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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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September 13, 2022 6:13 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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September 13, 2022 6:13 am

Russell Wilson returns to Seattle on MNF | Nathaniel Hackett makes a... questionable decision | TD of the Week.

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Hearing Aaron spell out R-E-L-A-X again reminds me of a snippet that I heard from him after they got crushed by the Vikings on Sunday. He actually joked that at least they had four more points than they did in last year's season opener.

I swear, I don't think we used that last night on the show, but he did. He made a joke about how at least we had four more points than last year's season opener when they only scored three points against the Saints in Jacksonville. I mean, is it too soon? Might be too soon, Aaron Rodgers. Too soon for all those Packers fans that felt like you sold them a bill of goods about how there would be no other contenders in the NFC North. I was told that with Aaron Rodgers as the quarterback, the rest of the North was irrelevant. At least we scored four more points than last year's season opener. He finds himself humorous, but this entire hour will have nothing to do with Aaron Rodgers.

That was it. We're done with Aaron Rodgers. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I will say this, though, come next Saturday, well, come Saturday next weekend, I will be in Green Bay. Green Bay, well, I'll be in Wisconsin, the Appleton area first, spending Saturday with family. First time I've been back in Wisconsin since we lost Grammy Helen and actually the first time in my entire life that I've ever been to Wisconsin without Grammy Helen. It's going to be, it's going to be different for sure, but on Sunday I'll be in Green Bay where I'll be hosting our show for Sunday night and Monday night of next week, and I'm also going to be at the Bears Packers game at Lambeau Field on Sunday night, so that'll be interesting to see how the Packers respond to what was an anemic performance offensively in their first game. Just, it's not unfamiliar, I suppose, but they're searching for a bit of a new identity as well with all the changes for them specifically in their receiving corps, and he made the point that they need to get Aaron Jones and AJ Dylan Moore touches, which is absolutely the case, so I wouldn't expect them to get crushed by the Bears, but what do I know? I said it just before the top of the hour, I've said it multiple times on this show, in light of what happened on Monday Night Football in Seattle, when we make predictions, the NFL laughs in our face. It's after hours on CBS Sports Radio. On this Tuesday morning now, we are in the shadow of week number one. It's done, it's gone, but it's certainly not buried. We're live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

When you need cash out of your home and a simple way to get it, Rocket can. I made this point on my CBS Sports Minute. Nathaniel Hackett's not new to the offensive side of the ball in the NFL, nor is Russell Wilson. Neither one of them called a timeout until it was really too little too late. 20 seconds left on the clock. They had three timeouts in the final minute against Seattle. They were trailing by a point. They looked disorganized.

It was a mess really from start to finish when you consider penalties and the fact that they were so bad in the red zone and then the clock management or lack thereof at the end of the game. But at the CBS Sports Minute that I just recorded a little while ago that some of you will hear soon enough, I capped it with, hey, when you're an offensive coordinator, you don't have to face the music. Now that you're a head coach, you're the one that has to pull on your big boy pants and go to the podium and answer all the questions. There's no hiding when you're the head coach. And that's why head coaches make so much more money than coordinators do, because they are the ones who have to deal with the media and they're the ones that generally get all the responsibility. The buck stops with them and that's a new and relatively unfamiliar position for Hackett. And boy are there plenty of questions after what happened last night in Seattle.

We can start at the beginning though for those of you who are waking up early on this Tuesday morning, maybe you didn't watch or didn't see it. Maybe you didn't hear the fact that Russell Wilson got booed and I did see reports on social media. I don't know that it's true or not because I didn't see it myself, but there were reports that fans were throwing things at him as he came out of the tunnel with the Denver Broncos. But yes, a lot of booing. I was stunned by that. I have no idea how Seattle Seahawks fans, especially over the last 10 years, who enjoyed being relevant, being division champions, being NFC champions twice, and winning a Super Bowl, how you boo your Pro Bowl quarterback, who gave you 10 years of his life and some of the best years of his career.

But that's just me. The fans were riled up. It was raucous. It was the 12th man. So don't tell the Seahawks or their fans they're supposed to stink and finish dead last in the NFC West because they're not having it.

They think you're full of it when you say that. And they put their best foot forward. Immediately in that first half, we got to see that they were ready to play and this was not going to be a walkover. It's third down in two. Seattle game opening drive at the Denver 38.

There's the belt I snapped. Dropping back three. Running back.

Black now getting away from traffic as Snokey throws. Let's call for a 20. Open to the 10. Running on the numbers of five. Into the end zone. Touchdown Seattle. 38-yard touchdown pass. And the Evasive quarterback Geno Smith was hit. He escaped.

He was slippery. And he threw to his open tight end. Disley got it. And he's in for six for Seattle. Second down six.

Denver 25. The Seattle quarterback gets the shotgun snap. There's a pass. Over the shoulder catch by line. Touchdown. Tight end Colby Parkinson beating two defenders. Geno Smith has thrown his second touchdown pass tonight for Seattle. A 25-yard strike and the Seahawks go up 16 to 10 just before halftime.

He was slippery. The great Kevin Harlan on Westwood won who yeah along with Kurt Warner were kind of amazed. I think everybody was watching the way that this Seahawks offense performed in the first half. You could point to the Denver defense. You could say that Nathaniel Hackett didn't use a lot of his starters during the preseason. All of that might be true but there may also be some truth to the fact that Pete Carroll and the Seahawks really wanted to win this game and Geno Smith is a veteran QB himself. He had time in the Seahawks system and Pete Carroll told us all of the preseason and training camp that it was Geno's job that Geno had beaten Drew Locke and that Geno earned that starting nod.

His first season opener in which he started since 2014. In the first half he completes passes to eight different teammates. So eight different Seahawks had receptions plus Rashad Penny was already over 50 yards rushing.

Geno himself only misfired on one ball 17 of 18 for 164 yards and those touchdowns that you heard. Now Russell Wilson did connect on one long pass with Jerry Judy and so the Broncos got on the board with that one touchdown but already at the break Denver had seven penalties for 71 yards and that would continue that lack of discipline. Really they were an undisciplined mess that would continue through the second half as would the red zone woes for the Broncos. Third quarter their opening drive they fumble on their fifth snap inside the 11. Five snaps inside the 11 yard line not only do they not punch it in but Melvin Gordon from shotgun from shotgun you're in shotgun on the one yard line forget the one yard line then you might as well call it a first and goal with the five. Anyway they're on the one yard line they line up in shotgun and as Gordon takes the hand off from Russell Wilson he fumbles he gets hit he fumbles that's the opening drive of the third quarter. Later in the third quarter Denver's on the one yard line again also once again in the shotgun formation. Third and goal inside the one Wilson puts over the defense gets the snap hands off Williams runs into his own blocker fumbled the ball rolls into the end zone recovered by Seattle recovered by Seattle in the end zone. Can you believe it? Was that friendly fire runs into his own guy at least Melvin Gordon got hit by a Seahawk he runs into his own guy and drops the football.

Crazy stuff from the category and you can't make this stuff up. So it's still 17-13 after three quarters it's worth noting that the Seahawks did not score in the second half. On the first drive of the fourth quarter yet another red zone opportunity seven snaps inside the 16 yard line I think it was four incomplete passes and a false start so at least they didn't fumble the ball but four incomplete passes and a false start inside the red zone so they settled for a field goal it wasn't a 64 yarder 17-16 that is the score and after a three and out by Seattle Denver gets the ball back and this is what everybody showed up for right Russell Wilson how many times has he led late game comebacks how many times has the ball been in Russ's hands and he's been directing the Seahawks dramatic finishes he's good at that he's been good at that he's got a flair for the dramatic it's all built to this final Denver possession as I was listening to Kevin Harlan and Kurt Warner Kurt is geeked up about it Denver gets the ball back with four minutes to go and they don't get a whole lot of yardage they move to the Denver 45 it's a third and 14 Javonte Williams picks up nine which puts them a little over midfield over midfield with a fourth and five and as they seemingly are trying to plot their next move the clock keeps ticking and ticking and ticking and ticking if you're watching the Monday night Mannings paint about came out of his skin because he couldn't believe they didn't call a time out he he was speechless Eli Manning kept saying oh they're gonna call a timeout they're gonna timeout oh they're not gonna call a timeout now they call a timeout the clock gets all the way down to 20 seconds 41 seconds tick off the clock before they use their first timeout and you know what they use the timeout for to set up a 64-yard field goal Brandon McManus who's got a strong leg had never made a field goal longer than 62. 64 is asking a lot of anybody even say Kate York it would have been the second longest field goal in NFL history he misses on his initial attempt which didn't count because Seattle calls the time out and yet still instead of having your 258 million dollar quarterback with the ball in his hands fourth and five 20 seconds to go pick up a first down you get closer it's not a 64-yard kick nah why don't we go ahead and kick the field goal 64-yard field goal for McManus will be the try and 20 seconds remain it's fourth and five at the 45 of the Seahawks for Denver trailing by one and maybe this is the right call but this is anticlimactic like I want Russell Wilson out there on fourth down to either make it or miss it to determine who wins this football game McManus has a huge leg and maybe you just say hey the odds are more in our favor to get this kick but holy cow his career long is 61 there is no wind on a 66 degree night a 64-yard field goal tried by Denver to take the lead ball put down right footed kick is away and it is no good wide left and the sideline erupts for Seattle 15 seconds to go they'll take over the ball and the kick had the distance I wasn't speechless earlier I was just told not to speak right now I'm speechless I can't believe they took the ball out of Russell Wilson's hands to kick a 64-yard field goal to try to win this game and he wasn't the only one he wasn't the only one even though Russell Wilson backed his head coach Pete Carroll were you surprised by the decision to go for a 64-yard field goal instead of give the ball to a quarterback that you know oh so well they could have won it wasn't that far off he kicked it far enough did he it was far enough to go yeah and uh um yeah I was surprised I wasn't thinking that we were all planned up and ready to win a game on fourth down they were ready for fourth and five is it possible I'm gonna assume that it is actually true that Pete Carroll has more faith in Russell Wilson than Nathaniel Hackett does or is it possible that Pete Carroll knows more about Russell Wilson than Nathaniel Hackett does oh my gosh and then I I will give Russ credit for towing the company line but come on man you are a quarterback who believes in yourself and your skills you tell us that all the time and yet you think it was the right idea to go for a field goal from 64 yards instead of let you try on fourth and five we said you know where can you make it from tonight and he said 46 left hash I think we were on the 46 right 46 left hash that was before the drive and we got it we got it there unfortunately it didn't go in I think he has a leg for it for sure you know just went a little left I believe in coach hack I believe in what we're doing you know and believe in everything you know anytime you can try to find a way to make a play on fourth and five that's great too but also we I think we I don't think it was the wrong decision you know I think he can make it obviously we in hindsight you know we didn't make it but we're in that situation again I wouldn't doubt whatever he decided you wouldn't I would also did anybody from the Broncos watch how bad the kicking was in week number one anybody did that I don't know if that matters at all but there were some abysmal kicking performances I mean rough there were games that hung in the balance on kicks there were games that were lost in the end because kicks were not made or blocked or yada yada yada it was a roller coaster ride for special teams in week number one and yet somehow even after he missed on the initial attempt Nathaniel Hackett thought was thought that was better than his quarterback I don't know if I'm Russell Wilson I might get offended what did Nathaniel Hackett have to say about the kick instead of the fourth and five and about the 30 plus seconds that came off the clock before they used their first time out what do you think they were saving them for time out in the postgame locker room for people to get a snack time out to let Russell Wilson walk off the field so he could get booed again by the crowd good thing you maybe he doesn't know as the first time head coach that you don't get to carry those over to week number two maybe that's what he thinks he's learning on the job learning on the job all right you'll hear from Nathaniel you'll hear from Nathaniel Hackett the man on the hot seat welcome to the NFL coach it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the After Hours podcast here we go from 64 to try to take the lead with 20 seconds left McManus off the left hash this thing is going to be no good it could have been long enough but it was just to the left of the upright and the Seahawks are going to win their opener this is After Hours with Amy Lawrence we heard what Russell Wilson had to say about going for a 64-yard field goal instead of allowing him and the Broncos office to stay on the field to convert a fourth and five or at least try now I certainly understand that they were brutal in close and late situations or actually up just short goal line situations they were really bad we talked about their red zone woes so I understand if Hackett wanted to tell us that he didn't think his offense could get five yards okay maybe there's that Russell Wilson though said he would trust Nathaniel Hackett well coach welcome to the podium why allow your kicker to go for a 64-yard boot instead of allowing the offense to try a fourth and five okay Brandon gave it his best shot I mean that's a long field goal to hit I think he's completely capable of that but obviously I wish we would have gotten a lot closer but it put us in that weird spot there because we were in the field goal range but we were on that fourth down situation didn't think we were going to get that many yards so I thought it was a great job by Javonte and we just made the decision we want to take our shot there on that one Javonte Williams got them nine yards on the third down remember was third and 14 he got them nine yards so then it almost sounds like Hackett was unsure they were in no man's land then and so and so instead of going forward on fourth down because you're obviously in four down territory in the final minute then he thinks oh well maybe we can make this kick ultimately though he didn't trust his offense and also by the time they let all that what was it 30 seconds tick off the clock they didn't really have as much time as maybe they needed you probably had 20 seconds left let's say you you run a fourth down play usually a run play but but fourth and five is a little longer than than quarterback sneak situation uh Tom Brady would totally try it but let's just say you run a play seven eight seconds then you're down to what 12 13 seconds you have time for maybe one more play before you but they also had two more time outs though that's the crazy part they could have stopped the clock after two more snaps and would have had an opportunity to set up their their field goal team oh the whole thing was a mess and it really was a lot messier because after they got those nine yards on third down it sounded like Nathaniel Hackett was surprised didn't expect that and then was kind of unprepared for what to do next and so they all kind of stand around they look at each other I gotta say that this is on Russell Wilson too Russ is a veteran quarterback you're number 11 we see quarterbacks call timeouts all the time and they had three of them we see Aaron Rodgers do it Peyton Manning's done it Tom Brady quarterbacks call timeout all the time when they're not ready at the line or when they don't like what they see at the line and so this is also on Russ but coach Hackett why no timeout after the third downplay we have no excuses you know that's what we preach we got to be sure that we you know get the get the play in and get it called and get those guys rolling I know it was it was definitely loud but again that's no excuse we got to be better Peyton Manning obviously a Super Bowl winning quarterback in Denver during his time there and Eli Manning were part of the Monday night Mannings and Shannon Sharp the Hall of Fame tight end happened to be with them during the fourth quarter and their reaction as the time is ticking off the clock is is priceless we got three timeouts see I might use one right here let's use one let's talk about this one let's talk about this one they're gonna try to draw they can try to draw them off sides might try to draw them off sides he you don't have that much well you don't want to waste that much time I don't think yeah I think we I think we should call time out now they look unsettled Sutton doesn't know what he's doing so you just burned 30 seconds to call a timeout you hear Shannon Sharp say so you just burned 30 seconds and called a timeout anyway that's what you did you just burned 30 seconds to call a timeout yeah you just wasted 30 seconds Nathaniel Hackett certainly has a learning curve as a first time head coach but come on man you've been on the offensive side of the ball in the league for years and your father was a coach too so I don't know if there's an excuse there first time head coach it wasn't just that they were brutal in the red zone Denver had a dozen penalties for 106 yards this really was undisciplined and they were unprepared and that final minute just underscores that by the way as Shannon Sharp and Eli are talking through the as the the seconds are ticking off the clock and they're talking back and forth if you haven't seen it the video is there on Twitter it's easy to find Peyton has got both of his hands pressed to either side of his head and he's look he's just looking incredulous at the fact that all this time is going off the clock he's actually speechless Peyton Manning is speechless and he's he's waiting for them to call a timeout and it doesn't happen until it's obviously far too late the look on his face he does not have a poker face it is fantastic it unless of course you're a Broncos fan and then it's not so fantastic but his face said it all it really did hey guys check it out just made my first TikTok oh we better check his TikTok and see whether or not he's uh got some choice reaction to the way the Broncos to the way the Broncos botched the final minute or so and of course the time in the red zone plus the penalties really quickly before we get to our update in case you don't remember uh when Russell Wilson was traded from Seattle to Denver there were multiple players that went to the Pacific Northwest Drew Locke one of those as a quarterback Noah Fant the tight end who was featured in last night's game and Shelby Harris a defensive lineman who was a starter for the Broncos and got sent to Seattle in this deal James Palmer of NFL Network caught up with a very animated Shelby on the field following the Seahawks win Shelby you're part of this trade and I know all the talk in this heading into this game was about Russell Wilson and about him coming back when you heard the Geno Smith chants you heard what was going on in this building what kind of statement is this for this team it's a one and oh statement you know I mean we come out here everybody doubted us and everyone made this about Russ you feel me we made this about the Seattle Seahawks come out here you know play good ball before quarters come out the w nobody expected us to win except us it's always going to be us the defensive line made a statement in the red zone talk about the statement you guys made causing multiple fumbles inside the fire well that's what happens when you trade one of your D linemen to the other team we sit here and make plays all of us that's what happens when you get two goal line stops right there a win can't draw it up any better than that man last one is is a negative though Jamal Adams going down for you guys as a defense how big of a loss is that for you guys it's a huge loss and we're gonna do this for him you know we are he was very integral part of our defense and you know we have to go out there and grind and get this done for him you know we'll figure out other stuff other stuff out later but you know we're gonna join this one and oh today you know we gotta come around and play San Fernando a short week but hey this is football baby last one i have for i was standing on the sideline watching you go absolutely insane how much did this mean to you personally all i have to say is let's ride okay so let's ride of course is Russell Wilson's thing let's ride even his own teammates make fun of all the different promo videos he did recording let's ride broncos nation let's ride and so it i mean it's just what happens when uh you turn well when you return to your former team your former uh stadium and not only are the fans booing you but there's a bunch of players there that are just tired of hearing about your glorious return and how it's going to go so horribly wrong for them uh so that interview with Shelby Harris James Palmer of NFL Network just a minute and 20 but boy did he pack a lot into it and he asked about Jamal Adams he was carted off in the second quarter and according to Pete Carroll after the game he's got a serious quad injury so we'll wait to hear about that more about that coming up on Wednesday because today's Tuesday can you believe it today's already Tuesday up and Adam peeps up and Adam now we still got your candidates for TD of the week we've got our defensive player of the week and we'll give you the latest on with the serious injuries that we were kind of waiting for the the prognosis to come on Monday yeah there's always the downside of a great football weekend it's after hours with Amy Lawrence you are listening to the after hours podcast it's a touchdown tuesday on after hours touchdown to cast your vote for the td of the week head to at after hours cbs on twitter or give us a call at eight five five two one two four two two seven the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Brady will go under center first and goal from the five ball resting in between the hash marks here's the snap Brady back lobs it left corner from Mike Evans oh one-handed grab Mike Evans makes the catch touchdown Tampa Bay Tom Brady puts it in the air and Mike Evans reaching up snatches it down with one hand the Buccaneers add to their lead the Minnesota Vikings play action Kirk back to pass he'll throw right look at that Jefferson uncovered 20 15 10 dances to the right to the five dives through the end zone touchdown and JJ is killing them again the new orleans saints first and goal for the saints snap to winston throws to the end zone and that is going to be a touchdown left side welcome back number 13 Mike Thomas his first touchdown since 2019 the Chicago Bears stunt picked up up front eric armstead being shoved out of the way circling out of it pivoting to set up a throw wide open near center set up a throw wide open near side pass is caught there's Pettis to the 20 to the 15 to the 10 to the end zone wow Justin Fields to a wide open Dante Pettis wow there are some great candidates and it's really hard to narrow it down to four but for the purposes of twitter and twitter poll and efficiency we selected four TDs from the very first week of the NFL season you hear Ryan Radke and Mike Golick on Westwood won Sunday Night Football Tom Brady to a one-handed well it's a one-handed grab he's got a second hand but Mike Evans with a flare for the dramatic and a one-handed twisting grab in the end zone Paul Allen on Vikings radio Justin Jefferson torching the Green Bay Packers Saints radio welcome back to Mike Thomas first game since the late stages actually week 14 of 2020 and then Jeff Joniak on Bears radio this might be my favorite play one of my favorite plays of the entire weekend Justin Fields eluding pressure keeping his head up going cross body and cross field to Dante Pettis who is all alone as the Bears score 19 unanswered points to rally past these San Francisco 49ers you can vote on twitter a law radio or on our show twitter after our cbs the poll is pinned to the shop the shop I can't help it this is what happens on a Tuesday morning in football season it's pinned to the top of our show twitter or it's on our Facebook page and we always take your write-in votes in fact I've seen a write-in vote for one of the most dynamic defensive plays of week one shotgun this time with a protector for burrow wide side to his right he gets the snap he wants to throw it late rush he throws it down the field intercepted at the 30 25 20 Menka Fitzpatrick goes into the end zone for the Pittsburgh well we got a marker down on the play so hold on oh sweet Marie what a play by Menka Fitzpatrick Menka was everywhere in this game against the bangles and for that he is our defensive player of the week sponsored by the navy federal credit union who proudly serves the armed forces dod veterans and their families their members are the mission learn more at navy federal dot org on the first pass of the game from Joe burrow Menka Fitzpatrick picks it off and takes it back for a touchdown so he has a pick six to go along with 14 tackles and he's the one who blocked the point after attempt by Evan McPherson with no time left on the clock in regulation if not for his block the bangles come all the way back and win this game because it was a chip shot it was a PAT and Evan McPherson certainly has that on his resume and his repertoire but because of that blocked PAT the Steelers end up having multiple opportunities in overtime so adventures in kicking all over the place and yet still for some reason Nathaniel Hackett thought it was a good idea to try out his kicker for a 64-yard attempt huh no place to go but up apparently for those teams that made dubious decisions and poor clock management and did not win on kicks you can vote again for TD of the week on our show twitter after hours cbs or on our facebook page and we actually have a new feature we're going to introduce coming up this week before we get to week two and kick off week two because we don't feel like it's fair to only highlight the exploits of the offenses because you know defense wins championships at all it's after hours here on CBS sports radio we knew that the news about Dec Prescott would lead to surgery so the fractured thumb he had the surgery on Monday and the timeline right now is six to eight weeks before he can return he told us on Sunday night he couldn't grip the football he told us that he wasn't able to throw it obviously because he couldn't get a handle on it and we've heard about these injuries before in fact Russell Wilson dealt with this last year and came back way too quickly it wasn't his thumb though was it producer jay it was his middle finger it was his middle finger the tip of the top tip of his middle finger right but he couldn't grip the football and it was pretty evident because his accuracy was gone for the few weeks uh after he first got back mike mccarthy had to of course talk about it with his team get his team try to point in the right direction as they face now a month and a half maybe two months without dak stick to the journey i mean our theme this year is resilience we we knew that we were going to have challenges you can't get to where you want to go without them um and we got a bunch in week one so you know we're just uh we're just charging forward i mean i i really like the energy and the communication in the meetings today with the players so uh they just anything they ask me is just keep believing in us and i do believe them you know i love our locker room i think we got the definitely got the right people um we need to be better than we were yesterday we we recognize that so i could tell you they they their work ethic is extremely high uh the belief and understanding is very high we we need to perform better i gotta perform better so that's where we are we spent a good portion of our sunday night into monday morning show fielding your overreactions let me just tell you 75 percent of them had to do with the dallas cowboys omg the people who of course are cowboys fans who are whether or not they're they're believers in dak are devastated because you're talking eight weeks here where you don't have your starting quarterback and your offense is already searching for a new identity the offensive lines in transition your receiving corps has cd lamb and a bunch of other guys and and so he needed to be the stabilizing force and the driving force of that offense until they could get comfortable and find an identity but that's not going to happen now i would say the positive is and mike mccarthy talks about resilience and how they're not going to panic they're going to keep moving forward it's likely that the nfc east will still be up for grabs if we know anything about this division you you don't generally see a team run away with it unless it happens to be dallas right so dallas last year had a pretty healthy lead in the division even when they weren't playing well later in the year they were managing to maintain that the eagles looked good in week number one they've got pretty high expectations because of the moves they made in the off season but still it's the nfc east and it's the soap opera of the nfl and usually there aren't there aren't major separations until well if at all but until much later in the season and even then it seems like this division is always because of the the rivalries and because you don't have at least right now you don't have a team that is expected to be a super bowl contender or is an odds-on favorite even when he gets back i mean it might be early november still there's a long way to go after that half the season remains i hate it for dak it sucks for dak personally for all those people piling on the dallas cowboys it's easy to do right now kick them when they're down but this division is likely to still be up for grabs and up for the taking come mid-november even it's after hours on cbs sports radio now it's a different story for the afc north right these teams are going to batter and bruise one another but how long can the steelers go without the defensive player of the year in tj watt without him everything looks different everything opponents can't afford to put one guy across the line from him to block him with one guy sometimes it's two or three even which frees other guys up offenses are scheming for tj watt he's a load and he's powerful and he's fast he's a leaper and he's looking for a second and third opinion on his torn pec muscle hoping i'm sure to avoid surgery desperately hoping that he'll get a doctor to tell him that he doesn't need surgery and regardless he's not going to play for probably a couple months we'll see so it's the the job of malik reid who who now morphs into an outside linebacker to step up in place of tj i'm ready for sure um i said the past three years that's been pretty much you know how i've gotten a lot of opportunity earlier on so i'm definitely ready for it and ready to embrace it i feel like being me you know what i mean like i feel like i've been able to to play the game at a at a high level when my number was called and so i'm just looking to come in and be me i feel like that's a wild route here so i'm just looking forward to it malik didn't even join the steelers until a couple days before the regular season kicked off and now he's kind of thrust into the starting role but he does have starting experience he spent several years with the broncos and started 34 times in denver now it's impossible to replace tj watt that's not happening but it is going to be his job to make well to make the transition but also to wreak as much havoc as he possibly can uh todd bull says the injury to chris godwin is not serious they were fearing a serious hamstring injury for the the bucks receiver doesn't believe that that's going to be serious and oh before i move on from the steelers naji harris apparently just tweaked his foot and is expected to be on the field in week number two uh san francisco 49ers running back elijah mitchell is out for two months with a sprained mcl and then there was one more injury oh defensive end derek barnett tore his acl for the eagles all right we're back tonight it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio boom you
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