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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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March 22, 2023 6:07 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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March 22, 2023 6:07 am

Who or what is the biggest enigma in sports? | QB News | Ask Amy Anything! 

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Hey guys, this is Kenan Thompson. I have a problem with you. Yes, you. None of y'all told me that Auto Trader has millions of new and used cars that I can shop from home. I thought we were friends.

I put smiles on your face, but I'm not smiling. No one told me that with Auto Trader a dealer can deliver cars to my home or that I could shop by price on Auto Trader. No one. Consider this friendship that you just learned we had officially over.

Finally, it's easy. Auto Trader. Getting to know yourself can be a lifelong process, especially since you're always growing and changing. Therapy is all about deepening that self-awareness because sometimes you don't know what you really want until you talk things through. BetterHelp connects you with a licensed therapist online who can take you on that journey of self-discovery from wherever you are. Visit slash positive today to get 10% off your first month. That's slash positive. I feel like pulling a fast one on producer Jay and asking him if he can spell the word enigma.

Would you like to try? E-N-I-G-M-A. There you go. Boom.

Look at that. I'm an enigma. You're not actually an enigma. I feel like you're the opposite of an enigma. Is there a lot of your life that's mysterious and doesn't make sense?

No, it's pretty straightforward. Yeah, I don't feel like you're an enigma, but I was thinking about Shohei Ohtani and that's the word that came to mind. Shohei Ohtani is an enigma. And if you're looking for the definition, it's a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand. I bet there are a lot of guys out there that say the women in their lives are enigmas. You know what?

Sometimes as women, we say that about you as men. But in the sports world, I thought it would be a fun question to ask. Where or who or what are the enigmas in sports?

But I've already claimed Shohei Ohtani. He's an enigma. And there are a lot of things that are enigmas.

Floating lights in the skies at night. I mean, they have a name, UFOs, but they are enigmas because we don't know what they are or where they come from. They're puzzling and they're mysterious. I do love the word puzzling. I'm going to try to work that into the show a little more often.

You want to know something crazy? I have a puzzle on my dining room table. I started it over a year ago and I have not finished it because on the weekends is really the only time I would do it. And oh my gosh, it feels like the last, I don't know, year plus.

I can barely keep up with the cleaning on weekends and the yard work on weekends. I got to get back to this puzzle because it makes me happy to do a puzzle and play piano on the weekends. Just sports never stop. So it is puzzling or difficult to understand or mysterious. The enigmas in sports.

I'm going Shohei Ohtani. I'd love to hear from you though. On Twitter, A Law Radio on our Facebook page too, After Hours with Amy Lawrence. I've got a few others in my brain that I want to say, but I mostly want you all to come up with some of your own. Come up with some of your own. The enigmas in sports. Sports enigmas. You say the word enough and it also becomes very mysterious and puzzling and difficult to understand. An enigma becomes an enigma.

The word enigma. I can't keep saying it. It sounds so odd now.

Have you ever done that? Said a word, I don't know, six, seven, eight times. The more you say it, the odder it sounds. Toy is that word.

Excuse me. Toy is that word for me. Toys? No, no S, just toy. Toy, toy, toy, toy, toy. Isn't it kind of weird?

You play with a toy, toy. Never thought about it that way, but if that's the word for you, I think if you say any word too often or too many times in a row, it can sound awkward and strange to our ears. But tonight's word, enigma. So on Twitter, on Facebook, who are, who or what are the enigmas in sports?

The stuff that just is difficult to understand defies logic. I would say that the NFL in some cases is an enigma. The way that games finish very often can be enigmas. And in the NFL, it's so competitive that yes, a team with no wins can beat the best team on any given Sunday. There's no such thing as a cream puff in the NFL.

And even if it is a cream puff, those guys are still out there, the coaching staff, the players are still out there giving it everything they've got. The word unicorn gets thrown around in sports every now and then for an athlete that maybe has skills that defy his or her size, or has a skill set that you wouldn't expect from someone, again, of let's say someone who looks real thick and solid, but can move, can run like you wouldn't expect. That's the great thing about world-class athletes is a lot of times they do surprise us with what they're capable of.

But Shohei Ohtani, he's unique. He is a unicorn and it is awesome not only to watch him, but to know that he excels. Despite all the preparation and the work he has to do to be good on the mound and in the box, he excels at both of those things. And sure, it's talent, but at this level, it's not just talent. There are a lot of talented guys. But to make it and to succeed with both crafts means that you're constantly prepping, right?

The technology that goes into it, the time for his body to recover is less. He's unique. And so that that word, if you think about athletes or really any circumstances in sports, unique could be another way. Unique, strange, odd, weird, abnormal, atypical, unconventional is a good word. All of those can go along with enigma.

Shohei had never finished a game in either Japan or in Major League Baseball. It's cool to see him smile too. He's got a great smile. So you've got the opportunity to find us on Twitter or Facebook. We've got Ask Amy Anything about 30 minutes from now. I hope that you enjoyed the World Baseball Classic. I did. The 36,000 people who were jammed into the stadium in Miami certainly did. I'll be anxious to see what the TV ratings are, what the viewership looks like. It was on Fox Sports 1, so not Big Fox.

But the buzz building up to this rematch between Japan and Team USA and all the superstar power, the fact that it was close throughout and that the Americans wasted a couple of prime opportunities when they could have either tied or taken the lead, I really enjoyed it. I was doing yoga and my laptop with the Zoom call, the instructor on Zoom, was set up in front of the TV so that I could see my big screen TV behind her head, my yoga instructor. And there were times when I did position myself and say a downward dog in which I could also take peeks at the TV. And I kept the lights out so she couldn't really see which way my eyeballs were looking. But the flash of the TV and the different, you know, the brightness that would change, the texture of the brightness that would change, it was very clear in my little window on Zoom that there was something going on behind her head. I don't know if she noticed, but I did do the whole yoga class. I just didn't do the rest with my eyes closed, the final pose where you kind of lay there like a corpse. I didn't do that with my eyes closed.

I had my head tilted and I was peeking around my shoulder just so I could see what was happening on TV. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio, 855-212-4227. Jack is listening in Detroit. Jack, welcome to the show. Hey, big fan. I listen to you every day. I'm a nice shift on my way home. Oh, cool.

Thank you. I wanted to bring up actually, you know, Miguel Cabrera. I'm not trying to sound like a homer, you know, from Detroit. I don't care if you're a homer.

There's no rule against that. Well, ever since, you know, he had his little publicity with the, I don't know, it was the alcohol thing. He's just been so silent, you know, ever, unless it was like, you know, some of the milestones he hit recently and, you know, I know we have him for another year and it's like you haven't heard anything from him. Like he's, you know, he's Hall of Fame, he's, you know, et cetera, all pro, you name it. But I don't know.

I'm a big fan of the show and I always wondered, you know, like what happened after all that? Because you never heard anything like you would see me just show up to training camp, you know, all smiles on Lakeland, Florida. You know, I've seen a couple of those spring training games and he's just a whole different person, but you know, no, it was just silent after that. And it's like, you know, you always see him as that happy, cheerful guy. And, you know, honestly, that's what I see him with, you know, everyone, everyone goes through their crap, but, uh, enigma. Yeah.

That's how I can relate to the work. I just want to clarify, you're referring to the deck, the, I mean, it's, it's over a decade old now, the incident where he, he got stopped for driving under the influence, but then also went to rehab for alcoholism. Is that what you're referring to? Okay. Yeah. I mean, I would say that he probably cleaned up his life and decided he didn't want to be in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Oh yeah, for sure. And then, you know, during his whole, like, you know, start stardom, like you didn't hear anything from him, like, you know, you know, publicly, you know, he got his life together, but I feel like there's just like that, you know, he's the happy, cheerful guy, you know, and, and, uh, I don't know, but you never know what's going on. You know, I can, you know, I, I know how hard that can be. And I know how, uh, he's, uh, he's gotten over his struggles over time, you know, so enigma it's like, you know, you, you never know what someone's capable of. Well, I think in many cases, human beings are capable of making better decisions. And when we're talking about addiction, you get free from that and you get sober and you get some of that, uh, time and equity built up and, and yeah, a lot of people are happier.

A lot of people feel like they're set free and they've got greater peace because they've conquered their demons, so to speak. And in his case, he grew up. I mean, that was, gosh, that was 12, 13 years ago when that happened. And it came to a head, if you remember, because he got, uh, he, um, got accused of domestic violence. There was a complaint against him.

Um, I don't know if he's still married to the same woman, but his wife at the time. Uh, and so it kind of came to a head because of his alcohol and because of his drinking issues. So good for him for cleaning up his life. Not every superstar wants to be in the spotlight.

Not every superstar wants to have their entire life on and off the field in this case put on blast. Yeah, you're absolutely right. You're absolutely right. And tell Jay to stop talking the candy.

Yeah, seriously, not just that, but like giving it away to people who have no business playing with our candy stash. Thank you, Jack, for being on my side. Thank you. Let's talk to Brad who's in Tennessee. Brad, welcome to After Hours.

What do you think? Good morning, Miss Amy. How are you? I'm good. Thank you.

Great. I think Carrie Irving, you know, who knows what this guy is. Uh, unfortunately off the court, he is, uh, very mysterious. You know, you know what you're getting on the court from him, but sometimes you just never know.

Yeah, he's not always on the court, but definitely, uh, when he's off the court, it's almost like a powder keg. It is really hard to understand how he can squander many times what feels like this incredible opportunity so many people would be blessed to have or thankful for. And yet he doesn't seem to appreciate it and couldn't care less if it goes away.

At least that's how he treats it. He says one thing and he does another. Is he really this strange to, you know, he said the world is flat or is he just trying to play it off like he's not a smart person or whatever? Well, I do think he likes to bait people. I do think he enjoys that cat and mouse element with social media. And while I do think he gets inside his own head too, and he goes down these rabbit holes where it's impossible to follow him. I don't get most of what he's saying.

He's, he also enjoys that game of trying to hook people, hook the media, get them talking about him. And so definitely when you talk about kind of these two sides of his personality, there's this one side that says, hey, leave me alone. I don't want to be the center of the, of attention. I don't want anyone talking about me.

Stop talking about me. And yet his actions tell a completely different story as though he's crying out for attention. Hey, one last thing with James, I've got a nickname for him. He's a, he's a candy Don. He's trying to pull all the strings where the candy is concerned. So here's the thing, Brad, we had a listener to the show, give us a gift to the candy warehouse, the gift cards that we could replenish the stash, but it comes with the caveat that producer Jay is not allowed to do anything with the candy unless he has verbal and or written permission from the host of the show. So now he's got no choice. If he wants the candy, he's got to behave and stop playing fast and loose with our stash. Hey, and we all know James wants the candy. He does.

He thinks it's one of the four food groups. Have a good night. Thank you, Brad. Listening in Tennessee, who or what are the biggest enigmas in sports?

I'm going Shohei Ohtani. I love the Kyrie Irving answer. That is a great response.

I've also seen one for Aaron Rodgers. That comes from Tracy. So yes, you can find us on Twitter here. I'll retweet.

So it's either on my Twitter, A Law Radio or our show Twitter and then our Facebook page too. And while you're there, just a few minutes left to ask Amy anything. So send your questions in producer Jay when he's not trying to stuff his face full of candy. I actually don't think we have any candy, do we? I wonder whose fault that is. I'm not sure we have any.

What happened to it? No, we check the communal stash. We've been down that road. There is no communal stash. We were the ones providing the communal stash. I don't you goofball. You were duped. Just admit it. You were duped. Trying to do one nice thing. No, you weren't trying to do one nice thing. You were trying to be part of a candy community but they duped you. It was a sham.

Like those ones you get on email that come from the weird addresses that have 17 different characters and you know it's not, it's way too good to be true. So the co-worker promised you that you'd won a million dollars in free candy. All you have to do is give up your stash and lock it into this locker where you can't access it and then whoa what happened? Ours disappeared and you never got any in return. I just, I kind of feel like you're a little bit naive in that case with our candy.

You should be protecting it with your life. I was just trying to add to the total. I got a little greedy I guess.

Did you ever see any other candy? No. Took his word. Learned my lesson.

Maybe. I mean it's a deal I might make again if I had a chance. Learn your lesson with your own candy.

I'm just saying moving forward when the candy stash is replenished now that we have the very generous gift card and you've freaked out over the candy warehouse website. It was like the Russell Wilson trade. It looked so good on paper and then it just did not work out that way. It's gonna be better than the Russell Wilson. Oh you mean the the deal that the co-worker offered you?

Yes. Except it wasn't even in writing. It wasn't on paper.

That's true. At least we had proof that the Russell Wilson trade was legit regardless of what happened after that. Yeah Jay just offered up the candy as though he was so desperate to be part of a village. You know it takes a village to build up a candy community and he was so desperate to be loved and respected and appreciated and included. He gave up our candy stash. Apparently I'm not enough for him. He needs the validation of others here in the newsroom.

That's not it. I was trying to get more for us. Just trying to secretly. And yet you never got proof of life. There was no proof of life from the rest of the candy. Where was the rest of the candy is the question. I still don't know. Huh. We still don't have it.

I wonder why that is. This candy cache C-A-C-H-E that we will soon have access to. There's going to be inventory. That's going to be your new gig. You're doing candy inventory.

Yes we're keeping tabs. We're going to put like marks on the bag. I don't mind being generous. You know me. I bake. I give it all away. Sometimes I give your gifts away to other people. You know that happens.

They get very excited about the baked goods. So sometimes I take away from your cookie stash. And so we like to be generous here on the show.

We give away after hours swag and the like. But just the fact that you did this without consulting me. I feel like we've been over this. You wouldn't have been on board? I think with giving away our candy without seeing what the stash was.

That's where I went wrong. I should have seen the candy that they were providing and been like oh okay yeah I see it. But also that doesn't explain why it was locked in a locker that we couldn't access.

I don't know. I mean I've gotten in there since. At first the code that whole situation was a little suspect. But yeah it was a little suspect. A little bit.

The co-worker gave Jay three different combinations and he still couldn't get in. Nope. Huh. Weird how that happens. Who or what are the enigmas in sports? We got a post up on Twitter and Facebook.

You can also send your questions for Ask Amy anything. Let's see coming up. Oh Baker Mayfield. He's still talking about how he's not going to be Tom Brady. Why is that even a question?

Is it just me or do I feel like that is not necessary? We don't need to hear you say you're not going to be Tom Brady. You're Baker Mayfield. And Mark Murphy the president of the Packers offers a a cryptic update on Aaron Rodgers to the Jets. That's a good word cryptic. Oh I like that word. Okay.

Cryptic enigma. I'm offended. I can hear Aaron Rodgers in my head. What is that about? I'm offended. See what I mean?

How could you possibly say that? He didn't speak on Tuesday correct? Dang it.

That's too bad. It's after hour. You know I'm being sarcastic right?

I just want to be sure everyone knows that was my love language sarcasm. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours. It's March.

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Search for NCAA March Madness right here in the Odyssey app to get started. Podcast. Rory back to throw. And it is.

Is it lost? Oh my goodness it's on. DeAndre Hopkins calling. Back from under center.

Steps back. Throws the fake. Cooper cuts got him. Touchdown L.A. Burrow back to throw.

Looking. Firing deep for Chase in the end zone. He's got it. Touchdown.

Joe Burrow in the bagels. The holmes fires for the end zone. Touchdown Kansas City. Off the echo again.

No. Herbert keeps it. End zone. Touchdown Chargers. Herbert with his second of the day.

Here's the snap. John going to keep it himself and run it again inside the five. Into the end zone. Touchdown Buffalo. Josh Allen nine yard touchdown run. The Bills respond and then some. It's time for QB news on After Hours. We're going to squeeze into QB news here before we get to the favorite segment of the week. Ask Amy anything.

So you've got a couple of minutes here. Send your questions to our show Twitter After Hours CBS or to our Facebook page and we got a bunch of answers coming in already. Who or what are the enigmas in sports these days? I've already got dibs on Shohei Ohtani. We'll talk more about the Japanese champion at the top of the hour but want to quick give you an update on the latest with Lamar Jackson to start QB news. According to Pro Football Talk a rep for Lamar. I don't know who that is because he doesn't have an agent. Maybe it's a family member but a rep for him has started reaching out to other teams not the Ravens but other teams to try to generate a trade or at least generate some trade talk. It sounds like he is interested now in moving on from Baltimore. According to the report for Pro Football Talk he's actually not hell-bent or dead set on a fully guaranteed deal but he is looking for something northward of 200 million dollars. Remember Deshaun Watson had 230 million dollars guaranteed by the Browns last year. He wants at least 200 million and so with with Lamar and his team at a stalemate with the Ravens they've now got someone out there seeing if they can drum up any interest among other teams. The problem is there aren't that many teams left who still need quarterbacks but maybe they can maybe they can spark the Packers into getting the deal done if they reach out to the Jets.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. Speaking of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers and the Jets, Mark Murphy was speaking at a tech convention at Lambeau Field on Tuesday and he's of course asked a question about what's the latest with their hall of fame QB. Obviously we have the draft coming up you're in free agency. Yeah and you know we've got no other news really going on. Now we are, I would love to tell you everything you want to know about Aaron Rodgers and the Jets but I've under sworn secrecy not to say anything.

So this is via WLUK-TV in Green Bay but at this tech convention so he's off mic obviously. I would love to tell you everything you want to know about Aaron Rodgers and the Jets but I'm sworn to secrecy not to say anything. Aaron Rodgers he's also an enigma we've had one answer come in about him too. All right so that's the latest with the Packers and the Jets essentially there's nothing new with the Packers and the Jets. The Bucks have already filled their quarterback spot in the wake of Tom Brady but here's the thing Baker Mayfield you don't actually have to keep saying that you are not Tom Brady.

We know this and the more you emphasize it the stranger it sounds. There's no may have been he definitely is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game so on that note I can't fill those shoes I'm going to wear my own and do the best I can to do that and so I know I'm a good quarterback I know I'm a good leader so I'm going to do the try and be the best version of myself and throughout that process and there's people here that have been very close with Tom and have been around them to see his work ethic and what made him truly great so I'm going to take some advice from those people and what he did specifically and go from there. I don't know Baker Mayfield might be a bit of an enigma as well that's on Sirius XM NFL radio. I get that people are asking him about stepping into the spot that was held by Tom Brady but it's not even his job yet in fact he's not been christened the starter in Tampa. It's competition yeah they've made it very clear and I'm happy about that to me competition brings the best out of everybody so be competing with Kyle Trask and just see where it goes and hopefully the whole team the whole building feels that competition and it drives everybody to keep pushing. He's on a one-year proven deal I'm happy for him we've already told you multiple times this week actually going back to last week that we are team Baker this year in the NFL because he was dealt a raw deal by the Browns and I love a good redemption story but yeah there there are times when Baker Mayfield defies logic just you know don't mention stop talking about Tom Brady it's it's not necessary. See you guys on Monday. Speaking of Tom he took to twitter now this is Patriot's twitter to give some love and appreciation and congrats to his longtime teammate Devin McCourty who's retiring. Congratulations on your retirement I'm so happy for you I know how hard you worked over a long period of time seeing you come in as a young player and to maximize your potential starting at corner when you balled out your rookie year and then made a big transition to safety and became one of the best safeties in the history of the NFL speaks to who you are and what you're all about. So now both the McCourty twins are retired Devin is the one who spent his entire career with the Patriots so we're talking about a career that started in 2010 and just wrapped up this year he's been extremely durable in fact the last two seasons has played every game for the Pats and has multiple championships in there as well I need to hear Tom Brady's voice again until he gets back to his podcast but for now that on Patriot's twitter let's see uh former another former future Hall of Fame quarterback does that make sense yes future former former future Hall of Fame QB Ben Roethlisberger was doing an interview in Pittsburgh on 105.9 with Mark Madden and get this the 49ers actually contacted him last season to gauge his interest in returning to the field last year there were some truths to the Niners thing um just just in the sense that they were I think reaching out for some just to maybe gauge my interest right and so I I had discussions and so you know that's all I'm I don't want to sit here and say that I was going around like that they called to gauge interest okay I had conversations with my agent with my wife my family prayed a lot about it and and you know I'd be lying if I didn't say there wasn't like a small part of me that was intrigued like oh man I could you know I could still do it like prove to people right that I could still play but at the end of the day um I was I just can't see myself in anything other than black and gold and I think that honestly was kind of my even you know they had a great chance I think to win a Super Bowl I it would have been hard for me to go try to win a Super Bowl anywhere else but here so at the end of the day it was the smallest little bleep in my heart to go play again smallest little bleep not blip or heartbeat no it was a bleep it sounds like something I would say Ben Roethlisberger with Mark Madden confirming the report that he at least considered partnering with the Niners when they were going through all their QB travails remember they started with Trey Lance that lasted all of what two games not even two full games then it was Jimmy Garoppolo then it was Brock Purdy but man it couldn't have worked out better for Brock until the NFC Championship game another former QB I don't think he's headed for the Hall of Fame but Kim Newton not officially retired in fact worked out at Auburn's pro day on Tuesday through 30 balls and while he declined to speak with the media his brother was there talking about how Kim did this as a favor to him and then Auburn running back prospect Tank Bigsby was gushing over practicing with Cam if you're always searching for your next great adventure or seeking answers to complex questions if you think of yourself as someone who takes charge is there for others breaks down barriers or sees the world for what it can be then you're just what we're looking for CIA is searching for women of all skill sets with these traits and others to join the Directorate of Operations and help protect our nation visit careers see yourself here it was smooth I actually didn't get to throw with Cam but his energy here was good just having the Auburn legend in the building you know Sam him out there just competing at the age he is and what he already accomplished that should that should have made me made it made me want more you know just seeing him out there doing that what he already accomplished in his life 30 throws made by Cam at a big smile on his face and he was yelling they put some music on he started he started singing and also just that personality that shines through the megawatt smile that has not changed about Cam Newton always appreciated that he he gave us a lot of energy and there was never a dull moment around cam ever tell me how these randoms keep getting jobs randoms randos how do these randos keep getting jobs I'm not 32 I mean I I think I would have agreed with him when he said that I'm not 32 all right one more and this is about a quarterback Darren Waller speaking out he was traded from the AFC west to the NFC beast where he now partners with Daniel Jones and that giant's offense I would say first I have an advantage just with height and leaping ability and being able to have a big catch radius but also I feel like in the red zone things get tighter things happen faster I feel like I recognize where holes are and can make those contested catches and those tight spots because it's never really easy or given to you down there in the red zone so I feel like the combination of those two things and usually having a good idea of what the defense is doing combining those gives me an advantage down there to make a play I gotta tell you as a long time Denver Broncos fan I'm not sorry to see Darren Waller out of the AFC west and selfishly again as a fan of another team it'd be okay if Austin Eckler gets traded somewhere else I don't think it's a great move for either the Raiders or the Chargers if you want to be good but man what a weapon for Daniel Jones that's Darren Waller on NFL total access all right who are the enigmas in sports who are what are the enigmas in sports uh good answers on our Facebook page Eric says Kyler Murray oh yes oh yes Kyler Murray Joe goes with Sidney Crosby mid-30s still playing like he's 18 but with all the knowledge and the experience that comes with that sometimes I feel like Sidney Crosby been playing in the NHL for 30 years it seems like forever uh so love to hear your responses on Twitter as well a law radio Byron says the Ravens thought process not giving Lamar what he wants also an enigma straight ahead ask Amy anything last couple minutes to get your questions into our show Twitter after hours CBS or that Facebook page you are listening to the after hours podcast this is after hours with Amy Lawrence time to ask Amy anything a sort of if it is now your Wednesday morning oh you got this it's your hump day you're heading into this middle day of the work week so you can do it ah it's our hump show and I will be taking all types of drugs today too in my attempt to sleep Jay and I figured out that neither one of us has slept real well since the time change I don't know why that would matter it doesn't seem like it should but a variety of different circumstances and yet not for about a week and a half as either one of us had a real good night of sleep or day of sleep so hoping for that today I mean call the boss if you need to tip off HR I'm definitely taking drugs so I can sleep it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS sports radio if it takes a coma I just want to sleep that's it thank you for all your questions for ask Amy we're asking you who or what are the enigmas in sports I claim Shohei Ohtani he's the reason I'm asking the question so on either of our social media sites we're happy to take your answers but for now producer Jay is back in to saddle all right I gotta start here talk about being tired we need some energy Randy wants to know if you could only have one kind of candy or sweet for the rest of your life what would it be chocolate no doubt about it I cannot live without chocolate and I heard a couple years ago there that we were building in the world toward a cocoa shortage and I I just what no that can't be possible I'm a chocolate hoarder I always have chocolate in the house a variety of types of chocolate and actually I've eaten lots of chocolate from other countries Jay's brought chocolate back from multiple places in Europe I have a friend who's Finnish when she came back from Finland most recently by the way happiest country in the world according to recent survey she brought me back Finnish chocolate so yes love love love chocolate and could not live without it when chocolate is gone so am I that got me thinking of baking so let's get into a baking question here that got you thinking of baking yes okay I like it yeah let's see Eric wants to know what's your go-to cookie when you have to bake a quick batch oatmeal well oatmeal butterscotch is fairly easy but if I need to just go quick I I usually do an oatmeal chocolate chip or the island cookies that I make are pretty easy too and those are also very delicious it's let's see my my brain is not working coconut peanut is it coconut and walnut coconut walnut and chocolate chips that's what's in the island cookie so they're delicious yeah I mean regular basic chocolate chip is also good so any of those are relatively easy Luna says I grow a lot of tomatoes each summer and I make my own sauce and salsa oh whoa she asks have you ever canned or preserved any of your vegetables that you've grown actually don't grow any vegetables I've done tomatoes in pots I've never planted them in the ground so no I've never done any canning we've got multiple family members who are incredible at making preserves so jellies and that type of thing I've never done that I do love cooking and baking but canned goods and canning is probably beyond my patience level all right now for the question everyone's been waiting for really everyone everyone the great Amy Trask wants to know what other Amy's would be on team Amy and so Amy Trask and I and if you don't know who Amy is she's the longtime Raiders CEO who now is part of the CBS Sports family and is part of the other pregame show that other pregame show on tops it's the it's NFL Sunday mornings anyway she and I because we get along fabulously she and I are fast friends and we formed team Amy and so we very often we we chat about who else should be on team Amy so I got a few names are you ready one of my favorite actresses Amy Adams have you not seen her in leap year she is hysterical it's a it's a bit of an it's not an indie movie but it's kind of off the beaten path it's it's really funny I love Amy Adams she's one of my favorite actresses also this is going back a few years but my favorite all-time singer so I don't mean an an act necessarily a band but Amy Grant who not only did Christian music going back when I was a kid but also crossed over into the mainstream Baby Baby was hers just she's awesome plays guitar and writes all her own music so love Amy Grant love Amy Adams and then I would say Amy Dash who is our legal analyst here at CBS Sports Radio just an incredible woman who has a production company who's an attorney who's got a website she does interviews radio and tv so those would be my three Amy Grant, Amy Adams, Amy Dash to join team Amy and thank you Amy Trask or as I call her aim thank you for weighing in aim sounds like an all-star team team Amy unite well speaking of Amy JR wants to know if you could name yourself what name would you pick I'm not allowed to name myself Amy Amy's fine Amy works I do like the name Amy what I don't like is my middle name that still very few people are allowed to know yeah Jay swears he guessed it in the first try I think he googled it nailed it I also am a fan of the name Lily I really do like the name Lily but can I tell you now I didn't know this when my grandmother was alive I only found out after she passed away her two middle names Eugenia Genevieve so if I could now I know it sounds completely off the wall but if I could now and I had to rename myself my mom gave me Amy so I wouldn't change it but if I had to I might go with Eugenia Genevieve or one or the other Eugenia or Genevieve just because I would love for my grandmother's name to be carried on those are gorgeous names aren't these beautiful I desperately want a daughter so I can name her Eugenia Genevieve and carry on my grandmother's legacy in a form of of a baby I love that me too still praying for that I got you Grammy all right moving on here Carla wants to know would you have a better chance stopping a goal in a shootout as a soccer goalie or a hockey goalie I get to wear pads in hockey right yes between the pipes full pads okay thank god how about like a full facial helmet like the whole my whole face is covered there's no chance the puck can sneak through the bars right okay he's wearing you can wear I'm a wide load I'm big boned Italian girl so I'm okay that sounds funny to call me myself a wide load I mean you know what I mean I'm a big boned Italian girl I feel like if you put all those pads on me I would be just about as wide as the the opening at the goal so I'm gonna go hockey goalie yeah well soccer goalie seems impossible to stop a penalty kick no matter how good you have to guess right yeah all right moving on here Yvonne wants to know did you have pets growing up there is a part two to this question oh lots of pets our first pet was a cat when I was eight years old she lived to be 23 I think and so my first chore as a kid was cleaning cat litter which is why I'm just about done with cats because I'm tired of cleaning cat litter I've done it for most of my life we also had uh two German shepherds when I was younger uh we had our first Aussie when I was 16 I think our first Australian shepherd trinket was her name actually she had a full show name trinket for luck was her actual name so yeah we had pets all along and part two she wants to know how did penny get her get her name well she is the color of a copper penny or a bronze penny and my two nieces they both wanted to name the dog and they gave me a list of names each of them this is hysterical 11 years ago they gave me a list of names the only one that was on both lists penny so for years Deanna thought she named her and Lauren thought she named her they actually had an argument about it when they realized that they both had had a hand in naming her last one here before rapid fire bam bam axe did you ever make the juicy Lucy's well we tried didn't we we did try to make juicy Lucy's the problem is the hamburger patties were too thick and so I we bought patties we put the cheese in the middle it just the problem is the cheese kind of melted and disintegrated because the we had to cook it so long for the burgers to be done so that was actually our fault we needed to make thinner patties we have to try that again the effort was there I mean it almost worked yeah I mean Jay didn't Jay was going to stand around and watch me make the burgers was kind of the deal but oh yeah oh my gosh why do you always attempt to change and revise history that didn't happen uh-huh we both made them uh-huh all right let's get into some rapid fire bacon and eggs or sausage and eggs sausage and eggs beach or lake beach balcony or terrace balcony root beer or cream soda oh I don't like root beer cream soda crab cake or lobster roll crab cake trivia or card game well both I love Trivial Pursuit I'm the queen of Trivial Pursuit but card games is what my family and I we generally do we play Euchre we play Five Crowns is my mom's favorite so we did that every night over Christmas break was Five Crowns Taj Mahal or Colosseum Colosseum as in Rome yes okay I'll go Rome because it's Italy and I'd love to visit Italy last one here M&M's regular or Kit Kat M&M's oh wow I know straight chocolate so pretty so good so tasty thank you guys it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio
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