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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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March 16, 2023 6:07 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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March 16, 2023 6:07 am

The candy has disappeared. How much would you wager on a March Madness bracket? |Ja Morant issued an 8-game suspension by NBA for hand gun video | Edwin Diaz gets wheelchaired off the field at World Baseball Classic.


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Which teams will pull off an upset? Who's going to cover the spread? BetQL handles all the hard work so you can win more consistently. Head to today to start your three-day free trial. That's today to start your three-day free trial. I actually felt a little badly for Aaron on Wednesday, but not for long. He's fine apparently and he's he's also going to continue to play football and make a ton of money and he's going to use this as motivation just like anybody else who suffers a disappointment or a door closed in their faces. So I really I only felt bad from him as a as a fellow human who knows what it's like to to have your employer or really a person in a relationship move on and decide that you're not what they want anymore.

I feel like we can all empathize with that. So more from Aaron coming up later on, but we're going to pivot a little bit here this hour and talk some hoops. We did hear from Ja Morant on Wednesday for the first time and also the NBA weighs in with what they will deem an eight-game suspension. Now he's already missed six games. That does count as time served according to the reports.

So he only has two more games in which he has to sit out. Don't know if he'll be done with his counseling with the facility that he's entered. We don't really have a timetable when it comes to his treatment, but interestingly enough while Taylor Jenkins told us that Ja's time away from the Grizzlies was for the purposes of healing and a reset, focusing on his mental health, the NBA is saying it was a suspension. They had to go through their full investigation and they essentially came to the same conclusion in the NBA league offices as the Glendale Police did. There's no way to determine if the gun he brandished in that shotgun Willy's nightclub was his gun. The NBA has no evidence that it was on the team plane or again that it was his gun, that it was on the team plane, that he had it on NBA property, meaning they were in Denver to take on the Nuggets, so that he had it at the facility. He had it at the facility.

The conclusion is the same. There's not enough to charge him with and there's not enough to indicate for sure that he broke NBA rules. But the suspension is about how he's handled himself, the embarrassing position he put not just himself in but the Grizzlies, the fact that he's playing fast and loose and waving a gun around in the nightclub. It may not be criminal but it's not the image that the NBA wants to portray and in the collective bargaining agreement there are very specific guidelines and rules about guns but we know that in the past they've come down hard when it had to do with guns and it's a lot more about their image, it's a lot more about what they would consider their responsibility in terms of their social justice and and setting a tone not just for their fan base and for their core fans but recognizing that they have a responsibility and they don't want to portray a particular culture.

They did investigate. He will be allowed back with the Grizzlies after two more games though again I don't know if he'll be done with his own rehab or done with his own counseling when it's the first time we hear from him. Other NBA storylines according to one of the Lakers they're running out of time. The Warriors still can't win on the road though they gave it a better effort in Los Angeles against the Clippers and if you are not paying attention to the Sacramento Kings you are missing out and doing so to your own detriment. So we'll get to the NBA here coming up it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio 855-212-4227 that's 855-212-4CBS no matter how much you say to me that no one cares about Aaron Rodgers and that you don't want to hear about him anymore I'm not doing my job if I don't talk about it I've already given you fair warning if you don't want to hear about it hey there's music stations I'm sure there's an all baseball channel where you can hear about the WBC or spring training you should know by now if you listen to this show for any length of time that I talk about what the people are talking about and today this week this is what peeps are talking about the very fact that you would take the time to say no one cares is indicative of a fact that you're annoyed that too many people care it's like Rodgers saying I'm fine over and over again you tell me no one you tell me no one cares and I know it's the exact opposite and that's what bothers you it's totally fine it really is totally fine it really is again phone number 855-212-4CBS on twitter after hours CBS on our facebook page too I have no idea how many people have signed up for the after hours bracket challenge I do know that you are inside of 12 hours until you no longer have the option I will readily admit that I am the leader of the procrastinator people those are my people procrastinator people I always wait till the last second not intentionally sometimes intentionally but not not always intentionally and I just haven't done it yet it's been a hectic week sleep has come at a major premium and so I haven't finished mine yet but I will in fact I have to because the family bracket is I'm the only one who hasn't done it yet and we've also got the after hours bracket challenge producer Jay and I do our own little side wager I'm thinking he owes me some candy anyway regardless of who wins this wager what did we wager last year producer Jay I believe it was candy right but I don't think it was candy for both of us I feel like it was candy for you and it was something else for me wasn't it I think it was because I wouldn't have wanted a five pound bag I gave you a five pound bag of sour patch watermelon yes you did that's what makes Jay happy you want to know the secret to Jay's heart it's sour patch watermelon it helps although those are a little scarce these days I haven't seen them as much in the stores instead we've tried well we tried until they were stolen sour patch grapes and sour patch peaches is what I gave you for your trip to Europe yeah they're like experimenting with all these new different fruits now they're really kind of drying away from the straw from the uh watermelon I've seen strawberries mangoes grapes mangoes yeah that sounds delicious yeah uh the peaches I don't know they just keep popping up with these new ones and they're not even sour though that's the weird thing kind of they've dialed back on the sour so that was what I gave you because Jay beat me last year in the after hours well in our personal bracket challenge but I don't remember what it was that you had to you had to give me if it wasn't sour patch no I think it might have been a big huge bag of lime chips to see those lime chips maybe you think it's possible why do I feel like it was cereal cereal oh yeah I don't know I don't think they ever eat cereal as a snack sure we do you brought an apple jack's once oh actually multiple times I think that you might be right I feel like it was cereal yeah apple jack's phase my mom when I was a kid would only let us eat apple jacks if we also had cheerios with them and my brother would put like four cheerios in the bowl and then half the apple jack's bag and then would finish the milk and he would he knew I wasn't a morning person so he would race down the stairs the second the alarm went off at the second my mom said hey you guys time to get up he would race down the stairs finish the apple jacks finish the milk and and he would be sure then that I would not get any that was his thing because he knew I never raced anywhere in the morning yeah well he's ready for his day so I guess that's oh yeah you know that explains everything um so okay so what's the wager this year then what are we wagering are you back to five pound bags of sour patches it was good luck it was a pretty good prize I will say it was enjoyed lasted for months it lasted like six months yeah it lasted a long time I got good use out of that so that was a good one um I don't want to wager that again because I end up eating too much candy and I just don't think that's a good idea I'm in training for another half marathon and what did I say to you last year just give me four weeks with no candy four weeks no candy temptations you did well until I ran the half marathon so I end up eating too much of the candy so I'm thinking no to candy this year I would say like a round of golf but we already have one planned a golf ball collection you've started what if I give you some golf balls for your golf ball collection golf ball collection that could work box of golf balls what would you want not golf balls I have plenty of those you have plenty I want to play frisbee when was the last time we played catch it has been months since we played catch it has been a while after baseball season it's coming back around so I feel like we'll get the bug again is your glove still in your car in your trunk I think so huh I haven't used it what about that nasty pillow of yours that is not there that's on my bed I was kidding but you're so gross so gross why why do I even ask these gross ugly questions but it's not that gross if you it's so gross I pulled it out of your trunk and it was resting on your boots that probably have walked in dog poop and there's the pillow sitting there there's no dog poop in my trunk just a pillow your dog poop can easily get on your boots then your boots have dog poop residue and then your pillow ends up with disgusting sediment on it there is no dog poop residue on my boots you don't know that I suppose you're right I don't have a microscope or a exactly exactly it still grows it still contaminates the pillow what if the pillow what if it's not on the boots though then it's fine no it's not because the things in your trunk are dirty trunks get dirty that car is pretty new pretty clean how long until you get it fixed now we're not don't don't just hate the subject here all right so I don't know what producer Jay and I are going to wager but I do know that I always lose in these things because I try too hard that's the thing don't don't try so hard I always lose if you just go through and fill out a bunch of names and you don't even know what you're looking at like my nieces well then you're in a much better position than me my mom knows zilch she always just picks schools that she likes and she always does better than me I think it should last every year in the family bracket challenge so this year I'm just again just gonna go through and write a bunch of names down colors mascots team names you like that seems to work for some people for some people yeah I can't I can't in good conscience submit a bracket like that but what are we wagering I don't know oh you always say I don't know make a decision come on well I mean golf balls that's you don't want golf balls you don't want candy no so like two good things for you yes those are two good things for you I guess if we're assuming that you're going to win how about a ball game how about a what a ball game a bowl game ball baseball a baseball game yes like we're gonna play a baseball game no like if I win you buy the tickets and if you win I'll buy them oh I got you even though your all-star closer may not play all season oh segue did you like that segue it was good I was trying to soften the blow even a little bit okay well that's a great one for me because we do enjoy going to baseball games okay so here's the dealio yo oh Dave says he's making cereal even as we talk about cereal of course there's probably millions of people in the world right now who are eating cereal it's it's a great snack slash meal at any time of the day or night it's pretty versatile and universal when I changed my eating habits because that's just what I had to do to be healthy I had to limit my consumption of cereal and it was probably the hardest decision I only eat cereal twice a week now and it's so difficult for me it's probably the biggest temptation there are a lot of things that I can resist with my incredible willpower and self-control but cereal I have a really hard time with oh gosh and I just love pancakes and pure maple syrup so much too all right stop talking about cereal it's not helping me it's always good though I was a big Reese's Puff guy that's not cereal that's absolutely cereal it's candy it's just candy it's just puffy candy it's Reese's Puff cereal it's exactly it's Reese's as in Reese's cereal no I'm telling you it's can't how much sugar in a box of Reese's Puff look it up I'd rather not okay I'll bet you it has much sugar as the actual candy or is a can of soda how often I wish I could keep count of the number of times in the last year plus that Jay has called me right after he has awakened and he's already drinking his soda yeah I'm trying to get you to eat broccoli and you're resisting going the other way yeah yeah so not when we get to 4 000 subscribers on our YouTube channel though when we get to that Jay has to eat a gigantic I mean humongous I mean a vat of broccoli he doesn't even know what that is he has to eat a vat of broccoli okay so just continue to subscribe to the YouTube channel After Hours with Amy Lawrence because that's the only way that Jay's ever gonna make a healthy decision when it's forced on him when he loses a bet just wait you'll get old someday too just wait no vegetables in our March Madness bet oh no I like vegetables no but I like vegetables I have two fresh avocado in my fridge right now they're gonna go with my eggs in the morning that's nice I would eat that see avocado is actually a fruit oh but okay oh I don't know one of the same so if you no one says tomato if you would like to join the After Hours bracket challenge I guess Jay at some point will tell me if there's anyone in it maybe there's nobody in it he's like thumbs up oh yeah there's a person in it we got one we've got one person the winners get After Hours swag I'm just telling you you are not cool until you're wearing a t-shirt with my dog on the back all the cool kids are doing it I see what I'm saying so you can find the link to the After Hours bracket challenge at the top of our Twitter page After Hours CBS or the top of our Facebook page also named after the show if you wait till the last second like your host then of course something goes wrong we're not going to have the opportunity to fix it so I'd encourage you to do it tonight the bracket challenge is just one big event we have in the month of March do you know what else comes up in March Jay would you like to take a stab at it as in stab it stab it opening day no I mean a show event you goofball why you just ruined that I mean I just I put the ball in a tee and and it just went right over your head you somehow like swung and missed at the ball in the tee just I don't know what happened right there show event Jay what else happens in March show event oh never mind I can't wait for you let me know the what will be the fourth annual chubby bunny championship of course March Madness marshmallows or just March marshmallows ooh if you say that a few times really fast there's gonna be a problem March marshmallows marshmallows in March see marshmallows that's what's happening now marshmallows and marsh so we we know that we have Sean on board Sean Marash from the da show which follows us here on CBS Sports Radio we know that Billy's not allowed anymore he's only filming no he he neglected to tell us that he actually has a problem putting too much food in his mouth because he's a very active gag reflex so he turned out to be a total disappointment we think matt the musher will be joining us again from Alaska and so we just need one more participant any ideas who can we rope in Marco Marco Balletti Marco could be good thing is he leaves usually before Sean gets in so we're gonna have to rope in someone else who would we like to be our guinea pig a sacrificial lamb if you will in the chubby bunny challenge we had Pete from the da show run the board last year for us maybe he'd be interested he said he couldn't do it I don't know I could see him being a dark horse okay we'll have to figure it out we have to recruit one more unsuspecting participant for the after hours chubby bunny champion I lose every year because I can't stop laughing and because I have to emcee at the event at the same time that I am stuffing marshmallows into my cheeks no absolutely not it's gonna be audible man see what I mean see what I mean I also have to narrate and so it becomes a major problem to try to talk while you have marshmallows in your mouth oh that's it you're done so if you this is a reason why you need to subscribe to our youtube channel if you haven't yet first of all Jane needs to eat broccoli I mean that in and of itself should be enough second of all the chubby bunny world championship from 2022 is on our youtube channel top line oh maybe second line now because we've added a few more videos second line chubby bunny championship you can see the fallout if you will it's it's almost as though yeah there was plenty of fallout it's almost as though people nearly died in the studio jay and matt the musher are actually defending co-champions um but jay also had a moment where he projectile vomited a marshmallow and it went flying into the microphone smack it was so good yeah that was that was a dangerous moment it was a dangerous moment anyway that chubby bunny championship is on youtube so while you're there I'm enticing you go check it out and subscribe so jay has to eat broccoli okay coming up uh latest from the NBA Lakers you're going the wrong way and also Ja Morant speaks out for the first time we've got the conclusion of the first four in Dayton I mean look we've got a whole 20 minutes without talking about Aaron Rodgers boom baby it's after hours it's after hours I I mean I was so close to getting out of the segment without another major mishap and look what happens it's after hours here on CBS sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast all right Jackson 19-9 and a single block and a steal kick ahead to jimmy he broke out he got hit he got the bucket he'll head to the line and Tillman can't understand what happened here's what happened jimmy hit the brakes you hit him and he got a bucket jimmy snaps him right to love fires a three ready splashes a three three or seven from downtown for Kevin he's got 10 he's got 10 he's got 10 he's got 10 he's got 10 he's got 10 he's got 10 he's got 10 he's got 10 three three or seven from downtown for Kevin he's got 10 38 third quarter points for Miami Jones just bobbled it then he lost it and now bam has it cramming it off the feed ahead from Spruce 12 will run for the Miami Heat on the move oh caleb climbed to the top of his own mountain crushed it down and one he'll go to the line great feed and patience because max could got to lay up himself but for what this is after hours with Amy Lawrence a few hours after we hear from Ja Morant for the first time the Memphis Grizzlies see their winning streak it was a modest winning streak but they see their winning streak come to an end now they had stabilized themselves they played a little better even without Ja and so right again they are tied with the Sacramento Kings who get a dramatic late victory we'll get to that coming up but it's kings and grizzlies who are tied for second place in the western conference standings behind the Nuggets who we know have come back to the pack with the four consecutive losses that's Jason Jackson on heat radio as much as I focus on the west for a lot of reasons the west is super tight from say fourth on down to 12th but the Miami Heat are also scuffling uh we can't really figure out who they are or what they are you wouldn't think that'd be the case because they're a veteran team mostly with a coach who's one of the longest tenured in the league and they have an identity there's they're real inconsistent uh when it comes to their turnovers that's what seems to be their achilles heel just ask the golden state warriors about that so right now Miami is sitting in the seven spot and they are two games behind the nets who are hanging tough in the sixth spot so the Heat get a win on Wednesday and the Grizzlies find out they will have to play another game without Ja Morant okay so the suspension is eight games but it includes the games that he's already missed which weren't ever called a suspension until Wednesday Ja did a one-on-one with Jalen Rose on ESPN and Jalen asked him how he's feeling me personally um i feel mentally good that i haven't you know been in you know many years i'm in a space where i'm you know very comfortable i was constantly you know talking to therapists i've been doing you know reiki treatment um i'm doing anxiety breathing you know different stuff to you know help me manage that and you know release you know all that stuff in my body jalen asked him if the gun that he was waving in the instagram live video was his and he said no it's not mine or jalen asked him who did it belong to and and ja said it's not mine and he takes responsibility for the poor choices and the bad decision doesn't necessarily mention alcohol at least not in the cuts that i heard i think the entire interview is yet to be released but if you watch the instagram live video it's clear that he's in party mode whatever that means they did talk about the video they did talk about that decision and again ja said the gun is not was not his the gun wasn't mine you know it's not who i am i don't condone and you know any type of violence but i take you know full responsibility you know for my actions made a you know bad mistake we know that he is seeking help he's in counseling he's in a treatment facility where he can focus on his mental health that's what the team has indicated that he's away from them seeking help um just trying to get right and have a reset of sorts and jaw opens up about when he realized that was necessary after i made a you know terrible mistake you know being inside um a club and you know went live um i put myself in you know a bad position um and also is you know my daughter it's times where she even tell me if she's you know had a bad day and i felt like you know if she can tell me that and i can be able to go and talk to somebody as well that's very self-aware i hope that that's part of what he has come to realize that sometimes you do have to ask for help sometimes you do need people around you who will tell you the truth even if it's not what you want to hear and i love that he brings his daughter into it because very often you know when you're when you're watching a pro athlete and he's screwing up like this and he's putting himself and his team in a bad situation in this case the league too we can use all kinds of names and use all kinds of names and and terms and and we can go off on our hot take rants but he's a dad as well and it's more important for john to get the help because he's a parent and because he's still young and it's better for him to learn now than to continue down this path where he's putting himself at risk and he's embarrassing his family and all of these types of things not to mention taking away from his basketball opportunities i think that hearing him talk about his daughter for me i didn't realize he had a daughter was a moment where i thought okay he's going to turn a corner here or at least he's cognizant of his responsibility beyond himself to his family to his team to the league that he represents it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio once again john maran with jaylen rose i can see uh the image you know that i painted you know over myself you know with my recent mistakes but you know in the future um i'm gonna show everybody who john really is you know what i'm about and um you know change this narrative good i hope that he does i really hope that he does because he's not a lost cause he's not too far gone he's a young guy who's having to grow up in a very white hot spotlight as a instant superstar in the nba with a lot of money and and maybe needing to blow off steam and it's not like this club isn't frequented by professional athletes in every league it's apparently very popular um and this is an opportunity now with minimal impact okay so he's not getting charged with anything he's not getting uh in trouble with the authorities beyond the fact that he was investigated the league is letting him off relatively lightly right so an eight game suspension but they can't do more because they can't prove the gun was his either or that he had it on prop the property like denver nuggets property or on the team plane or anything like that so he's getting off relatively lightly and he's getting the help that he needs this is it this is when he has to take responsibility take ownership and he's saying all the right things i can't wait to be back out there on the floor now you know knowing what my punishment is and you know i accept that and you know i feel like i deserve you know that punishment for you know my mistakes and you know what i did but um when i get back out there you know i'm gonna be ready to go and ready you know push for a ring all right what the grizzlies want to hear we are a society and a culture of second chances and third chances and fourth chances this is jaws chance and i hope he figures it out i am rooting for him he's great for the league and clearly a young man who's having a bit of a personal crisis nothing that we don't all go through maybe not quite like that i actually marco blood he's here in studio i had heard about the notorious photo that was published of him in this nightclub and because i had heard the description of said photo and the fact that it was it was putting well he put himself in a really negative light and the the photo was a little bit raunchy i didn't look at it for the longest time and i thought do i need to look at it so that i know what we're talking about here i did i wish i hadn't i can imagine he's embarrassed once he sobered up and kind of looked at it from a you know a big picture perspective i hope he is embarrassed enough to the point where he's not going to do that again yeah i don't know if the photo necessarily put him over the top on that one but yeah look he he said all the right things let's hope he he understood and he and he gets it that's that's the most important thing uh you mentioned that club when you say a lot of people frequented and makes a lot of money i don't know about that anymore can't have pictures like that going out well true that's a bad look for that club but over the course of the last couple weeks what we found out is that the denver bunkers frequent the club jaywin said i've been to that club like it's a very popular stop right and that's fine that's that's not the part that he needs to worry about and that's not the part that he needed counseling for like you know that's not my scene that's the scene you want that go ahead that's what you can do that all that stuff it's it's all the extra you know you can't have the gun you can't go you can't go live on instagram like there's things that it's just kind of like you know you shouldn't need someone to explain it to you but obviously he did let's just hope it sinks in and he gets it now at this point what's your schedule for the next 20 minutes after you do your update i know you have other responsibilities uh i have to record a couple but not a lot why well you just come in before the top of the hour give us two minutes we need to explain to you the mystery of the disappearing candy okay the shrinking candy i could do this it just disappeared it's after hours with amy lawrence you are listening to the after hours podcast this and adam's three-two pitch freus swings and misses and adam strikes out the side toss down from smith and team usa is moving on mike trout the captain knocks in all three usa three columbia two the americans go three and one at the group stage this is after hours with amy lawrence congratulations to the red white and blue team usa advancing to the quarterfinals of the world baseball classic three-two victory over columbia on wednesday and so in pool c in case you're keeping score at home the u.s the usa and mexico are tied now remember the mexicans they pummeled the united states uh so maybe we'll get a rematch of some sort but us next takes on venezuela in miami and that's saturday miami has been a great host uh we've also seen some of the international sites that are electric in terms of the fan support and the buzz i've really been impressed with the crowds and so i i know that we haven't talked about it a ton it is an exhibition it certainly means something to the fans and to the players themselves but for at least one major league baseball franchise it's coming with a major price tag it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio the call there on fs1 mookie betts and mike trout i mean it's it's a team full of superstars for the united states mookie and mike both coming through in this big win five for eight combined and trout drove in all three runs if this is indicative of how he gets off to the start in the 23 season i'm all for it i need mike trout back in the playoffs i know that's october though so here's what happened at the end of the puerto rico dominican republic game edwin diaz on the mound not a closer situation was it when it was five to two i think when he came in so i guess technically would have been a save situation but anyway regardless he comes into the game puerto rico gets the win gets the final out they're celebrating and as they're celebrating it becomes evident that something is horribly wrong the met's all-star closer has crumpled into a heap at the bottom of this group of puerto rican players who are celebrating i have watched a bunch of different angles of the video it's out there in case you're looking for it lots of different twitter accounts have given clips of it on fs1 or from fs1 i should say it's really difficult to see what happened because diaz was in the middle of a group of his puerto rican teammates but they're on the field they're celebrating and then all of a sudden something is wrong you can tell you've got players who are tightening their circle around diaz who we quickly find out is on the ground and a few of his teammates are motioning for the athletic training staff to come come out here you see it a lot in football right where a guy goes down and the whether it's teammates or opponents who around him realizes that they realize it's bad and they start motioning for the training staff and so that's what happens with edwin diaz but i really couldn't see it now he had a big strikeout to seal the win and he was huge for for puerto rico because of the dominican republic being a favorite and all that jazz his brother is there alexi diaz is there hugging him and then as i say it turns from celebration to concern and kike hernandez who's part of that team gives his perspective i didn't really know what was going on because i was playing center and i celebrated with mj and eddie out on the outfield and then when we started coming in we were like looking around at everybody and it wasn't pretty much so we got to the infield dirt that we realized that something had gone wrong at the moment we didn't know who it was and when we got there that's kind of that's when we realized who it was marco balletti's here in studio marco tells me i didn't see this but the mets apparently confirmed that it is a knee injury there we go mets tweeted out that it was a knee injury more testing to come today right so an mri will take place on thursday they'll figure out how serious it is but he could not put weight on it he tried they even tried to carry him off the field that was uncomfortable so they put him down and he ends up hobbling on one leg and then they bring a wheelchair out to the field to get him which i have never seen before yeah they use that to the final thing the thing that i mean obviously all this didn't look good and you hope for the best for all this the thing that struck me was when they started to grab him two guys basically like pick him up underneath the knee on each side and try to carry him and as soon as they did diez i mean winston immediately get let go of me and he was more comfortable keeping his leg straight and hobbling without any weight on it at all and just kind of hobbling to the to the dugout from there right and then they brought the wheelchair there and they got him to the clubhouse so none of this looks good for diez you hope for the best for the best but none of it obviously look good it's certainly a risk and it would be a risk anyway you're playing a spring training game there's always the potential that something could go wrong and that you could tear an acl or you could do some damage to your knee of some sort um it's just the fact that it's coming in the world baseball classic i think is the biggest fear for teams who do not have their players stretched out they're maybe not in mid-season mode again you can step wrong and you can snap a ligament so it could have happened at any other point but this is the big fear for teams who send their superstars to be part of what is an exhibition it's an exhibition no doubt i mean it's spring training with a flag wrapped around it that's basically what this whole thing is and uh and you know there's a lot of players that have said it that don't want to go it's because you you're talking about spring training games where i'm ramping up for a regular season and then you're trying to then play a quasi-post-season game in the middle of ramping up for a regular like it's almost like you're going to run a sprint while you're still stretching like it just doesn't make a lot of sense and i realize it's not quite the post-season atmosphere but there is an atmosphere there and guys if they're playing for their country of origin feel that pressure and they want to win and especially hispanic countries it's a big deal for puerto rico you're an athlete like when you tell me that there's a championship to be won when you're on the field like that competitive juice takes over so you want to win and you probably do more than you should now the one thing we'll say is in this thing this wasn't on a pitch this wasn't in a game this was in a celebration yeah so who knows i mean you could blame it on the world baseball classic all you want which i am not a fan of and this should be a risk for teams i'm not saying you but i mean a lot of med fans right now are screaming bloody murder for the world baseball classic and understandable they lost possibly their closer but again they were jumping on the mound in celebration and then all of a sudden he's on the ground so who knows non-contact right that's one of those where it's like yeah you know that could have happened walk into the to the park also just from my time spent in in countries like cuba and ecuador and other places in south america and central america and the caribbean they love their baseball and it matters to them to wear their nation's colors so it's probably unlikely that these guys would have missed it even you know with the risk of injury they want to be part of it so it's huge for them too uh it's hard for their franchises to say to them no you can't participate i mean they weren't going to keep him well there's going to be a lot more teams that are going to say yes agree that's the thing teams are going to start putting their foot down that's sorry no you want to go you can't yeah too much money wrapped up into these players can't happen yes a lot of money so marco's here in studio we're obviously a little bit tight as we get up to the top of the hour but i want you to know just beware of anyone who comes to you in the newsroom and says hey if you have some candy we have a candy locker where we're stashing candy it's a community type of thing because jay fell into this trap he gave away our candy stash pete i won't name any names really pete put it in the candy locker and promised that there was a stash in the locker and then locked it up with a padlock he gave jay the incorrect combo jay couldn't get the candy out of the locker finally puts pete like puts pete to the test and says what's the combo jay gets in no other candy and ours is gone i mean that's that's what happened just wanting to know don't trust pete or anyone who professes to have a candy locker don't allow him to take your candy because it's a sham it's one of those kind of emails you get where they're asking for money for your long-lost relative who's stuck in another country like siberia nope just beware no princess and no candy no candy locker because it's not real it's just a way to pilfer the candy it's after our cbs sports radio
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