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Washed Clean [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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April 23, 2021 6:00 am

Washed Clean [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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Allen Wright, pastor, Bible teacher and author of his latest book, the power to bless his life has been sprinkled upon the throne of grace, so that every single word can can come into the presence of God because the blood of Jesus and therefore the blood of Jesus has cleansed conscience suggests good news that will help you see your life in a whole new light. I've been excited for you to hear the teaching today. In the series belonging to God as presented at renewal the church in North Carolina. If you're not able to stay with us throughout the entire program I want to make sure you know how to get our special resource right now. It can be yours for your donation this month to Alan Wright industries as you listen to today's message go deeper as we send you today's special offer. Contact us at or call 877-544-4860 877-544-4860. More on that later in the program but now let's get started with today's teaching here is Alan writing a whole culture comes here.

Another way to deal with the consciousness is instead searing the conscience by saying less is not even wrong is that you say I feel bad about it and so I've got to do something about it and religiously speaking what this leads to is what the writer of Hebrews called dad's something wrong with me. I don't belong in the presence of God. I'm too on whole, so I must do something to make myself more holy so that I can be in the presence of God, that you try to do it. It might be a good thing.

It could be a very good thing to do a lot of good things in the giving of your money praying being in the word fasting's fellow shipping with others being faithful to be in church.

All of these things will, but if you're doing down to try to soothe your conscience works is on one of the ways you can deal with the conscience and that is to actually have the blood of Jesus cleansed it is so important to have your conscience cleanse because otherwise you will disqualify yourself from being in the presence of God and you will disqualify yourself from the destiny that God has given you. We are driving in Salt Lake City in a 15 passenger van. Our host was driving down what's called the legacy freeway and it was nighttime it was such a funny side because I had a big big sign up and everything is before they had a big illuminated things.

I know what red circles with a/the Ghostbusters synovitis and no none of this, and yet that was really bright, but whatever it was, snow to was not bright enough to see so much of what we not be doing and some mission team member. This equipment said all the same as you doing something wrong, but when I go to a lot of people feel that way, you know, it's like I'm doing something wrong.

I don't really know what it is and I know how to fix it but I see that big red warning sign is a horrible way to live.

That's a living with the life of a conscience that is not been cleansed by the blood of Jesus. Several weeks ago I use illustration of the feeling that you have a few men like I have a new era sports arena and you are sitting in your bad seed that you bought for $10 and you look down there in the hundred dollar seed is available as a people and shown up and moving down to the good seat and yet you sit there and you're kinda wondering if somebody will tap me on the shoulder and say hey this is my seat and so it's it's hard to get comfortable in that seat to fully enjoy your 50 yard line seat and so there's only 1 Real Way to totally fully enjoy a beautiful 50 yard line seat and that is if somebody is actually purchase that ticket and you have the ticket and then at your seat, then the matter is, to feel comfortable being in the seat that is really your seat because have you ever had it when you actually have a ticket.

Are you actually had the invitation. Are you actually were the one who'd been assigned the position and yet something within you didn't feel comfortable. You felt like I'm an imposter. You know, I feel that way a little bit when I sit in the really good seat because I normally sit in the backseat and so I'm in a good CD. If I get a ticket for it, little bit uncomfortable in that good seat, even though his mind so your battling your conscience because your conscience is not aligned with the proper truth. Hey, I've got a seat and I'm here in good standing. Sam comfortable now preaching almost any place in the world. Really, I am but it didn't start that way started in youth ministry. I was comfortable speaking to my youth group I preached once in the small startup church, but then when I was in my second year seminary I interned at historic First Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, and I served under one of the greatest preachers in the country at that time. In fact in the whole year of his time poetical.

He was a prince of preachers and love them and there came an opportunity where eyes young seminarian was given the privilege of preaching in the pulpit of First Christian Church Atlanta and I remember stepping into that pulpit and you on what am I doing here and I'm looking out men and women who have been Christians much longer than I've been alive and people knew the Bible better than I did and I might how I'm I going preachers and accusing voice you Sam saying there is an accusation that is coming against me look at you, you don't deserve to preach the gospel and so what I do. I just read my scripture and I started preaching my sermon and you would have my start preaching my sermon, the anointed of the Holy Spirit came upon me just like the Holy Spirit is upon me, even as I preach right now and I got lost in it and I forgot where I was and I didn't think about that anymore. What happened my conscience got aligned with the different truth it first.

My conscience would be aligned with the natural mind. That was a look at you in the flesh feeling deserve to be here once I started preaching the Holy Spirit came and anointed the truth to me though you're young though your inexperienced that you never preach in a context like this.

You are my servant in this moment, and I'm blessing the is coming out of your mouth.

It is anointed of the Holy Spirit is so my conscience became clear, and how can you preach the gospel.

If part of your conscience is nagging you the whole time saying you don't belong here. You sit down. Hello, how can you come into the presence of God.

If your conscience is a look at all the sin in your life. You don't belong here. You don't have the cleanliness to be challenged right will have more teaching moment from today's important series announcing for 99 days in a row. Someone tells you, I love you I'll never forsake when you feel cherished. The what would happen if I'm hundreds day that same person. Sad that sugar get enough for me to measure on the Colletti anymore. When that one day contaminate the meaning of the other 99 days when 1% of conditional love poison.

The other 99% will just 1% of lies enough to spoil grace instead of locking introducing unlimited capacity for fear if I don't measure up. When my having rejected when the Judaizers infiltrated the Galatian church a pass. Apollo is outraged and read a letter that describes the essence of the gospel of grace and why am I snapping mixed with any form of Alan Wright's 12 message idea series trumpets the power of the gospel in order to set you free, and empower you with pure grace. It's called Galatians and asked the gospel discover the purity and power the grace of God.

When you make your gift to Alan Wright ministry said I will send you pastor outlines messages in an attractive CD album with your digital download as our way of saying thanks for your partnership. Call us at 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website pastor out and got work in today's teaching now continues here once again is the Hebrew people had all of the ceremonial laws that were designed to help those that were called ceremonially unclean to then become clean.

We don't have time to go back and look at all of these laws but in ancient Israel. There was the clean and there was the unclean. If you touched a dead body you were unclean if you had an infectious skin disease.

You were unclean that many of these cleanliness laws actually served Israel well because in an ancient time when nobody had any inkling of bacteria or how disease was actually spread the Israelites had these weird quarantine laws wherein they were actually protecting their nation from infectious disease and didn't know ceremonial handwashing laws and ceremonial bathing laws in a world in which people had no concept, no concept whatsoever that dirty hands and you put them in your mouth could lead you into horrible disease and no concept of that and yet they just follow these laws now some of the laws you so I don't see any rhyme or reason to it. The animals that they could eat that were clean and animals that they wouldn't be recalled unclean, and so the scavenger animals and birds like a vulture than just needs things they were supposed to eat those again. Much of this is something we look at now go well how can I get a revelation about something like that because they are reading probably healthier foods, but on the whole, the bigger purpose of the designation of the clean and the unclean was God was saying, I am. I am clean and only that which is holy and clean can come into my presence, and all of this was typified in the tabernacle. Now if we were to take time and read Hebrews 9 starting at verse one before we came to our text today what you would see there is a description of the tabernacle, the tabernacle was a portable tent of meeting, and they would set it up in the camp and it had a big fence around it and that fans had one day, one narrow entrance. There was only one way and all of this becomes a symbol that is fulfilled in Christ, and inside of that tent, only the Israelite one of God's own people is allowed. Unbelievers are not even allowed in, come in through one day and only the believers are allowed in the only place that you could minister in the things of God.

Though, was when she went inside the tent outside of the tent in the courtyard. There was a a a brazen altar, and there you could offer sacrifices that would be gestures of payment for your sand temporarily covering your sin and big labor oral washbasin in which ceremonial washings could take place as of the Israelites to come and come in this area bring their sacrifices, but inside the tent. There were two sections a holy place and the holy of holies. And in the holy, holy place. There are three primary pieces of furniture there a table that had 12 loaves of bread stacked on the table of the bread of the presence or the shewbread that this brand was always in the presence of the Lord, and there was a candelabra that was made of gold and would earn all ways, bringing illumination inside this dark tent and then there was a table of incense at the altar of incense.

They would always be incense rising up like prayer and worship to the Lord. Then there was a veil 4 inches thick together with beautiful cords and fabrics of Crimson comparables and that veil concealed the next chamber which was called the whole, of holies, are the holiest place of all, and in there was one piece of furniture. The ark of the covenant, and it had a live solid gold with solid gold cherubim facing one another and on that lid there one day. I hear the high priest would enter and would sprinkle a lot of the sacrificed animal on behalf of himself and on behalf of all and there on that lid that was called the mercy seat God's manifest presence was palpable. It was the glory of God that would rest upon it so that lid that plays in between those cherubim was known therefore as the mercy seat and it is what Paul call the throne of grace. So what happened is that the Hebrew people had been conditioned for year upon year upon year.

There is a clean and there's the unclean and there's a holy and the unholy, and their levels to the holiness and you can't come in the outer core unless you are chosen of God. You can't go into the holy place, and let your priest of God, and you can't go into the holy of holies, unless you're a high priest, and then only once a year so they understood you into the presence of God. If you are not a high priest who is utterly consecrated and utterly clean ceremonial washings and ceremonial sprinkling sprinklings. This is what their condition with two in magic, this author probably said he a hard time just after living in Southeast Asia coming back to America, stepping over someone's legs in the living room. How much harder would it be for the gospel to be proclaimed to a person who was steeped in Judaism and now all of a sudden they're saying the veil has been torn asunder, and you are welcomed into the presence of God. Can you see how the Hebrew believers.

Mine is going. Oh you don't understand I'm not clean enough for that and that's why the writer of Hebrews says the blood of Jesus cleanses the conscience. Watchman Nee has written much about the conscience and he says it succinctly and powerfully when conscience is unclear one's approach to God becomes forced, it is not true. You cannot fully believe that God is for him is nothing against them.

The Christian must not have the slightest accusation in his conscience must be assured that his every sin is entirely atoned by the blood of the Lord and that now there is no charge against him. See God wants you Christians to not only know that you're forgiven, but for you to know that you and clean in God's eyes. You have been washed by the atoning blood of the Lord Jesus paid that you so you no longer owe and it did something else. The blood of Jesus was an ample sacrifice wherein you now figuratively mystically spiritually have been sprinkled with the blood of Jesus, so that you have been like the high priest was of all authorized by the blood of a heifer to go into the holy of holies you now in the spirit have been authorized by the blood Jesus to come into the holy, holy, holy presence of God, let us draw assurance of our hearts. Let us draw to the throne of grace in our time of need. Because our consciences have been cleansed by the blood of the Jesus all of this is wonderfully somnolent and what is one of most marvelous verses in the entire Bible. John chapter 1 verse four team in which, in the prologue to John the apostle says the word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we've seen his glory, and the word for dwelt among us, literally means pitched his tent. It is the tabernacle you see what John was saying he is saying that everything you see in the ancient Israelite tabernacle, the tent of meeting has now found it yes and amen in Jesus Christ.

He is the tent of meeting. He is the one date by which you come. He is the Lamb that's been offered on the brazen altar. He is the lady for the place where you are washed and allowed into the holy place key is the golden lampstand, the light of the world. He is the shewbread, for he said I am the bread of life. The true manner has come down from heaven. He is the altar of incense, for he is the intercessor all ways, letting his intercession for all the saints be rising up into the father's own nostrils. He is the thick veil who was crucified. And as his own flesh was pierced the veil in the temple was torn asunder, and now by his own flesh.

We come into the holy of holies, where he himself is blind has been sprinkled upon the throne of grace, so that every single believer can know you can come into the presence of God because the blood of Jesus and therefore the blood of Jesus has cleansed your conscience.

It means, therefore, that no matter what you're doing believers the blood of Jesus is your answer when you're praying for somebody in your faith starts feeling small and yo who am I to pray for such a mighty miracle you need to remember the blood of Jesus. You are every bit as much qualified to pray for a miracle in somebody's life is any saint is ever walked this earth, you are every bit as qualified to be in the presence of God is any high priest, and more so ever was in ancient times it means that when you have done wrong, you bring yourself before God and something within you says I need to shrink back you need to remember the blood of Jesus. And when God gives you an assignment and it seems too big. It seems too good and it seems like it should have been reserved for somebody else. I want you to remember the blood of Jesus.

The blood of Jesus cleanses the conscience so that you can say okay I got a ticket in good standing for the seat so I would enjoy it. What I'm saying is, go ahead, glorify God and enjoy him forever because the blood of Jesus has washed you claim and that's the gospel right in today's teaching washed clean in the series belonging to God out of his back in a moment with additional insight on this for your life. In today's final word an option for 99 days in a row. Someone tells you, I love you I'll never forsake when you feel cherished. But what would happen if I'm hundred today that same person. Sad that sugar get enough for me to measure that on the Colletti anymore. When that one day contaminate the meaning of the other 99 days when 1% of conditional love poison. The other 99% will just 1% of lies enough to spoil grace. Allen writes 12 message ideas series trumpets the power of the gospel in order to set you free empower you with pure grace. It's called Galatians and asked the gospel discover the purity and power the grace of God. When you make your gift to Alan Wright ministry said I will send you pastor outlines messages in an attractive CDR pump with your digital download as our way of saying thanks for your partnership.

Call us at 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website pastor and got work and I wonder if Elvis will see at the battle of my mind that I I I can sit and I could hear a sermon like this I can hear teaching and say yes I've been washed clean but then my mind will wonder, and I know the evil thoughts I have an a and I think you know will. How can I be clean if I'm still thinking this, how can I be holy, but I still think this wheeze is maybe not so much a battle of the mind, maybe to battle of the enemy. While it is a spiritual battle and I think this is one of the main battlegrounds.

It takes place in the mine about how we think about things because Satan literally means accuser so this so much. The spiritual battle is that all the promises of God which the Scriptures they are yes and amen in Christ, we begin to doubt whether they can be real for us because we feel as though we've disqualified herself at any point in your Christian life know if you feel like well yeah but pastor you don't know about what's going on in my life and you don't know the thought that you don't think I've done and therefore I I can't have a clean conscience in what you're saying is that you must do something to add to the finished work of Jesus. There is no other way around. It really is there. Dang, I mean Pam and I think that's the key. Anything for me coming to realize that I've got to accept the finished work of Jesus on the cross or not, but no add to it by thinking that me and my my efforts are to somehow add to what all this is to say God wants you to have a beer conscience and by that it means that when you stand, you're able to quickly just bring that to the Lord know that you're forgiven, but you don't have this nagging sense that, therefore, something about me is flawed and disqualified know the blood of Jesus has covered it washed you claim your claim your claim. Today's good news message is a listener supported production Alan White ministries

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