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Moses' Ten Steps to Freedom [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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September 7, 2022 6:00 am

Moses' Ten Steps to Freedom [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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Pastor author and Bible teacher I will write all of the bright bright morning all of the revival we all read the Bible more. But you notice your people to pray for three hours.

Fast all day and and and and recite these sayings of prayer for no religious mumbo-jumbo. It is just simply the blood of the Lamb Allen right welcome to another message of good news will help you see your life in a whole new light excited for you to hear the teaching today.

In our series called Moses is presented in an old church in North Carolina not able to stay with us throughout the entire program to make sure you know how to get our special resource right now. Yours for your donation this month to Allen Wright ministries so as you listen to today's message. We encourage you to go deeper as we sent you today special offer. Contact us at that's pastor out or call 877-544-4860 that's 877-544-4860.

More on this later in the program but now let's get started with today's teaching here is Alan Wright you can do a lot of things to try to get your Lamb a lot of people try to turn somebody in their family into their Lamb make a scapegoat out of town instead of looking at your own problems. Try to shift it to somebody else you can try by kicking your dog. You can talk about some other race of people you can try to find others, but none of those will be a sufficient Lamb for you because here's the next point. Point number four. They normally had to pick out a lamb they had to make sure that their Lamb was unblemished. What I'm saying to you is if you want to be saved, if you want to be delivered. You need to get a lamb and you need to get an unblemished lamb because if you get some I just as unblemished as you are. What good is that what payment could be made and that sets they had to get a lamb that didn't have glimmers. Later all we would learn that priests would examine even the eyelids of the Lamb. And here's the beautiful thing about it is what mattered therefore was unblemished nature of the Lamb, not the unblemished nature of the worshiper number five they had to apply the blood of the Lamb. This is the moment of fate. They got a word from God, and they put the blood over the door. You gotta be so foolish. Every Hebrew so foolish to think that the blood of a lamb sufficiently prepared to protect them from the most dangerous night in history. The blood of a lamb really, because God said so we're going to believe it would put the blood over the door post trusting in that blood is assigned to us that reminding us. We're not going to be destroyed is assigned to the destroyer that you cannot go past this bloodline that there is something that has been spoken by God and he said wherever there's the blood of the Lamb in that house. People will be saved and God will not violate his word and therefore the blood was going to be honored. Can you imagine if the people of God on that night in Egypt could feel secure just because they had slaughtered a little lamb and put it little mortal blood over there doorpost. How much more does God want us to be secure in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ is the writer of Hebrews says who is gone into the heavenly sprinkling his own blood on our behalf, so that everything has changed for us forever and forever you Christians when you accept Christ are under the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and nothing can change that goes Hebrews might as well been dancing and singing, popping popcorn and playing Monopoly that night.

There was no harm, no plague would befall them because the blood of Jesus didn't have anything to do with them and everything to do with the blood and if that's the case for them in a literal sense. How much more for us in a spiritual sense, are you safe there's a bloodline around your life and greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. If God is forcing to be against us. The blood of Jesus. Point number six. I got a go fast. I got 20 points.

Point number six had to stay in their houses. This is important. Do not go out of your house, even for 10 seconds. Why, because in the first place. This is indicating that the Egyptians and the Hebrews were really no different.

It was about being under the blood and if one of these Hebrew families or even the patriarch of family went outside uncovered by the blood.

Then you would be attempting to fight against the destroyer on your own strength and by your own flesh and you'd never be able to succeed.

In other words, the only time the Lord was saying that you're going to be vulnerable is when you're trying to face the darkness by your own strength rather than by the blood. Number seven, they had to eat the Lamb. The one that paid the penalty for you, substituted for you is also been a nurse you structure was it the whole land you can just choose part of it. You need to take the benefit of this need to slam that is been roasted see the gospel is a proclamation not just that Jesus died in your place so you didn't have to die but that the one who died for you comes to live inside of you. You eat the bread of life. You take him in. He nourishes you he strengthens you for the journey. He is within you, Christ, and in you number eight. They were told they had to be ready to go. They had to have their sandals on their feet staff in the hand because God wanted them to be expectant that the substitution that this Lamb in the shed blood would be effective. They need to be expectant that they would leave their slavery, expectant that God's word would prevail and would not fall empty to the ground will return to him void and they were symbolizing this by having no leaven in their bread no time for bread to rise because when God opens up the door of deliverance while going through. Get ready get ready get ready so God will use his joy for us for us to live not with a sense of what bad things will happen next but to live with a sense of what's God going to do next. Ready number nine. They had to plunder the Egyptians. This is really pretty amazing God given instructions that you had to be ready to ask the Egyptians for their golden and and silver jewelry. So there. There this horrible night is taken place all these plagues and affairs of the comments I leave leave go quickly and and God said now when they won't get rid of you. I want to go say I could. I have a gold necklace of years there have that silver rained of yours right there in the people to say here take it take it take to take it.

Just leave just leave but here take all of our things and take some of our lives, not just no go with it. Why is God doing this will one thing he wanted to finance their journey.

But secondly I think God wanted them right off the bat to quit thinking like slaves and start thinking like owners they had known anything that had been a heirs to anything in God's given them a natural picture of a spiritual reality that you're actually my people and I have a promise for you in a promised land for you is I want you to be able to not only escape from your bondage, but I wanted to live up I want to live well. I want you to want life to go well for you. Number 10. They had to tell their children about it over and over and over and never forget it. For this to be effective for you in the future. The Lord was saying I'm an institute of the Passover is a beast, and later Christ, and gives us communion and you are to do this, the Lord, saying, in remembrance of me. Because when you remember you really activate all of this grace I was talking to somebody and the family recently were talking about a great trip we had about five years ago at Weston and it was just a mere which is the trip of a lifetime and we got to talking about it. We just are telling stories of what about the time with such and such happen you know what I remember seeing the Grand Canyon and how dry what would you just sit around, talk about this for about 20 minutes or so and what you feel you dislike. I feel happy all over again.

Like I just taken the trip again. Just even a happy memory. If you talk about it some more. You'll feel better.

What this is the spiritual principle, how much more so when you think and talk about what God has done for you.

This is the power of our testimony as to what he is saying is the Passover something you're going to keep acting it out and reliving it to teach your children or your children's children, you're going to eat this lamp you can remember about the land that was a substitute for them to taste the bitter herbs remember the bitterness of slavery you can keep telling the story because it's going to change your life to live with the ongoing consciousness of the mercies of God in your behalf. If you want your faith to grow in your life to be filled with increasing joy and peace think much of what God has done for you and Jesus Christ find every way possible to think on these things to soak in his word to receive from God by telling the stories by living the stories by worshiping and telling the stories of all of this is part of the reenactment of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And thanks they go 10 steps to super easy. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Lee easy steps to spiritual freedom and matter of fact, all joking aside, that really is the way it is for a spiritually now. When he tell you that what's not in the list because the even better news is what you notice is not in the list the things that they are not required to do number one. Are you surprised they didn't have to understand everything about what was going on. In fact, they probably didn't know much was going on. Why in the world, a lamb in the blood over the door children saying daddy why we doing this.

I don't really know son, the Lord told us to do that right will have more teaching moment from today's important series like something is holding you back if you lack an important scene that could change everything.

Is there someone you love to sing stock what's missing blessing on the patient spoken over you can learn how to embrace a blessing to Pastor Alan writes new book, which became an enzyme number one bestseller after 370s until now the hardcover book has only been available through retail sales this month right ministries once send you the I thank you for your demos. Your gift today discovered the power to bless the gospel is shared when you get to Alan Wright Ministries.

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We will send you a special offer. We are happy to send this to you as I thanks from Alan Wright Ministries, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website pastor Today's teaching now continues here once again is you don't have to understand everything that's going on. There could have been young and old, but they were saved if they were under that blood. Sometimes people think will.

The reason I just know how much spiritual freedom, a spirited one alive but I just don't understand everything in the Bible hours to not just this, but the key to their salvation is like untold hours. It is a simple childlike faith. I didn't understand thing number two they didn't have to do it on their own. In fact, the whole deal was done in community.

It was not in end of visual enterprise you would eat the lamb together as a family or with friends, under the same house there never has been this Western individualistic might mentality in the Bible about is just about me and Jesus and I got a face that you will not know it's all about community.

There's a body in the body of Christ and and and you are part of it is a spiritual family you you are not alone society tends to isolate us but in the church of Jesus Christ. We are connected and integrated number three they did not have to present themselves as unblemished.

They had to present a lamb that was unblemished missing when a worshiper would come to the temple on Passover and bring their lamb, the priest, the religious authorities didn't inspect the worshiper who was bring in the lamp they get down to start inspecting the lamb. The question is, is your sacrifice spotless. Not are you spotless in the whole joy. The Christian life is in discovering that we are not being examined by God, Jesus Christ, the son of God, examined by the father and found to be without blemish is the perfect sacrifice once and for all. So whenever you're you're up against the accusers voice and making you feel condemned, and you feel like you don't have much faith you just gotta remember is not about whether you have been good or bad is about Jesus and his righteousness, and you've been merited with the righteousness of Jesus. Even though you never accomplished it on your own. You don't have to present yourself as unblemished. You have an unblemished Lamb number five they didn't have to do any religious things didn't even have to pray a certain amount of time.

I love the price we got up bright and more. I love to read the Bible we all read the Bible more. I love all the spirit of this. I love all of this you notice here doesn't say to the people.

Now you need to pray for three hours. Fast all day and and and and recite these sayings of prayers.

There was no religious mumbo-jumbo and is just simple blood of the Lamb over the door number six. What they didn't have to do, no penance didn't have to penance is where you do something to make amends for your wrongdoing to get yourself back in good graces with God do a certain amount of this in your back integrates with God. But in have to make up for all the wrong they didn't have a lot of good deeds that they had to do real quickly.

Does God have good deeds for you to do absolutely. He created good works for you from the foundation of the world that you're going to do in your life may love that absolutely and and and and if we have a faith is not accompanied an action that James is updated at all.

That's true but it's what you see that for the saving delivering power of God to take place in either Passover is the same for us. There was no list of light you've been bad and therefore you need to take these steps in order to make yourself acceptable to God. The people that were not acceptable to God a people had no power to God. They were liberated by the blood of the Lamb number seven.

They didn't have to punish themselves they didn't have to shed their own blood that they they might've been the ones who deserve death, but they didn't have to beat themselves they didn't have to whip themselves they didn't have to sacrifice themselves or their children to prove how remorseful they were.

They didn't have to live on an altar and cry for three hours.

They didn't have to cut themselves they didn't have to talk bad about themselves they didn't have to to show a certain amount of remorse. It went about that. Let me just tell you there are times in your life where you're going to have more severe sent and you just want to be before God on your face is that God I'm just so sorry. And this is a cleansing that can take place with that and all that can be fun but I just want you to understand the good news of the gospel is that you are set free, not by your tenants and not by punishing yourself going around calling yourself a miserable wretch in a terrible center and all that is not doing anything for anybody and it's certainly not moving God. God is moved by the blood of the Lamb number eight. They didn't have to be strong and fight the Egyptians. It had nothing to do with their strength.

Number nine. They didn't have to die. The Lamb had to die and number 10 because they were going to live. They didn't have to worry about dying. They didn't have to worry about anything because the fact of the matter is that if they had a great revelation of what God was going to do and saw that in the blood of the Lamb. There was wonderworking power that the destroyer could not go past the blood of the Lamb because of the edict from God's own mouth. This is the way it will be. He is saying I am going to look upon it as if you had died, but it really was a lamb and every household.

Therefore, there's going to be either a dead child or a dead lamb and you are the ones that have the revelation of this and therefore you can be secure and you can just not worry about it, just have the time your life because tonight is the night that you go free and this is the Christian life.

This is the abundant Christian life.

This is incredible. If I didn't believe the Bible, but I read the Passover story and then read the Gospels and knew that this it happened over a period of thousands of years and different pins at different times. I will just have to say is a student of literature. This is impossible, that this could be because you know the day that Jesus came riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. It was the 10th day of Nisan, do you know the day and was Jesus hung upon the cross and shed his blood is a 14 thing you know that the day after the feast of unleavened bread had commenced which would be on the following Sunday that there wasn't part of the Passover called the feast of the firstfruits come out and wave the sheaf of the first grain as a thank offering them to or say this is the firstfruits many to come on that day Jesus was raised from the dead as the firstfruits of all creation, the firstborn of many sons and daughters. It is all for this reason that John when he first saw Jesus, he said, look, so Lamb of God, our Passover lamb for the night in which he was betrayed. They had gathered to celebrate the Passover and Jesus was the preside are and if you read the stories you will notice that they had the unleavened bread. They had the wine they would have the bitter herbs. But there's no mention of a lamb. Somebody must've said master. Where's the Lamb Jesus broke the bread. I said this is my body.

The Passover was just a shadow way that people got out of physical slavery was just pointing you how it is that you become free spiritually, you become spiritually free.

The revelation of Jesus Christ. He is your Passover lamb and that's the gospel and today Moses the 10 steps to freedom of blessing your life. Grace filled vision for your rights, free grace and encouragement for every blessing. It's free.

Just a click away and got away feel like something is holding you back if you lack an important scene I could change everything.

Is there someone you love hissing stock. Well, what's missing blessing on faith filled vision spoken over you can learn how to embrace the practice of blessing to Pastor Alan writes new book, which quickly became an Amazon number one best seller after its recent until now the hardcover book has only been available through retail sales this month right ministries once send you the I thank you for your Denilson make your gift today and discovered the power to bless gospel is shared when you get Allen right ministries. This broadcast is only possible because of listener financial support. When you get today. We will send you a special offer. We are happy to send this to you as I thanks from Allen right ministries, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website pastor so are you saying that all these steps even looking at the Passover now is reflected in one, maybe one step Allen one step in that is Jesus run to him it's covered under his people want to know Daniel.

What do I need to do all those steps really have to do, in one way or another. Accepting with accepting the amazing love of God for you, and in many ways is the hardest thing you can ever do is to accept that your salvation comes not by your merit, but simply by the grace of God because that really compels you into a life of trust life of deep and messy ongoing trust of God. So the lesson from the Passover. Yeah, there was something for Moses and the people to do but what was more important than what they did was what they didn't do. They didn't have to die the Lamb.

And through the blood of the Lamb.

They were set for if you really want to have freedom through the Passover here all things that you know what have to come together.

You have to decide you don't want to be a slave you have to listen to the word of the Lord, you gotta get a lamb yet pick out one it's unblemished. You gotta get the blood of the Lamb. Gotta stay in your house. You gotta eat the Lamb yet be ready to go. You gotta plunder the Egyptians and he had to tell dear children, over and over.

So there you go there's the 10 steps, but actually it's rich and also as we continue this message tomorrow. We got beat exploring as well. The 10 steps that they didn't have to take one of the things that God is done, we could never do so. Rich message from today's good production Allen right ministries

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