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Buckets of Blessing [Part 1]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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June 23, 2021 6:00 am

Buckets of Blessing [Part 1]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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Alan White, pastor, Bible teacher and author of his latest book, the power to bless the is like riding a room and you have been swept your by the lobby is greater than what you could ever imagine. We are the church with the bride of Christ, and he is not just our husband not just our sacrifice and he is our kinsman Pastor Alan Wright welcome to another message of good music that will help you see your life. Old I'm Daniel Britt excited for you to hear the teaching today.

In the series miracle me has presented at renewal. The church in North Carolina are not able to stay with us throughout the entire program I like to make sure you know how to get our special resource right now. It can be yours for your donation this month to Allen Wright ministries as you listen to today's message go deeper as we send you today's special offer. Contact Pastor that's Pastor or call 877-544-4860 that's 877-544-4860.

More on this later in the program now let's get started with today's teaching years, Allen Wright is the Holy Spirit in you never runs out God's grace never runs out the provision of God never runs out the mercies of God, never run out the joy, the Lord never runs out love of God never runs out. The Holy Spirit is the very person of God. He is the third person of the triune God when you're Christian lives and abides in him and so you have an figurative sense oil that never runs out and that's the picture we get in today's story as we continue our study of Elijah and Elisha. These miracle men that point to the true miracle man the Lord Jesus, and today we come in second Kings chapter 4 invite you to follow along in second Kings chapter 4 beautiful miracle story.

Now the wife.

The verse one now the wife of one of the sons of the prophets cried to Elisha, your servant my husband's dad and you know that your servant, fear the Lord, but the creditor has come to take my two children to be his slaves. And Elisha said to her, what shall I do for you tell me what have you in the house and she said your servant has nothing in the house except a jar of oil that he said go out side borrow vessels from all your neighbors empty vessels and not too few. They go and shut the door behind yourself and your sons and pour into all these vessels and when one is full satisfied so she went from him and shut the door behind herself and her sons and as she poured. They brought the vessels to her when the vessels were full.

She said her son bring me another vessel and he said to her there is not another than the oil stopped flowing. She came and told the man of God, and he said go sell the oil.

Pay your debts and you and your sons can live on the rest of that moment.

We have some my gadget, or you have something that you also discover that it does something you didn't know that it did find what we were in a rental car in Texas last weekend so Jeff was driving pulled up to gases and get some gas and he said, let me say which says the tank only looked up towards the a pullover sits on the left side get some gas and you know that the gas tank was on the left side and he said because there's a little aero up there right next to the gas gauge and is always an arrow every car points left or right side never knew that all the times up. You know, in some strange car, whatever. I never knew that really you know as well as I got my mom got a new car. She got a new Toyota and that is really colleges looking to get to use when an incident she got was very ill and new in his eyes with her and and I've just been a husband like a maze with the stuff they're putting on the new cars, new cars and IMing.

They've they just coming with standard stuff on it is amazing so not always get the rear view camera but is got blind spot warnings in the sizes got rear cross traffic alert.

You know the let you know some eyes coming in Lane departure warning bring you back into the lane.

If you take your hands off the wheel is yellow. The writers you can set it just so will stay a certain distance behind the car in front music all this stuff as we had a family get together the night and on my knees and in that Matt they were overwhelmed on and so I was just excitedly tell them all the stuff that mom's new car would do in a nearby looked at her and sees it. She said yeah but on how to use most the stuff you feel that I'm talking about when I fill up my iPad or iPhone or some like you know you're using my 1% of what this thing can do because you just don't know how to how to use it.

I mean, is there and there's more to it than you realize. And today I think the word from the Lord for us today is just think about that.

If that's the way it is in natural things. Something this is is Monday is a car or a gadget and it does much more he realized how much more so the things of the spirit. How much more so do you have in the Holy Spirit and sometimes you just don't know into you just begin releasing what you do have in this this story today is one of those where Elisha who he has inherited the mantle from Elijah comes into this widow's life who is in great need and issues this very interesting miracle that is a picture in the end of the Holy Spirit because the oil in the Scripture almost always is foreshadowing or picturing symbolizing the work of the Holy Spirit was think about this great story at the first thing to know about this is that Elisha foreshadows Jesus in remarkable ways and it starts being indicated to us in this sense that Elijah, the forerunner to Elisha is compared in the New Testament, compared to John the Baptist who was the forerunner of Jesus. So as Elijah was the forerunner to Elisha, John the Baptist, the forerunner to Jesus which makes you pay a lot of attention to what you see Elisha's life is going to tell you a lot about Jesus anything about this.

Both Elijah and John the Baptist were prophets who were announcing the need for repentance among the people member Elijah is confronting the idolatry in the land and calling them to repent.

Will allied Elijah's ministry, pre-figures John the Baptist because John the Baptist came with a message of repent and change your way of thinking he's in a new a new day is coming. Also, it's very interesting. Elijah had to confront a wicked king and Ahab and John the Baptist had to confront Herod and to pass and in one of the things that John the Baptist confronted Herod about was immorality in his life because Herod and to put this is not Herod the great.

That was the one that had the massacre of the innocents was Jesus born. This is now son Herod Antipas in this wickedness just runs in this family and this Herod had divorced his wife so that he could marry his brother's wife, Herodias was it was it was that it was a dark dysfunctional situation and John the Baptist had called him out on this one because of that Herodias, the wife absolutely hated John the Baptist. So not only does Elijah confront Ahab and John the Baptist confronts Herod in a similar way, but both notably, Elijah and John the Baptist had a bloodthirsty clean that wanted to take their lives. You might remember as we look to the story that Jezebel wanted to kill Elijah and she didn't succeed in them. She wanted to, but Herodias this unlawful wife to Herod, hates John the Baptist, and here's what happened. On one evening. This is so immoral is that it is dark, but Herodias's daughter comes in at dances for Herod, her stepfather, and it is not. It is not some beautiful dances visited a dance that it. It comes across as one that is is seductive and civil and Herod is moved by the S and he says ask for whatever you will and I'll give it to will the daughter goes and talks to her mother, Herodias, and says what is it that I should ask the king for, and she said tell him you want the head of John the Baptist on a platter and so she does. And though he was somewhat grieved by Herod fulfilled his vow and it's for that reason that John the Baptist was martyred I'm saying is that you see that Elijah was confronting evil king and was pursued by a bloodthirsty queen and so was John the Baptist. All this makes you "think that Elisha's life is going to end so many ways prefigure or foreshadow Jesus's life and ministry.

And interestingly, there are many parallels Elisha's ministry begins at the Jordan River.

When Elijah strikes his cloak down on the Jordan and passes his mantle to Elisha, and where is Jesus's ministry start at the Jordan River and the Holy Spirit descends upon him like a dove.

So you're paying attention because you can see in Elisha's life and ministry parallel after parallel that is painting a portrait of what is going to come in Jesus in fullness to the Old Testament has shadows. The reality of which are seen in Jesus and the difference between a shadow and the reality is easy to understand when you see a shadow.

You can see a semblance of what that person might look like, but it is no comparison to seeing the person in vivid color and seeing his or her own face so the old covenant is not just the beautiful stories and miracles.

It's all part of one grand story. It's all pointing us to Jesus. So ultimately we read a story like this and you're looking for. This is showing me I can learn about Jesus and here's one of the things Elisha in and coming to aid this poor widow is functioning to her, though he is not this, he's functioning as if he is a kinsman redeemer kinsman redeemer was part of the law and custom in ancient Israel whereby widows could be cared for and ultimately could continue their families. And here's what would happen that because it was such a patriarchal society, women have very little ways of providing for themselves and their family. That if a woman were to die, and a woman's husband were to die and she is left helpless, then the custom in Israel will be for the nearest unmarried relative to come in marry her and thus become what was known as a kinsman redeemer and that husband would buy custom if the woman had sold property in order to try to make ends meet.

He would buy back that property, he would redeem it right so it's like the idea of redemption is something that you, you handed over but you didn't want to and it really should be yours. And so it's about back at redeem. That's what it means to be redeemed. If you have something and your you you you handed over to a creditor. But then someone comes in by the back you get it back from the creditor as of the kinsman redeemer would come and would would buy back what had been lost and would marry this woman so that the family property could continue in the family name could continue but this is a poor widow and evidently she had no kinsman redeemer and Elisha steps and to believe for this man right will have more teaching moment from today's important series like something is holding you back if you lack an important scene that could change everything. Is there someone you love to sing stack to help them out what's missing blessing on the faith filled vision spoken over you can learn how to embrace the biblical practice of blessing to Pastor Alan writes new book, it's a blast, which quickly became an enzyme number one bestseller after 370s until now the hardcover book has only been available through retail sales this month right ministries once send you the book I thank you for your donation is not only received a best-selling book also receive a free session video place in which Pastor Alan teaches how to blast and covers content not found in the video course includes a detailed study guide perfect for personal growth or small group discussion gift today and discovered the power to blast the gospel is shared when you get to Alan Wright Ministries. This broadcast is only possible because of listener financial support.

When you get today. We will send you a special offer. We are happy to send this to you as I thanks from Alan Wright Ministries, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website Pastor

Today's teaching now continues here once again is Alan Wright you might know the story of Ruth and this is the clearest example of a kinsman redeemer, where Ruth is widowed for her.

Her husband is gone. She has no hope in the world and Naomi was also widowed C encourages her to meet with Boaz was the closest family relative and Boaz Mary's Ruth and they have they have continued family and it actually is.

From this line that Jesus, so this notion of the kinsman redeemer is a very important Elisha steps and not to marry this woman, but instead to provide a miracle that functions in the same way that a kinsman redeemer would have because she's able to pay off her creditors. The predicament was terrible for this woman when it happened was she had gone into tremendous debt trying to just survive, and the only way that she could see moving forward was she was going to sell her sons into slavery. So it was an option you could surrender your own children as indentured servants and they would instead of getting a salary they would work off the debt that the family had accumulated they were essentially enslaved and this is what your spinal so she's a woman with no way to move forward unless there's a kinsman redeemer and there's no kinsman redeemer and Elisha shows up as she makes her appeal to him because her husband had been a son of one of the prophets so sort of like Elisha was the head of all the prophetic ministry and one of the prophets under him. It was his son in his he had. He had a predisposition to do all that he could for this woman was his point to employees to this one most beautiful images of Christ is that he serves. Like a kinsman redeemer understand that there are many images of God. He is a king. He is a creator. He is Lord he is father.

There also is a beautiful image that runs all throughout the Scripture that pictures God as being like the bridegroom to a bride and so the church is compared to the bride. In fact, in Ephesians chapter 6 Paul is talking about husbands and wives and how they should live together, and he says there but behold I'm speaking of a mystery of Christ and the church that in a very real sense what God is done for you and Jesus Christ as he is looked upon you as if you were like this helpless widow who had no alternative except to fall into slavery because of massive debt and has, as one who is closest to you, and has deep and abiding affection for you and not only redeems you by buying back what you have suffered in debt to creditors. But Mary's you and witness his life to you to love you to be with you forever. He is not just the Redeemer who buys back what has been lost from you. He is the lover of your soul.

He is like the bridegroom and you have been swept off your feet by the one whose love is greater than what you could ever imagine where our we are the church were the bride of Christ, and he is not just our husband not just our sacrifice. He is our kinsman redeemer through Elisha comes and he cares for this woman and he becomes like a kinsman redeemer to her because she so desperate a debt that she could not possibly pay that leads to slavery. Can you feel the pathos of the situation and understand it's a picture of every person apart from Christ. Every person born in sin. The Bible says, with a debt of guilt, no matter who you are. God is perfectly holy and we and our sin have accumulated a debt that we simply cannot pay. She goes to Elisha like going to a mediator. What can be done for me utterly helpless and without supernatural intervention. She surely perishes she's empty. I think part of the message of this of this beautiful miracle story is the value of the right kind of emptiness, meaning the thirst of our souls for God hunger.

Blessed are those that hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled very first time our first child gets sick. Will Bennett had been in the world for so long and it is never got sick. I mean it was something over your old winning goal by ever gone back to the doctor.

Separatist wellness visits and that but he started one day this little guy act not acting like himself and he was fussy and try and and and stop eating is not eating. So we took him to the pediatrician and the doctor looked in to his ears that always got a bad ear infection just broke my heart out as all hell. I've been I've been distant. No been a bad father didn't bring to the doctor quick enough. You know and out of the synergy felt assortment and we said and we're just the recipient is not eating anything were so worried about and I'll never forget his old wise pediatrician is at all that I will give him some antibiotic pretty soon he's going be feeling much better and he's going eat everything that is when I realize what we all know that hunger is a sign of health. Just in the natural. If you stop being hungry is something wrong in the greatest signs of spiritual health is your hungry for God. Fran Alan Wright. Today's teaching will replacing cured buckets of blessing in the series miracle man. Alan is back in a moment with additional insight on this for your life in our final word today with us feel like something is holding you back if you lack an important seat I could change everything. Is there someone you love hissing stock to help them child what's missing blessing.

We all need faith filled vision spoken over our lives. You can learn how to embrace the practice of blessing to Pastor Alan writes new book, to Blacks, which quickly became an enzyme number one bestseller after 370s until now the hardcover book has only been available through retail sales this month. Alan Wright Ministries once send you the I thank you for your donation did this not only received a best-selling book also receive a free session video place in which Pastor Alan teaches how to blast and covers content not found in the video course includes a detailed study guide perfect for personal growth or small group discussion. Make your gift today discovered the power to Blacks. We are happy to send this to you as I thanks from Alan Wright Ministries, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website Pastor however did you see many times that your hunger is increase the more that you digest the word of God. For instance like it if it feeds it is a good hungry hungry for taste and see that the Lord is good and a relationship with God.

It's not like it. All the piece of chocolate pie that you had you, so that's good. And then at some point you will get full of my being sick right exactly now with God and today's story this miracle story for the life of Elisha as long as there was an empty vessel. There was more oil become and so would a picture of spiritual hunger in our own lives. Hunger for God. Blessed are those that hunger and thirst, they will be for today's good news message is a listener supported production Alan Wright Ministries

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