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A Rose for a Rose [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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October 7, 2020 6:00 am

A Rose for a Rose [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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October 7, 2020 6:00 am

If you have experienced dishonor and shame, you can forgive and you can be healed.

Every wound can be healed.

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Pastor author and Bible teacher Alan Wright Natalie goddess sent me to you today to say I'm sorry for not honoring sorry for the way the men of the man and women to every little girl whose daddy was too busy at work to notice her Playskool art for every dance recital that we just look of the meeting percolate one more night for every preacher's daughter whose father was out saving the world didn't notice he was losing his own girl truly sorry that's pastor excited for you to hear the teaching today.

In the series for yourself yourself. Fire program I want to make sure you know how to get our special resource right now could be yours for your donation this month to Helen Wright ministries as you listen to today's message go deeper as we send you today's special offer. Contact us at or call 877-544-4860 that's 877-544-4860.

More on that later in the program.

Now let's get started with today's teaching here Alan Wright now began to read the confession.

These the words are around.

I have glimpsed the pain of the dishonored and shamed women in our world. Natalie goddess sent me to you today to say I'm sorry for not honoring you. I'm sorry for the way that men have abandoned women. Every little girl whose daddy was too busy at work to notice her Playskool art for every dance recital that we missed because of needing to work late one more night for every preacher's daughter whose father was out saving the world didn't notice he was losing his own girl truly sorry I began to read the confessions along confession I was choking back the emotion and it was it was it was so real well at the end of reading that confession. What happened was we invited men to come up.

I went my letter got on my face for Lord just invited other men to come say this would be a good time to just tell the Lord with your sorry for anyways eight that you've dishonored women on behalf of all men is that if there's another man that wants to come and join me for a few moments you can and I think every man in the church came forward as if you could just imagine this scene, just a sea of men not enough room for all to get on their knees and in and and have it in our hearts and women you need understand this man so many men want to have it in their heart to honor women, they may not have ever seen it. They may not know how.

They may not know what it feels like but it's it's in their nice solid all those men all those men became foreign and we just had some moments of just time of this humbling our hearts before the Lord and it was sweet, sweet, sweet, and then it happened that we brought out on cards all these roses is that now manages take Rose find any lady if it's your wife go to her first.

If yes your daughter go to her with arose and at least at least take take arose each of you to somebody and the men began taking arose and I said just just tell them this. Tell them arose for arose because that's really what each lady is arose beautiful and fragrant and lovely. And this is what we say to you with our blessing to you today and the aroma of these roses began to fill the sanctuary, but there was something sweeter than the aroma of those roses. It was the aroma of Christ. It was absolutely beautiful and I'll never forget it. Afterwords I had many responses from women. This one touch me the most. I'll call her Cindy.

She wrote and said dear past row on the effect this morning service had on me has left me with a compelling need to let you know.

You see, I've suffered dishonored at the hands of men in my life. But the one that is bruised my petals the most is my relationship with my father. I am the preacher's daughter you spoke to this morning. The extreme legalism. We practice our family calls me to grow up ostracized and lonely. I married young to escape, and found myself in an abusive relationship.

Many years later, my husband abandon our three girls and me. I had made no effort to reconcile one day sitting at my kitchen table. My father quietly berated my unforgiving heart. Several years later my father refused to share in my joy or rejoice that he found a husband who honored me and treated me with respect and dignity.

He refused to attend our wedding, or even acknowledge our marriage this morning. At first I felt a weight of hurt and grief as I wept when you voiced the apology to the preacher's daughter. But as the service progressed and I witnessed the conviction of the spirit.

On the whole congregation of men continue to hear your words of blessing. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of cleansing and healing like I've never experienced was as if my father himself had made things right. Heavyweights been lifted from my heart and the chains of hurt or shattered my bruised petals are healed and my joy could fill a rose garden.

What what happens is that if you hear a confession that may be someone you needed to hear from but they never made that confession may be there maybe not even on earth anymore me with her gall. Maybe there's no chance of even ever speak this to you. I really didn't know how. Maybe they maybe they would've wanted to. Maybe they did know how many but I think that it is biblical and I think that it is it is healing to hear a confession and so that's what I want to I want to share with you all. I want to share a confession is not just for women it's true. Men and women.

I want to open your heart, I want you to receive it.

If you if you need to just close your eyes and forget everything else and just receive it and maybe they're going to be some particular points for the Lord's going to speak to you and I want you to receive this earnestly on everybody.

That's this participating. My video just to receive this earnestly and and through this. The goal is for healing to come in for us to be able to take new steps of forgiveness. So, on the half of the silent others. I confess I confess to every child who spilled her milk on mommy's clean floor or whose legs were too little to keep up with daddy or whose ordinary childish acts of irresponsibility were met with shame, instead of understanding truly sorry.

Please forgive us. We parents often treat her children as if they're already adults. You were just acting the way Littlechild acts he didn't have the dexterity to never spill your milk you didn't have the leg spanned. Always keep up.

We reprimanded you for breaking rules that you didn't even know were rules we acted disgusted with you for not understanding what no one had ever taught us ever taught you. Forgive us, I confess to every school child who is teased on the school bus on the playground or laughed at in the classroom. The same should be reversed. Sticks and stones can break my bones but your words can really hurt me for every nickname, every taught every smirk from every bully or brat. Sorry we didn't realize it we were eroding your soul. We secretly felt so bad about ourselves that we had to put others down in order to feel worthwhile. Forgive us, every child of parents who were too busy.

I'm sorry you're busy making money or make it a name or building a business and we didn't realize that we had sacrificed you on the way. Forgiveness every child of parents are too consumed with their hatred of one another to notice you. I'm sorry.

While your parents fault all you ever received for the table scraps of bitterness and the rinds of our rage. I say on behalf of his parents. Forgive us every child who never knew father.

I'm sorry stand-in for those absent fathers to say right now. I'm sorry to maybe say for one I knew how to sleep with a woman, but not how to marry her and nurture her might've known how to make a baby, but not how to father a child. I have no idea what I have missed. I say on behalf of that father. I'm sorry every child, his father left. I'm sorry to say on behalf of that father full myself into thinking I could leave your mother without it seeming like I was leaving you I didn't know that you would lose sleep wondering what you did wrong. Please forgive me.

Every child was born a girl. But his parents wanted a boy. Sorry Alan Wright will have more teaching moment from today's important series accepted perfectly free to be yourself with no fear of injection last no more anxious feeling that you feel like the pressure is always on longing for life, with the notion before sin came into the world's relationship notion since the fall has been around can't into the temple some condescending small tiny perfect in order to meet them as well. Right now is pleasing fashion and there is only the grace of God in Jesus Christ. We cleaned for yourself yourself exposes the house of soul. He leads you into a revolution of God's love that heals your cell discover freedom joy as you shall performance-based rating shall not you think I'd life-changing full-length book from Alan Wright for yourself. The gospel is shared when you get Alan Wright Ministries.

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When you get today. We will sing a special offer. We are happy to send this to you as our banks from Alan Wright Ministries, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website today's teaching. Now you once again is that I didn't know my little jokes like daggers here so God made you who you are because of his perfect plan wasn't you I was displeased with. It was really me.

Oh please forgive us and be your beautiful self. Every child of an alcoholic. I'm sorry say on behalf of that parent. I can't believe that I let a bottle capture my attention more than you it was not my lack of love for you. That led me to drink. It was a lack of love for myself while I was I was anesthetizing my anxiety.

You were being abandoned and I say on behalf of that parent.

Forgive me every school child who was shamed by teacher we wanted you to learn fast so we would look like good teachers. We didn't have the patience to spend the time with you that you really needed.

We didn't know the singling you out for scorn was cursing your life. I say on behalf of those teachers forgive us to every child from a performance-based home success in looking good meant everything to eyes when you pushed.

We pushed you to excel.

We didn't realize that you thought you were only valuable when you were succeeding were sorry for all the pressure we put on you.

Sorry for the pressure we put on you.

We hurried you up to childhood and put all her broken dreams on to you for you to somehow magically fulfill single behalf of those parents forgive us for every employee who is belittled or mistreated by supervisor.

I'm sorry the workplace was the place where I shifted my shame. You had to take it. Your job depended on it. Say on behalf of that employer let unthinking boss. I confess I never stopped to think about your sleepless nights and gnawing anxiety that were the product of my pride. I say forgive me for every church member who ever left church feeling worse than before. We thought, I say on behalf of misguided preachers. We thought we are being bold and really quote preaching the gospel when we shamed you over and over, but we weren't there was in the gospel at all. God wanted you convicted so you can be filled with the hope of change and we condemned you and left with no instruction on how to change you needed an encounter with them was when some person in the universe Jesus Christ and we gave you a set of rules. The rules were good but they were impossible to keep about the power of the Holy Spirit. He needed the gospel the pure gospel. I say on behalf of every preacher who was proclaimed a mixed gospel that is tainted with legalism. Forgive us and to every victim of incest, rape, abuse I say half of the abuser muscle was diseased.

I was famished for approval. I abused you is the ultimate shifting of my shame, you did not invite it nor deserve it. The horror of my deeds demonstrates not the depth of a flaw in you, but the depth of disgust I had for myself, I left you to bear the weight of the shame because I didn't know how to give it to Jesus.

And I say therefore to everyone who's ever been abused. Forgive, please forgive the cycle of shame can only be broken when repentance change of heart, a change of mind replaces bitterness.

Bitterness is a tool of the enemy. Hebrew says plainly see to it that no one fails to obtain the grace of God that no root of bitterness springs up and causes trouble and by many become defiled. We have all in one way or another experienced some manner of offense against us. And I invite you to forgive and to let go, to forgive doesn't mean to excuse it doesn't mean that you're saying that what they did was okay. It just says that I'm not to let my heart be ensnared by the trap of bitterness.

Hello the words of Psalm 84 with a solace is the Lord God is a sun and shield the Lord bestows favor and honor what happened was the Lord himself. He saw the shame of his betrothed, we, the bride of Christ, and so he sent to us. The beauty of his holiness in the person of Jesus Christ and the thorns of the Savior's brown would only accentuate the aroma of his grace, God sent in a very real way, arose to his beloved called him the Rose of Sharon, I invite you to behold Christ beauty to just breathe and the fragrance of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and I say again to the whole bride of Christ. You are to God that precious arose with Rose for Rose is Alan Wright. Today's good news message arose for Rose, concluding that particular teaching, but the series continues and Pastor Alan will be back here in just a moment with a parting good news for us today.

Stick with this to be accepted perfectly free to be yourself with no fear of injection you are letting last no more anxious feeling that you feel like the pressure is always on for your life with no show of force in the world's relationship notion since the fall of the human heart has been shown to you can't into the temple seem condescending, small, tiny, perfect in order to meet us since on measure at them as well.

Right now is pleasing by shame and there's only grace of God in Jesus Christ. How we cleaned for yourself yourself exposes the lies of soul. He leads you into a revolution of God's love that heals your soul, discover freedom joy as you shall performance-based living, shame, or fear, for good, life changing, full-length book from Alan Wright for yourself. Gospel is shared when you get Alan Wright Ministries. This broadcast is only possible because of listener financial support. When you get today. We will send you a special offer. We are happy to send this to you as I banks from Alan Wright Ministries, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website Pastor out work, but you're now with Pascarella in the studio and are good news. Thought for the day after a very poignant thought in this teaching arose for Rose Daniel. I know that for many of our listeners.

This is an emotional moment to have spoken some of the kind of confession that we needed to hear directly from the one who offended us, but I think that it's a biblical practice and I think that it's one of the ways that God can lead us into an authentic act of forgiving not excusing sin but not excusing offense, but not labeling and harboring judgment against the offender.

As if we were in the position of God and we can really really let go and there's something beautiful that happens and that for any and every one both of our men and women who have been hurt by others. I want to leave you with this thought that it is God's heart and his power to completely set you free and take the shame off you such a unique message in an and wonderful series that ran for yourself yourself. Never forget that day.

It was like the sanctuary was filled with the very aroma of Christ is manner handing out roses and repenting and handing out roses and telling every lady arose for arose a blessing that's being given and an act of contrition on behalf of those who may not know how to confess and it's life-changing if you could receive that our listeners like like a like all of us have been heard every single one of us and the key to freedom is not excusing the wrongdoing, but truly authentically forgiving and this is part of the path to freedom from shame is to forgive those who may not have ever asked for your forgiveness, but you need to not hold on to your judgment of them, but turn them to God and entrust them to him so that you can be free. You can forgive in Jesus name guilt and shame are two words that do typically in the Christian world go hand-in-hand together, but there is a distinction between the two right well we all learn a lot about that guilt is a real thing right but commit a crime guilty and I have guilt so were all guilty will we all have sin, we all fall short of the glory of God. To say shame off you is not to soften up on sin was not what it means is not to say that grace means that you get salt on sin either as status, as was the solution all and what we're distinguishing between is what some have called true guilt and fault guilt. But shame is something that's not just the same thing as false guilt and is not even the same thing exactly his condemnation, but what we learn is that shame really is a system of thought is a whole stronghold of the house of thoughts a way of looking at life the way you look at your own life is subtle at times and you don't realize it. And then there are others who've been through the deepest and darkest types of trauma, for whom it is a poisonous been taken and very deeply is very toxic, but the conviction of sin is will discover is a good thing.

That's a gift from God is good to know how we can go a better way is good to know how the grace of God can lead us into a better way of living. So that's the grace of God.

Conviction of sin is not something to be ever shy about is not something we should run to this good from God.

Shame the shame that I describe in this series, Daniel is something we say it's it's toxic. Some writers talk about healthy shame and toxic shame. I never chose to do that because it just seemed a little confusing. So when we use the word shame. We use it only in the negative sense of that lie that keeps us anxious and keeps us distant from God and from others and all. There is so much healing available if you only caught part of today's teaching. Not only can you listen again online but also get a daily email devotional that matches today's teaching delivered right to your email inbox free.

Find out more about these and other resources Pastor that's Pastor Today's good news message is a listener supported production Alan Wright Ministries

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