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Forward Progress [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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April 5, 2022 6:00 am

Forward Progress [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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Pastor, author and Bible teacher Alan Wright now are in Joshua's ministry and the way the people to take the land is deepening with surety knowing our they see that instance evidence of God's presence.

That's pastor excited for you to view the teaching today. In the series forward is presented in an old church in North Carolina.

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More on this later in the program but right now let's get started with today's teaching here is Alan Wright this way. Like Jericho was the first city to fall and their military campaign and then they would face.

I which initially they had a real defeat and then a victory, and then they would head south and there were many times where they did not know what their next battle or adventure would even be until they taken the first few steps.

In other words if their 10 steps, you may not even be able to see what 10 looks like you taken one and two and three.

You may have to walk through the valley and get up to a mountaintop. You can even see the next mound. There is no way to the farther reaches of the promised land except for step right now and so they did was it one more thing about this back to do more things about this verse other thing is that when it says every place that you step your foot. It has been given to you. I want you know, in Hebrew, the you is in the plural.

This is why we need a southern translation of the Bible because then it would've appropriately translated every place y'all step dollars feet is being given that all y'all because I'm here with Joshua and you step in with him is for every body not just the leader which means a lot to me since Jesus is our Yeshua, and where he goes and we go with him.

That spiritual territory is ours. We become coheirs with Christ and all of this points to a case, a spiritual reality, a principle that God enters the image to to give to you from football and it is the say that when you move forward you get your for progress.

No matter how hard you hit how far your pushback.

Let me try to explain this principle to you. So in football. If you're not a football family does explain this to you in football the runner who has the ball you know and is run here.

Let's say here's the line of scrimmage. Come on up. It would be my defender. All right year-over-year use middle linebacker over there no actually hit me happy bad back and got a tenderly but I got the ball I Take the hand off and I'm coming through the line and I will. Here's a lot of scrimmage right in the middle and I get about 2 yards past it and if you're going to boot you push me back and you just keep pushing me back to what we want you want five hours of football you like, you get pushback, but in the end of the play. The rest picks up the ball and even though I was tackling pushback about 5 yards picks up the ball comes up and puts it to the point of my further progress.

Thank you for not targeting me right there you you you can be playing football and you can then matter how many people are tackling you and sometimes it looks like that was like the whole team against one guy and they'll push them so far back it on matter how may people put you back it in the blank. They bring the ball up to the point of the farthest progress forward progress they could take the runner up and carry him back that's ugly right there.

It doesn't matter. He still gives forward progress. Doesn't matter how hard you get tackled. I mean you can get tackled hard. That's not will be fine landing right there and you still get bored progress somebody could throw you up in the air and you hit the ground and it knocks the wind out of you and I ever had that before you got the wind knocked out of you. Oh my goodness, I play peewee football so I had you come to you live there you cannot breathe in, though you can't breathe you. Not sure you will be out to get up the ball still goes back to your board progress. You can have your helmet come flying off and you could still get the ball back to the for progress in his own image, a part of this is that if you and football come up. Here's a point where you need to make the first first down past this line you just barely get there and I push you back 10 yards.

If the ball got over that universal or as a percent or even really exciting is, no matter how much you're getting hit if just the tip of the nose of football gets across the that in zone line that goal line is just the tip of it. It's a touched even if the runners just way not back what happens in the spiritual journey is a lot. It's like life circumstances sometime to gang up on us and I mean if you're human being. You been tackled hard before and it is been a hard year and 1/2 and there been setbacks and sometimes affiliate is been pushback and other times it feels like a surprising blow.

They'll come out of nowhere. Take your breath away. Sometimes you feel I have made any progress at all. There is a 10 Tim Tatian to think that because I have been hit so hard or because I got pushback that I might as well give up because I'm not getting what God is saying prophetically to the church into you today is no you got your for you got your four proc where my best buddies I ever had and you I don't know if I've seen him that college I'm not if I have. I can't remember when.

And he was more my best buddies because he was a guy that time I was little I played tennis with almost every day and we traveled around North Carolina is kids and played in the little Junior tournaments together and then in high school. We played tennis together and he became my doubles partner and we fought many many battles together and all of it. I had seen him in so many years and we reconnected and he's coming coming through town on Tuesday. MOC mole buddy might even try to go out there and hit the ball couple times on the tennis court. I gave up tennis to start playing playing golf and so I had hardly touched a tennis racket in you know 30 years and so this summer Abby Phyllis to his intense couple times that so well. I went out and you know I can still hit a forehand been setbacks not down. Hadn't played and yet I didn't lose all that ground you you have in your life made progress in the spirit you might have more patients now than you realize you still stumble and become impatient, but you come further than that spiritual battle that you keep facing you for like I just been one setback after the know you you you get your for progress. If you had a ministry gift and is been lying dormant in you. You pick it back up so that God continues to use you. You don't have to start 10 yards back you go back to your point of where you last will and ministering for progress. Every place you step your foot is for progress and you get to keep it challenge right will have more teaching moment from today's important series better marriage. You don't need marketing you need more good news.

Marriages like people are changed by human effort or even planning principles change by the gospel of grace sessions and lead you and your spouse into a fresh encounter with God's grace simple grayscale process that makes great communication. The freedom of forgiveness celebration also learn how to pray for your staff bless one another with chair when you're in the video series losses and get you copies of the company is going through some special challenges find powerful transformational tree is for your marriage.

Marriage grace of God.

The gospel is shared when you get to right ministries. This broadcast is only possible because of listener financial support. When you get today we look for any special offer. We are happy for Misty outside thanks from Alan Wright Ministries, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website past days teaching you once again is missing one more thing about this chapter, which is really intriguing. Verse five. No man shall be able to stand before you all the days your life just as I was with Moses, so I'll be with you to be with Moses he was with Moses going to be with Joshua. I will not leave you or forsake you know that and be strong and courageous. That's what's needed courage.

That's was needed. That's an expression of faith for you shall cause this people to inherit the land that I swore to their fathers to give them only be strong and very courageous session key. Be careful to do according to all the law that Moses my servant commanded you. Do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, the you may have good success. Wherever you go.

This Wasik the book of the law. The word of God shall not depart from your mouth but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it for then you will make your way prosperous, and you will have good success to think how different Moses's call was from Joshua is really intriguing to me. Moses met God in the burning bush, he met God in a place that he saw something glorious had to take his sandals off and out holy presence and Moses didn't know how to trust God. Moses was hiding in median and he just started making excuses why he shouldn't be the one to be the deliverer for the people Israel, and finally just said God. He said how how how how what I think the people would believe me. I guess it was that in your hand the staff because he was a shepherd to stick his intake and throw it down, and Moses threw it down it became a serpent horse and pick it up by the tail tail is are you pick up a snake bite pick it up by the tail, pick it up and became a stick again to take your hand and put it in your cloak put it into his garment and pulled out it was leprous. Melissa put it back again a pullout. It was you.

The Lord for the very beginning started assuring Moses that I am going to lead you in the people by signs and wonders took the people out of his all these really dramatic playing's and then there was the destroyer that came through Egypt destroying firstborn parting of the Red Sea. There's miraculous.

A man on the ground.

The water that comes from a rock Moses his ministry was just full of all the signs and wonders and Joshua is interesting that when the Lord says you're the lead the people into the promised land. He doesn't say throw your staff on the ground. Let me show you a miracle.

He says I want you to stay in the word don't stop meditating on the truth about who I am and who you are miracles in the promised land of plenty of jar) miracle to go make the sun stand still want but the power in Joshua's ministry and the way the people going to take the land is to a deepening maturity of knowing who they are, whether they see in that instance evidence of God's presence because God had a people died out in the wilderness when Moses was up on Mount Sinai for a little longer than they thought he should have been gone. They formed a golden calf and start worshiping it because as soon as they could see something happening or feel all God's presence is like they didn't believe he was enough anymore as they can about babies you know they come into the world and they do not have this thing that psychologists call the skill of object permanence and what it means is it's early as the fourth month of life that a baby understands that a thing can exist that they don't see which is really interesting if you think about it if mommy feeds the baby and lays the baby down in the crib and it stepped out of the room as far as the three month old is concerned. Mommy doesn't exist anymore but I will laugh about that we as thought that woman carried out baby for nine months had morning sickness had to go through some summer carry the baby around backaches and have 14 hours of labor to bring that baby in three months, she hadn't even had a decent nights sleep baby countless times already changed the thousand diaper as he can go in and seeing that maybe rock that baby thing that baby is set it down on the grip wall 10 feet away.

On the other side of the wall is likely not even exist. So I called to mature to even understand that just because mommy is not here right in this minute does not mean that she does not exist. You learn she comes back she still just as real when I can't see her as when I can when I can feel her touch. I know she's real, but when she's on the other room.

I know she's real.

I know it because I have all the recollections of what it's like to be held prior been fed by her been cared for by her and I know she's coming back.

I know that she she is going to be there for me and there's a word for that trust. Do not depart from my word to the left or the right, but Joshua, here's the key to miracle. But here's the key you stay in the truck with you.

I want you to know it when you know it all people with you. I got to know Joshua's name originally was Oceania. It means salvation and Moses changed his name.

He added the abbreviated form of the name of the Lord Yahweh and renamed him Jan Hall Shaye, which is to say, Joshua, which means the Lord saves the Lord is salvation and in Greek, the way it's rendered transliterated. If you look in the Greek Bible. How do you say Joshua it is he, Jesus, which we bring in the English as Jesus Be a clear foreshadowing of Jesus than Joshua because Jesus's name is Joshua and the image is that he is with you and want you to know these with you and as you take each step with him. Paul says to the Galatians keeping in step with the spirit, the spiritual life is like a wall but in many ways is like a military campaign. It is spiritual battle after spiritual battle that we fight not because we're wondering whether or not were blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ, but because we know we and the more confident you are that the land is yours more resolutely you fight and the more you know that every place that you have taken your foot and stepped it in accord with God's word and by his leading. This is part of your spiritual territory and this is the picture for the body of Christ and how we are to influence the world with the gospel. The more you know that the more you stay in that the more you're going to have strength and courage. That's the picture.

The land is yours Joshua so you just have strength encourage and all the people with you will also so we just walk with Jesus.

Every step that he takes. We take it with them and is given to us you might've been knocked down hard. They may be time you been pushed back and it feels like a setback, and it might feel like I was here and now I'm way back over here but when you get back in the spirit you always get your forward progress you come farther than you think. So don't stop walking now you have made more progress than you realize – the gospel rights are good news message today. Forward progress from the series, simply titled forward. I encourage you to stay with this Pastor Alan is back with a closing good news thought for the day. Here in just a moment better marriage. You don't need marketing you need more good news. Marriages like people are changed by human effort or even applying principles changed by the gospel of grace sessions and lead you and your spouse into a fresh encounter with God's grace is sinful grayscale process that makes great communication discover the freedom of forgiveness celebration to learn how to pray for your staff bless one another with ground when you're in the video series will also send you copies of the company is going through some special challenges find powerful transformational tree is for your marriage.

The grace of God gospel is shared when you get Allen right ministries.

This broadcast is only possible because of listener financial support. When you get today we look for any special offer.

We are happy for Misty as I thanked him. Allen right ministries. Call us at 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website pastor out and got a work blessing your life grayscale vision for your free grace and encouragement.

Allen writes daily blessing is free. Just a click away. Pastor got away the best rail. I know it's it's not about getting stuck, but it's also realizing that even in the moment but maybe this pause that you're in, you can look around and see your further along.

Maybe then you realize I just want this so much may be for a married couple is listing right now and maybe you go with a really hard time right now and there's something inside a verse in nature tends to say, well all is doomed.

We had made any progress and I think if you actually will stop and look at it you maybe have some communication skill now that you once didn't have that maybe you are talking about some difficult things that you want. Didn't talk about. You've come farther than you think. Or maybe in your spiritual life your walk with God you feel like I still falling.

The sum of the same temptations we all sin, but I think if you look at it and you see it through the eyes of God, which realizes that the journey you've been on is taking you farther down this road and you realize. So the principle of promised land living is everyplace where you step your foot because it was promised to you. It has already been given to you. Just taking it step-by-step. And that's the spiritual life. Do not be discouraged by momentary setbacks, even if like the football player that feels like they have been hit so hard I can barely breathe you still get your for progress in this way it is in the spiritual life so my brothers and sisters do not give up.

Today you come farther than you think. Thanks for listening today. Visit us or call 877-544-4860 877-544-4860 if you only caught part of today's teaching. Not only can you listen again online but also get a daily email devotional that matches today's teaching delivered right to your email inbox free. Find out about these and other that's Today's good news message is a listener supported production Allen right ministries

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