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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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November 23, 2022 6:02 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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November 23, 2022 6:02 am

Patrick Beverley back to his old ways vs Lakers | Ben Simmons returns to Philadelphia | Vote NOW for the After Hours "TD of the Week!"


I once had a program director tell me to stop smiling so much on the air, because it took away from my credibility.

I didn't make that up. It's a serious story. Well, I didn't take it seriously, but he was giving me his best serious advice. I'm glad I didn't take that advice. And one of these days when I run into him again, I think he's been fired twice since I left my previous network.

I'm not making that up either. Anyway, one day when I run into him again, it will be an opportunity to tell him that I still smile and not just that I laugh on the air as well. And as I was thinking about smiling and why I'm smiling right now, that came to my mind. So I thought I would share that with you. Not all advice is created equal. In fact, there's a lot of advice that comes from a place of not altruistic and not helpful and not kind and compassionate and really not constructive.

And that was one of those pieces of advice in my career. So here as we start our final show before, last show for us until after the food and football are done. It's definitely holiday mode and I am definitely smiling.

And boy, do we have some goofy stuff to throw at you on this Thanksgiving Eve Eve. It was, yeah, it was a good drive into work and I was a little surprised because I expected there to be more people on the road. I know that our New York City headquarters are kind of in the, well, in the part of New York and lower Manhattan where we're subject to not quite as bad as Midtown and Times Square, but we're still part of the gridlock alert day for the next couple of days. And yet it was pretty quiet getting into work, which was awesome. And so to have an easy commute into work, to have Thanksgiving now on the horizon, and it's my favorite holiday. I've said this before, how much I love Thanksgiving for a lot of reasons, even though this year I won't be with my family. It's great to be able to do a radio show, talk about football and the other football and some goofy stuff happening in basketball and even college.

We're going to work in some college as well. This show is going to fly and then we're going to launch you forward into your Thanksgiving. Now I will be here on Thanksgiving night, so I'm looking forward to that. People ask me, why do you work on Thanksgiving?

Well, I'm here, why not? It's one of the easiest shows of the year. Not all radio shows are created equal.

Well, you should know that by now, especially if you listen to me. But when it comes to a Thanksgiving night, it could not be simpler. It's three football games. That's it.

That's all it is. And a little talk about Thanksgiving. I mean, I could talk about food in my sleep. I probably do talk about food in my sleep.

And actually I've discovered a kindred spirit. So did you all hear Mac Jones response to what food will be on the Thanksgiving dinner table? I'm assuming this will be after the Patriots Vikings game. Maybe it'll be Friday. I don't think he's going to be loading up on the carbs right before he goes out there.

So I'm thinking it's probably not on Thursday. But anyway, I love this answer because it's so after my own heart. I don't really care. I'm not super picky. So as long as there's food, it's a good day.

So not super picky. Well, I could have sworn he had changed his entire diet and had I was taking out ice cream of his diet or maybe it was the opposite. Maybe you put ice cream in his diet.

But yes, Mac Jones. We see food. Yeah, we see eye to eye as long as there's food. It's a good day.

So that's awesome. I love it. I love all the talk of Thanksgiving dinner. I wrote at the top of my note cards, which I use my note cards to keep myself organized. Sometimes it doesn't work. But I do have at the top of tonight's note card, Thanksgiving Fs.

No, it's not what you think. The Thanksgiving Fs. They make me happy.

I was telling my fourth and fifth graders about this on Sunday. Family, friends, that got to be top of the list. Family, friends, food, fun, football, whatever kind of football floats your boat. There'll be plenty in the United States and in Qatar. I'm practicing. I'm saying Qatar now because I don't know. That's what seems to be the consensus. But you know what happens when the whole world's going one way or most of the world's going one way.

I tend to break out in hives. So maybe it's not a good idea. Maybe I should go back to Qatar.

But for now, there's plenty of football, both sides of the globe. So it's going to be a great Thanksgiving. I hope you're looking forward to it. I actually have not started my Thanksgiving prep yet. I've got oatmeal butterscotch cookies to make but I thought I would wait until Wednesday night so they're super fresh when I take them on Thursday. I've also got the apple crisp that's going to be made at the friend's home where I'm going so the apples don't get brown because that is one of my pet peeves. It goes against my anal retentive brain to have brown apples.

I can't do it. And then I'm trying a brand new Mexican layer dip. It's actually a recipe I got from my best friend and I've never done it before but for the first time in my life, you guys are you ready for this? First time in my life, I went to the grocery store on Tuesday morning and bought refried beans.

I greatly dislike refried beans but that's what the recipe calls for because I think the consistency I was tempted to use black beans in this Mexican layer dip but the consistency probably the you know the quality of the refried beans it'll spread easier and and keep the dip together and I got scoops big old scoops. I'm excited. It's gonna be fun. So yes, I'm probably gonna talk about food a little bit on the show and I would love for you to reach out to us. We're not going to give you the radio version of Ask Amy Anything on this edition of the show. It's not really a home show number one. Number two, we've just done a video version of Ask Amy Anything and so we just need you to go to our YouTube channel and find the latest post but also it's pretty easy to find.

It says Ask Amy Anything. The holidays are here. The official start of the holiday season and producer Jay is really excited. Our subscriber numbers are going up so I know you want him to have a happy Thanksgiving and we see that there are a ton of views even as we continue to promote it. I did have to answer the question of what I'm thankful for. I did have to answer the question of my favorite Thanksgiving side dishes and so all of the information that you crave also why am I wearing the jersey that I'm wearing that's in there as well. So please check it out on our YouTube channel. The post is pinned to the top of our Facebook page also named After Hours with Amy Lawrence and if you haven't yet voted for TD of the Week or sent us your Trust Me Tuesday answers well you can do that on Twitter, ALaw Radio or of course our show Twitter. I think that pretty much covers that.

I didn't tell you where to find the podcast yet but that's all over our social media. It's a lot. It's a lot to keep this machine rolling down the tracks. It's a big old steam engine. Takes a while to pick up speed. Once it does, get out of the way. We are live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

When you need cash out of your home and a simple way to get it, Rocket can. Sometimes men playing professional sports are so juvenile and I can't help it but laugh especially when it's so true to character. Even better when they take themselves so seriously I shouldn't be laughing. It's like laughing at a delinquent child sometimes when they are yelling, screaming, throwing a temper tantrum. I think when it comes to that portion of motherhood I may not be the greatest mom because I remember when my nieces would throw temper tantrums. I laughed at them. What are you doing? You look ridiculous but you know at four and five years old or whatever they don't care and so yeah I guess there is a gift to finding humor in most situations but also it might make me not as great a parent.

I guess I'm gonna have to marry a dude who's all about the being the strict and toeing the line. We'll see about that. Anyway so as I was watching the action unfold with the Lakers and the Suns, I mean the Lakers have got so many problems. This is really the least of their problems. I came across this moment that I had to watch over and over again because first of all it's so classic Patrick Beverly and second of all I don't blame him. I don't know that I would have done the same but if I'm on Pat Bev's team I appreciate the fact that he gets himself in these situations over and over and yes I did laugh when I watched what he did. Booker walks away and he gets called for a foul. Wow Patrick Beverly is not a very smart player. Now Beverly's up there's a lot of pushing and shoving going on down in the corner. Booker had walked away from it after the foul was called and of course we know a lot about Beverly and so now with three minutes and 55 seconds remaining in the ballgame just a little milling around right now. Coaches security this time to try to get everybody moved out of the way and we'll have to wait and see if anything at all comes from this situation. Suns with a 106-96 lead and now the Suns players have all returned to their bench area. The Lakers have done the same and the three officials are huddling and we'll see what they make of it. After the foul it was Patrick Beverly that came in and knocked Andre Aiden to the floor. I love the Phoenix Suns colored glasses there from Al McCoy and of course I would expect that he works for the team and maybe he didn't see what happened before that. Yes Patrick Beverly was ejected.

Take they ass home. For knocking DeAndre Aiden to the court. Here's how it unfolded and I don't know producer J if you want to find the video from the NBA or somewhere it's all over the place to share on a show Twitter After Hours CBS.

Cause and effect baby cause and effect. So Devin Booker gets called for a foul against Austin Reeves that was assessed a flagrant one so the officials went back and looked at the foul they reviewed the the moment and the play and Booker was called for a flagrant one. Austin Reeves ended up on the ground. There was taunting over top of him by Aiden so Aiden is towering over top of him Reeves is laying on the ground Aiden essentially is posturing over the top of him and from I don't know six feet away or so Patrick Beverly gets a running start and just bam right into him knocks him over. Again I'm not telling you that that Patrick Beverly's actions are correct clearly he was thrown out but come on man this is Patrick Beverly he takes this stuff personally and the fact that he got a running start and just bum rush DeAndre Aiden. I mean it's juvenile of course but I would not want to see one of my teammates lying on the court only to have DeAndre Aiden towering over him like he's the one that knocked him down. You know what this moment reminded me of oh shoot I am I don't remember the year but the year that the Cavaliers beat the Warriors in the NBA playoffs was it 15?

15 I believe. Okay so 2015 do you guys remember that Draymond Green got suspended for game five because of what happened in game four and I know it was an unpopular opinion but I kept saying and I still feel this way if you're LeBron James and you're gonna straddle Draymond while he's lying on the court well then you might want to guard your little Lakers you might want to be careful there are a lot of guys out there who would do the exact same thing that Draymond did get your junk out of my face no disrespect so I'm not even a guy I don't think that's all that hard to understand I mean as a chick I wouldn't want me in that situation either but as a guy that's disrespectful just as disrespectful as LeBron James getting called a b-word by Draymond so they were going back and forth but I could certainly understand why any male in the course of all of his emotion and the biggest stakes in the NBA would punch a guy between the legs when the guy's standing over top of him while he's lying on the court it's just come on now like that's common sense again I'm not condoning the violence I mean violence whatever LeBron's fine I'm not condoning the hitting the the punching whatever I'm not condoning Patrick Beverley only to say there are moments that seem pretty common sense to me I wouldn't want DeAndre Ayton standing over top of my teammate either and maybe Patrick Beverley didn't need to get a running start like he's in the NHL and it's targeting or something he did definitely leave both feet maybe he did need to do that but come on there was very little chance that there wasn't going to be another Laker who shoved him and said get away from my teammate what was DeAndre Ayton doing you're asking for it when you're taunting someone who's lying on the court anyway grown men acting like boys and I couldn't wait the first that I saw it I thought okay this is going to be some fantastic Patrick Beverley response and it definitely was an explanation from Pat Bev kind of got out of control after the stare down at Austin Reeves by book then another stare down by eight and the refs didn't really come in and kind of break it up so uh you know I'm not going for that you know so uh that's what I that's what I saw obviously uh it's unfortunate that it happened on national tv I'm a big fan of protecting my teammates and uh I'm a big fan of I'm a foxhole guy and uh you know I put on the jersey and I commit to a team I commit to a city uh you know you know it's kind of my motto you know I'm I'm a foxhole guy so very unfortunate situation though I felt like he was standing standing over him over all of a sudden you know he did what he should do is just having the teammates back so oh how about that um you know we're never gonna let anyone stand over our teammate uh we're gonna make make them feel like they're not the man like that's that's like that's a speckle I mean so just having each other's back um and I think that's all it was any chance there's a Lebron reaction because I feel like Lebron's been in this situation before and he probably can remember it thank you I'm a girl I'm a chick and I still think that's disrespectful for a guy to stand over another guy like that just come on these are all alpha males many of them and they're all fired up and in the midst of playing a sporting event that that is emotional and you're banging around underneath the glass and whatever what was DeAndre Ayton doing there was no need for that I actually don't know if Ayton got charged with anything or a foul or if the NBA is going to go back and look at it um but for Anthony Davis to agree I mean I I suppose DeAndre Ayton can be happy that it wasn't Anthony Davis who took a running leap at him what are you doing standing over a guy to make him feel small to to posture like that it's just it's it's tacky and it's disrespectful and I'm sure DeAndre Ayton's fine and I actually laughed when I saw it I watched the video multiple times and I laughed clearly Al McCoy didn't see it that way so yes men being men now the Lakers lose to the Phoenix Suns again and just the basketball side of things pretty bad for the Los Angeles Lakers they actually had two guys in their starting lineup including Pat Bev who did not score now his primary job is not to score and he only took two shots before he got ejected but he did have 10 rebounds and two assists before he got ejected so he was he was busy out there I'm a foxhole guy oh my gosh he definitely puts on the uniform and is all consumed with his new team and there's plenty of history there between Pat Beverly and LA teams and LA culture and everything else so yeah that's that's that's your pre-thanksgiving pre-thanksgiving uh love can you feel the love in the air in Phoenix between the Lakers and the Suns who continue to have the they have the the best of the upper hand uh when it comes to the Lakers so happy Thanksgiving to you too I mean if you're gonna stay if you're straddle a guy like that I say beware you better be careful what you're hanging out there because it's might be open game and the little thunders exactly little thunders little Lakers little Suns little Jazz whatever it is the little Sixers we're gonna get to the Sixers not the little Sixers we don't need to talk about them but the other Sixers the big Sixers oh lordy this show's already gone completely off the rails I never thought there'd be a day when I would defend Patrick Beverly except you know what you get with him he's the kind of guy that would fight tooth and nail for you but you generally don't want to face them the eyes of Patrick Beverly they bore a hole in your head and you better beware if you're standing over one of his teammates you can find me on Twitter a law radio I know a lot of people are out of their regular routines they're driving they're getting set for what is to come Thanksgiving is upon us so whether it's Twitter whether it's Facebook we're glad to have you with us after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the after hours podcast we share a lot of moments here um a lot of ups and downs you know this is where I was you know I became a man I feel like so um you know I've always you know had a lot of respect for Philly in that way and the fan base you know it's a special fan base but I got a lot of love for Philly I'm so excited to play I'm so excited I can't wait it's gonna be fun you know this is gonna be an opportunity for me you know I've never been in this situation so you know I gotta appreciate it and really take it all in. Really take it all in.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The NBA is humorous tonight that was just a smattering a taste if you will uh the booing would consume the rest of this hour so we decided just give you a little snippet of it but you know what it's all fun and games until there's free chicken on the line did you guys hear about this in the Sixers Nets game oh good stuff I love how fickle we are as fans don't get between us and our free chicken it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio the voice of Ben Simmons and then his introduction as he returns to Philadelphia you may remember these sorted details of his last season most of it in Philadelphia he eventually got traded to the Brooklyn Nets where he never did play last season but refused to play in Philadelphia because of mental health because of his headaches then it was just not need not wanting to be around the team there are all kinds of challenges for Ben in Philadelphia that stem back to their last playoff spot or last playoff run I should say before he shut it down there was a back injury in there as well there was always something and so he did not play with them the entire last season and they eventually shipped him to Brooklyn in exchange for James Harden that seems fair so to see Ben Simmons back in Philadelphia was it was interesting but not as jarring as when you have a guy who now he has a history there but when you have a guy who'd been playing with them so actively and then changes uniforms and you think whoa wait a minute that looks strange nah we hadn't seen Ben in a Sixers uniform for a year but more than that now obviously by the time that he got back on the court but elephants never forget and neither do scorned fans and they certainly gave him the what for and in hearing from both locker rooms after the game and you'll hear a smattering of that like the smattering of booze actually it was more like a flood of booze it wasn't a smattering we just gave you a small sample size no Joelle Embiid no James Harden and yet the Sixers took this really seriously they wanted to beat the Nets because of Ben Simmons and they made sure even after Tobias Harris hurt his ankle rolled his ankle I think it was the third quarter he got back on the court as quickly as possible and the Nets said the same thing they really wanted this for Ben Simmons ultimately though the home team the team that drafted Ben the team that had him for four seasons and then had to get rid of them they prevailed here shake with another pull up 15-footer and he puts it in right in the face of Joe Harris shake milk with a 15-foot field goal back to a 12-point game 335 to go the clock can't go quickly enough along the right baseline O'Neal looking for cutters nobody open out top and Melton steals it he breaks away from Kyrie he drives it he hangs it's blocked by Irving but scored by shake milk what an incredible putback by shake he has scored six in a row and the Sixers are leading by 14 30 seconds to go and the crowd rising as the Sixers despite their undermanned status shot the Brooklyn Nets it's 115 to 106 whole group did a great job defensively of being able to create some turnovers and allow us to get out in transition in the half court we just did a really good job of moving that basketball and getting some open looks and it's contagious the guys that we have out there on the court are um amazing players who everyone has a story and a journey of how they fought for this position of where they at Tobias Harris with 24 points and six rebounds and he said it was really important to them he stopped by the TNT set and emphasized the fact they wanted this game despite not having their top two players today and shoot around we just said we're going to need everybody's effort and we need everybody to be as confident as ever and um you know the biggest thing that we did today that was impactful for us is we got defense we got stops and we were able to run with it so you know anytime we're down that many starters just everybody just come together and realize that we need each other and that was a huge win for us when in doubt defense baby so Ben Simmons was asked about the boost from the crowd he actually said he thought that they would be they would be louder well those boos turned to cheers when there was free chicken on the line second on the way is no good law and everybody also gets chicken so that's that's another reason why they're cheering oh my gosh so boo the heck out of Ben Simmons let him know how much you despise him that you hate the way that he exited and then he essentially forced his way out of Philadelphia but when he misses free throws and you get free chicken well forget all of that that goes out the window free chicken see I told you when it comes to food Mac Jones not picky whatever you put on the table as long as it's food I'm gonna be happy crowd in Philadelphia you want to talk about flip-flop pendulum swinging so furiously the other direction when it comes to free chicken well we can even cheer for Ben Simmons food is going to be a theme on this edition of the show actually Ben said there were people with some kind words for him as he returned to Philly I think I did some things in Philadelphia that can be respected and appreciated and I don't think we all have bad times so you know it was good to you know have moments like that yeah they respect and appreciate you when you get them free chicken he was the number one overall pick in 2016 but before the start of last season had decided he was not going to play for the Sixers again and so he had all kinds of reasons and I'm not saying his mental health challenges weren't for real because he definitely talked about that even when he got to Brooklyn not in a good place says he's in a good place now and that's great but had the teammates behind him too so to to kind of invoke what we were talking about with Patrick Beverly whether or not Ben Simmons has a long history with the Brooklyn Nets is irrelevant this is one of the things I love about sports when you've got team first mentality in this situation the Nets definitely did they don't always but in this situation they definitely did they wanted to go into Philadelphia and get this win for Ben because he's their guy for better or for worse he belongs to us it's like family right even as we go into Thanksgiving how many of us have dysfunctional families how many of us have the crazy uncle or the mumbling grandmother or the whatever whatever we we all have family members that annoy us or it flat-out took us off or try to press our buttons that's just family it's very rarely a Norman Norman Rockwell no Norman Rock I can't remember now it's very rarely one of those perfectly pristine photos that is posted on Facebook no families are messy and they're dysfunctional and they're sometimes we hurt the people that we love the most because they're available we're just we don't always treat our families the right way but man when it comes to someone else take an aim at our families at least in my family Italian families are like this you take on one of us you take on all of us and we may not even be speaking at the time but don't be coming at my brother right don't be coming at someone in the family and and that's the element of professional sports when you've got guys who do it the right way and I think a lot of these guys at this level do it the right way because that's part of getting to this point where you play basketball for a living so yeah the the Nets also wanted this to be a victorious return for Ben that's a lot of emotions a lot you just want to play well you know the fans are gonna be involved and get excited or not get excited but just bring their bring their best I thought he did a great job which is him and playing his game and we had chances to win we just did we had the lead early in the first half and then gave it up so I think he did well just got to go through it just got to go through it stay confident I mean if there's anybody who can hand out advice about playing in the face of hateful fans well that would that would be Kyrie Irving also I got to tell you my new favorite Kevin Durant drop we're gonna have this we're gonna save this it's fantastic he is spewing truth in this particular moment about how this is not a one-off yeah they're taking aim at Ben Simmons here but come on this is this is what the Nets face night in and night out that's an every arena everybody wants to see our team fail nobody likes Ben nobody likes Kat nobody likes myself so it might be like that every road arena you know I'm saying so this is something we got to deal with nobody likes Ben nobody likes Kai nobody likes myself nobody likes Ben nobody likes Kat nobody likes myself I can't really argue with that actually I don't I don't have much of a defense for that can you feel the love in the NBA tonight Beverly has got those beady eyes just don't stand over his teammate is it too much to ask they're showing the video right now on TV I can't I can't help it he just gets a running start in the foxhole guy I think DeAndre Aiten flopped that's what I think yo he definitely did did you see him kick his legs up in the air dude you're a 610 giant and Patrick Beverly knocked you over but you'd throw your legs up in the air it was like kicking oh for heaven's sakes to get over yourself DeAndre Aiten my goodness I mean I can't help it I this is how I feel I'm on the side of Patrick Patrick Beverly it's after-hours with Amy Lawrence you are listening to the after-hours podcast it's a touchdown Tuesday on after-hours firing for the end zone touchdown touchdown touchdown takes it himself to the power on touchdown one man to beat ten he's gone they throw the end zone touchdown hey the guy missed he's inside the five he's in the 3-2-1 Sobs the center-solving into the end zone touchdown to cast your vote for the TD of the week head to at after-hours CBS on Twitter or give us a call at eight five five two one two four two two seven the Kansas City Chiefs always snap on the near hash she slowed up three to the left side the homes crossing pattern caught Kelsey ten yard line five yard line touchdown Kansas City will Kelsey do it to the Chargers again on a crossing pattern a touchdown and now Travis Kelsey a 17-yard touchdown reception to take the lead plus his 33rd 100-yard receiving game of his career the most by a tight end in National Football League history the Philadelphia Eagles game on the line hurts and the gun hurts takes the snap he's back he's gonna run he's in touchdown Jalen hurts Jalen hurts for the quarterback draw scores and the Eagles could take the lead with the extra point the Las Vegas Raiders car play action again looking downfield lost it in your corner Adams wide open at the five he walks in and the Raiders walk off with a win touchdown Devonte Adams to win it here in Denver the New England Patriots 10th part of the day for the Jets Marcus Jones returning for the pads despite earlier ankle injury he waits on the right hash mark of the 25 the snap waistline pressure-free punt and it's a good one Forising Jones to backpedal right side of the 16th stab left ran it right down the sideline to the 40, to the 50, to the last left of the 45, beats the punter to the 35, 30 Marcus Jones down the middle to the 10, into the end zone. Touchdown. No flag. No touchdown, Patriots. Wowzers it was fireworks all over the darn place Sunday week 11 in the NFL and then Monday to cap that's where we got the third Travis Kelce touchdown that also happened to be a game winner with 31 seconds left against the Los Angeles Chargers and there I thought the Chargers were growing up right before our eyes way too much time on the clock for that Mahomes Kelce duo Mitch Holtus on Chiefs radio Jalen Hurts 80 seconds left in a slugfest against the shoot I forgot who they were playing Eagle all the Colts the Colts it shouldn't be a slugfest against the Colts but yeah the Colts are playing better since Matt Ryan got a back under center and since Jeff Saturday took over there's a new spirit for sure so Jalen Hurts waits until literally the last two minutes before he gets into the end zone and you could see him take over this game in the fourth quarter Eagles radio with Merrill Reese all four of these are game winners Devante Adams from Derek Carr in overtime the only actual walk-off of the entire weekend and I'm not sure if you know this but to add a little TD of the week nerd alert there are some distinguished wide receivers in NFL history that have had multiple seasons with at least 10 touchdowns the most ever Jerry Rice and Randy Moss so nine seasons each of at least 10 receiving touchdowns Marvin Harrison Terrell Owens eight each all for those guys are in the Hall of Fame Devante Adams now has six along with Chris Carter who's also in the Hall of Fame so nerd stuff it will not be a surprise when former Packer now Raider wide receiver Devante Adams ends up in the Hall of Fame I would say first ballot Hall of Famer as a matter of fact yes yet another season with at least 10 receiving touchdowns and then Oh Josh Horowitz on Raiders radio with the walk-off and then finally New England Patriots Bob Sosi Scott Zolack never seen this before in my life I don't know if it's ever happened before it's the first time we've seen a punt return for a touchdown in the NFL this year and the rookie Marcus Jones is able to go 84 yards with what five seconds left as he crossed the goal line for the Patriots to beat the Jets in unlikely fashion they were headed for overtime it was an abysmal offensive game but both those defenses played their arses off and to have it end on the 10th but for the Jets with Marcus Jones going the distance and I'm not even sure he was touched man it was a dramatic wild finish the stuff we love about the NFL now this poll is still live for a couple more hours so check it out on Twitter after our CBS or on my Twitter and then oh my gosh you're blowing up our Facebook page telling us which one should be the TD of the week happy Thanksgiving to you by the way if you're on Twitter you can see Patrick Beverley getting his little jog on and running over to DeAndre Ayton and knocking him down but I am the more I look at it now the more I'm convinced that Ayton is flopping he's watching a little bit too much of the World Cup to begin and he started to adopt some of the flopping techniques by the way I'm so glad that even those of you who are not diehard soccer fans but you heard Jesse Bradley the former pro goalie who was here with us in fact just about 24 hours ago we were talking about the USA's reentry onto the World Cup stage first time in eight years of course that late penalty kick that the US gave up to Gareth Bale and Wales and it was disappointing to be sure but he gave us the keys to the Americans recovering and getting ready for England love the reaction many of you told me that it made soccer understandable for you and that you kind of get more of the strategy but also the excitement of why it's such a big deal well in that conversation I asked him about all of the fouls the yellow cards and the guys that were going down late in the game but cramping a little bit but he definitely explained the science of flopping and how it's actually been cleaned up in the beautiful game a bunch in the last couple of years so if you miss that it's on our podcast after hours Amy Lawrence calm did you all see what happened on Tuesday morning before I even went to bed it was already blowing up Twitter Argentina as in the Argentina that never loses on the international stage that Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia we'll get some of the reaction to this from the experts and the analysts but suffice it to say that Saudi Arabia's King actually declared it a public holiday in their nation coming up on Wednesday which it is Wednesday now in the Saudi Kingdom to mark the occasion the 2-1 upset over Lionel Messi and Argentina at the World Cup it's crazy I I understand how big it is in other parts of the world because I've been there when the World Cup is going on I've been in places like Ecuador and Cuba I've seen the the passion and how much of a lifeblood it is in other nations even going to Africa and understanding what it meant there as well but a national holiday I kind of actually I feel like he could be on to something maybe we need to adopt that for the Super Bowl Monday after the Super Bowl needs to be a national holiday why not I don't see who would argue that we're handing out national holidays left and right we might as well let's do that it's something that we can all get behind we very rarely agree on anything in this nation but in the United States we agree on football it's worth a national holiday yo it's after-hours on CBS Sports Radio
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