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The Thank Offering [Part 1]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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September 27, 2022 6:00 am

The Thank Offering [Part 1]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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September 27, 2022 6:00 am

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Alan Wright Ministries
Alan Wright
Our Daily Bread Ministries
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Alan Wright Ministries
Alan Wright
Alan Wright Ministries
Alan Wright

Pastor, author and Bible teacher Alan Wright, from the Lord went to the grocery store and brought it. She turned her head toward heaven and sent thank you Lord.

Not only have you brought me to make the devil pay for Alan Wright welcome to another message of good news will help you see your life in a whole new life excited for you to hear the teaching today.

In our series called Moses is presented in an old church in North Carolina not able to stay with us throughout the entire program to make sure you know how to get our special resource right now. Yours for your donation this month to Alan Wright Ministries so as you listen to today's message. We encourage you to go deeper as we send you today special offer. Contact us at that's pastor out or call 877-544-4860 that's 877-544-4860. More on this later in the program but now let's get started with today's teaching dear Alan, right, many, many, many years ago was flying with his brother Bill small plane and they didn't have good equipment on the plane. They were surprised to find the darkness was settling in quicker than they had planned to get to their destination they had limited fuel and it became dark and all they knew was the general area where there they thought there was a landing strip in a rural location and so they began circling, wondering how in the world they were going to be able to land and all of a sudden runway lights came on beneath and they were. I thank you Jesus fully and safely on this grass runway jumped out of the plane and ran over to the man at the little airport and said thank you so much for putting out these alternative lights on for us is I guess you heard of circling overhead.

Man said no. He said I don't know what you're talking about. He said these are just temporary lights that we use from time to time and I just tonight was a night I brought the layout and test them. Stanley Bill said could you tell us where the closest churches plays because of your life was about to end and then you got miraculously saved UK, help yourself. You gotta give somebody thanks you just got a thank God you just have to think of gratitude is so important because it is more important to the person that is giving the gratitude then to it is to the one who is being thanked my kids. I like them when they were little to thanked me. What do you say thank you daddy okay not just warm the parents heart after you've given your lifeblood for them and you say what you say just warms your know it.what you're doing is you try to teach them to be thankful because gratitude is essential for a soul's well-being is the one sacrifice that remains because it is essential for you. We tell you the first thing that was absolutely unique about the peace offerings of thank offering that which is one piece on thing that was different about this than any other offering. There were some offerings like the burnt offering, you came, you presented animal it was consumed on the altar.

Nobody made any other.

But along with your grain offerings. When you brought your thank offering. If you brought a lamb. Then there were portions of the fat and entrails that were burned up as a sacrifice to the Lord. There was a part of the five other parts of the priest would be out to eat and then the rest of that land were super eight yeah you bring yourself in a lamb or something on thank offering. And you're going to you and your family and filet meeting leg of lamb and lamb chop that night. What I'm saying is, it was the wine offering in Israel that the worshiper was nourished by every other kind of sacrifice is for somebody else but the sacrifice of praise is for you. The thank offering is delicious to the one who gives thanks God loves your praise and he inhabits the praises of his people and he mandates your praise and he mandates your Thanksgiving to him, but is not because God is needy and is because you are wired designed to find joy and peace only when you are grateful.

See gratitude causes a cycle of peace and joy wears entitlement causes resentment and depression because when you are grateful, by necessity, there is someone to whom you are grateful some Witt has said the atheist darkest hour is to be thankful and have no one to thank.

I've told you are my favorite funny stories at least once a year and I gotta tell it again. The lady who didn't have much voice he loved Jesus and she go out on her front porch every day and sing songs of praise and just thank the Lord.

Thank you for this day is the day you may not rejoice in it.

Thank you for your been so good to me, while the next-door neighbor was an atheist and he grew weary of all this coming over and telling her all the time. Why are you thankful you don't have very much and there's no such thing as God.

You just like a nobody and CT thanking the Lord. Anyway, one day she came out and down her front porch in the neighbor was hiding behind the bushes and he heard her prayer as you say Lord I got no food in the pantry. Please bring me some food will atheist neighborhood sidings will play a trick on her ghostly brochure gets her big bag of groceries sneaks over, puts on her front porch so that when she comes back out. There's a big bag of groceries and she steps out and she said thank you Lord for his groceries that you brought me and he jumped out from behind the bushes is that didn't come from the Lord went to the grocery store and brought it to you and she turned her head toward heaven, and said thank you all tomorrow. Lord not only have you brought me some grocery but you made the devil pay for it is filled out would gratitude you stop them from being happy because there's so thankful when you're grateful it means your grateful to a person.

Let me move on to say why this offering in the life of Israel is so fascinating is fascinating because in the first place.

It was the only offering that the worshiper would eat a portion of it. But secondly, and this is the more intriguing thing.

It was the only offering listed in anywhere in Leviticus 1 through seven only offering of all those five categories in all the different kinds of everywhere you look, if you read in Leviticus chapter 2 all about all the grain offerings where you're going to see over and over and over is that none of the bread, none of those going office can have any lesson in them while because when the people experience the passive, and they were coming out of their Egyptian slavery, the instruction of the Lord was to roasted this lamb but for their bread to put no yeast in it.

He said juvenile leave quickly. You don't have time to wait on the bread to rise so be ready to leave in haste and so there was no leaven in the bread so when the Passover is celebrated today.

It is with unleavened bread, matzoh leaven becomes this really important symbol of sin and corruption is a really important symbol because it's a vivid image you put a little bit of leaven or yeast into some bread and it works its way into the entire love. Once you put it in. You can't get it out and it works its way all the way through it. That's what send us is like it's and I can get it now and it's touching every part of my being in another analogy that I've often is often help me when it thinks about you think about the nature of our sin is if you had a glass of water and you drop one drop of red food coloring die into it. It taints the entire glass of water every part of its touched you can't get that drop back out and its touched everything is the way leaven does it soak the reformed theologian said that the picture of our sin is total depravity. It doesn't mean that everything you do is depraved, it doesn't mean that everything you do assemble by no means what it means is that even the best things that you do are at least a little bit tainted by sin. This is the nature the Bible teaches of the human condition where born into the world were born in sin were born we have is if we have these send tainted spectacles on and everything we look at is through this lens of our own brokenness, our own selfishness. So we see everything through this.

This is why it's so important to understand that God goes first. This is love, not that we first love God but the God first loved us if I've got sent tainted spectacles and everything I see is through the filter of my sin. How can I ever choose that which is good and godly and holy and why true and noble and right. God's got to come with a light into my darkness right will have more teaching moment from today's important series feel like something is holding you back if you can important see what could change everything. Is there someone you seem stuck.

What's missing blessing. We all can override you can learn how to embrace the simplest thing to Pastor Alan writes new blood became an enzyme number one best seller after its recent until now the hardcover book has only been available through retail sales this month right ministries once send you the I thank you for your gift today discovered the power to bless the gospel is shared when you get Allen right ministries. This broadcast is only possible because of listener financial support.

When you get today.

We listened you a special offer.

We are happy to send this to you as I thanks from Allen right ministries. We are in our final days of offering to special product, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website pastor work these teaching now continues once again is while because leaven become such a sample you'll see it over and over throughout the Scripture mention as no leaven allow. In fact, versus seven days leading up to the Passover feast.

Israel would celebrate the feast of unleavened bread, and what this means is that for seven weeks in the spring, they would have the original spring cleaning that every single crime and that house had to be swept out of their it had to be completely spotless because you didn't have one single breadcrumb that had yeast in it and get your house clean and what would happen on the eve of the on the eve of Passover, they play a little game they hide a little crime of leaven bread somewhere and send the children how to go look for it and the children go look for the crime and when a child finds it even touch it but he comes, he reports it to his father and the father goes symbolically to move it but what he takes with him is a wooden spoon and a feather and he goes down the wooden spoon he feather dust that little leaven from onto the spoon and he takes it outside of the house and burns it. The child can't get rid of this in the father feather dust takes it outside of the house and burns it so it's all gone. No leaven at all throughout the Old Testament leaven is this picture of inward corruption. So when all the grain offerings in Leviticus 2 and all the other offerings did you offer any bread offering no leaven at all. The feast of unleavened bread, no yeast. It takes no muffins, no, no sourdough read not just dry old matzoh because it's assemble and you get to the New Testament and the symbol of leaven continues, Jesus talks about the leaven of the Pharisees, their hypocrisy, how it works its way inside. The soul talked about the leaven of the Sadducees were so rationalistic, who had all figured out.

11. It's in the so even in the New Testament talks about the leaven of Herod, King Herod and those that would follow.

The Herodian it was like a leaven because there were so enmeshed in the things of the world. Paul talks about leaven and he comes to the point in Galatians and compares leaven to the legalism that he saw the Judaizers said you get a little bit along your gospel in his spoils the whole thing so no leaven except in the thank for some reason in the thank offering. We read today, Leviticus and you hardly noticed it is reading all this tedious information about offering in the thank offering the worshiper is told to bring out all the animals would be sacrificed but to bring unleavened bread and also to bring loaves of leavened bread bring some roles or something. Get some yeast in it. Why in the thank offering all the sudden with this image of sin and corruption be on display when every worshiper would bring his thank offering and have some leavened bread along with the unleavened because of everything I said today. Gratitude only grows in context. There's no such thing as being grateful for the gospel and less you realize how much you need the gospel. The leavened bread. The picture of sin and corruption sends in me and I can't get it out and it's affected everything that's the picture of leaven that is brought along side of the unleavened bread. My unrighteousness is brought along side of the righteousness of Jesus. My sin is the reason that I'm so grateful that this high priest is going to be able to take the unleavened bread and offered unto the Lord. In other words, the picture of the thank offering is to remember how much I deserve God's displeasure 11 and that's what makes me so thankful that he has found me through Christ pleasing in his sight there was something fascinating in the attire of the priest, the high priest had this turbine and across. It was a gold plated. The four head that said holy unto the Lord, and Charles Spurgeon in his famous devotional wrote about this amazing symbol in reference to attacks.

We won't turn there in Exodus chapter 28 that refers to the iniquity of the holy things, which is a reference to even in the holiest of offerings that someone would bring their still the taint of iniquity with it, but it's given to the priest whose holy unto the Lord.

What avail Spurgeon right is lifted up by these words and what a disclosure is made our work for the Lord is emulation, selfishness, carelessness, slackness, unbelief, what a massive defilement. There is our private devotions, their laxity, coldness, neglect, sleepiness, vanity, what amount of dead earth is there, if we look more carefully. We should find this iniquity be far greater than it appears at first sight.

Dr. pace in writing to his brother, says my parish as well as my heart very much resembles the garden of the slaughtered and what is worse, I find that very many of my desires for the amelioration of both proceed either from pride or vanity or indolence. I look at the weeds, which overspread my garden and breathe out an earnest wish that they were eradicated. But why what prompts the wish. It may be that I walk out and say to myself, and what fine order is my garden. This is prime or it may be that my neighbors may look over the wall and say how.

Finally, your garden flourishes. This is vanity may wish for the destruction of the weeds because I'm weary of pulling them up.

This is indolence so that even our desires after holiness may be polluted by ill motives under the greenest sides. Worms hide themselves. We need not look long to discover them how cheering is the thought that when the high priest bore the iniquity of the holy things he wore upon his brow. The words holiness to the Lord and even so, while Jesus bears our sin, he presents before his father's face, not our unholiness but his own holiness overgrazed to view our great high priest by the high of faith. In other words, the thank offering was the one offering in which he acknowledged even if I brought my best sacrifice to you.

I have to admit it be tainted by my own unrighteousness. And I remember that, but I focus instead upon the righteousness in the right standing of the priest and I bring the unleavened bread, and the high priest will take and representatives before the great judge and it is only because of this that I am spared and therefore I am thankful. Here's what Christian gratitude is gap 11 below. Yeah I know I justly deserve God's displeasure. I know that even at my best moment is still tainted by the selfishness that worked its way into me before I was ever born into this broken world. Praise be to God, I got a great high priest who came and he is my offering Diaz my Passover lamb he is. My sacrifice is everything these every one of Israel's offering all laughter made is given a sacrifice of praise is nothing left. So how do you become a grateful person sit around all day go well. I'm a movable center on just talk like this buzz will keep center in Columbia such a miserable sinner. No, you just take your awareness of how much you've messed up and you just say okay there it is leavened all the way through, but unleavened Jesus righteousness Jesus, I would've died, but he came and died in my place and what he's done.

Beloved is that he has made God favorable towards you when you should've experienced his disfavor he has made God accept you perfectly. When instead you should have been punished and so you'll have any sacrifice that makes any good before the Lord, all of them been satisfied in Jesus, except this one thing keep on giving thanks because if your life is been spared is mandatory to give him praise and that's the gospel in today's thing of blessing your life. Grace filled vision for the rights of free grace and encouragement blessing. It's free pastor got away feel like something is holding you back if you can important see I could change everything. Is there someone you love to sing stock what's missing blessing on you can learn how to embrace your Pastor Alan writes new blood, which became an Amazon number one best seller after its recent until now the hardcover book has only been available through retail sales this month right ministries once send you the I thank you for your demos gift today discovered the power to bless gospel shared when you get to Alan Wright Ministries. This broadcast is only possible because of listener financial support. When you get today. We will send you a special offer.

We are happy to send this to you as I thanks from Alan Wright Ministries.

We are in our final days of offering the special product, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website pastor work as we come to the conclusion here of the series on Moses and today's teaching. This is this is often the part of Christian teaching that we might think. Alan, this is going to make us look so weird. This is the peculiar part of sometimes in the deepest of despair that were going to praise and beef thankful even with a lot we've been given it it does it makes the Christian absolutely countercultural to think of thanking God in all circumstances. Remember this, that in the midst of all these descriptions of offerings of Israel. The emphasis on most of them was that they beat unleavened 11 becomes a picture of sin in the Bible but on the thank offering.

The worshiper would bring both leavened bread and unleavened bread, you would bring in your gratitude to God. Both the symbol of the lack of standards in Christ but also you bring the simple of leavened bread sin that's tainted my own life own heart because my gratitude is always rooted in this that my sin should be punished by God, but instead I have been blessed with eternity.

For him, forever and forever and that no matter what you're going through is the source of Christian gratitude God's redeeming love in Christ Jesus. Thanks for today. Visit us or call 877-544-4860 877-544-4860 if you only caught part of today's teaching. Not only can you listen again online also get a daily email devotional matches today's teaching delivered right to your email inbox free. Find out more about these and other that's pastor out.O RG. Today's good news message is listener supported production Alan Wright Ministries

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