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And Peter [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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May 25, 2022 6:00 am

And Peter [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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Pastor author and Bible teacher Alan Wright only thing that separated Peter and Judas and his regret. He hung himself with Peter believe the gospel is pastor at one light to another message of good news that will help you see your life in a whole new light by Daniel Britt excited for you to hear the teaching debate in the series life of Peter is presented in an older church in North Carolina. If you're not able to stay with us throughout the entire broadcast how to make sure you know how to get our special resource. Right now he can be yours for your donation this month. Alan Wright industries so as you listen to today's message so deeper as we send you this special offer available today. Contact us at that's pastor or call 877-544-4860. More on this later in the program but now let's get started with today's teaching here is Alan Wright you want to just find a way to deny it even happened. You want to find a way to fluff it up and dress it up and put it back in the do something, anything, except for feeling that gnawing graft and the anxiety that accompanies it.

It is, it's what is what. Shame feels like, and so in order to understand the good news of the gospel today. I need you to put yourself in Peter's place and think about how deep his denial was of the Lord and how he felt when the cook crowed you can become hopeless. You can condemn yourself.

You can sabotage yourself. You can try to punish yourself or you can just rebel and sallow care somewhere deep down we all have that dirty dead rabbit in her past and it feels terrible part of the problem is not just that. Maybe you make some big mistakes in your life times were you've made a promise and you didn't keep it and you look back and you wonder how you ever get over how much you messed up in that marriage or how much you messed up and that parenting moment or how much you messed up it work and what that cost or whatever it might be all those regrets that are there even if you don't have something big.

That's haunting you like that. The problem with us in our sin nature is that we also have this tendency to have a form of regret that just essentially says I can always done more, and it leaves us completely discontent so some of the people that look the most successful and all the world actually have the same seed some years ago I was fascinated to read an interview with Tom Brady who is a four-time Super Bowl winning quarterback the New England Patriots in 2010. He signed a $72 million contract extension with the patriots at that time, making him the highest-paid player ever in the NFL.

But if he runs short on money. He's all right because he is married to the highest paid supermodel in the world and he and his Brazilian supermodel wife and their children have a $20 million mansion in California $14 million condo in New York and in 2005 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Croft interviewed the football superstar and was surprised at Brady's candor about how empty his life actually seemed to what Tom Brady said he said well I put incredible amounts of pressure on myself. When you feel like you're ultimately responsible for everyone and everything. Even though you have no control over still blame yourself if things don't go right.

I mean there's a lot of pressure, a lot of times I think I get frustrated and introverted and at times which I'm not the person that I want to be and then he said this. Why do I have three Super Bowl rings now it's for and still think there's something greater out there for me. I mean, maybe a lot of people would say hey man, this is what it is I reach my goal. My dream my life but me, Brady said, I think God is gotta be more than this. I mean, this can't be what is all cracked up to be done and I'm 27 and what else is there for me and the interviewer, Croft said. What's the answer and Brady said I wish I knew they repeated himself. I wish that I knew. Peter had a bundle of regret for every time he sunk down every time he'd fallen asleep on the job every time he denied Jesus and when the angel spoke to these ladies and said here's what I want you to go back and tell everyone. Did you notice something interesting here verse seven but go, tell his disciples and Peter that is going before you to gallantly why did the angel single out Peter I think don't know this but I think because the angel means messenger so their messenger of God.

I think what happened is that Jesus rose from the dead you guessing and is angel. There is Jesus leaving the nose women to come is exactly what I want you to say, disciples, and be sure and tell Peter that have risen. I'm looking forward to meeting you in Galilee and Peter tell the one who denied me tell one who failed me. Tell the one who's most full of regret and remorse in his life. And Peter let Peter know. I'm looking forward to seeing in Galway let Peter know is not disqualified for Peter know that I love him still let Peter know that when everybody comes to see and meet me in Galilee. We celebrate together. I want him in that party. Tell the disciples and Peter, one of the things that's so fascinating about what the angel says here is that the message is tell Peter tell them all and Peter. He's going before you to Galilee and there you'll see him just as he told you that the message that Jesus wanted to pass along to the disciples, and especially to Peter is to remind them of the promise that he had made to them three times in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus tells him point blank to suffer, die Verizon third day suffer and die Verizon third day suffer and die rise day three times. He told what he wants to remind them of now, as I told you so. I want you to remember my promise to you and this would've been a perfect moment if Jesus had wanted to shame Peter for him to remind Peter over what Peter had promised to him.

I remember how you said you wouldn't ever fall away from me, Peter. We saw how that didn't last. I remember how you said you go to walk on the water. We saw how you sank. I remember how you said you going to pray for me but you couldn't even stay awake all those things could've been on Jesus's lips, but that was the farthest thing from his mind.

Because what he wanted to emphasize was the promise of Christ to Peter because there's no power in the promise of Peter Jesus Christ. But there's all power in heaven and earth, and the word of God stands forever so go and tell them tomorrow and tell Peter and can you imagine what it must've felt like when Peter got the news and somebody told him oh and by the way, Peter. He singled you out, he said, be sure and tell Peter he wanted you, especially to know that he's alive that he loves you that he's looking forward to seeing Alan Wright will have more teaching moment.

Today's important series pressures always on hard to say no way that shall disappoint someone one relationship in paradise.

They were naked and felt no shame entered the world and became anxious with and nine question like there is only one solution. The grace of God that lifts our shame seeks me out unexposed shame shows the individual or in a snobbery series is sure to bring healing and hope are in my digital master class. Thanks for your partnership in a world separate shame. It's time to let God's grace to shame, we are happy to see Misty and Alan Wright Ministries. Now these are the final days. This offer is being made available to you this month, 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website past today's teaching now continues here once again is usually about Peter when they met in Galilee. There he was, there was Peter, there's another man.

Of course, who denied and betrayed Jesus then was Judas in his remorse he hung himself but Peter got a word that the Lord was ready to meet with him again and have fellowship with him again and Peter showed up in Galilee.

I wonder don't know for sure but I wonder if it was partly because of what happened in Luke 22 for in Luke's gospel describing the betrayal of Jesus that right after Peter denies Jesus for the third time, and while he was speaking. The rooster crowed. And this is what Luke 22 has to say.

And the Lord turned and looked at Peter and Peter remembered the saying of the Lord, how he said to him before the rooster crows today will deny me three times they call eye contact, right at the moment that Peter denied him for the third time and when Peter looked at Jesus. What did he see I believe what he saw was he saw Jesus, who is being unjustly tried and was on his way to be scourged, beaten and crucified any looked any Saul in the eyes of Jesus and what he saw was love. Beloved, it is the kindness of God that leads to repentance. And so it was that Peter got word that the message of the good news of the resurrection was also for him and he took him up on it and met in Galilee, Ernest Hemingway wrote a short story that has earlier on story of a father who is unable to find his wayward son Paco Paco had been rebellious. There have been differences between the two of them and they become estranged and so the father wants to find them buddies in the huge city of Madrid.

So instead of trying to wander the streets of Madrid. The father put an advertisement in the local newspaper El Dorado and advertisement read Paco meet me at Hotel Vermont. Tonya noon Tuesday, all is forgiven. Love Poppa and at noon on Tuesday. As the story goes there were police on hand to control the corrals because 800 young men named Paco where there waiting to meet their father.

What the gospel is is an announcement that Jesus died for you and Jesus has been raised for you and no matter what regrets you have in your life invitation is to meet with him and to hear him say all is forgiven. Enjoy my fellowship, and so was it was not one shred of righteousness that Peter could present to Jesus, but there was 100% pure righteousness that Jesus could present to Peter, not one of Peter's promises to Jesus had held true, but every one of Jesus's promises that Peter was solid forever and forever.

And what happens when you get forgiven like that people often think that all you do is talk about the grace of God and people can just be forgiven like that and even even though they've done terrible things in life, they can just be forgiven by God, you're just glossing over there Stan and you're just making it possible for people to get lazy and so people just like that's not what happened. Because what happens is the more that you know how much you've been forgiven. The more you love.

There's a story in which in the Gospels in which a woman who's a call to sinful woman comes in. She she comes in a Pharisee's house were Jesus having dinner and anoints his feet and weeps and the Pharisees are muttering to themselves if this man were really a prophet. He know what sort of woman. This is an and who it is it's washing your feet and Jesus reads their thoughts, and he says to this Pharisee name Simon is ask you a question. If there's somebody and I'll put it in today's or if there's somebody that owed Amanda $5 million and there's somebody else that owed him $50 and both of the both of the men were forgiven their debt by the by the wealthy man who would be more grateful in the Pharisees, it will course, the men owed him $5 million before more grateful and he said that's the way it is those who have been forgiven much love much it changes everything.

When you understand what's been done for you.

And so, what must Peter have been feeling. He felt hope rising up in his heart, Jesus was alive and instead of condemning him. That said a word and include Peter in this good news and I'll meet you in Galilee because something changes and gets energized inside you when you know the love of God was January 1, 1929 and it was the Rose Bowl during that day it was the only bowl game like today where this only bowl games. You will be written know what to call them all. There was one bowl game the Rose Bowl and there was no professional football so all attention was put on the Rose Bowl 70,000 fans were there.

It was the University of California cow was playing George Tech and the game was 00 until there was a fumble and the University of California star center Rory Riegel's picked up the fumble took two steps got bumped and disoriented and started running in the wrong direction. They ran 65 yards towards the wrong end zone.

When he got to the 1 yard line 1 of his teammates finally caught up with him and grabbed him and said no Raleigh ends and Roy turned around just in time to be tackled at the 1 yard line and a few plays later, the part they attempted was blocked and then there was a safety and it cost them two points and eventually the game was lost I think by one point due to wrong way. Roy recalls who became famous for this. And the thing that is most interesting about his halftime after he had run 65 yards in the wrong direction in front of 70,000 screaming fans and normally the coach would give a big pep talk at halftime, but instead they said it was just quiet in there for a long time and they sat on the bench and before the next half all the coach did was he stood up and he said all right same team that started start the second half and Roy said he just hung a towel over his head and he just laughed and he said coach.

I can't do it is that I've ruined it for the team of ruined it for myself. I does know how I could ever get out there and face and the coach looked at me said this game is got another half a football and I said same team that started start the next and they say that wrong way. Roy recalls went out there and played the best half of football he ever played play bows off offensive and defensive center blocked up pot was a star that day was made captain of the football team. The next year because I'll tell you what, if something could happen in your life which instead of being obsessed with the regrets that you have you started becoming amazed at the forgiveness that is been given you. What happens is, it brings hope and energy and a life into your very being, and this beloved is the gospel is that on that first day of the week is the is the resurrection power of God raised Jesus from the dead, and he just left a message with the angel to tell the women let the disciples and Peter know that I have risen, just like I told them, and I'm going before them to meet them in Galilee. The good news of the gospel is that you get to put your name in there if you want to you can put your name in there and tell the disciples and and Alan have you done unspeakable things.

Put your name in there unless you denied Jesus and cursed his name and swore you never knew them even as you just about looked him in the way you had done some worse than Peter, put your name only thing that separated Peter and Judas is in his regret. He hung himself but Peter believed the gospel and met in Galilee and became filled with the Holy Spirit and preached the sermon at Pentecost and God used him to change the world. I guess everybody's got some dirty dead rabbit in their past. You don't have to fluff it up. You don't have to dress it up.

You don't have to think about it anymore. When you say yes to the saving work of Jesus Christ, your sins are forgiven and you are made as white as snow, and there is no more place for regret. No more place for shame and self-condemnation because Jesus died and was raised from the grave. You can have fellowship with him forever more. And that's the gospel right and there's good news today.

All of our lives. It's the message of Easter is the message of the gospel and it's in the life of Peter series. Today I'm chairing the light.

Alan will be back in a moment with additional insight on this for your life and the final word pressures always find it hard to say no way that shall disappoint someone once in any relationship in paradise. They were naked and felt no shame entered the world and became anxious and nine question like there is only one solution.

The grace of God that lifts our shame seeks me out unexposed shame shows the individual or in a snobbery series is sure to bring healing and hope our night ministries. This man a master class but is instead.

Thanks for your partnership in a world separate shame.

It's time to let God's grace to shame our night ministries.

These are the final days. This offer is being made available to you this month, 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website pastor Alan reminding everyone. This was a message that was delivered on Easter Sunday morning and for that becomes the highlight of the year for so many of us because that was the moment were Christ saved us, but on a day like today to be reminded of that good news in that story again and to see how Peter's life was woven into this is simply amazing. All of our listeners at some point I'm sure you can identify with Peter and some of his mistake. I know I can this man who walked on the water flow won't sink this man who thought that he was going to be so faithful to Jesus and yet denied him broke his bowels that he promised God.

Probably by this time wallowing in his sense of self-condemnation and the isolation that comes with that shame and how good is God to speak to this angel go and tell his disciples risen right, but the ad one disciples name, personalize it and say and Peter: and Peter put your name and tell the disciples.

The good news is for them and Alan and just thinking of listeners your name in there because that's what the message is that the gospel is for you about what you been through what you've done is for you. Say yes Jesus to today's good news message is a listener supported production Alan Wright Ministries

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