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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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September 12, 2022 6:12 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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September 12, 2022 6:12 am

What do the Cowboys do now following Dak's injury? | NFC East whiparound | Baker's "revenge" game vs Cleveland.

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Your football team did on Sunday.

Either that music that NFL films classic music gives you a friendly joke this morning and you are thrilled to be waking up with this gigantic grin on your face. You know who you are or if the opposite and the music is jarring because it reminds you for a few short hours there, you were able to sleep and forget. But as we wake you up as you hear the music as you know were going to talk about the NFL pit in your stomach. It's amazing the impact that sports has enough. Is it not when we are diehards we can pretend like it. It doesn't bother us. Orbit can pretend like our mood isn't completely affected by our team does. But anyone who knows us knows word totally full of it and it's an act so welcome to the morning after and let the gourds your bills or Rams fan, then you've already had time to process course of your bills that you might still be smiling and smiling at what happened the rest of the AFC East on Sunday. If you are a Seahawks or Broncos fan well you get your chance tonight. I would say this be ready for adventures and kicking because I was a definite theme from Sunday in the NFL. Everywhere you looked stunning and yet it's week one and so nothing should surprise us is after hours with Amy on CBS were live on this Monday morning first one first, one of the NFL season. Inside the rocket mortgage Studios, or whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours.

Rocket mortgage and help you get there for home loan solutions that fit your life rocket can we have a very distinct and stated goal to get every single game on this edition of the show that some of them were going to regurgitate some of them are going to hit more than once because we had them a lot earlier on the show and because we think they're still the biggest stories injuries you want to hear about them here in these next few minutes, but if you missed any of the show and you want to hear what I had to say about your team or your team in its first game that all you gotta do is check out the podcast.

I know you can't listen most of you can listen to all four hours. That's fine metal really mean that's fine but I'll just say that's fine to keep the peace but we have hit a timeline of games already, plus an interview with our NFL insider on this edition of the show joining us from Chicago for fan sided Matt Bergeron and in a moment right here just a snippet of what he had to say because we were on this first when is a loss not just a loss well. Exhibit a the Dallas Cowboys 1989 was the last time that Dallas had fewer than six points in its season opener so check that off the list. The Cowboys only managed a field goal in last night's game at home versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Remember, this was the other half, the home and home that they started last year when the Cowboys pushed the box the limit. The timetable was the defending Super Bowl champion in the Cowboys served notice. Jack was back. They were good to be good offensively and defensively they nearly upset the Buccaneers right after they hung up their banner that was in this this game did not resemble what happened last year in the season opener. It was rough. One touchdown, the two teams combined for one single touchdown that was pretty it was dazzling. Tom Brady to what's become one of his favorite targets and the guys probably to pick up some slack now that Bronk has retired daughter sooner forced to notice the third quarter was three report is Mike Evans over the shoulder one-handed wasting around because it's Tom Brady and he knows what up with the ball but he also knows that Mike Evans can make it work Ryan Radke on Westwood One so is lettered for net early and often the run to set up the pass.

Even without Chris Godwin for a good portion of this game that there was talk of a hamstring injury, not the knee. So I'm not sure that's good news or bad news but the only touchdown drive of the entire game comes late third quarter, nine play 79 yards for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We doubtless had opportunities but the Cowboys wasted a Tom Brady interception at midfield did absolutely nothing with a three and out, and the worst moment of the game for the Cowboys actually came long after this outcome, at least, was already well was all but set in stone Prescott. It was all about. Well, shack Barrett contractor checking out around the rightful rooster was with her hands up there a lot of time to see the quarterback have their what James is in the midst of it. Donna Jim Goodman of my am going home observed bodies a lot more clear and never let anything.

Maybe Jeff and I actually felt was what was just the next play role as a could get the ball, but the supplemental know I got off you told to turn his studies to the doctor, the more plans for to see him surgeon Warren. Let me know. Once they get a minute or so everything was told was much cleaner than it could've been just unfortunate obstacle.

Listen to not be the same. That's what hurts more than more than anything special after the start that we just put out there want to be able to respond. And unless you have met opportunity for several weeks just unfortunate, but I do have always done in some verse becomes so going to tell you don't have first will do my best to ensure come out of this thing better of disappointed fans that for a while so well so so surprised you will will will will will you so close so as to show no I'm wouldn't be surprised if Mike McCarthy hears or is expected to shoulder the majority of the blame for this game, and yet I feel it gets more complicated than that. Now the penalties were they supposed be cleaning those up 10 of them last night.

So that's on him. That's still on the head coach they got to be more disciplined and he makes a good point about the defense.

Michael Parsons had a couple more sacks.

The defense didn't allow a touchdown until late in the third quarter when you can only ask your defense to do so much the office is gotta be able to carry some of the weight at somewhat the defense is worn out why the box end up with 152 yards rushing. You can only ask the defense to do so much.

The Cowboys offense and even get into the red zone. In this game but here's the thing. It's not just on Mike McCarthy about the fact that the Cowboys front office general manager Jerry Jones.

They make questionable decisions about their receiving core. I know the offense applied is in transition. They had some injuries there.

Dallas team is searching for an entirely new identity on offense and without that Prescott very no man's land is only gone for a month.

Cooper Roche is not going to stay at the Cowboys identity, but we knew about the VLAN right expected to step into that number one spot.

But did you notice in this game.

The Cowboys receivers really had trouble finding separation and space and it was even if Jack had time to throw which he saw a lot of pressure, even if he had time to throw there were a lot of open guys to throw to it. But like every single time, Jack wants to pass it with space where these balls could be picked off part, but it's it's really just as much about the receivers so these guys are starting from scratch it feels like yeah I don't Scholz and yet feeding a lamb but there's got to be more to it and it got to get more from the run game which falls back on the offense of line and told the Dallas offense is almost rebuilding. If that makes sense McCarthy but not all of it. He's the one who put the team together and after hours with Amy here on CBS quickly. From Tom Brady. Okay, there is a not a whole lot of highlights for the box offense either very happy to see the facts agree. Receivers replace sufficient rhetoric through better perception for improvement on so work this week will coach team but long walks. When is that when is a win is a win and Tampa Bay will take its get out of Dodge. 45 years old man, but for the Dallas Cowboys. A loss is not just a loss. So what now can they keep their heads above water as they say, to searching for an identity on offense. Without that Prescott we asked Matt Werner am a fan sided his reaction what the Cowboys do now without going wrong. While well Prescott… From month to month on the call go with Jimmy where you trickle out your edits go, what would you draft up an auditable booklet out of your group. Your doctor Wednesday. So how do leaders go go in the cold.

Maybe you want to trade McGraw afterwards on week one note about Dr. Landry in Chicago but are you willing to drop you that you might be fighting for oil lamps would move off of corrupt local ground. How do our talk anything possibly 10 to replace Prescott, which is not a rush entire interview with Matt on our podcast after hours Amy and there's more. There's more about that was significant.

She is solution is not to stand pat. His solution is to go get Jimmy drop below not open otters are willing to part with them though considering that trailing growing pains, but again it was a monsoon in Chicago so it's hard to tell what the offense is really going to look like, but I wonder what the Cowboys still hears what their schedule looks like coming up. It's not easy.

Next week the Cincinnati Bengals the following week on the road at the Giants were to get to the Giants. There wanted out for the first time in six years that it's the commanders that it's the right hand and the Eagles back to back on the road.

That's a rough and that's the next five games we don't know how long Jack will miss with this dominant need surgery. Jerry Jones just said several weeks there and find out on Monday when the surgeon takes a look, but here the Cowboys do you make a move or at least try and otters may not be willing to deal they may be quick and maybe playing hardball be worried about their own quarterback and here's the other question if you don't deal for a QB. How long can you stay afloat in the East.

We cease to suspect except the Eagles they've already got really impressive when on the road. I know the lines rallied, but how about Ajay Brown about the fact that for different Eagles scored rushing touchdown yesterday. Read talk about the Eagles coming up even the Giants got a win so the commanders so right now the Cowboys are the only team in the NFC East started out 011 to get away from you in the first month by are you willing to roll the dice and go without a veteran QB to replace Prescott or a QB with more experience can present he's been around for a few years, but a QB that Scott experience and how long does it take drop below to get up to speed anyway. If you make that move, Mrs. this is devastating for the Cowboys. That's a fact. Eagles, Giants, commanders they all way in in week number one working to do a blitz through the NFC East. But man Brian table already changing things with the Giants got I'm telling you got the after hours with Amy.

You are listening to the after-hours podcast on will show just go Scott. Scott strong cones is as you all the more the after-hours.

It's time to talk football with baby Lawrence certainly was all hands on deck for the Eagles and Jaelyn heard typically with the ground game on Eagles radio with Meryl Reese. Pretty amazing to hear for different Eagles scored rushing touchdown. I think I saw the stat on TV. That hasn't happened since the 60s. It's rare to have four different players, but in this case for different Eagles get in the end zone with rushing touchdown and 216 yards rushing for Philadelphia as a team. Jaelyn hurts himself with 90 mile standards with 96 they ran roughshod over the liens now downright swift at his own damage she had hundred 44 yards on the ground and a score as the liens made this a bit too close for comfort. In the end Philadelphia actually led by as much as 17 in the second half, but there were three touchdown drives by Jerry Goff and the liens to make it close to the end Jaelyn hurts did not have a TD pass but boy does he like his new target Ajay Brown 10 catches and 155 yards in Brown's Eagles debut as well.

It was just you. Oh yes yes abrupt specifics estate short but sweet mode you get no more. You get what you get. You don't get upset that after hours with a dog CBS for so Eagles score 38 points they get away they start out want to know the Washington commanders have a new quarterback in Carson when Leno occurs in Wednesday's back the wild ride like try to ride the bull at the rodeo. He engineers a pair of fourth-quarter touchdown drives so that was good course. The commanders also had to deal with two interceptions for touchdowns and two interceptions but really impressive to see him go 49 yard connection with scary Terry Terry McLaurin to another touchdown late there in the fourth quarter 24 yard strike to Jan Dotson and so even as the commanders are kind of figuring this out with Carson when Jacksonville makes it close because James Robinson is back on this a bunch of playmakers in this game.

Ultimately though, Ron Rivera thrilled with his new quarterback. They just they cycle through quarterbacks like some people cycled through the underwear, but that's really a bit defensive for a Monday morning so socks would be way better yet, so we'll see if this pairing with Carson when the last Rivera was thrilled. He gives went the game ball after the when and Carson me :-) back in the end of the East going to start.

It is hard to win this league and so doesn't matter how it looks doesn't matter any of those things in the last couple minutes of game to find a way to get it done. That's what good teams do cover Lawrence looks more comfortable in that Doug Peterson offense.

So Doug Peterson's first game as the head coach of the Jaguars and for Trevor Lawrence and the I get the idea that his rookie season was all about the growing pains at all about getting his feet wet in the NFL. And this is his first season with the coach to get them first season where the Jaguars have some real hope you got a look at it that way frame it that way and know that work were about the different Trevor Lawrence found a way to fight back and so all we can clear of all the final word frustrated obviously because I know were so the commanders get the season-opening when the Eagles are also want to know. And then there's the Giants who are riding a streak of five years in a row without a win on week number one, it's after hours with Amy here on CBSSports first thing you must know about the New York Giants is welcome back fake Juan Barclay. While czars early and often to the tune of 18 carries for sake Juan 164 yards and a rushing touchdown and another critical play. The bride table saved until the very end. Now Timothy was up 13 nothing at the half because while Daniel Jones turned the ball over here fumble by while you fumble any interception in the end zone mean okay I'm not an NFL quarterback.

But you go back and watch the video while he's waiting for the play to unfold in the red zone. He stares. He stares that fake Juan Barclay never looked away lot on the left side he's moving in the end zone. Jones to tell the word think that Mr. Obama never looked at the other side. He stared at him and that it was not a great throw. Anyway, when it was easy to handpick easy quotation it was easier for the Titans doing to the bank because he never looked anywhere else, so Daniel Jones fumble and intercepted in the end zone by he also finds her link shepherd for a 65 yard touchdown grab midway through the third quarter and ties the game not doctrinal. Hilliard Ryan Tate Hilda got a good connection. Hilliard second touchdown put the Titans back in front and adheres Daniel Jones okay just really quickly. Producer J your Giants fan were you waiting for Daniel to throw another interception.

In the late stages of the fourth quarter. Just about 1 million zone which was one of those egregious touchdowns was able to spot it came I never seem possible so anything anything is possible Barclay you want. My wife Joan wolf like pros like Chris Myrick 106 to go the extra point away from Bob Papa on Giants radio with a many to go.

He fires a strike.

He doesn't turn the ball over and the jockey they actually came back with a 12 play 73 yard drive no mistakes in the touchdown which point of a point back right put them up.

Point out it was 2219 and instead of going for the extra points. Their brand-new head coach Brian Dave. I'll decide now were going for the two pointer and the way don't take wolf like little stubble process sake one. Taking on Giants of only 21 2106 to go to school soon so put the Tucson economy are thought to look under the placement being given a look at our common said a few no calling up and we risk putting in a man's work, so to signal the aggressive toes only on the players to make poison and estimation. He did exactly that. Home to form if you want to fight for them and execute situations seeing the highlight of this two-point conversion that put the Giants up 2120 please go find it because the second. These guys got off the field. They mama bride table with a sterling shepherd that nearly knocked them over with a bear hug grab theme embraces them just like screaming at him to think Barclay same thing. They were so thrilled that Dave ball trusted them enough to allow players. We don't mind if you go for to go for it on fourth down work sometimes just to know that our coaches believe in us enough and they want the wind that badly that they're willing to take this massive risk that wasn't quite over. It was a glide over because of these games on Sunday with the kicking and everything else you mean it just, you know, there was still time of the clock and ride to now put them in field-goal position will snap his clean.

Click on its way. I will sign up for winter leader delivers tough is not easy 20 times of the fill and understand but try to prepare the best Jim along with the other coaches on staff and that's what one of the players to build will take the good with the bad will be plenty better understand output so a lot of confidence in our players Friday ball said he was going to be aggressive. He stuck to that that's what you signed up for when you are a leader. He also reamed out his quarterback. Following that end zone interception Daniel Jones got an ear full of you could relapse. There were some choice words that we can use on the radio and yet Jones was the wind out there with the ball in his hands and and Dave always coach them through in that last drive is been very clear And be aggressive in those situations and give us a chance to touch. So I was apprised of any of us were surprised by little corsairs's thrill of victory and there's the agony of defeat and honestly I think a lot of people may forget the Titans were even in the playoffs last year with those. Was it three Ryan Tate Hill interception that doomed them didn't ASAP.

Joe Breaux 9×8 or 9.99 times and was not and then they have all these takeaways, but what they have all these turnovers from 10 Hilda County gives the big game right back to the Bengals and was brutal. And here we go. We got Tina Hill is essentially a dead man walking her income, but if you will because Malika Willis is waiting in the wings and so this is a tough way to start. It's not the end of the season by any means, but it's painful to be sure you want to give them a lot of credit that we went flat and we were able to get anything going there in the second half and I just think you know it's it's all it's it's everything in our execution for down there. They have some good place and we were able to convert the red zone and that you defensively just couldn't stop the wrong warned you again and that's much more you lose not know because you missed a field goal at the game. It's a lot of things up, up to the overconfident about it. I feel like we have opportunities some stuff that we were trying to hurt you know. Justice inconsistent and didn't take advantage of some of those opportunities when they rose I don't get as we feel it's a good manager. Please whenever you get the opportunity to talk.

Sure, lots so the Tennessee Titans are oh and the wind and the Giants joined to others. In the end of the East to start out with a win Eagles commanders giant. Wow, Dallas Cowboys nope, and I got a major problem on their hands with Jack Prescott and his fractured not the only team that is waiting with baited breath to hear an injury report or two coming up on Monday will explain why in Pittsburgh. They also that feeling of trepidation.

It's after hours with Amy. You can find me on twitter a lot radio. Are you overreacting of course you are. How are you overreacting on this Monday morning. Also on her Facebook page you are listening to the after-hours podcast witness to the left side and saw that's Thomas Richard Mayfield understood that to throw Pakistan somebody throwers with the Lawrence CBS sports radio ADR rounds they drafted him in the foreground and a balance due because he has a Canon for a leg or something along those lines he would fix first six in Charlotte against the Panthers in his debut and honestly the moxie remind me that Evan Pearson of the Bengals the year before Corson and all of his confidence and not to mention the impact he had on the team instantly while Katie Yorke has already proven to be his well proven that he's worth its weight in gold right because the Browns wanted this game badly miles Gary did his part in Charlotte with the two stacks of old friend Baker Mayfield.

We had cream hunt with a touchdown through the air and touched down on the ground and the Browns seemingly had this one in the bag until they didn't that after hours with Amy CBS sports radio early on. This was no contest.

Seriously, I almost felt like they were supposed to stop the fight. Six total yards for the Panthers in the first quarter. Baker fumbled twice, though he did recover both times. Actually, over the course of the game, but her fingers was a major problem Baker butter fingers. He dropped the ball four times, but the Panthers recovered all four times the partly that getting to know your center getting used to snap counts and formations and yada yada yada man dodging bullets left and right. Still no Carol I didn't even have 100 yards of offense in the first half. Baker has an interception and Cleveland scores on 3 Straight Dr. that second quarter and is leading by double figures of the half. So this Baker revenge game felt like it was a fizzle until he finds a rhythm.

The Panthers get some momentum late third-quarter. He's got a rushing touchdown in which his spike, not really. Despite his is Chuck Chuck a big time home run hitter will backflip or bat shock that was Baker.

He just threw the ball with all his might.

Right at the back. The back wall behind the goalposts and nearly took off the head of the security guard the 75 yard strike to Robbie Anderson and another field goal drive and all of a sudden the Panthers are in front by a point here. Those calls on Panthers radio by Jacoby percent is limitations to be sure he did get them into field-goal range or at least Katie Yorke's field goal range 858 yarder by the rookie 646 in his first game, but this was his welcome to the NFL moment, as the Browns get the win. I am writing it.

Realizing is going to stop watching. And, just as you said don't celebrate textbook hours will be different so you is all their bows, where a fist partner to someone I know lots of yelling 60 minute game players to team so just about logistics to plan and find ways to keep making plays a critical moment for me.

Just think about Schwartz's third daughter Nona lauded her job protection and run the ball as those opportunities to make those places in this little boy don't the first win for the Cleveland Browns in their season opener since 2004, 2004, while Browns fans you have suffered a time that may be a overstatement, but wow, it's not just based on the season opener, obviously. But since 2004, Baker was a roller coaster ride. To be sure. So what did it feel like finally to get this game against the Browns out of the way the Super Bowl this 60 more games swivels mental February beginning of September so what anticipation but the flesh is better when I'm tied pretty. I miss something. Did anybody make this out to the Super Bowl Browns and Panthers Super Bowl is a bit of a stretch. Maybe that's Baker's overreaction to week number one that after hours with a tear in CBS sports radio.

He did take responsibility for the loss, but there certainly are to be some growing pains and they did look much better toward the end, mistakes of mistakes in the first offense sure balls around Sanchez mischaracterization just disappointed because the things that we know we can do for so the ones that you think about your phone to fixable so we are off and running with the Browns. Jacoby reset the Panthers and Baker Mayfield and of course the AFC North no shortage of dramas after hours with Amy CBS Steelers at Bengals. I'll tell you what my overreaction is to week number one. Even as I'm asking for yours so find me on twitter a lot radio or on her Facebook page and we've gotten to a few, but will sift through more of them on our Monday night show my overreaction quote unquote the Bengals offense of line still sucks. My God, what was that Jonesboro was under siege most of the game. Now he was on him was a pick six to Minka Fitzpatrick on the very first play of his offense and play the game. He is five turnovers five turnovers in an he gets sacked over and over and over and over and over again. So yes that's my overreaction seven facts and five turnovers and the offense of line is no better than it was Steelers have a big lead Bengals come back we seen them do this before crazy moment at the end of regulation, where the point after attempt is blocked again by Minka Fitzpatrick so Jabar Chase gets in the end zone. The Bengals think they wanted, but the PAT is blocked until they go into overtime takers.

Ms. field goal in overtime length is all about the laces another with a backup snapper for the Bengals so it was a rough day for Evan McPherson Boswell he misses from what was it 55 yards of the like that and so ultimately he gets an opportunity at redemption is on its way to Florida since you would look into the development obviously forgetting both sides man always is when you see North always good to come down here get it done today even say that again it always is in the AFC North Mr. Minsky just signed 200 yards, he does have a touchdown Steelers offense sputtered. Let's be out of this was a lot about the defense.

As I pointed out, but also just that the playmakers 14 tackles for Minka Fitzpatrick, plus the pick six.

The black one after attempt.

Here are the major concerns though not G Harris left with a foot injury. There is speculation it could be Liz Frank and he liked TJ Watt walked off the field saying I tore my pack. I tore my pack and that is what the Steelers fear we will wait for that injury. News from Pittsburgh plus the Jack Prescott surgery will fit through week one after Monday night football.

It's after hours on CBS sports radio

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