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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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September 19, 2022 6:08 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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September 19, 2022 6:08 am

The Packers resemble proper-form in SNF win over Chicago | STUNNERS across the league in Week 2 | Which teams should be mortified on this Monday morning? 

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Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
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Amy Lawrence Show
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How's your mental health? I'm listening with Michael Phelps. You know, I think for me in 2014, when I found myself in that dark, dark place where I didn't want to be alive in those four days when I was in my room by myself, I wanted to find a different way.

I wanted to find a different answer. I was sick and tired of feeling how I felt, and that's why I started to seek help. And that's when I checked myself into a treatment center. Join us for Odyssey's I'm Listening two-hour national mental health conversation. Wednesday, September 21st at 6 p.m. Talk saves lives. How's your mental health?

I'm listening with Alanis Morissette. When it first started, I would have my nightly panic attacks, but then I started getting really curious about all the sensations. Like, I just really started looking at, okay, so chest is, you know, I got really kind of granular and observing the details of what was really going on with the breath. It's just survival strategy. Chronic stress is trauma. Join us for Odyssey's I'm Listening two-hour national mental health conversation. Wednesday, September 21st at 6 p.m. Talk saves lives. From Green Bay, first time on the road in more than two years.

In fact, it's closer to three years than it is to two. Since the Super Bowl in Miami to start 2020, it's pretty amazing to have our show on the road again, and this time from Green Bay in Sports Radio 107.5 The Fan. A huge thank you to the program director, Jimmy, who not only has been really kind and accommodating and gracious, but made sure I had everything I could possibly need for a Sunday posted up in Green Bay. So in Wisconsin to visit family for the first time since April and was able to spend Saturday with family and go out to my grandmother's little town in the middle of the state, Clark County, Owen, Wisconsin, for any of you who are listening who are from Wisconsin or know the area.

Amish farm country, but that's where my Grammy hailed from. And so did the family time on Saturday, which was desperately needed and appreciated, but wanted to be sure that we could do a couple of shows from Green Bay since I know we have a really active listening audience here. And also it was sunny day football Lambo so might as well keep myself busy and earn my paycheck. So I spent four hours prepping here at our Green Bay affiliate on Sunday when the early games kicked off and worked on my notes and they even gave me the remote control. I was able to to commandeer the TV and the Wi Fi and get a bunch of stuff done a bunch of work done and then head over to Lambeau. Just a scene at Lambeau Field Packers bears the NFL's oldest rivalry, but the national TV component of the national game the fact that it's the only game going on Sunday night 78,350 the announced attendance at Lambeau and it was loud. It was also alumni weekend, which meant there were dozens of Packers that were together and came back to as they always do for the first weekend first home weekend of the season to spend time together and then to get out there on the field at halftime and to be introduced and those roars were pretty amazing too. I was actually on the field for that halftime ceremony and I was maybe 20 yards from the entrance to the tunnel where the alumni were coming out and the roars got louder and louder and louder until they wrapped up with the three Hall of Famers getting introduced and that was pretty insane. I think my favorite part of it though was seeing the current Packers coming out of the tunnel to get ready for the start of the second half and crossing paths and there's a big old crowd there with the alumni who were then trying to get out of the end zone and off the field and Aaron Jones in particular really caught my eye. Not only was he hugging a lot of the former Packers, not only was he shaking their hands and just spending time to talk to them for a second, but he probably took a dozen photos. It felt like he took that many selfies with the guys who wanted his picture and he was working on a huge game too, but this was respect and it was really cool to watch. And then Aaron Rodgers, who was always the last one onto the field, also goes right through a swath of alumni and shakes hands and hugs and tries to greet as many of them as he possibly can before he gets back out there on the field.

So the respect and the honoring of the former Packers, especially the old timers, was pretty cool to watch and of course the fans soaking it all in. So it's good to be here. Again, I appreciate Jimmy and the rest of the staff at 107.5, the fan, making sure that I've got everything I need.

So far so good. Set up in my closet here. Well, it's bigger than a closet.

It's actually a pretty, be a pretty good size walk-in closet, but they've gave, they've given me my own studio that's set up specifically for me, for the show on what is now a Monday morning as well as Monday night into Tuesday morning. So I'll have one more show from Green Bay before I head back to Penny and my own home and the weekly routine. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio, and we're going to cram as much as we possibly can into this final hour. We've covered almost every game in the NFL to this point. We've got a couple more to jam into this hour.

Plus we're going to hit some of the top storylines, but if you miss anything, you can go back and get the first three hours or a specific hour on our podcast After Hours, We're live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there.

For home loan solutions that fit your life, Rocket can. So yes, sold out crowd under the lights. The Packers stunk up the joint, let's be honest, in Minneapolis in their season opener, and they had something to prove against the rival Bears.

It wasn't perfect, it wasn't pretty the old time, but it was enough to fire up the crowd. Rogers back in the gun, two receivers left. Lazard goes in motion, single man to the right. Rogers wants that shotgun snap, he's got it. Pitch it out to Jones, running right, gets a block, cuts back left across the ten, down to the five, into the end zone, touchdown Green Bay. Aaron Jones with a 15-yard touchdown run, and the Packers are back in front. Rogers slight bend at the waist, play clock shows seven. Rogers takes the snap, little push pass, head to Jones, sweeping right, picks up a block from Dillon, into the end zone, touchdown Green Bay. Aaron Jones, second touchdown of the night. Rogers bends at the waist, takes the snap, fakes to Jones, looks, throws left side, caught, touchdown Packers. Allen Lazard tumbling down in the end zone, hauls it in. A five-yard touchdown pass from Aaron Rogers, and the Packers lead 23 to 7.

Fields in the gun, single receiver left, two to the right, here's the snap. Fields will keep straight ahead, runs into the pile, fighting towards the goal line. Did he get there?

No signal yet. It looks like the Packers stopped him, and they did. Justin Fields trying to run it in from the half-yard line, and the Packers stuffed him. The Green Bay Packers have a dynamic second quarter in which they put up three touchdowns, more than all of their other quarters combined so far this season. So they get a 21-point second quarter, including a couple of late touchdown drives. The Allen Lazard catch, so welcome back to Allen Lazard, that was right before halftime, and really they're able to make use of the short fields the Bears were handing them. So the Bears would go three and out, and the Packers would get a short field, and Rogers would go to work. So that was the formula in the second quarter. In the second half, there's only a field goal, so the offense looks as anemic as it did in the opener against the Vikings in the second half at home against the Bears, so still plenty to work on.

But there's a Jair Alexander, excuse me, Jair Alexander interception, and the goal line stand, you hear, with Ryan Radke on Westwood one. So offense, defense, making this a win, the Packers first of the year, and what did we hear after the season opener? That they needed to get more touches for Aaron Jones, and honestly that was the theme for the offense. He was over 100 yards before they even got through the third quarter. He finishes with 15 carries, 132 yards, and a score on the ground, but they also found him in the passing game. Another three catches, one of them for a touchdown, and really he was the first option.

He was the best option for the Packers on Sunday night. Just getting off to a fast start. I think our blocking unit did a great job coming out and just creating space for me, not just the O-line, but the receivers and tight ends as well. Stay slippery. I think I have a knack for breaking tackles and knowing how to get tackled or like rolling with the tackle. So just being elusive, making the most of every carry you get, and not letting one person take you down, that's our thing in the running back room.

We don't believe that one person should be able to take you down in a one-on-one situation. I think he's way more elusive in and through contact than obviously you would guess. Bounces off a lot of tackles, got a really nice stiff arm with both arms, good ball security.

Aaron Jones, man, he was absolutely electric. Every time I think he was going down, he'd somehow find a way and squirt his way through, and he's just a hell of a competitor, and he's a guy that just embodies everything that you want in a football player. The way he works, how selfless he is, how he cheers for his teammates, how he supports his teammates, they don't make many like this guy. He is one of a kind. We're lucky to have a guy like that.

It's not a surprise to me that he was elected to captain. Just the way he treats everybody in this building, so respectful, just works his ass off, and he's a hell of a player too. And as I mentioned, he was a hell of a player on the field between the white lines, but also out there with the alumni at halftime. Aaron Jones with 132 yards rushing, as I mentioned, the team as a whole had nearly as many rushing yards as the Bears had in the entire game, as in total yardage. It was a brutal night for that Chicago Bears offense outside of David Montgomery. He managed to get over 100 yards rushing, but Chicago only threw the ball 11 times in the entire game. Only threw the ball 11 times. I think Justin completed seven of the 11, and they go one for eight on third and fourth down. So remember watching that offense rally in the slop against the Niners last week and thinking, okay, there's some bright lights there, but they ran into a brick wall at Lambeau. And other than the one touchdown they had, I think it was second quarter, maybe it was second quarter, maybe it was first quarter. They had, oh yeah, Justin Fields three yard touchdown run. There were a couple of penalties in there as well.

They didn't find room to operate at all. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I've seen a few of you respond with Bears as a write-in vote for our After Hours poll. We're asking you on this Monday morning, who should be the most mortified?

It's a mortification Monday, if you will, and we've given you four fairly worthy candidates. We'll have to review, but the Colts get shut out by the Jaguars as in no points, as in skunked by the Jaguars. The Browns are up by two touchdowns with under two minutes to play and lose to the Jets. The Raiders have a 20 to nothing lead at halftime at home against the Cardinals. They're still up 23 to 7 in the fourth quarter, and they lose in overtime. And the Baltimore Ravens, man, it was a gaudy offensive performance by the Ravens until it was not. Lamar Jackson had four touchdowns, and they have a healthy lead going into the fourth quarter, but the Tua Tungova-Loa Miami Dolphins caught fire, and I mean in a massive way. Four consecutive touchdown drives in the fourth quarter, and they come all the way back to stun the Ravens.

So who deserves the most mortification on a Monday? The poll is up on Twitter, After Hours CBS, also on our Facebook page. And if you haven't seen my photos from Lambeau on Sunday, really cool to be there.

I always love to take pictures, you know me, and I wanted to make sure I shared them with you so that you could kind of see the experience through my eyes. So check it out on Twitter and Facebook. And the Bears and the Packers right now are both sitting at one and one. The Minnesota Vikings will play their second game on Monday night. Remember, there's a doubleheader on Monday night. Weirdly enough, both parts of the doubleheader originate from the eastern time zone, so they're not an early game and a late game. It's an early game and an early game.

I think they're straddled at 7 15 and 8 30 eastern time, and so depending upon where you are, you might have to have one on your laptop or one on a device and one on the TV or go back and forth. But yeah, the NFL is not doing us any favors with Monday night football in the setup coming up later on today. So we'll see if the Vikings can have sole possession of first place in the NFC North or will also fall back into a one and one tie with the rest of the division because the Detroit Lions come up with their first win as well on Sunday. Week number two, a lot of teams getting off the schnide and we hear the word parody about the NFL.

I prefer competitive because the word parody for some reason, it annoys me. So I prefer the competitive and more and more you're going to see teams in division obviously be fighting and scratching and clawing and we understand how those games become so uber critical as we head through the bulk of the season. But for teams that are trying to build winning cultures, for teams that are maybe not starting from scratch but are early in a rebuild process like the Detroit Lions, these are the kind of wins that give them confidence. These are the kind of wins that remind them of what it feels like to win and they crave that feeling.

They crave that euphoria. Winning is heady. Winning covers up a multitude of sins. Winning is contagious, right? In order to build a winning culture, you can preach all you want.

You could have all the right slogans. You can bring in the right people but until you actually win, you cannot build a winning culture and that's where we've got Dane Campbell and the Lions and the fact that they were able to withstand a rally by the commanders and get this victory is a huge deal. It only takes them until week two to get a win.

Took them a lot longer last year. Single deep safety for Detroit. Lentz pumps that right leg.

Leans in. There's the snap. He's back in his end zone to throw. Wentz hit from behind. Ball's loose. Out of the back of the end zone. That is a safety. Charles Harris got him. Third and five.

There's the snap to Goff. Back in the pocket. Rollin' right.

Bein' chased. Throws end zone. Touchdown Detroit Lions.

Oh baby, that is big time stuff. Ahman Ross St. Brown had to go up to get it and he did it. Goff takes the snap.

Turns. Fakes to Jamal. Throws end zone.

It is caught. Touchdown Detroit Lions. Josh Reynolds again. Goff's back. Washington brings the pressure. Goff throws.

It is complete to Swift. Falls down. Gets back up and runs. Inside the tent. Oh my goodness.

Are you kidding me? To the house. Touchdown Detroit Lions. From the seat of his pants to the end zone.

I love Dan Miller. Dan Miller on Lions radio and this was a crazy affair. There was a ton of offense in this one. In fact it was a 27 point second half by the commanders. So the Lions take Washington's best shot. They give up four touchdowns in five drives but because Jared Goff and the Lions offense are game to one of those you know almost like a game of horse.

You do this and we replicate and then you do this crazy shot and then we come back and we follow it up. Jared Goff has four touchdowns in this one and no turnovers which is just as important. Ahman Ross St. Brown has 184 total yards from scrimmage including a pair of touchdown catches and so the Detroit defense does its part with an early sack and a safety and they give the ball back to Jared Goff who's locked in but even when the defense gets porous and the commanders are able to put a bunch of points on the board the Lions are able to match and so after watching hard knocks so many of you did loving what we saw from Dan Campbell feeling like hey I would run through a wall for that guy.

He's able to rave about his team getting a victory in week number two. We did exactly what we needed to do. We were much more detailed in discipline and it showed up.

It showed up. They believe in the plan and they execute the plan and uh and and that's listen that's a credit to those guys man. They never gave up. They never lost hope and they won't ever. So they know what we're capable of.

It's a step in the right direction but that's one. They're all smart guys. They trusted where their they trusted where their help was at. They used it you know certainly our tackles help now too. You know Decker and Sewell with some of that. Some of those three techniques we drag out on and uh and that's what you have to be able to do when when you're down a few guys. We scored 35 last week. We scored 36 this week and you still feel like oh but but that but that one and I can think of a few off the top of my head but that one you know would have really blown the game wide open and that's our next step right.

That's our next step of going you know becoming that you know maybe more mature understanding the moment team being able to take those uh take advantage of those opportunities and starts with me. I got to hit some of those throws. Oh he hit plenty of throws.

That's Jared Goff as I say four touchdowns no picks 256 yards through the air and Amenras Brown becoming one of his favorite targets. Now the Detroit defense even though it gave up a ton of points in the second half did have five sacks and 11 quarterback hits plus an interception off of Carson Wentz. I gotta be better. We gotta stay on the field. We gotta execute better. Um again I gotta look at the tape. It just seemed like one little thing here and there and next thing you know it was the end of the first half.

Very ugly. How about the Lions having the same record as the Green Bay Packers? Who says we can't get flexed?

You might if you keep this up and build the winning culture on actual wins. So the Packers, the Lions, the Bears all one and one and as I say if the Vikings end up losing to the Eagles well they're also at one and one in the entire division. Same thing with the NFC West. If you look at the AFC South only the Jaguars have a win so that one's pretty crazy as well and in the AFC North which we'll talk a little bit about because it was not a banner day for the AFC North. It was a brutal week two for the AFC North.

You know that they're all at one and one except for the Bengals who are at 0-2. So we're cramming in as much as we can. There's plenty of mortification to go around on this Monday.

We've given you four candidates in our poll. ALawRadio on Twitter, on Facebook you're blowing it up and and you're you're airing your grievances. It's all about the airing of grievances. Festivus if you will even though it's still September. I'm in Green Bay. I think I'm losing my mind but it's totally worth it to be on site for a game at Lambeau and be able to do the show from here 107.5. Hey guys, Mike Villani for Cash the Ticket podcast. If you like sports betting or if you just like sports it's the podcast for you. We try to cover all the big games and maybe some of the games you didn't even know were important. Give you some angles, pick some winners, have a good time and hopefully help you meander through college and pro football season. So join us a couple times a week to get all your information you need to bet the games that you watch. It's Cash the Ticket on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. How's your mental health?

I'm listening with Alanis Morissette. When it first started I would have my nightly panic attacks but then I started getting really curious about all the sensations like I just really started looking at okay so chest is you know I got really kind of granular and observing the details of what was really going on with the breath. It's just survival strategy. Chronic stress is trauma. Join us for Odyssey's I'm listening to our national mental health conversation Wednesday September 21st at 6 pm.

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Get in the game and download today. And it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. To a shotgun back to throw looking looking looking steps up fires touchdown it's waddle touchdown. Oh my gosh Tua looked around and came back to waddle what a throwing catch with 14 seconds left. Oh his sixth touchdown pass of the day.

Hits misses and messes time to talk football After Hours with Amy Lawrence. If that's the only part of Ravens Dolphins that you saw or heard well you missed a ton please go back and find the game on YouTube or find the game on the internet near you. It was some kind of crazy in Baltimore and this fourth quarter is why we've put the Ravens into our poll for the most Monday mortification. Is it the Ravens or is it the Browns? Also from the AFC North there is plenty of misery to go around in that division on this Monday.

You can take our poll on Twitter A Law Radio or on our Facebook page it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Lamar Jackson had a 79 yard touchdown run in this one the longest of his career. It put the Ravens up 35-14 late third quarter but it was not over. The Dolphins were not messing around in that fourth quarter. Four straight touchdown drives by Miami including two long TD grabs by Tyreek Hill. So Tua and Tyreek one of the NFL's newest power couples he's been telling us for months now 48 yards 60 yards and because the Ravens could do nothing with the football other than a field goal there in the second half or I'm sorry in the fourth quarter they couldn't keep the ball away from Tua. It seemed like they ran out of gas and the shorter their drives got the more gas the defense was having to turn around and go right back on the field without a chance to catch its collective breath and that led to one last frenetic drive by Miami the Jalen Waddle seven yard touchdown with 14 seconds to go completes the stunning rally.

You hear it there on Dolphins Radio it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. So Tua, Tyreek I'm telling you we should listen to Tyreek when he told us all off season that we should have popcorn and whatever else he told us. For me I wanted some I wanted big plays and big plays now and so really second half we we came in and and played the way we wanted to. The offense man we was just riding off a high you know we had scored you know two straight touchdowns you know so we was feeling good. Never did you think we're going to have that many balls thrown over our head I mean that just can't happen that's not okay I don't care who's back there what they're doing those are the ways it costs you know those plays will cost you a game when you've got a lead like that so you know you can't have miscommunication you can't have a guy running the post behind cover three those kind of things can't happen. I agree with John Harbaugh except that I think it's important to point out that you're asking so much of your defense when they're getting gassed and they're running out of running out of gas but running out of energy there in the fourth quarter because they're on the field most of the time. So are the Ravens suffering the most mortification on this Monday or is it the Cleveland Browns and honestly I voted in multiple polls you maybe have seen a few of them already on twitter today or in the last few hours who had the most stunning rally or who had the craziest collapse something like that I keep voting for the Browns because with 155 to go in the fourth quarter as in 155 to go in the game they're up by two touchdowns Nick Chubb by the way a wasted wasted effort by Nick Chubb a pretty impressive three touchdowns and Cleveland is up 30 to 17 on his third touchdown with under two minutes left now the rookie Cade York misses the point after attempt but at that stretch at that juncture who cares right because they're so far ahead that it doesn't matter except of course that it does and and this maybe is Joe Flacco's resurgence maybe it is maybe it's just Joe Flacco feeling like he had nothing to lose the Browns didn't get enough pressure on him to be sure I mean this was insane to watch but it literally happened right before our eyes. Flacco and the shotgun takes the snap drops back at the jet 25 yard line looks downfield heaves a bomb down the right sideline Cory Davis behind the defense he's going to score at the 20-10-5 touchdown. Here is the jet onside kick drive Braden Mann once it left it takes a hop gets to the sideline it's loose there's a scramble for it the Jets think they have it they do the Jets recover the outside kick in front of their bench at the 48 yard line of New York I cannot believe it this game was over when Nick Chubb went into the end zone and instead of kneeling at about the two yard line and Nick Chubb putting the Browns in a position where they could simply take a knee he scored and the Jets recover the onside kick. The ball at the Browns 15 yard line third down and 10 25 seconds to go the Jets down by six Flacco takes the shotgun snap and drops looks up the scene fires caught touchdown Garret Wilson scores the Jets are a point after away from taking the lead with 22 seconds to go a miracle here in Cleveland I can't believe it. Bob was using says that multiple times in the final two minutes I can't believe it I mean I can't believe it and I watched it as well Joe Flacco's fourth touchdown goes to Garret Wilson hit the rookie's second TD catch of the game and because of that mixed point they're able well they don't have to worry about the two-point conversion right are we going for the tie or for the win a la the New York Giants and Brian Daybal instead they kick and it's a 31 30 comeback but that last drive nine plays 53 yards in a minute a minute the onside kick in there too I mean this is a stunner and so as much as the Ravens were victims of well their own inept offense and giving the ball back to Tua over and over as much as as much as the Cardinals completely embarrassed the Raiders and that takes place in Vegas they had a three touchdown lead multiple times because of the fact that they were inside of two minutes they had already marked the two minute warning this is the one that is most stunning to me this is the one that seriously I can't get over and Kevin Stavanski looked shell-shocked post game trying to explain or process what happened we win as a team we lose as a team we lost we got beat didn't play a 60-minute game it's really frustrating frustrating to me to our players in that locker room I'm sure to our fans that's a it's it's a not how we play it's we have to finish and do the things that allowed to win games and we didn't do that everybody's gonna want to point fingers and say whose fault was it and say whose fault was this put on everybody it's all of us me coaches players it's everybody we own it what we can't do is let this linger because we got a game Thursday night against a division opponent right back here so we gotta real quickly move on from this one and that was my message to the team and it's frustrating and I you know I know you guys gotta ask the questions and I'll try my best to answer them but it's frustrating for everybody. Frustrating and mortifying but is it the most Monday mortification for the Browns or for the Ravens or for the Colts who don't score a measly point not even a point not even a safety against the Jacksonville Jaguars or are we looking at the Raiders who lose in overtime on their own field to the Cardinals and Kyler Murray who they can't catch catch me if you can but when you can't catch him well it's hard to tackle him if you can't get a hand on him so take our poll on Twitter on Facebook I'm Amy Lawrence at Green Bay where I'm still talking and I hope it's making sense because my stomach's growling I feel like I've been up for three days but it's all for the sake of football so it's all right football football and radio from the fan 107.5 in Green Bay.

You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Snap to Murray drops back to throw looking steps up takes off heading to the near sideline gets into the end zone sticks the ball off of the touchdown with no time left and the Cardinals get six points no time left they'll run a two-point play to try to send this game to overtime it's 23-21 here we go we either have overtime or a Raiders win no time on the clock ball on the far hash mark snap to Murray drops back to throw everybody covered pointing directing traffic fires back at the end zone and a sliding attempt and AJ Green pulled it in he got it it's a two-point conversion we are going to overtime what a throw by Murray second and ten for the Raiders of the Cardinal 39 four receivers two right two left Carr waiting for the shotgun snap he's got the ball quick throw left side run throw with a catch and he breaks one tackle then the ball comes out it's loose and it's picked up by the Cardinals in midfield it's picked up by Byron Murphy at the 40 at the 30 at the 20 at the 10 ball game Byron Murphy picks up the ball at midfield returns it for a touchdown and the Cardinals win the flags what an unbelievable finish here in Vegas it's a football feeding frenzy after hours with Amy Lawrence it certainly was that a football feeding frenzy and as we say misery loves company and there are certainly some miserable Raiders fans on this Monday morning if they're even uh managing to open their eyes yet so this nutty drama ends up in overtime despite the fact that Vegas was up 20 to nothing at the half again at home and still up 23 to 7 after Arizona comes up short on a fourth and one in the red zone early in the fourth quarter but the Raiders seemingly can't keep the ball in their possession they go a quick three now in 30 seconds and boom Kyler Murray goes back to work and not only was he elusive not only was he extremely hard to track down but he was extending plays for 20 seconds for heaven's sakes on a two-point conversion he's got he's got the ball for 20 seconds he goes every which way but loose and the Raiders can't seemingly get a hand on him so you hear the calls with Dave Pash on Cardinals radio it's the offense directed by Kyler that gets them into overtime but then it's an unbelievably but I mean it's just unbelievably perfect defensive play that pops the ball free from Hunter Renfro one of those where the helmet hits the ball and just knocks it out of his arm and then it's recovered by Byron Murphy for 59 yard touchdown and and considering that the Cardinals were on the verge of being down in no two hole this was quite the locker room celebration with Cliff Kingsbury hey first off everybody gets a game ball fellas where's Mark what's the stat largest what largest comeback by this team since 1999 fourth largest in team history down 20 to nothing yes sir hey hey hey that's the character of the heart we have we always play hard regardless what the scoreboard says we always play hard we just had to tighten it up you saw what happened took that thing over hell of an effort fellas all right I want to shout out a couple people Rodney Hudson how'd that feel to beat that team I'm glad you're with us I am glad you're with us made a lot this is the kind of win that can spark a real energy and confidence and hey we can't afford uh for that to be a standalone we can't afford to not build on that so you can imagine what that locker room was like that's just a snippet it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on Facebook as well as on Twitter a law radio we've got the poll up and yes the Raiders are in fact a candidate which team should be the most mortified on this Monday morning Monday morning mortification so you can vote on either of our social media sites so the Cardinals move to one and one uh while the Raiders fall to 0-2 and so now they have to try to dig out of a hole in Josh McDaniel's first season but in that NFC West there's losing and then there's losing that comes with a major cost or there's losing your starting quarterback in the first quarter of week two which is what happened with the San Francisco 49ers and I just can't believe how this story comes full circle full circle for Jimmy Garoppolo they tried they tried to unload him in the off season they tried to unload him in the pre-season they wouldn't even allow him to practice or work out because they were sure that Jimmy Garoppolo is not going to be a 49er they ultimately come to a compromise they renegotiate his deal they load it up with incentives never intending to pay them because Trey Lance is their starter they just didn't want to lose him for nothing and so they keep him at a much lower cost but then Trey Lance breaks his ankle in the first quarter of week two he will have surgery on this Monday and Jimmy Garoppolo is right out there on the field again picking up where he left off in last season's NFC Championship. Here's a play action by Garoppolo looks left gonna throw wide open Roswelli he'll take it five Roswelli will die for the end zone touchdown San Fran Cisco welcome back Jimmy Garoppolo fourth and goal one yard lineup 20 to 7 they break the huddle Jimmy's gonna go under center they got Debo and Warner right Jennings and Ayuk left Jennings goes in motion right Jimmy gonna sneak it off the left side touchdown San Francisco just like riding a bike yeah it was uh felt good to be back out there just feel terrible for Trey uh I've been on that side of it this league is tough and you know everyone has their share of injuries but that sucks for him and feel bad for him but he's our brother and you know we'll pick him up I saw him for a quick second after uh just wishing him well like I said I've been there I've come full circle in this thing and it's just it's tough whenever you see a guy get hurt you feel for him but Trey's a tough dude he'll be all right. That is the voice obviously of one Jimmy Garoppolo who finishes up just 13 of 21 so modest numbers 154 yards but he has a touchdown through the air on his first full drive he has a touchdown on the ground and as a team the Niners rushed for nearly 200 yards so a big deal for their offense they used that run to set up the pass that's the formula that has worked for them with Garoppolo as quarterback and as for the Seahawks the only touchdown for them comes on a block field goal so the Niners move to one and one as does every other team in the NFC West but to lose Trey Lance is devastating for him just it's crazy sometimes the the full circle effect in sports and the whole from the category of you can't make this stuff up resonates again and again in the NFL. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio as we're talking about backup quarterbacks there were people who were burying the Dallas Cowboys as soon as Dak Prescott was injured in their season opener remember they did not score a touchdown against the Buccaneers at home in their season opener and I mean people are ready to to chalk them up to 0 and 17 even though Dak Prescott should be back in the next few weeks but Cooper Rush takes this opportunity his second career start and he runs these Cowboys he starts the game by directing back-to-back touchdown drives and there was some stalling of the offenses here let's be honest the Cowboys and the Bengals were trading punts really there was not a whole lot to speak of until a 19 play marched by the Bengals Joe Burrow this is what he does right late game histrionics to T Higgins they get the touchdown the two-point conversion they're tied at 17 ultimately Cooper Rush is the last to have the football and he puts the Cowboys in position for a game-winning field goal by Brett Maher smack on the 40-yard line is where anger will put it down Maher from 50 for the win with three seconds showing snap hold kick from 50 Maher Cowboys win Brett Maher walk off it's an excellent win it's actually a home win you know you know obviously we were disappointed by last week but it last week's win it was a learning experience that was a big one for us you know you can't you don't want to fall down 0-2 need that first win defense obviously kept us in tonight and then Brett at the end doing his job Cooper Rush again you never know what's going to happen in the NFL and I know it's one of my favorite phrases so stop me if you've heard this before or don't because I'm going to say it anyway when you make predictions and when you think you know you don't know and the NFL laughs in your face the Bengals are the defending AFC champs they reworked their offensive line and yet in two games Joe Burrow is I mean he's lucky he's still upright and still standing seven sacks in week one six more sacks by the Dallas Cowboys in week number two I guess the upside would be that the Bengals did not turn the ball over in week two but they're still oh and two while the Cowboys move to one and one so it's incredibly insane but don't we love our football that way and there's a double header coming up on Monday and it's weird the way they do it both games originating in the eastern time zone but it's the titans at the bills it's the Vikings at the Eagles starting at 7 15 eastern and then 8 30 eastern so take a deep breath there's more football to come who should be the most mortified on this Monday morning you could take the poll on Twitter and on Facebook and I did throw up a bunch of pictures from my trip to Lambeau Field on Sunday night pretty amazing with 78,000 plus of my closest friends we'll be back in Green Bay at 107.5 the fan following Monday Night Football make sure you catch our show again it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. BOOM!
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