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The Hamilton Corner featuring Alex McFarland on Raising Our Children

Alex McFarland Show / Alex McFarland
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February 3, 2020 3:09 pm

The Hamilton Corner featuring Alex McFarland on Raising Our Children

Alex McFarland Show / Alex McFarland

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February 3, 2020 3:09 pm

01/28/2020 - The Hamilton Corner featuring Alex McFarland on Raising Our Children by Truth for a New Generation

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This is not an affirmative force to be re-occupies the space vacated by the life this is elbows reward one American family radio you should be uncomfortable for believers to live as a bondage of mainstream God is called the dark moment moment."

You are one of my favorite quote just in 1908 through talking no hundred and 12 years ago.

Chesterton wrote a biography of Thomas Aquinas, and Aquinas is a Christian leader from 800 years ago that you really ought to know about. You might say why should I care about Thomas Aquinas well Aquinas was very influential in his own lifetime through apologetics defending the faith, and I would say in the West in Europe and America in the West.

We are not Muslims today, at least in part due to the Christian influence of Thomas Aquinas but to familiarize moderns with Aquinas GK Chesterton hundred years ago, wrote a biography of Thomas Aquinas is called the dumb ox and Aquinas was really thoughtful and quiet and some of his peers mocked him and called him a dumb ox because he was really large of stature and one of his teachers guy name Abelard said hey you one day the world is getting here that ox roar.

So anyway Chesterton in 1908 writes this biography of Aquinas called the dumb ox and it's an easy read. It's a short book if you want to get familiar with Aquinas.

It's a good book.

Anyway, in the introduction.

One of my favorite quotes Chesterton 100 years ago says as much as we need to win the lost to Christianity. More and more. Increasingly, we need to win the Christians to Christianity because I quote again GK Chesterton 1908 as much as we need to win the lost to Christianity.

More and more. Increasingly, we need to win the Christians to Christianity and if if that were true. A century ago, how much more so today I wonder what Chesterton would say in 2020, but I welcome to the program. My name is Alex McFarland very very honored to be sitting in for Abe Hamilton. Abe is traveling on behalf of the ministry and were so grateful for the work that he does. If you listen to the show regularly. You know the Hamilton corner is hosted by just a brilliant thinker and Christian leader Abe Hamilton who is General Counsel for the American family Association and so whenever I am asked to sit in in his absence. I say my prayers and delivered a study because that's big shoes to fill, but very honored to do that. I have a show on every day from 3 to 4 central 45 Eastern call exploring the word and we are heard every day on the air for networking. So anyway, I feel very privileged to serve the Lord through this incredible ministry. But today, in the spirit of that quote about you know winning the Christians to Christianity and making sure that our view is on point with God's word got a very special person. I'm just so honored to get to know his name is Daniel Venter, Reno, and he wrote a book called the battle for MainStreet and I'm going to let him explain about that, but we had some good conversation a few minutes ago for the program were talking about when a culture changes its gods changes its loyalties. What you believe is absolute truth what you believe is the foundation for values and truth. In other words, who is your God, and so were to talk about this and talk about his book and just somebody really really insightful that I'm glad we have a get a chance to get to know Daniel Venter Reno. I'm a little jealous because you're calling in from Florida MRI Daniel, you got it Alex I sure am in and so it's not 20░, rainy and cold down there is I got to sit during my lunch and 59░ sunshine fell a little bit better than what you described. Crimea River 60 eating outdoors and in enjoying summer time in January right.

Hey, it's not easy having all 4 feet and then one day while will thanks man. First of all thank you for making time to be with us on the American family radio network and thank you for your scholarship and not you know give people just a kind of a snapshot of who Daniel of injury. Notice well. Thank you. Yeah I wrote the book because I have a check only into and say culture of seeing people live their lives out loud. I encourage believers to actually get local and get hopefully you know how to fight that battle for MainStreet is a metaphor for the culture wars, integrating all around the spot on every imaginable crime the fight than a kid Little League game than the old bedroom that we didn't start the fight. I feel like MainStreet America normal everyday blue-collar folks, they wake up go to work.

They earn a paycheck. You want to raise their family, but intruded upon L.K St. and Madison Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard and all the left.

It kind of all that together and block the fight. The they brought it to our doorstep. Now we don't have any choice were caught up in the thing whether we want to be or not. And so for MainStreet important to get to know your neighbors let them get to know your best friend that would be the Lord gave you.

Amen, amen it in your right you know this wasn't a site that conservative Christian you know constitutional Americans started I was reading a news story today about Franklin Graham who is in Britain or was going to speak in Liverpool and their calling for his you know appearance in public to be canceled or banned. Even because his views are quote out of step with the LGBT Q trans message and yet I think about this before America even existed. You know, Great Britain was the seat of of a law theory, natural law, in other words, good civil government and laws were based on this moral code that we all really did know and you know it was a British common law that definitely influenced the creation of American law and part of that worldview. Assume there are moral rights and wrongs and you know there were in early America anti-sodomy laws, and those were none is in a laws against crimes against nature because there was a natural law and the reasons that exist here in Britain now they're saying Franklin Graham can't speak because he believes in a view of morality that really up until 30 years ago the entire world had believed for 6000 years so it's it's not us that is have brought aberrant views to the table is the world that's turned against history, law, culture for 6000 years in England yet actually privately came down on the side of traditional biblical merit to flatly know) Graham can't make one leg in a diligent and wealthy. Yeah well that that submitted the Church of England so you're saying they have taken us in more for traditional values, that's great. Yet something like somewhat begrudgingly. They said that the Turkic position on biblical sexuality and marriage and of course that was in the news.

I believe that flatly so that the church has decided that they're going to be who they happy their infection under Henry VIII note probably put up yeah wow that's amazing will of what you do when you hear these little tidbits of good news this does that give you hope that there could be at the very least a preservation of morality and maybe even another great awakening absolutely. My heart cried that there would be another great awakening.

If you look at our country. The America I found it could not have happened.

I believe without the first great awakening. So what we have is preacher like Edward and Brookfield in their they are actually giving disparate countrymen one unified vision of what it means in American, what New York you know farmer have to do with a Georgia plantation owner not very much until the 32 share a common interest in their country of the Portland, Virginia, and her around the New Yorker, New Jersey. Now it now becomes more I'm an American that first great awakening giveth an identity. The second great awakening actually make the more religious, more mechanism really came in second great awakening.

I don't know. 1/3, but I really look at it that the people movement job. What about charismatic charismatic and Pentecostal but I hold out hope. Each time our country shipped either for the better for the Lord it in response to an awakening or move of God. The leader were reacting against it all correct, reacting in favor of it and becoming more like the people that have always been assigned section came here because they wanted a place they could be free to worship God they saw in the Scripture until as long as we have that ugly global honor believe that he can give our identity that we have to press then we have a responsibility yeah you know I'm so glad that you're bringing this up and those of you just tuning in, this is the Hamilton corner Alex McFarlane guest hosting for Abe Hamilton in my very special guest Daniel Venter Reno. He's written a book called the battle for MainStreet hey before go too much for the wood got a break and I'm on hoping and praying you can hang on and stay with me because there's so much want to pick your brain about Daniel working people find your book and do you have a website that most definitely help people can go to Daniel Venter and there will be a link early Amazon go on Amazon and purchase it way that you normally would.

Other places I would be found to be godly blogging there are two main organ. It's it's a great book from a great author. I highly recommend it. And let's talk about awakening as you mentioned, the Jesus movement on how did how did you come to know about the Jesus movement, Daniel, because you know I'm I'm probably older than you, but it was even a little before my time and I'm assuming it probably was before your time. Late 60s early 70s.

How did you come to know about that, and what are your thoughts on what interestingly enough, like most of your listeners. I know a lot of Christian radio. One of the founders of a ministry out of Israel chosen people talk about don't think he talked about his experience that had a hippie and then of course there's not Dr. Michael Brown, a very very ardent million-dollar "collar Jewish person and he was his payment thing from LFD to PhD. It felt I could move in those circles.

I guess you think intellectually I want to know about sounding. I want to know about war air. I'd like to know about what happened without your article for the Christian music. I actually happily learning something about that Pres. I never knew I had realized though in favor of profamily, pro-religion pro-God. God, that was interesting for me will you and unitary result.

I read a biography of him about two years ago that when he left the presidency he was offered like to be president of about half a dozen different colleges and one of the things Theodore Roosevelt did in his post White House years he wrote printed, edited, distributed on his own time with his only take a small Christian newspaper that after the White House, Teddy Roosevelt published a for just a few years very limited circulation but a Christian newspaper amazing yeah but you know I'm okay. The first great awakening and folks, this is some American church history worth knowing. Because I think it can inform us on how we can respond to arm our present world, and like Daniel says you know fight that battle for MainStreet.

The first great awakening predominantly under Jonathan Edwards but also George Whitfield 1748 to 1760. Let's say the second great awakening in the mid-19th century. Here's a question we might unpack after the break. Was there 1/3 grade awakening and that being in the 20th century and we know there were some little pockets or maybe early. Still waiting on the third grade awakening Daniel give website again and were going to take a brief break, Daniel Venter Daniel Venter Reno right folks, the Hamilton corner adjacent questions to the numbers AAA 589-8840 AAA 589-8840. Got a question you want to join in on the conversation talking about the battle for MainStreet. I love it.

I guess Daniel Venter Reno stated in AFR Hamilton called back after this protecting prayer in public schools. I met statement with friends, the Department of Justice and the department of education unveiled new federal guidelines protect students constitutional rights to write and publish the drop administration's efforts will level the playing field between religious and nonreligious organizations competing for federal grants as well as protect First Amendment freedoms on campuses in the religious liberty of faith-based institutions.

Now the Department of Education is sending letters to officials in all 50 states to ensure students and teachers don't face discrimination for practicing the right to religious freedom. We certainly commend the trump administration for taking measures to educate the public on the legal protections of prayer and other religious expression in public schools. Schools must not censor religiously and must provide equal access to students exercising their freedom of speech.

Stay informed liberty Council's website. LC got a American family radio's gateways to better education. School principals hear a lot of complaints from parents. If you need to talk to your child's principal about a concern.

There is an approach that just may break through all the chatter approach the principal is a friend and a supporter of the school begin the conversation by saying I thought I should alert you to a potentially embarrassing problem you're not there to cause a problem, but to help the school avoid a problem. Explain what you discovered when you talk to the teacher which you'll need to do first and asked the principal's advice for how to resolve the problem. You also may want to bring a friend or your spouse along you'll feel less intimidated if you get flustered they can help you express your concern when you have a concern about your children's school you can be a gateway to better education for help, visit go that go Brian Fisher here with today's life and liberty minute the pastor I once knew was fond of declaring "Christians have no rights what he meant is that we must be prepared to set aside our personal preferences to serve others, but he also created the impression that there is something some Christian about going to court. The press are legal or constitutional rights. Yet when Paul was being railroaded by the Jewish authorities. He had no hesitation about claiming his legal rights. Paul is a maybe born Roman citizen had the legal right to appeal to Caesar. As a last resort. Paul claimed his full legal rights as a citizen when he declared I appeal to Caesar, said the governor to Caesar you have appealed to Caesar you shall go God in our day has given us the Constitution and as Christians we have the same legal right to its guarantees as anyone catch Brian Fisher on focal point weekday afternoons at 105 Central American family radio lighting to the.this is the Hamilton un-American family radio you know whenever I read in the book of Exodus, like an X is one there, there arose a king that did not know Joseph and there arose a generation that did not know God often think about that that here in America is much as I love this country and I really do. I'm a Christian. First, patriots second but I think were several generations into an America that really doesn't know its history and specifically in talking about the robust Christian history that gave us America were talking with Daniel Venter, Reno.

He's written a very good book of the battle for MainStreet Sony dinner. Let me ask you this. I can tell you're a student of history if if 1776, had been 2020 and now think about culturally morally just all of the the worldview that gave us the American Revolution and the U.S. Constitution.

Think about the worldview and just the populace of today. If 20/20 had been 1776.

Would we have America.

I don't believe that that possible I don't our country is so divided. We have rejected every kind of authority there. It got you can't even believe what unpublished can't believe the media or the newspapers, let alone your parents, your pastor will hurt or your teachers help it what what made America happen. What made the Constitution will let is that there were people who actually saw themselves a country that would give the great awakening the court had similar religious experience.

They began to think of each other at American now we look at left versus right knee talk about what you know this and that issue and so the biggest thing I think that would prevent is that we don't want be brothers anymore. We don't want the other side to rule over the did you happen to see a book about 20 years ago and it was published by Christianity today. Back when. Christianity today was a little bit more biblical and more gospel and less activist but it was a book, what every Christian should know and it basically there's a line in the book if if I thought of it. I would've gotten this book out to be with me on the ship.

He said. Gone is the ability to think Christianly in common and we we've lost a sense of national identity because we've lost his license of of unified authority and and basically I think the editor this book was David Neff.

If I recall, and it said that the church is fragmented and therefore our nation is becoming more and more fragmented, and if that be the case you think that's an accurate assessment what it reminded me of is actually ancient Israel, so what we thought would the king think that Saul Lott is a shipment. David became the king and his son Dominic Allen really went after born women which brought out or not.

And so that the kingdom was divided so nobody knew all begin to be for Yahweh or obligate to be for the failed astronaut all the confusion and date they lack and national identity. Nobody knew who the king was supposed to be. Nobody knew who the priests would be. They could tell who their God was going to be no then fell at the latter two kingdoms of Judah in the south Israel in the North kind of goes about its business and completely depart from the way to God, like the theological left. You know, and you've got you try to maintain a semblance of Yahweh their more ladylike conservative side, but neither one of them can really be united in so far as their identity is different because their God is so different there are actual core will view their approach to what is the actual reality of the fact prick of meaning and exempted in which we findů They can affect question they could not be one country and an American can't answer that question is not refundable or right yeah and in unit into the disorder will come new order and you and I pray that God would grant it would be a restoration of American unity around God in morals and truths in family and values. But I fear. And this is why folks, we urge you, listeners pray for this country and be registered to vote and be informed and vote godly. I mean it.

I would argue that in the last several election cycles, and certainly in this upcoming presidential election, and you seats on the US Supreme Court. Hang in the balance. And of course the next big Supreme Court vacancy probably will be that of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and that alone is enough to to be fervently in prayer and to be consistently informed and engaged but we can lose any that the freedoms the Constitution, the, the America that we really cannot take it for granted. Only Daniel. It could all be lost and never recovered in our lifetime. Would you agree so I I currently agree that we are here at one people in a land. God profited we have that conversation about no privilege in America and white privilege and male privilege and this net privilege, but I think everyone of privilege to be born here and we can only caught privilege used to call it Rob got providential great.

He gave us something special that we would have to vouchsafe and carry and pass along our children as an inherent because the Internet itself is a ministry it must.

God only had an answer and that we were talking before about the Jesus people movement. Look at what was going on in the siding they were in the road free up real experimentation kind of youth and rebellion. Of course the alternate religious systems coming in that Beatles really introduced the Eastern mysticism and yoga was heavy. Think God made he made his move. What you wanted a happy working to take everything I can do that if he felt he found them. Harry Krishna developed the guy, big point.

This guy has some kind of revelation of the uniqueness about Jesus. They effectively vandalize all these crazy hippie kid, then how to make the entire tell on the coast and launches a movement that that can only be called essentially American religious.

How strange it such a strange story but God love to take and do kind of spiritual you go and help the devil put his right handů Grab it with his left hand pull him hurt his hip and talking on the ground. God love to take enemy momentum and use it against them. Love that about the Lord and then get this number will open up the phone lines for calls a little bit early maybe got a question for Daniel Vince arena, author of the battle for Main Street. It's a book I highly suggest be read. Here's number folks, 888 589-8840 toll-free nationwide 888-589-8840 would love to hear from you on the American family radio network. This is the Hamilton corner have otherwise. Folks, I gotta put a plug-in.

Okay, listen carefully, truths for a new generation. The ministry that we've had for number of years were doing our annual apologetics camp can be July 20-24. Western North Carolina, our ministry is rented this entire why camp's beautiful ropes course rockclimbing all kind of the fun camp stuff but I'll be there were going to do 15 sessions on apologetics defending the faith folks listen. I've spoken more than 200 American universities and I believe in education but I will tell you, unless your child goes to a solidly Christian school like Liberty University or in other Lotta great Christian schools. What I can promise you, what did Ben Shapiro said when I interviewed Vince Shapiro that college has become a four-year attack on America and God and so folks the apologetics camp that we do every last year we had students from seven states 86 decisions for Christ. Listen your young people being able to defend their faith. It could mean the difference between them standing strong for Christ or listen four years of college can dismantle what you've worked 18 years to instill go to my website which is Alex just my name Alex McFarlane MCF AR LA MD and check out what were doing this year to equip kids to stand strong in our apologetics camp and out folks we care about this look were in it for the long haul job one. Obviously preach the gospel, the great commission. Of course, but we have got to save America. We have to raise young people that not only love the Lord but love this country and understand that socialism is wrong. We do not want to become a nation of socialist and were going, we could lose everything that we've had for 240 years so the apologetics camp is coming up now's the time and your kids. In addition to learning a lot. They can have a great time. The make friendships that will impact your life for a lifetime. And so, pray promote plan to attend our summer apologetics camp and down so were going to run go to some calls now were our guest Daniel Vince arena so much I want to ask this, author of the battle for Main Street AAA 589-8840 working to go to Pete in Georgia. Pete, thanks for holding.

Are you there my friend Auch and David on report charger to say thank you so much I want to bring all of you and Bert and entire group on a partner's amazing program to everybody on the challenges. Awesome you guys doing great work all your serenity we give God the Gagnon, thank you for listening to our conversation with Daniel what you have forced Pete. I start an organization careers your time now. Getting off the ground for real development today because it's not vetted by AFA yet but I hope to reach out you guys soon and what I'm at some point I want to get your book on but my goal is to change the school system not only in Georgia but in chart country that they be work work work on with legislators are doing this but that requires that our schools teach the Christians towards country as part of American history curriculum, but as Johnny done with every child.

Every student, every school, every grade every year. Not once every five years, but it got you Christian art.

So the strategy the pilgrims that the charter of privileges written by William Penn delivery Scriptures on their note August Eric Taubman your name that's instantly said about the Daniel I think it's amazing. I think that's a very needed ministry today.

We just have it connected, religious heritage, and I will tell you that I devoted an entire chapter 14 to the public school education, children, spiritual development. I call it bad learning and there is a book called the crime to be educators that will make your hair turn white and then stand up on in every American should read. I think they care about the public school myself in a huge proponent now up only if you can afford it get your outsourcing 40 hours of your childlike every week for some stranger and you don't know what they do behind closed doors or what kind of thing that they have in their heart they don't want to take with your questions. Get exactly. I completely agree and hey that's that's a good book nicknamed that that book again that you mentioned that the incline of the educators and their written by 30 year veteran of the teaching profession while working to get Bobby in Texas. Bobby thanks for holding welcome to the American family radio network fault thank you Alex Bergman's, master your start well. God bless you know when I introduce a we've had a bit a number of conferences and safe okay folks, the IQ points in the room are about to go up exponentially. Abe Hamilton is great synonymous it in for him. And great to hear from you. So welcome to the conversation there, Bobby Daniel, my my point of fear is that every Alex knows me well enough. I will find the root of this problem and where I believe the root problem is is that we have slowly drifted because each your prayer prayer) everybody parents way generation to a euphemism of say that mostly came from the Bible, as we both should know. God only helps them help yourself that your spirit and in particular have deducted him down to glue where we parents have lost the answer to tell a child a rebellious child pick up trash out. Dr. Y from FF.

So how come the correct answer. Because I have to answer to God for Europe.

So when the child know that it's not you with your authority this directive and affiliate they understandably but we've lost the ability to teach our children in the way that their parents to learn and people would just come back to comments it's our job to train me children grade point when he sent Bobby I think that gaining on you there, but I think that your point is salient. It isn't that Christian parent are popular kid. It's just that their voices blend filled well with the course of the culture and pop the let's take some responsibility. We can't help but our parents or their parents before that we can raise our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord in my book actually talk about. There are degrees of importance that the first level of implicit you have bodies that yourself. Thank the second-level influence you have in your home you bring back whatever God is doing in your life you press into it and you and you let it bleed like Jesus that it would be like without flowing out of your body.

Life is so you let that sprinkle on your kids on your spouse then from there you can go out for the workplace. It's kind of like when you talk a little pebble into a calm pond to see the ripples out perfectly.

Let God work in your life by ended read that your kids we have written and before God that we got a brief break will be back with more examples, understand as the church encompasses the nation as glorified as this would be a prosperous year this year promises to be critical to the life of our nation. That's why AFA created the 20 fairies for 2020 prayer guide you can purchase them in sets of 10 and if you five more you'll save more teachers. AFA so we can use the word of God as we pray for our nation.

2020 you been looking for a way to serve others. Are you able to serve in the ministry without being paid you and friendships might be the perfect match friendships is currently taking applications for volunteers providing aid to disaster victims, refugees, and the impoverished, both here at home and around the world. Get more or by calling 337-433-5022 same-sex attracted Christian, this is David Wheaton coast of the Christian worldview is right for a professing Christian to accept homosexual desires as part of who I am, even if not engaging in the physical act. This idea is advancing in evangelical church, as evidenced by the re-voice conference which seeks to quote support and encourage gay, lesbian, bisexual, and other same-sex attracted Christian Bible says consider the members of your earthly body is dead to immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, Christian should never accept sinful desires through the truth of God's word and the power of the Holy Spirit always strived to find hear more about this debate within the Southern Baptist convention. The Christian and then tuning this weekend for the top shelf. Listen to the Christian worldview with evenly Saturday morning sitting central American family radio hello Americans I'm Todd Starnes with views and commentary packs hi this is Todd Starnes and popes of Liberty University believes a Christian education should be affordable to everyone. That's right, right. It doesn't matter if you're from California or Maine or anywhere in between.

You may qualify for up to $20,780 over four years through liberties middle America scholarship. For more information, text MAS to the number 839858 today. Again that's NAS to the number 839858 Mayor people to judge told a pro-life Democrat. She has no place in today's Democratic Party Chris today is a member of Democrats for life and she asked the mayor during a town hall meeting whether he would support more inclusive language in the party's platform.

Mayor Pete replied. He stood by the parties current language which supports late-term abortions last week, Pres. Trump told pro-lifers that when he sees the image of a baby in the womb. He glimpses the majesty of God's creation.

But when Democrats see the image of a baby in the womb. They see tiny body parts that can be sold to the highest bidder. The truth is, there really is not a place for anyone who believes that life begins at conception of the radicalized party of Barack Obama and people to judge, embrace someone wearing black base on a clan robe before they would ever welcome a pro-lifer. I'm Todd Starnes Hamilton portable time and wondered if commentaries are available for document back to the Hamilton .1 American family radio back to the program Alex McFarlane sitting in for Abe Hamilton on the American family radio network.

The number toll-free nationwide AAA 589-8840 were talking with Daniel eventually no author of the battle for Main Street. And you know I didn't know Daniel prior to our conversation today, but I like him already because you are our heart is beating the same pulse revival in America a great awakening and I I love this this author's knowledge of our history and Daniel. We got calls stacking up your will to get to you.

So hang in there folks, but did you give your website because I want people to know about your book. Thank you. Yet Daniel and so that venturing out and he you are IN out. Yeah I'm losing yes Italian so let's get a cure for from Texas. Thanks for holding care welcome to the program. Hello Carrie are you there carry out some yes you can hear me and yes that we can.

Thanks for holding. I'm putting this up a little bit you have 100 Christians and their in our congregation and then one month my Holy Ghost in one month.

Holy Spirit and in the congregation. Let and then we've gone over that and over that and over that through this world. The beat we have plans Christian denomination and how are we can come together now as one body and one Christ. I love the about the station. It focused me and made me become better question on my better walk and I best I don't understand how we can't be one body and one Christ with the different denominations and I'm just I'm reaching, reaching for understanding and that great questions Daniel, what would you say that division within the church and the public of the problem is it, and if so, what might we do about it. Daniel, though I'm reminded of the words of the apostle Paul in the Ephesian letter For it. I urge you to live worthy of the calling be completely humble and gentle.

The patient, bearing with one another in lot. We need to be patient and bear with one another. Lot number three make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond. Sometimes you keep the unity of the spirit through the bond and played by not getting your way if something what to say. Holy Ghost like I say let them say it only wanted to be green carpet in the color you know baby vomit after they beaten their peeve. You know I'm not relevant but but I'm going to take it my Christian brother. They actually have the Holy Spirit actually are in right relationship with God. They are partakers of the divine nature. It will remember that ended that little Philip Lee from Paul that there is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and father. All I start thinking about my fellow believers relationship to their God and to heavenly creatures that they are becoming sanctified and I look like he did the lady luck.

When he returned, I will care if they say Holy Ghost or what he green shack carpeting, out, out, I'll be thinking too much about how glorious they are when they come to the kingdom was going to pick our battles and the devil wants is provided.

The devil does not want a unified church does he know he can't have it because it very clearly any kingdom was divided on itself and not in I have that little bit of a daily affirmation where I remind devil. Your kingdom is fallen divided cannot stand but but but the kingdom of God. It forever if United he prayed before he went to Calgary that we would have to think IDD that he enjoyed with his father by gum I I aim for that though there are divisive people in church and you can't get away from divisive people course, they're going to find their way in and loving them is 830 big I mean there are brother there part of our body. They are servant of Christ. His blood was shed for them. Picking your battles being only not having it your own way and I can a marriage.

You know sometimes you have to hand over the remote watch something on TV or not.

You like the bachelor you know I love them. John 1721 Jesus is high priestly prayer.

He's on his way to the cross and he is praying and in John 17 verse 21 he says father I pray for these the disciples but not for these only but for those who will believe the list of this folk speaking about the unity of the church that they all may be one Illini, one that the world may believe you've sent me and Daniel. I one of the things that I've experienced traveling out of the country 2200 churches in the last quarter century. You know I I jokingly said that some people sleep in the pews and some people jump over them look if if you believe in Jesus the son of God died on the cross, shed his blood wash our sins away. He rose from the dead.

He's coming again. His word is authoritative.

The Bible is God's word. Jesus is the son of God through Christ alone were saved and men were family meant and I mean what we need. Touch other and so I think fragmentation in the body of Christ has really been a awakening that gives Satan an opportunity would you agree he first divided Adam like Brighton Angel old most basic military conquest. Divide and conquer until you mentioned that high priestly prayer wherein she does that pray believers that came after would be unified and II really believe that when he prayed that prayer. He had a vision of his entire church not just his church, his body, not yet. His body. Paul lied and then that the writer of Hebrews that for the joy that for him by clicking the cut. He was to be and felt he goal of that bright right it was without Mark. No scars, no pock now not dirty and clean room and we're part of that never quite recalled the great cloud of witnesses were told, are you kidding in the heavenly places in Christ.

That's all true evil white military had earthly temp oral little bugaboo they should just put them away like so many that I will get a good line 3 John in Alabama.

John, thanks for holding such a listing to the Hamilton corner Alex McFarlane sitting in Fred Hamilton were talk with author and speaker Daniel venturing of the author of the battle for Main Street. John in Alabama. Thanks for holding welcome to the program like Hamlet. Listen, I just want to make a couple comments and hear your point of view on it.

This is what I meant to say can be verified from Josh without ministries. He spoke of a large Christian University that was essentially 100% of the young man who wore join in that universe two are addicted to pornography and about 80% of the young women and I know the church is about to minister to people like this.

It's roughly 70% among man and they really gone fast among the women. What are we the church where overwhelmingly infested with sexual immorality. Let's all it is also addictive pornography for many years. I want to hear your comments on then I'm going to hang up. And thank you for and really listen carefully fight Douglas, thanks for calling Daniel. You speak to that and you know, let me just as this out there with that. You know of porn addiction. It it messes with people's mind their life.

It definitely can decimate marriages but is that an obstacle to revival in the movement of the Holy Spirit, open any any kind of" addiction is about being a target to a false god of God gratefully called air. We can call it a point of matter what name he goes by. But if we have other God beside him, then it doesn't interrupt his ability to apply competition. Father is expected and is grown and basically dictate his children and love because his way to the wake of life, but getting back to that main point in the deeply personal for me. I can remember the first time I thought a naked woman on a video and I would enemy 35 take you back to that moment, I can tell you the name of the movie the book or film not not anything yelp pornographic segment. The horror film or a woman in the shower and you know that how did this memory is pretty an innocent 26 years ago. The children especially male children who are being seconded kind of material there. You realize in United States at this moment there are no protection essentially her children who are online and who may encounter the material. It in the year 2000, the Congress passed something called polka the child on microtech protection act and went to the Supreme Court and Dollar Tree dental.Ascot actually lost their and it struck down to help and now there are essentially no at all. They've got no rail. You have to push a button on a website that I'm 18 years old. You know that so the kind of culture that we have it in American capitalism. Capitalism can be great, but it can also give you a better drug or porn.

You know more and more accept you filthy thing. Whether that be online or at your local so our children have to be safeguarded otherwise there on the road to ruin their there on the path to destruction.

I believe that Pres. Trump should establish a pregnant mission on affinity and pornography is done under Lyndon Johnson in the 1950s, like I think we need to have anotherů In fact I read an article where in some evangelical in a letter to Mike Pompeo, the Atty. Gen. today and while propagating the people under the affinity at I think there's a good reason to revisit this in the court now like Alexander the prerecorded and opaque yet you know I forgot about that that you mentioned that I remembered in the early days of the Internet.

There was that Bill designed that law designed to protect the eyes of little children, you know what when you when you think about this for one thing, there was a time when business owners and leaders understood decency and the need for morality and modesty indecency. The other thing I think about that was lost or parental controls that the guardian of the soul in the psyche of the child was mom and dad and let me ask you this in and sadly conflicts way, but we can still squeeze in some good thoughts here in the next few minutes, but dinner.

Would you agree that one of the gateways to the spiritual chaos that were in right now really the cultural and spiritual static. One of the things that open the door for that has been the breakdown of the family hasn't felt when we gave men and women things like no-fault divorce, and then you have certain act of Congress that actually give women incentive to raise children without men.

Eight. Gary outspoken black conservative woman.

Hank handed Ellen Ellen. She talked about articulating the black community that I think you could extrapolate that to all American society is having father look epidemic in Beloit don't have a role model. They don't know how to treat women felt women become what ever they want to be late. Want to be met because it can bite men have privilege and what we end up with is a masculine and emasculated males, and masculine. I emailed and it kind of upset the entire apple cart in terms of God's design for human sexuality. He gave a in terms of our biology and our goals and our mission on the earth. Men need when we cannot fulfill our God given mission.

That's why in Genesis account we call the woman a helpmate which is more like a military ally without whom I cannot fulfill my mission, like deputy for me to be able to have a military victory and note when the devil comes in a cracking heap in fact it's a long time got a lot was up experiment help many many times he knows will work and that pitting men against women has worked in the eighth one and our families are suffering for dividing talking a lot about culture more I think actually quite simple for about the only in America everything the back like the funeral when you know what trait you get a job very dangling you off were running out of time.

You great conversation got to have you back on to get folks this is the Hamilton corner to pray for America stand for truth Alex McFarlane you will be back on tomorrow.

More great content to encourage you in your walk and witness hey keep American prayer and keep your radio tuned to AFR will see again on Hamilton corner tomorrow. The views and opinions expressed in this broadcast may not necessarily reflect those of the American family Association for American family radio

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