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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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February 17, 2023 6:08 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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February 17, 2023 6:08 am

Jonathan Gannon introduced as Cardinals Head Coach | QB News | Daytona 500 preview.


I love Andy Reid and the chief story is one that started with a lot of people saying, oh they might not even be the best team in their own division.

So it's kind of a fun arc and I would say we now know that they take all of this motivation into account and they bottle it up and they use it when they need to dig down deep. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Super Bowl is in the rearview mirror. What is your next big thing in sports?

Even now I've got hockey on the tube in front of me, a replay of a game earlier. I've also had the NBA up tonight, NFL Network as well and so there's a lot happening, a lot bubbling underneath the surface and it won't take that long for us to dive forward into something new. The Genesis Invitational, it's the biggest golf tournament of the year to date, but we're not that far away from the PGA heading east and south to its Florida swing and gearing up for the Masters. So that comes up Easter weekend actually. The Masters and Easter weekend are one in the same. Second weekend in April. You've also got by that point opening day, March 30th, all 30 teams on the 30th of March to start baseball season and Fuego.

At least we hope. We'll see how many of those games have to get postponed because of inclement weather, but that's also one of the fun parts of baseball in the springtime, in the early springtime. March Madness will be in full swing by that as well. In fact, they'll be down to their final weekend with the championship, the Final Four coming, actually Final Fours, both of them coming the first weekend in April. And then you also have the NBA and the NHL gearing up for their playoffs and battling for seeding and home court and home ice advantage with the postseason beginning in April as well. We've got the Daytona 500 this weekend. We've got the USFL. We've got other football activities like the combine, which actually is just a few days away, and then the draft later in the spring. It's a smorgasbord, if you will. The spring is extremely busy, so what is your next big thing?

We couldn't even narrow it down to put it into a Twitter poll, so instead it's an open-ended question. On our show Twitter after our CBS, or you can find my Twitter, A Law Radio, and then our Facebook page. Don't forget, subscribe to our YouTube channel if you're a YouTuber because when we get to 4,000 subscribers, we're just a few hundred away, when we get to 4,000, producer J is eating a large bowl of broccoli. The bowl is becoming larger by the month.

It's just how, yeah, it's just how it works. Well, I told you it has to be a standard bowl of broccoli. I feel like since you have no idea what a standard bowl of broccoli is, I can just make it bigger and bigger, and you're just gonna have to wolf it down. It's gonna be fine. Think about how much you are giving your internal body a lift with the broccoli.

It's gonna be amazing. You know what? Your body craves what you give it. That is scientifically proven. So if you start eating broccoli and green vegetables, for instance, I just bought a big chunk of asparagus at the grocery store on Thursday morning. I love asparagus.

If you start eating vegetables, your body will ask you for more vegetables. So this could be the best thing to ever happen to me, really. Exactly. But he won't do it until we get to 4,000 subscribers on the Facebook, not Facebook, sorry, we have way too many there. We get to 4,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel, which is Jay's Baby, and then of course we'll have to do a celebratory video because that would be how we would reward you and say thank you for showing up to our YouTube channel. But there is a lot of good stuff. I still have friends and family members who are writing to me and saying, oh I like your Super Bowl last gamey. We like your snacks video. So there's new stuff there on our YouTube channel. I haven't checked it in the last couple of days, but I believe in you. I believe in you, beeps.

8 5 5 2 1 2 4 2 2 7. We'll get back to your responses about the next big thing. The next big thing for the Cardinals and the Colts, not the Colts, for the Cardinals and the, oh yes, the Colts. I had it right the first time.

Always go with your first answer, especially when it's been the end of a long week. With the Cardinals and the Colts, their next big thing was finally getting their head coaches in place. We heard from the former offensive coordinator of the Eagles as he became the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. And these two franchises clearly waited for their guys to become available. So you get the sense, as much as the Colts went through, what did they interview, 14 different candidates for their head coaching position, you get the sense that once they had talked to Shane Steichen and liked what he brought to the table, he was not only the play caller for one of the league's best offenses, but they, the teams that are very often looking for new coaches, are going to the places, they're going to the fertile ground, if you will, the places where there's been success and they want to have coaches that are coming out of successful systems where they feel like there's momentum, there's credibility in front of a locker room, but certainly they want that winning to be contagious.

That's almost always how it happens. The NFL is a copycat league. There's nothing new under the sun in the NFL. So yes, they were waiting on Shane Steichen and the Cardinals were waiting on Jonathan Gannon, though I do wonder if they would have given Brian Flores the job had he not removed his name from consideration when he decided to join Kevin O'Connell in Minnesota. So we've seen the coaching carousel, at least for the head coaches, grind to a halt now. Still some coordinator jobs that need to be handed out, but you've got Jonathan Gannon getting introduced in the desert. I can only imagine for Shane and Jonathan the whirlwind of the last week plus, going through the interviews, even as they're part of the Eagles run to a Super Bowl and then all the craziness and the lack of sleep and the brouhaha and the pomp and circumstance that comes around being in a Super Bowl, the travel of course as well, getting back and then boom instantly having to figure out how do I put a staff together, right? Like how do I find coaches? Who do I keep with the current of the current staffs in each of these places?

And then how do I find the right people around me when I'm not sleeping and haven't slept for multiple weeks? So Jonathan Gannon, I don't want to say it's a surprise really again because you're talking about a team that had the best offense, one of the best offenses and one of the best defenses in the NFL all season, but a bit of a shock to the system that you've got these two guys who have no previous head coaching experience, boom, leaving the Eagles and going right in to start up with something new. But Gannon, he was introduced, come hell or high water in Arizona, he has got a job to do. We're gonna be very adaptable, this is I'm talking the Arizona Cardinals, this is what our team is gonna be. We're gonna be adaptable, we're gonna be violent, we're gonna be explosive and we're gonna be smart and all three phases go into that and we will maximize the talents of the players that we have and that's how we're gonna win games and don't get it twisted, we're gonna win games. Now violent, would that be similar to biting kneecaps or is that just me? I've got Dan Campbell permanently imprinted on my audio files in my brain. I swear to God I'm not a lunatic.

I believe you, actually I don't believe you but you're my kind of lunatic so it doesn't matter. So when Jonathan Gannon says we're going to be violent, you think that's what he's referring to? It certainly is a game where you can't afford to be soft and I get it that's a moniker, a label that people give to the NFL these days but it's not true, it's not true. The rules have changed and the game is tilting in favor of the offense. More space, fewer hard hits on quarterbacks, yes they want to take head injuries and concussions out of the game but that doesn't mean the violence has disappeared. These guys are bigger, stronger, faster, less body fat, more intense, more powerful than they ever have been. So yes it still is a violent game but I don't know what it says about me that I instantly thought about biting kneecaps. I don't know what it says. No, no I don't know what it says.

I'm not rambling right now, what are you talking about? Jonathan Gannon gets the opportunity to work with Kyler Murray. Now as a tease we've got a QB news coming up and so you'll hear what the new Cardinals head coach has to say about working with Kyler in our next segment but he's not going to settle. Gannon's already setting the bar very high in Arizona. Everybody that we bring in here or that is here or that will be a Cardinal will have elite football character because you will not hit your ceiling if you don't have that and what I mean by that is is you have to be team first and that's how we're gonna build this team. Love his energy, he's got just super competitive. He understands it all starts with accountability and to me that's the most the most important thing.

I want 52 other guys on this team investing themselves to be the best versions of themselves each and every day because every time I step in the building, every time I leave this building, my sole focus is to be the best version of myself each and every day. Zach Ertz reflecting on the hiring of Jonathan Gannon. Even as you hear Gannon set the bar high and he starts with character. I'm sure I'm not the only one who did think of Kyler Murray. There have been some questionable decisions by him and his camp over the past year going back to about a year ago when not only did he scrub his social media though he swears that's what all people his age do. Well you and OBJ actually OBJ is older than him now but I'm not even sure if they're considered the same age. Kyler scrubbed his social media and then his agent puts out this unprecedented letter, open letter if you will, to indicate how the Cardinals have been negotiating in in very little faith with very little faith how they've been negotiating in ways that do not reflect the value that his client brings to the table.

Yep that value. It's disrespectful. So disrespectful. I don't believe in karma I do not but I do believe that this Cardinals season started on a very sour note and then speaking of sour the relationship between Cliff Kingsbury and Kyler it was devolving it was deteriorating over the course of the season and while Cliff told us hey that's just a Gen Z thing. See what I mean? He and Kyler it became very obvious and evident and I don't just mean from their interactions on the sidelines where Kyler would literally tell his head coach to shut the bleep up or oh no I guess it was calm the bleep down. If any one of my students says that to me we're gonna have a major problem.

It's too hard. It just it was a mess and that's the most important relationship on the field. I just would like to point out that even when Andy Reid had to threaten Patrick Mahomes with benching him we did not fear we see Pat say calm the bleep down to his head coach. Now maybe different because Andy Reid's older he's got a lot a lot more winning on his resume than Cliff Kingsbury but that relationship between the two of them was tenuous at best and it doesn't surprise me that Cliff took off to Thailand that's where his girlfriend was right Thailand we went to Thailand on a one-way ticket doesn't surprise me that he went to Thailand and said thanks but no thanks I really appreciate the interest but I need a break. Isn't this the this is a rhetorical question one to which I already have the answer but isn't he the coach that gave his his team breaks in meetings or on meetings day meeting days and film sessions so they could check their phones and their social media because he felt like that was the way to to allow them to balance he didn't feel like they could pay attention for long stretches of time if they weren't allowed to have their phones. I mean it's true I feel like there's a good portion of our population that if they don't have their phones they feel naked they don't have their phones they feel like they're missing an appendage if they don't have their phones they're freaking out because they don't have their phones and can't play on their phones it's definitely the culture that we live in now and you see people out at dinner they've paid to sit down and have dinner and they're not talking to each other they're just on their phones it's very strange. I'm rooting back on it so he cut the he made me every meeting session 20 to 30 minutes so we can have cell phone breaks in there so they could keep their attention and not get bored in the meetings huh hmm so it came back to bite him in the rear because that's not actually what a team needs now do you want to treat them like men yes do you want to give them respect and allow them the freedom to be who they are yes but you're also not their BFF and and so Cliff Kingsbury is taking a break and Kyler's recovering from a torn ACL and now there's Jonathan Gannon so coming up we'll hear Gannon about Kyler Murray in addition to a little bit more from QB news like Jaylen Hertz and that contract extension a little bit like the Joe burrow contract extension conversation and the amount of money that these guys have earned themselves in the last couple years we've also got Drew Brees on Russell Wilson why well because Russ now has his former head coach what does that mean for Russ to have Sean Payton working with him good stuff with the QB news my stomach's growling I'm gonna rectify that situation and we're gonna continue to look over your responses to the next big thing now see if it were me putting up the social media post I would have spelled it that way thing what's your next big thing not thong your next big thing in sports Jay's face when I just said that he never knows what's gonna come out of my mouth and then also on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence I cannot ask Jay his next big thing until I am sure that he has spent hours contemplating it because if I catch him off guard he gets very upset at me and I had a bad day were you waiting you were waiting to use that weren't you oh you liar you were so waiting you were sitting on it you were sitting on Ron Rivera until I brought it up again cuz you know I don't let anything go so you knew I was gonna circle back to it and you were sitting on Ron Rivera that would have been really smart but honestly I just happened to be right above it at the exact time that you said that and saw the opportunity hmm so you had a really bad day the answer is yes but see here's the thing Jay's on vacation starting Friday afternoon so he is I kind of feel like he might be checking out so if we ask him a question he's not he's not ready for her we could get another route he does like my cat my cat really likes everyone but Jay thinks my cat just likes him well okay I'm just saying she's she's a glutton for attention so you just are the next big thing oh you're the next big thing I mean she does that on Twitter a law radio on our Facebook page too what's your next big thing oh no not time for Marco it's after-hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the after-hours podcast back to throw looking firing deeper chase in the end zone yes touchdown Joe Burrow and the Bengals the homes fires for the end zone caught touchdown Kansas City and off the echo again no herbert keeps it in so touchdown charges Herbert with his second of the day here's the snap Josh gonna keep it himself and run it again inside the five into the end zone touchdown Buffalo Josh Allen nine-yard touchdown run the bills respond and then it's time for QB news on after hours little prep for what's to come in the NFL and we know that the head coaches are done they've all been hired and secured in place still a few coordinators and then we will be very close to free agency and the QB carousel Derek Carr sweepstakes are currently underway Aaron Rodgers is succumbing to darkness and at some point I suppose we will get a decision from Aaron and then you think about Jimmy Garoppolo and what might happen or not happen with Lamar Jackson in Baltimore how about Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold if we're thinking second tier there are roughly 25% of the teams in the NFL that would like to upgrade at quarterback or that don't even have a quarterback at this time like the Raiders it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio just mentioned Jonathan Gannon and let you hear from him his introduction in the desert what about Kyler Murray now Kyler likely won't be ready to start the season because of the torn ACL but it will be Jonathan Gannon's number one goal to not only communicate with Kyler and find a system that works with him but also to make sure those two are on the same page played against Kyler this year and it was a unique game plan to put together because of his skill set and you know I I use the term he's a problem to defend because what he can do he's a legit problem for defenses and you know he has a very unique skill set and that's what I'm looking forward to working with him and showing him hey this is how defenses are gonna try to stop you here's what you need to be ready for and these are the things that we're gonna do with him that's gonna help him move all the way up and down the field and score a bunch of points and be explosive and protect the football they've got a fair number of weapons around Kyler that offense though is predicated on him and his ability to move around certainly his ability to deliver the football they've got to have a strong offensive line in front of him to give him time he's athletic and he can be a problem I definitely agree with Jonathan Gannon on more than one level there but they've got to find the right fit and he's got to stay healthy too I mean that's one of the issues with getting hit a bunch can he stay healthy when he comes back can he have the same explosiveness and the ability to elude the pressure there are times when he's a cheat code the issue with Kyler is that it's not been a consistent cheat code all right thinking about Jaylen Hertz a quarterback who not only set a record for rushing touchdowns this season between the regular season and the playoffs but had maybe the best game of his life in the Super Bowl in the loss to the Kansas City Chiefs but that loss notwithstanding there's a lot of buzz around the Eagles about Jaylen who's now eligible for a contract extension following year three we want to keep our best players here for the long term and he's certainly one of our best players so that's um we'll keep all the contract talks internal but we definitely would like to keep Jaylen Hertz here a long time that is the voice of Philadelphia general manager Howie Roseman who's now been the architect of two Super Bowl teams that looked very different in fact had two different head coaches and coaching staffs we've seen a ton of praise across the board for Jaylen from both sides of the Super Bowl meaning the Eagles as well as the Chiefs and so just to refresh your memory some of the praise being heaped on Jaylen Hertz in the last week he saw what he could do I mean it's not bad for assistant QB if you ask me I'm just so proud of him he's talking right now over there proud of everything he's he's accomplished and overcome week after week during the regular season and so I love him man I love him he's a great leader leads by example and never lets any situation get the better of him just stays cool calm collected all year round I'm just so proud of Jaylen Hertz to be honest with you you know his whole soul journey you know how he's continually just you know answered the criticism with his play on the field doesn't say nothing doesn't ask man does it takes it all right say what you want to say and you know he just keeps performing just keeps getting better just keeps improving and you know for a guy to do it that way to go out there on the biggest stage in his career and to answer the bell for his team and the way he did man unbelievable performance but Jaylen Hertz yeah just you know very very very very proud of him and was proud to be out there with him two of the guys who spent the most time with Jaylen Jordan Mylotta and then Jason Kelce and you also hear Travis in the background so a lot of praise and then Kelsey brothers on their new heights podcast talking about the Eagles quarterback who has elevated his status among QBs in the NFL with the way he played the season and I love the fact that Howie Roseman and Nick Sirianni were praising him going back to last year feeling like he was poised to make a major jump and boy did he and the Eagles now want to make sure that they have hitched their wagon to his star whatever the cost right they they've got a system that's built around him one that they believe can win for years to come as long as the quarterback is in place and obviously health plays into it it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio now the Raiders are one of those teams that no longer have a quarterback if you think about the Derek Carr excuse me I don't know why that happened you think about the Derek Carr era in well in Vegas but before that in Oakland it stretches back to his rookie season in 2014 when he won the job in training camp they have not needed a starting quarterback since then he played for five different head coaches not to mention a revolving door of coordinators as well as weapons around him Darren Waller knows this is gonna be odd and awkward and strange to not have a Derek Carr as their quarterback next season tough from a just an emotional connection standpoint of coming into the team and being a teammate of Derek's for five years being a friend of his and seeing it in that way but that's the nature of the business you have people that come in and they don't have those ties they don't have those relationships they're evaluating it off of a play standpoint and you you got to understand that and trust that they're making the right decision for the for the future of the team and even though it's tough when it's somebody that that you love and have so much respect for but we got to move on and support whoever it is which I have no idea who is gonna be but whoever comes in you know it's all about building the relationships first building the culture off relationships with the quarterback and and going from there as Darren Waller on Sirius XM NFL and yeah it's just a stark reminder of the business it changes it's an ever-changing industry and you really don't get a lot of firm footing much which is why you have guys that are constantly clamoring for new contracts more guaranteed money as much job security as they can find because there is very little of it in any aspect of the NFL unless of course you are Roger Goodell and you're helping the owners make money hand over fist and then you do have some job security another quarterback situation with a lot of question marks coming out of last season that would be Denver and Russell Wilson so same division as the Raiders and the Chiefs obviously Drew Brees knows a lot about Sean Payton so what about it his former head coach and Russ working together he's excited I know Russell's excited you know look this window of time now for Russell going into year 12 right I felt like from year 12 year 18 those were some of my best years yeah just because you're you're at that the kind of that peak performance level of you know where you are mentally you know with the game your experience knowledge wisdom combining that with still great athletic ability and a great skill set so this is this is a prime opportunity for him Drew Brees also on Sirius XM NFL radio I hope that is the case I hope that Sean Payton can figure out how best to use Russell Wilson and the good young core of receivers that they have around him I hope the AFC West lives up to the expectations that many people set for it starting last season but to be fair I don't think anybody should be falling into the trap of hey the Chiefs aren't even the best team in their own division anymore not only is Patrick Mahomes the reigning NFL MVP and Travis Kelce still in the prime of his career but think about it they had three three different receivers or yes receivers well let me let me rephrase they had three different offensive players who scored touchdowns in the Super Bowl that were in their first season with the Chiefs then you think about their secondary and how they rebuilt the secondary they had rookies starting in their secondary that team is not going away either health is always the great equalizer so as long as they stay healthy we'll see what the Raiders do at quarterback we'll see if the Broncos can get more out of this massive contract that they paid or they gave to Russell Wilson and then the Chargers who did make the playoffs this year was good to see them back in it they have to continue to develop as well and to that end we know that they are making changes on their offensive coaching staff so yeah pressure it's a privilege but it also does cost people jobs when you see the Chiefs in your division who are now they've now won the West seven consecutive years two Super Bowls three Super Bowl appearances it puts every other team and every other job in a spotlight right it puts you in a place where if you are not moving forward you're getting left behind and so the division itself they've got to raise their level of play raise expectations or similar to what happened in the AFC East for years it's going to be a non factor the division games the division competition will be a non factor like it was with the Patriots for so long how often did people point to the division the Patriots played in and said well there's six wins every year so the Bills the Dolphins the Jets and sure every now and then they would lose one in their division but how often did they build a winning record based on the teams in their division because the Dolphins the Jets and the Bills they were changing coaches even ownership in the case of the Bills they didn't have a lot of consistency they weren't raising their level of play or their expectations it took a long time and meanwhile the Patriots were able to not only dominate that division but dominate the conference how often do they have the bye or a bye or the first or second seed and home field advantage all of those things they're not only because the AFC East stunk for a long time or wasn't deep I should say for a long time but those were certainly factors it helps when you've got teams in your division that are generally weaker you think about the the South divisions this year the Bucks were able to win the South division with a losing record in the NFC and then in the AFC the Titans lost their rip on it and the Jaguars come roaring through so yeah when the division in your competition is not any good well it adds to a preeminent team or a dominant team if they take care of their division business so that's a definitely a factor right now for the AFC West this was a punch in the mouth for the rest of the division thinking that they had raised themselves up to compete with the Chiefs only to have it go horribly wrong I mean it's you can see very clearly the Chiefs are the class not just of that division but again of the AFC so back to the drawing board for a bunch of teams out there that thought they had got to equal footing all right coming up Kevin Durant tells you why it didn't work in Brooklyn and why he was emotional at the end you can find me on Twitter a law radio also on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence we're asking you the next big thing in the wake of football in the rearview mirror I don't know that it's spring yet I thought the groundhog saw his shadow and we're supposed to have six more weeks of winter where are my six more weeks of winter you are listening to the after-hours podcast I think it's a jolt if that makes sense just because of not just who he is as a player but his love for the game I think the guys are going to see something that they may not have seen before as far as his approach and how much he just loves to play basketball this is after hours with Amy Lawrence the reaction of Monty Williams when the Suns traded for Kevin Durant right before the deadline Durant is still unable to play basketball though he tells people he's getting close and it certainly was quite the spectacle in Phoenix on Thursday afternoon before the Suns hosted the Clippers as they were rounding out their pre all-star break schedule three thousand fans in attendance and they were cheering Durant's every word except when the questions were about the Brooklyn Nets it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio can find me on Twitter a law radio our Facebook page to what's your next big thing in sports this weekend alone we've got the all-star festivities in Utah so Salt Lake City hosting the NBA this year we've also got the Daytona 500 and the pole has been set we had the duals the twin duals on Thursday not only did Alex Bowman get yet another Daytona 500 pole this has become his thing but Jimmy Johnson one of the most decorated NASCAR drivers in history has also gone ahead and qualified for Daytona again kind of a cool well cool moment it is a cool moment but also a light-hearted moment when he was asked whether or not he is ready for the challenge of the 500 miles at Daytona on Sunday hell no that was all I got was 70 laps now I need a few more but tomorrow and Saturday I'll get some more I'll be ready so this is his return to NASCAR and so he was able to qualify and here he is a seven-time champion getting into his first cup race since 2020 nearly 50 years old he kind of went over to IndyCar and dabbled there and and has an ownership stake in Legacy Motor Club but missed driving as a lot of guys do interestingly enough the number that he used to have on his car which is 48 now belongs to Alex Bowman who has the pole so yes things change life comes at you fast Jimmy Johnson you go away for two years and someone else's got your number and your ride anyway so yeah Alex Bowman he'll be joined on the front row by Kyle Larson those are your top two Bowman actually missed races at the end of last season because of a concussion so that is also an issue in NASCAR and driving remember that's what forced Dale Earnhardt into what was considered an early retirement they have a bunch of technology they try to protect the head and the neck with what is called the Hans device it's been improved over the years it's supposed to keep the head stable they're also in a cage a driving cage essentially and so concussions are scary but imagine being behind the wheel of a car though when you're going 200 miles per hour and that is not what you want so Bowman he had the time away from racing at the end of last season because of a concussion but get this he's on the front row of Daytona of the 500 for the sixth consecutive year so this is his thing he wins the pole he gets on the front row at Daytona now can he go ahead and and win the race and then welcome back to Jimmy Johnson so maybe your next big thing is the Daytona 500 maybe it's the all-star festivities maybe it's spring training which is about to be in Fuego maybe it is opening day March 30th or March Madness or golf right Genesis Invitational you want to talk about a smiley Tiger Woods he and Kevin Durant had that in common in the southwest on Thursday so we're asking you to let us know your next big thing in sports now post football though the combine and the draft are on the horizon as well so Kevin Durant what exactly went wrong in Brooklyn why why did it not work with Kyrie and James Harden we just didn't get on the court enough I think when you seen James Kyrie and myself it was it was amazing basketball for 17 games though but you need in order for you to win a championship and be a great team you just need more time on the floor we could it's another story about why we didn't get on the floor together but we just didn't get enough time on the floor and those are Hall of Fame players that I learned a lot from every day and I'm wishing them the best as well it just didn't work out KD takes somewhat of a high road here he actually praises both James and Kyrie remember James earlier this week did not have the same kind words to say or fond memories to share about his time in Brooklyn Kevin admits it was painful that it's not something that he could just forget about like it never happened because it was tough yeah I was upset that we couldn't finish I thought we would have some good momentum we were finally building the culture that we always wanted I felt like every game we were building our chemistry I love playing with those guys throughout the year I felt like we had dudes with that were stepping up and doing stuff that they didn't do on their previous team so I enjoyed everything about it and it was tough to not finish the season but you know I just tried to move forward as quickly as I can and try to figure something out for myself what changed would be the obvious question well that's Kyrie's trade request and so it's very clear and Kevin made it very clear that when Kyrie asked for the trade request when he asked to get out again that he felt like he had no other option himself or this was the best option right because there is unfinished business he could have stayed but the Nets would have missed out on an opportunity to get a haul in return number one number two if the Nets were going to scrap the whole experiment they might as well do it then and get a head start on kind of the rebuilding project that now faces them but there was no guarantee they were gonna get what they wanted remember that's why they didn't trade him or at least that's why they said they didn't trade him going back to last offseason but yeah eight months all three of those guys asked out and so trade requests that appears to be the catalyst for the end with KD it was a blow to our team it just took away our identity he was a huge huge part of what we do his game he's a Hall of Fame player a great great player that can do everything on the floor and we relied on that so without him we didn't have a clear identity so that was tough for me to stomach I enjoy the grind and everybody there we tried our hardest every day regardless of what was going on in the media what was going on with our teammates everybody who's in that gym we grinded so I love those guys I get emotional talk about him because that was a special four years in my career coming off of Achilles and they helped me through a lot he definitely did get emotional you hear him get choked up a little bit so maybe there's a heart in there somewhere no I'm just kidding I'm sorry that's snarky of me I have much more snark reserved for Kyrie Irving and James Harden but I certainly do think he has to have regrets and I don't just mean about the fact that he and the other two did not get on the court it was actually 16 games together did not get on the court very often but also think about the playoff series that they were poised to win against the Milwaukee Bucks and and weren't able to close that out even at home think about the number of injuries that he went through and also the drama I mean it does he can blame the media he can blame the noise on outside forces but it was created internally and ultimately we know about him wanting the coach to get fired wanting the general manager to get fired trying to give the owner an ultimatum we know that he asked out twice in eight months we know that that he and Kyrie and James Harden were not a good fit and it maybe it was a slow death for he and Kyrie ultimately because Harden got out beforehand there's got to be regret there if you have a not just a heart but it give any dignity there's got to be some regrets even thinking about how the rest of the NBA views you mean remember the the tweet from Robin Lopez and the hours after he was traded it's like the Muppets take Manhattan but they fail to take Manhattan and then they leave Manhattan right like that I mean there's jokes being made about it so I'm sure it hurts but now he's all smiles and Phoenix so a different KD with the Suns it's after hours on CBS sports radio
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