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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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August 24, 2022 6:13 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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August 24, 2022 6:13 am

An MLB whiparound | Justin Verlander pulled during a no-hitter? | QB News.

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Good morning to you.

It is a Wednesday. It's your hump day if you're just waking up. It's our hump show and it's been a doozy already.

Let me just tell you. We have mixed it up and I've been doing my best to make sure that Producer J does not spontaneously combust, but I don't know, we have another hour and it's still touch and go. We are live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

When you need an expert to help navigate the home loan process, Rocket can, lest you think it's over his beloved Brooklyn Nets. It's not actually. It's because it's been another one of those shows and one of those pre-show stretches where behind the scenes pretty much everything is blowing up and nothing works and I was about to try the vending machine method where it steals your candy or your chips or your drink and so you kick it. We're about to that place here at CBS Sports Radio where we're just gonna start kicking things. I will tell you I'm not above getting really angry and throwing things across the studio, but usually it's a pen or it's a mic cover or it's the remote. I mean I do that at home too every now and then.

One time in my life I've thrown a remote at a person. He totally deserved it. I don't. It's one I'm never telling on the radio. He totally deserved it though, just trust me. Anyway, producer, it doesn't matter if you know or not. Just take my word for it. Producer J is hanging in there and the show has been great. The show has been great, J. Everything's good. Alright, cool.

So you can find us on Twitter, ALawRadio or on our Facebook page, our YouTube channel too. If you're looking for some type of evidence that J is actually in a good mood most of the time. Most of it, like 98% of the time. Yeah, usually it's me that's a ball of stress and is having to work it out even as I'm on the air, though I pride myself in the fact that you never know this. So I've been teasing producer J and making him laugh and whether he wants to or not, making him smile, but he's still in a just a blech kind of a place.

Just admit it, you're in a blech place. Oh yeah, I'll admit that. I think it was the mouse being unplugged that really just put me over the edge. That was it? That was the mouse that broke the camel's back?

On top of like 400 other things that are like always a problem here, but yeah, that was the one. Yes, and yet the show is what matters. And has the show been negatively affected in ways that our listeners would recognize? I don't think even for a second. Nope, probably not. If not for the fact that I've been trying to smooth things over while we're on the air, then I don't even think anybody would know. You and I would know. You're obviously my concern. Well, show is a greater concern. Sorry, Jay.

No, that's fair. I gave you chocolate. You didn't even eat it.

Now that I can take a little bit of a breather here in this final hour, I'm going to have the chocolate. Do you want to breathe on the air? That you didn't even intake. That was a pure exhale.

That was. Well, it's because you didn't inhale. You need some good yoga breathing. Some box breathing. Where is Aaron Rogers when he needs to remind you that you have to love yourself?

I just freaking nailed that. He wants you to love yourself. Forgive yourself.

Those are not the drops I'm looking for. Maybe, maybe we can get the Ken Dorsey audio that I told you about earlier, which is so funny. And then we can use that to laugh and to giggle. In the meantime, we could just laugh at Kevin Durant that, oh yes, all of a sudden everything is just peachy. Oh, I ate a peach earlier.

It was delicious. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. So find us on social.

Find us on our YouTube channel. There is evidence that when we control the process from start to finish, it goes swimmingly. I'm not angry about things not going his way and work being more difficult. No, it was Aaron Boone and Aaron Boone used the method that I just recommended. He hit something. He smacked it right in front of us. He pounded the table and look what happened. The Yankees responded to his outburst. It went over the grandstand and way up in the bleachers. All rise. Here comes the judge. Boy, I mean, he hit one out of sight in left field and the Yankees take a one nothing lead.

Two on line. There's a base it left side of a Trevino rounds third. He scores on his way to third and there is Benny and for judge a base it had an RBI and the Yankees take a four to lead. Here's the 0 2 to Lindor. The pitch swung on a fly ball to center.

Florial is there. He makes the catch ball game over Yankees win the Yankees win different guys stepping up, whether it be in the bullpen or the rotation. So we've got some clutch hits and, you know, clutch at bats from guys, you know, so, you know, as a really good baseball game out there in a great environment and, you know, we're able to hang on tonight a good way to finish, you know, what's been a tough stretch for us to finish off the homestand with three wins against three great opponents and pitchers, you know, good way to head into the off day. It's been a tough stretch.

We're grinding. I think I think these winds can go a long way and and kind of helping you build a little bit of confidence and and get that swagger back a little bit. Hopefully swagger get your swagger back. Well, there's a few reasons why the swagger was there on Tuesday. First of all, Aaron Judge hit another home run and he goes two for four with that dinger plus a couple of RBI. The big night for him generally, not always, but generally does lead to a Yankees victory. And in this case, a turnaround since Saturday. Swing and strikes.

I think that's the most important thing. That's what it really comes down to, you know, trying to get a good picture hit and, you know, take your a swing, you know, sometimes you won't get that pitch, but you know, you can pass the baton, but just trying to get, you know, a good picture over the plate past couple series. We haven't been doing the little things, you know, run the bases right, you know, playing a little small ball coming up with situational hitting, you know, playing good defense and I think that's the past three games. We really locked in on just, you know, the small things in the game that make up the difference. Aaron Judge on the S Network though, I watched the game on Amazon Prime in case anyone is keeping score at home.

It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. Frankie Montas also a big reason why the Yankees were able to extend the win streak, take both games against the Mets in the Bronx and his ERA had been nine since he joined the Yankees. But last night goes five and two thirds only allows a couple runs to the Mets on six hits with six strikeouts and it's obvious this is not rocket science nor something that we need an analyst to tell you, though I did talk about it with Yankees insider Sweeney Marty Montas is critical to their success moving forward.

I feel like everybody's on the same page just trying to go out there and win games and no matter what happens just just trying to do your best, you know, give 100% and when you get like good results, you know, when you just go out there and compete, I mean the team's gonna feel really good about that. As for the New York Mets well they get a taste of what it was like to be the Yankees. I guess it was a month ago a few weeks ago when the Mets took both games that were on their home field. Now the Yankees respond. They only score four runs in the two games and they wrap up this was a 10 game road trip with these two in the Bronx and now have the night off before they move into the Colorado Rockies series. It's been a tough road trip so we're going to take all these experiences against these high quality teams.

We're going to learn lessons from them and we're going to apply it on Thursday. So Pete Alonso has Jacob DeGrom on the mound come Thursday to start that series and the Mets are the better team when it comes to New York and the bragging rights and they still do have the lead in the NL East, though it is getting thinner. Tywhon Walker replaced Jacob DeGrom in the Mets rotation last night.

He allows the two runs on four hits last five innings so longer than his previous outings but still not quite enough to protect the bullpen and there were some suspect moments in the field as well. It always blows me away. Maybe it's just me and I get it. Baseball is not an easy game. Sports are not easy. These are humans. But when you see a play where three fielders are converging, they're close enough that they could do elbow bumps, which I hate. They're close enough where they could link arms and yet somehow the ball drops in between them.

It is amazing to me. I am the person. I did play softball for years and years and years. I'm the person who sticks my glove out there. If it hits someone in the face, oh well. I mean somebody catch the ball. Pete Alonso watched it drop. It was close enough that it could have hit his nose and it just dropped right on the field.

Maybe they were hoping it would go foul but it didn't. It was fair and it led to some other runs. So the Mets didn't play the field well either but Aaron Judge, Andrew Benintendi, others able to get good wood on the ball and that's three in a row now for the New York Yankees. If you missed my conversation with Sweeney Murty, he joined us earlier in the show. He's Yankees insider for the flagship, our New York affiliate WFAN. We talked to him about Aaron Boone and his display of emotion. What's changed for the Yankees and what they have to do to avoid yet another swoon.

Remember before these three wins in a row, they'd won 10 of their last 30. Let's talk to Mark who's in California. Welcome to After Hours.

What's up Amy? So I was on Sal earlier, Sal Licata on WFAN and he was bashing Frankie Montes. Bashing him like PEDs, 80 games, you know he sucks. I'm like listen, Walker did pitch pretty well today. You know six innings, five innings, two runs. Montes' best start as a Yankee. First couple innings he was a little rocky and I was like here we go but then you know struck out that Pete Alonso breaking the bat was like I was laughing. Sitting right next to a Mets fan, he's talking all this crap all year, we're better than you blah blah blah. That bat was just like you know I hope that bat continues on.

Just for people who don't know since this is a national show and not a New York show. When Pete Alonso struck out, he struck out earlier in the game and literally turned from the plate and snapped the bat in half over his knee. It was replayed in slow-mo.

It was amazing. He was up 3-0. He was up 3-0 on Alonso. Alonso swung out of pitch in the dirt, then he swung out of change up and then it was a fastball right down the middle, struck him out looking and just broke his bat. He was just going ballistic.

You know, as he should. I mean you're up 3-0 and he came back to strike him out. Oh whatever, it happens to every hitter. It happens to Aaron Judge too.

Absolutely. I mean I remember a couple games there. Aaron Judge went nine games and you see what Judge said. Judge said, did I go nine games? I don't even remember.

It was just such a really funny thing. I'm very excited about this team now. I mean obviously you play these seven games against the West Coast teams with the Angels and Oakland. It should easily win maybe five. I mean I wouldn't even be surprised.

Five and two would be great. But wouldn't it be something if the Mets lose the division to Atlanta and then go and let's just say San Diego. I don't want to play San Diego. No team wants to play San Diego with that offense to wake up at any given moment. They play San Diego and let's just say the Mets are eliminated from the playoffs.

They do not make it. Dude, your speculation. Okay, why?

Why would that be something? Would this be probably the biggest collapse? Okay, I can't talk collapses in August. I can't talk collapses in August. Especially coming from a Yankees fan who just saw his team win 10 of its last 30. I mean come on man, we're not even to September yet.

I can't be talking playoff collapses. Well, I was saying that if they were to collapse the Yankees, it would be the biggest collapse in sports history just considering how great they've been. But you're a Yankees fan, right? No, I'm not a Yankees fan.

What? Are you kidding me? I'm not from New York.

I would not be here if it were not for work. No, I'm not a New York fan of anything. I think you were saying something last time we spoke about Tampa Bay and I think somebody from your family was a Tampa Bay fan. You wanted the Yankees to be Tampa Bay. No, dude, you're making stuff up. That's not me. I don't actually have any fans.

Most of my family is not even sports fans and I don't know anyone who's a Rays fan personally. Well, I must have been dreaming, Amy. Yes, I'm pretty sure that's the case. Or just making crap up for the fun of it.

Oh my gosh. But no, as a Yankees fan, I'm extremely, extremely ecstatic with this because I don't know what would have happened if they had lost both games. Well, they probably would have set Yankee Stadium on fire.

Who cares? It's regular season. Great.

It was nice and the Yankees needed them more than the Mets did. But it's not like the season is over nor has either team collapsed. Okay, Mark. Well, that was humorous. Thank you so much for your phone call from California.

It's 2 15 in the morning in California. That is the reason why he thinks I'm a Yankees fan. I mean, it wouldn't be the first time someone's made that mistake, but yikes. The Mets, they have not collapsed.

We're not talking collapse here, but we've seen this movie before. The Braves are creeping ever closer and Max Fried, a big reason why they pick up a game on New York last night. He threw eight innings of one run ball, allows just three hits, strikes out seven, and so the Pirates are nothing to Max Fried. It was a lot of fun. I think looking back on it, probably a fastball command wasn't as good as I would have liked. But you know, I thought being able to have conversations with Travis throughout the day and cranny and Sal being able to make a little bit of a pivot and kind of work with what we have today.

And you know, a lot of credit goes to him. He was calling a great game back there and obviously ignited us with that Homer. So Max Fried picks up. I think it was win number 12.

I have to look at it again just to be sure. But in addition to that, he gets not only the support of, yes it is 12 and 4, boom, he gets the support of Travis Darnell behind the plate as well as at the plate because Darnell hits home run number 13. So the Braves are within two games of the NL East lead. The Mets still have it, but we've seen this before. Again, we've seen the Braves surge multiple times and come close. Is this the stretch in which they overtake the Mets? Or I think we're going to see a battle all the way through the rest of September, so five weeks to go now in the regular season. And I only know this because I heard Boomer Esiason talking about it, but apparently the Mets have a strength of schedule that becomes a lot weaker in the final month of the season. So these teams in the NL East all play the same opponents, right? Roughly they play the same schedules, but for whatever reason the Mets weaker portion or the weaker opponents for the Mets are backloaded. And so their September features opponents that either don't have winning records or aren't headed to the playoffs, that kind of thing. So we'll see. First of all, he's all about the schedule. He loves to look at schedules, so I'm going to take his word for it.

Alright, you can find me on Twitter, A Law Radio, also on our Facebook page. We've got other storylines in baseball. I wish we had another home run from Albert Pujols, but not on this Wednesday. Instead, we had two pitchers working on win number 16.

Two different leagues, two names that you should know by now. Thanks for hanging out with us. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

You are listening to the After Hours podcast. The Astros lead 2-0, 0-2 to Urshela. That's a ground ball left side to his left Bregman, third baseman has it, throws on the move in time, and it's a 1-2-3 inning for Justin Verlander.

Verlander has faced 16 and has retired 15. Bregman's two for three. Here's the pitch.

And he clubs this one. Left field, high, far, and deep. A two-run shot for Alex Bregman, and it's 4-0, just like that.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Robert Ford and Steve Sparks as the Astros provide plenty of fireworks behind their ace, Justin Verlander, who had a no-hitter through six innings but did not finish the game. He does pick up win number 16, which momentarily was tops in the majors all by himself as the Astros double up their former teammate Carlos Correa. He got a standing ovation not just from the fans in Houston last night but also from his teammates who were standing on top of the top step of the dugout.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Dusty Baker, why pull Verlander when he's throwing a no-hitter? Every night we have a predetermined pitch count depending on the load that a guy has. We're going in a five, six-man rotation or whatever, but tonight his pitch count was 90 and he had 91.

We asked him and he thought that was enough. It was tough to take a guy out with a no-hitter, but he had to go 130 pitches to get that. You've got to weigh between a no-hitter and having him for the rest of the year. According to Verlander, it wasn't one of those nights where he was going to be able to even think about a no-hitter because it's not 15-20 years ago. He's not going to throw 130 pitches and he would rather save a game in which he goes deep for the postseason, one where it really matters. Though he does pick up win number 16, he said he doesn't like the idea of an innings limit, but he understands why, especially when he's in his first season back from Tommy John. But it's pretty sweet to watch. Ten strikeouts through the six innings, only one base runner, and he now has a 1.87 ERA.

I thought it was probably some of the best stuff I've had all year. Not too many good swings the entire night, so that's what you'd like to see as a pitcher. He is now 16-3. The Dodgers, you can't really call him the ace, although I guess he's the defacto ace this season. It was Clayton Kershaw who started the All-Star game, maybe that was more about his legacy with the Dodgers because the game was at Dodgers Stadium, though he had pitched pretty well. But it's Tony Gonsolin who spearheaded the Dodgers rotation all season. Walker Buehler just had another surgery, another Tommy John, so he's out for at least another year if not longer.

We've seen other guys in and out of that rotation, but it's been Tony Gonsolin who's been steady Eddie for them all season now, 16-1, and lowers his National League leading ERA to 2.10. And actually kind of cool, last night he was pitching for the Dodgers and his college teammate Corbin Burns, they both pitched for St. Mary's, he was pitching for the Brewers. It felt like a Friday or Saturday fall game at school, but it was really cool to go out there and have him toe the mound on the other side of the ball. It's the first time I think we've thrown against each other in our professional career, so it was pretty cool to do that. I thought about doing something funny, but I decided against it.

Hmm, I wonder what that would have been. Gonsolin gives up a run on three hits, he has three strikeouts, walks a couple. He said it was a weird day for him, he didn't feel like he had his best stuff, but he prides the defense behind him. And also the fact that Trace Thompson had four RBI, I think Freddie Freeman had four RBI, the Dodgers beat up on Corbin Burns, they shoved him down to the playground and took his lunch money. And so this was an easy win for the Dodgers rebounding.

They don't often have games in which they come up with zero offense, which is what happened for them on Monday, but they responded in a pretty loud and obnoxious way, which is what the Dodgers are want to do. It's After Hours on CBS Sports Radio. Thanks for all your questions for Ask Amy Anything, part of the Hump Show.

We answered a bunch of them live on the air last hour, but for those of you who didn't hear your questions answered, I do go back and respond on both Twitter and Facebook over the course of Wednesday, so make sure you check that out. We have some QB news coming up following the update, but even before we leave baseball, just one more big story that was front and center again on Tuesday. Fernando Tatis speaking to reporters after he talked to his own Padres teammates. So he meets with them. He admits that it was tough. There was some tough love there.

And then with the president of Baseball Ops, A.J. Preller, standing next to him as he's surrounded by dozens of members of the media, Tatis admits to failing. He apologizes to all the people he failed.

He says, I have seen how my dreams have turned into my worst nightmares, and now I have to figure out how to make this up to my teammates. It's going to be a very long process to gain everybody's trust again, to gain that love back that I have stabbed straight to the heart. To every fan, to every baseball fan, I'm learning. I'm maturing. But it's with actions. It's with action that I'm going to start beginning doing, and action that's going to speak for myself in the future. So there's going to be a whole new story out there, and there's going to be changes out there.

And it starts today. Ultimately, at the end of the day, we're all human beings, and we all make mistakes. It just sucks that in our situation, in his situation, it's all over the world. But we're all human beings, we all make mistakes, and we all forgive, and we all move forward and try to learn from those mistakes.

Ultimately, that's all we can do. Manny Machado responding to Tatis, and there were others from the Padres who spoke out. Once Tatis made his comments, you had his teammates who, along with AJ Preller, who seemed supportive of him. And for Tatis to admit to his mistakes, not only calling this medication in the DR, he did say that it was for a skin infection, but that he didn't check. He didn't check to see what the ingredients were.

He didn't compare them to the substances on baseball's banjo list. But he also said he regretted getting on that motorcycle in December. Remember he broke his wrist, he kept it from the team, and then didn't even get his surgery until March. He swears this was not about speeding up the healing process or building muscle, that he just literally made a stupid mistake by not checking what was in this medication that he could only get in the DR.

It wasn't prescribed by the Padres doctors, and in fact it's not available in the US. So he owns up to that. Now he's going to have shoulder surgery. He actually decided to skip it at the end of last season, though it did hamper him and limited him. You had guys like Joe Musgrove say people make mistakes. It's something that we're definitely not going to hold over his head for the rest of his career. It's a different tune than what we heard from the Padres when they were stunned by this suspension.

And Tatis is very early in the 80 game ban. At this point, he can say whatever he wants, but his teammates need to know that he's a changed man moving forward. He's not going to take unnecessary risks. He's not going to keep things from the team. He's not going to be making decisions on his own with his people around him and not involving the Padres brass or his teammates.

He called it tough love in this meeting, and he admits that when he found out about his suspension, even before it became public, he freaked out. But says, quote, there's no other one to blame than myself. I haven't made the right decisions these past few weeks, month, even starting in the beginning of the year. I have made a mistake, and I regret every single step I've taken in these days.

I'm going to remember how this feels, and I'm going to make myself not ever be in this position again. And I'm going to stick to what I said last week. We can debate whether or not his apology is sincere. Ultimately, it doesn't matter because he's got a $340 million guaranteed contract and a no trade clause. So yes, life would be a hell of a lot easier for him if he can prove to his teammates that he's trustworthy, if he can be worthy of that contract. But other than the money he loses with the suspension, the Padres have to welcome him back with open arms, like it or not.

That's the beauty of a 14-year, $340 million deal. Coming up, still no deal for Jimmy Garoppolo. And is Kyle Shanahan changing his tune about what the future holds for his former starting quarterback? Plus, Christian McCaffrey weighs in on why Baker Mayfield is a great leader and a good quarterback. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. It's time for QB news on After Hours.

Maybe you've noticed or maybe you haven't checked lately. Jimmy Garoppolo is still a member of the San Francisco 49ers and we're getting down to cut day. Will the Niners cut him? That's been the speculation because if he's on the roster week one, they have to pay the salary. It's fully guaranteed then. And we're talking about upwards of $25 million.

In fact, it's more than that. Will they keep him on the roster? Exactly what's happening with Jimmy post shoulder surgery. And you can tell Kyle Shanahan is so thrilled to be answering these questions about his backup QB. I communicate with Jimmy all the time. He looks the same as he always has. He always feels really good.

So looks the exact same. Is he in any way a backup, backup, backup scenario if someone gets hurt? Could he be on this team?

I mean, I think any scenario is possible. He thought he was done answering questions about Jimmy Garoppolo. Remember last year he got so annoyed?

As long as I can keep surviving press conferences. Yeah, he was tired of questions about his starting QB. He thought he was done with that. And look, Jimmy Garoppolo is still on the roster and the Jimmy G questions are still coming. Alright, Kyle Shanahan is in a great mood and we haven't even started the season yet. Staying in the NFC West, at least he's got a starting quarterback.

Pete Carroll has yet to decide. And you remember, Drew Locke was going to take snaps with the ones during their second preseason game. He ended up with COVID, so Geno Smith had to start. Then Geno got hurt and got knocked out.

So Jacob Eason was the guy. Where does that leave us? Well, Pete Carroll's answering questions about his starting QB. Geno's been the guy in the lead position the whole time. And I protected that thought with, you know, throughout. And he's done a really nice job.

He's been very consistent. So we'll just see what happens. And, you know, there's two more weeks of practice, too, after this. So there's where the timeline, I had a set thought on what we would do with the timeline. But that got disrupted.

And so we're, you know, we're going to use all the time we need. Would you ever tear a playing two quarterbacks in one season? That can happen.

Yeah, that can happen. These guys are so even right now that, you know, we have a lot of respect for both their play. And so, but I'm not thinking that way right now.

I'm thinking of getting going and getting started ready to roll and all of that. And Geno's in the mentality, has been in that mentality the whole time. And that was very much by design. So Pete Carroll says we'll take all the time we need. Smith is still in the lead.

Geno's still in the lead. But he's wide open that Locke could take over that top spot. And then he gets asked whether or not he would ever consider two quarterbacks in that position. And he says, hey, I mean, that could happen.

Get out of here. I suppose you could look at something like maybe the Saints situation with Drew Brees versus Taysom Hill. But it wasn't like they were platooning. There were specific situations for Taysom. Right now, it's Geno Smith. Has anybody asked him if he misses Russell Wilson? No idea.

Get out of here. I feel like you might get excommunicated from the Seahawks media if you tried to ask that question. Russell Wilson is, of course, known for his decade in Seattle. Went to a Super Bowl. Won a Super Bowl. Extended plays. Went to Pro Bowls.

Yada, yada, yada. Lots of wins. Lots of yards. Lots of touchdowns. And lots of sacks.

Right? Isn't that what he mostly complained about in his late-ness tenure with the Seahawks? Well, his new head coach, Nathaniel Hackett, in Denver is talking about Russell Wilson and his ability to extend plays but also stay clean.

We don't ever want him to get touched. I think up to this point, the past two games, I think we gave up one sack and it was that last play of the game versus Buffalo. So the line has done a good job.

The quarterbacks have done a good job getting the ball out. We want that to carry over for Russell. So, I mean, we want to get that ball out.

We want to understand the intention. We want to protect him. And then we want him to do what he does when it breaks down. But if it doesn't break down that way, we want the ball out.

Yeah, no need to create chaos when there isn't any. Take what the defense is giving you. Mr.

Unlimited. Does he think that goes with him to Denver? Take that space and time that the offensive line is offering to you. Peace.

Peace. Initially, when I heard or saw the quote, I guess, from Nathaniel Hackett when he said we don't ever want him to get touched, I was thinking the guy wears a red jersey. No one's allowed to touch him. But, of course, he was referring to actual games in preseason as well.

You've got to be Unlimited. Stop it. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. What is the issue with everyone taking aim at Patrick Mahomes this offseason? And now into training camp.

Why would you do that? First, it's Tyreek Hill. And I think Ty is just mad. He was a little bit mad that the Chiefs didn't give him the money that he thought he deserved. But also mad that he's playing with Tuit now instead of Patrick Mahomes. Let's be honest. I'm just kidding.

I don't know if that's the truth. But he's been overcompensating for Tuit on Gomeloa. Well, here is Sammy Watkins now, who's no longer with the Chiefs. Now, he's with Green Bay. And yeah, I mean, Mahomes is good. But... You said, I think Pat is incredibly good, but A-Rod is on a whole nother level.

He's amazing how he controls the ball, how he put everybody in place. I've been with a lot of quarterbacks, and I've never seen them care their self like Aaron Rodgers. By the way, that comes from Packers Twitter. So, of course, they're not going to put anything else out there except that that would praise Aaron Rodgers.

People are coming here to play with me. I know. As if you needed someone else to say it. I mean, Mahomes is great and all, but that's just... You never need a but in that sentence ever. I know Mahomes is good and all, but... Wrong. Survey says... Alright, staying in the NFC North.

Anybody want to buy into, hey, Jared Goff is the perfect quarterback for the Lions moving forward? This comes from the Running Back's coach, Deuce Daley. A true leader, man. These guys look up to them. They listen to them. You can tell when you enter a room how they respect them. And as a quarterback, when you're on the outside looking in as a coach first, to see the guys look at a quarterback like that is special.

And, you know, you can always tell from your O-line how he's respected. So if you ever get knocked down, you see those guys that are running over there to get them up. And those guys love them. They love fighting for them. They love battling for them.

And I'm happy we got them. I actually love that from Deuce Daley because it's true. Have you ever noticed that real football guys, actually some guys on the O-line, they will lambaste O-lines on the field if they do not pick up their quarterback when he gets knocked down and also fight for him. And they will also use that as an indicator of how good the relationship is between O-line and quarterback. Was it Pittsburgh last year where the O-line wasn't picking up Ben Roethlisberger when he was getting knocked down and there was a big uproar over it until they started doing it? Even a member of the O-line admitted, we haven't been protecting our quarterback the way that we should.

So that's a big deal. I like that from Deuce Daley. Jared Goff, second year in the Lions system. I mean, do we have time for Mike McDaniel to wax poetic about Tua Tagovailoa? He can't stop talking about the Dolphins QB. I keep saying it because it blows my mind. You're talking about a guy that has really, really good accuracy. You could argue top end. I know I would. But he's a right-handed person that throws lefty.

And it's what? But he has been phenomenal to watch him grow. I'm so excited for him and his opportunity because he's been through it. People don't typically put themselves in people's shoes. He didn't choose to be picked sixth in the first round.

He was picked sixth in the first round. People don't choose to be a top ten. You were chosen. But that is a burden with pressure.

Pressure is a privilege. And to watch him isolate on what's most important, which is his game and how he quarterbacks the team, and to see his personality come out and then to see him. You'll see it the second you watch anything on the practice field. He is playing the quarterback position with intent, purpose, a deliberate nature, with conviction. Everyone keeps saying it. Tua might be the most praised quarterback of this entire offseason. I know I keep saying it. So does Tyree Kill. He's the most accurate quarterback in the NFL.

And also something about how he didn't choose to be selected in the top ten. Oh, for goodness sakes. Just let Tua's work and his results on the field do the talking. Why do we have to keep propping Tua up at some point? Enough is enough.

No, about you, but that looked like money. Let Tua speak for himself, for heaven's sakes. All right, one more. Do we not have room? Oh, we have to. Christian McCaffrey talking about Baker Mayfield.

Go, go, go. He's been very diligent. He's extremely smart. He works very hard. He's in here 5 a.m. every day.

Right now? He's a great guy, great teammate. And I think the way that him and Sam, that dynamic has been incredible, very professional, competitive, but as respectful and professional that you could imagine.

So he's been awesome to work with, and I'm extremely excited to continue that. How about that? Baker Mayfield's already at work because it is nearly 6 o'clock Charlotte time, which means he's in the facility. Boom.

Maybe he's listening to us. Hi, Baker. Have a great home day. Don't get hurt today. Proud of you. So mature. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio. Boom.
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