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Josh Moser | Miami Dolphins Reporter

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September 30, 2022 6:05 am

Josh Moser | Miami Dolphins Reporter

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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September 30, 2022 6:05 am

Miami Dolphins Reporter Josh Moser joins the show from Cincinnati to give us the latest on Tua Tagovailoa's injury.


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There's a lot to listen to also get guarded and download the free Odyssey app today. Josh Mozer is joining us and he thins reporters are dull, but the reporter for WSB and their main sports anchor with the team on the road in Cincinnati. Josh, what is the latest for to us and so obvious that the biggest story to come out of tonight.

Good night crew would be able to come back to the hospital government (drug and a net rate he was choking me with jovial Velcro look to be very, very normal. What were your parents work here at the game to watch, and water. They were able to get B there with him and was able to fly back with the on going with mom and dad goodbye before he got onto that white.

As of now, you are okay from a normal partner perspective. Now the question of one will the cauldron be ready to play football again you get a little bit of the many biweekly here for the doctor and got a job coming up and we cried at the airport. Does he remember what happened did he say anything about getting sacks did not.

It was very brief, hey Richard good and that was that there was no official media there, calling everyone a fair way would be able to begin for a quick hello and that was good. Amazing that he was joking smiling and able to walk around under his own power. Considering he was down the field for almost 10 minutes for the big question of course is about whether he should have been playing now that we know he's okay. What Dolphins it specifically Mike McDaniel say after the game will be like without directly. Point blank would've done anything differently about two of following the hook last week against the bill by linebacker Matt Alano look really bad on TV were taken down and looked like it had hit the turkey got up with very woozy, appeared dazed and the doctor came out and said that it was a back injury to look at it with a back injury, and there was nothing involved with the head will then be an appropriate came out that everyone started dictation into the Mike McDaniel was asked about the following tonight's game and he said absolutely not. He wouldn't do anything differently last week knowing what happened tonight because the players health is of the utmost important and we follow the protocols and wouldn't have changed anything, but it's a part of the fan when you see two fingers on TV cringe. The way that they did after taking that hit him. And to think visually that they took last week is that the terrible coincidence, but luckily he was able to get released from hospital and fly back with what you know coach McDaniel and I know it's only been a few months do you believe the reason not to. And he basically is 1/3 party followed all the medical term for he looking for the advice of the medical people so I doubt if there were to be something sinister going on. It would come from the medical side without be a huge no accusation. So I think we'll have to wait and see what the NFL PA find out in their investigation to see if there was actual proper protocol relate the bill game.

Look bad because the bank effect with this, but I think he would have any reason to buy you you hope person opposition would not live but II yes in my. I would say that yet was credible. Josh Mozer is with us from the stadium in Cincinnati. Following Thursday night football and a scary moment was to entangle below, as though he spoke to them after the game and he was able to fly home with the team on their plane at Josh's with W SVN out of Miami is after hours here on CBS sports radio obviously lots of ties on the Dolphins team to to even prior to him getting into the NFL did his teammates have to say about those few minutes when he was lying on the field doing wattle was really shaken up dirty. About you piggybacked Alabama dated and you know talking to him and a lot of these other players on unit. They haven't been on the field when a player off when you're dealing with the head and neck go, then dealing with that of what happened what happened with roughly 6 minutes remaining in the second quarter able to speak out of the locker room. The Players Faces Round-The-Clock.

They Were Taking Her Hand Rubbing Her through Her Hair Is Really Good, like What Just Happened. What Do We Do Now in the Coaching Staff Would Look around You and They Basically Yelled Ahead of the Show Must Go on.

Terrible Is That Code Is Beginning to Continue and You Could Tell the Players Were Really Feeling Bad for You, Especially Evocative on the Convoy and Garden Center and You like You Can't Let a Quarterback like That and Then You Go Back on the Reply You Got the Ball a Bit Quickly Took on the Ball Way, but the Fact with the Fact That You Never Want Your Quarterback Go down like That and I Think Now in the Days of Social Media and Especially Twitter and the Reaction from All the Other Players Never Wanted That Stop in the Players.doc Locker Room Is All about and I Think It Really Hit Them. They Said That the Game Was Very, If Not Tertiary Could to Help and His Well-Being with His Family, Got Married to Those Other People Employee Now As It Relates to Two and His Normal Life outside of Football That Was Really the Message from the Locker Room and Then They Found out That He Was Going to Be Able to Fly Home on the Plane.

So I Think the Plane Ride At Least Is a Great Sign Where He Can Interact with Teammates and Be around Them and Hopefully Prepare Your We Will Find out What the Next.doc That's What Struck Me, Josh, Is That Regardless of Whether or Not the Dolphins Are Telling the Truth and Actually Did Go through the Proper Channels and the Concussion Protocols an End to It Was Cleared Independently Last Week against the Bills. The Tide on Social Media from Former Players from People Who Work in the Business and from Fans. It's Overwhelming Already Assuming the Dolphins Did This to Two and Didn't Take Care Of His Health and Didn't Pay Attention to the Signs and Allowed Him to Play Even Though He Clearly Wasn't Right. It Seems like I Was a Social Media Seem to Get the Battle. They Can't When They've Already Been Branded As a Team That Threw Him out There without Any Regard for His Well-Being. I Pick up Exactly Are You When You Look at the Video Note Specifically in the Timing of the Tort Haven't Been Back to Back Week And on Sunday so It Really, Really Quick Turnaround Here. The Word Talking, Not Even a Week, and the Wobbly near and the Losing There to Look after the Build Play Now Play with Hand, A Lot Of People Say They Have Something like That for Your Lunch of Your Come to Mind and He Was Tweeting about and Luckily You Got the University Medical Center Here at the Trauma One Center but the Highest Level at 30, You're Thankful for That Aspect of It, but Yeah Next Day and Age of Social Media. Your LPN for Your Proven Basically and It Cop I Don't Know from a PR Perspective. You Know What the Mood Is Here. The Doctor Regularly Wanted the Protocol the Ball You Can Try but Will We Ever Know You Hopefully Know the Help They Will Find Something out but Your to the Initial Concussion from What the Bed Left against the Bill Tonight. We Haven't Been Given the Result of What We Do Know That You Would Figure out That I Can Pay the Pay Cut Everything off of What You Said about the One Thing That I Did Mention a Couple Dirty off Everything in the Network Tonight but Was Walking and Was Jovial and Look like It Could've Been A Lot Working Okay. Such a Release. They Are Josh Mozer Is with Us from Cincinnati.

He's the Main Sports Anchor for W SVN in Miami Is after Hours Here on CBS Sports Radio.

What Was It like When Two a Was down on the Field and They Were Bringing a Stretcher out on Really the Only Word That Comes to Mind.

You Worst-Case Scenario Thinking Oh My God.

Never Walk Again. You're Thinking That You Talk and Have a Normal Life.

It Was Awful.

I Would Be Largest Crowd Ever 90 Bengal. And Walk in and You Can Curate and Drop Mouth Open.

No One Would. It Works Just like Please Show Some Kind of Movement and His Wife Are Not Moving and Then Luckily, Paul Thought He Was Moving His Extremities and Then You Can Do for You to Play Your Emotional When You Have a Couple of the Guys That Are Really Close and Bought Body Language Anything like Oh My God and Mentor Them at 20 Begin How to Continue and That Was One of the Heart of Things That Will Walk and Bridgewater Backup for the Speech from South Florida.

The Dalton Half-Million Dollars. The Computer Backup or to Back up in the League behind Your Upload Is Now Starting to Go so You Know They Believe the Pieces Are There Going Persuasively Yelled Division Which Occurred They Were Talking When a Couple of You Know If an Injury to the Other Side of How You Look at It Even 500 Look about 55 and Accountable Colliding and Now It Has Its Own Voice on Social Media. Welcome to the on Prime Time in 2022 Bullet Secondary on This Night, and I Don't Really Want to Talk Much about the Games It's Hard to Separate the Dolphins from to His Injury and How They Played after the Fact but They Are a Month into Their Season Joshua before Let You Go.

How Would You Evaluate This First Month. What Stands out to You. A Lot Of Things Turned out Top of Mind Is How Much the Players Have Come Together under New Head Coach Mike Daniel People Had No Idea the outside World. One Guy Was Good. You Then Report Come out That You Know Sean Payton Was Being Tampered with the Come Take over the Team and He Has Really Brought This Team Together. He's Very Loose. Corky Great Football Mind and They Really Liked Playing Form a True Player Coach. I Think the Really Fit the Mold and Euchre True Authentic Self and the Players Are Buying the Beginning of the Season.

When You Look at the Gauntlet of What the First Four-Week Work for the FEMA 31 Record People out into into It Best. So with an Onslaught. You're a Pretty Good Thing a Crystal 31 Phone First Place in the Division. You Beat the Bill. Haven't Beaten You Beat Lamar Jackson and MVP Form Again and You Beat Bill Belichick.

I Mean People to Know Why That Would Happen. So I Think Those Are Probably the Biggest Takeaways in Could Get Better. They Got There Corner Byron Joan to Come Back on the Public but Got a Good Baby in Our Healthy Together Left Tackle Toronto Healthy. He Was in the Boondocks Again Shoe on. Are You Doing with the Tell and Retell the Bill at the Long Season, but the First Quarter to Go Three and One No I Think Will Take It. But If You Want to Make up While Not Only Want to Laugh and Want to Play Okay. That Hasn't Happened.

Dalton Franchise 120 Years.

What Else Could Happen This Week Really the Hurricane Going through Fortino Miami Missed A Lot Of It. But Still, the Dolphins Being on the Road While Someone Else Is Using Their Practice Facility Thursday Night Game on a Quick Turnaround. The Questions about to Anyway. Then His Injury Having to Play Game Mean the Dolphins Have Pretty Busy and Crazy Last Four Days to Put in Perspective. You Have Their Attorney In the Bahamas Democratic Template Because of Her Unit. Although They're Dealing with It.

You Got the Panthers a Hockey Team Starting up. They Got Their Home Opener Tonight. Miami Quietly Becoming a Pretty Good Little Port down. I Know Not A Lot Of People from Their Work. You Have Other Interest Other Than Sports, but A Lot Is Happening in Got There We Wishing Everyone Who Reported Wild Put Things in Perspective. One Is Able to Cut Back a Little Bit Definitely Does Josh Mozer from W SVN in South Florida There in Cincinnati Can Find Them on Twitter at the Moses Knows It's Really Good to Talk to. Thank You so Much for a Couple Minutes. I Know It's Been Really Busy and Emotional Evening but We Appreciate It and and Safe Travels.

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