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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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February 22, 2023 6:23 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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February 22, 2023 6:23 am

Alabama men's BB HC Nate Oats is tone deaf / New Ravens OC Todd Monken speaks about the offense's identity / Ask Amy anything!


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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name of Anthem Health Plans, Inc. Welcome to the Hump Show on After Hours. Hump Show is supposed to be a little grueling. It's supposed to be a little uncomfortable. It's supposed to be the last big step for the week until you go down the other side and it becomes a whole lot easier. So as always, our attempt for you on Hump Show is to give you a shove right over the hump. Getting you to the good half of your week.

It's the Hump Show on After Hours. I didn't leave myself enough time there at the top of the hour to finish what I wanted to say about this Alabama basketball situation. So I do have a little more from Nate Oates, but I suspect we're going to hear more. Bond was denied for the two players who are involved and Darius Miles admitted that he supplied the gun to Michael Davis who then fired it and hit this woman who was sitting in a car parked next to a curb there on the strip going back to January 15th. And so you've got those two guys for whom authorities are seeking capital murder charges or capital murder convictions. This was a bond hearing so they're not yet at trial and apparently there have been some conflicting results of the investigation there in Tuscaloosa.

So they're still going through everything they're evidence they're not yet at trial. But the way that Nate Oates responded when asked about his star freshman Brandon Miller definitely raised eyebrows and rankled a lot of people. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Thank you so much for hanging out with us.

We're now dead center of the work week. We've got two hours behind us on the hump show, two hours to go. Usually this is the hour in which we allow you to ask Amy anything and since there's no producer Jay and Carlos has no access to our social media, well it's just gonna be me. So what we'll do is we'll go through Twitter and Facebook and we will just allow you to send more questions for the next half hour and I'll just read them kind of in the moment and respond to them if I can get to them quickly and they don't require a lot of setup or sometimes if I understand what you're asking me I don't always understand. I know from looking back sometimes after the fact after Jay has already asked the questions that he amends your questions because he doesn't always exactly know what you're you're asking or what you're talking about so he'll take liberty and amend those questions. And so you can keep them coming again on Twitter, ALaw Radio and also on our Facebook page After Hours with Amy Lawrence. I see that a bunch of you have subscribed to our YouTube channel in the last couple hours which is awesome. I am putting out this plea so that producer Jay can have a great birthday when he returns on Monday but also so he has to eat broccoli at some point very soon because 4,000 subscribers to YouTube he has agreed to eat what I am now terming a gigantic bowl of broccoli.

Our phone number 855-212-4227 that's 855-212-4CBS. Also on the show H.A. Brown essentially gives an ultimatum to the Eagles just wait and Calvin Johnson on the show with Jim Rome on Tuesday talking about a relationship with the Lions that is improving which I like to hear and I would think that anybody who's a fan of the Lions anybody who's associated with the organization recognizes that it's better for them to be on good terms with Calvin Johnson for them to have a relationship where he's not only welcome in the building but where he wants to be in the building. And then a little bit about the start of the live tour through the eyes and the perspective of Greg Norman as they go into season number two. Oh and the NBA head coach who was fired on Tuesday my goodness am I going to get to everything it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. So I just want to finish up with this Alabama situation a team that has a lot to lose I guess is is where people are coming from when they are questioning why is star freshman Brandon Miller a potential top five NBA draft pick who leads the tide in scoring nearly 19 points also eight rebounds per game again for a team that has major championship aspirations is number two in the country why is he still playing when he's the one who showed up to the strip in Tuscaloosa on January 15th with the loaded gun at the request of Darius Myles does it mean he knew the intent of Myles or the intent of Michael Lynn Davis does it mean that Myles even knew what was going to happen no I don't know any of those things but the gun got there because Brandon Miller brought it the gun was loaded when he brought it to the strip so I'm not a lawyer I don't pretend to be one on the radio or twitter but I am a little surprised that at this point according to authorities Miller is in no way part of the investigation now that's coming from the authorities that's not coming from Nate Oates Oates says that his guys have been fully cooperating with law enforcement this whole time he terms the situation sad which obviously and I think he's clearly uncomfortable with talking about it as most college basketball coaches would be talking about it as most college basketball coaches would be when he was asked about this revelation in the hearing on Tuesday that Miller is the one who showed up to the strip with the gun now they're still saying allegedly though it's I mean that Myles has already indicated that it was his gun he texted Brandon Miller to bring it there so these are all part of the the the law enforcement's investigation the documents that are out there and and part of this testimony that's now been in open court so we heard Nate Oates say wrong spot wrong time a phrase that he later or he later labels unfortunate remarks right because he got blown up on social media for that he wasn't just wrong place wrong time if nothing else he put himself in that spot I'm not saying he was involved I'm not saying that he knew what was going to happen with the gun he's a freshman his teammates said hey I need this so he brought it to him he's not a savant right so it doesn't necessarily mean he knew what was going to happen still though you bring a loaded gun to a street corner late on a Saturday night it just I think he would ask questions maybe but maybe that's not the kind of relationship that they had and so he's he's at this point not under investigation according to authorities but he wasn't wrong place wrong time he put himself in that situation so then when Nate Oates was asked about Miller and how long he they knew or did they have the information about Brandon Miller the star freshman his his answer was pretty clear we've known the situation since it's been we've been fully cooperating with law enforcement the entire time I mean it's the whole situation's sad I mean you just think of it we team close practice with a prayer for the situation today again knowing that we had this trial today he later released a statement to indicate that his comments came across poorly and that they'd been told by law enforcement that there were other student athletes there at the strip which makes sense on a Saturday night they were other student athletes in the vicinity but that the police the authorities have told him there are no other athletes who are suspects just witnesses and so he talks about the cooperation but admits that it sounds as though he's downplaying it sounds as though he's downplaying the fact that Miller showed up with the gun okay so that's I think it's a fair criticism or at least a fair question maybe criticism is the wrong word it's a fair question about Brandon Miller and why he's playing if he was the one who showed up with the gun at this point he's not charged with anything but you can understand why people are asking and I've even heard some people calling for him to be kicked off the team as well because he was there he was there number one number two and number two he brought his teammate the handgun that was used to kill a woman gun that was used to kill a woman I don't know if we'll hear more from law enforcement this kind of came out in a hearing a bond hearing it wasn't a press conference or anything like that maybe we don't have all the information but what we know is that a 23 year old woman died and that gun was used the gun was fired and a stray bullet hit her as she was a passenger seat in the passenger seat of a car so yeah that's something that we know for sure the investigation will continue and we'll see if anything else comes out of it defense lawyers are trying to indicate that Davis fired for protection that he had the gun he had the gun for protection and that's why Miles gave it to him for Nate Oates thou you can imagine what he really wants to do is get back to basketball and have this whole thing go away but it's it doesn't work that way it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS porch radio between that situation and different but a gun-related crime a gun-related tragedy on the campus of Michigan State a lot of emotion in college basketball that really doesn't have a lot to do with what was happening on the court I admire Tom Izzo so much and we'll hear from him again next hour what a great leader he is as uncomfortable as this must be for him too something that there isn't a whole lot of training for for him it's compassion it's caring it's not just being a coach it's being a member of the Michigan State community it's being a father figure in many cases it's being a teacher of young men but also someone who has always been authentic and sincere and in this case is being asked and in this case is being asked as the face and the voice of Michigan State because that's often the profile that we attach to sport being asked to kind of lead the way forward and he's holding out his arms so to speak and is giving not only the campus a hug but asking that they would hug one another and that they would know they're not alone so that was an emotional scene in East Lansing on Tuesday and you'll hear from him coming up probably next hour as we kind of reset for those people who are joining us for the final hour of the show it was in Atlanta that we saw the Hawks fire their coach Nate McMillan this situation is crazy to me too because the hawks have shown such promise in stretches they've shown such possibility potential infinite right we saw them in the playoffs a couple years ago the way that they were able to surge to was the eastern conference final eastern conference or did they lose in the semifinals they took out the Knicks yeah they lost in the next round after okay so what we saw though was the emergence of Trey Young and the possibilities of that team especially on the offensive side of the ball but it hasn't they haven't been able to capitalize on that they haven't been able to build on it since then Nate McMillan actually was was thought or expected to not be back with the team this year so going back to the off-season there are a lot of reports or rumors and speculation out there that he and the hawks were going to part ways before this season even tipped off but now it's come down to okay they're still in the playoff picture though at this point they'd be in that play-in tournament in the eastern conference but they've got a new general manager and now they want to go ahead and get a jump start on their coaching search for their next head man and Quinn Snyder is a name that's being tossed about a ton you'll hear it that's that's the leading candidate according to multiple sources so yeah you've got not only a change in the administration with the president of basketball operations he stepped down in December so right before Christmas so this guy took over and now obviously wants to be able to have his own guy as the coach and this we see this sometimes with head coach and general manager in the NFL we'll see it with GM and head coach and then a quarterback who was already there when you're talking about the impactful positions sometimes in pro sports they want their own guys they want their own people and so maybe Nate McMillan could see the writing on the wall but now that the new administration is settled in they're going to start their coaching search early but Snyder has a history going back to Mike Budenholzer in Atlanta and they do have a couple of other candidates but he certainly has a long history of both the NBA and college basketball a winning history it's it's it's been a mess for the hawks the last couple of years McMillan actually took over as an interim coach himself and then got them I think it was the eastern conference finals are you sure you told you said yesterday not to doubt yourself I'm doubting myself no I gotta go double check well no I but I originally said eastern conference finals and then I thought I want to make I want to confirm that well why yes I wanted to confirm it but I feel like they got there in 21. I thought they lost to the Bucks all right series right after okay so I'm gonna double check this wait so the Bucks though the Bucks beat the Nets in that semi-finals remember uh 21 the Bucks beat the Nets okay so you check it out just to just to see because I feel like when Nate took over Trae Young had that incredible postseason the hawks were they were scoring like nobody's business and that he and they ended up getting to the eastern conference finals we both get partial credit well you get most of the credit what they were in the eastern conference finals that's where they lost to the Bucks so it wasn't the second round it was the conference finals where the hawks lost okay so all right just wanted to clarify that so they did have that run but they haven't been able to capitalize or build on it but what do I say to you in pro sports really in any sport at any level constant change equals constant losing I guess not in little league because you have a different coach every year a lot of times constant change equals constant losing and we see it in the NFL a ton now we're seeing it with the hawks and the situation where they fire this coach then they bring an interim then he gets the job for a bit then now they've got a new administration so what they want to do is find a new head coach it's just it's instability it's inconsistent it's hard for you to establish any type of a winning culture or a foundation and and so here comes the new coach who's going to rip it all out and start over again but what does this mean for Trey Young I think a lot of people are asking could with a team that's below 500 could they end up making some other changes but this obviously will have a lot to do with who the new head coach is and whether or not they feel like they should spend the money on Trey Young and what other pieces they have around him or will they start straight rebuilding now see I never would have said that about say the Utah Jazz when Danny Age now Danny Age is this is his MO he rips it out from the roots and starts fresh and he loves to do with draft picks but I would have thought and I did think I said this on the air if you're Danny Age why wouldn't you start around Donovan why wouldn't you start around Donovan because to me he seems like not only is he an incredible scorer not only is he a world-class basketball player but Donovan Mitchell now come to find out he wasn't real happy there in Utah but he was under contract and you were going to have to have a building block anyway and yet they get rid of him too so who knows what happens with this new administration in the Hawks do that it's hard to start fresh or do they build around a Trey Young and invest money in him it's just clear that the up and down the up and down the change it's it's been counterproductive when it comes to them trying to build and so this is a little bit like a game of Jenga they're pulling pieces out and they're disrupting the foundation certainly disrupting the stability of the organization all right so you can find me on Twitter you've got about 20 minutes to go before I'm just gonna start running through the questions and answering them as best I can but I'm gonna keep it moving so on Twitter or on Facebook don't ask me why Aaron Rodgers is trending on Twitter I don't know unless he's emerged from the darkness I suppose someone will let me know if he has weird would you emerge from the darkness in the dark unless unless he's on the other side of the globe in which case it's not dark do we know where he went into his darkness retreat probably best that he did not share that information because I feel like there are some people out there who are just maniacal enough to turn it into a scavenger hunt all right eight five five two one two four two two seven on Twitter on Facebook we're glad to have you with us it's our hump show After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the After Hours Podcast Jackson will keep it on the read option jukes a man stumbles of the one dives in for the touchdown Lamar Jackson extends the Ravens lead with the first rushing touchdown and the first touchdown of the game helping you get to the back end of the work week welcome to the hump show on After Hours Lamar Jackson we've missed him finishing the season strong really he's been injured the last couple of years to wrap up and as he goes generally so go the Ravens since he took over as the starting quarterback that's Jerry Sandusky on Ravens Radio it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio and coming up in 15 minutes now your chance to hear your questions asked and answered here on the hump show so a little atypical I'm just going to run through a stream of consciousness I don't know why people are asking me about retirement I've seen multiple questions about retirement so first of all my mom is 76 and a half and still teaching math full time in fact she will be teaching again next year because she's already decided that she's not going to retire if if my mother is any indication I have decades to go yet okay so I don't know why you're all asking me about retirement as long as these vocal cords hold out and as long as I remain entertaining somewhat I mean you can laugh at me that's totally fine I will always have something to say and so I can't imagine I'm going to retire I guess they could force me out my cold dead body they could they could like drag me out of the studio if I refuse to leave no it won't be like that I will never stay with a particular outlet if I'm not wanted obviously but there's always a way now that you can do a radio show that you can be out there and and that you can share your thoughts and opinions with people there's many other outlets besides cbs sports radio network though right now this is where I am secure and stable so yeah I don't know why you're asking about the r-word I have no idea I don't think about retirement what I just picked up a new job on the side well I'm not thinking about retirement I'm sorry I can't really answer those questions it's after hours with Amy Lawrence all right so reason we play the Lamar Jackson highlight is for this reason because more and more there are rumblings now that this may not be a marriage that lasts a whole lot longer so we were talking earlier about the Aaron Rodgers situation the reports coming from inside Green Bay again take the reports of the grain of salt but coming inside Green Bay that they're over the shtick for Aaron Rodgers they're ready to move on they would not be bringing in another quarterback by the way at least not one to start so they're not going to go get Derek Carr in exchange for Aaron Rodgers they would move to Jordan Love he's still on his rookie deal they need to figure out what they've got in him before they decide whether or not to pay him the going rate of 40 plus million dollars per year for a quarterback so they would be going to Aaron Love Aaron Load the direct insult Aaron Rodgers going to take that personally they would be they hope he's there in love they would be turning their attention and their efforts to Jordan Love who they've been grooming for three years okay so we've got the Aaron Rodgers domino we've got the Derek Carr domino there are a lot of people who are looking at Lamar Jackson as a potential domino now here's what we know the Ravens made a change at their offensive coordinator remember Greg Roman agreed to step down he was instrumental in Lamar becoming the starting QB and them tailoring the offense around Lamar Jackson but he has left he's gone and Tuesday was the day that teams could begin to designate their franchise players franchise tags their transition tags one of those guys that you're over and over who may be I don't want to say forced to play because you can't force an athlete he can sit out but you could avoid having to give him the long term deal or avoid having to work that out of because it seems like right now they have not come to any type of agreement if you if you don't know Lamar Jackson has put out a couple of cryptic messages on social media and it doesn't seem as though he's thrilled with the way that the team is negotiating all right so the tweet that was out there it was instagram but it was about but it was about you can love love love love I'm paraphrasing you can love you can give everything you've got but it's not enough so very cryptic right where he's he's starting to put out posts that maybe aren't scrubbing the Ravens from his social media though that was done before so not quite as drastic but just these posts that would cause you to speculate now he's still wearing a raven's helmet in his his twitter avatar but any reference to the ravens has been taken off of his twitter profile page a la kylar murray so enter a brand new offensive coordinator even as the lamar jackson probably will receive the franchise tag and even as they seem to be at a stalemate again and the reports are now lamar is his own agent he he does his own business a lot of people inside the league are saying he desperately needs an agent so it becomes less emotional for him and I will say this when I first got the job here at cbs sports radio they offered me a part-time job initially I could not move to the new york city area for a part-time gig I had an agent who negotiated with them and went back and forth for weeks and they finally created a full-time position for me then when it came time for them to give me the raise that they had promised it was my agent who was doing the the negotiating which was great because I'm very emotional and I'm not real good at keeping my emotions out of business because to me my business is emotional it's my heart and my soul and so lamar is negotiating on his own behalf and that can be tough because your heart and your soul are in your football and it's hard to separate separate your heart and your head when it comes to knowing what you're worth or knowing what is an acceptable compromise right because neither side is going to get exactly what they want they shouldn't that's not how negotiations work we're not talking about one side holding the other side hostage or holding them over a barrel we're talking about finding a common ground that they both can live with but the reports out there are that lamar wants guaranteed money like what dashaun watson got from the browns and the ravens their owner steve boshati he was one of the most vocal about decrying that contract that the browns gave to dashaun watson and so they seem to be at a stalemate lamar is cryptic on social media and no deal has been done so all that to say were were likely many people expect that lamar will get slapped with the franchise tag which means they would have more time to negotiate but also that he would have to play if he's going to play anywhere next year he would have to play now if they come to a point where that's it he says i'm out i don't want to be here anymore well then the ravens would have to find a trade partner but there are teams out there that would be interested in lamar so these are the various dominoes aaron rogers derek carr lamar jimmy garoppolo then you're you're kind of moving maybe farther down the list to aryan tannahill although i don't really know what the titans are going to do baker mayfield is sam darnold going to get a new deal somewhere else right so these are kind of the you you can see through the tiers here but likely lamar would be available if he and the team cannot come to any type of an agreement remember this is what happened with dak presscott until the team finally caved because they realized they had to give him what he wanted or they were going to lose him after the the franchise tag so they've got a brand new offensive coordinator and he was asked about the identity of the ravens offense from this point forward or what he wants for it i'm a byproduct of being around really good coaches and really good players that you learn a lot from and i've learned a lot from both and the system starts with having really good players okay that's that's a start you got really good players that at least gives you a chance and then trying to figure out you obviously you have to have an identity i mean you cannot control the game if you can't run the football you can't you absolutely the physicality of your team and then everything comes from there now there's varying ways of doing that physicality doesn't have to mean that you are in 13 personality you have a fullback in the game that that that's a part of it that's for sure but it also is physicality whether you're in one back or two back and the ability to be able to push the ball down the field because no matter what level you're at the way you win is don't turn it over be explosive score touchdowns in the red zone be good on third downs don't have lost yards plays and if you have a quarterback that can make off scheduled plays that's where it starts whether you're in two back three back no back those are all the same parameters when you go back an analytic standpoint so in my mind how do we get really elite at those categories that really matter so you hear from todd munkin that they want to run the football they do but passing has been the the woeful area of their offense that just hasn't been it hasn't offered them balance it hasn't been any good and obviously without lamar it's worse so when they don't have lamar they use tyler huntley who was a pro bowler or a pro bowl gamer um and their their passing statistics put them in the bottom four in the nfl this year but you go back three years ago three seasons ago and they were dead last in the nfl and passing now at the time john harbaugh told us it was because they wanted it to be that way they designed their offense to run the ball and that's what todd munkin is saying is that they want to run the ball and i agree you're seeing more and more teams play that ball control run the ball stop the run run the ball stop the run and we see that is very successful i mean that's a lot of what the eagles did but they could pass the football they had the other option they could pass the football they could do both with jaylen hurts and they did both really well because defenses were so often off balance now munkin did speak specifically about lamar and this possibility that he could sit out otas and training camp if he gets slapped with the franchise tag and is protesting um and so we don't know when munkin will have a chance to talk to lamar's straight up and face to face but he did talk about lamar's elite skill set of course and thinks that lamar is underrated as a passer but at this point there's not a whole lot to say because we really don't have any information about what happens in this off season but the franchise tag would at least give the ravens more time to negotiate with lamar and try to come up with that compromise with a common ground all right straight ahead i'm just gonna go off the cuff and i'm just gonna go off the cuff and answer your questions that you're sending me on twitter a law radio and on our facebook page it's an atypical ask amy anything but we're gonna do this thing you are listening to the after hours podcast this is after hours with amy lawrence time to ask amy anything sort of okay this is gonna be different but i'm gonna do my absolute best i am not producer j or any of the other producers who have navigated asking me anything in the past and this will be a little more off the cuff but i'm going to do my absolute best to answer your questions and keep it moving and we'll cram it as much as we can between now and the top of the hour it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio and yes you can always find me on twitter a law radio or you can find our show account after hours cbs and then facebook too so i'm going to start with twitter and then get to our facebook questions again as many as i can and usually i try to go outside the box so it's it's not the same stuff all the time and generally not sports questions so scott says uh for i don't know what the aaa means for triple a for i saw the same thing too i don't get it yeah i have no idea okay so i don't know i don't know why the triple a but scott wants to know what have you admired most about your mom as a career educator my mom is a teacher she was my math teacher in high school she's still teaching math full-time she does calculus for fun that's the background she is in her mid-70s actually and she continues to teach and here's what i admire about her it's a little bit like andy reed with the way that he communicates with his athletes who are what 40 years plus younger than him in some cases my mom somehow has the ability to communicate with teenagers in her mid-70s not only does she laugh with them she puts them in her in their place they they adore her and they respect her and my mom doesn't take their crap which is part of it i think i mean she she'll push back she's pretty sarcastic when it comes to them which maybe i come by it honestly anyway they love her and doesn't matter the age i don't think they even know how old she is they probably have no clue but she is able to get through to them and to keep attention of a bunch of teenagers in a classroom where you know a lot of kids don't always love math so i'm really proud of her and and i admire so much that she still commands the room as a teacher it's pretty amazing i can still hear get the flashbacks though with the voice when i go to school with her and i hear her i'm like oh yeah that's the same voice i heard when i was in high school uh cosmo wants to know if i would give up the exact recipe of my famous chocolate chip cookies um it's i can't really do it right this second i'm i'm willing to share actually i get recipes off the internet i get recipes off of you know out of books my family loves to give me recipe books and this particular book i have is i think it's a hershey's chocolate recipe book so it it yeah it really is a lot of different desserts uh so that but oh no no it's nestle i'm sorry nestle uh chocolate book and with a ton of recipes he wants to know what's the record number of you eating cookies while on the air now i don't eat cookies on the air you would ask jay that question the record number i think he's had four cookies during his show before when i brought them in and since his birthday is next monday i have to beg for him because that's the thing he he loves the baked goods so i got to come up with something new for next week oh let's see another tweet a law radio did you have a favorite jersey number you always tried to get when you played sports well i started out with number 11 when i was in high school i got to college and 11 was taken so i had to pivot and i used 33 uh which was my the favorite number of larry bird and then i don't know actually i take that back i went 11 to 23 because 33 was taken finally my senior year i was able to have 33 so yeah i changed numbers all the way through but 33 is my favorite number yvonne wants to know my favorite singer one female one male oh heavens well i would say my favorite female singer of all time is probably whitney houston i loved her adored her but she's not the only one amy grant been a long time fan of amy grants i love carrie underwood i love shania twain martina mcbride big country fan for sure i also think christina agulera has an incredible voice or did at least at the beginning when she first came out um and then one male well tim mcgraw is my favorite male singer all time i've seen him in concert probably 15 times so good stuff uh let's see curtis wants a favorite memory from syracuse or a favorite syracuse restaurant well my favorite memory would be surviving my comp exams also it snowed on my graduation in may so that was kind of funny and another let's see favorite moment well the year that i was there um the syracuse men's basketball team made a surprise appearance in the final four it was freaking incredible so for three weeks all we did was watch basketball and i had season tickets to the carrier dome that year so we would go it it was just a super cool experience the one year i was on campus to be able to attend all those basketball games and to see them go to the final four uh let's see favorite syracuse restaurant varsity varsity pizza boom uh will wants to know what is your oh actually dinosaur barbecue would be right there with varsity pizza uh what's your favorite ballpark food that's will sausage and pepper as well and chicken fingers oh and ice cream in a helmet okay but when i'm at city field for the meds it's shake shack which is not really exclusive to the meds but i love shake shack one more on twitter steve what influenced you to choose radio as a career uh well i grew up listening to celtics games on radio because we didn't have cable tv out in the boonies when i was growing up and i fell in love with the idea that an announcer could describe the action in such a way and with such passion and and information that the listeners did not feel as though they were missing anything simply because they couldn't see with their own eyes and so i became a radio junkie and decided that was what i wanted to do with my life so it's since age 16 what i wanted to do with my life is talk about sports for a living so here i am you're stuck with me all right moving to facebook for ask amy anything here on cbs sports radio uh let's see eric and john both asked me where i want to live when i retire i don't understand that i'm not going to be offended by it but why in the world would i be thinking about retirement right now here's what i'll say about retirement i'm gonna have a horse that that's what's in my future in retirement is i'm gonna have a horse and that's all i know i don't really know anything else i recently had that conversation with someone though and he agreed i was like okay i'm not the only one in the world who wants a horse when we retire uh don wants to know which of the baseball rules of new rules i think will have the biggest impact it's not larger bases i don't even know why they're doing that seems very odd um i'm gonna go with defensive shift restricting the shift i think it's gonna have a major impact on the game uh let's see eric says do you prefer to have a long weekend with friday off or monday off oh man i love working sundays i do i love working sunday nights but it generally means i have to prep from the time i get home from church i'm pretty much in work mode it was super cool to sit in my sweatpants on sunday watch tv do some work on the computer cook it was nice to have a sunday that didn't involve getting ready for work so i'll actually say i think i would prefer my monday off as a long weekend uh let's see debbie wants to know if i follow women's college basketball uh yes yes i do in fact i do play-by-play for women's college basketball so i need to follow it i don't have a favorite team no i mean i enjoy supporting the teams i work with but at this point i'm a free agent so uh let's see dustin favorite pizza toppings oh i'm in everything i'm a supreme pizza just throw it all on there i love veggies though if i can't have everything a big fan of mushrooms and peppers and onions uh just give me the veggies for sure ever had broccoli on pizza it's actually it's no it's really good uh not pineapple that's not a vegetable uh let's see do i think alex ovechkin will surpass wayne gretzky's all-time scoring record of 894 goals that's from tom yes i do think that the reason i answer it is because he's actually said that's what he wants to do that that's his goal and the washington capitals are supporting uh the great eight in that and one more from james he wants to know my very first sports interview i'm sorry i can't tell you that that was 20 something years ago i don't remember and i'm really glad there were no tapes that you have no idea what i sounded like when i first got into this business because no awful terrible horror awful it's after hours on cbs sports radio
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