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11-4-22 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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November 4, 2022 6:07 am

11-4-22 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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November 4, 2022 6:07 am

Verlander, Pena lead Astros to Game 5 win | Eagles remain undefeated, improve to 8-0 | Your Boom! Moment of the Week!


throughout the sixties and seventies. Happy almost weekend. It's definitely Friday now. So we can say happy Friday.

And if you are waking up on your Friday, you just got a few hours to go to the weekend. Boom, baby. Oh my gosh.

Can I tell you this really quickly? My mom, her husband and I have a group text for, I don't know, whatever stuff that we don't want to share with the rest of the family. And a lot of it's pictures of our dogs, which is funny, but I wrote to them to tell them that I had submitted this proposal that I've been working on. And my mom writes back with the fireball, the blast emoji, and then she goes, boom! Exclamation point.

Nice. Like, are you kidding me? My mom is now using the lingo from my radio show. She stole your line. That means that I need to find some other signature line. If mom is now spitting it out at me, but people get really upset when I don't end the show with boom.

When we don't end the show with boom. Yeah. So now that mom is regurgitating it and she thinks she thought she was so proud of herself too with the explosion emoji and then boom and all capital letters. I think it's a compliment.

You do. Yeah, I think it's a compliment. I know that some of her coworkers, her fellow teachers as well as some of her students either listen to the show or follow me on social. And so I wouldn't be surprised if she hears it from them. She's just got a class of kids running around saying boom. Well, no, no, I don't think the kids listen a lot, but she does have coworkers, fellow teachers that listen. And then she also has students who follow me on Twitter because I spoke at her school once. And so she's got some that follow me on Twitter. So yeah, they, they, I guess, can report back if something goes horribly wrong. If I get fired, mom, and there's no more boom, you'll know about it before I'll have a chance to tell you. We're live from the rocket mortgage studios.

Do you need to know what it takes for home to fit your budget and your family rocket can, we finally did it. It took quite a debate and a discussion, but we figured out which four games should go in our after hours game of the week poll that's on Twitter, a law radio or our show Twitter. And then on our Facebook page, we've already gotten a bunch of traffic to the polls. So you guys are ready and willing and able to vote for week nine. We're going to get to the start of week nine, the Eagles and the Texans, and how the Eagles were watching the end of world series game five.

It's fantastic. So yeah, we've got a lot to do this hour. If you miss QB news, we'll check it out on the podcast. Or if you missed my conversation with 12 year NFL assistant coach, Kyle Caskey, we talked NFL for sure for a couple of minutes because he spent time with teams like the Bengals, the lions, also with the Jaguars last year but he is a running backs coach. And so we were able to talk about the prolific running backs and running games in the NFL through the first half of the season and specifically the Philadelphia Eagles right after Thursday night football. And then we looked ahead to the big games on the college slate this weekend. So really excited about that. I don't remember the last time I was this geeked up for a football weekend.

Wait, that's not true, right? I get geeked up every weekend. Yeah, I'd say you'd say Jay has to see me get all geeked up every weekend. But this one feels like the biggest geek.

It's a good one. Quite the geek. It's a geek out.

I will never apologize for being a geek or a nerd. In fact, I call people dork because I myself am a dork. My brother is my favorite dork.

I recently called Jay a dork and I had to explain to him. That was not a bad thing. He said, okay, I'll allow it. Did you say I'll allow it?

I think I said I'll allow it like he has a choice, but don't tell him that. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. We'll start with game five of the World Series and hear me out. This was vintage Verlander. Now, if I tell you that and you know nothing about the game, maybe you jump to seven dominant scoreless innings because that's what we expect from Verlander, right? Pitches deep into a game.

You can't find any themes against him. He's mowing batters down. He's strutting on and off the field because he runs the joint. Maybe that's what you think when I tell you vintage Verlander or maybe you disagree, but here's why. This was the vintage Hall of Famer because it wasn't perfect and yet he refused to give in.

It wasn't perfect. He was in a bunch of trouble. He walked four guys. He gave up four hits. Kyle Schwab were tattooed a ball off him in the first inning. Almost said the first quarter tattooed a ball off him in the first inning and at that point he had to make a choice because no doubt not only did his pitching come into question. Here we go again. Verlander can't pitch on the World Series stage, but internally mentally. He's a human being. He hears those same voices.

Those same demons get to him. In the second inning, base is loaded. Verlander has another choice.

Are you going to give in? Are you going to let this be the end of your story, walk off this mound defeated or at the very least not having a chance for a W? The journey of his five innings fascinating. Yeah, he got into trouble multiple times.

He had to work his way out of trouble and that's where vintage Verlander comes in. He's tenacious. He's tough. He's stubborn. He's smart. He's a bulldog.

He battles. You're going to have to drag him off the mound. He's been in so many of these situations and no he'd never been situations and no he'd never had a World Series win before but everything that Justin Verlander has seen every pitch he's thrown in his career prepared him for last night.

Heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears, all of that. Desire, mental fortitude, so much more than just throwing pitches if you watch this game and you know his history of the World Series stage. Again, it was only five innings. It wasn't even a hundred pitches. A man was he fired up when he walked off the mound after his five and for good reason. His team fed off that the defense certainly wanting to get him that win in his late 30s and boy wait until you hear what happened in the clubhouse afterwards, but at least initially I wasn't the only one who thought oh no here we go again for Verlander at the World Series and here's the pitch swung online deep to right. This one's got a chance get up. It is gone game tied on a lead-off home run by Kyle Swarber.

Time for the shore bomb. Oh, yeah, it was a blast a monster mash if you will. I know it's not Halloween anymore Scott Fransky and Philly's radio was a no-doubter and the look on Justin Verlander's face. So how do you recover? How do you keep going when you're so rudely greeted in game five of the World Series? I mean initially you're like, you know, that sucks. But I mean as a starting pitcher been there done that you I mean it just is it just sucks because of the moment and obviously all the questions and wait, but you know, you have to rely on the hundreds of starts and the thousands of pitches I've thrown before and just kind of say, okay, like I've given up lead-off home runs before let me bear down and you know, I this not going to be indicative of what's going to happen the rest of the game by any means. Let's see what happens. All of the questions all of the wait. Yeah, he's referring to his World Series history and those demons that he hears those demons that he fights and yet you hear him make the choice. This is nothing new. I've done this before. This is not where it ends.

This is not indicative of what happens next. It wasn't easy, but it was brilliant and it was vintage Verlander because of how he fought back. That's what I loved the most here. It comes swing and a mess got him on the slider and the inning is over Phillies load the bases with two outs, but they come up empty as Verlander gets his first strikeout in a big spot 3 2 Casiano's hits it high in the air to left center playable for Alvarez waiting for it to come down after moving to his left makes the catch and Justin Verlander wins the 10th pitch battle with Castellanos strands Harper at second base fight fight never give in and that's Verlander that's the tone. He sets that's who he's been his entire Hall of Fame career ultimately allows just the one run on the Kyle Swarber. I feel just I feel like he doesn't do it justice by calling it a home run on the Kyle Swarber blast on the Kyle Swarber rocket something like that. So it's one run, but four hits four walks a lot of traffic on the bases. He does strike out six through five innings and contributes to the stat in which the Phillies left a dozen runners on base. They had opportunities a lot of them coming against Justin Verlander, but ultimately were unable to break through and he deserves a ton of credit for that.

It was a battle and that's what he said. I mean he he emptied the tank early and you know, his pitch count got got high, but I mean that was as far as we thought we should take him and we know we held the lead for him. I remember my teammate Tommy John always told me that a good pitcher can get out of trouble twice in a great pitcher three times and so so pitcher maybe one time and so that was a you know, I could hear Tommy John talking to me, you know, during the game checks the lead runner at second. He kicks the pitch swing at a poke ball to right. It's falling. It's going to be a base hit. It'll get a run home for the Phillies start around second on his way to third. He's there standing and James Segura has made it a one-run ballgame with an RBI single the right here in the bottom of the eighth inning.

It's three to Houston. The tying run is 90 feet away one to runner goes pitches hit hard just fair stared by Mancini and he steps on the bag ending over. So this was a back-and-forth even after Justin Verlander was out of the game. We saw the Houston Astros tack on an insurance run, but the Phillies were able to get one back and the Astros do strand that runner a third and this was fascinating too because going back to the no-hitter on Wednesday night the last three pictures we saw Bobby Abreu Rafael Montero Ryan Presley. Those were the three guys that were tasked with closing out this game.

And so when Montero got into trouble. He had a runner at third. There was one out Baker goes to Ryan Presley and now it's up to Presley to get a five out save and preserve what is a very thin margin.

Robert Ford Steve Sparks on Astros radio and even into the throws of the ninth inning. This was still very much in doubt one one that's hit in the air pretty deep to right center. It sends back McCormick onto the warning track leaves at the wall and he makes the catch by McCormick crashing into the 13 foot high wall and deep right center fail to out the cow that catch up his life for McCormick comes back to Philly his hometown and makes a wonderful catch. I thought he hit it out. Put a really good swing on it.

He's a great hitter. But you know that time of the game. You just got to be focused on defense and you put a good swing on it. You know, it's kind of laying laying out for whatever at that point and you know, I saw the wall. I saw the warning track and it was just just high enough for me to get in and reach out and go get it and I'm just happy we won. Yeah, I think I owe him more than a dinner.

My goodness. I was a hell of a play man. You know, Katie's a unbelievable hitter made a mistake over the plate. He took advantage of it, but you know Chas climbed the wall and got it and man, I couldn't be more thankful to have him out there.

Chasm McCormick slams into the scoreboard. He said he thought it was out off the bat of JT real Muto. Yeah, a lot of people watching expected that that was going to be another one of JT's huge moments in this World Series.

Remember he had the big home run in the opener in extra innings. Okay, so just for fun before we get to the end of the game, the Eagles and Texans were playing at NRG Stadium in Houston. Of course, their game was done by this time and so NBC Sports Philadelphia had a camera in their locker room as they are watching the end of this game and of course the JT hit almost hit. Oh, it's good stuff.

If you haven't seen the video actually the video is fun too. It's on our show Twitter after hours CBS. So yes, this was a perfectly managed game by Dusty Baker with Verlander and then four relievers. By the way, I think I said Bobby Abreu earlier. It's Brian Abreu obviously and then Montero and Presley and so you have the formulas. It's working for the Astros that bullpen has been so good all season long.

And then you get just enough work on the base paths. No, they left a lot of guys out there too. They were one for 11 with runners in scoring position, but you expect that because the Phillies also have a really good bullpen. This one to me felt like one of the tensor games of the World Series even more so than the opener because after one game, there's still so much real estate in a World Series. This was so critical so crucial. You're talking about game 5 and a tie series where the winner of game 5 roughly 80% of the time goes on to win the series.

Just out of curiosity. Can you hear the TV now in my studio? Okay, so I'm not joking about this. I did not touch the remote. This happened last week to someone elsewhere. You know, the TVs can be controlled in-house in other places. Someone just changed the channel and somehow turned on the audio the volume of my TV from somewhere else.

How is that possible? I don't know, but I thought it was a ghost last week because it was leading into Halloween weekend. Yeah, that would have made sense.

Right. So no, I'm telling you, I just you didn't know I hear what I listen, but I'll get that. How could the noise in that TV? I saw the TV change and then all of a sudden there's audio and I'm telling you it happened last week too. And I said to Marco Belletti was like, was that me? I didn't touch that. Did you touch that?

He said no. So someone's screwing with us. What the heck is going on? Trying to make us go nuts. So trying to make us think yeah. All right. So Astros Phillies that was one half of the Houston Philadelphia sports night.

The other of course being Eagles and Texans will get to that. But yeah, congratulations to Justin Verlander and because it was his first ever World Series when you tell us quite a story on MLB Network about how his teammates treated him. You're soaking wet not because of you were sweating profusely. What treatment did you get in the shower? I got a rookie shower for my first when the boys the boys put me in the cart roll me in the shower and just pour all sorts of soap on my knee. I got I mean, I got shampoo. I don't know ketchup Mayo. I don't know. You deserve it. I mean, I loved it.

Are you serious? It was just amazing these guys, you know, we're a tight group of guys. We have so much fun and you know, that's that's just one of those moments that whenever whenever my career is said and done that, you know, no matter what I'll always remember them doing that vintage Verlander as for Jeremy Pena. He's a rookie.

He's on the other end of the spectrum. He goes three for four with a couple of RBI and has some great defensive back in the first inning. He snagged left up and snagged a liner that was headed for left center and he was asked about being a rookie and yet performing night after night on the biggest stage in his sport. Shout out to my teammates. They prepare for every single game and you know, you just it rubs off on you, you know, they have a sense of calmness because they've been here, I guess four years out of the last six. So, you know, you just gravitate towards them and just go out and compete and have fun.

What a difference 48 hours make. We sat here on Tuesday night Wednesday morning talking about the home field advantage for the Phillies and boy, did they generate one at Citizens Bank Park and they had a walkover in game number three and then in game number four, the Astros return the favor. It's lopsided for the visitors and then in game five, it was toe-to-toe, belly-to-belly, nose-to-nose, kind of like old-school managers and umpires, home-played umpires used to do go belly-to-belly and nose-to-nose and the Astros are so good.

They're so tenacious that tone set by their starting picture but also guys like Jose Altuve who's getting on base again and certainly Alex Bregman and Yordan Alvarez and then some of the younger guys who haven't been here before but are taking the cue from the veterans as for the Phillies. I mean, they've been facing odds and facing odds is a weird word. They've been facing situations like this all year being down having to pull themselves out recognizing that it's not over until it's actually over. It's not over. I said that I did still got another game to be played. So the biggest thing right now is, you know, sure.

Can you be frustrated? Absolutely. It can't be but we got a day to flush out away and we got to be able to come out ready to go for game six.

I think the approach is the same that we've had just come out the next day and go get them prepare compete. These guys will show up. I guarantee it.

It's you know, they're going to fight to the end for sure. Kyle Swarber and Rob Thompson and the scene shifts back shifts ships back to Minute Maid Park in Houston on Saturday night and we'll see if there's a game seven Sunday night. Oh, yeah, let's do that. Actually not sure if you saw this but the ratings for game four, which was the Houston World Hit World hitter. I mean, it's been the worst week of talking ever. The Houston World Series no hitter most watched fall classic game in three years.

How about that? These are some big numbers big numbers even compared to say a football game. The the game itself was up 23% from a year ago, which was Tampa Bay. Oh, no, no.

Take that back. 23% over a year ago. No, no, Amy start over 9%. I'm trying to read these numbers on the fly 9% from a year ago and then 23% from Tampa and and LA which goes back to 2020. So it's a huge jump from that which makes sense. But the numbers themselves we're talking about with Fox Deportez as well as the streaming platforms over 12 million people tuned in to watch that no hitter by the Astros. So as much as it may not have been a vintage no hitter with just one guy, it was still a piece of history in the World Series and got a huge huge number of viewers and a major bump for baseball.

So that's good. There are people watching but it'll be tough sledding on Sunday night if they're up against the NFL. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. I had to turn off the volume on this TV here on CBS the listening you love is on the free Odyssey app your trusted local radio stations coverage of your favorite teams live news from your hometown and millions of podcasts on demand best of all you can completely customize your listening experience follow topics you care about like leagues and teams pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later. There's a lot to listen to.

So get started and download the free Odyssey app today throughout the 60s and 70s for Tradio. You are listening to the after hours podcast. Mills under center second a goal from the two turns play action fake sets floats in left side looking for his tight end reaching over Quatoriano makes the grab Tegan Quatoriano's first NFL catch is his first NFL touchdown they line up again double tight in Brown and Smith stack to the far side of the field and his fourth and goal from the two and in for the touchdown goes Myles Sanders has sixth of the season. This is after hours with Amy Lawrence first two drives of Thursday night football consumed the entire first quarter. It was a ball control game specifically for the Philadelphia Eagles who used up eight minutes when they got the ball for the first time eight minutes 18 plays Merrill Reese on Eagles radio Kevin Kugler on Westwood one and after the first quarter we were tied 77 before we got to the half.

It was 1414. This was a really good game. So if you were expecting Thursday night football to be a walkover because it was the only unbeaten team versus the team with just one win. Well think again though there was a turning point Davis Mills throws an interception in the third quarter and instantly the Eagles are in the red zone. Second than 10 hurts backs up looking still looking he is firing and it is a touchdown. A.J. Brown hurts made it look easy.

A.J. Brown did the escape act was wide open and hurts barely loved them the football. He is on a tear to be sure a lot of different weapons that the Eagles have at Jayla's disposal and yet they really want to be able to run the ball first a mile Sanders with a touchdown earlier and if you look at the Eagles stats the way that they keep the ball is Jalen hurts with run plays miles Sanders with run plays you know they they spread the ball around when they have to but that's not what they want to do first and I love that I love that they had 143 yards rushing Houston actually had more than that but that they've got multiple guys who can not only move the ball move the chains but also get into the end zone like Kenny Gainwell who did it later in the game so yeah the turning point was the Davis Mills interception that leads to a very short field like a teeny-weeny little field for the Eagles and they're able to score right away and then after a Texans field goal they have another touchdown drive that's Dallas Goddard who had the gaudiest numbers on this night eight catches a hundred yards in a touchdown and here we go the Eagles at eight and oh and that's the first time for them in their franchise history being eight no sweet right and you know, yes, it beats the alternative of being seven and one or six and two right and so we know that our our goal wasn't to go eight and all our goal is to take one game at a time and I'm not that's that's our goal and so is it good is it good to be able to have this long weekend and said it ain't no of course, but we know that we're going to get back to work on Monday and go go attack this next game against Washington like we attacked this last game against Houston. Of course, the goal isn't to go eight. No, that makes me roll my eyes whose goal ever would be to go eight. No, your goal is to win the week, but come on a perfect record through about the midway point of the season is still something to be remarked upon.

It's notable. It's a blessing. Honestly, it's a blessing. It's not easy winning this league. Happy that we got eight out the way and all we're trying to do we're on a bigger and better thing still, but still trying to take one game at a time.

We still got a long season for a long rest of the season and the division game coming up. So we got a lot of stuff that we got focused on more than than being eight and those kind of neat for Jalen Hurts to go back to Houston. He's from the area and to finally get to play at NRG Stadium. He had said that was always a dream of his.

He'd never been able to do that. His family was on hand as well. He is 21 of 27 in this game 243 yards couple of touchdowns. He does have a lost fumble, but a win is a win and he had all the family support there. Anytime I get to come back to the city Houston is special and this is the first time I've I've ever played back home at the professional level collegiate level never never got the opportunity to do it at the collegiate level. So coming back playing in a place where I've I've built a lot of memories built a lot of memories with my mom my dad coming to watch ball in this same stadium. You know of all things, you know, it's a great team win, you know, and there's there's there's rare rarity in me reflecting on things and not have any motion towards it, but I I'm I'm I'm I'm proud that my my family got to see that today. I'm proud of my dad got to see that and I know that's special to him because my family knows the memories that we've we've had with the Houston Texans and you know, just being around and being involved in the camps and Andre Johnson and you know him giving me his cleats as a kid and those are our memories that I value truly and to come home and and get a win in this city of special.

I made a statement this past week. I think he's improved more than maybe more than every player in NFL outstanding player with what and he he can throw the ball and what he's mobile big guy to bring down. That was a great play by him on that third and long that last draw that he ran, but great players make those type of plays. Lovey Smith head coach of the Houston Texans. I'm telling you what if you haven't seen the Texans play Damien Pierce is worth your investment.

He's the rookie running back that's lighting it up. So it's going to be a lot of fun to move forward into week nine. We've got some compelling matchups though. We'll we'll just admit we had a hard time choosing four teams or four matchups for the after hours game of the week.

We had three and then we did not have a fourth and of course, it's setting off to bait. So on both our Twitter as well as on our Facebook page people are angry because we didn't pick this game or didn't pick that game. I just want you to know your complaints are addressed promptly by producer Jay. He's the one who delves into the suggestion box. He's the gatekeeper. He's the guy. He's in charge of all the complaints. Yeah, I'll be all over it on my Friday.

He runs the complaint department on your Friday night. No way. You'll be asleep on the couch by nine thirty. Okay, fine.

940. Let's let's take a look. Let's do it over under how quickly you fall asleep on the couch on Friday night. We're not there yet that we have to play that game. It happened. Okay, happening, but it's not like a thing just yet. So when you say it's not a thing, that means it doesn't happen every weekend. It's been happening. Okay, Jay. It's still in process of happening. It's not a thing, but it's happening like two or three more weeks and then we'll we'll say I got okay.

So a year of it is not quite long enough. Jay, he's so cool. In fact, he tries to tell me all the time how cool he is.

That's me. Alright, coming up your boom moment of the week. Some Mike Tom onisms, of course, and what you won't see on the basketball court this weekend. The listening you love is on the free Odyssey app, your trusted local radio stations, coverage of your favorite teams, live news from your hometown, and millions of podcasts on demand. Best of all, you can completely customize your listening experience, follow topics you care about, like leagues and teams, pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later. There's a lot to listen to.

So get started and download the free Odyssey app today. It's after hours CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the after hours podcast. As we wrap up the week, we contemplate the mysteries of the universe. The best highlights.

And your fire. Thanks for taking my call. I really appreciate the greatest sports show in America. After hours presents the boom moment of the week.

Here's Amy Lawrence. Pitch on the way round ball left side coming in fragment. He scoops the short hop throws on the move to first in time. And that is a ball game. A World Series. No header for the Houston Astros as they blank the Philadelphia Phillies five to nothing.

This World Series is all square at two games apiece in the Astros to make history in the city of brotherly love and magical fashion with a no hitter between four pitchers. Just came out holding on to God trying to be positive, trying to take the strike zone. My parents today told me I was going to throw a no hitter and thanks to God. I was it would accomplish that. He told you you were going to throw a no hitter. And what did you say? Yeah, that we're going to stay positive with God helping us.

We can do it. Christian Javier says his parents told him he was going to throw a no hitter. And while it wasn't just his no hitter, he shared it with Brian Abreu Rafael Montero, Ryan Presley. It was a piece of World Series history that we've never seen before. Most of us going back to 1956 Robert Ford and Steve Sparks got to call a World Series. No hitter.

How about that? The the Astros radio team also taking a piece of history. Super cool game for the World Series more than 12 million people tuned in via Fox Fox Deportez and the streaming platforms, which is a humongous jump over last year's the most watch World Series game going back several years. Houston now up three games to two as the series shifts.

It moves. It moves back to Minute Maid Park, but they've got today is a travel day. So it's Saturday and Sunday if necessary for game seven.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. So coming up this weekend, of course week nine in the NFL, but also two, well two marquee games in college football, but plenty of implications everywhere. You look a lot of attention obviously on Tennessee and on their game at Georgia now the defending national champion. Hey, you told me we had some Josh Hypel.

Yes, I don't have it on my sheet, but if you would like to trot out some head coach of the Tennessee volunteers Josh Hypel for me, I'd be all ears. You can win the game with confidence because you've paid the price you've worked. You prepared to go out and play the right way.

So yeah, both teams. I'm sure are confident and should be. You know for us this week preparation is going to be key.

They're really good. They got, you know, you got to understand their schemes. You know, that's important. The personnel, the battles within the battle are going to be really important. The line of scrimmage is going to be important. It's a physical game out on the perimeter too.

So on both sides of the ball, you got to match that looking forward to that one. That is 3 30 Eastern time on CBS and then in the evening under the lights. It's Tiger Stadium. It's Death Valley.

It's one of the most raucous obnoxious. Those are compliments atmospheres in college football going to be amazing in Baton Rouge is LSU hosts Alabama and then everything else now that we've got our first set of college football playoff rankings, but if you missed our preview and keys to wins for both for both games, make sure you check that out on our podcast with longtime NFL assistant coach also former LSU coach. He's in Baton Rouge now and is planning on sneaking into the game somehow Kyle Kasky.

He's got video breakdowns on his YouTube channel and we went through those games with him on our conversation that happened just a couple hours ago here on CBS Sports radio. Yeah, so a lot of football some big basketball this weekend to the early stages of the NBA people get mad at me because I'm not talking enough NBA or NHL some guys said I posted the the link to our podcast on Thursday and some guy responds with no NHL. No way or no NHL. It doesn't matter something like that.

Okay. Here's what you won't see on the basketball court this weekend. You will not see Kyrie Irving. If you missed this the Nets had enough they gave Kyrie an opportunity to stand in front of microphones again knowing the type of questions that he would get and even though he was given multiple opportunities. He would not say unequivocally that he's not anti-semitic that he doesn't support anti-semitism and he also would not apologize. The Nets heard enough apparently Adam Silver the commissioner of the NBA wanted him to apologize wanted him to say when there was a microphone in his face that he was sorry and that he didn't support these views that were in that movie that he tweeted the link to. He said things like I'm not the one who made the documentary.

I cannot be anti-semitic if I know where I come from. I mean these were the types of statements that he issued with the microphone in his face that let you know he really still was not planning on backing down. The Nets pretty quickly after that announced a suspension at least five days no pay. They said they made numerous attempts over the last week to try to help Kyrie understand the harm and the danger of his words and his actions using his social media to share this movie.

But according to the Nets it was clear in his comments to the media that little had changed. So again, he was asked directly whether or not he was anti-semitic by the reporters and he would not answer one way or another again. I'm going to repeat. I don't know how the label becomes justified because you guys asked me the same questions over and over again, but this is not going to turn into a spin-around cycle of questions upon questions told you guys how I felt. I respect all walks of life and embrace all walks of life. That's where I sit. I think what people want to hear is just a yes or no on that question.

Yes or no. I cannot be anti-semitic if I know where I come from. You can go and listen to more of Kyrie Irving.

We played some of the sound bites earlier. He makes it all about him as opposed to admitting the harm that was done and being contrite, showing some empathy, showing some understanding, especially when he's all about his community being oppressed and his people, his heritage, having suffered through tragedies and oppression and yet for some reason he can't see why his actions not only are dangerous and irresponsible but also perpetrate this idea that it's okay to do the same thing, to oppress, to discriminate, to be prejudiced against another people based on their culture, based on their religion. The Nets say this in their statement such failure to disavow anti-semitism when given a clear opportunity to do so is deeply disturbing is against the values of our organization and constitutes conduct detrimental to the team.

We are of the view that Kyrie is currently unfit to be associated with the Brooklyn Nets. He said we were dismayed today that he refused to say he has no anti-semitic beliefs nor acknowledge specific hateful material in the film. This was not the first time he had the opportunity but failed to clarify. So he's been suspended not long after that. There was a, I don't know what to call it, heartfelt. It seemed more coerced to me, but there was an apology on his Instagram to all Jewish families and communities that are hurt and affected from my post.

I am deeply sorry to have caused you pain and I apologize. So he goes on to clarify his position and he gives the apology that he could have given days ago that would have avoided all of this, but because he's stubborn and because he's defiant and because he wants to do it his way, he refused and so more hurt, more of this song and dance and ultimately there's a suspension. I don't know if they let him back after five games.

I just know that you won't see him on a basketball court this weekend and once again, Kyrie Irving is right in the middle of a major storm that he created and that his team now has to clean up. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Also this weekend for those of you who love NASCAR like me, I'm gonna have to work it into the rotation. Four drivers still alive for the Cup Series Championship. Joey Logano, Chase Elliott, Ross Chastain and Christopher Bell and so Logano and Elliott, they are past winners Chastain and Bell first time in the championship four as they call it. It's been some pretty gutsy racing to this point. Obviously, it's been very intense.

There have been suspensions. There've been guys going after each other, but this is four drivers racing for the title coming up this weekend and so this should be fun. Phoenix Raceway. Man, Phoenix is not only the site of the Super Bowl coming up in a couple of months, but also this weekend hosting the NASCAR Championship in the final race. So big weekend. First weekend in November.

I know I tell you all the time that October is the craziest month of the year in sports and it certainly is, but because the World Series is bleeding into October because it's still the throws of college football in the NFL, the NASCAR Championship, the World Cup starts in three weeks, which is also crazy. We're already making plans on that end too. So enjoy. I've got yard work in my future and I'm so happy about it. I'm gonna be a good kind of sore.

My leaves are gonna kick my butt. Have a great weekend. We'll talk to you Sunday night after our CBS Sports Radio.

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