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Hear: Practice Listening to God [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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November 26, 2021 5:00 am

Hear: Practice Listening to God [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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Pastor author and Bible teacher Alan Wright, obedience is not this picture of God giving random laws that by drudgery. We tried to rise up and keep legalistic like no, instead the gospel is good news and good news. Move signs are Alan Wright of good news that will help you see your life in a whole new light being diverted except for you to hear the teaching today. In the series. We called saver has presented an older church in North Carolina are not able to stay with us throughout the entire program to make sure you know how to get our special resource right now and audio album called saver could be yours for your donation this month to Alan Wright Ministries either a seamy album or digital download of these audio messages so as you listen to today's messages go deeper as we send you today's special offer. Contact that's pastor out in.O RG or call 877-544-4860 877-544-4860 moral all of this later in the program but now let's get started with today's teaching here is Alan Wright some guidelines that have been helpful to me in recognizing God's voice. Number one, you can count on this God was always can be consistent with the Bible is never to speak in contradiction to his own word. God doesn't and has no confusion within himself is any consistent in God's voice is consistent with God's character you come to know God will I don't know everything about God. I know I know of the facets of who God is. I just know a little bit but I know the essence of his character is that God is love and know that voice is not a voice of love. God's voice. There's a there is a character that God has and his voice will have that character and I can count on this, that God's voice always produces good fruit. So if a voice is doing something in the unit is producing something within you.

It not good fruit. If it's not peace is not joint, then you can be sure that's not God's voice pair.

More specifically, some never about the voice of God. God's voice will never make you feel hopeless people and that they both like God is on them and the about something in their but that would lead them towards was feel like giving up, that's not God. God doesn't is not up broker of despair. He is the God of hope, despair is the currency of hell he'll never his voice whenever push away from God himself is interested in drawing people into a right he sent Jesus, that Jesus said if he be lifted up. He brought people and himself came and gave the ultimate death in order to draw people to himself so his voice is in the push you away is also never lead you into error was that just have no error entities lead you toward areas, leaving you in the truth and is ours that is also never contradict his own written word. Something else important that God's was ill never arouse anxiety science diet TT here. There is a sense in which encountering God is awesome and you can have a experience of all that could make something inside of you stand at attention and maybe even be overwhelmed, but is not anxiety God said in his word hundreds of times. Fear not from with you to speak to in a way this going to everything that is against his own word. He's never gonna tempt you towards evil James says let no one waste him to say God is tempted me to say this is not to lead you to do something that is contrary to his word, talk to people, they thought they think God told him to do such and such like it and it actually do something is against God's will and like we only have to talk about that brother you, God's love will never withhold love to move you.

He gives life, he doesn't dangle love like a carrot in front of you in order to try to motivate you. That's what shames us God's voice voice will never leave you in the dark, meaning confused and insane. I gotta tell you everything you want to know there are plenty of times where I want to know some things God did let me in on it for whatever reasons, but it doesn't. He's not the Savior says is not the author of confusion cannot produce bad spiritual fruit and will never make you love God bless. That's that would be contrary to his own nature, so that's so another way to put it's always about the voice of God, that sort of align with that God's voice will always confirm his written word.

Always bring your hope even if the communication from God seems painful to you because maybe there's an correction editor something but is going to bring so much hope with it.

His voice will draw you nearer to God will lead you into peace. His voice will lead you to a deeper love for God's voice will give you courage is one thing I found about his voice to give you courage and what encouragement is spreading courage into he is and encourage her and you want to hear his voice, because you will be encouraged. Gain courage to do what might otherwise be really scary to you difficult for you and he will correct your sin always without cursing, condemning or shaming is not the way the conviction. The Holy Spirit works he'll always bless you so you can bless others. And as I said, his voice produces good fruit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. The fruit of the Holy Spirit. Every single Christian can recognize the voice of God.

It is part of what it means to be a child of God. You know that Justin natural world and little children that they babies can recognize their mother's voice while still in utero.

A joint research project by Canadian and Chinese scholars different continents same study revealed the same thing unborn children not only learn their mothers voices but prefer the sound of their mother's voice that something the mothers were tape-recorded as they read a poem out loud and half of the unborn children heard the recording of their own mother while the other half heard a recording of some other woman's voice and wind unborn babies heard the poem read by their own mothers, their heart rates went with expectancy and when the baby heard the poem read by an unfamiliar woman's voice stranger your heart rate decelerated.

They know for sure that not only did unborn babies recognize their mother's voice. They like their mother's voice and then when they're born they therefore already know their mother's voice. Another study day old infant. This is great. They were given pacifiers that were connected to tape recorders and depending on the baby sucking response patterns.

The pacifier either turned on the tape of their mother's voice, or it turned on the tape of an unfamiliar woman's voice listen in this within 10 to 20 minutes one day old babies learn to adjust their sucking rate in order to turn their own mother's voice on such a little faster, my mom's voice is I would say this makes me think that if God so designed us before even boring ears are still surrounded by amniotic fluid, and we can recognize our mother's voice and one day we thing we know the sun goes something we can change the pattern just to hear our mother's voice, how much more so when you're born again, born from above the Holy Spirit. Are you given the privilege of the inherited even one day old Christian can hear his or her father's voice, and God meets you where you are so wonderful about this here one day old to meet you with one day old language right will have more teaching today important series so much worry about yesterday's four years cemetery for tonight is hard to focus on matters most. Wearing seasoned coaches, and psychological program is for next living in the present life messages with your digital partnership textures and levers of God's grace.

Each moment moment every day of your life shared when you get to write ministries.

This broadcast is only possible because of listener financial support. We are in our final days of offering the special product when you get today we listen JJ special offer. We are happy to send this to you as I thanks from Alan write ministries, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website pastor at work. These teaching you once again is I was coming home from war when our son was 3 1/2 years old for so many years ago and I've had a busy busy day. Lots of things going on a funeral that day picked up the phone to call my wife is am on my way home and for the first time. Of the 3 1/2-year-old Bennett answered the phone first time in areas of what my wife she saw the caller ID. She handed the phone to Bennett answered the phone and and and said hello and I heard his voice on the set all this is exciting first time ever had a phone call conversation with my little boy and the answer the phone and I said Bennett is daddy I said I'm I'm on my way home and and I wanted what is the first thing that he's going to say to me in our first ever time that he answered the phone and as he got sick. Danny come home then you can't wait to play with you that he come in until recently exciting about his day and I just waited to hear what is he going to say this is the first words he ever had on the phone with me. Why is a hornet. Another name for a be so that's what we talked about our first conversation on the phone is hornets or catlike be exactly the same thing talk to them on a three-year-old level and now I talk to him on the phone.

We talk about different things. In fact, now you call me from all school try to get down to my level and so one day old Christian can recognize the voice of father God. Christian is been walking with them for 80 years can learn nuances of the voice of God. Shema always try here oh Israel, the Lord your God is one God. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart know your soul and all your might. These the words I'm commanding here so interesting in Hebrew the word Shema means here.

Shema means to hear or to listen to, but it also means Shema means to obey Hebert as I have many words in fact only like 8000 different Hebrew words in the Old Testament where is like English will have $100,000 and I think part of this is that God doesn't need that many words, let there be light, but it also is that if a word is very important that it can carry a lot of freight and Hebrew word cast to carry a lot of freight does a lot of so one word almost all the time. When you see the word translated obey. It's actually Shema, or if you hear the word here is actually Shema as he got to know whether translated here obey, but in the Hebrew mindset and my and God's mindset, there's really very little distinction because two here to listen to is in a real sense to obey a memo Bennett was little at one of our houses we lived in around. We had a brick retaining wall that was right next to the driver is about 4 feet high and said and little boy walking on that. But every little boy if there's allege they will walk on it and I told him repeatedly.

I said don't walk on this ledge, I would. I would never want you to fall in her peers little walk on the other side of the yard, but don't walk on this ledge one day I was out in the yard and also not heard screaming and crying and I go to Ron and his dangle halfway over that thing, and blood just flowing down his leg and the portal kid is just terrible pain and agony. Thankfully he had not fallen all the way down, hit his head on the driveway. You just fall and caught himself scraped His leg down brick wall. He's just crying and I said oh, sweetie. I said what happened. He said to me you didn't say I didn't know babies that I didn't listen because to listen is to obey the way that God leads us into obedience. Deuteronomy 6 is here. You hear me now you to obey me because these two things are so closely aligned to what happens is that when the good news of the gospel comes into you and you hear it, it elicits its own response God's word is truth, and the children of God have the spirit of God which resonates with the truth of God, our spirit bears witness with the Holy Spirit. There were children of God.

God wants us to hear him in such a way that when we hear we just joyously respond to it. So obedience is not this picture of God giving random laws that by drudgery. We tried to rise up and keep legalistic like no, instead the gospel is good news and good news moves us.

We had a big party on Friday night. It was forever simulated sweep all the staff all the families, everybody came and children all ensure we we are like 90 different ability 50 kids a little circus for a kid. It was just a wee appreciate you people. The Congress and some of you.

You gave gift cards that we would just give out what is raffling out all his them to spot things like giving people think we were silly we laugh we we got up with the band at St. Sweet home Alabama was Jesse and we did have fun but my wife was in heaven because her love is giving gifts you just want to give some see with the designated thing we did 45 gift cards away and the good.

There were like $30 Maryland Brad and $50 to Olive Garden and go on a daily just images all listed and we just buy hello taken she caught out 019-4726 is very good to us a gift card to Outback steakhouse and people got maybe like I believe one after the other. How silly it is to think that when and would call out the number 014-2563.

If somebody said to tell me what to do if you heard your number called out you jumped up and went up there and got your Barnes & Noble gift card. You just did it. The hearing is the obeying what you hear from God is always good news. Even when it is as you like. Thou shalt not covet will note, if you hear him saying is you don't half to spend your days in misery miserably.

Looking at what other people have that you don't have.

He says thou shall not covet what he's saying is you get to live with joy and freedom and contentment. Okay Lord's you call my number here I come. You can hear God's voice.

Well, that video we did have test to see whether she will follow the voice of a stranger when I was out there were real life Shepherd young David Nicholson. We ran into a snag had to be honest with you ran into a snag at first. I called the sheep they didn't come late in the and pick up their heads from grace. Then David called out to the sheep and they picked up their heads and they did not come and I just turn I said son everyone in my illustration.

He tried again and they did not have. They did not come. I said to myself, what is the problem. I said sheep are supposed to know the boys there Shepherd and follow the shepherd and his is it what is the promise that well it might be you pastor and said I think they're afraid of you and we had this camera crew and me standing there next to young shepherd David they would not come.

Okay, so we moved far away and he said, come, sheep, and they came running because they know they're so vulnerable that they they can't risk to protect themselves again do anything themselves.

It's got a counter there Shepherd. They're just not going to come around a stranger's voice, but was just there Shepherd and they can see him they come running near the sheep of God's pasture and you can hear his voice by the Holy Spirit. And when you hear just come on in. Thus, the gospel in today's teaching practice listening to God safer is the teaching that were in the broad series and Alan is back with us in the studio, sharing his parting good news thought for the day hearing just a moment so much worry about yesterday's failures cemetery getting Betty for tomorrow is hard to focus on the matters most. Wearing seasoned coaches, nine psychological program mindfulness living in the present messages with your digital partnership gift textures and levers of God's grace moment moment every day of your life gospel is shared when you get right ministries. This broadcast is only possible because of listener financial support. When you get today. We will send you a special offer. We are happy to send this to you as I thanks from Alan Wright Ministries. We are in our final days of offering the special product color seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website pastor at work and when there's a lyric to a song that says God still speaks he still speaks. I know his voice. And I think this is their own.

Knowing that we can to good teaching to buffer the day I find people in different walks of life that can be attuned to hear things I wouldn't hear. I mentioned earlier broadcast about a pilot friend who will be flying long and is little private plane and then get headphones on and I hear the chatter on the radio and I'm just talking to my friend, and all of a sudden Neil raises an I realize he just heard that his call letters were by air traffic control. I didn't hear it all was. He's trained for that. Well I think that's what we become as Christians, we become ones Who Best Way, God speak that cause God speak so we can be trained for that… Remember this every single Christian is sheep in the fall in his sheep hear his voice so listen not only called today's teaching.

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