is this, the 1980s? They're still tied in the low 80s with a few minutes to go. Jason Tatum. He's still firing. After the game, he said. I kept looking at the time. I kept checking out the time. I kept telling myself I still have time to make a difference.

I believed that. Even as the time was running down. And Jason Tatum is on the board from distance and the Celtics somehow have the lead. And the sixer fans put their hands on their heads as their worst nightmare is beginning to unfold. Timeout Doc Rivers as Jason Tatum just in the nick of time with the Celtics gasping for air has dragged them back to the surface. Right hand dribble.

He's got to look. Left side three. Man, these big boys stepping in their track right now. The Celtics have an eight point lead. Jason Tatum at the very last second has arrived at the party. Tatum switches to the left hand now inbead in front of him. The MVP, Tatum steps back away from him, missed the three. But Al Horford flies in for the offensive rebound and the Celtics get a new 14. Brockton moves it into the corner to mark his smart.

The boos rain down as Jason Tatum steps back into a three that will end the night and send the Celtics and this series back to Boston for a seventh and deciding game. Somebody is going to get my tickets on Sunday. He's such a goof and Grandy is tremendous. There are a lot of phenomenal, professional, lively, dramatic, fantastic play by play announcers on the planet. Sean Grandy has got to be one of the best. He's one of the best I've ever heard.

And yes, with Cedric Maxwell, a flair for the dramatic. Somebody is going to get my tickets on Sunday. Oh, pick me.

Pick me. It's after hours here on CBS porch radio. OK, so. For those of you who remember, Boston also trailed three to last season in the second round. Against Milwaukee before winning.

Game six on the road and then the clincher at home. So the. But that doesn't sound right.

Wait a minute. Did they play the Sixers in the second round last year? I know they trailed, but why do I feel like that doesn't sound right? They did trail. That's really the important point.

There are no strangers. To this scenario, these guys, especially this core of Jason Tatum, Jalen Brown, Marcus Smart, Al Horford, who's back with the Celtics a second time. Even guys like Derek White, Robert Williams, Grant Williams.

These are guys that have been through this. Sure, different coach, different opponents. But battle tested and Jason Tatum. Is, as he points out after the game, one of the humbly one of the best players in the world. And so for him to watch the clock and know he still had time to be able to hit those threes. He outscored the Sixers himself in the fourth quarter. Sixteen points for Tatum. Thirteen points for the Sixers. As much as you can give credit to Tatum, the Sixers also have to take the blame here. The shots they were throwing up. Gross.

Seriously gross. And Joel Embiid, he is the MVP. You know, I thought our guys all wanted to win. They played that way and sometimes I think that gets in your way. And I thought that happened tonight. Doug Rivers.

I saw the stat go up on TV last night that. His teams haven't been in the conference finals since 2013 when he was with Boston. So there's a lot on the line for Doug Rivers too. But there's also a ton on the line for the Sixers and Joel Embiid. And they missed the chance to close out at home last night.

Weren't able to do it. And as much as Jason Tatum will be the headline on this Friday morning. As they get set for game seven on Sunday.

That's not the only reason. I remember now. Celtics did play Milwaukee and then played the Heat in the conference finals, right? It was the Heat who eliminated the Sixers in the semis. All right.

It all blurs together. I'm sure someone's out there yelling at me. Totally fine. We'll hear from Jason Tatum coming up.

But Joe Mazzulla, he didn't have any words of wisdom with about five minutes to go. Just some encouragement. I love you. That's it. That's all he said.

I love you. During a time out with about five minutes to go. Of course, his teammates were saying a lot more. Rob Williams, Malcolm Brogdon, they were among those who continued to encourage Jason. And who said, man, it's it's you.

You've got to keep shooting. I feel like he deserved it. He was playing the game the right way the whole time. I mean, Malcolm went up to him and told him, you know, you're making the right plays. You're playing for your teammates.

The game awards you with them. We encourage him. He's not a guy that needs a lot of talking. He's a guy that's highly critical of himself and demands the highest level for himself. So we know he's always going to bounce back.

He's resilient. He's a superstar. So he's going to make shots when we need him to make shots.

Just Tatum. I mean, he had the same temps in the first half. Didn't make them made some tough shots. Shook us loose a couple of times. We double teamed twice when we were not double teaming. And he was the last guy open. So I thought that the one got him going.

And then once he got it going, it's hard to turn him off. Looking forward to this game seven. We've seen each team win on the other's home court the last couple of games. And yeah, the star power, the possibilities, the defense matters. Neither team even getting to 100 points last night. Neither team putting that kind of offensive force together for more than say a stretch here, a stretch there. It definitely was that way.

One team would make a run, then the other team would make a run. Like reeling them back in. I loved it. I loved it. It was fierce. It was fierce. And it was physical. And it was tough. And it was an opportunity.

The Sixers couldn't take advantage of it. Celtics have regained the momentum. Did I? Mentum. I think I just said mentum. They regained the momentum. Kind of rolls right out when you're talking too fast.

The mo-mentum, which is so fleeting in spokes. Alright, coming up, we've got Jason Tatum himself. The man, the myth, the fourth quarter legend. Actually, it was really just five minutes. But good stuff from him.

He actually tells you what he was thinking and what he was dealing with out there on the court. And the Denver Nuggets become the first in the NBA to advance to the Final Four. It's a fantastic Friday. It's a funky Friday. It's a feel good Friday.

What else could it be? It's a football Friday, actually, because the schedule release. The NFL Network's been running it and rerunning it all night long. I think I've got the schedule memorized by now.

All set. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Put their hands on their heads as their worst nightmare is beginning to unfold. Timeout, Doc Rivers, as Jason Tatum, just in the nick of time, with the Celtics gasping for air, has dragged them back to the surface. Right hand dribble. Throw to the Tatum. He's got to look. Left side three.

Get it. Man, these big boys is stepping in their tracks right now. The Celtics have an eight-point lead. Jason Tatum, at the very last second, has arrived at the party. The beat switches out on Tatum. He steps back. Fires for three.

And that's no good. But Horford gets the rebound. Forty-five seconds to go. Sixers need to foul. Smart in the corner. And Smart goes to Tatum. Tatum outside right. Five to shoot. Fires for three. Ballgame. A three-point shot.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Jason Tatum finished with 19 points, nine rebounds, six assists, two steals, and a couple of blocks, but it was a night in which he had to tell himself the whole time. I believe this is going to change.

I still have time to make a difference. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. He had three points going into the fourth quarter. Maybe a big reason why the Celtics' 16-point lead disappeared. Boston actually trailed by five in the second half. But Tatum was there when the Sixers offense was not. And that sets up a game seven on Sunday.

Tatum said on the ESPN broadcast after the game that humbly he is one of the best players in the world. And yet this was not easy. And he admits it was not easy. I got to give a lot of credit to my teammates, right? They were extremely vocal throughout the game, right? Encouraging.

I mean, being transparent, that s**t is frustrating. You want to win so bad, you want to play so well, and shots not falling, things just not necessarily going your way, and you want it so bad. But trying to stay present, trying to stay in the moment, trying to do other things. And every time out, every huddle, my teammates telling me the next one going in, keep rebounding, keep getting assists, keep getting blocks, keep impacting the game. It's going to come.

It's going to come. His poise got him going. And so the standard that is set for him to where if he's not scoring, he's not playing good basketball is wrong. And so he's had multiple games this series, and when he's at his best, he doesn't need to score. And I thought his communication to his teammates, I thought his defensive intensity, and I thought just even his force trying to drive the ball kept him in the game. And so he plays with a level of poise regardless of how the game is going. It's not hard to keep shooting when you're missing. It's hard to forget about the miss and play defense. And so that's what I'm most proud about him tonight was I thought it was one of his second best well-rounded game, the one after game four where he just played the game. Just believing that the next one is going in is cliches, that s**t sounds.

It's kind of simple as that. And really all it took was one to kind of get that off my back and try to help the team come out here with a win. Jason Tatum giving himself pep talks, believing in himself, which you have to do. I like the insight from Joe Mazzulla in which he says it's not hard to keep shooting when the shots aren't going in. These are professional basketball players.

No, it's hard to play defense after you miss another one. Tatum was definitely doing that. And also Jay and I had a bit of a discussion about this earlier off the air. Have you noticed how Jason just doesn't care anymore about what he says in front of a microphone? We frequently have to bleep him out.

It's cliches, you know, that s**t sounds. He doesn't care anymore. And do you remember when athletes used to apologize for saying a swear word in front of a microphone?

They don't anymore. They said, eh, after the night he had, he's allowed to say whatever he wants. But it is now his favorite word to drop at press conferences.

I wonder how long until his son Deuce picks that up. Oh, hey, daddy, what's this word mean? Or he says that bleep was frustrating. You know how kids somehow have this knack for using a swear word in perfect context? Yeah, they do. So wait till Deuce uses that word that he heard daddy say post-game.

I mean, I'm being transparent, that s**t is frustrating. Yeah. Wait till Deuce tells you the same thing.

His son is so cute. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. All right. So it was a frustrating night for the Sixers. Well, really frustrating fourth quarter for the Sixers. They go from scoring 30 in the third to 13 in the last quarter on their own floor.

But Tyrese Maxey, he's got wisdom for his young age. He says they still feel good. I wouldn't want to go to, you know, game seven in Boston with any other group. I know we're going to rally. We've rallied all year long on the road and, you know, we got a tough group. We got a very, very tough group and it's going to be huge for us, man. This is, you know, it's one game, one game, you know, we're not worried about nothing else.

Not worried about, you know, the future, the past, just one game in the present, Sunday night or Sunday, whatever time we play on Sunday. And we got to go out there and we got to, we got to fight our, fight our tails off, man. It's going to be a war. It's going to be a battle. I like that.

Fight our tails off in this war, in this battle. I'm looking forward to this game seven. Will we have another game seven on Sunday? Could be Warriors Lakers. They will play on this Friday night and their game seven would be on Sunday Hicks Hicks.

Oh no. The Hicks and the Neat. Classic matchup. The Hicks will take on the Neat in game six tonight. There's just no recovering from that. There's no way Jay and Jay didn't even know I said it.

It was a delayed reaction on the other side of the double break glass. The Hicks and the Neat. I don't see the problem. Forget the Neat, it's just the Hicks. I mean, I was so close. We only have 25 minutes to go. I got so close to not say anything stupid on this edition of the show.

The perfect show is intact. That's pretty good. Wow.

I don't know about that. But at least I hadn't said anything that would cause us to lose our mind. There's still time. It's like Jason Tatum. Just kept looking at the time.

There's still time to make a difference. Your name is Jason Taylor. Oh heavens to Betsy. No one says that. No one says it.

But no one says Hicks either. Well, at least not when it comes to basketball. So the New York and Miami basketball teams, they will play tonight in a game six.

I need to be very deliberate about this. And their game seven would not be until Monday. Not really sure why, but that's how it's set up. Maybe broadcast, not sure. For tonight, we've heard that Andrew Wiggins is questionable. So it looks like Anthony Davis is good to go. Remember he had the hit to the head. I don't know that it was a concussion. It doesn't sound like it was a concussion.

But he is apparently doing really well. It's Andrew Wiggins who's questionable for tonight's game six against the Lakers. This one of course will take place in LA and the Lakers will have a chance to close out. And Wiggins was huge in the last game. He and Draymond Green combined for 45 points even as the Splash Brothers, Klay and Steph, were not shooting as well.

I mean Steph, the bar is completely different for Steph Curry. So that game takes place tonight. In the West, the Nuggets await the winner of that game. And so we'll hear a little bit of, you want something to wake you up on this Friday morning?

You've got exactly what you need and it's nothing to do with the hicks and the neat. It's actually about the Nuggets and the Suns and the Denver play-by-play announcer who is next level. It was a bloodbath. As bloody as you can get in basketball. It was over at halftime.

In Phoenix. And so the Nuggets move on. I can't say anything else. There's no way to recover from that. There's just nothing I can say to salvage the, yeah. This thing on?

I just blew four tires all at the same time. All right. On Twitter. Never mind.

I don't want you to find me on Twitter either or anywhere else for that matter. Just yay. Happy Friday.

You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Murray has it. Gets a pick from Gordon who slipped it. Murray goes to the left hand. Step back, 12-footer.

Got it! Timeout, Monte Williams. Nuggets lead it by 21. Left-side pass over the campaign in the corner. Three-pointer. Ross hit the side of the backboard. Man, nobody get hurt out there. Out the pass over to Murray for three.

Yes! 67-45. Murray back over to Jokic. Head fake. He's eight feet away. Spin move and a hook shot.

Good. He just turns guys inside and out. Down the lane. Layup is off the window and no good. Rebound comes down to Bruce Brown. Denver has a five on four.

Alley-oop. Layup good. It's an old goal by Kevin Durant and Denver leads it by 30. Murray has it inside the arc.

He's working against Landry Shamben. It's an iso. Fade away. Got it! Wow. Almost cussed right there. They are kicking some tail. And bluebirds for Phoenix.

Wow. Two-point lead for Denver. Our mentality was take it.

You know what I mean? They're not going to give it to us. We've got to go out there and take it. You're playing against a team with their backs against the wall facing elimination.

You just can't show up and think you can just arrive at this game and work your way into it. And we did not want to be counter-punchers. We wanted to go out and strike first. And I felt the start that we got off to was just outstanding. And the second half, man, just kept waiting for that run. That run. That run. Got through the third quarter. And to our guys' credit, we had the right mindset coming into the game and for 48 minutes throughout the game. And that shows maturity.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Michael Malone on the Denver decisive win over the Nuggets. Oops. Sorry. Over the Suns.

They are the Nuggets. Actually, I'm distracted by David's tweet. Would you like to hear what it says? Producer J? Amy, you could have followed up Hicks and Neat by talking about the nuns and suckets. Yes.

Yes, I could. But that would have been too easy. You know, that would have been contrived. The foolish things I say on the air are never on purpose. I luck into it. Just blind squirrel finds a nut. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

Blind squirrel finds a nugget. The suckets. The suckets.

That's right. So yes, Denver awaits either Golden State or LA. We'll see if they play a game 7 on Sunday, but they've got game 6 tonight first.

Nicole Jokic, third triple-double in this series alone. 32 points, 12 assists, 10 rebounds, 3 steals, a blocked shot, and oh yeah, a lot to look forward to, especially considering how they're playing right now. I think we look like really championship team. We were so focused and we contributed in the road. I think, I don't know how the championship team looks, but I think that's how it's supposed to look.

Good point. We were so focused with every detail. Everybody was so locked in and we were making them go where we want to go. So if they want to go middle, no, we're going to make them go other side. So we were really, really, really locked in.

I love how honest he had to be. That was championship basketball. Well, not that I would know about championship basketball, but I think that's what it's supposed to look like. I don't know how the championship team looks, but. Nobody would have thought twice about it.

He had to clarify just in case someone accused him of being dishonest and disingenuous. I love it. First trip to the conference finals for the Nuggets since 2020 in the bubble where they lost to the Lakers.

So little opportunity for redemption here. It's after hours on CBS Sports Radio. Nuggets move into the final four in the NBA and we have one team that has punched its ticket to the conference finals in the NHL.

And oh my goodness, you want to talk about stressful. You want to talk about one of those finishes that you can feel in your gut, sudden death over time in Raleigh. Red Fury there in Raleigh, yeah, the Canes top the Devils in OT. This is actually the closest game of the series.

The others weren't actually close. They were all blowouts, but this one, the whole third period was it was full of those moments that are so close. Couple of pucks sliding right by the net. I swear Timo Meyer missed the wide open crease. He was standing right next to the right pole or the right, I guess it would have been the right post and he has the puck on his stick and the goalies nowhere to be found.

He just misses. He just slides it right by the other post and so you had a bunch of those moments for both teams. They get into OT. It turns out that it's a power play for the Canes and they don't waste very many of those opportunities. So Akira Schmidt, who was there in goalie for the Devils, he made his first start since game two and so this kind of chess match with Lindy Rupp as the coach of the Devils. But there was a deflected shot earlier by Jacob Slavin and I think that was the one that tied it at one and then it was really tense and tight the rest of the way. So give the Devils credit. If you missed my conversation with Christy Flannery of the Hockey News, she covers the Devils and we kind of delivered the eulogy on a team that is young and fast and maybe a little overwhelmed at times and then looked at the Hurricanes and their best matchup moving forward.

So that's part of our podcast After Hours with Amy Lawrence. You can find it on Facebook or also on our show Twitter as soon as the game is done. In the other series, wow, Joe Pavelski, he is on some kind of a tear right now. What are you, Connor McDavid? He had his seventh goal of the second round series and the Dallas Stars are now back in front of the Seattle Kraken. So game number five goes to Dallas in the big D. But yeah, Joe Pavelski is on a scoring tear. Two more, they're both game fives tonight actually. So in the NBA, you've got a pair of game sixes. In the NHL, you have a pair of game fives for your Friday night. If you have the plans to either stay at home or maybe go out, go to a sports bar, it's May.

There's so much to choose from still. Now if you're more about the NFL schedule release, well, they've been replaying it all night long on the NFL network. I've seen it so many times now. I almost have it memorized with Rich Eisen and crew on the NFL network. A couple of things that I want to note that I think are pretty interesting. And maybe you saw the interview with Mike North, who's the VP of broadcast planning for the NFL. He also did an interview with Jonathan Jones, who's our CBS Sports NFL insider. I was reading through the comments and Jones asked him, why Lions and Chiefs in the season opener? Now the Chiefs, obviously the defending champions, but why Lions? And Jones made the point it could have been Bengals then instead of Bengals Chiefs on New Year's Eve. It could have been Bills. It could have been Eagles. It could have been an AFC West foe instead. The NFL chose the Lions.

And I think this is really interesting. Remember how the Lions finished? Was it winning eight of their last 10, nine of their last 10? They were on a tear. They knocked the Packers out of the playoffs.

They beat Green Bay at Lambeau in the final game of the regular season. So Mike North tells Jonathan Jones, we did consider all the other options. We always talk about teams playing their way into national windows. And I think we can safely say the Detroit Lions have done that. Who says, finish the sentence, producer J. Who says we can't get flexed?

Exactly. There's no need for flexing this year unless you're flexing on them because the Lions start out on national TV. They end last season on national TV.

They start out this season on national TV. Now we could wax poetic about the Lions, but honestly, this is much more about Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs and Andy Reid. Speaking of waxing poetic, he loves to talk about his quarterback.

This most recently on the podcast with Jason and Travis Kelce. He's got a good way about him. He was raised in a locker room, so he's got that feel. He's a natural leader, but he's humble. He's easy to coach.

He's going to listen. You can coach him hard. And then at the same time, he wants everything you can throw at him. And both of you guys are great players. And if there's one thing I've noticed in coaching over the years is the great players want you to give them one more thing so they can even be greater than what they are.

They're always asking, hey, what do you got, what do you got, what do you got? Love that. Andy Reid, a lot of fun. We heard him talk about being a gymnast in college or doing backflips or some such nonsense in college on the new heights podcast with Jason and Travis Kelce, but a little bit more there. So yes, the Chiefs open up with the Lions on that first Thursday of the NFL season.

It doesn't matter if you have one ass cheek and three toes, I will beat your ass. September 7th, mark it on your calendar. By the way, I was right, I'm going to mention it again.

I was right. The New York Jets have 10, 10 nationally televised games set for next season. Joe Namath, he's thrilled, right? Because the Jets have Aaron Rodgers offered him his number, blah, blah, blah. Actually tried to call Aaron's number. That didn't work out so well. I talked with one of the Jets officials and I got a phone number for him, but you know, Aaron doesn't always answer his phone.

And I left the message because I thought that was mighty nice of him. But first of all, I wanted to welcome to the Jets, man. He lifts us up right away and you know, he gives us a legitimate chance of making the playoffs.

And I got to believe every player on that jet team right now is looking forward to winning a championship. You know, first thing, make the playoffs. Next thing you win that Super Bowl.

Forget the 17 regular season games, just first thing, make the playoffs. Let's go. Joe Namath had to leave a message for Aaron Rodgers.

Did Aaron Rodgers just big time Joe Namath? Don't have your number. You're not going to have my number. All right. I knew that was coming.

That's Jay's favorite drop. The next time that a girl would like your number and you are not interested, are you going to somehow channel your inner Aaron Rodgers? Don't have your number. You're not going to have my number. Yeah, well, you better record it onto your phone so you have it and you can just send it to her in a text message of some sort.

Well, then she would have your number. So don't do that. That would be so rude. Yes. I mean, it is rude.

Is it not? All right. Coming up this weekend, big stuff. It's Mother's Day. So happy early Mother's Day to all you mamas out there, both biological as well as emotional and spiritual and familial.

I know I've got a lot of mama figures in my life, but I also enjoy relationships with older women that have been like moms to me, too. We've got lots of graduations this weekend. Of course, a bunch of hoops and hockey playoffs. We'll see if we're down to the conference finals come Sunday night when we reconvene. And also, is it time to break up the race?

We barely pay them anyways, it is, but they're already at 30 wins and beating up on the hapless Yankees. Have a great weekend. Talk to you Sunday night. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Boom! Boom!
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