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Daily Blessing Compilation #3

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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January 22, 2021 5:00 am

Daily Blessing Compilation #3

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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Pastoral author and Bible teacher Alan Wright. I found that we can owner some of our greatest challenges right after we had some other message of good news that will help you see your life by Pastor Alan you today excited about a book release coming from Pastor Alan in the less less than a month now. February 2 the power to bless releases and you can preorder it now and get a very nice bonus orders of three audio book. Also, when you support Alan Wright Ministries right now are happy to send you this beautiful wall calendar with a blessing for every month and wonderful artwork. It is a way to organize your life but started with a blessing for every day it can be yours for your donation this month to Alan Wright Ministries so as you listen to our discussion today go deeper as we send you today special offer and you can contact us at that's pastoral or call 877-544-4860. More on this later in the program as we talk about the calendar the book and really to speak a blessing into your life. As we enter another week.

It's become good of a Friday practice around the valley Rowan it's good to be good to be with you when people have missed the blessing what happens and what can we do about it. If we think we've missed the blessing well that's something I understand, because it all in and in many ways. When I think about the precious people I've had time to counsel and pray with over the years about the difficulties of their families of origin. I have much to be thankful but I did come from a home where my parents marriage broke and my dad struggled with alcohol. I loved him and is a wonderful man in so many ways, but if any of the listeners have been to that same type of dysfunction disease. You know that it tears up all life, and it tears up the home and it can leave the children, feeling ashamed and I went through all of that and in you know I think Daniel there are a lot of people that probably experience what I did as a kid as a generation of us that our dads somehow were they thought that if they affirmed us too much. It would go to our heads so I know so many men like they just never really heard from their dad a positive vision for their life. If if you haven't had someone in your life speaking to you and saying I believe that your life really matters. I believe God's going to use you in a wonderful way if you never have someone be able to specifically point out your gifts and say I see this virtue and you if you had that, then there's a party or identity that never gets affirmed and fully developed inside of your own mind and heart so one of the leading characters in my new book is really Jacob and I see a lot of myself and Jacob. And so in some ways the books.

My journey is Jacob's journey, but it's the journey for all of us from unblessed to bless and you look at Jacob's life and I could identify with that. He was always struggling you if you haven't been bless you for like your struggling to see Camille give me a life of strife you're trying to get yourself into the position of being blessed. He had a season is life.

We just sort of drifted nothing. A lot of listeners could identify with that if if you don't have a sense of destiny that's been spoken into your life, you can just sort of drift is a painful thing to not have a solid direction. You can have a deep sense of feeling like I don't matter and that not worth very much. All this and so much more can lead to a life of pretense or perfectionism in all of these different things.

I think I struggled some with Daniel and so if you've missed the blessing it hurts and sometimes others will say to her listeners if you've missed that if you never had a dad maybe never had a mom never had someone just said I love you and I recognize inside of you wonderful God-given gifts and I believe that God can use you in a wonderful way. Here are some of the ways I believe that your life makes a big difference in the world you never had someone say that you then you may not even at this point realize how much that absence of blessing has left a sense of deficit and your soul. So a lot of what I think happens Daniel in the book the power to bless his first we have to be honest about the bad news about where lies haven't been blessed so that then we can have this hunger and thirst to begin to receive blessing and one of the things I did write early on.

Once I began to realize this when I first thing I didn't was not understood blessing. I asked my father blessing that while he was still living and he crafted a blessing. It wasn't the most powerful thing in the world but boy I sure gobbled it up and then I look for spiritual fathers and look for mentors and look for people that understood the prophetic power blessing, they can begin to speak. Bless you my life and I begin to learn how to receive it and I want that for our listeners is big prior written reason written the book and it's also why were taking these Fridays to speak some blessings to people because I find everywhere ago that most people have missed the blessing and they needed desperately you find yourself in a situation and maybe you don't have anyone who has or will speak that into your life. Obviously, today's program will do that, but you can even go deeper with a daily blessing and passed around and you have a podcast in a video format of a daily blessing that's been going on.

Yes there there there are several ways you can get hold this one.

Our daily devotional/blessing comes in written form and a video of me sharing a little bit about an inspirational thought of blessing, but we also have Dan a new podcast very simple just to go and get from whoever your podcast provider is go to iTunes wherever it might be and and just get this daily blessing because what is it take maybe a minute or something to listen to a blessing, but I think everybody ought to start their day by the power blessing boys a discouraging world. And why would we want to just receive with the promises of God and the foundation of Scripture, a positive vision over our lives.

It's very powerful, very simple and very few people practice giving and receiving blessing you know somebody's in your corner, the first blessing that we have today is from the month of March in the calendar and when you say somebody in our corner right were grateful for all those who are partnered in financially supporting Alan Wright Ministries and if you make a gift this month were happy to send you this calendar is our way of saying thanks, but let's go to March in the month of March when you hang this calendar on your wall. You're going to see inscribed in the air. This blessing and I is one that I would just want you to take into your heart and and spend the month looking at. I do not mean Daniel I am a part of my hope would be that people might even just take and memorize the short blessings by seeing them so much during the month so that it becomes part of you. But today, open up your hearts and receive this this precious blessing when you've experienced God's freedom in favor but find yourself facing new unexpected challenges. Take heart, God still parts red seas. The Lord is fighting for you. May the threats of Pharaoh be silenced and the path to the promised land be opened as my blessing to you today. It's taken from the well-known scene of the part of the Red Sea and the Scripture you talk about this passage. While this is taken from a very famous story, of course, where they the Israelites are they been set free from their bondage and Pharaoh changed his mind is like a picture of love so much of life for you for like okay now I'm free and then here comes another obstacle right so often in life. I found this to be the case. Daniel that we can encounter some of our greatest challenges right after we had some great success. You mean I think of Elijah, who defeated all those profits at Mount caramel in the next you know Jezebel is after him and he's prone to get depressed, so the people of God had been all these years of slavery and then through the story of the Passover, they are set free from their slavery and they're on their way to the promised land. And next thing you know, Pharaoh changed his mind sends an army after them, and there's a Red Sea in front of them impassable Red Sea and an impossible red Army behind them. Giant army of Pharaoh. This going to breathe down and obviously kill them all and so there strapped well what what what happens in there is we know God's gonna park the sea, but I just love the word that God gave to Moses and then what Moses said to the people we read about in Exodus chapter 14 verse 13 Moses said to the people, fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will work for you today for the Egyptians whom you see today you shall never see again. The Lord will fight for you and you only have to be silent while I love that the Egyptians whom you see today you will never see again. It also work for somebody today as part of the blessing his essay the threats that are on you now. I'm going to be silenced and there are some problems of me just say this I know to be true from the word of God. There are some problems that seem insurmountable to you right now. But God has a way and the threats in the voices of those threats that seem to surround you right now there's gonna be a time by God's grace. You see it anymore yet we've all had moments like that our life will feel like I'm not to get out of this is no way but the longer I live in a look back ago. Well, he always finds a way so I think God is still parting red seas, figuratively speaking. In those times when you feel like I can't go forward. I can't go backwards.

I'm trapped God makes a way and sometimes is in a very dramatic miracle sometimes is just in an unexpected twist of his grace, but I just want to bless our our listeners that if you feel like you're in one of those places without unexpected challenge. It is time to take heart, the Lord's fight for you and he's going make away if you're like me and maybe it's human nature.

I often want step-by-step process and here with Alan Wright Ministries. It's hard to pin pastor at an down on three steps to the live like a healthy marriage or a happy life because so much of the ministry focus here is on the freedom that the gospel brings in the good news.

The the departure from rules and regulations, and religion. But when you get down to talking about blessing in communicating the blessing and crafting a message of blessing 1/2. We finally have some practical step by step offerings are best Rachel so I don't want to say we got you on this when there is a lot of practicality in the power to bless the new book that comes up every second. It's a great story.

It's a big ideas Jacob stories my story at your story, but in the end we need to make it practical because this is something we all can do give you an example that I mentioned this in the book that when Bennett was younger. We played a lot of golf together. He was a golfer or something. Father-son activity we've enjoyed all throughout our lives and he sees a grown man now, but what is little eat. He was, he was always a pretty cool patient little kid back to golf will bring it out of you and I remember one day we played and he was good golfer. So he made a double bogey on the first hole well and I could see the frustration at any golfer. If you're a golfer you know I'm talking about. It is really frustrating game and now you can see it on that little boys face is like feel like this waiting right now and you can quit your heart and have a terrible round of golf that night but instead somehow he pulled it together, pulled together. It is his concentration and end up playing good golf round that day did lose his temper.

He can will plan well on the ride home I said Bennett. I said, you know, today I noticed something on hole number one you had that bad whole. And I know how frustrating it is somehow you kept your cool enough and you went on had a good hold and XO you parted and then you went on had a good round of golf and we had a great time out there today and I said I want you know I saw that and in the Bible. There's a term for that is called self-control.

And I said I just want you to know that I already at your young age see a lot of self-control and you and I believe you're going to grow into a man who is a lot of self-control and I added in my experience of observing people, men who have a lot of self-control go far in this world you just sit there taking it in. You look back on, man.

I mean, he was probably no more than 10 years old, maybe eight and now he's graduated from law school was clerking for a federal judge this year and back over like just his academic career where he had such a hard, major in college and it was such a tough task. You know it. At Duke Law and and he never minded studying for a long period of time. You never minded taken along exams and all that he just had this ability to plan it out in and and while other kids are just going to goof off whatever he would hit the books and it may never minded that I must say that all came from that one little blessing.

I spoke to him to sing that blessing.

How long did that take maybe a minute or two minutes to say that to a kid.

Robin home but here's what happens. A kid like that hears it and then begins to go all this must be who I am. I'm a person of self-control. What you do when you have an identity like that you start living out of your identity so that's the kind of power that is released in blessing and I just think it's so important that the book normally explains all that, but then teaches you how to speak those kinds of blessings to your kids, your friends, your spouse, your coworkers whoever it might be because it'll change your life and the blessings are forward-looking and forward moving there's momentum it's created there you have another blessing that relates to the spirit of a victory. Yeah, I think that you know it makes me think of the mark of Christian victory is Easter with falls in April for this year so I believe this is the one that will have on the wall in the month of April just simple but open up your heart listeners and receive this, make every day be to you Easter day alive with anticipation and faith, and joy as a blessing is to say that census was later listeners every day can be to you like a resurrection day every day.

The calendar mentioned by Pastor Alan is our free gift to you this month. When you support Alan Wright Ministries and we encourage invite you to join up and and partner with us so that we can proclaim the good news of the gospel. See yourself in a whole new light. When you come to and your partnership this month, so very much appreciated. And this is our way of saying things this wonderful calendar that coincides with the new book coming out in just a couple of weeks and you can contact us again. A or by calling 877-544-4860 877-544-4860. The calendar is yours for your donation. This month we have time for maybe one more one more blessing as we head into the weekend and this also comes from the calendar from the month of May. I think this is a good one to send people into the weekend. You know what you do with blessing is you receive it. Same thing to say like war.

So I give your complement what you do, don't say all shocks no and then reject it. You don't get it to receive a compliment, then pop your head up and make you proud. It just becomes part of you well in some ways you could think of a blessing as complement on steroids, accompanied with God's grace and did the power of God's word and the principle of sowing and reaping all of that goes into it.

So it's like I feel like I'm just it. If you let me listener. If you let me speak blessing now into your life you let me be like a farmer who sowing seed and you never know how soon a sprout in your heart but you just let that seed go into your heart is the seed from the word of God and so here's a blessing for you to send you into the weekend child of God. Jesus is not beckoning you to act more calm late today nor is he pleading with you to imitate his demeanor amidst troubles. Christ is offering you granting to you his own piece piece Jesus's own piece be with you powerful what do you mean by Jesus's own piece I think of the Scripture were Jesus in John 1427. Daniel says peace I leave with you, and then says, my peace I give to you not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. So I think the offer from God of peace is better than we make it better than we think.

It's not that Jesus is saying, I will lead you into more peaceful thoughts, I'll teach you how to have a more peaceful spirit.

He says my peace I give to you. It's Jesus is own piece that he shares with us. In other words, think about this that the peace that Jesus walks in what he knows to be sure of security in the heavens forever. What he knows about our lives.

All of that is part of his pieces why Jesus, he wasn't worried. He says don't be anxious, and he wanted was to I know he he must've felt as I feel that sometimes like almost physically. I wish I could just give this to you.

Anybody that's ever comforted a child.

The child was afraid, and the parent knew it's going to be okay right you wish you could physically somehow just I'm not afraid of this and I like to give it to you right right I think that's what Jesus was feeling things like I feel at peace. Even though he knew the cross was in front of him even though he knew there was going to be tribulation had peace and the disciples he knew were to be trouble. Just like I want you to have this piece, my peace I give to you, so we actually have a share think about.

Also, this what pieces of fruit of the Holy Spirit. So the Holy Spirit we have within us. Who is that while that's the spirit of Jesus. So we say the Holy Spirit produces the fruit of peace but we really are. Meaning is the spirit of Jesus abiding in my heart mystically by faith produces the fruit of love and joy and peace so there's a blessing for you as you head into the weekend.

In the midst of difficulties and trials in whatever you're facing.

During pandemic, may you have Jesus's own his actual peace be where days may be just a couple weeks away from the release of Pastor Alan's new book, the power to bless him. This book is not just a load of theology. It's not just stories and it's not just the practical step-by-step. Although it's all three of those things really, and that it's it's and it's also not just another book release. Things women we want to get real clear that this is something that is transformational, not just for one person you but is something that can be replicated and that's our goal. If you preorder you going to help you can help shine the light on this book and will send you the audiobook is a is a free gift as well. When you preorder you know Daniel, I mean if I could just be as transparent as possible for my heart listeners parts I told right books to make money I don't write books to try to be famous I don't write books in order to have people draw attention to me.

I mean I want to slam one of those people that if I could write it without my name on it. I'd probably do that. The problem with that is that if you don't have your name on it. Nobel ever know where to find it to Ed at all that. Here's why. Write it in, and this book more than any of ever written. I so want every person on the planet to understand what it is to be blessed and instead of living a life of strife and drift and uncertainty.

I want people to live with the certainty of the knowledge of blessing that is in Jesus Christ and I want every body who is miss the blessing who never had a dad never had a mom. Someone in their life that she spoke to them and affirming vision of the I want everyone to build receive blessing.

It's not too late to live a life that's blessed and I want everybody to know anyone can learn to bless anyone can learn the skills of speaking blessing you have the power to bless and Daniel. This book shows you how step-by-step it's inspirational is Jacob's journey as my journey. It is the unveiling of one the most mysterious ancient blessings in the Bible so that we can in contemporary use today's world apply blessing, moment by moment. And day by day the power to bless. Please do go preorder it immediately and join the team.

People are going to change the world through the power blessing when Pastor Alan, thanks for spending some time today as we head into another weekend filled up with blessing blessings of the Lord in this hearing, another brother in Christ to speak a blessing over us. Think only: teaching not only can you listen again online but also get a daily email devotional that matches today's teaching right to your email inbox free.

Find out more about these and other resources, and pastor out how to work bench pastor out Today's good news message is a listener supported production Alan White ministries

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