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Blessing Compilation #4

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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January 29, 2021 5:00 am

Blessing Compilation #4

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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January 29, 2021 5:00 am

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Pastor author and Bible teacher Alan writing never remember your genuine people more happy to waive Bob.

Two 2020 and the rear is a good boxer that last year begin thinking about the possibilities are.

That's pastor Alan light and welcome to another message of that will help you see your life in a whole new life. I'm Daniel Britt excited for you to hear our discussion today as were in the studio. It's a special Friday blessing series, and happy Friday to you Pastor Alan Abby Friday right back to you and really excited Daniel about what the Lord's doing in the midst of difficult days satellite still shining is certainly certainly is about where to be talking about a book that releasing actually this coming Tuesday by Pastor Alan the power to bless and were really excited about this. If you're not able to stay with us throughout our entire discussion today. I will make sure you know how to get our special resource. Right now it can be yours for your donation this month to Alan Wright industries so as you listen to today's message go deeper as we send you today's special offer right in time for the new year.

This 2021 blessing calendar goes hand-in-hand with the book releasing on Tuesday.

Contact us at that's Pastor or call 877-544-4860 that's 877-544-4860, of course, more on this later in today's discussion right now working to get started with pastor out and in the power to bless a book just to recap, it's a book that you have been working on not just for a year or two, but this is probably been maybe a decade or more of your life work. It really is in so many ways Daniel a life message for me. I began to learn about the power of blessing probably close to 30 years ago and I cannot even put into words how thankful thankful I am to the Lord that I came to understand this profound biblical principle before early in my marriage and before we had kids so that we could raise them under the sound of blessing, it's a life message. It is blessing is really more than a principal it is in the Scripture and mystical actual power of grace that gets released.

It's the way that God change change our lives and changes. Everyone's life because a positive vision spoken in faith over our lives creates a sense of identity and out of that identity. Then we begin to live completely differently so I just am so excited about the book coming out Daniel I I think this is a message the whole world needs to hear, and especially during such troublesome times were we just here curse all around, and we want to do. We want to see a big change in the world and I pray that the Lord will use this book to help weave and setting apart some of the Fridays this year for you to share blessing with our listeners and as you been talking about their love people may think of blessing is something you say before a meal or something.

Maybe that comes at the end of the sermon by a pastor so you want to dive deeper on what you mean when you say blessing while the, the power of blessing is seen from the earliest time in the Scripture because God after he created Adam and Eve, he bless them and then after he if true, bless them in Genesis 1 we learn it.

Then he said, be fruitful and multiply have dominion on their I think that order of events is so important that the blessing comes first. It's not the reward for productivity is the fuel for it that this is the way that God empowers us and what a blessing really is it's it's not a prayer which is asking God to act on. According to his will and his good intentions, we can intercede for others a petition for ourselves and prayers incredibly powerful, important Christians live every day. Blessing different blessing is something more that is spoken, eyes open to eyes open it something that is sort of on-site. Sometimes it's almost like a compliment on steroids. It is more than mere encouragement because it carries with it the force of a faith and and the proclamation of the gospel because blessing is spoken in accord with God's work. It need not be flowery.

It doesn't have to. You don't have to be spiritually elite in order to learn how to bless someone else's line at it. It doesn't have to be.

And if you are able to see a virtue and someone see I think of this way often then you know when you know someone, you often will see a virtuous characteristic in them more clearly than they do themselves and when you begin to speak that out and and as I teach in the book and then learn how to attach characteristics of their life to that and future blessings that will come from that. Now you releasing the power of blessing and it just is something anyone can learn to do and that's part of the reason I written the book but also Daniel is a book that is built around the mysterious blessing and that for 3700 years that Jewish fathers have been speaking over their children.

The blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh, and will get in next week and radio programs. More talk about what that blessings all about but to know is sort of a lens that helps us see what God thinks is important for us to be imparting when were speaking, blessing to others. Very excited for it to get in the hands of people.

Finally after all these years of thinking about it as I'm digesting the book I find myself in the familiarity part of of what you're saying kinda comes back to me and in this sentiment of give people flowers while they are around to enjoy them may be complement people you know that's what first comes to my mind, but you take it deeper is more than just showing appreciation or complementing. There's something efficient it's going into it is when you look in the in the Bible when you see blessing. It's it is, it carries such a force with it that, for example, when Isaac realized that he had inadvertently bless the wrong son of the story of Jacob stealing Esau's blessing.

I think in our culture.

Daniel, we might say well all we decide what's bless the wrong son come in here. Esau will get this thing right right right and instead the buns as he trembled violently and he said of of Jacob, the connivers he said I blessed him, and indeed you will be blessed. That impacted my life when I began to realize that from God's perspective blessing has irrevocable power.

Words can't be stuff back down our throats and blessing the idea I blessed him, indeed he will be blessed.

Just imagine I think what I want our listeners to think about is, do you ever have that feeling that maybe there's something that's missing from your life. Something that could really make a difference and help remove the ceiling that seems to be over your life. Or maybe something that is the answer to those gnawing insecurities that you have and you wonder what is it, it may be a missing and is probably this the power of blessing Pastor Alan your new book releases on Tuesday. It's the power to bless and as we been talking a lot about here on the radio program, especially pre-ordering is is important for a multitude of reasons and that if if you want to count yourself here as part of the launch team of affordable way to really help propel the message of the gospel. One way people are always asking how can I help how can I support.

How can I be a part of such a wonderful endeavor. Will this is a great way to do it simple just preorder if you can beat the deadline and get in before the release date which is right now. I not only will you help that, but you also receive a free audiobook. In addition to hardcover. The Kindle edition and that and you be among the first to receive the power to bless and this is an exciting way to be a part of something I think will and in the year weave with you.

We had it's it's good to feel that I'm were in this together were part of something that exactly.

I feel like I think all the listeners could identify with me. It doesn't it seem like the devil is working overtime to spread curse and hate and I just is outside. I don't want to be outworked by the devil you know I let's let this is one of things I'm energized for this and so if you preorder then you be the first to get the book and honestly Daniel this is the way I mean book industries change so much from when I first started writing books. It was all about getting into all the stores and and where is it on the shelf and all of that, you know, in terms of inattention to a book now so much of it depends on the online retailers and certainly Amazon at the head of that. So if you if you purchase it you get the blessing audiobook.

But you also can be a first read it and if you want to help leave an honest review. This is again one of the ways it books, get attention today by the number of quality reviews. So if you want to get the message of blessing out that something you do and I promise you this is going to be something that will change your life and could change life of someone else.

If you want to make a gift and invest in the somebody's life I get them a copy as well. Preorder them a copy as well is coming out February 2 and it is all is a life-changing concept, the power to bless. It's just us. It's inside track behind the scenes here you can be part of something great, so that when the release date comes, you know you help propel this so that the world can can really hear it when you think about it as a marketplace or or not it really does help put it out there to become available to so many.

That's a you can connect up with us and make sure you get your hands on this book that's trailing you share a devotional on the first day of this new year.

That speaks to the newness of the year and the newness of our lives in Christ and that we're approaching the end of the month here and it seems appropriate for our last broadcast day of January here for this blessing.

So this is a blessing, though one of the ones that I've written this month. As you know Daniel, we have a daily blessing that can easily subscribe have these in your inbox.

Pastor but here's one that I wrote him ask of the first day of the year and now here we are. The coming towards the very end of the month, but while we're in this new month and while were thinking about newness.

I wanted to speak this blessing over our listeners.

This is a blessing for the new year.

You are getting older you're getting newer because God loves to do new thing like a blossom that suddenly burst forth. Isaiah extolled God delights in every blooming thing every site of new life and beauty. The new year, a new way. I knew you God loves new things.

One day you make all things new.

Until then, may you have spiritualized to see God's fresh grace every day all day all year. They know that blessing was inspired by Isaiah 4318 where the prophecy is to remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. I'm doing a new thing court said now it springs forth do not perceive it at all of the words of the prophet. Here are the word of the Lord. I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. That's Alan Wright will have more teaching moment from today's important series at Arlington ready for a new year. This is thing here as you start planning on dreaming friend breaking here right ministries has for just a beautiful, inspiring lob calendar with each month not only depicts the Montana hearts during image also includes especially Blessing for explains in his new book, the power to which releases February is available from Amazon for preorder now blessing vision left then told them to be fruitful or not isn't the reward for your productivity. The fuel for the 2021 blessing lob calendar gives you space to write down all your important appointments and make plans for a wonderful and most importantly, each time you see the your heart will be strengthened and empowering this year.

Don't just organize your life for the 2021 blessing calendar is our gift to you. When you make a donation is not right ministries. Today is the final day were offering the special product, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website pastor out and got away. Today's teaching now continues here once again is you know there's a real sense in which I I don't understand understand the science of it, but the more and more science is teaching us that our sales are being replaced all the time in our body right. I mean, it is one sense in which the person you are today physiologically is not the person that you will be tomorrow.

I like that idea that baby were being physically made new, literally. But how much more so in the spirit.

How much more so, could we walk in a new way this coming year and I was taken by the words of Mary during the Christmas season.

I kept thinking on them where she came and met her relative Elizabeth and Elizabeth Blessed are and and then Mary just let forth this exuberant praise we call the Magnificat and in the midst of that. She said from now on all generations will call me blessed.

And what a phrase I love that from now on I just want to bless our listeners that you could have that gift of living from now on, from this day forward with the mercy of God being promise to be new to us every morning in a very real sense you are new today.

Your new and you can have new ways of thinking. You can have new ways of living at all of this can be empowered by the Holy Spirit who is in years old gone, the new has come.

And so I just want to bless you listeners I want to bless you to really build receive that bless you new year, new you whole new way of being never remember year. Daniel people more happy to wave bye-bye to 2020 and that they were goodbye to that last year begin thinking about the possibilities that are ahead of us is a blessing for the new year. The power to bless his Pastor Alan's new book actually being released in just a couple of days. On February 2 and we invite you to be a part of. Well the inside track. I will do behind-the-scenes work we can do if we preorder the book right now. Not only will you receive at no extra charge.

The audiobook of the power to bless, but also is going to help really propel this message to a broader audience on release day in the days following and you can do all of this, a past row that's pastor out and I love how much support is being given to the power to blessed you mentioned this already, there is a a separate podcast that is simply a daily audio version of the blessing. There is a video of of you imparting the blessing.

I think you find that our social media and certainly our website and the and of course the daily devotional that you can get in your email box.

It is the power of God for our transformation if he started out humanity by blessing them and then same be fruitful and multiply. Seems like it's a way which to start every day. So if you're not yet subscribe to the daily blessing. Devotional is very easy, just a couple clicks of past row and I want to join in with Daniel again saying please please hurry and preorder just go directly to Amazon really is the easiest way or wherever your online book provider is and make your preorder you get a free audiobook with it and you'll be the first to read and please help us by list leave an honest review and draw attention to this. Basically, Daniel, the way that the message of the gospel goes forth is always been by word-of-mouth and certainly for books that are proclaiming message is really important for the world is mainly through people that are telling others the something important that I'm discovering a way that I could relate to my spouse to my children, coworkers and even the stranger on the street because blessing is God's way of bringing about transformation. So who do you love who you want to see grow and change will they need your blessing and the power to bless Daniel really in the end it teaches step-by-step how to be able to bless you. When you read the book you will be inspired and you yourself will be receiving blessing, sensing the presence Holy Spirit. I think, and then in the end has a big payoff that you're gonna learn how to bless anybody can do that you don't have to be super spiritual or poetic court is is for men and women and young and old anyone and it's never, never, never, never too late to start blessing and maybe some eyes, listening right now as I have really missed blessing in my own life. I've had more car spoken to me what's not too late to begin to fill your heart with blessing and maybe maybe your own words haven't been what you wish they had been those that were important in your life is not too late. Power to bless and teach her how you can find out more about the book and all the and I would just encourage you if you've not had blessing in your own life outlet Pastor Alan's own voice speak over your life on a daily basis and that's good bubble up and and flow out to others and you learn how to the book the power to bless that's pastor at an.orc.

I did not grow up so much with this phrase, but it's become a very common phrase today. Spoiler alert. Some people I know. I never was this person so we will get a book and they go right to the end of the of the book and I want to read the last page 1st, and pastor Alan I understand you kinda want to do that with us right now. At the conclusion of your new book you crafted a powerful extended blessing and you want to share part of the end of the book with this now. Yes. So after learning about blessing. Learning about the mysterious blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh, and how it symbolizes and unveils to us all the essentials of of blessing all the blessings that we speak. After learning why blessing is so important and how to bless your own life and in learning how to craft a blessing. I thought it was fitting Daniel to end the book with an extended blessing this just laden just just flowing with scriptures and that something you could just take and drink in and part of that blessing is addressing what it means to be like Manasseh, whose name means forgotten all my troubles would be like to look differently on your past and when you bless people. One of the things you're doing is you're helping to affirm you're not stuck in the past and you're not in bondage to it. But God is able to do something new and you fresh. So here's a portion of that blessing that is rooted in a wonderful promise of Jeremiah that the Lord has a way of rebuilding atop the ruins of our lives so here's a part of the of the parking bless and it's in the power to bless, I bless the ruins of your life to become the hill become upon which your tomorrow is built higher and better yesterdays over but the rubble of your past, shall not be wasted.

This is what the Lord says I will restore the fortunes of Jacob stents and have compassion on his dwellings.

The city will be rebuilt on her ruins. Jeremiah 3018 God is not blind to your losses is not deaf to your cries. He's moved with unquenchable compassion on your behalf.

He is a restorer master renovator who can incorporate every broken fragment of yesteryear into the foundation of a new higher place for you to dwell like the ancient cities rebuilt up on the ruins of former days.

Your adversities have become Clay in God's hands.

He's molding a mountain out of your mistakes so you can live atop it with a whole new perspective as part of the parting blessing just a long flowing blessing that honestly I hope that when people get the book that they will read straight through, and then get to that. But then keep going back to it and just a slight drinking in God's word just just taken it in, taken in who does God think you are, what is God have to say about your life and we join up with that and then bless one another and that's what I do in the parting blessing that particular blessing is rooted in an amazing image Daniel that I will absolutely love. In ancient times it was common practice that when you're building a city you want to find an elevated place because it gives you a strategic advantage you want to be higher than your enemies. Well, in areas especially where there were no major mountains or hills.

One of the ways that hills would form would be what they call it tell tell would form where an old city had maybe been more altered and destroyed walls broken down buildings crumbled and there lies any heat and over time the sand the dust the dirt. The sediment is kept coming and filling it in and filling it in until finally it became a big hill and those big hills became very strategic building sites for new cities. That's what Jeremiah says says a cities will be rebuilt on top of the old ruins, and I think it's a beautiful image for our lives. God doesn't waste the ruins of our lives.

There's a way in which what I'm saying to her listeners as a way in which you might feel like that all of the mistakes the pastor all the troubles of the past all the hurts and disappointments at all. That's just like wasted time, but from God's perspective, no the winds and sands of the time that blows across all of that something is been built in you and there is a way in which God is taking you into something new. That is a top of the ruins and you have a different perspective. Now you have a greater strategic advantage over the enemy and the spiritual day of battle and you have a new vision and new perspective in front of you.

So that's a blessing for this new year and this part of the concluding blessing in the power to bless. It's all about God's plan to change our lives in a blessing you as you finish up the first month of 20, 21 that this would be a wonderful wonderful year and you'll find ways even out of the troubles of this past year the guys going do new things. Special things in your life this year at Arlington ready for a new year.

This is been here you start problem drinking for a great new year right ministries has for just a beautiful, inspiring law calendar with each month not only depicts the Montana heart starting image also includes especially blessing for my 2021 blessing while calendar gives you space to write down all your important appointments and make for a wonderfully, and most importantly, each time you see the your heart will be strengthened empowering this year. Don't just organize your life for the 2021 blessing calendar, contact us today and start your year out right, power of blessing today is the final day were offering special product, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website pastor got away.

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