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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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September 14, 2022 6:08 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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September 14, 2022 6:08 am

An MLB whiparound as things get tense | Broncos head coach says he was wrong | NFL injury update.

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I might have just gotten myself into trouble, but I don't think so.

I don't know. I made producer Jay come in here and read what I posted on our Facebook page. I was responding to a question that did not get asked. Kind of surprised that producer Jay didn't ask me this question on the air. Anyway, I do go back.

My point in saying all of that is I don't think that I crossed any lines or that I was offensive in any way. I was very careful in how I phrased my answer, but I do go back and I respond to many of your questions on Twitter or on Facebook separately because I recognize that Jay cannot get to all of them. We specifically limit it to a segment where there's a hard out, meaning we are forced to stop talking at a particular time so that we don't get to all your questions. We save some of the best ones for our video versions of Ask Amy Anything. We'll do another one of those coming up before the fall expires, probably sometime in October since that's one of my favorite months of the year. So you can always send your questions to our show Twitter.

After our CBS, producer Jay keeps track of those and then on our Facebook page too, as I say, I'm trying to go back and answer some of them. I knew that I was going to get a sarcastic response or a nasty response about the Cleveland logo too because of course you can't make any jokes about the Cleveland Browns because fans always get upset. Brian would like us to know it's not a new logo for the Browns. They've had the elf since the 50s with Paul Brown and Jim Brown. I knew that, but it's new on the field. Thank you, Brian.

He says Art Modell tried getting rid of the logo back in the late 80s and 90s. Not supposed to strike fear, but bring good luck. Oh, but wait, I missed a part. Not supposed to strike fear like you sarcastically stated. I'm telling you Cleveland fans, some of you are the, you get your panties in a wad and you get more upset about the dumbest stuff.

Not all of you, but some of you, you just are defensive so quickly. Brian, thank you for the information. I said it's not my logo. It's not my team. So if the fans like it, good. I'm so glad. And yes, I did know that it's not something new.

It's just new on the field. I appreciate that. You are very kind to set the record straight, sarcastically stated. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. My gosh, every single time I talk about Cleveland, someone sends me a message, you hate Cleveland. We're in Cleveland.

Nothing is easy here. Actually, I think I don't hate Cleveland. A lot of you hate Cleveland and you're from Cleveland. I actually, my first baseball game I ever attended when I was a kid with my grandpa was in Cleveland. I have fond memories of Cleveland being someone who spent, Northeast Ohio is a second home to me. That's where my mom's whole side of the family is from. So pretty familiar with it. My grandparents lived on a street that was half decorated in brown and orange and half decorated in gold and black for the Steelers. You don't wear brown and orange, you don't matter. I can imagine that my grandparents would be rolling over in their graves if they'd heard Freddie Kitchen say that.

But yeah, pretty familiar with all the traditions. I love Northeast Ohio. I will say that.

It's After Hours on CBS Sports Radio. We're live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there.

For home loan solutions that fit your life, Rocket can. Brian, thank you for listening too. It's good to hear from you. The hump show is nearly at an end for us. We've got one hour to go here, but your hump day is just beginning. And once you get through it, week two of the NFL season is on the horizon. So we're going to get to a little bit of that.

Actually, as a precursor to that, I saw this information. This is so crazy. It's crazy numbers. Information about the worth of the top NFL teams and the number of NFL teams that are valued in the top 50 of all pro sports franchises is pretty incredible. So I just want to drop that on you because here we are in week number one in the power of the NFL.

It's already flexing its financial muscles to be sure. And it seems like every time there's controversy or whenever there's a headline that grips us during the off season that is more off the field than on, it just disappears once we get the games underway. And I'm not saying that's a positive thing. I don't think that the game should be the end all to be all, but that is reality. That is how it goes once the games start. And the NFL commissioner and the owners, they bank on that.

They bank on the games themselves, the competition that sucks you in and almost causes everything else to go quiet or to fade away, even an elf on the middle of a field. I couldn't resist. You can find me on Twitter, as Brian did, A Law Radio, also on our Facebook page.

Like I said, I'm very careful. I don't think I offended anyone, but I guess someone will tell me if I did, like Brian did. 855-212-4227, that's 855-212-4CBS is our phone number. I wanted to give you the update on Albert Pujols. He had a single last night, but he did not have home run number 698.

Just saying that is crazy. Home run number 698 will be his next one. We did, however, have home runs from the other guy that we're watching.

That's the judge. Swung on and drilled a deep right field. That ball is high. That is far.

That is gone. Into the Boston bullpen. A judge-ian blast.

The one-on-one. Swung on. There it goes. Deep left field. It is high.

Not as far. That has gone out of the building. Over the high green monster. Over the monster seats.

Out onto lands bone. He is phenomenal. The second home run of the night for the judge.

His 57th of the year and we're all tied at four. And the one-on-one line. There's a base at the right center field. In the alley he'll go all the way to the wall. Three run score.

Florial scores. It is a bases clearing. Three run double for Gleibert Torres. That's John Sterling on Yankees radio and just for people who are Red Sox fans or know Fenway Park it's lands down street but you catch his drift. Aaron Judge goes deep in the sixth and the eighth innings and with his batting average now at 310 he's actually not that far off when it comes to the triple crown numbers. I don't know whether or not he'll catch up to the the batting leaders and batting titles. Not ever something that you would consider with Aaron Judge right but that's why this season is so impressive because he's not just a home run hitter.

He's got all of the tools in his bag. In fact when I went to Yankee Stadium on Saturday he had two hits in the first inning. The Yankees batted around he had two hits in the first inning. Did you know he has got 20 more home runs than the next guy on the list in the majors?

That's insane. That's about like the Dodgers with a 20 and a half game lead over the Padres who are a playoff team in the NL West. Aaron Judge with 57 home runs. Kyle Schwarber is next on the list with 37. Even Mike Trout. Now he missed a bunch of time but he did have home runs at seven straight games.

He's only air quotations he's only got 35. So Judge is sitting on 57 home runs. He already leads the majors with 123 RBI and then if you consider the American League batting leaders he's at 310.

He's fourth place. Nine thousandths of a point behind Luis Arias of the Twins. Then you've got Xander Bogards. Well Luis is at 319. You've got Xander Bogards at 318. Jose Abreu of the White Sox at 312. And then Aaron Judge.

So it's not something I've heard mentioned around Aaron. Nolan Arenado for sure. No Paul Goldschmidt.

Sorry Paul Goldschmidt. The two of them are both dynamic for the Cardinals but Paul Goldschmidt you're hearing the triple crown pursuit with him. But Aaron Judge that's unheard of. He may very well win the MVP though there's still a pretty strong push for Shohei Ohtani as well.

In fact CC Zabathia the former Yankees pitcher actually went on record Tuesday as saying that he thought it should be Shohei Ohtani and not Aaron Judge who wins the American League MVP. Regardless those votes are not cashed yet but with his batting average up to 310 he's at least in the conversation for a triple crown. Aaron Judge is now sitting on 57 home runs but does not want to count the numbers, hear about the numbers, talk about the numbers. If you're checking the numbers you're gonna get caught so I just you know just keep trying to do what I can do and you know the numbers will take care of themselves.

I have a good plan have a good approach do I need to do in the box you know all that other stuff will show up. You know as a kid you know you look up and you see Albert Pulhos hitting 330 every year and consistently putting up the RBI numbers and stuff like that so for me grading the hitter has always been about average you know it might be a little old school but you know can you hit or can you hit. It's kind of like motivation and just all the guys try to do the same thing I mean no homer because we can't do too many homer like hand but maybe really good at bats and couple singles. I love what Gleyber Torres has to say really it's the motivation of Aaron Judge they follow his lead not necessarily the home runs because they don't hit the ball like he does but Gleyber Torres had the big bat in the 10th inning in Boston last night with the it's a basis clearing double that he had in the 10th inning and so now after what was a stretch where they were scuffling to score runs the Yankees have 27 runs in their last three games and while the Blue Jays and the Rays split a double header on Tuesday you've got those teams behind them kind of taking each other out if that makes sense so splitting wins is not going to get anybody closer to the Yankees. The Rays were on quite a tear for a while but then ran into the Blue Jays who right now are just as hot and for that reason they're both prevented from picking up a whole lot of ground in the A.L.E. so as it stands the Yankees lead the Blue Jays by six. The Jays have won seven of their last ten. George Springer had a big home run last night actually this is kind of fun he was busy doing his post game interview when Vlady came calling.

I'm just trying to score the guy from second you know home runs the home run's great but you know it's about the team so I'm just happy to help us win. On Sportsnet you can't see the Gatorade bat but just trust us he got a bath from Vladimir Guerrero Jr. after that so the Blue Jays and the Rays they split. Blue Jays have actually leapfrogged Tampa Bay in the standings they're at six games out the Rays are at six and a half and that's the problem is you you can't split wins you can't go 50-50 the rest of the way and expect to catch the Yankees more than likely and I know they've slumped a bit if I'm not mistaken they're still below 500 since the all-star break but for now they are protecting that lead atop the American League East. In the National League East the World Series champions they're coming again they're within a half game of the New York Mets and we've heard this before we've heard the footfall of the Braves catching up to the Mets now actually the Mets can feel them breathing down their necks and so that's also a race to watch. The the Dodgers though not so much the NL West not so much keep in mind there are three weeks left in the baseball regular season. Freeman leading off in the third Kelly delivers and Freeman with a shot to right center field well hit and it is gone a home run Freddie Freeman into the pool area the Dodgers may not go for a swim but that ball will and the Dodgers take a 3-0 lead. The 1-2 Walker strikes out swinging on a slider down and in and Walker resembled the corkscrew after that swing and that's the fifth strike out of the game for Kershaw the second out of the fourth. Here's a 2-1 line drive caught by the second baseman Taylor the Dodgers shut out Arizona and the Dodgers win their ninth division title in the past 10 years for nothing they beat Arizona the Dodgers now 55 games over 500 this is a season that simply has been one of Dodger domination. It's just a special night man you know I think I said it out there but just the game itself was kind of like our whole season in a nutshell you know Mookie makes an unbelievable play Trey makes an unbelievable play we get big homers from Joey Muncie Freddie and everybody just does a great job and we win the game. It seems fitting that Clayton Kershaw was on the mound for the Dodgers locking up their ninth NL West title in 10 seasons remember last year it went down to the wire with the San Francisco Giants and San Francisco won the division though lost to the Dodgers in was that the divisional round they lost to the Dodgers game five a one nothing game I think it was a Chris Taylor hit or something like that that gave them the winning game five in San Francisco that was a tight series so it won't be the Giants this year the Padres are actually a playoff team but they're 20 and a half games back of the Dodgers so here's my concern about the Dodgers and really I said this about the Yankees earlier in the year when you're on such a torrid pace that no one is pushing you there's no sense of urgency there's no adrenaline there's no pressure really uh you're not feeling that tension in your gut that kind of prepares you for the playoffs the teams that have to play for their postseason lives the final month of the season or you can really apply this to any sport if you remember I mean even going back to 2019 when the Washington Nationals were 12 games below 500 in May they had to fight and scratch and claw and then they faced elimination a dozen different times in the playoffs they were prepared for that because it took them every last bit of the regular season just to earn their their spot in October that's not the case for for these Dodgers and while I know they've got veterans they're like a Freddie Freeman who won the world series last year with the Braves like Clayton Kershaw who tosses the seven scoreless innings last night um like Mookie Betts who won a world series with the Red Sox I mean you've got veterans but nothing else besides a world series championship will do for these guys they've set the bar so high they're at 98 wins already their run differential is 320 they've got the best home and road records in major league baseball anything short of a world series is failure world series is failure and yet they're not playing that kind of baseball over the last month or really the last two months of the season so that's my concern as much as these guys have been through the fire before it's a little bit like the golden state warriors going back to those days when they were trouncing the west and they weren't getting pushed and they would kind of loaf it and and admit that they were bored during the regular season they certainly could find the other gear because they knew what it took to win so let's see if those Dodgers have that same ability to flip the switch that proverbial switch if you will it's after hours here on CBS porch radio you can find me on twitter a law radio also on our facebook page uh trying to go back and answer some of your questions for ask Amy and as always we have the links to our podcast and our guests are podcasted separately I'll tell you about our guest on tonight's show if you missed it earlier plus Nathaniel Hackett an about face by the Denver Broncos rookie head coach and I'm assuming it's not because of the hot takes all over social media that the man should be fired after one game please make me roll my eyes it's after hours on a Wednesday morning good morning to you on CBS porch radio you are listening to the after hours podcast a 64-yard field goal drive by Denver to take the lead ball put down right footed kick is away and it is no good wide left and the sideline erupts for Seattle 15 seconds to go they'll take over I wasn't speechless earlier I was just told not to speak right now I'm speechless I can't believe they took the ball out of Russell Wilson's hands to kick a 64-yard field goal to try to win this game off the field on the money and after hours it's time to talk football with Amy Lawrence well we've heard it over and over you've probably seen it more than once the decision to kick a 64 yard field goal after the Broncos let 41 seconds play off the clock without calling a timeout they were clearly unprepared for a fourth and five situation Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett admitted as much that it caught them off guard when they went from third and 14 to fourth and five and then there was indecision there was a lack of preparation and they didn't know what to do ultimately they did end up trying a 64-yard field goal instead of allowing Russell Wilson and the Broncos offense to try for the first down I think that this was probably the other than Dak Prescott with the fractured thumb the most talked about moment of the entire first week of the regular season it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio that's Kurt Warner and Kevin Harlan on Westwood One now after Money I Football we were here we were breaking it all down we had a guest from Seattle Brandon Kristall on KOA radio in Denver Nathaniel Hackett said very clearly that they had confidence in their kicker and he said they never expected to to pick up as many yards as they did on third down and they weren't prepared for fourth down and without explicitly saying it he didn't think that his offense could get that yardage to be able to convert the first down and get them closer to Brandon McManus's range I mean it was a total disaster they really shot themselves in the foot by not calling the timeout their first of three to try to figure out what they were going to do so the whole thing kind of blew up in his face and there's been a lot of criticism of Nathaniel Hackett because he's a rookie head coach and he was seemingly unprepared now I think it's ridiculous the number of people deeming him a failure saying that he's over his skis that he had this deer in the headlights look now I mean he's son of a coach and he's a longtime offensive coordinator and he earned this job with Denver because he impressed John Elway and George Payton and everything else in that moment he botched it royally and he's now admitted that this wasn't the way that they should have played it in hindsight of course which is 2020 on Tuesday changing his mind about attempting an uber long field goal looking back at it we definitely should have gone for it just not not you know one of those things you look back at it and you say of course we should go for it we missed the field goal but in that situation we had a plan I mean we had a plan we knew that 46 was the mark we were third and 15 I think third and 13 I'm more upset about that play before it to lose yards to be able to you know getting that there would have definitely been better to be able to call that same play and get extra yards I think that when you sit there and say he's we all know he's got a big leg you know he's been kicking for a long time you know and uh wanted to you know give him that opportunity wanted to give him a chance to be able to win the game right there and he had the distance just went a little bit left and it's just one of those things it's unfortunate but that was our plan going into it and you know obviously looking back at it you know if you missed the field goal you're always going to wish you would have gone for it and if you would have gone for it and not gotten it you wish you would have given him a chance now see I don't know that I agree with that I think regardless of whether you go for it and you convert the fourth down or you don't if you trust your quarterback and your offense that's always the better play because the 64-yard field goal is not a high percentage play it's just not and for Brandon McManus in Denver maybe you're a little more confident with the thin air but you're not nearly as confident at it's lumen field now right you're not nearly as confident at lumen field with the 12th man making a ton of noise after he misfires on the first kick coach Hackett said he got it out of his system what no that's that old adage that you use about somebody who's sucking in pre-game warm-ups before basketball and they brick about seven threes in a row and you say oh well get all the misses out of your system that's not actually how it works it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS sports radio so why then let's just like just a circle back one more time we're going to be in the hands of your pro bowl veteran QB we were expecting to go forward on fourth down and then you hit the mark oh wait a minute mark that we had all set before we started to go forward on 46 yards okay 46 yard line was where we wanted to be and we got there so we had to make the decision if we wanted to give it to uh you know Brandon and we did and didn't work sucks but hey that's part of it just imagine really just imagine if you're going to be in the field and didn't work sucks but hey that's part of it just imagine really there's not left to the much left to the imagination but imagine the the chaos that's going on between the sidelines where they're now scrambling to change their mind they changed their minds he said they were going forward on fourth down so if it's fourth and 10 they go for it but not if it's fourth and five if it's fourth and 18 they go for it or i guess if you think about third and 14 which was the snap before let's just say for the sake of argument they got no yards or one yard i'm pretty sure call me crazy but he just said we were planning to go for it on fourth down until they got to the 46 yard mark because that was on the fringes of of McManus range that's crazy they actually changed their minds when they got more yards am i the only one that thinks that's odd they were going to go for it on fourth down and then decided to go for a 64 yard field goal but here here this too is why you have to look at that 30 seconds that ticked off the clock they were so unorganized and they were so unprepared for that moment he admitted as much that they wasted all that time do i think he should be fired no but oh you know what producer j i just had a brilliant idea remember earlier when we played a snippet from mike tomlin he was asked about his young running back jaylen warren who had to step in for naji harris on sunday when naji was knocked out of the game with a foot injury and he said what about jaylen warren you know he didn't urinate down his leg man that's a great place to begin okay guess who did urinate down his leg daniel haggard yes in a manner of speaking i know that's icky and i'm a girl and i don't like to talk about bodily functions on the air but is that i mean he said it first not me is that appropriate i think it is in that moment they waste they botched the clock they wasted all that time and then after planning for a fourth and five they changed their minds actually actually planning for a fourth and 12 or 10 or eight they changed their minds and a fourth and five they take the ball out of his hands i just can't imagine if that was still payton manning which of course payton manning would have said that's not happening we're not going for the kick he would have sent the kicker back to the sidelines so would tom brady you know all of these guys are alpha males aaron rogers can you imagine no he's sending them right back negative goes rider he is saying get the hell off my field is what he's saying and and it just it it was the game one it was week one he did in fact urinate down his leg and that's capable of happening for a young guy yes yes in fact that's absolutely what happened all right really quick tony's been hanging on in idaho tony save me from more of the talk about this big botched mistake what's up oh yeah thank you amy um i love your show thank you god bless your producers why is that because they have to deal with me no yeah exactly gotcha okay good start tony go ahead i know i love you um i can hear that actually wanted to know what your opinion on the so everyone's saying the browns needs to shawn right well it doesn't it's irrelevant why is that it's irrelevant if they need him or not tony tony hold on it's irrelevant if they need him because he's not available till week 12 right right okay that's my point we have so many good players on every good position right okay so why are why is everyone discounting them well i don't know who everyone is i'm sorry i can't answer for everyone i can only answer for me i mean it certainly is not optimal let's be fair to have jacoby rissette as your starter that's that's not what the browns were hoping when they gave to sean watson all this money they were hoping for a shorter suspension because they do believe that he's the one missing piece that quarterback is the missing piece and i think maybe that's where um you feel like those players are getting overlooked but it was a strong performance for the the defense the way that uh they they i mean they had extra incentive facing baker mayfield sunny but the way they hopped on pop they put good pressure on the quarterback they limited the panthers to six six offensive yards in the opening quarter and not even a hundred yards in the first half so there were a lot of positives there kade york i mean that's why they drafted him in the fourth round out of lsu right because the kicker is he's a great revelation a great addition to special team so there are a lot of positives they still have cream hunt he had a pair of touchdowns nick chubb obviously needs to get going there are many good things about the browns but we all know and like no one no one no one's talking about that okay i don't think no one is i think that's overstating it a bit but we know quarterback is the most impactful position on the field and with a poor quarterback performance you can derail all of the other good stuff the browns nearly lost i mean i mean they they nearly lost that's very true okay yeah hey uh come to idaho and get the white water here i would love that um except i kind of feel like you started out this call by insulting me so i don't really know why you're trying to no i didn't mean buttering me up now i'm just teasing i don't care tony doesn't matter yes definitely god bless producer j i say that all the time damn he's not going to get himself out of this is he he's just not even interested in encircling it back no nathaniel hackett for tony all right tony thank you for listening in idaho i'll come visit sometime amma you're welcome did i mishear him or did he just in fact call me ama it might have yeah you think i misheard him no i don't think that god bless producer j i was teasing poor j earlier i mean if he makes five cents an hour i make 10 cents so it's it's it's not like we're either one of us is getting rich in radio but we have someone who's here in the control room training with producer j his name is colton uh he's been helping us get audio and and uh so far has not laughed at even one thing i've said on the air so i'm kind of worried about i'm losing the younger generation he's a stealers fan by the way so anytime we play uh audio from mike tomlin he's got this big grin on his face anyway so we're training colton and by we i mean producer j and i made the joke that he should come work with us colton because i bring gifts for my producers and then i couldn't resist i i said it's because they make about five cents an hour and so i feel as though i need to supplement their income but those but those cute little pumpkins in there they kind of make you feel better right yeah they do they've listed lifted my spirits tremendously yeah maybe we should post a photo of cute little pumpkins the browns have a brand new elf well brand new elf logo on their field we have pumpkins for our mascot here pumpkin never mind you just ruined it you had you had to drop kyrie in and ruin the whole thing you had to didn't you um i'm a dark side embrace it seriously i was having so much fun tonight and you just you and the cleveland guy just ruined it no and the tony guy who just said god plus your producers because they have to work with you do you feel that way j i don't feel that way i don't feel that i don't feel that sentiment kick saving a beauty i love it i didn't put myself under the bus anyway the uh i'm a shill for pumpkin everything in the fall and i know it's not fall but walmart got me because they're selling the cute little pumpkins and gourds and i couldn't i couldn't help it so don't tell producer j i bought a bag of like four of each four of the little mini orange pumpkins and four of the striped gourds and because i can't put them all over my house i had to give him two i need to get rid of a couple i'm gonna display them in my house i think i think i have the perfect spot in the windowsill very proudly do you think your bulldog moose is going to be intrigued by mini pumpkins he might be i could see him kind of like sniffing it going up to it giving it a little like you might get like one of it just like grab one and run no he doesn't run he doesn't run he might grab one of my kind of trot gingerly out of the area oh well you better be careful gonna track down a pumpkin stealer can you tell him don't touch the pumpkin i i think he'd more just go up to it out of curiosity but i think at the end of the day he'll leave it he'll lick the mini pumpkin he might he's always looking for things that are food so you'll give it a shot i'm telling you those pumpkins are doomed you better put them out of moose's range i'm like a little bit elevated they'll be good he'll never see them above his head i didn't even think about that all right don't touch the pumpkins that's what we're saying for moose chunk you are listening to the after hours podcast you're listening to after hours with amy lawrence firing for the end zone come on touchdown touchdown takes it himself to the power touchdown one man to beat ten he's gone they throw the end zone cut touchdown paid a guy in this he's inside the five he's doing three two one times the center's helping into the end zone the people have spoken and one score stands above the rest here is your td of the week the tempeh bay buccaneers brady will go under center first and goal from the five ball resting in between the hash marks here's the snap brady back lobs it left corner from mike gavins oh mike evans makes the catch touchdown tampa bay tom brady puts it in the air and mike evans reaching up snatches it down with one hand the buccaneers add to their lead it's rare i mean he's got great hands he he does one hand that catches all the time you can look at it all the time he practices those things and he's got great height he's got a great feel for the game he's got great chemistry with tom and you know they make those type of plays happen that is the voice of one todd bowles new head coach or promoted head coach of the tampa bay buccaneers i keep reminding myself a little odd not to see bruce areans but todd getting his second chance at coaching and it helps when you've got tom brady to ease the transition along with mike evans i've said this for years three years actually i'm now saying it about julio as well i'm so glad for mike evans to have this opportunity to develop a rapport and a connection with tom brady because it's changed his career he was already amazing i mean he was good he was one of the best in the league but how often did he have an exceptional quarterback who would look for him and who would appreciate his talents and he and tom brady have elevated mike evans game together so it's been awesome to watch and of course now has a super bowl ring to go with it it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio thanks for voting for td of the week you all sent in hundreds of votes between twitter and facebook did i just say twitter i think i might have i think you might have huh it's the hump show uh all of my dumb words and created words can be excused i suppose although you're welcome to laugh at them as long as you like twitter and facebook and you said that it was mike evans with the one-handed grab the only touchdown on sunday night football over what was the second highest shoot remind me these that's right it was justin jefferson his second touchdown for the vikings that he was torching the green bay packers so we'll do that td of the week on monday night into tuesday every week during the nfl season and pretty soon we're going to introduce a new feature called defense wins championships we're actually really excited about this because it's not fair the defense gets overlooked and you know life is anything but fair it's time to say
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