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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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March 24, 2023 5:39 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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March 24, 2023 5:39 am

Gonzaga/UCLA go down to the wire in Vegas | Julian Strawther plays hero with a 3 heard 'round the world | UCONN dominates Arkansas to advance to the Elite 8. 


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Which teams will pull off an upset? Who's going to cover the spread? BetQL handles all the hard work so you can win more consistently. Head to today to start your three-day free trial. That's today to start your three-day free trial. Well, that was fun. Man, that was fun. I love college basketball. I love March Madness. We got three delicious games with wild momentum swings, all kinds of drama, huge shots, mega defense, the stars came out to play, New York City Madison Square Garden, and Las Vegas a T-Mobile arena. Thursday set us up for what is a weekend in which men's college basketball and the final 16 will be trimmed to just four who have a chance for the national championship.

And man, these teams, these athletes worthy of the stages. That was so much fun. I hope you enjoyed it.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We are going to go through each of the games which had very different flavors to them. And yet epic is what I think you can say about at least two of them and another with big time surprises. There's just a lot to pick apart and we have all the reaction coming up in one hour live from Las Vegas. Our friend Arash Markazi will join us and we'll talk about his perspective because he was right on the corner of the court for the UConn victory which was it was a dominant performance by the Huskies. They now have three wins in the NCAA tournament of at least 15 points. So beware of UConn. It feels like the Huskies are barking again and they are back. But he also had that corner perspective for UCLA and Gonzaga.

Wild swings. A first half that belonged to UCLA and yet I have to tell you what I saw that indicated to me UCLA might be in trouble. Even as the Bruins were building a double figure lead and we're up 13 at the half, there were signs.

One sign in particular. Plus we know that Gonzaga has a track record. It's experienced in these humongous moments on the biggest stages. You've got guys who've been there, done that, and while they've not won a national championship, Drew Timmy for instance has played in more than 10 NCAA tournament games which is a decided advantage. Do you know he now has an NCAA tournament record? 10 games in March Madness of at least 20 points. That's just the the number of games in which he's had 20 points. That type of experience is invaluable.

There is no shortcut to that kind of experience and he's not alone. Anton Watson, the best defender on Gonzaga. We talked to him last year going into March Madness.

Malakai Smith. Now Malakai's story is a little different, but he was the Southern Conference Player of the Year before he transferred together. He was the Southern Conference Player of the Year before he transferred to Gonzaga and so he's been in the tournament more than once. This just happens to be his first time with the Zags. And then there's Mark Few, their fearless leader who's got about 30 of these under his belt and eight straight sweet 16s. Does UCLA have experience?

Absolutely. And so this was going to be a heavyweight fight and it delivered. It lived up to the marquee, the marquee sign until we're going to talk about UCLA and Zag at first. But congratulations to K-State, the Wildcats of Kansas State surviving Michigan State and honestly making the defense that is typically so physical and tough and resilient and tenacious. That Tom Izzo defense gave up a lot of points and a lot of easy points late in the game. Layups, alley-oops.

Marquis Noel. Madison Square Garden will not forget the five foot eight inch Harlem native who got to play in his hometown and had the game of his life. So there's a lot that we can peel back about these first four games. We want to dive in first though and let you hear the big moments as well as hear the reaction from the guys who were out there, the coaches who were on the sidelines. Love the atmosphere. At least these two arenas in Vegas and New York delivered quite the backdrop and the soundtrack for the Sweet 16. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

Looking forward to connecting with you. I was a little bit late to the party but I realized it was National Puppy Day probably right before basketball tipped off or pretty darn close to when basketball is tipping off. And even though Penny's not a puppy, she's still a puppy at heart. And so I did share my latest pet. This is actually a photo of Penny that was taken last weekend. It's one of her favorite things to do.

I'm not going to tell you. You have to go check it out. It's one of her favorite things to do.

Clearly she's been influenced by the time we've spent at the beach. So you can check that so you can check that out on Twitter A Law Radio. Also on our Facebook page After Hours with Amy Lawrence. I will make sure that we get the photo up on Facebook as well. I love puppies. In honor of National Puppy Day.

Who does not love puppies? Thank you Grogg. And then if you haven't seen our latest video, it's on our YouTube channel but the link is on both Twitter and Facebook. We capitalize on the fever surrounding March Madness. Gosh it feels like it was the perfect time to put out this latest video. We have our stairway to seven most compelling post seasons in sport.

You can tell us what's missing. I just want you to know Jay picked his own and went off the beaten path. He decided he was going to be, he was going to march to the beat of a different drummer. So good for him.

All right so we're going to dive in. We've also got a little bit on the football gridiron. So Bryce Young and his pro day that took place on Thursday as part of Alabama's pro day.

But certainly Bryce Young being the focal point with the teams that are picking at the top of the NFL draft in roughly a month. We've also got a funny message from Tom Brady. Man the guy can't sit still. He's got a lot a lot on his plate. A lot of business ventures. He's got money to burn and so he's busy. And did Ezekiel Elliott put out a wish list of sorts? Plus a couple of injuries from Major League Baseball.

One that's pretty devastating. Right on the heels of us talking about the Phillies this morning with Ike Reese or early on Thursday morning with Ike Reese. So we'll give you the latest. We're gonna launch you forward into the weekend. I'm trying not to be too giddy over the fact that it's almost Friday because I have yard work and taxes in my future. That does not sound exciting but there will be basketball to keep me company and of course I'll get to sleep. I hope I hope there'll be some sleep in my future. I've almost given up.

It's been two weeks without so maybe I should give up. Put so much pressure on myself. Don't put that out there. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. So to Las Vegas we go and UCLA using I would say using its ability to move the ball around and also the way that Jaime Jaquez was able to find seams and it wasn't just him. I mean UCLA they do a real good job of getting a bunch of different guys involved and so while the Bruins were building a 13-point lead Gonzaga was much more one-dimensional and yet the fact that we've seen this from Gonzaga in the past playing their best basketball at the end.

They know how to close. One thing that stood out to me and I saw this about midway through the first half. Jaquez who is the Pac-12 player of the year was sucking wind. I mean they're not even at halftime and he is I mean these guys UCLA was was already worn not worn out but already breathing heavy and I don't want to say taking plays off because that's not fair but there were times and I was focused specifically on Jaime when he's bent over or he's not hustling up the court quite as fast as he could be because he's tired. Now keep in mind UCLA is down two starters and even though the Bruins and no one else has played since last weekend it's just a lot of basketball and a lot of minutes and so even in the first half as the Bruins are building their lead I can see that that and it's not really conditioning it's just minutes it's just wear and tear it's just at this point in the season you've played so much basketball it's survive and advance. So coming out of the halftime locker room the Bulldogs are on a tear and this is when Gonzaga's experience is shining like a floodlight. I want to say it happened fast but it was as though Gonzaga had flipped a switch and sometimes real good teams they just find a different gear. Smith driving left into the paint spins right floats it up with the right hand and scores Malachi Smith with nine in the second half 11 in the game Timmy's got it against Nuba Timmy looking spins in the baseline lays it up and in! 35 in the ballgame for Timmy 65-61 Gonzaga up four Smith makes the pass to Timmy left baseline dribbles right into the paint out to Strother his three got it! 10 of the game for Julian Strother 68-62 Gonzaga and UCLA will take time the Bruins have gone more than eight minutes without a field goal they now trail by six Timmy up top Malachi Smith three is good! Smith knocked it in it's a 10-point Gonzaga lead two and a half remaining 72-62 Gonzaga.

That's Ryan Radke on the Westwood One NCAA radio network from down 13 at the half to up 10 in the final minutes of this game and yet it was not over but here's what I mean about UCLA and it's part of it credit Gonzaga for its defense absolutely Malachi Smith Anton Watson credit them for the way that they challenged the Bruins but part of what was happening with UCLA is they were exhausted and they did not have the lift in their legs anymore a lot of short a lot of shots coming up short and when they're short it's because you don't have the power and the strength in your legs and so UCLA goes 12 plus minutes without a field goal the the fact that the Bruins were even around at the end of this game is phenomenal considering 12 plus minutes without a made bucket it's after hours on CBS Sports Radio of course in the final minutes that 10-point lead for Gonzaga disappeared. Tiger Campbell off to David Singleton dribbles on the right gets it up top Hockes pumping the three drives right Hockes on his way to the bucket puts it up in and one. Campbell dribbling right into the paint gets it to Hockes puts it up in the right hand in and one.

Hockes did it again. Foul is going to go against Timmy it's his second and Hockes can make it a three-point game with 45 seconds left Campbell into the front court drop it off for Hockes. Hockes drives right down the lane puts it up off the window and scores 29 for Hockes 75-73 Gonzaga 33.7 to go.

Tiger Campbell driving left into the paint gets it to Bailey left-wing three for the lead is good. Bailey hit it 12.2 to go. Timeout UCLA Amari Bailey the freshman steps up and knocks down a big-time three. UCLA leads by one 76-75 12.2 to go. The Bruins have risen from the dead. With 52 seconds left UCLA was still trailing by by eight.

52 seconds left they're still trailing by eight. They get a pair of free throws then back-to-back three-point plays for Jaime Hockes. Then they end up putting Drew Timmy on the free throw line only to see him miss both. He was probably tired too because his were coming up short as well. And then that incredible moment for Amari Bailey with 13 seconds to go this is coming off of the Timmy missed free throws. He hits a three-point shot that actually gives the Bruins the lead. Crazy. There's a timeout then and at this point Gonzaga is staring at another early exit falling short of their goal once again. So talk about the wild momentum swings the kind that can make you seasick.

And yet that's what that's what gives a game that madness feel and makes it worthy of the hashtag. Strother will get it in Salas picks it up clock starts 11 seconds Salas across the top line. Pitch it back Strother deep three from the top of the key.

Got it! Oh he hit it! Strother from the top seven seconds left Campbell on the run into the front court drives the right side stripped away.

Strother's got it. Foul with 1.1 to go. The Vegas native pulls up from deep and puts Gonzaga in the lead and then gets a steal at the other end.

Strother walking staring into the crowd. What a shot by Strother who was at a tough night with his heels and the March Madness logo drills a three and with 1.1 to go he can ice it Gonzaga leads 78-76. The play was a little dribble handoff action see if we could you know get a defense on their heels a bit and initially when coach drew it he kind of drew you know just search it a little bit maybe go downhill and I kind of just asked him like can I shoot it? Like if if no one steps up on me like do you want me to shoot it and he was like absolutely so then I shot it. So then I shot it! Heel on the logo so not quite mid-core but definitely Steph Curry range cool for Julian Strother who is a Las Vegas native and yes it took all hands on deck but man from 13 down to 10 up to a point down in the final few seconds to that deep three from Strother that gives Gonzaga the lead and yet still having to survive one last-ditch attempt by UCLA.

You want to talk about heart palpitations. Drew Timmy does a lot of damage early 36 points for him and obviously just the attention he attracts and the experience that he brings part of this rally in the second half. We just got hit in the mouth and we just had to battle and fight and you know in the first half I just just the ball happened to be bouncing friendly to me so I felt like I was hot so I just wanted to keep shooting and then in the second half everyone like Malachi really stepped up Julian stepped up Tom was playing huge defense like we just rallied and I think that's just kind of the story of this year you know the first 20 as much as we might not like it to be is probably not our best 20 but we somehow some way we dig deep and we find a way to just come together and rally and keep fighting and I think that's the beauty of this team is we may be down but we're not out. We got knocked back much like we did in the TCU game I think that this time it was just because of their will and toughness we were not guarding well or for whatever reason our ball screen coverage is defense slipped back to where it was in November and it has not been like that the last six weeks six or seven weeks so I just challenged him on that and I said we got 20 minutes that's plenty of time we're not gonna there's no 10-point play I'm gonna draw up but we just possession by possession we got to play better defense and we just had some really uncharacteristic kind of bonehead turnovers in the first half to air dribbles and I think we lost like three bouncing it and traveling and doing all kinds of stuff so challenged them on that regard to start taking care of the ball and and and you know you've been with us all year I mean this is such a resilient crew man they just find a way to win it's probably not as aesthetically pleasing as some of the other teams we've had up there but I mean man is it effective. I gotta tell you these two wins tonight by Kansas State which we'll get to and Gonzaga really gave producer Jay a boost in his bracket we were checking out brackets earlier and this may have solidified his win I was leading because I picked a bunch of the upsets in the first couple rounds but he had the potential for far more points than me and so these were two critical pieces for him his champion is still alive although my champion is still alive too now he still has all of his final four intact I do not but I do have two of the final four teams and I still got my champion intact so Jay may be gaining on me but it could be a dynamic duel if you will alright coming up we will hear from UCLA as well Mick Cronin and the the Bruins who were down two starters gave it absolutely everything they had but you could see how exhausted they were the toll of a long season and the travel and being pushed to the limit by Gonzaga so this one hurts of course because they had the lead they just ran out of gas on Twitter a law radio also on our Facebook page we're so glad to have you with us we go in piece by piece through the sweet 16 games in New York and Vegas and top of the hour we'll head to T-Mobile arena Arash Markazi will join us coming up then but love to hear from you it's after-hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the after-hours podcast Campbell with the dribble out front Tiger Campbell driving left into the paint gets it to Bailey left wing three for the lead time out UCLA Amari Bailey the freshman steps up and knocks down a big time three Pacheas will throw it in Nuba makes the catch off the Campbell puts it up in the buzzer and Gonzaga wins the Gonzaga Bulldogs are elite again Gonzaga comes back from 13 down they beat UCLA 79 76 and the Gonzaga Bulldogs on to the elite eight this is after-hours with Amy Lawrence congratulations to Gonzaga and thank you to Gonzaga and UCLA for providing one capper one hell of a capper to this first night of sweet 16 hoops from Las Vegas from New York double headers in both places and we will get to all four games kind of feel like it's an NFL Sunday where we can pick apart each of these games we have a little more time to do that Ryan Radke with the calls on the Westwood one NCAA Radio Network so again if you missed it UCLA was up 13 at the half but there were signs that they were sucking win they were already getting tired they were down two starters so their key guys were playing heavy minutes meanwhile Gonzaga this is their pattern it's their modus operandi they are a second half team they seem to steady they draw on the experience of the guys that they've got out there and they know how to turn it on and you hear the R word over and over again when it comes to these Gonzaga Bulldogs words can't describe how proud I am of just our team and our resilience I mean nothing was going our way I mean we weren't playing our our brand of basketball at all through that whole first half and I mean we flipped that switch and you know there's not a lot of teams in the country who could who could you know bind together and make a run like that going into every game feeling like we got something to prove and just going out there with the mentality like you know we got nothing to lose let's go out swinging and I'm just have a chip on our shoulder and just you know just just play for each other and that's what I was saying our boy Malachi Smith had him on the show on Sunday night following the selection show and his story is unique because this time last year he had just finished up an NCAA tournament run with Chattanooga all right so Chattanooga gets in because they win the Southern Conference he's playing from a mid-major perspective but then he hits the transfer portal he decides to go to Gonzaga because he wants the chance to win a championship now here he is and he is that major contributions off the bench for Gonzaga so he's not a starter but instead he comes in and he scores 12 points in the second half only had two points in the first half for the Zags but a dozen in the second half plus some big defensive moments and so Gonzaga moves on and has another opportunity here it's not as though the road gets easier in fact it's the opposite and to think about the Bulldogs and the Huskies of Yukon at the next step whoo I mean those are again both blue bloods in college basketball and so nothing comes easy when you get this deep in the tournament it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio you all know how much I love rebounding and the Zags they crushed it on the boards out nearly doubling up the Bruins on on the glass 50 to 26 now a lot of that has to do with the number of shots that were missed by UCLA right so that stands to reason the more shots that are missed the more rebounds that are available and in that second half UCLA went 12 plus minutes without a field goal but here's another critical stat the ruins gave up 16 offensive rebounds so again Gonzaga was much more active probably had a little more energy in their legs too. McCrone was in no mood to answer questions following this game and and we'll get the lowdown from Arash Markazi when he joins us from Vegas in 30 minutes but apparently instead of UCLA being the first team to get to the press room usually it's the losing team that goes first so they can get out of there and obviously the winning team a lot of time is celebrating and is enjoying their time together in the locker room a little bit. Well apparently Gonzaga went first I'm not sure why and by the time Mick Cronin got to the podium he was asked for his opening statement and he had enough.

I don't have one my opening statement is it just took 33 minutes to get me in here which is ridiculous any questions? Well if you put it that way so right already feeling like he didn't really want to answer for what had just happened I'm sure it's a bitter pill to swallow considering how the second half went but but coach if you wouldn't mind what what did happen in that second half scoring drought when you were 10 plus minutes without a field goal? A lot of open shots didn't go down there's no hindsight wide open shots and multiple times we got fouled no call Dave and Tiger didn't make a basket in the second half they had good looks and Jaime got murdered on about four laps.

Murdered strong strong visual imagery so Mick Cronin as I say he's salty probably because of the loss it stings a little bit but also didn't like the way the business was handled there in Vegas. Speaking of Tiger, Tiger Campbell who as he points out was scoreless in the second half he was asked whether or not the Bruins could have or should have done something differently during that drought. I'd say we ran some really good sets to go at what we thought was you know we could take advantage of and we got some really good looks and we just weren't able to knock them in so I would say that our drought was just due to us getting good shots and not making them. Yeah that's tough I mean that is exactly what we see this time of the year you can be a really good basketball team but you've got to be able to capitalize on your opportunities and so once again analytics, shooting percentages, all kinds of stats they can shape your decisions for a game. You can look at them and think okay I know how this is going to play out but we're talking about human beings that still have to perform. In some cases it's the biggest stage of their lives and in some cases they rise to the occasion like Marquis Noel who will talk about coming up following the update and in some cases the shots just don't go down. That's what we love about sports.

All the predictions and the stats and the analytics and the next-gen numbers all of those that you can come up with can never predict human resiliency and heart and and how we perform as people under pressure. Sometimes you're just feeling it. That's certainly the case for Marquis Noel. Sometimes you got a freshman who hails from the town in which you're playing and he has the shot of his life.

Sometimes that's just how it breaks down. Jay sent me a text attempting to simulate our new favorite Karl-Anthony Townsdrop yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I've been practicing. I feel like you spelled it wrong though Jay. I don't I feel like you didn't you you had it let me say I want to go look back on it you had it as yup yup yeah no it's not a yup it's a yeah well hold on okay yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it's not a yup. No pee in there? No no pee. Marco do you hear a pee? I do not hear a pee.

I don't know. Maybe in that first one I hear it but then it kind of goes away. No there's no pee. Stop trying to backtrack. There's no pee. There's no there's no pee in yeah so there's no pee on a Thursday night on After Hours. Alright so we'll get to Kansas State, Michigan State next plus UConn as well the Hurley family tradition in March it it continues on in a different form now it's Dan Hurley with the spotlight it's After Hours on our show Twitter or our Facebook page we have a brand new YouTube video up so take a few minutes it's actually pretty short it's not even six minutes which is rare for us especially me because I tend to be long-winded I mean you gotta fill four hours somehow don't you people ask me all the time so do you ever run out of things to say and my honest answer Marco is I don't remember the last time I ran out of things to say and not just that but I don't remember the last time I got to everything that I wanted to get to well and that's see that's good that's good show prep right oh yeah thank you now see that's a little pull back the curtain that's that's good show prep if you've gotten to everything that means you didn't prep enough oh that's good job wow I feel like yeah I feel so validated right now Thank You Marco did I mention we have a box of candy last night you did mention that yes take any can I convince you yet tonight probably yes yes we've got Twizzlers different M&Ms something a bunny with one of those gold wrapped candies called Roche Roche what do we call them the Ferrero Rocher yeah an entire entire plastic bunny full of those those are good our thanks to Carlos again I actually gave away the Pez dispensers though because well I offered them to you for your kiddos and you said no I really don't want like six of them are in the house yeah I don't need that so from the morning show Shama rash the da show here on CBS Sports Radio he's got two little girls and apparently they're in love with Pez dispensers so he was all excited I gave him the Pez dispensers and one of the bag of jelly beans cuz I don't want to turn into a jelly bean yeah there's we have a whole nother bag of Starburst jelly beans I'm a little confused by that by Shawn or by no the fact that I mean they stole your candy they gave you this that's true this BS line about community candy and they stole all your candy and then you get a big giant box of candy and the first thing you do is give it to them well I gave him the Peeps to hit the challenge is this though I've worked really hard to to be in shape and to I lost a bunch of weight I'm in training for another half marathon if I keep all this candy it runs counter to my self control my willpower so it's better to give some of it away don't you worry we kept the best we kept the M&Ms we kept the Starburst jelly beans we kept the chocolate and the Twizzlers so I promise you we did not give away the good stuff again this is your big giant box of candy I'm just I'm surprised because you were very very annoyed by them stealing your only Pete yeah that that show is kind of in one I'm not saying anything yeah poor J J actually not only got duped by Pete with the whole candy stash thing and had our candy locked up and unavailable and then it just magically disappeared but somehow something went horribly wrong in Pete's life on Thursday morning and he sends Jay a text about an hour into our show hey I'm gonna need you to stay for for my show and Jay's like hell to the gnaw but he did have to stay an extra hour so then you know how the traffic is for those people who don't know where our headquarters are in lower Manhattan if I don't leave by I mean like literally five minutes after the show is over it takes me an extra 15 20 minutes to get home because the traffic is so brutal you know early morning traffic let me just throw in 15 20 minutes only because you're going opposite of traffic well you're going opposite it's just traffic and I know but you're going opposite New Jersey it's not really opposite I'm going it so anyway so it just takes like five minutes can cost you another 20 minutes on the roads right so Jay gets out of here an hour late oh poor guy how long did they take you to get home about an hour and 22 minutes oh so it took him like a good it's longer instead of about 38 minutes yes about 38 minutes we've got this down to a science so Jay was Jay had a rough Thursday morning it was it was never again never I'm never so he's been duped twice not only into staying an extra hour but he lost our candy stash I feel like you should never accept Pete oh and he's Pete's alarm clock did I don't you know that or not so Pete who's on the DA show following us he wakes up at you know like an hour maybe 90 minutes into our show right he and so he actually asks Jay like Jay's mom or something to send him a text message and to call him and wake him up just in case what I know we'll see that I don't mind as much because stay here till 10 so Pete doesn't wake up and hear his alarm and he comes in late then guess whose job it is to stay here so but isn't that crazy it's like what are we doing you're an adult you have you live with people make make them wake you up what are we doing I've never heard of such a thing if there was once or twice like look I'm on like an hour of sleep just wake me up if you can I'm busted I'm on my third shift in the last whatever like now help me out now every day every single morning Jay has to every day send him a text or wake him up with a phone call oh often but every day it's often it's often he's he's fudging right now it's every single morning that he has to be Pete's backup alarm clock that's weak it is weak that's what I said I'm like you're an adult your grown man how come no one's my backup alarm clock like I know figured out and you know what if you need somebody to help out I understand it shouldn't be a co-worker it should be your wife or your mom well I understand why it's not either one of those people too because it's in the middle of the night you know why your wife to wake up because that's gonna cause more issues I get it but find somebody else find somebody else although I go I guess Jay's perspective is valid in that if Pete doesn't show up guess who the responsibility falls on but again what are we doing here if he doesn't show up you have job right no I'm with you you have a job if you don't get your job then maybe somebody else should do your job come on now it's after hours with Amy Lawrence now that we've completely put Pete on blast you are listening to the after hours podcast here a man has the rebound for Yukon handed off Jackson Huskies run in transition Jackson with them on the left side innocent Oh go wide open lays it in with the right hand and Eric Musselman has to take a timeout it's a 14-nothing Connecticut run their lead balloons to 17 here's Hawkins curling right down the lane right to the rim leaves it up and in 24 in the ballgame for Jordan Hawkins 75-48 Yukon Walsh comes out to stay close on him double comes from black get it over to Newton high on the right Newton bounces the snow go wide open on the right side and Sanogo gently lays it in with the right hand 16 for Sanogo 79 56 507 to go Arkansas starting to gamble in Connecticut really taking advantage inbound to Darian Ford Ford will dribble across the timeline down to five seconds left I'll make the pass to Dunning he'll drop it down into the right corner one second left the coaches shake hands this one is over and Connecticut is on to the elite eight this is after hours with Amy Lawrence Ryan Radke on the NCAA Westwood One radio network also from Las Vegas and in 15 minutes we will welcome Arash Markazi who was sitting not just courtside but right off the corner man the videos from his Twitter are phenomenal you can not only see clearly the end of Gonzaga UCLA but the roars inside T-Mobile arena are amazing so I'm excited to talk to him after he's done with his work so 15 minutes he'll join us live from Sin City it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio as close as tight as epic as entertaining as Gonzaga and UCLA Yukon Arkansas was that lopsided the Huskies are locked in they now have three tournament wins by 15 plus points next up Gonzaga Arkansas never found an offensive rhythm now Arkansas wants to play a lot like a Houston where they want their physical tough defense their athleticism they want that defense to lead to offensive opportunities they're not a finesse team this is a pound you into submission team with Eric Musselman and yes they had reached three consecutive sweet 16s which is something that not a lot of schools and not a lot of programs can claim but they ran into a Yukon team that was locked in and led by as many as 29 in this one they really had no answer for the Huskies who shot 57 percent from the field and here's something else that I loved about what I saw from Yukon 22 assists on 31 made baskets that is a very high rate of assisted turnovers actually but a high rate of sharing the basketball and that was how they kept the Arkansas defense chasing 22 assists on 31 made buckets the Arkansas defense never really got comfortable and that's a credit to Yukon aggressive they were so aggressive in this game and took the lead from the beginning but it was only a year ago that Dan Hurley's team lost in a 512 matchup in the opening round to New Mexico State and they were not gonna forget it where we are right now is exactly where we talked about where we would be when we got together after we lost the first round game last year we met in that boardroom and the three of us sat together when you talked about this is where we were gonna be so we're exactly where we thought we would be and obviously we're thrilled to play there one more to go to final form he really just told us like things are gonna change now and he had told us we're all captains and that we also like hold part of that on our shoulders too we're gonna take part of that blame when when you feel that pain so we're really just from that moment on from that day on we just all held each other to a higher standard and just told each other that I mean we're gonna we're gonna push for a national championship we're gonna push for that that type of standard every day in practice and and we gonna hold each other to that Andre Jackson he's collaborating with what coach Hurley indicated we had a meeting a year ago and we decided we were gonna use this and and this was going to be a reminder every day for a year until we had another opportunity meanwhile for Eric Musselman it's a tough exit I'm speaking for all the players and the coaches give UConn a ton of credit thought from the opening tip they came out with a great sense of urgency they cut hard they crashed the offensive boards especially early in the game they did a great job rebounding the ball for the entire 40 minutes and uncharacteristically we did not defend at the level that we have for most of the year and that is a credit to UConn as Eric Musselman indicates the Huskies were the aggressor and here they are into the Elite Eight for the first time since 2014 seeking their fifth national championship so blue blood there as well Vegas we go next here on CBS Sports Radio
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