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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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March 24, 2023 5:52 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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March 24, 2023 5:52 am

Bryce Young asked why the Panthers should draft him #1 overall | Phillies 1B Rhys Hoskins tears ACL in Spring Training game | Kansas State vs Michigan State turns into an absolute classic.


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That should be your thought. If you're waking up and it's a Friday! It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Yes, we are here to help you usher in a Friday and once again Penny has hijacked the radio show. People are asking me all kinds of questions. It always blows my mind that when I post a photo of my dog there are people who've never seen her before. I feel like all I do is take photos of my dog.

Jay be honest. Do you know anyone who takes more photos of her dog than I do? You take a good amount. I do take a good number of photos, yes. And also I take photos of flowers. Mine and other people's flowers. I can't help it when it comes to flowers and clouds and dogs or my dog. So people are asking me lots of questions about Penny so I'll just tell you.

I'll answer some of your questions. These are the common ones. She's an Australian Shepherd mix so she's Aussie and Golden which is why she's got a Penny colored, a bronze colored coat. That's not typically what you see with Australian Shepherds but she has the color of a Golden though she has the body type and the characteristics of an Aussie. Just happens to be taller than the average female Aussie. She's about three four inches taller than my mom's female Aussies and she weighs 20 pounds more than they do so she's she's thicker. She is 13 and a half years old so people always ask me how old is Penny.

People in my neighborhood still can't believe it. They say hi puppy like oh yes she's a puppy all right. It's so funny do you know um and I don't know how often you all walk your dogs in intersections or like past an intersection past the stop sign but as this very kind of people in my neighborhood when Penny and I get to an intersection where there's a stop sign very often the cars who are coming across our path will stop and wave us across except Penny takes five minutes to get across the street and so I'm always like no no no go go and then they'll wait anyway and so here we go. One step at a time it takes us forever. Penny does not have a second gear and the warmer it gets now the slower we go. Like thank you but please don't put me through this. You don't yeah you don't know what you're you don't know what you are saying right now just go because you'll be through the intersection before we could get two steps across. Anyway she's 13 and a half her name is Penny she's an Australian Shepherd mix I adopted her are you ready 11 years ago this week 11 years ago this week my sweet girl she's been running my life for 11 years and if I'm perfectly honest I can't remember what my life was like before her I really can't. I've always had cats in since I moved out and started living on my own I've always had cats even going back to when I was just out of college I had a cat but I only adopted Penny as my first dog ever because my lifestyle was one where I moved a lot and I was working long and and nutty hours it took me quite a while to make the commitment to get a dog and then when I adopted a dog eight months later my entire life blew up but I picked up and left the entire life condo job church friends I knew and moved not quite sight unseen but pretty darn close to New Jersey so I could take this job here at CBS Sports Radio so yeah I always say this that this dog rescued me not the other way around that she is a gift from God and it's a blessing that I did not know what was happening in my life eight years or eight months excuse me eight months later because I never would have adopted her if I had known that I was going to pick up and move my entire life and change jobs and routines and everything else uh I wouldn't have adopted her in March of 2012 I'm glad I didn't know because as I say she's been been the biggest blessing of my life she's a stabilizing force it's been a challenging 10 years starting over being away having no friends initially when I worked here having to rent out a condo in Connecticut and pay for rent in New Jersey let me just tell you how much fun that is just the challenges of my mom moving to Texas and being even farther away it yeah she has been not only a great companion but she's she's been the the being she's been the puppy that has greeted me every single morning or night at the door when I got home from work and gosh I'm those of you who are dog owners you understand this you could have the worst day or night or whatever your time frame is you could have had the worst experience at work or you or somewhere else but you walk in that door and Aussies because they don't have tails now she has a two-inch tail because she's a mixed breed but most Aussies don't have tails so they wag their entire back ends and so that's what she does she wags her whole back end and she gets very excited and it just a lot of my stress melts away the second I open the door now because she's older and sleeps a lot and because she doesn't hear as well anymore oh my gosh I have to yell at her in the neighborhood it's very embarrassing I apologize to my neighbors all the time but because she's doesn't hear she doesn't always hear Princess Leia when I park in the driveway so sometimes she scares the crap out of me because I walk in the door there's no penny no okay she's fine everything's fine so instead of putting my stuff in the kitchen and kind of unpacking my bag right away I just drop my stuff and I go looking for her in her usual haunts she's got a bed upstairs she's got a bed downstairs she's also very often sleeping on the far side of my bed where I can't see her she likes to roll up on my curtains like one day I'm gonna come home and the entire like curtain rod is gonna be on the floor of course because the dog loves the curtains anyway so thankfully she's usually just exhausted and didn't hear me come home but she does give me a scare when I call her and call her and she doesn't come so now I have to go searching for her 11 years ago this week adopted that dog and she's been running my life ever since she in fact is my schedule everything else revolves around her so if you haven't seen the photo it's up on twitter a law radio and then also on our facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence that's the name of the show two hours to the weekend we're going to get to Michigan State and Kansas State coming up it was the first game of the sweet 16 and it was the OT what was it what was a good word for it it was the OT oh oh I was gonna say something didn't really make sense see talking is hard sometimes it's actually can be a real challenge usually I'm pretty good at coming up with words but not on this particular edition of the show it was an OT dynamo boom let's talk to Eric first though he's in South Carolina welcome to after hours CBS sports radio hello Eric yes hi hi how are you Amy finally get to talk to my radio wife and in the case of you and Jay my radio brother and sister okay I like that better thank you um you have to be fair to Jay let him have just a little butter with the broccoli and it has to be a youtube video you want to see a youtube video of Jay eating food ew yes that's all you that's broccoli okay I don't want to watch Jay eating food but if the broccoli I know I got you he actually does have to record it because I won't trust him otherwise you think he's trustworthy but you don't know him like I do he'll do anything yeah he'll do anything to get out of eating vegetables he yeah he lost the candy thank you he did lose the candy he just gave it away without consulting I wouldn't call me his boss but I would at least say that I'm the supervisor of the show and he just he gave away our candy stash like it was no big thing it wasn't it he's not even sorry about no he's really not actually the only reason he's sorry is because the candy stash was gone and he actually paid for that candy typically I'm the one who pays for the candy but he paid for this candy so he lost his money that's what happened oh okay y'all have a blessed night thank you Eric have a good weekend yeah you too I appreciate that so in South Carolina the word is spread that that you are not trustworthy when it comes to the broccoli so we're going to need to have a video of I'm not watching the video and I'm not filming the video this is all you and it can't just be your mouth it has to be your entire face and body so people know because these days you can superimpose you can do all kinds of crazy stuff like AI with with AI and you can make it look like it's a video of you eating broccoli and it could not be remember the video of Steph Curry not that long ago where it it looked for all the world like he hit a full court shot and it was completely doctored so I don't trust you because I know you love computers I could see you either putting a bowl of broccoli in front of the screen and having you're actually eating something else but the broccoli looks like it's going into your mouth or it being your face but not you who's eating the broccoli like I could see that I wish I knew enough to know how to do that because that would be pretty awesome I mean you've got a couple weeks to figure it out the second one putting my face that could probably maybe I could do that with the other one with making something else look like that would be that would be quite the animation work but yeah I mean I got some time I can maybe figure it out there are people out there who can do it I'm sure I bet there are computer programs who can do it I just don't get Eric on one deep fake there's a deep fake out there who could eat the broccoli for you there is but he's telling me he's saying be fair let me use a little butter and then the next sentence he's saying punish me so which one is you how well just that I'm you know I'm not trustworthy no I said that well he didn't really well he wants to agree he wants a video of you just because everyone's gonna think it's super funny that you're eating broccoli and the grimace he wanted to see the look on your face because it's going to be a grimace as though someone's torturing you similar similar I'd probably have a similar reaction would you like to know my response to that no boo who as in boo effing who I'd have zero zero sympathy for you zero even if it was what if I like got a rash from what the butter something from the olive oil just not used to that and it didn't react well with my body or my skin good then maybe go to the hospital and they tell you you have to eat more fruits and vegetables but then I'd break out more ashes no then you your body would get accustomed to them you're right it might put you into anaphylactic shock or something like that but then you could go to the hospital they could tell you that you need to eat more fruits and vegetables so your body becomes used to them can I make like a smoothie out of this it sounds it actually doesn't sound better but but it's just a fact I just want you all to know that when Jay came into my studio in between the two hours he mentioned his plans for the weekend he's got some friends he's going to hang out with and I said I bet you're not going to be eating broccoli and his response was if it's on pizza that's just really the only way it would probably make it to the room or to your body I'd avoid that one probably but he wouldn't even eat if it was on pizza it's just very sad you you all do not understand what I'm up against here I mean it's just it's just he defies logic like that's that's the thing and he won't listen to it either one blueberry a week and he won't do it he won't do one I asked him one time if he liked cherries and he said I like cherry flavor like in a icy or yeah cherry flavor blue flavor blue flavor blue blue he is a fifth grader trapped in a 31 year old's body that I mean this is what I'm I'm just I'm trying to tell you that he this is not normal you took this battle no I'm it doesn't matter because I'm healthy and I'm I'm just worried that you're gonna die before you're 40 but your teeth are gonna fall out before you're 40 I don't I don't know I hope for neither of those I'll miss you but you know what there'll be a nice a list of candidates lined up to take your spot the next day replace me in a day well I mean I gotta hire someone I can't produce my own show it's true it's true you're not wrong just it's the same thing for me though there'd be more people lining up to take my job if I died about you know hadn't I don't if I got died in a car accident on my way home from work trust me there'd be more people lined up to take my job by Monday then let's just both live yeah absolutely I'm not worried about it I'm just saying that's how this business works is there are no shortage of people who are willing to step over your cold dead body in order to get your job so eat your broccoli will you please I got about 4 000 subscribers let's go it's not up to me at this point right it well you could practice I could it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio he says see what I'm up against see what I'm up against Bryce Young he was the next top NFL prospect at the quarterback position to take the spotlight on Thursday so remember we had CJ Stroud and the Ohio State pro day on Wednesday all of the top teams who've got those high draft picks they were there on hand Panthers Texans yada yada yada well the scene shifted then to Alabama Tuscaloosa and the pro day in which Bryce Young participated I was happy I'm I was happy to be just be out there throwing my guys again um you know this is a special process just me being able to have this opportunity is something I definitely don't take for granted so I was I'm grateful for everyone who came and everyone who watched and you know I'm happy to have have you know performed that's Bryce on the NFL network so Steve Smith senior tells him that as he's watching Bryce throw so this is a compliment from Steve Smith the former NFL receiver that as he's watching Bryce throw it's like listening to beautiful music obviously I'm super grateful from a legend hearing that you know that means everything um you know but also super humbling um you know that means that I have to continue to keep perfecting my craft um you know it's encouraging but I know that the job is not done there's a lot more that I want to improve on get better at and there's a long journey ahead um you know my future wherever that's at and you know I'm grateful for that opportunity but hearing that from you I mean that's that's as humbling as it gets that's nice so Steve Young embarrassing Bryce Young just our Steve Smith sorry embarrassing right there is a Steve Young out there who played football of course uh but this one Steve Smith and Bryce Young probably a little bit embarrassed but also a really nice compliment the Nick Saban was there of course because this is the Alabama pro day and I don't want to say the only negative about Bryce but because I'm not even sure it is a negative however there's a lot made of the fact that he's five foot ten and in the NFL there are some shorter quarterbacks that do have trouble looking over the offensive line and seeing down field there are also shorter quarterbacks that have had great success Russell Wilson being one of those for 10 years in the NFL but the average height of a QB in the NFL I didn't even know this until I was reading is six foot three inches you've got some taller ones of course like let's see Josh Allen six five right or even taller than that you've got some uh Jared Goff is pretty tall too Justin Herbert's tall as well yeah you've got some real tall dudes uh but you've also got some shorter guys so this is the question around Bryce Young and Nick Saban was asked about whether or not this would be a deterrent at the next level I don't think so I think you should ask the people that had to play against the last couple years and see if they think it affected his performance so I really don't I think he's so instinctive he processes so well he prepares so well he's got a quickness in the pocket he plays the position like a point guard in basketball so and his production and consistency and performance have been off the charts so most of the time those things will translate to the next level I also don't love the line of questioning about whether or not you should be the top pick or another guy should be the top pick just awkward questioning because you want a quarterback or really any prospect to be confident but to put him in that position is almost like a no-win situation so I heard there were some questions about hey where would you prefer to go which is also a question a no-win situation you can't ask a prospect that because if he says one team it puts the other team on high alert and it becomes a media headline or clickbait on social media and so the question of why you should go number one is also an awkward question and yet poor Bryce Young I don't have an argument I try to be myself I want to present myself in the best best light but ultimately I don't control where I'm picked who picks me I'll be grateful for whatever team does take a chance on me but for me I try to focus on what I control Frank Reich I didn't know this either this is what happens when you do your research because people are starting to look at what the Panthers might do at the top of the draft with that number one overall pick did you know this is your nerd alert Frank Reich has never had a starting quarterback shorter than 6-3 who went back and looked I never would have even thought this is why you and I do not write for a living so yes Frank Reich has never had a quarterback shorter than 6-3 in his nearly 20 years as a coach but he also has answered questions about it and he brings up Russell Wilson and other quarterbacks who are a little bit shorter Nick Saban believe I mean didn't quite work out now would not be the time to be bringing up Baker Mayfield as a success story in the NFL I don't really care I know I know you don't but you should so Nick Saban was there which is cool the entire Panthers contingent including the owner David Tepper and Frank Reich and at this point they're obviously keeping their cards very close to the vest though they don't need to because they have the number one pick and there's not a lick of anything that anyone can do about it but yeah we're going through these runs of the the pro days for the four schools that have the four quarterbacks who could end up as the overall number one pick or honestly could go one two three and four so right now most people believe and I would say most industry execs and analysts believe that Panthers will choose either Stroud or Young I've seen more people leaning towards Stroud because of his body type and because of his height and how he plays but I don't know if that's the case no one knows this is the Panthers decision to make so we'll see what happens in a month right because the draft I believe is April 27th I believe it's April 27th as soon as I said that Jay made a face and started googling furiously was I right spot on oh I feel so smart every now and then actually I don't feel smart tonight because I've said some really stupid stuff just my words are not coming out right so let's not share this podcast can we can we do that actually yesterday morning what happened you went to share the podcast and and FB see we don't say the word anymore as much because they're listening to us they're spying on us yeah I think they heard us because they wouldn't let me post anything yesterday morning for hours control freaks they're such control freaks it was like our technical issue like our bad like we're working on it our bad I could do is actually say our bad something along those lines not in that language but whoops our bad all right so you know where to find us there on FB on Twitter a law radio since I swear to you that we're going to get to that Michigan State K-State game we're gonna actually wait till after the update because I want to have more time to get to what was an OT Dynamo that's my word for it now it was a Dynamo it was a dynamic duel at Madison Square Garden at the Mecca but did you hear about the injury for the Phillies the defending national league champions oh this is this is crushing even as we get set to start the 2023 season you know opening day is inside of a week away Jay and I were trying to figure out next week if we want to go to a hockey game because it's late in the NHL regular season there's a really compelling matchup that we want to go see in person in the New York area but it's also opening day so we're not really sure what to do we're still debating still trying to figure it out I know I can't believe it March 30th 30 on the 30th that's how I remember it it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast this is after hours with Amy Lawrence on the Phillies radio network man 2022 was a banner year for the Phillies organization and then they add Trey Turner in the off season full speed ahead right we even talked about it with Ike Reese who joined us from sports radio 94.1 WIP in Philadelphia well just about this time yesterday so 24 hours ago and even though I primarily brought him on to talk about the Eagles off season and then we got into Joelle Embiid if you missed it he made the most compelling case for Joelle as MVP that we've heard from anyone else we started talking about the Phillies a little bit as well and the buzz the excitement around their opening day creeping up and the fact that he felt like they're even better positioned in 23 and then the unthinkable happens it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio I'm not sure if you saw it the video is out there but Reese Hoskins was tracking a grounder in a spring training game on Thursday and he ended up tripping this it almost looked like he got his feet crossed and his knee collapsed it was a non-contact injury and he tore his ACL according to the Phillies so it's a devastating moment for him but certainly this close to opening day how crushing it is for the Phillies too and it's not as though you can't find a body to be out there at first base it's not as though you can't figure out you know what to do now because it's March and there's such a long way to go it's a marathon not a sprint but the fact that you're so close to opening day and he was such a significant part of what you did last year it's it really is demoralizing I think because of those reasons because you were almost there I always say that he's he's kind of like our spokesperson he's the he's the guy who steps up and talks to the the you know the team whenever something needs to be addressed you know he's really he's really good at all that stuff and it's he's really important to what we have he's so good in the clubhouse he's very calming demeanor down out there and yeah he's he's he's big for us he really is he's one of our leaders you know speaks up a lot and he's our team rep when it comes to cba stuff and he just has that that role and that vibe with him so we respect him wish him all the best obviously hopefully the tests come back clean and it's nothing too too bad and oh well that's he's seen seeing that happen to him but yeah he's one of our guys and one of our leaders and we're gonna miss him okay so that was dated that was trey turner right on the heels of reese getting injured and then having to get helped off the field and then teammates were all standing around him before he was taken off the field and so yeah he was kind of backing up and backpedaling to get this it was a grounder but it was one of those like choppers that just is bouncing high and so you're trying to get it off the bounce and you go out into the grass and as the ball pops out of his glove uh he he's falling to the ground and he's grabbing his knee and and so right away the first thing you think of is acl because it was non-contact and as much as the phillies can talk about his leadership and how much they'll miss him for a variety of reasons and they will certainly because of his production 30 home runs 79 rbi last season but this is why it sucks for reese he should be able to make a full recovery but he's a free agent at the end of this season and so this is essentially a contract year for him and he's not going to be able to play unless something miraculous happens there have been people who've returned from acls and say six to seven months but it's not optimal and very often you're not back to full strength for the year until the year after you have you've had a chance to recover and so he just turned 30 he was a big part of the phillies playoff run last year he had a half dozen home runs um to get help get them to the world series but yeah free agent at the end of the season and we know the phillies are dealing with other injuries even as they get ready to break spring training uh bryce harper he could be out until the all-star break but he had the tommy john surgery in november and then uh their top pitching prospect is also out too uh he's got it doesn't sound like it's extremely serious but anytime it's an elbow injury it makes you nervous he's got a sprained ligament in his right elbow so the phillies will be dealing with injuries to start the season and it kind of puts a damper on things but this one sucks because we talked about the wbc right and how the debate was raging whether or not these guys who are in line to be paid millions and millions of dollars from their major league baseball clubs should be putting their bodies on the line or taking the risks of playing in an exhibition again that's the american perspective because we don't see these international tournaments with the same fervor and tenacity and excitement and also just the same national pride as what many other countries do fine to each his own i don't believe that the wbc poses any more risk than and does spring training but then you've got the andrew uh andrew you've got the adam wainwright injury too that he suffered he was working out on tuesday he wasn't scheduled to pitch on tuesday in the championship but he suffers a groin injury so he's going to start the season on the il jose altuve is out for two months he can't do anything for two months after getting hit by a pitch and needing surgery so he's gone for at least two months if not longer the the biggest being the edwin diaz torn acl not torn acl uh patellar remind me what it was dislocated patellar tendon something like that and so the edwin diaz injury actually has him out for a year that wasn't even in the course of a baseball play it was celebrating after uh after the team mex remind me who he's with he was with porter rico porter rico yes thank you uh after the porter rican squad had come up with a big win it was against venezuela right if i remember correctly and i didn't remember correctly obviously uh and so just the rash of injuries now to high profile players but here we have reese huskins who's in one of his last spring training games and is making a routine baseball play with no contact around him no extra risk quote unquote and he's done for more than likely the season so you always are taking a risk anytime you step out there on the field but it's it would hurt me more it just got to be a little more devastating with a little extra sting because it happens so close to opening day here's wayne right by the way on his injury you know something was weak or something was compromised or something was overcompensating for something else and that's what happened so um it's a little i think it's called the adductor magnus um so it's it's not somewhere in there in the groin or you know around the area but it's not a hammy it's not a groin i test out really well with all those it's that muscle in particular so um yeah they're telling me it's not too serious don't get too crazy disappointed you know you'll be back soon so that's what i'm that's what i'm thinking of it what do you do with your arms well that's good uh except that at 41 years old sometimes it takes those muscles a little harder or a little longer to recover um but he sounds relatively unconcerned but here's the sad part this is his last season with the cardinals and he was scheduled to be their opening day starter so he isn't now as he goes into his 18th season with st louis instead he begins the year on the il so more disappointment from him but man just a crushing blow to the fillies and and specifically to reese hoskins it's after hours with amy lawrence k state michigan state uh i was gonna say a duel to the death is that too melodramatic no because they're eliminated well true that that is true it just sounds very it's intense yeah it sounds it does sound very intense it sounds a little bit melodramatic it sounds very mid-eastern or medieval a duel to the death in madison square garden a duel to the death at the mecca i like it there you go i mean it's theater of the mind you are listening to the after hours podcast auser sets the screen moves away right where the walker takes to the baseline cuts in whips to the left corner akins open for three good jayden akins four three-pointers tonight it's a two-point case state lead with a minute 25 to go hogard moves left down the switch by tomlin accelerates into the lane double team throws up a back shot no good tipped in by hall and a foul weak side rebound by malik hall and he banked it off the glass took the contact and all of a chance to get michigan state within one 18 seconds to go michigan state down by two walker veers to his left he's got the big guy tomlin on him 12 seconds to go brings to the top nine seconds walker put him between the legs drives on corner leans in his left hand bank is good the game is tied five seconds to go it bounced to noel across midcourt three seconds noel gets in the lane left hand shot no good rebound got it outside and we will go to overtime in this east regional semi-final this is after hours with amy lawrence oh it was glorious and whether or not you've ever been to madison square garden whether or not you believe it's the world's most famous arena i think it's kind of uh pompous if you will that people in new york named it the world's most famous arena maybe for a different generation but there are a lot of really amazing atmospheres around the country in sports now regardless there's a ton of history there and you don't often get these late stages of college basketball at madison square garden because it's the home of the nicks and there's other events going on there and so it's kind of neat that you had not only a game that goes into overtime between michigan state and kansas state but if you were paying attention and this is gary cohen on the westwood one ncaa radio network whether gary or whether watching the games on tv you heard more than likely multiple times there were at least three players that were new york city natives or new york area natives and got to play at home so to speak so a really cool atmosphere i will say this about msg the acoustics are brilliant i mean i've been there for concerts i've seen two billy joel concerts there which are epic and i've seen a i've actually called a game at madison square garden believe it or not it was one of the highlights of my career i called a women's college basketball game there on tv once uh rebecca lobo and i did the game and so it's it's an amazing acoustical place too if you're in tv or radio the noise is is amazing for sporting events uh and for concerts but the history there is what makes it and so if you're a new york city native and you've never played there before i can understand the draw or the attraction and there were a lot of stars that were out of course michigan state specifically has a very healthy and vocal and active alumni base that tend to follow around the basketball team it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio neither team led by more than eight points in this game so you had a few surges here and there but really the underlying theme the kansas state point guard marquis noel a harlem native who stands incidentally the same height as bryce young or maybe a little bit shorter than bryce young but he's five eight and he was setting up his teammates brilliantly to the point where he set a new ncaa tournament record with get this 19 assists 20 points 19 assists five steals all of this on a sore ankle so if you missed it late in the first half he goes out for a short time he had to get his ankle retaped it was bothering him clearly kind of stepped on it wrong and it tweaked it and so he leaves the game he gets it taped that's the only time that michigan state really grabbed any momentum was when he was out of the game once he came back in he had this one shot that he he saved it he he was going away from the hoop so he's going toward the three-point line all hell's breaking loose the shot clock's running down he turns the corner on his defender and one-handed he's not even facing the hoop one-handed off the wrong foot he heaves it up to the bucket it bangs off the glass and down through the cylinder so he was living a charmed life as well but yeah putting himself right place right time he would drive draw the defense and then dish and that's what a classic point guard does you force the issue you drive you're aggressive you cause the defense to come guard you and then when the d does that often there is another one of your teammates it'll be a either unguarded or we'll have an opening near the basket and so there were alley-oops there were layups i mean this was a clinic on being an aggressive point guard for marquis noel and as i say he is a harlem native so a harlem native excuse me so into overtime they go a minute 50 to go here's holgard spinning down the lane against noel and he banks it home a career high 25 for aj holgard and michigan state back in front 92 90 with a hundred seconds to go in overtime and now with a minute to play kansas state has the ball we're tied at 92 marquis noel throws to the rim for johnson who slams it in noel ties the record with his 18th assist johnson with the alley-oop slam and it's 94 92 k state noel's got the basketball 4.7 on the shot clock looking around still looking bounces went into the right corner masood is jumper good three-point lead for k-state 12 seconds to go and michigan state will use their final time out marquis noel actually set up a teammate for an alley-oop dunk in the late seconds i mean it was amazing i don't know how the space was there i just know that he and his teammates have a great rapport and to get johnson by the way keonte johnson missed time a couple of years ago i think he missed a season he had a health challenge and he was out for an entire year so this is kind of a a bit of redemption for him uh and so 19 assists 20 points five steals for noel and kansas state in the late stages it was it was really incredible to see uh because not only do they have do we have the we have the final montage jay okay yes all right so not only do you have this back and forth between the spartans and the wildcats and noel doing his thing on offense but ultimately with msu trailing by three points you've got you've got this awesome defensive stop by noel who again is the shortest guy on the court walker jumps it out to houser goes right wing to haul eight seconds out to walker walker tries to force one up it's stripped by noel who gets the basketball first noel drives in lays it up and it goes in at the buzzer and kansas state has advanced to the elite eight noel who has been the shining star tonight strip walker came up with the basketball laid it in right before the buzzer 98 93 kansas state defeats michigan state in a game for the ages it was the perfect ending for noel the perfect ending for kansas state because he gets a hand on the ball he slaps it away as the shot clock is running down in michigan state never got any space to get off a three initially i think the plan was probably not to get a three it looked like they might drive to the hoop and try to get an n1 but they didn't need to force the issue and take a three because there was still plenty of time you could go uh too far right and so instead they can't seem to get organized and there's three michigan state guys really on that right wing and they're trying to they're almost like hot potato you take it no you take it and so they are clumped in a group and as one of them attempts to take a three you get noel whose lower center of gravity smacks his hand down at the exact time knocks the ball away steals it and has a layup on the other end it was a classic way to finish so as i say he sets an ncaa tournament record with 19 assists this is probably my career high and assist you know ever i had a couple games of 14 a couple games of 17 back in high school but you know this one was special in front of my hometown in front of you know the city you know that loves me um i came and put into worries you know how blessed and grateful i am it wasn't quite a willis reed moment at madison square garden even this week as we lost willis reed but the fact that he was out and had to get his ankle taped and then came back in that was not only a big time a big moment for him but a lift for his teammates i just wanted to do it for my teammates man i just love being out there with with these guys um and i wasn't going to let a little injury like this that you know happens on the basketball court all the time to stop me from playing in the sweet 16 and advancing to the elite eight it means a lot i mean he's a starting point guard his iq is filled for the game he brings everybody confidence and for he came back i mean i felt like just everybody's seeing how he was trying to fight through his injury and we just wanted to fight back for him yeah so the idea that michigan state really only had any type of control or momentum only type of of real surge was when noel was out indicates once again his impact so i would say his plus minus number in this game was probably off the charts we'll hear from not just jerome tang but tom is oh we'll get passed into that next hour and we'll recap everything from suite 16 it's after hours cbs sports radio
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