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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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October 12, 2022 6:11 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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October 12, 2022 6:11 am

MLB Division Series are underway! | Dodgers take Game 1 vs Padres | Nick Castellanos plays hero as Phillies hang on to beat the Braves.

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Well that was fun. The first games, the openers of the division series, they kind of pick up right where the wildcard weekend left off. With some crazy rallies and some big time exclamation points. Some stunning moments and comebacks. Some strong pitching performances and also I love it when we have unlikely. I hesitate to use that word in sports.

We have unlikely. What's another good word? Don't tell me. I can figure this out.

It is the hump show. So sometimes the words don't come as easy. We have unlikely stars. Unlikely humans. Yes, that's the word right there. That narrows it down. We have unlikely clutch performers. I mean it's a little awkward but it works right?

Unlikely clutchers. I'm human. I mean there goes the perfect show. We're not even 60 seconds in and out the window. I mean I can't disappoint. There's never yet been a perfect show so I might as well keep the streak alive. We're nearing 10 years now. Might as well keep it going. Let you down easy in the first minute. We are live from the rocket mortgage studios.

When you need cash out of your home and a simple way to get it, rocket can. I could say something about analytics. But baseball is so heavily reliant on them depending upon who's the manager and who the club is. But what I love and what is emphasized over and over in post season play.

Whether it's baseball or football or hockey or basketball or soccer. Or golf is analytics formulas. Math cannot measure how a human will respond to pressure. And even if we have a large sample size of how that human will respond to pressure, analytics don't take into account weather. Not generally. By the way did you see it was raining in Los Angeles?

It was raining in LA. I was told that never happened. We can't use analytics to determine how a 40 year old pitcher might perform in the post season. Or how a guy will respond when mentally he can't help but think about the last time he was in that situation. Or how about an athlete who's been coming closer and closer and closer. But doesn't have the breakthrough until the second playoff series. Great example of that.

On Tuesday. So I do appreciate the unlikely moments. The unexpected clutch performances. There we go.

I mean it was really not that difficult. But just trust me. Take my word for it. It's After Hours on Facebook and on Twitter. After Hours CBS if you want to vote for TD of the Week. We'll let you hear the candidates again this hour if you haven't yet cast your ballot. And as always you are free to write in your own candidate for any of our polls. Mortified on Monday TD of the Week. I actually asked producer Jay if we should put up a poll that inquired of you.

Which game would you rather watch 10 times if you had to? Let's say someone offered you $5,000 enough Jay. Would you take $5,000? Well you and I are broke because we work in radio.

So I shouldn't say that. We're not broke. But we don't have lots of extra.

There's not a lot of disposable income when you work in radio. For watching 10 times the game between the Colts and the Broncos from last Thursday. I do think that some people would take that $5k. I mean I would. Even though I blech.

It's a good amount but I think there still would be people who would say I need a little more. That game was that bad. Okay well let's just say. We'll go with $2,500 bucks.

I mean I don't have it so don't be looking at me. Let's just say for $2,500 bucks you have to watch either the Broncos and the Colts over and over. Remember there were no touchdowns and it went into overtime. Oi that's like torture. Or you have to watch the commanders and the bears 10 times not knowing yet how it's going to go.

Hmm. I'd have to go with the commanders I think because at least you get the element of surprise. But then you gotta keep watching it right? You gotta watch it 10 times more after that. Wait commanders and bears.

You don't just get to watch the commanders. Trust me I don't want to. We've got some offense.

I mean Carson Wentz has a roller coaster ride but the guy can throw the ball. That's for sure. It could be exciting.

I guess it could. Justin Fields gives us some electric moments. Just ew. There's a lot of punts surrounding. The punts threaten to bury the electric moments. Yeah I feel like at least with Carson he's usually the one who gets himself into trouble but then he comes out of it and then he gets back into trouble. He's like a one man show. Carson never met a throw he didn't think he could make. Not just that but he generally believes that the way out of any kind of trouble is just to chuck and duck. Just keep on chucking.

Not trucking. Well that too. Just keep on chucking.

So yeah we were thinking initially about doing some kind of a poll in which we would ask you which game would you rather watch 10 times. That's mean though I feel bad. It is a little mean. It is a little mean. I try not to be a mean girl. I'm actually not a mean girl. I'm the one who cries when other people cry so I'm not a mean girl. But that I feel terrible about that. You gotta stick up for the little guy though. Although ever since I found out that the photographer that Devante Adams pushed over filed a police report now I have a little less sympathy for him.

It ruins it a little bit right? He actually says he has injuries. Now if he has injuries and there is no police report there's no way to document it except for the I don't know 5 million views of the various videos that are out there so I suppose that's all been entered into evidence. But a lot of times for instance if you get into like a fender bender and there's you know I learned this the hard way once. Want to hear this crazy story? I was driving a rental car in Chicago. I was there for I think it was a Stanley Cup game and I was doing a couple of shows from there. And so I was leaving the studio in downtown Chicago at 5 o'clock in the morning central time. The show was over.

And I was really excited headed home to my well not home but headed to my cousins to get a few hours of sleep because my cousin lives in the area. And a teenage girl who had a passenger in her car. She was in the center lane. I was in the left lane because I was about to veer to the left and get on the highway. She cuts right across the front of the rental car bumper to turn left into McDonald's. Like literally turns like 90 degrees to the left right across my bumper.

Never I don't know what she was doing. Well actually she said to me afterwards I put on my blinker. Oh so like automatically my car just disappears? Like my car's not there because it's not there. Because you put on your blinker? Or I'm supposed to jam on my brakes because you put on your turn signal? Anyway yeah so I turn into the parking lot because she smashed the front of this rental car's bumper. And she begs me not to call the police. I mean begs me. She's 16 years old.

She said I just got my license. I'm so sorry. Do you think we can buff it out? Can we buff it out? Yeah not just buff it out but there was damage.

You can't buff out damage. She begged me. So I said okay but I'm going to need your insurance information. And she gave me her insurance card. I took photos of it. I wrote stuff down. I wrote down her phone number.

All that. And so then I get home the next day. I call my insurance company. My insurance company calls her insurance company.

Her insurance company calls the family of the young woman. Do you know what they did? Denied that she was driving the car. They refused to take responsibility. They said our daughter was not driving. She didn't know. They did not have the car.

That wasn't us. They wouldn't let the insurance company talk to the daughter. So the parents refused to put her on the phone. And refused to take responsibility for it. And refused to allow her to file an insurance report or anything like that. So my insurance company comes back to me and says. Actually not my insurance company. The rental car company comes back to me and says sorry. There's nothing we can do. Her parents say she wasn't in the car and there's no police report. So that's what the lady on the phone said to me. Always call the police.

Even if it's something really small. Because when you have people who are dishonest and there's no police report. Then there's nothing that we can do. We weren't there.

We believe you obviously. And there's damage to the car. I took photos of the vehicle. I told the rental car company what happened. But she said even though we have their phone number.

We have their insurance information. They're denying any cooperation. And so for that reason we can do nothing about it.

It's essentially your word against theirs. And there's nothing we can do. So nothing ever happened. No I had to pay for it out of pocket.

No way. Yeah I mean I could have filed it with my insurance company. But I didn't want my insurance to go up. Right. And the rental car company said we're going to fix it for relatively cheap.

We'll pay the deductible but you're going to have to pay the extra. So yeah that's why. So back to Devante Adams the photographer. I'm stunned to hear that he's claiming injuries.

So I'm a little stunned. Maybe he fell on his back. Maybe it was roughing the passer. I don't know. Maybe he did get hurt and I shouldn't be snarky.

I'm not really. Just I was a little surprised that he was saying he got injured on the fall. However if there's no police report.

Even though there are like a million videos out there. You need a police report to document initially. That's why law enforcement always encourages you to go. And file a report right away if there is an assault or any type of a crime that you believe has been committed. Because without a police report it becomes really difficult to move forward.

Or in the case of insurance companies to do anything with an insurance company. So I learned the hard way. My mom said to me always call the police. Always call the police. No matter how minor you think the incident is. Always call the police. I mean either it was completely your fault or you know what I mean.

Yeah I got to try that next time it's my fault. Jay! Totally kidding. Oh my gosh you would not. I would never do that. I'm always very honest.

Holy cow. Okay that threw me for a loop. Don't do that. I hope that you would be the kind of person who would leave a note if something happened. I would leave a note. Okay good phew. Anyway I learned the hard way.

So anybody else out there who's never been in that situation just take my word for it. Always call the police. It has nothing to do with anything except for Devante Adams and the photographer. Who apparently has filed a police report.

How did I get on that tangent from baseball? Because he even filed a police report and it just came up. He did. Oh you know what else I saw that's funny?

This actually did make me laugh. The streaker that Bobby Wagner tackled claims that he has a concussion. Because his head got slammed to the turf. Do you think he's been watching Tua reruns? Watching the NFL and everything they're talking about with guys getting their heads smashed onto the ground?

Well hey genius. How about you don't trespass and run onto a football field where you're not supposed to be? He's lucky he's not in jail. It's lucky he's not killed. I mean if you go on the field like that you assume all the risk right?

You're trespassing. And he's actually claiming he has a concussion and that's why he's going to. Is he suing Bobby Wagner?

Yeah he is. What the? Are you kidding me? Grow up. It's ridiculous. I mean I'm just going to borrow a Troy Aikman phrase and tell him to take the dress off.

Which I'm totally being sarcastic. I don't actually like that phrase. In fact I went through our Facebook page on Tuesday Jay because I was asking, we were asking people about roughing the passer. Do you know the number of people that use the word sissy or girls or dresses or as if because the quarterbacks are not taking hits they must be females?

Oh my gosh. By the way I blocked every single one of those people. Not only did because some of them were vulgar in their responses about girls and their dresses and what happened.

So I not only blocked but deleted all those. Like what is it about some people that if you think a male is weak or you think the game is soft it must mean you're a girl? How is that an insult?

First of all I'm tougher than most of you idiots. I mean come on that's just wrong. And so I don't appreciate that Troy Aikman said that. But when it comes to that streaker.

He's the only guy who can get it. I mean also for the fact that on both of these hits the Brady and the Car one they did get smashed to the ground. That's why there was a penalty called.

Well I don't know about smashed. Well they got hit. It's not like they didn't get hit. They still got hit. I'm sure it didn't feel good.

It is football Jay. Right that's what I'm saying. It's ridiculous to call them soft. They are still taking the hits.

True. If you actually think Tom Brady is soft or girly then you're just not paying attention. Oh my gosh.

The man's 45 years old and is still out there kicking A double curvy roads. Ok on that note it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence and as I say I didn't love the Troy Aikman line. I kind of hate how sexist it is. But the number of people who tried to trot that out on our Facebook page you all got banned or at the very least your comments got deleted. You're talking to a girl you dummy. I will never understand how people do not get that. You're insulting women on a Facebook page that belongs to a woman's show. I mean I had a program director tell me years ago never overestimate the intelligence of your audience. He's an idiot. I know the majority of you are smarter than that. There's a dumb dumb in every room. Don't listen to this.

He's an idiot. Including our Facebook page where I found a few. Alright we're going to start with the National League the latest game and we'll work our way backwards. So it was actually an American League sandwich in between two National League games.

All four and they had some good drama to them. I hope you enjoyed the first day of the Divisional Series. We'll get the four games in a row. I'm hoping it's not necessary for all four to play on Sunday.

I mean can we spread it out a little bit please? I barely survived last Sunday. Jay didn't survive by the way. He's lost a bunch of brain cells.

He's not the same. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. It's on CBS 4. You are listening to the After Hours podcast.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. They jumped out early did the Dodgers against the NL West Division rival Padres. This game taking place at Dodger Stadium. You hear it with Charlie Steiner on the Dodgers radio network and maybe at that point you thought the game was over because Julio Urias was on the mound but the Padres were able to do something against him that had not happened since early July. Julio had not given up three runs in a game.

Forget in a nanny. He had not given up three runs in a start since early July but the Padres offense is potent and of course they've been locked into this playoff mode for quite a while. Not so much because the NL West was in play.

It feels like the Dodgers clinched that division title six weeks ago but because they were battling other challengers for the NL wild card and so they'd kind of been living on the edge and playing on the edge and then having to go to Citi Field and play three games in hostile territory against the New York Mets. So again they've had that sense of urgency and they were going to keep hacking. Ola swings hits it in the air to left field Thompson over towards the line. Kim going to tag. Thompson makes the catch. Kim on his way. Here's the throw to the plate.

The tag is not in time. This now has the feel of a postseason game. The early part of the game it looked like the Dodgers were going to blow out the Padres.

Well the Padres have gotten themselves back into this game of one two. Hard shot. Backhanded stab by Lux. Throws the second out of second on the first.

Doubled high. What a play by Lux. Who throws to Turner. Who fires a seed to first. Fires out by a step and the ending is over. A spectacular play turned in by Lux and Turner and into the receiving end Freeman.

Wow. Just trying to make a play for Evan in that situation. Knowing we got to get that lead runner there and then just trying to make a good feed for Trey to come across the bag and not you know get himself killed when Mandy's sliding into him. But yeah that's it you know pitchers did a good job bearing down in that situation. That's Gavin Lux talking about that big double play in the fifth inning. Evan Phillips the the reliever he was referring to on the mound after Julio had been chased from the game. So the Padres were able to score three runs in the fifth and then they had two in scoring position when Lux was able to spark that double play. So it was massive.

You hear Jesse Agler and Charlie Steiner on Padres and Dodgers radio. That was it for the scoring. The final is five to three and so there was nothing through the late stages of the game. Not in the sixth. Not in the seventh. Not in the eighth. But in case you were thinking it was going to be an easy peasy ninth with an experience closer.

Well think again. You may have seen the news earlier on Tuesday that Craig Kimbrell the Dodgers closer to replace Kenley Jansen. Craig Kimbrell was left off the NLDS roster and so the idea now is that they're going to try out different guys and that Dave Roberts is going to play this as situationally as possible. And so the guy that he used in the ninth inning tonight was Chris Martin. Oh my gosh the organist at Dodger Stadium after so he had a comebacker.

Well he stabbed it. It was actually off to his left. The first hitter he faced in the ninth inning with the Dodgers up two runs hits this comebacker is between him and the first baseline but because was it Justin Turner who was no Turner plays third. My gosh he was playing first. Oh Freeman sorry.

Freeman was so far back that it was Martin who stabbed it and actually just his momentum carried it right over to first base. So he was able to like do one unassisted and then the organist started playing Coldplay music because Chris Martin's the lead singer of Coldplay. Nice. Very nice. That was kind of funny.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. So yes there were opportunities for the Padres but they were not able to get anything else beyond that fifth inning and Chris Martin does pitch not a one two three but he faced four batters for the three out save in the ninth. So the Padres are 0 for 4 with runners in scoring position. They leave four on base. Meanwhile the Dodgers go three for eight with runners in scoring position.

They did have some other opportunities but weren't able to capitalize on those either. And then coming up on Wednesday because the National League will play on Wednesday it is Yu Darvish for the Padres. So Yu Darvish against his former club and his former teammate in Clayton Kershaw.

So kind of interesting to think about that match up and the the way these two guys are coming together. So Manny Machado said hey it's not all bad the fact that we were able to come up with some runs and show some life. We got into the bullpen we got that shot out of the game early and you know we kept battling. I mean it was a good game overall.

You know came up came up a little short but you know once tomorrow. Exciting man. You know a Dodger Stadium in the postseason it's it's honestly it's honestly kind of a dream for for any ball player. You know there's nothing like Dodger Stadium in October and you know tonight proved it it was electric out there it was fun a little stressful but you know it is a postseason that's how it's going to be every night. Max Muncy with an RBI single in their first flurry of runs and the Dodgers just as Manny Machado said about them chasing Julio and getting into the bullpen the Dodgers chased Mike Clevenger out of the third inning so he only goes two and two thirds he gave up four runs on six hits and had just 60 pitches.

So they were on his they were on his pitches they were on him right away in the first couple innings to get him out of there. Now there's always some concern when you have a team that's on a bye and then sits around and doesn't have to play for a while. I mean it's it's kind of a mixed bag on this first day of the division series and we'll explain coming up but for the Dodgers they have so many guys who can hit they have such a potent lineup and they're also an experienced club right even if they have only just won the world series in 2020. A bunch of these guys have been to not just the world series but other NLCS stages and so they're kind of used to what you need to do and they understand what you need to do to to amp it back up for the postseason.

We did a pretty good job of trying to stay locked in and engaged in our inner squads and it's tough you know you can't compare playoff atmosphere but I thought we did a really good job you know competing against each other and trying to stay fresh. So the Dodgers get that first win over the Padres but if you expand it out to the last 29 games between San Diego and Los Angeles the Dodgers have their number right now. They are 5 and 24 against the Dodgers in their last 29. Now that doesn't necessarily mean anything in the postseason.

I'm not a big believer that if you've got a history on your side it automatically means that it's always going to go that way. I mean that's just not how history works but I do know that the Dodger the Dodgers are not intimidated by them and they've got a lot of experience and to that end I had indicated one of the things that I like about these divisional matchups is the fact that you do have three of them that are taking place intradivision. So Padres, Dodgers, Phillies, Braves and then we also have the other American League series which is don't tell me why am I like all of a sudden blanking. Yes so the Yankees Guardians is the only one that's not Mariners and Astros but what I heard and we'll get to that game but what I heard from Justin Verlander, Marco Belletti is that he actually said that he said that he said they're not intimidated by us.

There's a lot of familiarity. They've faced Verlander how many times over the course of the last well whenever I guess 2017-16. When did they win the World Series?

17. 17 so he joined them at that trade deadline and the Mariners have to see him over and over and over again and they're familiar with the ballpark right so every ballpark's different. Every ballpark sounds different, has different dimensions, the ball bounces differently but the benefit of facing a division opponent is that you are already familiar with the ballpark, you know all the pitchers, you're I mean there's just familiarity that breeds contempt certainly between the Mariners and Astros but there's no secrets there so it's less intimidating I would think for a team that's going into hostile territory against obviously a club that won so many games in the case the Astros with 106 wins. Yeah I mean was it 18-19 times you see each other during the season so that's definitely part of that to me I think it's just the idea of there's nothing to hide in the effect of how they pitch to you. There's no batter that's not used to what I mean whether it's Verlander or anybody that's coming out of the pen because that's a big part of it too like starters you may have seen at some point during the year you know it usually happens even if it's not division you'll find again you don't usually see everybody out of the bullpen there is nobody on either side that they can deploy from the bullpen that you haven't seen in a big spot you can't tell me that you know your Dan Alvarez didn't see Robbie Ray before you know today so that's definitely a part of it that it takes away that that part of the equation there's no uncertainty at all. Right and even if you haven't necessarily faced the guy you've at very least seen him work right so whether you had a chance like if someone comes what do they have to face now four batters?

Three. Three batters okay so you may have missed a guy in a situation but you're you're observing from your dugout at the very least and there's tape obviously. 19 games you probably saw them you know what I mean like there's there's not a lot of secrets at that point I love that you know 19 times over the course of a year there's a good chance that if you're playing in the playoffs and the guy's coming out of the bullpen you're both big parts of your team so it's hard to imagine unless there's an injury that you haven't seen each other at some point during the year.

The Padres are probably thinking not again not again but what are you gonna do? Yeah like I said I think in that in that spot I don't think they're intimidated I think it's just kind of like you get to the point where you're just looking at it like what do we have to do to get over the hump like what do we have to do what do we have to do and uh for the same thing for the Mariners this is hopefully going to help them because I got to tell you that's a knockout blow that destroys a series. Okay but didn't they just do it to Toronto to win their wildcard series right they were down eight to one no seven to one right so eight to one in the seventh inning something like that sixth inning and they were able to come back so I guess they've been on both ends of it. Yeah it was all the same day though it's a little different when it's it's the gut punch and now you got to get a day off to sit on it you got to hope that the day off is going to be able to get you to I guess kind of circle the wagons but that's tough now you're sitting on that for a full day before you go back out there for a game two that's a hard one to overcome. It is it's crazy in sports and really in life too what a difference a year can make because Robbie Ray is the reigning American League silent award winner like how many people remember that I mean of course he does his family his teammates but I mean he's not not pitched great he's especially like going back to their series just last weekend and now he's gonna be in a closer role or a leaf roller.

Yeah I don't think so. Was that just for today? Yeah that was today I think Scott Service was just looking at it he wanted some he didn't trust Paul Seawalt and obviously you know obviously for obvious reasons yeah and and I don't think there's not a lot of guys in that bullpen that I think he was I think he just wanted to get out of the get out of there with the win like he you could feel it slipping away and he thought Robbie Ray would be that one guy that one last bullet to be able to get through there because if I'm not mistaken Ray gets the ball in game three you know like there's not where else are they going Logan Gilbert's gonna get it you know Luis Castillo is their guy he's gonna get the ball in game two where you going in game three you're probably going to Robbie Ray so I think he was just trying to get anybody in that spot not named Castillo to see if he can get an out there and get out of this game and Robbie Ray came up small. Whatever it takes you know it sticks with me I actually texted Jay about this the hit by pitch Seawalt puts a runner on and actually it was Kyle Tucker who was it it wasn't Tucker it was Hensley Hensley that and the ball hits his uniform right it doesn't even hit a body part it's just that he kind of backs up and his uniform is is bunching out it hits his jersey and so that runner ends up being right well the tying one of course but like if he's not on the there's maybe still playing or at the very least they have another opportunity and like I said I mean it's also a tough spot too like I don't want to pile on Robbie Ray one you're facing your Dan Alvarez who's one of the best hitters in all of baseball but deadly more importantly and again it's a tough spot you're you're a starter you get charged with coming in in the ninth inning with two on and two out like right that's a tough spot for a reliever now again I don't want to dismiss your job but I can't imagine Robbie right for it right but I can't imagine Robbie Ray walked into today going yeah I might be needed in the ninth inning like I don't think he expected to pitch today and I know you're going to say wow it's all hands on deck I don't know I kind of read some stuff where Scott Service said that there's a chance we could use him out of the bullpen yeah there's always a chance we could use a lot of guys out of the bullpen I don't think I really thought he was going to be asked to get your Dan Alvarez in the ninth inning with two on and two out I whatever it takes yeah those pants got a little tighter in the ninth inning that's for sure I don't even know what that means really you ever seen Robbie right those pants are a little too tight buddy okay let's not take personal shots here come on I'm not the first one to say you know maybe get out of the shmedium and it would help you out a little bit medium you're a mess whatever it takes okay it's our home show middle show of the work week which means a little bit later on in the middle of the show you get to ask Amy anything so send your questions to our show twitter after our cbs or our facebook page producer jay put those posts up for you when we return we've been talking about some of the big moments we'll dive into the other national league series which features the defending world series champs you are listening to the after hours podcast try to get on the board first here in the first inning in the pitch castellanos swings lines it to right akuna coming on and he has to play it on a bounce and nick castellanos has given the phillies a one nothing lead the phillies strike first today in atlanta breed comes set looks at second he kicks here's the pitch swung on loop towards right diving arcea couldn't get it it's a base hit harper is coming home to score castellanos is into third and Alec Baum with a two strike base hit to right has put the phillies up two to nothing read ready at the belt he kicks the 0-1 swing and a line drive up the middle of the base hit into center field castellanos around third they're waving to the plate here's the throw from harris it's not in time castellanos scores and jean seguro with a two out rbi hit and it's four to one phillies the pitch swung on line to left that's a base hit out of the reach of swanson one run is home here comes hoskins home he will score and nick castellanos with his third hit of the game he's driven in two more in the phillies lead at six to one this is after hours with amy lawrence scott fransky and company on phillies radio the wildcard team the other wildcard team from the nl east gets seven runs on 12 hits but was able to jump on top of the braves early seven in the first five innings and that was it they needed to stand up they were able to hit max freed early and often and chase him from the game but you know these are the world series champions and they tend to keep coming they're a bit relentless that's one of their hallmarks and they have a lineup that's stacked it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio castellanos a name that you heard a lot over the course of this series opener in the national league taking place at true s park in atlanta a couple of things to keep in mind about him he was over seven in the wildcard series not just that but he's had a really tough season he's been injured a bunch and his numbers are off he's scuffled he struggled he's the guy i was thinking about when i said earlier this hour sometimes you get unlikely athletes who will step up the athletes you're not expecting just from the yankees guardian series it was i mean we we knew there could be some home runs right because that's yankee stadium and that's garrett cole but it's stephen kwan who ends up hitting his first ever post-season hit like and it turns out to be a home run off garrett cole first ever playoff hit and so you never know who's gonna step up or how they're gonna step up in the case of castellanos he's got a lot of experience but it's been a season i'm sure of frustration maybe some anxiety anger discouragement all of those human emotions when things are not working out no matter how hard we try so the phillies touch up max freed for six runs i think only four of them were earned six runs on eight hits and a walk and they chase him in the fourth inning again they've got the seven runs for the first five innings and they're feeling good but these are the braves and this is their park waves have two base hits in the inning already and the two two swung on a fly ball to center brandon mars back still back back to the warning track back to the wall it's out of here it's gone straight away center field and it's a one-run game enormous homer by matt olson a straight away center and it had just enough to get out of here i was watching that one live sometimes i have games on dvr and i go back and forth and in the case of this game i had been rolling it on my dvr because i wanted to be able to sleep a little later than the first pitch but when i woke up before i rewound i just turned the game on and this is what i saw the ninth inning with the atlanta braves and i watched it build and i watched it build and then boom the matt olson home run and atlanta was on fire that's the call on braves radio now they're within a run and they're not done they still have life in fact there was only one out at that point in the ninth inning waiting on the o2 from eflin righty righty matchup the o2 bitch get in the air right field might drop in charging castellanos he slides and he has got it wow what a catch that's the catch of his career right there robs william contraris what would have been a bloop single to right field and he charges in lays out and somehow squeezes it unreal that william contraris liner turns out to be the second out of the ninth inning and it stymied the rally in fact it squashed the rally and fitting of course that it's castellanos so yes lots of fireworks with matt olson who would love to have a ring with atlanta braves since he wasn't part of their world series run last year but castellanos and really that's the story of the opening game for the phillies in atlanta he has not just that great defense but three hits and three rbi and almost every single one of his teammates raving about him once this game was over and once the phillies had secured the w but castellanos himself on that catch and what he saw i saw him swing and then i saw him hit it and it was just going towards me and i ran and caught it as best i could and it worked out i mean that was kind of what was going through my head honestly was like it was up there and do anything i could to not let it hit the ground castellanos telling you what he saw i saw him i saw him swing and then i saw him hit it baseball sometimes sucks that's him oh my gosh he did have a season that was all up in his feels but on this night he's got all of his teammates raving about him and of course raving about the win i thought he played great i mean from from at bat one um to you know being the ninth inning right there um i thought our whole lineup really had a really good plan uh today against ferried um time of hitting with two outs also um just really i think all around i thought everybody did a great job and um what a team win he pretty much won the game for us today that play out there in right field was incredible and that just solidified a great game for him all around i feel like he's been one swing away all year right you know everybody knows he can hit and uh you know for him to show up here is i'm sure it feels good for him but i love seeing it so first bryce harper then jt real muto and then alec bohm on watching nick succeed and finally break through and alec says i feel like he's been one swing away pretty much all season as for matt olson first time through a playoff series or playoff game i should say with the braves something that we do we always find a way to battle and stay in the game you know it's it's good to have a little momentum there at the end obviously fell up a little short but yeah you know come back try to win tomorrow max freed was so excited when he got the call for game number one this is why you play baseball didn't quite go the way that he wanted but again the fact that these are divisional opponents means they've seen max freed frankly i just you know i just didn't do my job today you know the guys were counting on me to go out there and have a good start and keep it a close game and i just let it uh let it get out of the way too too quick but in the fourth when he came off he went down and now he's mad and everything just to make sure i just want to make sure he's okay physically um then he just you know kind of wasn't firing today pretty much and so the phillies are able to grab that opening win on the road at the braves and actually if you have fs1 or you want to see the game haven't seen it yet they're replaying it in the wake of the dodgers padres game that just ended not that long ago uh phillies and braves in a replay on fs1 do you have any questions for me ask amy anything that's what we do every week on the hump show as long as i'm here it's not as much fun to ask shep anything or ask who else rich anything nah it doesn't have the quite the alliteration so on twitter after hours cbs or on our facebook page it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio
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