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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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October 24, 2022 6:13 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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October 24, 2022 6:13 am

Brady & the Bucs get handled... by the Panthers!? | Chiefs get by the new-look 49ers in SF | The Seattle Seahawks are in first place in the NFC West...


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That's I-N-D-O-C-H-I-N-O dot com promo code FallUpdate. I hope you enjoyed your football Saturday. I hope you enjoyed your football Sunday. I hope you didn't just consume sports all weekend unless that's what makes you happy. I posted the photos of hiking with my family on Saturday and some guy took me to task for not staying home and watching college football all day.

He said you must be from the Northeast. Or I just need a day off. Hope that's okay with you, sir.

Aye aye, captain. Anyway, yes, I did enjoy the great outdoors on Saturday. Also had some great outdoors on Friday and soaking in the fall air and the gorgeous weather in New Jersey. It was perfect. It was exactly what I needed. So I feel refreshed.

I hope you do as well. Still have no problems keeping up with everything that I have to follow this time of the year. That's part of the gig, right? Not a whole lot of time for college football on this edition of the show. We'll get to some of it as we head through this week. But we've got our match-up set for the World Series that doesn't begin until Friday. Friday?

That's weird. Although, you know what? To just talk about Friday at this point in the week makes me smile. So I'll take it. So the World Series, baseball essentially, is off until Friday, Saturday when the Phillies will be on the road at the Astros for games one and two. Friday, Saturday they're off Sunday. Trust me, baseball doesn't want to tangle with the NFL. We're going to hear from the Yankees as we head through this edition of the show and also the Padres, those two teams.

They also ran in their respective leagues. However, a much greater disappointment for the Yankees and certainly rivals that of the Dodgers, right? And the Padres were the team that eliminated the Dodgers. The Yankees had trouble with the Astros in the nine games they played. Was it nine? No, seven in the regular season.

Seven in the regular season. They only won two of them and both of those were by walk-offs. So they did not lead the Astros during the regular season for an entire inning.

That never happened. This is their nemesis. Now, going back to 2016, the Yankees have been eliminated in the postseason three times by the Astros.

You know what it reminds me of? The Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors. How many times might the Rockets have been into the NBA Finals or even the Western Conference Finals over the course of this stretch with the Golden State Warriors dominating the West? Or I guess you could put Cleveland in that category. Now, Cleveland did end up winning a championship, but for four years had to battle the Warriors in the NBA Finals.

You could also say the Cleveland Cavaliers and any other team in the East over the stretch when LeBron was back on the shores of Lake Erie. So it's not just about whether or not your team is competent, whether or not your team drafts well, whether or not your team has the best record in their division, wins a division title. No, you don't just compete in a vacuum.

You also have to be aware and you also are a product of everything else that's happening around you in the same era that you played. I mean, we could go on and on and back and forth with this game all night. Think about the Michael Jordan Bulls and the number of teams that would have had titles or multiple titles if Michael Jordan and the Bulls don't dominate when they did. It's external factors and other teams that are just as good, if not better, than the Yankees. Now, there are also a lot of internal issues, but this team nearly won 100 games. Did they try to make moves at the deadline?

Yeah, some of them worked out like Harrison Bader, some of them did not. And so certainly, for a franchise where the expectations are World Series or bust, to not get back to the World Series is a big deal. Much bigger disappointment for the teams that set themselves up on this high pedestal all season long, and they get a lot of attention.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. And that was the Dodgers and the Yankees in this postseason, mid-season. So it's a big deal. It's a big deal. It's a big deal.

It's a big deal. Yankees in this postseason. Misery loves company. Brave, same situation. Met, same thing.

Though not quite the same expectations as Dodgers and Yankees. Now, I did just put this question up, and no, it's not rhetorical. It's a legit question. I did just put this question up on Twitter. I'm going to put it up on Facebook as well. And this is even a precursor to our Monday Misery poll.

Mortified on Monday. It's your new favorite thing. It's my favorite thing, too. I got to tell you the truth.

Why is that? Why do we all love talking about misery in sports? It brings us together. We bond over it. It's therapy to talk it out.

But I just put this on Twitter. What's stranger? That the Jets have the same number of wins as Buffalo at this point in the season through week seven. And Buffalo's off this week. Or that the Seahawks are alone in first place in the NFC West.

Maybe it's something else. But those two crazy, strange, nutty week seven storylines blow me away. And then as I say, we'll put the poll up soon. Our show Twitter is after our CBS. Our Facebook page named after the show. YouTube channel, same thing. Podcast after hours, Google is your friend if you're trying to find us on social media or with the podcast. And I do promise I'll put some photos up on Facebook when I have the chance. But we're a little busy around here in October. It's October and sports never stop. We're live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

Do you need to know what it takes for a home to fit your budget and your family? Rocket can. Maybe you would answer that question with the response of both the Packers and the Buccaneers below 500 through week seven. Is it the end of the road?

No. Have you seen what's happening in the NFC right now? The NFC is gross. Actually, I find it highly amusing that it's the Eagles and the Giants, the Cowboys and the Vikings who have the most number of wins. Okay, the Vikings. Who trust the Vikings? No one. But five and one is five and one.

You are what your record says you are. They've won four straight. They're off this weekend.

Shoot, I forgot. Who's Monday Night Football? The Bears and the Packers. No, Bears and Patriots. Bears and Patriots.

Thank you. Actually, a big night for Bill Belichick. Could be a big night for Mac Jones. We'll talk about it. Vikings, Cowboys, five wins each. Giants and Eagles. The NFC East has an identity crisis and now thinks it's the NFC West.

It's like one of those body swaps that movies are made of every now and then. Freaky Friday. It's a Freaky Friday, only it's Freaky Football. So yeah, Eagles, Giants, Cowboys and Vikings are the top teams in the NFC. No one else has more than four wins and the team with four wins is the Seahawks. Okay, I'm not kidding.

That's it. Do you know in the NFC right now there are five teams above 500? Five out of 16. I've just mentioned them. The Eagles, the Giants, the Cowboys, the Vikings, the Seahawks. Get out of here.

Seriously. I mean, I would take this somewhere else if I could, but you are a welcome audience, Pete Carroll. Five out of 16 teams that are above 500 in the NFC. All that to say, it really doesn't matter if the Packers and Buccaneers are below 500 at this point, because so is everybody else except for those five teams.

Now, does it make the road harder? Of course. But it in no way eliminates them from playoff contention. The Buccaneers are still tied for the lead in the South Division. It's just strange. Strange.

And I do, like I said, find it amusing. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Let's talk about those Tampa Bay Buccaneers. My eyes. Oh, my eyes. Wait, you know what that scene is from? I love Friends. It was the last great comedy. Well, Friends and Seinfeld. I really don't watch comedies anymore, though I did hear that Ghost is really funny.

So maybe at some point I'll take up Ghost, which is on CBS. Anyway, that scene is Phoebe through the window catching Monica and Chandler having sex for the first time. Well, she saw them for the first time.

Sorry, this is a family program, but at 1210 a.m. Pacific time, hopefully not too many juvies are listening. Anyway, the point is, my eyes. Oh, my eyes.

She couldn't unsee it. That's what I feel like as I watch the Tampa Bay and Green Bay offenses. Holy crap, my eyes. They're burning. It hurts.

Make it stop. I thought that the Tampa Bay loss in Pittsburgh would be a wake up call. Turns out the Carolina Panthers decided to pile on. Walker, the shotgun snap throwing for the end zone.

Moore is there. He makes the catch. Did he stay in bounds?

He did. Touchdown, Carolina. Walker in the gun. Moore now slot left. Here's the snap. Pressure off the edge.

They run it to Hubbard. He's got the 10, 5, up the middle. Touchdown Panthers. He did not get touched. That's just a simple trap play. Pulled the guard around, hit the three technique, and he hit his head on the goal post.

Not a single person was there. Great blocking by the guys up front. Great play call.

Great execution. Walker in the gun, forming off his left hip. Two receivers to the left, two stacked to the right. One of them is the tight end tremble. Walker, the snap, fires down field.

Tommy Trembles open, makes the catch. Touchdown Panthers. Right. That's gorgeous.

Wide open. Gorgeous. That's so gorgeous. If I'm not mistaken, now I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that I saw this on NFL Network. That touchdown by Tommy Trembles for the Panthers, as you hear on Carolina Panthers radio, was the first among the tight ends on National Tight Ends Day. So raise your hand if you thought Tommy Trembles would have the first touchdown among the tight ends. That's gorgeous.

It's so gorgeous. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. Well, you'll have to forgive me for starting with the reaction from the Bucks locker room first, because we play highlights from the Panthers. We play no highlights from the Buccaneers. It was another brutal offensive day, a scoreless first half and get this.

Oh my gosh, you guys, my eyes. It's not just the fact they didn't score touchdowns. It's the fact that they had no drive in the first half that stretched longer than 33 yards. That's brutal.

It's futile. It's inept. And this is Tom Brady. Who's got Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, Leonard Fournette. They're not running the ball well. And a lot of that, I know people don't want to hear this because they'd be happier blaming Tom Brady. A lot of that has to do with the offensive line. We've had multiple defections and injuries on that offensive line and it's showing. It's the unit that is really struggling to protect Tom Brady as well as to clear running lanes. That's a big weakness for the Buccaneers. Now is it their only problem?

No. Did you see how many drops there were by receivers? Even Mike Evans. I'm pretty sure he was targeted 422 times in this game because that's about the only one that Brady's comfortable with. Godwin sure, but for the most part, he was targeted 15 times. He and Godwin were targeted 28 times total. Tom Brady threw 49 pass attempts and 28 attempts went to those two guys.

Those are the ones he feels comfortable with. It's pretty obvious. But Mike Evans had a bunch of drops.

Godwin did too. This is a team effort to make it look this bad. It requires the entire team. So middle of the third quarter, they've got three chances from the 25 yard line. All they need is one yard, one yard to keep the drive alive.

Nope. An incomplete and a pair of runs that are stuffed at the line. I mean, it was just, what am I watching?

It was astounding. Meanwhile, we've got the Panthers who finally figure it out with PJ Walker. Chuba Hubbard has a 17 yard touchdown that puts them up 14 zip. And then we heard the Tommy tremble, 29 yard score.

And the final, once again, 21 to three, because the Buccaneers do not score a touchdown. They go three of 15 on third and fourth down. So those moments when Tom Brady made his incredible career and his incredible reputation for being clutch, 0 for one in the red zone, it's the opposite of what we've seen from Brady for most of his career. And as I pointed out, not even 50 rushing yards and don't, it's not, this time it's not about the fact that they're playing from behind.

They were, but they're only down seven zip for most of this game. And so it's not about having to throw the ball to catch up. It's about the offensive line in large part. Brady was only sacked once officially. He was only hit three times. He's trying to get the ball out as quickly as possible. Brady doesn't want to get hit. And then Carolina, of course, is able to play that run control game. They're able to use their own run game to be able to bring more balance to their offense. And PJ Walker was on target.

He has 177 yards and a couple of touchdowns, but Carolina rushed for 173 yards. It's just the perfect storm against the Bucks right now. And obviously there's got to be a sense of urgency for Tom Brady, for Todd Bowles, for the rest of the Bucks. We have to work hard. I have to have discipline, commitment, mental and physical toughness.

Those are all character traits. And we have a lot of great guys in the locker room. So we're going to go in tomorrow morning. We've got a short week. We've got to work hard to try to fix it. We're just, I know we talked about execution the other day and it still comes up. You know, I think we just all have to do our job better.

There's no easy way about it. It's, you know, they're trying to keep us from doing our job. We're trying to do it and they're doing a better job than we are. It's any time you score three points, that pretty much sums it up. It's just frustration and disappointment. Like we knew coming to the season, the type of team we could be, but we haven't been that team yet. So now this is the type of team we are right now. We're not a good team right now. We don't know how to play four good quarters or football.

We could play three good quarters, but we always falling short at some point in the game. So we just got to stop looking at what we can be and just accept that this is who we are right now and start to change and then fix it because it's not going to just magically change or we're not going to fix it just magically. We're going to have to, whatever it takes to fix it, we're going to have to do it. It's a dark day for us losing the way we did and the mistakes that we had, that we shouldn't have had.

And you know, you can't do nothing but pick your shirt up by the tail. We own it. We have to own it to a man. We have to stand up here and own it and make no excuses and we just got to start digging.

Todd Bull's first comment has to be one of my favorites. It's a dark day. It's a dark day. But then what does it mean? Now I'm the queen of screwing up cliches and mixing up cliches.

What does he mean? All we can do is pick our shirt up by the tail. You know, you can't do nothing but pick your shirt up by the tail.

We own it. Is that like a super cool phrase? And I just don't know what it means. You're forever trying to tell me all these cool phrases that I don't know.

And so if you can explain this one to me, I'll be really impressed. Is this some type of like super cool thing all the kids are saying now? I've actually never heard this one but when I hear it, it reminds me of something like a Michael Jackson dance move. Like when you go on the ground and like pick yourself up by the back of your shirt collar and like kind of like look slick. I don't know. Like no one's going to help you up.

You got to do it yourself. That's where I get from that. But I never heard that before. Well my maternal grandmother used to say something along the lines of, you got to pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Also not a concept I'm familiar with.

Bootstraps. But my grandmother said it all the time. My mom said it after her. I know what it means.

I just don't know why it means that. And I have no idea what this means unless of course he's talking about but the tail of your shirt is the bottom. It's not the top. Right.

Pick your shirt up by the tail. I don't get it. I don't know. I've never heard that before. All right. So we're clueless.

Either way, it is a dark day. That was the most important thing that Todd Bowles said. As for the Carolina Panthers, Steve Wilks and his Panthers get their first win since the change from Matt Ruhl. I'm extremely proud of the men in that locker room. I just told them that they continue to impress me by the way they just overcome adversity and circle the wagons and come together. And that definitely wasn't a team out there today was trying to tank it. You know these guys right here have come together. They believe in one another and it's about trying to win football games. I appreciate that coach Wilks mentions that.

No doubt they've heard it. This is not a team trying to tank. Yes they traded away Robbie Anderson because he was being a punk. Yes they traded away Christian McCaffrey because they got four draft picks in exchange for a running back.

That is rare. And I didn't love that move but I understand why they made it. Do you know what they didn't do? They didn't trade away Brian Burns for two first round draft picks. That was the report on Sunday that they were offered two first round draft picks for the past rusher Brian Burns. Second year past rusher I believe.

So they declined to trade him. He ends up with a sack and a QB hit and five tackles in this win. Now that I got a sack on Tom and we got the Doug, I think I'm gonna have three glasses of Hennessy tonight. I'm gonna watch two of them. I'm gonna watch rush hour too. I'm gonna watch bad boys. With the Hennessy strike? Yeah I ain't got nothing to lose. Three glasses tonight.

Nothing to lose straight. That's funny right. That's how Brian Burns will celebrate.

Hennessy and bad boys and I was a little off. He is into his fourth year now. The defensive end.

And he did not get traded. And the Panthers are not taking. They are rebuilding. But they don't have any quarterbacks so it's gonna feel like that right? Until they beat the Buccaneers in their own division. Panthers now at two and five. And what about Christian McCaffrey? He was actually suited up and on the field for the Niners on Sunday. Niners running into the Kansas City Chiefs who did not want to go into their bye week on two consecutive losses.

But a tough place to play in the Bay Area. That's straight ahead. So find me on Twitter, ALawRadio. It's a serious question. What stranger, the Jets with five wins same as Buffalo or the Seahawks, all by themselves in first place in the AFC West?

Or maybe you think it's something else. So whether it's Twitter, whether it's Facebook, we're glad to connect you. Connect with you and connect you will connect the dots on this Sunday night into a Monday morning poll is forthcoming. Chiefs and find your perfect fall suit with Indochina.

Customize every detail of their seasonal designs for a one of a kind look at a great price and get $50 off purchases of $399 or more at Indochina dot com promo code fall update. Niners and CMC next After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. The Chiefs have first down and goal to go at the eight. McKinnon stays in at running back. Bell is scantling for the left side. They're going to flip it to Hardman.

Going left gets a block inside the five. Hardman squeezes into the end zone. Touchdown Kansas City on a flip pass as McCole Hardman takes it for eight yards from the Holmes that gets great blocking on the left side. 10th play of the drive for the Chiefs.

They trail 13 to 7, 7.18 to go. Now a quick handoff goes to the right side on a jet sweep. McCole Hardman 15 inside the 10, breaks the tackle, stays in bounds and hops into the end zone. Touchdown Kansas City. It is a jet sweep of 25 yards to the sweet nectar of the end zone by McCole Hardman.

Hits, misses and messes. Time to talk football After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Christian McCaffrey makes his debut for the Niners in the Bay Area back to where he played his college ball at Stanford and where his father Ed won his first of three Super Bowl rings and yet it's a different star who steals the show for the visiting Kansas City Chiefs. His name McCole Hardman. Man what a show for this wide receiver who actually gets his first career rushing touchdown.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio and Mitch Holtus. Now initially things couldn't have started any better for the Niners because Christian McCaffrey makes his debut. Couple of carries on the first drive. They march right down the field and get into field goal range. Then a tipped ball interception off Patrick Mahomes. His third one in five quarters. Remember when they had issues not taking their care of the football at the beginning of last season when they were under 500?

That's what I was thinking about. A third interception for Mahomes and with that short field it's a quick San Francisco touchdown drive. Jimmy Garoppolo caps it with a throw to Ray Ray McLeod. At that point the Niners are up 10 nothing but Kansas City settles in and answers repeatedly. So Meekole Hardman first has the eight yard touchdown catch.

Then his first career rushing TD 25 yards. He goes a perfect formation from the offensive line. Everybody pulling right.

He follows his big hosses around. He finds the space and just boom up the sidelines. They never cut off the sideline. My basketball coach always told me, this high school basketball coach, actually college too, they always told me step on the sideline. It serves as another defender but nobody stepped on the sideline.

Nobody pushed Hardman out. Nobody forced him to go out of bounds and that 25 yard rushing TD, again the first of Hardman's career, puts Kansas City in front for good. Though at the time we didn't know it because it was only 14-13. Right away out of the halftime locker room the Chiefs added again. It is incredible how lightning fast they can move the football when they're locked in and it's also pretty impressive to see Isaiah Pacheco who's not only was in the starting lineup as the running back for the Chiefs in this game but also was returning kicks and because of that because of a long return for him to start the second half they already had the Niners back on their heels coming out of the locker room. Four straight touchdown drives for the Chiefs in the second half. After that short one, thanks to the big run back, they go 75 yards, 80 yards, 72 yards and this is what stood out to me.

No drive, regardless of how long it was there in the second half, consume more than four minutes and 10 seconds. They're quick strike and that's what Patrick Mahomes does well. That's what this creative offense from Andy Reed does well and ultimately the Chiefs don't miss Tyreek Hill. It probably stung a bit.

That breakup stung a bit. He chose the Dolphins over them. They were a little confused and then he starts piping off about how they're going to miss him and the offense isn't going to be nearly as good. Except that they put more weapons in the fold with Patrick Mahomes and he is one of those quarterbacks that raises the level of play of everyone else around him. The best of the best cause everyone else to get better. They essentially will you to get better because of how they set you up and how they distribute and how they direct and how they lead and Patrick Mahomes, an MVP, a Super Bowl winner, he is one of those. So ultimately Tyreek Hill, yeah he's an amazing player.

He's very fast but they've moved on and they're still having a heck of a lot of fun. First down goal to go up the four. Chiefs are under center with Mahomes. Find your perfect fall suit with Indochina.

Customize every detail of their seasonal designs for a one-of-a-kind look at a great price and get $50 off purchases of $399 or more at promo code fall update. This time leading 28-23. They're going to bring it on another jet sweep. This worked earlier.

It's going to work again. McColl Hardman had a jet sweep touchdown earlier. He gets another jet sweep touchdown. The jet landed jets all over the Bay Area and Hardman's had a day and the Chiefs go back on top with a touchdown to answer the touchdown a lead of 11. You don't want to go out have two losses going into the bye week and so we knew this was an extremely important game and I thought the guys accepted the challenge especially how we started and responded and went out there and found a way to get that win and that bye week's a lot better when you're coming off a win.

Proud of our team for the job they did. This is a very well coached football team with the 49ers and they've got really good football players so and they're you know they got their guys back and and were very emotional had a nice big trade that they added to it so their future is bright as can be and but on the other hand I like the way our guys approached the game they came out didn't get caught up in all of that and didn't get caught up in being down by 10 points they just kept playing. Did it strike anybody else the last time the Chiefs played the Niners in a significant game they were also down 10 points only that happened to be in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. That lead didn't hold either it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio so the Chiefs turned it on after the half they had 28 points in the second half if I remember correctly and while they as you hear Patrick Mahomes say are able to go into their bye on a win and with first place in the AFC West though it's still a very tough division the Broncos notwithstanding but they're at five and two you've got the Niners who fall below 500 they're three and four even with the addition of Christian McCaffrey today. As competitors you won't win every game you go out there you put your best foot forward you put all this work in throughout the week and you know you grind through it you want to have a good result at the end but yeah these division games definitely do carry a little bit more weight and so we gotta be ready to go this next week.

We had some plays where I thought we had some opportunities and we didn't do well especially on some self-inflicted things which I think went in all three phases. The Niners have all the tools granted they've had a bunch of injuries sometimes though and maybe it's because Jimmy Garoppolo hadn't played for quite a while he had the shoulder injury he was thrust back into the starting lineup now he should be familiar with the offense for the most part and their tools and there are times when he looks comfortable but there are also times when he does not and so they do have the touchdown drive with George Kittle and they pull within five points in the fourth quarter but then the wheels come off after that. There's a safety when Jimmy gets sacked by Frank Clark in the end zone now Garoppolo is not fleet of foot and that's on his offensive line so he gets sacked in the end zone by Frank Clark then he fumbles when he's sacked by Chris Jones that's definitely on him then he throws an interception and so the wheels come off for the Niners in the fourth quarter when they need to play their best football at home. Kansas City racks up more than 500 yards of offense get this oh my gosh this stat jumped off the page at me 9.1 yards per play for the Chiefs that's nearly a first down every time you snap the football 9.1 yards per play four to five in the red zone but I do think Christian McCaffrey will be a major weapon I do think that there are a ton of weapons there at Garoppolo's disposal and Shanahan's when he can make sure to get them all involved McCaffrey has eight carries for 38 yards and also has two catches for 24 yards I'm still getting to know these guys man I got to do my job I got to make a few more plays here and once again just learn the offense as quick as possible I think some of that stuff you know I'm just trying to control what I can control right now and and get going. Now the Arizona Cardinals in that same division are also a three and four remember they played on Thursday night so you've got the Rams who are on a bye week the Rams the Niners the Cardinals all at three wins the Seahawks are the only team in the NFC West above 500 we'll get to them coming up because this may be one of the stranger things that I've seen this entire season so far so we'll get to the Seahawks Pete Carroll coaching is Arsoff and how about the return of one Dak Prescott Cowboys hosting the Lions once again the defense steals all well not all the headlines 95% of the headlines defense to offense that is a formula that's working for the Cowboys when they use it on Twitter A law radio on Twitter A law radio hashtag stranger things and we'll get our poll up who's miserable and mortified on Monday I just can't say it like a normal person it has to come out like that it's because of that it's you need to do that if your team is miserable and mortified and mine definitely is uh and also on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence we're glad to have you with us as we morph into a Monday sometimes you just have to go you are listening to the after hours podcast it's a football feeding frenzy after hours with Amy Lawrence that 74 yard run by Kenneth Walker served as the exclamation point Steve Rabel on Seahawks radio 74 yards to the house and Seattle rides that ground attack 200 plus yards rushing in this game against the Chargers Walker himself goes 168 and two scores but that was the dagger it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS 4 radio the Seahawks your first place Seahawks the only team above 500 in the NFC west where the other three teams made the playoffs last year that Seattle team led all game long in Los Angeles Gino Smith you know the Gino Smith who got traded because he was thrown into the Russell Wilson trade because he had to because actually I take that back Gino or my fault it was not him it was Drew Locke that was thrown into the Russell Wilson trade because they had to include a quarterback Gino was already on the roster and he led this QB competition all of the off season into training camp Pete Carroll kept telling us he kept telling us Gino has earned this job but it was really a cosmic joke was it not was it the punch line for every NFL off-season quarterback move hey what about the Seahawks what about the Seahawks and then to add insult to the injury the NFL schedules Broncos in Seattle for week number one but even then when the Broncos lost it was chalked up to the 12th man Seahawks jazzed up because they're facing their former QB no it's it's not a fluke Pete Carroll can coach a water bottle and a pair of jock straps and turn it into a winner more than likely he's got this rookie Kenneth Walker and an offensive line that clears spaces and a Gino Smith who when he limits the mistakes and the turnovers now he had two turnovers in this game but when he does that this offense can rack up the points and it certainly helps that the Seahawks had 10 points off turnovers by the Chargers in the first half and they were able to hold Austin Eckler at bay now once they built the lead to Herbert Justin Herbert had to start throwing the ball more they were able to get to Justin Herbert and so it's all hands on deck and now here are the Seahawks who are at four and three and the only team in the west division above 500. I feel like we're just coming together we're showing everybody we're coming together and you know we're working um you know like I always say we go back and watch film and you know prepare for the for the next week and I feel like we're just going to continue to grind and continue to get better. Every game is a championship game and that's what they feel like man like ebbs and flows in the games ups and downs we get momentum they get momentum and I think you know what the best teams do is there's moments in the game defining moments where you know you can really go and take control of the game and I think during the third quarter there was a spot for us to do that and just to keep those drives alive I think we converted a few third downs that just says a lot about our team and our offense and we just got to continue to build continue to get better and you know look at those moments and say hey this is what we can do and set that standard for ourselves.

Good to see the offense be able to go down the field and put some points on the board and the defense to slow them down other than the turnovers that screwed us up we really we really had a really solid football game you know anytime we can go out and run the ball for a bundle 160 or something and take care of the football like Gino did throwing it 24-27 you know really efficient stuff and then play defense to complement that we know that we're gonna be good on team so it just it just fits together really well. My question for you on twitter and it's a serious question you don't have to answer it if you don't want to seriously because it's sports and it's not life or death however what's the stranger thing to come out of the first seven weeks that the Seahawks are alone in first place in the NFC west or that the Jets have the same number of wins as Buffalo now the Bills have five wins they're off this week so it's five and one for Buffalo five and two for New York after another win on the road for Robert Sala's Jets they made a loud statement right off the top. Bunch set left Wilson under center takes the snap toss sweep to the left all with blockers and fun has a crease to the 45 to the 50 left sideline 40 down the sideline 30 he's gone 20 10 5 touchdown Breeze Hall house call the Jets take the lead.

I like that call from Bob Washusen. Breeze Hall house call on Jets radio here is the downside the price the Jets pay for this rookie Breeze Hall who's been such a revelation working on a monster rookie campaign and this incredible and this incredible introduction to the NFL he goes 62 yards but then he suffers a knee injury in the second quarter waiting to hear but it sounds like from some of the words Robert Sala is using that they fear a serious injury so we'll wait on Monday. Latavius Murray for the Broncos has a two-yard rushing touchdown himself and so initially Jets and Broncos exchange turnovers touchdowns that would actually happen too. The Broncos did not have Russell Wilson because he's dealing with the hammy and so it said it was Brett Rippon who started this one they go scoreless in the third quarter because who need points in the third quarter but then an interception by Rippon leads to a New York field goal both offenses are really scuffling in the second half so even though the Jets have more wins their offense is not anything to write home about what's been really good for them is their defense so longest Denver drive of the second half giving the Broncos an opportunity. Empty backfield a reprieve for Brett Rippon five receivers spread the field fourth down from midfield he's back to throw under some pressure thrust right he's a bomb down the right sideline for Hamler incomplete under thrown to Hamler he was blanketed by sauce Gardner it falls in complete and finally the Jets sideline can breathe that last sigh of relief they're gonna win it here in Denver stay perfect on the road and begin this season five and two. We were just communicating and flying around getting to the ball you know main thing that defense should do we did it at a high level today. I'm sick of being up here saying the same thing over and over again the opportunities are there at some point we got to take them there's no excuses you know we've been in every single game and we got to win these games. So first you hear sauce Gardner they're flying around and that is for sure Bob was using with that last pass defense on fourth down just inside two minutes to go for Jets radio it's the rookie sauce Gardner without the bling who knocks that ball away and then you hear Nathaniel Hackett he's tired of losing he's getting fired up two and five now in his first seven weeks as an NFL head coach but for the Jets their best start since 2010 at five and two so what's stranger the Jets or the Seahawks? Jack's return is next it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio. Some fans gear up for game day but some fans follow their team every day that's why the locked on podcast network has a daily podcast for your favorite NBA team every trade every overtime win every game our local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day search locked on plus your favorite NBA team on the odyssey app or wherever you get podcasts the locked on podcast network your team every day
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