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2-3-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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February 3, 2023 6:01 am

2-3-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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February 3, 2023 6:01 am

Hoops, Hires, Football, & Friday. | Donovan Mitchell & Dillon Brooks fight in Cleveland | LeBron inches closer to NBA All-Time scoring title.


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Learn more at today. Is TBT still a thing or is that over? Not TNT, but TBT. TNT is definitely still a thing. Although, depending upon your generation, you think TNT means a variety of things.

It doesn't mean the same thing to every generation. TNT is definitely still around in several different forms. Is TBT still around?

Because I feel like I don't see it anymore. I have no idea exactly why or how my brain ended up on TBT when I was driving into work. Only that I started thinking about the cold weekend that's upcoming and it's not just the Northeast. The cold has been sweeping across the country.

In the South, the Midwest, all parts of the country have kind of dealt with this extreme temperature situation. Well, I guess the left half. Did I say the left half? Sorry.

There goes the perfect show, but that didn't take long. That's not the left half. Really from the Midwest and kind of over. Upper Midwest, same thing. It's been pretty frigid in parts of the country this week. I just would love some snow.

That's it. I'm the girl who prays for snow and so far it has not happened. We've had a bunch of snow, but nothing's actually sticking.

A bunch of different snow showers, but nothing's really sticking for long. So I let Penny out, as I normally do before I get in the car, and I was thinking about the cold. It's already chilly in my neighborhood, but Penny and I, the colder the better. That's how we feel. We're both about the cold.

This good New Hampshire girl, maybe she's a New Hampshire dog, I don't know. No, she's an Australian Shepherd and has a thick coat and it can be 40 degrees outside and the dog is panting. So we keep it pretty chilly in our house, whether it be winter. In fact, I think my heat is settled at 64 most of the time, this time of year. And then the AC obviously is critical when I bought the house that I live in, my first ever house that I've owned almost three years ago now. It was an older couple who owned it and they had been there 40 years, they were past retirement age, and they did not have AC in any form. What?

No, no we do, no. I sleep in the daytime and I can't sleep if I'm hot. And Penny doesn't sleep, well Penny's always hot, but we had to add the AC right away.

Even before I was cleared to move in, and it took a while just because it was right in the middle of COVID, it was spring of 2020, we went ahead and had the AC put in, Central AC. So whether it's summertime, whether it's wintertime, we keep the house pretty chilly for Penny's sake. Anyway, it's plenty cold this weekend for the doggo. People in my neighborhood, every time you pass someone the last couple of days, all the talk is about the cold snap that's coming. Because it's supposed, well it's already below freezing, and it's not supposed to be above freezing again until Sunday. And in our neighborhood, we're supposed to have temps in a very low single digits, could bottom out at zero, but here's the kicker. The wind is going to be howling, which means we are likely to have wind chills according to the forecast.

Mine is 20-ish. So anyway, back to TBT, I swear there's a connection here. She just looked up at me like, yeah right, I thought you forgot all about TBT. No, when I first moved to the New York City area, we had this one winter where there were three, this is in New Jersey, three snowstorms of at least two feet. It was insane. Cars were just completely covered. You couldn't even tell, except you knew there was a big pile of something. And then after the snow came through, it wouldn't melt because we had a month of these extremely cold temperatures. And Penny and I were still walking.

We were the only ones in my neighborhood that were still walking. And so I remember checking my phone, I would always look for the wind chills just to see how cold it got. Our coldest dog walk ever.

Are you ready for this? I only had my eyeballs exposed and they were cold. Penny's running around like it's the middle of spring.

She thought it was the greatest thing ever. Minus 26 wind chills. It was, well you couldn't feel anything. As I say, even my eyeballs were cold. I have a photo somewhere of me wrapped up like a mummy with a, I was wearing four layers.

I'm not kidding. I was wearing three pairs of pants and then four layers on top and then I had this wool scarf. A friend made me this really heavy wool scarf. It was wrapped around my head. Obviously I'm wearing a hat.

The only thing you can see, it's all these outrageous colors too, the only thing you could see were my eyeballs. I blamed Penny for that look and I remember sharing it on Facebook or something. Anyway, so as I was thinking, Thursday, the end of the work week, it's about to get cold for the weekend. Oh great, Penny and I are going to be out in it because it's her favorite.

I'm wondering if it's going to drop below 26 wind chills, minus 26 wind chills. And then of course I remembered, so see TVT. Tell me that doesn't make perfect sense.

That is how my brain works Jay, you know that it is. It was good. It did tie together nicely.

Thank you. Plate of spaghetti, you pull one strand out, it's cold. Then another strand out, oh I'm walking the dog. Then another strand out, oh it's Thursday. Then another strand out, oh it's going to be below zero. Then another strand out, oh remember that time? See, I mean it makes logical sense if you're me.

It doesn't make logical sense if you're a boy usually. It checked out, I got you. I lost you maybe for a second there. You didn't lose me. I didn't say anything that you would lose me. The face that you made, looking at me as though I had completely lost my way. I had no idea where I was going with that story.

When you brought it all back, I was- Bring it all back, bring it on back. Yeah, okay so we're okay now, you're alright with my story? Oh good story, very good story.

Okay, the good news is, I don't really care if you're alright with my story. Would Moose go out if it was minus 26 wind chills? Oh, probably not. He doesn't really have much coating like Penny does. He's got really thin kind of fur. Have you ever put clothes on him? No, he's worn a hat before, like a Santa hat. He doesn't like it.

Oh, I was going to say, that's not like outside. You would just put it on him for pictures, just so you could make him look ridiculous. Right, yeah. He had a Halloween costume for like a half a minute once too.

Who? It was like a dragon or something. He was not having it. How did you get that on your bulldog?

It had like a velcro on the underneath. M.G. He hates you. No wonder he threw up on your bedroom floor. He hasn't forgotten. Speaking of TBT, Moose has TBT. Moose does not forget. No, he's holding that grudge.

He got me last night. Oh my goodness. Jay told me I had to hold on because he was cleaning up. Dog throw up on his bedroom floor. Welcome to my world. Penny doesn't throw up, but Sugar does. But this is why. Just because she eats too fast, that's it.

That's the only reason. I think that's what happened to Moose too. I'm not sure what he got into because I didn't see the act I saw it after.

The act? Oh my gosh, I hope you didn't step in it. I didn't step in it, luckily.

Oh my goodness. That would have been the end of your slippers. You would have thrown them out, wouldn't you? Probably.

Probably. So what's worse, cleaning up dog throw up? Or I guess you could think about whatever pet makes a mess.

Cleaning up pet messes or getting your little grizzlies popped? Well, actually, I guess it would be the little cavaliers, not the little grizzlies. It was the grizzly who was doing the popping in the little cavaliers. And the little thunders? Well, I mean, not this time. No, it's not the thunders.

But yes, thank you, Tim Roy. That is exactly what we're talking about. I don't know.

I can't answer that question because I'm not of the same gender. But which would you prefer? Oh, no, no. Yeah, I'll take the dog.

You'd rather have the torture of cleaning up dog messes than getting popped below the belt. All right. Well, I don't believe that Dylan Brooks asked Donovan Mitchell that question, which he would prefer.

Probably not. That's one of the big stories that you'll see trending on social. Even as the Grizzlies and the Cavaliers do battle, Dylan Brooks, Donovan Mitchell only last 22 minutes of this game. They both get ejected after a brouhaha.

I think it's safe to say that Dylan Brooks started it, but Donovan Mitchell was not going to let anyone else finish it. And it turns in, well, it escalates into an actual fight underneath the hoop in Cleveland. So we'll hear from the Cavaliers. I've been hoping that we were going to get some type of reaction from the Grizzlies, but there really isn't much.

The Taylor Jenkins audio is not only terrible and almost impossible to hear, but he's very gruff and he doesn't appear to want to talk about it a whole lot. But as you can imagine, the Cavaliers, including Donovan Mitchell, were more than willing to tell their side of the story. So we're going to get to that coming up here momentarily.

And I don't know, does brouhaha and getting popped in the little Cavaliers take precedent over LeBron James approaching the all-time scoring record? No? Maybe? No?

Maybe? All right. Well, I mean, I teased it that way, so that's how it's going to go. He didn't break the scoring record yet, please.

It's not as though I was saying that a fight would take precedent over him breaking the scoring record. But while we're still in wait mode, in anticipation mode, you know what? He's trying to hijack Super Bowl week.

That's what's happening right here. He is going to hijack Super Bowl week unless he has 63 points coming up on Thursday. So the Lakers finish up their road trip on Thursday. They were in Indiana. Oh, it is Thursday. Oh my gosh. I was just looking at their schedule. I was like, they don't play until next week. Oh my gosh, I'm such a weirdo. My brain is all messed up.

It's been a really bad week of sleeping, mostly because we've had so much prep to do for our Super Bowl week and what we have planned that I don't know why I thought today was Tuesday. Thank God it's not Tuesday. Thank goodness.

I'm such an idiot. I was just talking about the fact that it's TBT. Can we just strike all of this from the podcast? Do you think anybody would, except it was a really good story about TBT.

If you stuck with me long enough, Jay was about to check out on my story, but he didn't because he gets paid to pay attention sometimes. Anyway, for a second there, I forgot that today is Thursday. But I can't be the only one. There have to be other people on this planet who right now are not so up to speed that they know what date it is or what day it is. It happens all the time when you work these hours or you're a night owl.

It's just what happens. It's like the time when you thought it was Friday or almost Friday and it was actually Tuesday and you texted me and you got me excited for a second. Okay, it was Wednesday and I texted you happy almost Friday because that's what I do when we wake up on Thursday. I thought it was Thursday. It was really Wednesday. You thought it was Friday when you woke up and you're like, what?

You got me all excited. Oh, wait a minute. Crap. Okay, that's a lot of stories to start the show, but whatevs, that's what we do around here. You know, that's why I could never do TV.

They don't let you tell stories on TV. So, okay, here's the actual Lakers schedule. I was right about one thing. They're wrapping up their road trip in their next stop, which is New Orleans. That comes on Saturday. I got this.

I got this, you guys. And I'm pretty sure it's now become a nationally televised game. Okay, so all of that to say, Producer J, that he's going to hijack Super Bowl week because their next game comes, so they go back to L.A. This is the end of what's been a lengthy road trip. Boston, Brooklyn, New York City, same thing.

Indiana, oh, people are mad now. And then New Orleans. That's been their long road swing. And remember, Boston happened last Saturday night, so they've been on the road for nearly a week.

So now, as they get set to go back to the West Coast and Los Angeles, they've got a couple of nights off, but they play Tuesday. So let's just say for the sake of argument. This is fun, isn't it? Hypotheticals. You always want me to predict.

I know who you are. He doesn't score 63 on, I mean, I wouldn't put it past him, but he doesn't score 63 on Saturday. That means on Tuesday, maybe he has 30. Right now, he's averaging roughly 30. He would need 33 points on Tuesday to break the record.

He's 63 shy, which is absolutely a possibility. Or their next game at home, actually, I think it'd be cooler if it was against Giannis and the Bucks, but anyway, their next game at home is Thursday night. But here's the funny part. That's NFL honors night. So that's the night when all the awards are handed out. Remember that special ceremony? They call it the NFL honors now. And everybody who's anybody in the NFL shows up there.

You think Tom Brady will be there? Huh. Question.

Good question. Anyway, LeBron's out to hijack Super Bowl week. That's what's going to happen here.

You know what? This is what I'm going to tell people. We're not going to Phoenix because I have to be home to be planted in front of the TV to watch Lebron's every move next week. That's what I'm telling people from now on. Are you kidding?

I'm not covering the Super Bowl. I got to watch Lebron. That's it. That's the story. That's the story and we're sticking to it. Jay, with me.

Are you with me? Let's just tell people. Why are you going to the Super Bowl?

Well, I mean, how can you? We got to watch Lebron. Are you kidding me?

Lebron James is going for the scoring title. What did you just say? What? Was that an accidental swear word in there? No, there's no swear word in there. Are you sure? It seemed like you were about to... No, I said are you kidding me? No. It was a different word.

It just kind of got, you know, you were never mind. I'm just saying, go back and listen to the podcast. So LeBron's going to hijack Super Bowl week and I'm all about it. Of course he is. Of course he is. That's what real men do.

So it's likely to be either Tuesday or Thursday, but then they hit the road and go out to Golden State or up to Golden State, I should say. So if he doesn't get it, he would... Would he be vindictive enough to wait until he is playing at Golden State where the Chase Center and they love their people and say, hey, after four consecutive NBA Finals, his Cavaliers versus the Warriors, you guys took three from us. Here's how I pay you back.

On national TV, I earn the all-time scoring record at your expense. No? Maybe?

I could see it. Yeah. I feel like he'd want to do it in L.A. I think so too.

Because the celebrities will worship him there. Right. The more turnout. We looked at this last night and I dare say the numbers are higher again, but the average ticket price for Thursday, so not Tuesday, but Thursday's average ticket price was $1,300.

Average. The Tuesday game was $1,100-something. So it seems like more people were feeling like it was going to happen on Thursday. He had 26 points tonight and now is 63 points shy.

So that's where we are and we'll get to that too. Also, Luka Doncic exiting his game a little early. Speaking of the Warriors, they were in Denver where, oh, ho-hum, Jokic has yet another triple-double.

It's crazy, right? I said this about the Kansas City Chiefs toward the end of the year. It was about a month to go in the regular season and a lot of the attention was on the Bills, the Bengals. The Bengals were surging. The Bills were playing really good football. And it felt as though the Chiefs, despite the fact that they were on track for the number one seed, were flying under the radar. And I said this even going into the postseason, again, because of all the attention on Buffalo and Cincinnati. Well, wouldn't you know, 14-3 into their third Super Bowl in four years. Yeah, I kind of feel that way about the Denver Nuggets, or mostly Jokic.

They're not necessarily a sexy storyline. And I know that they need to prove that they can handle their bidness in the postseason. But doesn't it feel like his triple-doubles?

Eh, just whatevs. Jokic had another triple-double. He's won seven MVPs in a row now.

Let's forecast. Eh, it's just Jokic being Jokic. But remember when it was Russell Westbrook and the number of triple-doubles he would have all the time, and people always pay attention? Alright, well we're here to make sure you know exactly how many triple-doubles Jokic has this season. He's 17 now, right?

Yes, I'm keeping a tally in my brain. We've got football too, of course. Both of your QBs for Super Bowl 57 speaking on Thursday, because it's Thursday. I now know that it's Thursday.

It's Thursday. Also, Aaron Rodgers. Oh, he's all full of grins.

Kicks and giggles at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. It was actually aired on CBS Sports Network. And he was asked about going to the Niners next season. Derek Carr speaking for the first time with his voice. He'd used social media before to talk about his...

I mean, just disrespectful divorce courtesy of the Las Vegas Raiders. So he speaks. And then we've got some other great audio. D'Amico Ryans. Get to know D'Amico Ryans if you don't already. The former Pro Bowl linebacker, new head coach of the Houston Texans. I got to tell you, I'm not a huge fan of the way...

I haven't told you before. The way that Houston does business under this current regime, meaning Nick Casario as the general manager, they've treated people poorly. And I don't love how Bill O'Brien handled his business there either. But since Casario took over, I feel as though they've made some pretty sketchy moves. I like this hire. To me, this brings respectability.

At least a semblance of respectability for the Houston Texans and for what they're going to do moving forward. I knew it. Just got a tweet. When do you leave for the Super Bowl? I'm writing back. I can't go to Phoenix.

I got to stay home and watch LeBron break the all-time scoring record. That's it. It's my new line. No? You don't like it?

No, I do like it. I think it holds. It's inarguable.

Thank you. I mean, you can't argue with that. It's history. I mean, there's Super Bowls every year. The Super Bowl is going to happen next year. LeBron's not going to break the record again.

We may never see anyone break the scoring record again. You know. Dude, just give me a minute and I'll come up with whatever excuse you need.

I'm on a roll right now. TBT to when I was actually a good radio host. No, no. TBT to when I was actually allowed to cover the Super Bowl.

Not anymore. It's okay, though, because we got LeBron to keep his company. LeBron's not going to the Super Bowl either. Well, at least a radio row. If we were planning on going, we'd have to cancel our tickets anyway. No, can't do that. Got to stay calm and watch LeBron. All right.

Lots of hoops. Hey, guess what? Fun, fun guest for you tonight. Actually, since I've never had him on the show, I've heard good things about him. And I know that he does have a radio job now. He does Visa Network.

If you know Visa, it's based in Las Vegas, which is his hometown. And he is not only a former NFL wide receiver who played with some pretty incredible QBs, also played against the new coach at his alma mater. Deion Sanders is moving and shaking and creating buzz in Boulder, Colorado, with his first national signing day.

Mike Pritchard played at Colorado. He's in the CU Hall of Fame and is going to join us from Vegas at the top of the hour to talk, yes, NFL, but also Deion changing the culture at Colorado. Excited for that. We are ushering in a Friday. It can be any kind of Friday you want.

It can be a free for all Friday, baby. So find us on Twitter. A law radio. Find me on Twitter.

A law radio. Our show account is after our CBS and then also on our Facebook page. No game of the week poll. There is. Well, I mean, we could just put we could put up a few NBA games for next week.

Just be like. As long as we're laughing so we don't cry. No, there's no crying in sports radio. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

You are listening to the After Hours podcast. Here's Brooks in the lane shot blocked by Mobley. Holy Mobley.

Whoa. And now we've got Donovan Mitchell and Dylan Brooks going at it. We've got pistol cuffs down here to our left underneath the basket. Mitchell was not happy and he fired that ball at Dylan Brooks. Dylan tripped him to almost like he was trying to step on his foot. Boy, it is really heated under there as both coaching staffs have come out onto the floor. Again, the players know well enough to stay on the bench. That's an automatic ejection and suspension. Boy, Donovan Mitchell was really hot.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Well, if I was Donovan Mitchell, I think I would be hot too over what happened. If you have not seen the video and it's definitely out there. It was a physical defense that Donovan was playing on Dylan Brooks on this drive to the hoop. So they get underneath Brooks apparently takes exception to the hard defense, the contact defense. Goodness, how the NBA has changed.

It's not supposed to be a contact sport in many cases anymore. But Dylan Brooks didn't like the way that Donovan Mitchell played defense on him. So as Dylan falls to the ground, he rolls over toward the baseline and rolls up on the feet of Donovan Mitchell. As he does that, he attempts to pretend as though his momentum rolling over propels his arm and his fist up and right into the groin area, the little Cavaliers of Donovan Mitchell. And as Jay and I saw it, we saw it the first time and I thought, oh, is it maybe because he was rolling over and his arm was flailing and kind of smacked Mitchell below the belt? But when you watch it from the various angles that are out there and Jay, if you want to put up the video on our show, Twitter After Hours, CBS, it's really clear that not only did Brooks make sure that he kept rolling onto Donovan's feet, but his arm flailing, I'm using my air quotations, up into the air was on purpose.

He tried to earn an Oscar with an acting job pretending as though his arm was just coming up and around because he was rolling so quickly or whatever. But nah, it was a direct shot. It was a cheap shot.

And it was on purpose. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. That's Cavs Radio with the Call. And here's Donovan Mitchell's reaction. That's just who he is. We've seen it a bunch in this league with him. Him and I have had our personal battles for years. Quite frankly, I've been busting his ass for years.

Playoffs, regular season. The one game he does a high job on me today, he decides to do something like that. There's no place in that in the game. You've got to protect yourself at the end of the day. This has been brewing for years with me, with other guys in the league. You all see it. This isn't new.

Tonight was just the end of it. But it's tough when you can't guard somebody and can't do something with somebody. You've got to resort to that. And that's what he's done to a lot of players.

Linus B. Jordan, an NBA has to do something about it. Because like I said, I'm not the only person this has happened to. There's no place for that in this game. Like I said, I took marriage into my own hands.

But at the end of the day, that ain't it. If somebody makes a play like that, you should have the right to stand up for yourself. I mean, it was a cheap shot in multiple ways. You roll a guy's ankle and then obviously whatever was next out of there.

A guy should have the right to stand up for himself. And I thought Donovan did that. That's one thing. I'm proud of our guys. We don't have those guys that start ****. But we got guys that don't run from ****. And you have to in this league.

You have to stand up for yourself. That's what he did. And that's what his teammates had his back. It was a dirty play for my other dude over there. Tried to hit him in this growing area. So just had to protect himself. He was running behind him and protected our teammate. That's all it was. We're no sissies over here.

We're not going for all the little cheap shots and stuff like that. So everybody's happy that Don did protect himself. And everybody rallied behind him as well. So it was a good team camaraderie right there. It is fairly obvious that the entire Cavs locker room knows exactly what happened. Haven't really heard anything. At least not that we can find from the Grizzlies locker room. Marco, have you seen any post game reaction?

Other than the Taylor Jenkins which was really gruff. And there's not a whole lot just whether or not Dylan Brooks crossed the line. Coach, whenever tensions go up like that, what's your message to the team just in general?

Keep competing, stay together. He really did not want to talk about it for obvious reasons. Haven't seen any reaction to Brooks. I don't know if they closed the locker room.

Generally there's a requirement for media availability. But we have not seen any yet from the Grizzlies or from Dylan other than Taylor Jenkins. So you wonder what his teammates will say. It's fairly obvious. There was no hiding what he did to Donovan Mitchell. But J.B. Bickerstaff, hey this is what happens. If you get attacked essentially like that, you have the right to defend yourself. And then Darius Garland says the same thing.

We're not sissies. That was a cheap shot. And so Cleveland is definitely going to have the attention of the NBA. And there's no doubt. Absolutely no doubt that it's going to end up being some type of a fine if not a suspension for Dylan Brooks. Because he does have a bit of a history when it comes to altercations with other players.

When it comes to taking things a little bit too far. So that is the big storyline that everyone will be talking about on Friday morning from the NBA. And oh yes that video will definitely go viral.

So check it out on our show Twitter After Hours CBS and then our Facebook page too. Now coming up LeBron inches closer to Kareem's all-time scoring record. Luka has to exit with an interview. An interview.

Oh dear. I'm thinking about our interview at the top of the hour. Luka, I'm sure he does interviews. Luka has to exit with an injury. Giannis goes off for another fitty. I think it would be a lot of fun actually to have LeBron break the scoring record at home against the Milwaukee Bucks with Giannis there. And just the number of points that he puts up. Anyway so we'll get to some of the other big storylines in the NBA and then shifting to football at the top of the hour.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Westbrook top of the key. Westbrook dribbling. Picks up his dribble. Throws it down low to A.A.D.

Powers. Shoots a follow away good. 112-111. 34 seconds remaining in the game. Halliburton dribbling right. Halliburton still dribbling. 10 to shoot. Anthony Davis on him.

Halliburton takes A.D. to the rim. Reverse block by Anthony Davis. The Lakers have the ball and do not have to shoot.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. That's John Ireland on Lakers radio. No hits below the belt that we know of. And so instead the focus remains firmly on LeBron James and his now encroachment. As a penalty in the NFL. Another reason why we choose to stay home next week and watch LeBron. It's encroachment on Kareem's all time scoring record. He has 63 points to go. And actually he was doing a lot of driving into the paint.

So this is on the road in Indianapolis. As you can imagine the fans want to see him score as much as possible and say hey we were here when. And I can imagine they want him to just be jacking up threes right. Because what are the chances that he potentially goes off for 50 in his next game.

There's always that possibility. Giannis had 50 tonight. And so they're seeing him drive to the hoop because the Lakers were able to get to the rim or LeBron was. And that was a bit of an advantage for them and they needed an inside presence. And then the crowd is kind of encouraging him to step out and pop the threes.

And so at one point. Gosh I think it was about two and a half minutes to go. He fires from deep and gives the Lakers their first lead. I dare say the Pacers fans were sorry that they had encouraged him to shoot from long range. So yeah the Pacers were ahead most of this game. Anthony Davis with I think there was a block late and a big rebound.

And so the Lakers were able to steal this one on the road in Indiana. And he is now sitting at 38,325 points with just 63 left before he is the king of the NBA's scoring. I think it's one of the greatest records in sports in general. I think it's up there with the home run record in baseball.

It's just one of those records that you just don't ever see or think that would be broken. You know and then you end up seeing guys you know you had Hank Aaron that had it for so long. And he's you see the guys and the likes of like Sammy and Mark McGuire and those guys you know start climbing. And it was like oh man this thing can really this thing can really happen. You know you start really watching it and paying attention to it and you see Sammy and Mark McGuire go to the go to bat. And you like they got a chance to knock it out every single time. You know and it was it was a fun for me as a sports person.

It was fun watching those guys just go up to bat and chase it. So I mean I grew up being a historian of all sports and understanding you know that I didn't I don't have the number like planted in my head the actual real number. I know it's 38 something. But I know it's been Kareem in my whole life. So it's pretty cool.

It's pretty cool. It certainly is and a lot of eyeballs will start to turn toward first their game in where did I say their game was? New Orleans coming up on Saturday and then back to the Staples Center in L.A.

I don't know what the ticket prices are now. I certainly can't imagine that he would sit out a game especially since he's still 63 away. So 63 would be what the second highest scoring total the second highest game total of the season.

So for him to sit out in New Orleans is unnecessary because he's unlikely to score 63. He is going to be back at Staples Center for a couple of games but we'll see how the Lakers handle this. There are not only ticket prices skyrocketing but all of his games now moving forward are on national TV. And so LeBron James has commandeered the center ring of the sports circus.

That is for sure. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio. We're pivoting to football top of the hour. The Colorado football team has now been commandeered by one Deion Sanders who is cleaning house and bringing in his own people. He's already changing the culture in Boulder. Why is he the right fit?

Well I will ask a CU Hall of Famer and former NFL wide receiver Mike Pritchard. He is a Las Vegas native. He's in Vegas this week. He works for Visa Network there but also the Pro Bowl festivities and it's kind of a fun get together. A football convention if you will with so many people on hand in Vegas. And so he's there.

He's going to join us and we'll talk both NFL as well as college football. Again coming up in just over ten minutes here on the show. Giannis is not close to breaking any single scoring record. However he does generally tend to assault the stats when he steps on the court and he's healthy and did that once again on Thursday night. Giannis going to fire up a three. And he cans it from the top of the arc.

That sends this building into a frenzy. Holliday's got it with Connaughton, Giannis, Matthews and Ingles out there after the timeout. Giannis goes bowling into Zubac, lays it in with a foul. His free throw to get his team back to within three and wouldn't have it any other way. How about another fifty for the big man. Giannis with fifty and two of his last three now.

Pulls up, fifteen-footer, yes sir. That is the Bucks radio network. Yeah a lot of excitement around a healthy Giannis and what the Bucks are doing even as we head toward the All-Star break.

And on this night there was no answer. It's in Milwaukee the game. Clippers were on hand a one-point win. But really Milwaukee was able to pull away in the late stages outscoring the Clips by ten in that final quarter.

So the crowd whipped into a frenzy. Get these numbers for Giannis. Twenty-one of thirty-nine from the floor. He took thirty-nine shots. The only other starter who took at least fifteen drew Holliday. But it almost looks like, well clearly the number of made buckets. But if you add, I'm doing some quick math here. His number of shots attempted is just shy of what the whole rest of the team shot put together. That's polite right? He was ten to fifteen from the free throw line.

So look at that. Fifty-four points for Giannis to go along with nineteen rebounds and a couple of assists. Yeah big to be able to get a win as the Bucks love to protect that home court.

Twenty-two and five at home. We kept our composure. We kept trying to get one stop at a time. Obviously we kept moving the ball, fighting one another, trying to make open shots. But at the end of the day we kept playing. We were down twenty in the third quarter but we never stopped playing. We kept competing throughout the whole game and we were able to get a win.

It's been impressive. His kind of competitive fire. His attack mode. Getting to the free throw line. Mixing in some made jumpers. Mixing in some made threes. He's just doing a little bit of everything. So you hear Giannis on TNT and then Mike Budenholzer and Giannis playful as always.

I guess we didn't get dad jokes on TNT. But he was saying that he knows Lebron is paying attention so don't try to get any pre-scouting done for the All-Star game. Are you focusing on making sure you draft Drew Holliday on your All-Star team?

Yes, yes. I'm extremely happy for Drew. I can't wait to go to Utah and have Drew with me.

He totally deserves him being an All-Star. It's exciting. I'm happy for him and for his family. You hesitated there. Are you making promises?

I'm definitely going to draft him. But I cannot reveal my game plan. That's why. I believe Lebron James is watching right now so I got to be really smart with what I'm saying. If you hadn't heard, Lebron and Giannis are the captains for the two East and West All-Star squads. And the way that it is now, they do this live made-for-TV draft so they can pick the guys that are available. And if Giannis doesn't pick Drew Holliday with the first pick, and I'm Drew Holliday, I would have a problem.

I better be the first person you pick. I'm your teammate, not to mention you like getting the ball, right? It's After Hours here on CBS Sports Radio.

You can find me on Twitter, ALawRadio, also on our Facebook page. Luka Doncic exited the game in Dallas. This is against the Pelicans on a dunk attempt. And Jason Kidd gave us the quick update afterwards. Let's start with Luka, his health, contusion to the heel.

So we'll see how he feels tomorrow and have a better update to give you. Huh. Contusion to the heel. That's a rare one. I wouldn't say that happens a ton.

I wish I had those bunnies. He was limping after it did look like a scary fall. You listen to Chuck Cooperstein on Mavs Radio and it was pretty scary. And he attempted this dunk and it was blocked by a Pelican. Then as he kind of threw his follow through, he's colliding with another player in midair. So he limped to the bench and then he stayed in the game for just one more possession before he told Jason Kidd he couldn't go and had to exit the game.

Well, it doesn't sound terrible, although you never say that because you never know what's going on. However, busy night in the NBA with a lot of attention on not just LeBron and Giannis with his 54, but also Dylan Brooks with a cheap shot below the belt to Donovan Mitchell, the little Cavaliers. I hope he's recovering. Okay. Ice, maybe ice. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio. Goalie. Taste your goals. Learn more at today. Goalie gummies get you so close to your goals, you can actually taste them. The trick?

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Simply start with bite sized steps. Like Goalie's apple cider vinegar gummies with added B vitamins for daily health. Or Goalie Ashwagandha gummies to help you relax, restore and unwind.

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