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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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May 11, 2023 6:11 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 11, 2023 6:11 am

VP of the Phoenix Suns & Phoenix Mercury Ann Meyers Drysdale | Ann Meyers Drysdale on the return of Brittney Griner to the team | Bob Huggins SUSPENDED; not fired for inflamatory comments. 


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That's slash positive. We are halfway through. Thanks for hanging out with us.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. And we do continue to march through the second round of the hoops and hockey post seasons. Not only do we have a couple more game sixes on the horizon in hoops, but potentially could have, could, I don't know if we will, but could have a triple header of game sevens on Sunday with another one to follow on Monday. That would be the schedule. Again, I don't know. I hope we get four game sevens.

I'm not sure. Certainly though, there is the potential and both New York and Golden State playing at home, secure victory and extend their series on Wednesday night and coming up on Thursday, Philadelphia and Denver have a chance to advance to the conference finals. Can they close out, respectively, the Celtics and the Suns? I love the fact that we get the strategy and we get the back and forth, the adjustments and really a chess match over the course of a seven game series in any sport, baseball, basketball, hockey. That's kind of the beauty of a game seven is there's so much strategy and you see the adjustments really with the smartest coaches, which with the best players, it's almost like AI. Artificial intelligence, most of it is designed to not just accumulate information, but to adjust based on the information that it continues to process, right? That's the beauty of AI. It's not linear. It's actually a process with artificial intelligence where it can input information and then use that to make different decisions and flexible sounds funny for AI, but that's the idea is you have to adjust. You have to adapt.

You have to change based on the incoming info. And that's what happens over the course of a seven game series. So the deeper we go into these series, the more fascinating the decision-making becomes. Now, sure, you can see a team just fail to execute, not hit a shot, have a really bad game or really off game the way the Celtics did in game five at home, but the best players will find a way to rebound and the best players are mentally tough where they can put the last game behind them. So that's the challenge faced by both Boston and Phoenix actually, as the Suns will host game six against the top seed in the West, the Denver Nuggets, Suns facing elimination on Thursday night. You got to be excited for these opportunities. You have to be excited for, you know, this chance, you know, to do something special versus a really good team.

I'm just trying to win the game, you know, just whatever, whatever it takes at all costs, you know, anything to get it done at this point is what I'm trying to do. Mmm, Devin Booker, point guard for the Phoenix Suns. We do know that Chris Paul will not be playing in this next game that comes up for the Suns.

So the task, different, not impossible, but different. You can find me on Twitter, A Law Radio, also on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence. We'll get to the NHL plus the decision by West Virginia to suspend Bob Huggins, not fire him, but before that it was an honor to catch up with Basketball Hall of Famer, Vice President of the Suns and Mercury, also broadcaster for both teams. She's been on the show before. She's a previous game partner of mine, did color analysis for my play-by-play on Westwood One. It was an amazing opportunity to work with her and to talk to her and Myers Drysdale. We have a chance to catch up with her about once a year and it is a great privilege to pick her brain.

Had a chance to talk to her actually just a few minutes before the show started to accommodate her schedule, but I wanted to be able to talk both Suns and Mercury, the WNBA, Brittany Greiner's return and just in general what we've seen in the series so far. We know, know Chris Paul and so what changes with the Suns when they don't have CP3 on the court? Well just his leadership. I mean he's been around and has been in every situation. He just brings a calmness and understands how to get guys the ball. Defensively he is not given enough credit. I mean he's still one of the top guards in steals.

I think he was he either led the league or he's second last year and he continues to be very effective on the defensive end. He's not as far as playing one-on-one quick guys you know younger guys that he's going to get by but he's so savvy and just understands where the ball needs to be and when to get the ball to somebody. Since Kevin Durant's been on the team he and Chris Paul and Devin Booker so in sync with each other and you know people will say well he doesn't push the ball. He can push the ball but majority of the time he brings it up a little bit slower and gets you know it takes us a little bit longer to get in the half court game but you know I just think he's such a veteran player and understands every situation. With a lot of athletes the later they get in their career they do have to find a way to make up for what is maybe the explosiveness or the speed that that they're missing right the power that's maybe not there anymore plus it's a young man's game a young woman's game at every level so how do older athletes adapt whether it's Chris or whether it's even Steph Curry who's now in his mid-30s how do you see older athletes remain relevant even when maybe they've lost some of the athleticism? Well the money's so good why why are they going to retire? I mean look at look at LeBron James look at Steph Curry look at Kevin Durant look at I mean you just go down the list there's a bunch of 30 mid 30 year olds and they're going older especially in the WNBA and the NBA right and in baseball you see it in baseball too football probably not as much unless it's certain positions but you know the money is just too good I remember Julia Servin saying you know if I was playing today I'd be playing in my 40s I mean because the money I mean Vince Carter played in his 40s Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played in his 40s I think that you're going to see that more and more yes you say it's a young man's game and a young woman's game but in essence when they come in a lot of them don't pick up the speed the quickness and most of them that are getting high ticks they're not going to a top-notch team and understanding how to defend in this league you know it's so physical and the veterans understand what they can get away with and the young young players are still trying to figure that out on the women's side the speed and the the quickness and the strength and the physicality is so much different than college and playing an 82 game schedule right then you talk about load management and so forth I mean uh and especially the young player they get on a team that they're sitting you know and they don't get a chance to play or they're with a coach that's not going to play them or they just don't seem to fit in sometimes it takes a player three to five teams before they really gel you bring up kevin durant and man that was a blockbuster trade around the deadline what was the attitude the anticipation like inside your building when that trade was finally made well there was a lot of talk about it this summer everybody was talking about it then and so when our new owner came in matt ishbia uh he and his brother justin they they just pulled the trigger i mean you've got to make trades sometimes and sometimes the best discussion on trades that aren't made are your best trades but you know this one in the sense of he's one of the best players to play this game you know we had to give up some really young good talent too but you know he just changes things that just he's so smooth he's effortless and uh he's he's had a couple games where he struggled with his shots not falling but uh is efficiently but that's just it he's efficient he wants to win he's not about himself he's about the team he knows how to be a leader on the team too even though he gives leadership to devin booker and chris paul and uh you know they played olympics together and uh just having that knowledge and understanding of what it takes to win he's he's a champion with the warriors you know he's played at the highest level his whole career we're so excited to welcome back to the show and my name is karen to welcome back to the show in myers driesdale who's the vice president of both the suns and the mercury actually the mercury about to start their regular season she's also a broadcaster for both teams so it's great to be able to pick her brain it's after hours here on cbs sports radio you mentioned the change in ownership as well how would you describe the culture with your team now well it's so positive it's it's about both teams and and matt ishby has made it very clear that uh he wants to bring more championships to both organizations the wnba with the phoenix mercury we've won three titles already in 07 09 and 14 and we've been to the finals so uh we've got one of the greatest players to play this game and diana trossy who will be 40 in june right and still again she just knows how to win she knows how to get other players involved and great players make players around them better uh she comes to work every day one of the first to get there one of the last to leave always working on her shot always working on her conditioning uh knows how to take care of her body other players come in and they just follow her lead and uh i mean she's just special she's always been special and her ability to shoot the ball and and understand how to get to the foul line and and uh understanding how to win with that type of leadership a great shift i guess in culture to have owners that that's what they care about they care about winning well they do and they want to have fun you know he's got the largest mortgage company in the country there's no question when he came in and he talked to each employee in different groups and so forth the players and the coaches and administrators and the employees all the way down to the you know people that work within the arena and just talked about what we were going to accomplish as an organization and he said i'm owning the phoenix sons and mercury for life i love this i love this and uh you know he played at michigan state for tom izzo uh he was a walk-on play basically a bench player but izzo had him come on and uh was an assistant coach one year so i mean he knows the game he's been around it and uh he's passionate and uh and it's exciting to be around him too because he has such great energy and he's so positive what was your reaction to the exchange we'll call it with nikola jokic the other night if matt hadn't been sitting there it would have been somebody else who knows you know and uh and then the big thing before the game last night right the joker came over and uh shook hands with him and gave him a basketball you know so you get caught up in in the emotions of the game and and i really think and i may be wrong but basketball is probably the most emotional game um because it happens so quick you can be on such a high after one basket and one second later somebody makes a defensive play or knocks the shot down and and uh no other sport that i can think of where fans literally are sitting next to the court as close as they are so close to the players that they can touch them and also sitting behind the benches you know see that football or baseball i know that hockey you've got the glass so they can't touch the players but court side sees i mean they they're so close the game changes so quick you know as far as runs you can go on a 17 to 2 run and then all of a sudden the other team goes on a you know a 10 to 0 run or whatever so emotionally it's a game that is so uh draining and uh i think it tick hurn said one time it's the only game that really the rules justify the disqualifying you from the game with your fouls and i know people like pete newell and so forth have talked about you know no foul out rule i mean make you know i know they do it in the summer league in the nba summer league where they have 10 fouls whoa but you could have you know after your sixth foul you could have you pick up a seventh foul then you know you get the free throw in the ball out of bounds or something like that i mean people want to come see their stars play and if the joker were to pick up three fouls in the first quarter he's sitting people want to see him play right or devin booker and uh or steph curry to see them sit and or lebron james or jimmy butler and and uh jaylen brunson and so forth guys that are playing so great in these playoffs and then all of a sudden they get involved from they got to sit people want to see them play sure absolutely from a player's perspective because you played at the highest level how do you feel about having fans right there on the court where literally they're close enough to touch you when you're near the sidelines yeah we've always had that you know even in high school middle school you know i mean you got parents standing on the wall right there and so forth and club ball and so forth but you know it's just too much money i mean those people are paying a lot of money somebody said i guess the the litters the other night in la there was a seat on the floor for like almost 35 000 what i read that somewhere going no no that couldn't be do you think it's dangerous for the fans for the fans or the players to be that close for the players for sure i mean especially when they're sitting so close and they're the court on the out of bounds is not that wide and if you get people spilling food or drinks and so forth you got to wipe that up or where their foot is sticking out it's close enough to you know go out onto the court when players are taking the ball out of bounds i mean they're just right up against the fans you know when shack was playing he dove for balls and he's diving into people and that's a lot of weight to be landed on you yes yes it is and meyers driesdale hall of famer she herself was number one overall pick for a wnba draft and when you think about the wealth of knowledge and information that she now shares with the front office of both these sons and the mercury they are blessed to have her we blessed to have her here on the show now there's more second part of our conversation i asked her about britney griner's return and the platform that she wants to use now to be sure her experience in russia everything that it was as horrible as it was that it's not in vain that her experience can help others a little more with ann meyers driesdale after t-mobile's network can help keep you connected to all your favorite podcasts when you're out and about whether you're an early bird looking to dive into a daily news podcast or a night owl who wants to catch up on the latest reality tv drama t-mobile will keep you connected on their strong and reliable network t-mobile covers more highway miles with 5g than anyone so if you need great coverage especially when you're on the go check out t-mobile find out more at that's s-e-e-w-h-y attention listeners i'm pleased to announce that radio rental is returning for another installment of terrifying tales if you happen to be new here i'm terry carnation current proprietor of the radio rental video store where i possess a collection of the scariest true stories you've ever heard all told by real people mark your calendars for oh apparently it's available right now i'm a little late with this promo listen for free on the odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts for the break it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast so for me my wife my family getting me back home being there supporting me letting me know that i wasn't alone it means everything to me to everybody bents bryce jim i mean coach everybody the players i mean it goes all the way down to the people that keep this building running um you know it's a family with the mercury this is after hours with amy lawrence britney griner now working toward beginning the season with the phoenix mercury being in shape trying to recover that basketball shape that she said for 10 months wasn't able to do anything as she was detained in russia we did hear from her a few weeks ago in her first comments and i was impressed by how open she was that there was joy but there were also tears she shared a little bit about her experience but what she mostly focused on was how she survived and the fact that it was the people who supported her that kept her going that she knew there were people working hard to bring her home and now just a few weeks away from the wnba season tipping off i really hope that basketball gives her structure and gives her routine but also gives her joy when she wasn't able to play you can imagine she'll never take it for granted again when she thought maybe it had been taken away from her for good how much i'm sure she missed it and now she does have the chance to play again the mercury signing her to a one-year deal and she's been working out and getting ready for the season to tip off it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio part two of my conversation with basketball hall of famer sons and mercury vp and broadcaster ann meyers driesdale was about the wnba and considering that britney has not played since the 21 season there's a lot that's going to go into her getting back on the court the mercury have expectations they want to be a championship contender right now maybe that's secondary but ann what's it like to have britney back with the team just a joy i mean i i'm just in awe of her honestly she's just she's always always been one of the kindest and free-spirited people that i've met at such a young age and you know she's 30 now but to think of what she's gone through going to and into a country like the soviet union russia being in prison like that i'm sure still emotionally and mentally that there's some things and but she's just been so gracious and grateful to be back in this country and and i'm fascinated i've been in during the summer was involved with a lot of different where i would go do appearances and so forth and uh would talk to different people and they said well that britney grinder and she's a drug addict and you know doesn't love the country and i'm thinking she's played for our country for two olympics she loves this country so she is a gay black woman is that what you're upset about i mean she's not a drug addict right and uh she is been given prescriptions to help with her mental health i just think she is so caring of other people and i saw that before she went to russia and uh even after she's been in prison i mean she started her own foundation heart and soul to go out in the community here in phoenix uh to the homeless and give shoes and socks and and then teamed up with the phoenix rescue mission and so forth and so we kind of carried that on this last last summer for her while she was in russia but you know she continues to help others and she is now teamed up with an organization that is involved with families that have their loved ones that are imprisoned in other countries and she and her wife cheryl who just passed the bar is an attorney that they have both dedicated themselves to helping our government and helping others get out of countries that they're imprisoned even after everything she went through not only is she really excited about playing basketball again and trying to get back into that shape but also wants to make sure that the time that she was detained there was not in vain she wants to help other people who are in that same situation how can the team how can the administration help with that well they they've been amazing and uh the ownership and and has been supportive 100 percent the mercury staff jim pittman and and uh vince cozar they have been involved in and uh britney's agents there's so many people that have worked behind the scenes and cheryl has her wife has been um amazing britney knows it's a platform because of who she is and and uh being able to use professional basketball to her advantage to help others uh she understands her role it certainly does seem like basketball would help in that situation right uh as she moves forward that's something that she finds great joy in is being able to play basketball again before i let you go and the wnba season is about to tip off and it seems as though there's a lot of growth a lot of excitement around it how have you seen that kind of build up over the last few seasons oh gosh i've been involved with the league since 1997 and even before that when the wbl which was the first women's pro league back in uh 1978 79 um being the number one pick then but um the players that came into the league in the beginning back in 1997 there were players that had been superstars here in college and on the olympic teams and went overseas and played in italy and and uh france and poland and so forth and and uh so whether you had a tresa wetherspoon or jennifer guillem or uh janice uh lawrence and so forth i mean just great players cynthia cooper that came back um and then you had the draft picks of of atina thompson and the cheryl swoops and yolanda griffith who came in players from the abl and dalisha milton jones and just great players great names that uh really made this league and uh still are great names that i think we need to continue to talk about i get frustrated with tv people that are broadcasting the women's game and they still refer to comparing them to an nba player our 27th year we need to keep talking about the women that have played in this game but the way it has progressed i mean the games the kids are so talented today and uh you get an asia wilson or a sabrina nescu and right you know jonquil jones and branna stewart what she's done um you know you go to bg and we got sofia cuttingham and so forth but so there's so many great young players janae ago mckay and neko goo mckay go down the list i you know my mind is just like going okay what team with andis parker and yes uh kelsey gray and so forth but the game itself has risen and and people love watching the game because they're so competitive they work so hard to me the women have been very out front of social issues in this country especially during the bubble right and ovid and black lives matter and roe v wade getting uh health care for um maternity leave and so many other things that they're fighting now to try which they have been trying for the last 10 to 12 years probably trying to get charter flights well now it's even more of an issue and i think eventually it will come uh they're talking about expansion the expansion will come i personally would like to see this league become a seven to eighth month league not just a four month league and so players don't have to go overseas and play and i've always felt that way i felt that we needed to be the league where players wanted to stay and play and uh it's so tough for these kids to go over and and play really 11 12 months out of the year their bodies just can't take it but the game is changing and i think we're much more ahead as a league than the nba was before their 30 years it's amazing to think about the growth and also that it's been that long i don't think people realize how established the wnba is and you're right such a powerful voice and a unique product one that should be celebrated for what it is awesome to catch up with ann meyers driesdale again she's a hall of famer herself she's one at every level and now vice president for the suns the mercury as well as a broadcaster for both teams always awesome our privilege to catch up with you and thank you so much for a few minutes thank you amy anytime love talking with you girl yeah privileged to talk to any hall of famer but because of the fact that ann is so widely respected not just in women's basketball circles for what she accomplished as a player but also in the men's game a coach and a hall of famer and someone who has a perspective of having seen the game grow for both men and women and she's played all over the world played for team usa you know being an uh not just a champion in college but then being a widely touted and and high profile pick when she was getting into women's pro basketball and what a great broadcaster too had the privilege of doing a game with her on westwood one going back a few years so i love picking her brain and we'll see we weren't of course able to talk to her on thursday because there's a sun's game going on as phoenix tries to stay alive all right coming up i will admit i was very surprised by the decision from west virginia to suspend bob huggins instead of fire bob huggins so i'll tell you why we'll talk a little bit about that i still have a lot to get to before the show is done 90 minutes remaining before we launch you forward into your thursday it's after hours with amy lawrence you are listening to the after hours podcast here on after hours we like you as much as you like us hey good morning amy how are you i'm good thanks i really enjoy listening to your show i actually get up and go to work earlier just so i can hear your takes and yeah i love your show i've been listening for years and i'm a first time caller great thank you how you doing amy i'm good i've been listening to you for about a year now you keep up the good show and i'll keep listening good morning hey hey hey amy how are you i'm good thank you you do a great job just get me home every night i don't know how you do it by yourself love you amy i drive home from work every night i'm a bartender and i listen to you every night well you're in a lady on sports radio that's right we rock thanks so much i appreciate your phone call this is after hours with amy lawrence so thanks for hanging out with us we are bidding farewell to the wednesday to the hump day it's officially in the rearview mirror and i i i don't even know how to wrap my brain around the fact that it's may 11th the last time i really felt like i could consider days and dates was early april my birthday easter weekend had family around since then my goodness the number of friends i have had to apologize to because i was a day late or a day early with their birthdays and just feeling like the last month actually probably the last five weeks has been a blur try to climb out of it now and i do love may because it gets a little bit calmer and because the weather is generally beautiful in may so i hope that your thursday is beautiful and maybe you'll be out doing yard work like me gonna fire up the lawnmower again before the neighborhood watch i don't even think we have a neighborhood watch before the neighbors start to post signs in my yard or give me hints when they walk by about the fact that my yard is unkempt and desperately needs a lawnmower and some tlc that's in my future on thursday before basketball and hockey it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio you can find me on twitter a law radio always good to catch up with you i just did a cbs sports minute very tongue in cheek sarcasm is my love language and i ended it with this line how did we ever survive without the nfl schedule release before now so i hope that you catch that and i just think the whole thing's kind of goofy but the poll that we put up yesterday just about this time there's a few minutes left if you want to go check it out on twitter or facebook as much as you all tell me and i would say it's probably 55 56 percent between our two social media sites we've got nearly a thousand people weighing in as much as you all tell me that your level of anticipation for the schedule release is low as in the one to four category or one to three category there's sure a lot of you weighing in and telling me that it's not important to you anything to do with the nfl attracts attention anything and so today is the day the morning is starting to dawn on the day of the 2023 schedule release how do we ever live without it it will be a topic of our show come this time tomorrow though i can't tell you i will take it entirely seriously but for some reason i'm looking forward to it mostly because i want the question answered of how many freaking nationally televised games the jets get this year with erin rogers is their quarterback and how few games the broncos get with russell wilson is their quarterback when he and denver were all the rage this time last year remember we had so many afc west games that were on national tv it seemed like every thursday night game on amazon prime featured an afc west matchup and for the chiefs yes they were worthy of it the chargers justin herbert okay but the raiders and the broncos oi it was just bad it was really bad you think sean payton saves the broncos a little bit i do think that he brings a level of credibility number one number two he sure as heck knows how to coach so yes we're not talking about a brand new coach that was in over his head initially i just meant more for like primetime games oh no and national games no i don't think the nfl would resort to putting a game on tv because of its coach huh no i think it's more about the star power on the field though certainly love the storylines all right after hours cbs sports radio i have been here on the have been here on the air the last couple nights and have said multiple times there's no way that bob huggins doesn't get fired by west virginia and so now i'm here to say i am stunned that he did not get fired by west virginia if you didn't hear his discipline it's a three-game suspension and he gives up a million dollars from his contract and instead of having a multi-year contract he now operates on a year-by-year basis at the discretion of the university so he goes from 4.2 million to 3.2 million and honestly this is relatively unheard of i don't know that i've ever encountered a situation that i've talked about here on the air or in my career where a salary reduction was this gigantic now a lot of people went through uh salary cuts temporary salary cuts sometimes even permanent salary cuts around covid in the economy since then but this is nothing to do with the economy bob huggins is now essentially in the same boat as bobby knight was with indiana it's a zero time indiana it's a zero tolerance policy according to the school the statement that came from the president and the athletic director includes this line any incidents of similar derogatory and defensive language will result in immediate termination so they're putting them on a zero tolerance policy they're turning his contract into a year-by-year deal and after the suspension for three games his salary is only 3.2 million and the money that they're taking out of his salary is going toward various organizations that support the university's lgbtq plus center training sessions sensitivity training that type of thing i actually didn't know this which this kind of adds to it but according to the university west virginia and they cited a particular institute that studies these types of of dynamics west virginia has the highest percentage of transgender youth in the nation i didn't know that but that really underscores even more so how shocked i am that he keeps his job and here's why i'm i'm blown away by this i'm not telling you that i agree with cancel culture i'm not telling you that i agree with cancel culture i i actually think there's very little room for grace and forgiveness and second chances in cancel culture and that's the part that bothers me i'm not telling you that people don't deserve to pay the consequences for their actions and their choices even if sometimes it's out of character or it was accidental there should be consequences to our choices but i don't agree with just carte blanche canceling everybody that word is so dumb canceling everybody whoever makes a mistake we know that there are people who have whether it's uh autocorrect or repeating rap lyrics or reading something and not being cognizant again i'm not telling you that all of these people um should be exonerated from any type of consequences that's not what i'm saying but in a culture in in a society in which we are so quick to take that drastic step and eliminate people fire people take away their platform get rid of them i am surprised because the backlash has not been there strangely enough for bob huggins or not enough for the university to make the change and also it's not like this was an accident by bob huggins not only did he say it once he said it a second time the anti-gay slur that he used i've been in this business a long time long before i started even in network broadcasting so going back to my days of local broadcasting this was not a word that you could use on the air it's part of his vernacular or he it's part of his vernacular or he wouldn't have said it and then to use the catholic tag on there uh in his comments as well it it was not only offensive but it was overt it was on purpose he didn't accidentally say a word that happened to be an anti-gay slur no this is bob huggin speaking the way that he speaks and and not being in any way careful or cognizant of the fact that he is speaking to a live radio audience right he's he's doing this interview in cincinnati where he used to coach he's on a very popular radio station a heritage radio station he's conversing with a host and whether or not he got carried away i didn't hear the interview i didn't want to hear it so i don't exactly know the tenor but whether or not he got carried away and was just caught up in the moment if that's even a thing he said this word twice and he attached catholic to it and it was not an accident it wasn't until the interview went viral on a website and got picked up and dispersed everywhere that he not only realized he had to apologize but understood that he was not going to get away with it and huggins has a history of being fast and loose with his tongue that's the part that blows me away this was not an accident it wasn't a mistake stake it was intentional although i should know right in sports in the big business of not just professional sports but college football and college basketball a lot of times more grace is given more second and third and fourth chances more forgiveness is offered for those coaches or sometimes athletes who produce wins and generate revenue i hope it's a big deal that bob huggins has less job security that he's a million dollars lighter in the in the wallet but gosh i could live for the rest of my life on 3.2 million dollars i hope that he understands the magnitude but also that he gets that most people do not receive the forgiveness and the mercy of the people that he loves and he understands the people do not receive the forgiveness and the mercy and the second chance that he's just received it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio
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