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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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February 15, 2023 6:04 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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February 15, 2023 6:04 am

Well.. Aaron Rodgers is apparently NOT yet in his darkness retreat | Shorthanded Celtics battle the Bucks in Milwaukee | Draymond Green calls out the Warriors' effort.

Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence

Okay, the kids are already asking what's for dinner, but breaking news, empty fridge.

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Delivery subject to availability. Additional terms apply. Kevin Matt talks with Matt Hardy. There's nothing like a wrestling fan, you know, for better or for worse. How do you handle that though? We're talking about people talking about your family, what they don't know about your family or your brother or you. How does one handle that from a day-to-day basis? Something I joke about with the young bucks all the time, I said if you would vanity search Matt Hardy on Twitter, I said after you got through 100 applies, you'd want to quit the business and never, never be seen again.

It's just, you just learn to deal with it. You know what I mean? It's the Kick Rocks Wrestling Podcast with Evan T. Maxx.

Subscribe now on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. Happy Valentine's Day beeps. You know who you are.

That's you. I hope you had a great day. If in fact you do mark, celebrate, acknowledge, hate Valentine's Day. I call it the day of love. We all have people that we love.

It doesn't have to be romantic love. My mom, every year since I was a little kid, will you be my Valentine? Yes mom, love you. I mean she sends me gifts, gift cards for Valentine's Day because she is a goof and because she loves me. So whatever it is that you consider to be the love of your life, someone asked me on social media if I got Penny a Valentine's Day gift.

No, no, it's not quite as much fun when the receiver does not acknowledge, but she had her treats and I took care of her like I always do. I'm wearing pink just because it makes me happy. I wear pink on a pretty regular basis, but whatever, whatever you think about when you think of love in your life, whether it's family, whether it's friends.

I had a bunch of girlfriends send me text messages. I even talked to one of them and we did the whole happy Valentine's Day because these are women in my life that I could not live without. They mean the world to me.

They support me, encourage me and I do the same for them and that kind of love is also really important. So whoever it is that you love, whatever it is that you think of when you think of love, it's a good day to be reminded that we have relationships that are really important to us regardless of the titles, what they look like, whether or not they're romantic love. So I hope that you ate some chocolate. I eat chocolate chip cookies. Oh, so good. Oh, you know what?

And I'll just fess up. After I had my egg burrito, my egg and mozz, as in mozzarella cheese, my egg and mozzarella cheese burrito on Tuesday morning when I got home from work, I then walked my love, Penny, and had a piece of chocolate after that because I feel like on Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, Malentine's Day, Relentine's Day, whatever it is that chocolate is necessary. So yes, I did have a piece of chocolate and then after I did my Valentine's Day yoga self-love, you know, that's what she was talking about, self-love.

I might have when we're doing the yoga nidra at the end, I might have lost track of her for a few minutes. I was pretty comfortable, though, man, now that I'm up and moving around, oh, so sore from running on Monday and then doing yoga today. So anyway, I did a little self-love with the yoga and self-care. It was good to be stretching. It was good to be able to just take some time and, actually, I was going to say turn off the TV, but I haven't turned on the TV since Super Bowl.

How crazy is that? I've done a bunch of listening on the radio, though. Guess what I listened to on Tuesday afternoon? The entire hour of Aaron Rodgers on Pat McAfee because, I guess, my entire day wasn't loving myself and taking care of myself.

Box breathing. Yeah, no, he wasn't doing any of that. He was frothing at the mouth about how people think they know him and think they know his life and his plan. It was, I mean, he had one hell of an agenda for the first 15 minutes of that conversation. So that was part of my Galentine's day.

Also, part of it was the yoga, as I mentioned. Got a little nap, which was nice, and then spent some time listening to the Bucks and the Celtics on the radio, both Bucks and Celtics radio networks to catch the lay of the land because this was one doozy of a matchup. As we get to the All-Star break coming up this weekend, this is the top two teams.

This is, that sounds awkward. These are the top two teams in the NBA, and they are now separated by just a half game. Celtics have one more win, but the two teams have the exact same number of losses. And if you look, big picture NBA, they both have a better winning percentage, slightly, slightly better winning percentage than the Denver Broncos. They both have a better number of losses than the Denver Nuggets.

These are your top two teams in the league right now. As we get to the All-Star break, actually Celtics play again on, is it today's Tuesday? Celtics play again on Wednesday, and so they actually will get to the break having played 59 games, which is nearly 75% of their schedule. So a lot of times we look at the All-Star break as though it's the All-Star break.

It's not. They are nearly 75% of the way through the schedule, meaning that they come out of this All-Star break and they are into the stretch run, as in go, go, go, go, go, baby. But the Celtics are kind of limping to the All-Star break. They were missing four starters. Jason Tatum was out tonight because of illness. The other guys are dealing with injuries. The Bucks fought and scratched and clawed. They both are above 70% in terms of their winning percentage, but only one could come out the victor on this night. So we'll get to that game as well as a couple of other happenings and storylines around the NBA.

As I say, they're inching closer to the All-Star break. But whatever it is that you needed on Tuesday, I hope that you found it. Pink, red, white flowers. I do like flowers. That's the one thing about having romantic love. You hope that someone gives you flowers. I didn't have flowers. Yeah, the flowers do kind of give me the tingle.

Thank you, Mike Tomlin, for acknowledging. Not this year though, but want to hear something amazing. Well, amazing, but also a little bit scary. My crocuses are already blooming. It's Valentine's Day, and I've got purple crocuses all over the front of my yard. So I have two two front flower beds, one on each side of my front door. And the crocuses, they have definitely been fruitful and multiplied. They are blooming every day. I've taken a bunch of pictures. I did put one up over the weekend, mostly because I'm worried about them. It's way too early. If a freeze comes along, like did two weeks ago when we had zero degrees and minus 18 wind chills, they'll get blasted.

But they have come back and drove. So maybe I will share a little montage of photos of them because they are beautiful. All different color purple. So even though I do feel like it's way too early and it makes me nervous because I want to yell at them, go back into your into your little holes in the ground. No, you're going to get hurt.

You're going to get frozen. They're everywhere in my neighborhood. I heard someone else on the radio, a host on the radio that I was listening to, news radio, indicate that as he's walking around in his neighborhood, there are budding trees already.

Which again, scary because they'll get blasted and could really be injured if they end up, if we end up in a deep freeze again in our neighborhood. So there are some signs of spring. Not quite the flowers that I would expect this time of the year that a lot of people think about. No roses.

Oh my gosh, my climbing roses. It needs to be dormant. It's too early for that too. I still have yard work to do for heaven's sakes to clean up for the spring.

I'm not there yet. But if you had flowers or chocolate or cards or kind words, I hope that they made you smile. My chocolate chip cookies were delicious.

I would love to share them with you. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Thank you for finding me on Twitter, A Law Radio, and also on our Facebook page named after the show. I saw that our YouTube channel had had a bunch of traffic over the last 24 hours as well, which is great. And my new blog post, which I won't talk about right this second, but I've not even been able to get through the hundreds of comments that you've sent me in response to that, which I just shared on Tuesday. So thank you for that.

You know who you are. I appreciate your support and your encouragement always. That link is on our social media, but I say we'll talk about that a little bit later on. So it is our hump show. And the hump show means you get to ask Amy anything.

Producer J's already put up a spot on our show Twitter, which I retweeted. It is the bright orange box. It's very un-Valentine's Day-like. Maybe at some point we should change the colors, except I almost feel like this is becoming a throwback to the first year. Well, it was the second year. It was my second year.

We didn't do this in the first year. But the second year, back to when I was hosting the show Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, this has now become a thing that a lot of people can recognize on social. And so you've already been sending your questions. And producer J, he sometimes saves the ones that he doesn't get to. So if you have a really good question, you don't hear it on this edition of the show. You never know.

It might pop up later. I know that our video editions of Ask Amy Anything, which are all on YouTube, those are very popular. They seem to be the videos that you watch more than any other. And so we always will do those once a quarter. We just did one for Super Bowl Week and before that had one for the holidays. So yeah, the Ask Amy Anything questions, they can be vital, even if you don't hear your question on this edition of the show.

And always podcasted too if you don't hear it live. So on Twitter or Facebook, send your questions. Creative, I suppose they can be about Valentine's Day though. That will kind of be in the rearview mirror by the time we get to it a couple hours from now. Our phone number is 855-212-4227.

That's 855-212-4227. We had a couple of good calls last night and I'm hoping that we can also work in a few or at least some fun reaction tonight because I came up with a goofy question. I think it'll be fun and maybe induce some laughter. And I guess we could phrase it like a fill in the blank only because it seems to fit the best. I know I don't like to do two fill in the blank show questions in one week and we already did one.

But who knows, you could not have been listening to that show anyway. But in honor of Valentine's Day, I want you to fill in this blank. Find someone who loves you as much as blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So find someone who loves you as much as Kyrie Irving loves himself. Oh, find someone who loves you as much as Kyrie Irving loves the dark side. Find someone who loves you as much as Amy loves Star Wars. There you go. Find someone who loves you as much as Aaron Rodgers loves his Pat McAfee platform.

And we could flip that. Find someone who loves you as much as the Pat McAfee show loves Aaron Rodgers. I love Aaron Rodgers. Exactly what I'm saying. So you could find someone who loves you as much as what?

Find someone who loves you as much as... People are coming here to play with me. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We already did the Aaron Rodgers part.

I'm trying to think how to phrase this. As all non-Cowboys fans love calling them names and making fun of them. I mean, non-Cowboys fans, you all pile on. We could be light years removed from talking about the Dallas Cowboys and somehow you always work them into the conversation.

Find someone who loves you as much as Derrick Henry loves to stiff arm the competition. Oh, so good. All right. So that's kind of the idea. I don't want to take all of yours, but we are open for business.

So on Twitter, on Facebook, or if you want to call up, find someone who loves you as much as what? This is going to be fun. I hope appropriate as well.

But since I know you, not always appropriate, but just if you want your responses to be read or to be shared, then you'll have to be appropriate. It was appropriate that we did get another appearance from Aaron Rodgers on Pat McAfee on Tuesday because the timing, the timing with the reports that were coming out over the weekend and that were reiterated on Monday, I swear to you, I heard people say Aaron Rodgers is already in his darkness retreat. We heard that from multiple places. We heard that from national insiders. In fact, McAfee himself had Ian Rappaport on the show Monday.

And what did you know? Rappaport was spewing these types of reports using his sources to indicate that Rodgers would be on his darkness retreat from Monday through Thursday as in right now. Oh, well, wait a minute then.

Who is it who's doing the show on Tuesday with McAfee? Listen, I'm not in my darkness retreat yet. What? Oh, yesterday. What? Nope. This thing has been planned for about four months and it was always the same date.

Always the end of this week. Oh. So anybody with knowledge to the opposite of that, it's fake news. Whoa. So let me just reiterate one more time.

Suck it, Rapp. There's an inner circle, right? And in my inner circle, nobody talks to Ian Rappaport, to Adam Schefter or to any of those people. Okay. So if you're one of those people who's talking to those people, it's a great reminder for you. You're not in the inner circle.

That was hanging on somebody there. And if anybody else is out there saying stuff or if they're just making it up, which is also, those are both likely to stop with the fake news. I speak for myself and I will continue to do that. I'm not upset about it. Like it's the classic media, you know, trying to be first, not trying to be right.

And the problem is there's a slippery slope. Okay. I don't know whatever possessed me to listen to the entire hour of Rogers and McAfee. I did want to hear what he was going to say about the darkness retreat. And I happened to be catching up on emails and text messages. It took me about 90 minutes.

I'm not even sure I'm still done or I'm done yet still. But I was, I just let it play. And he spent the first 10 to 15 minutes on this soap box. You don't know me.

You think you know me. My inner circle, this, my inner circle, that. I think he mentioned his inner circle about a dozen times. I think he called out certain national reporters more than once.

His gist essentially is what he's just saying. If you think you know what's happening, think again, because you're not getting it from my inner circle. Do you guys remember, and actually this is fitting because Tiger Woods also spoke on Tuesday. Do you guys remember before the whole family scandal with Tiger Woods when he played his cards so close to the vest? He, as it turned out, he was a major fraud, right? Because what he was living was a total lie. But what we found out is that he would ask people or he would require people who were in his inner circle to sign pieces of paper that indicated they would not disclose anything that they knew about him. They were essentially non-disclosure agreements but they were also privacy agreements.

But I mean he was notorious about his privacy and I can understand why now. So that's what Aaron Rodgers sounded like. He sounded like under penalty of death these people would never betray me. Now maybe it's not that.

I'm sure it's not that. It's probably just a loyalty thing. If you love Aaron, you love Aaron. I mean we all have people who love us, right? We're talking about that on Valentine's Day. There isn't a snowball's chance in hell that my best friends, if I knew that they wanted to keep something private, that I would share it.

And I think it's just standard when you've got people that you're tight with. But he kept talking about his inner circle that there's no way any of these people, these sources, these reporters had gotten to anyone in his inner circle because that's just not happening. And as I say he went on this tangent for probably a good 10 to 15 minutes before they ever started talking about the actual darkness retreat.

And it's true there's a lot of misinformation out there including the fact that McAfee himself had had Ian Rappaport the day before. So I think as much as Rodgers kept saying, this is not personal, I'm not mad at you guys, he definitely had an axe to grind. As in he would not let it go.

Find someone who loves you as much as a dog loves a bone because that's what it felt like. So I just I kept listening like wow he's not gonna let this go, he's not gonna let this go. And he didn't. I mean he just went around and around to let everybody know that his plan was already in place. Don't believe what you hear or what you read because it did not come from me unless it came from me like it did Tuesday.

We did the show last week. I said that's you know after the Super Bowl I'm gonna go on my darkness retreat and then I'm probably gonna have a better sense about where I'm at in my life. I didn't say I'm going to my darkness retreat just to figure out if I'm gonna play next year or retire right. So then that narrative got out there. So how many narratives can come from one like show where they didn't even actually listen to what I said or the intent or the tone.

And again nothing against Rapper for it but he doesn't have anybody who knows legitimately what's going on in my life. Well we apologize. We apologize.

Monday through Thursday I'm supposed to be in there. That was never the plan. It hasn't been the plan for four months.

So don't make up okay like I don't have your number you're not gonna have my number. You do a great job but not when it comes to my life so stop talking about it. They went on to talk about the darkness retreat on the Pat McAfee show and boy did it devolve into some of what will happen in the darkness retreat and I'll get to that later on.

It's not all Aaron Rodgers clapping back at the reports that were erroneous but boy when he realized he had the opportunity he hammered it as in hammered it home. So yeah that was part of what I did on my Valentine's Day. I know you're super impressed. So we've got our post up on Twitter after our CBS or on our Facebook page in honor of the day of love. Valentine's Day.

We want you to fill in the blank. Find someone who loves you as much as Kyrie loves Dallas. Oh no no find someone who loves you as much as Yanis loves dad jokes. Yanis was playing as the Celtics were in town in Milwaukee.

Yanis was but four of the Celtic starters were out. So we'll get to that game between the top two teams and the NBA coming up next. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Going the other way Holliday launches up a three-quarter court three and he hits it. Drew Holliday.

Thank you very much. Well this guy lives for the Holliday games. On Valentine's Day. Drew Holliday sinks one from three-quarter court. 48 feet out.

How do you like that? This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. On Bucks Radio. That was quite a moment for Drew Holliday on what was a career night in more ways than one.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. The Milwaukee Bucks were facing the Boston Celtics without four of their starters. So no Jaylen Brown.

He's got the facial laceration. We knew that Jason Tatum wasn't going to play because he was ill. Marcus Smart has been out. Al Horford didn't play either. And so this was a bunch of guys that are not used to playing the kind of minutes that they were getting on this night in Milwaukee and yet the Celtics had the advantage early in this game. On the baseline feeds out Holliday catch and shoot three.

Yes sir. Drew Holliday delivers again. His seventh three-pointer of the night draws the time out from the Celtics. Houser steps to his right launches a crazy three. He got it.

He got it. Sam Houser couldn't see the rim but somehow he knocks down a fall away three moving to his right and the Boston Celtics are down four starters but with three seconds left they've tied the game. So you get the back and forth there between the Bucks and the Celtics. At one point Milwaukee rattled off a 21-3 stretch. So 21-3 run that not only brought them back and gave them the lead but looked as though they were sitting pretty and were going to avoid what would have been a bit of an upset I think the Celtics playing without four other starters except that Wisconsin native Sam Houser hits that humongous triple and he does it even as he's turning sideways not really looking at the basket. You hear with Sean Grandy there on Celtics radio he's kind of in the air turns chucks it up and it bangs home off the glass and how about this because he's a Wisconsin native he had 40 family and friends in attendance.

We were down three and I was just trying to find a little bit of space just to get a shot up and get it up on the rim and give ourselves a chance and just try to get to a spot where I felt comfortable and got it up in time and obviously it went in and it forced overtime but sucks that we lost but it's good to play like that in front of a lot of friends and family. Steal from Holliday he's running the other way and he'll flush it through. Drew Holliday a little leather larceny pulls his team back to within a point 131 to go. Conaton passes to Holliday squeezes off a three for the lead and he buries it from straight on.

Mr. Cuts. Drew Holliday delivers again two-point lead for the Bucks. Ingles will inbound he's got Robert Williams jumping up and down feeds it into Giannis and there's your exclamation as he stuffs it down with a jackhammer jam and Milwaukee now leads 131 to 125 and that is your ball game. The go-ahead three for Drew Holliday in overtime was the eighth of his night so he goes 8 of 12 from beyond the arc. A career high in made triples 40 points plus seven assists for Drew. His 40 points tie his career high as the Bucks rattle off the final seven points of the game so a bunch of wild swings in this one between the top two teams not just in the east but the top two teams in the NBA now in terms of wins and winning percentage.

We didn't really say much I feel like at this point we kind of know what it is for ourselves and our teammates we keep our composure pretty well I don't think anybody really gets too high or too low in situations like that. We went down and he just he made a few big-time plays that just are very Drew-like so special performance by him. I think we hang our hats on defense and I mean give it up to them they played hard they played great but I just think down the stretch and made more plays on both ends. Definitely did Drew Holliday on a night when Giannis wasn't elite I mean he was he's good still always but he sets the bar so high 36 points for him he was 11 of 19 from the free throw line but late in this game he made a bunch of sets of two at the stripe 13 rebounds was an assist shy of a triple double but also was two turnovers shy of a triple double. So he definitely had some moments where he was fumbling the ball around though he did play 46 minutes Holliday set the tone 40 points seven assists five rebounds three steals and then Chris Middleton he's on a minutes restriction crazy enough he was not allowed to play in the overtime because of that. So the Celtics were missing four guys for starters and the Bucks were not going to play Chris Middleton extra come hell or high water regardless. So even for those people who believe this was a critical game because of home court advantage which I know Giannis talked about that afterwards I'm not sure if we have that uh yeah it doesn't sound like the Bucks care that much now it could end up being a big deal but at this point with uh about 25 percent of your games to go I don't suppose you have to freak out about it uh it definitely was an uphill climb Celtics had their opportunities but this was always going to be a tough one for Joe Missoula's club.

We were detailed focused effort did all the right things to win they made a couple more plays than we did on the stretch but those two great teams playing against each other regardless of who's in who's out uh we played hard and um you know credit to our guys. Am I the only one who's noticed now that the average score of an NBA game is creeping higher and higher and higher where you have really no teams on any given night who are not scoring triple digits one maybe two but it seems more and more that the scores are 130 to 126. 140 is is not all that uncommon now uh it it's yeah it's astounding the numbers that are being put up. I'm gonna have to do some research and see if I can figure out uh what the scoring average is right now in the NBA uh producer Jay says he's got it. The average NBA team scores 113.8 points this season and compared that to 10 years ago where the average was 98.1. Well right for sure I just wondered if it was going up this year is that through current games or does it is that like through current day that's today actually this was through January 6th okay so even in the last month and a half I believe the scores have started to skyrocket um and so yeah we probably could look I'm sure there's like an NBA reference page where we can figure it out but I really want to know if it's even up from last year because that's what it feels like on a lot of nights Marco Belletti it almost feels like this is an all-star deal where they don't really play defense until they have to or the teams that do play defense really they stand out because the the numbers that these teams are putting up now a lot of it has to do with threes but but it's just it's not enjoyable basketball to me a lot of the time it's the threes it's the spacing it's the quickness the up and down and it's also a lack of 57 free throws per team yeah it's also a lack of effort on the defensive end I mean it's you're giving up that bucket but let's get out and run on the other end and everything is trying to move a little faster which is not a bad thing but um clamping down is not exactly something that people are looking to do through 48 minutes and I would say too that it's been a long stretch for them they're nearly 75 of the way through their schedule the all-star breaks not halfway it's not even remotely so it's been a long stretch and so they're they're probably a lot of guys who are dog tired some of them dealing with injuries and aren't giving as much effort I mean that's that's got to be the case as well yeah but I also think it's coaching because I think it's it's then you know the get out and the run and the spacing and knocking down three so there's a lot more of the we can give that up if we can get it on the other end so it's playing defense by playing better offense we're seeing that in every sport and basketball is no different and the rules have definitely tilted in that direction okay so we're playing a fun game tonight in honor of Valentine's Day because everyone loves someone doesn't have to be well you have a wife and two kiddos that adore you so yeah in fact your daughter wanted to read Elmo during the Super Bowl I feel like that's that's just a sign of how much she loves her daddy yeah it's constant she loves Elmo and she loves to read that's something that's awesome yeah does she have an Elmo oh she's got a lot of Elmo's the big Elmo you know the mama Elmo the baby Elmo yeah there's Elmo's everywhere there's Elmo's at Nunnah's there's Elmo's everywhere there's all over the place my niece loved Elmo as well in fact my younger niece for for like ever all we're here with Elmo yeah Elmo yeah Elmo and Minnie those are the two of my daughter that's they're everywhere and Bluey I don't know if you know the new shows Maya said that's the parents Blue's Clues I don't know Bluey see that one I didn't know I missed that one but uh for for the parents out there Bluey that's the stuff that that's there's not a lot of them that you want to watch that that's the one that's good to know good advice from dad over here uh so we're doing a question in honor of valentine's day this day of love it's more of a fill in the blank find someone who loves you as much as and you get to finish the sentence now I I'm being a bit snarky tonight but you know find someone who loves you as much as Kyrie loves Dallas because all of a sudden it's his favorite thing in the world right but we're getting some responses on twitter a law radio this has got to be my favorite so far find someone who loves you as much as Andy Reed loves cheeseburgers I was gonna go the other way Andy Reed loves Hawaiian shirts oh he does he so does and it's his signature style uh Donald said that that was Phil thank you Phil Donald says find someone who loves you as much as Joey Chestnut loves hot dogs oh I don't actually think he loves them I just think he uses them that's a that's not a one that's not a relationship of a good give and take kind of love that's disgusting I know you it is gross you may need some time to think about it but if you would like to you know generate some more thoughts I also believe you should find someone who loves you as much as the Pat McAfee show loves Aaron Rodgers or as Aaron Rodgers loves himself plus his ability to do an hour on a radio show every week there's no one else out there that has that kind of situation I was gonna say Kyrie loves Kyrie because you mentioned that I think Kyrie loves himself some Kyrie well yes I mean I was being somewhat snarky no well I'm not not at all not even a little bit I never never not me that's funny or maybe this I guess we'll find out at the top of the hour we welcome Steve Pfeiffer from Milwaukee I'm starting to feel like more and more that Packers fans are ready for love if you catch my drift uh and that they're kind of they're turning now a little bit away from their future hall of fame QB so we will ask but yeah anytime you've got the last name love I suppose Tuesday was your day uh we don't I we're gonna take a break here but uh just you can tell me if you did or did not see the Valentine that Juju Smith Schuster put on Twitter on Tuesday yeah I saw it oh my gosh I can't help it does it make me very small that I laughed my rear end off it I just I couldn't help it I know but it makes him very small for doing yes it does I know I know all right it's our hump show send your questions for ask Amy anything and while you're doing it on Twitter or Facebook also fill in the blank find someone who loves you as much as what I will love him and squeeze him and call him George you are listening to the after hours podcast a minute into the second half here Leonard stepping to a right wing three cash Kawhi Leonard making it rain just past left side for Leonard off a screen I'll try another three Kawhi Leonard is feeling it left to right Leonard working on green dancing back and forth step back right wing three oh Kawhi Leonard Leonard driving down the right alley get to the rim oh Kawhi Leonard the springboard slam Leonard off the screen to his right Leonard with a switch on pool six to shoot fires a right wing three he's got it Kawhi Leonard his seven three of the night 128 114 305 to go shout out pit bull helping you get to the back end of the work week welcome to the hump show on after hours Noah Eagle with the call on Clippers radio we were talking about the career high eight threes for Drew Holliday well Kawhi Leonard uh no slouch himself on this valentine's day night seven of nine from beyond the arc he finished with 33 points seven rebounds four assists and he torches the nets in a victory against the Warriors this one taking place in LA and like I was talking about before the break with the point totals the Clippers score 134 the Warriors score 124 even in a loss and it certainly has become a theme with Steve Kerr and the Warriors that their defense is subpar it's not championship quality even as they miss Steph Curry they've traded away James Wiseman they finally gave up on that experiment this is a team that is not playing the kind of defense that they played last year in cruising well cruising in battling to another NBA championship it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio don't talk about championship hangover though and I really hate that theme actually I think it's a cop-out what does that even mean most championship teams are not the same and in this case with the Warriors they've changed a lot of pieces around their core group this is a team that understands what it takes to win and there are times when they flip the proverbial switch of course every NBA team does but the whole idea of them still feeling the effects of a championship run that goes back to last June Draymond Green says no way I don't think it's a championship hangover it's a will to want to defend and you're not hung over at 560 games into the season you're a loser if you think if you're still hung over at that point so it's no hangover it's the will to defend and stop and guard your man and sink when you can help and trap the box and rotate as you know defense is all one to two steps actually yeah I'm gonna take that extra step to get there I'm not and that's all I will and we don't have that as a team you can have it as individuals I can have that myself one can have that but if you don't collectively have that it's just like if you put a team together and it's like one guy can really get after it nobody else brings anything on that side of the body don't even bring effort there you can put Steph Curry or Kevin Durant or anybody else out there on offense if no one else is going to want to do the extra things then it doesn't work that's what we've been for the for the year so far you know we've been up and down and right in the middle of the pack on offense right in the middle of the pack on defense and you know I think we feel like we could be better you know we've we've lost a lot of games that we felt like we should have won but we didn't we didn't win them so we are where we are and the good news is there's a lot ahead of us so I think this week off will be great for our guys and hopefully we can come back from the break refreshed and make a push. Right now the Warriors the champs are sitting at 29 and 29 and I would say similar to what Steve Kerr points out they've got a long stretch coming up now they are about three three quarters 75 percent of the way through the season but there's real a lack of separation in the western conference for the most part you've got the Nuggets who are sitting on 40 wins so they're third best winning percentage in the NBA behind the Celtics and the Bucks the Grizzlies have faded though they've only won three of their last ten a lot going on with Ja Morant it's just it's time for them to get to the break as well maybe get a break from each other so the Grizzlies have faded to five back of the Nuggets in the western conference and then the Kings right now are sitting at 25 losses so Kings are in third place in the west with 25 losses then you've got the Suns 27 losses the Clippers the Mavericks the Pelicans all 28 losses the Timberwolves the Warriors 29 losses as do the Oklahoma City Thunder and then they've actually they've played fewer games but then you've got the Jazz and the Blazers both sitting at 30 losses so all that to say within four games of each other in the loss column the majority of the western conference right now and so it's yeah it's it's hard to imagine any of these teams being championship contenders at this point because they really can't create any separation except that there is still a stretch run where I believe experience and certainly health comes into play and for that reason you can say there's a long way to go now in the postseason it becomes a completely different animal so obviously you just want to get there and that's going to be the real battle in the west is who is going to get there to have the right to play and you would obviously want to avoid the play-in tournament as well that 7-10 split because that's going to be a dog fight too it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio so we're asking you for a couple of things we're asking you to play along with us as we say happy Valentine's Day but also look ahead to our Wednesday this is what we do on the hump show coming up in about an hour and a half your chance to ask Amy anything so send your questions to our show Twitter after hours CBS or our Facebook page and then also fill in the blank in honor of the day of love find someone who loves you as much as uh-huh it's after hours on CBS Sports Radio.
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