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God is Now Here

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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March 8, 2009 5:45 am

God is Now Here

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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March 8, 2009 5:45 am

When we humans try to figure out the nature of God WITHOUT checking the truth of Scripture, there's no telling what we'll come up with! Today, Pastor Greg Laurie helps us get back to who God is, as described by God Himself! We'll go to the Source.

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Harvest podcasts between Pastor Greg Laurie are brought to you by harvest partners to receive Pastor Greg's free online daily devotions or to become a harvest partner, please visit us (now Lord, we still believe in your faithfulness.

We still believe that you are here and all of your strength in all of your wisdom and all of your power to do abundantly above and beyond that which we could ask or think the Lord maybe some of us don't fully believe yet because we don't fully know yet. So we pray now, as we have this time in your were, and in this series were we learn more about you and what your word says about yourself and our lives and our world and the way that we should see things that we will gain a greater and a clearer understanding of how we are to live as your followers, we commit this time a Bible study to you now in Jesus name we pray. Amen.

You can be seated. Let's turn our Bibles to Psalm 139 and the title of my message of God is now here and I have noticed that as I get older and I am certainly getting older that I am forgetting things more and more.

Other times I've been looking for my reading glasses and I find her on my head. That's kind of embarrassing times I'm looking for something that I've misplaced. And then I forget what I was looking for while I'm still looking for that thing. And then there are times when I forget where I parked my car I wanted to some parking structure, and I can remember Obama level 1 to 3 or 4C walk around with their little remote control thing you know, pressing the button hoping the alarm will go off and get on the sad thing is I see other people doing the same thing. So I guess I'm not alone out there so you know I need reminder sometimes… Little notes to myself all, even on someone remind me that I need to do thus and so and that we have reminders that we carry with us for instance on my finger. I have a ring reminds me, I Mary, I don't need only the string remind me is also a woman that's been living in my house for 35 years to remind me as well, but then in the church.

We even have communion were we are instructed to receive those elements that remind us of the sacrifice of Jesus refit this do in remembrance of me. Why do I need to be reminded because I forget things in the Bible is a book that is filled with reminders and faculty that it's a book that filled with repetition. It tells us the same thing over and over and over again. Why is that because we forget things like what I found that I did remember what I ought to forget, and I forget what I ought to remember. Why is my mind still filled with useless trivia that I have no use whatsoever, for I can't get rid of it no matter how hard I try. When I think of myself that I consciously memorized the lyrics to stupid commercials and song. They didn't even like with yet they just way like you push a button on the go and how is it that I cannot remember versus actually committed to memory at times. So what I find that I need to do is remind myself and rip ranch. My memory over and over again at the computer wrote in second Peter three. We need to have our memories repressed.

In short, we need to think and there is no more important area that think in then our faith because what we believe about God and what he says about himself is the most important thing we could focus on and think about what you think about God has everything to do with how you will live your life. Your view of God will determine how you will react to what comes your way in life and I don't know what you're facing right now. I don't know what you're going through right now. You come here today with with great concerns, anxiety worries or fears. Maybe you feel as though you're all alone you're adrift at sea in there's no one to help you. Maybe you even hundred and times of God is even there you feel as though you somehow abandon you or let you down and I want to do know that nothing could be further from the truth because God is here with you right now I want to tell you a little bit more about that in a moment, and I want to also to know that God is been here and been there for our family. As we've gone quite frankly, the worst tragedy of our lives and that is the unexpected departure of my oldest son. They have been and it's something we still are going through. It's something that we are depending on God to get us through but I want you to know that God is walk with us through it and as we have drawn on things that we know are true, and the Bible that foundation that sustained us and help us to keep our spiritual equilibrium and I want you to know what he says you can do the same when crisis comes in your life as well.

Paul wrote a first or accuse me second Corinthians chapter 1 he says he comes alongside us when we go through hard times because before you know it brings us alongside someone else was going through hard times so we can be there for that person. Just as God was there for us to listen God is been there for me and we want to be here for you and share with you some of the great things we have learned. I think sometimes in life.

The temptation is to think that I'm on my own that I'm out there without any help whatsoever that God is nowhere to be found. Heard the story that took place many years ago of a man who was a hardened atheist. This man had been successful in life. You had a nice home, wonderful family, a wife and daughter get good help and he just had no place in this life. For God one day his health took a turn for the worse and it didn't look like he was even going to make it and it became harder and harder against God, and soon he was on his deathbed so his wife called the pastor at our church to come visit her husband, hoping that he could perhaps lead her atheist spouse to pay and when that man saw that pastor walked into the room.

He began to scream from entities that the preacher and he yelled at his wife and said don't you ever let that preacher my house to get. I don't want God there is no God, he said. In fact, I want you to take out a piece of poster board and I want to write these words on it. God is nowhere I want you to put it at the base of my bed to every morning when I wake up I can see that sign God is nowhere with this man had a little daughter.

She was the apple of his eye, but that we loved her.

He didn't want her influenced by his wife's faith he would even allow his wife to send his daughter to school because he was afraid that she would hear about Jesus. There well as his health got worse and worse and look like he was going to make it was the side of the little girl should be taken out of the house because they fear that she might get what her father hadn't the pastor and his wife offer to take the little girl in so she was living in this home and for the first time seen a family pray together and read the Bible together and go to church together and little light was changing. Not only that but the pastor's wife begin the teacher how to read so unexpectedly. The father's health began to improve and so the little girl was allowed to just go and spend a few moments with her father.

He was still weak and she climbed up into his bed. She threw her arms around and she hugged him and kissed him and said I love you daddy needs of all I love utilities in the work you've been doing.

She said well I've been going to church and reading the Bible and hearing about Jesus said, I've even been learning how to read in the father's of all read surely you could know how to read too much at this point people live in Ghana short timepieces, no daddy I can read no is okay and you want to read that little sign there at the base of my bed. What is that saying the little girl looked at her for a moment and she sound of the words she 0DIS God is and she thought about daddy I got it. Your sciences God is now here and he said you know what daddy God is here. He's been with you this whole time that you've been sick and we been praying for you. Suddenly the father choked up. Yes the mother to take the little girl from the room and he just was filled with sorrow over the way that he lived and he asked God to forgive him and he believed in Jesus Christ. You see that all how you look at things.

Some say God is nowhere but in reality, God is now here but who is this God that is now here and always has been. This is something that every believer needs to know because it seems to me that in the church today. There is a rising biblical illiteracy among professed followers of Jesus though. Maybe our numbers of never been higher. It seems our Bible IQ if you will, is never been lower.

For instance, a recent Gallup poll of Paul was done and it revealed that half of Americans to describe themselves as Christians do not believe that Satan exists in fully one third are confident that Jesus said while he was on the earth.

Now this is like Christianity one on one leasing when the Bible teaches there is a literal devil and Jesus the son of God, never send yet so many people profess to believe the believers don't understand this another 25% dismissed the idea that the Bible is accurate in all the principles it teaches until the poster concluded quote growing numbers of people now servers their own theologian in residence. One consequences that many Americans are bracing and unpredictable encountered a contradictory body of beliefs." So here's a we need to do.

We need to put our thinking And Realize That Christianity Is a Reasonable Fate at the Logical Thing You Do Not Have To Check Your Brains at the Door When You Choose to Be a Follower of Jesus Christ Because God Says in Isaiah 118 Come Let Us Reason Together, Says the Lord, or Another Translation God Speaking Says, Let Us Argue This out, Says the Lord of Lords Is Let's Get This Right.

Get This Straightened out in Your Mind Understand These Things We Need to Think and Act Biblically Not Emotionally Far Too Many People Today Mold When It Comes to God the Deal They Don't Think They'll Say Things like, Well, I Mean Core I Feel Are Other Things like Well I Don't Believe in a God of Love Judging Anyone or for My God Would Never Do Thus and so or the All-Time Classic Will. I'm Not into Organized Religion.

I'm Just a Really Spiritual Person While Listen We Need to Think Carefully about These Things. We Need to Study God with the Study of God's Call Theology and We Neglect Theology at Our Own Peril. Because Experience Is Never to Be the Basis for Theology, but Rather Sound Theology Should Be the Basis for Our Experience.

CS Lewis Give This Warning. Years Ago, If You Do Not Listen to Theology That Will Not Mean You Have No Ideas about God. It Will Mean You Have A Lot Of Wrong One. So That Is Why We Can Take Some Time in This New Series That Were Calling Us Essentials to Talk about Theology without Apology Were Gonna Break It down in an Understandable Way.

Take Away Truth If You Will. You Can Apply in Your Own Life, Because the Way That You Think and Believe Will Affect You in the Way That You Live. Paul Writes in First Timothy 416 Watcher Life and Your Doctrine Closely Persevere in Them Because If You Do Save Yourself and Your Here's Watcher Life and Your Doctor Know so They All Break Get off of It Where You You Know Dr. Lynch Locked Her. I Just Love Jesus Gently Set These Things Aside and Hey You Know I Love the Lord Will That's a Nice Sentiment, but Here's the Problem.

What If You End up Loving the Wrong Jesus. I Mean If You're like Some of These People That Were Pulling Mention Ago If the Jesus You Love." Sin While He Was on Earth. What Kind of a Savior Is That If the Jesus You Love Is Not the Jesus of the Bible and Effectively.

You Are an Idolater, Worshiping Another God. Let's Make Sure Were Worshiping the Right God As He Is Presented to Us in the Pages of Scripture. What Would You Think about a Pilot Who Got in the Cockpit of the Plane You Were a Passenger on and You Heard Him Say on the Intercom Fuels Tubule to See How Far This Bucket of Bolts Will Go.

What Would You Think about a Doctor Who Would Say Something along the Lines of Failing to Get the Scalpel out and Start Cutting and See What Happened Know You Would Be A Lot yet at the Same Time There Is Something Far More Important Than Our Flights or Operation. Something That Will Determine Our Eternal Destiny and yet so Many Will Treated so Casually, Effectively Making up the Rules As They Go. I Want to the Noah's Have Already Said That What You Believe Will Enable You to Get through the Challenges and the Difficulties of Life and There's No Better Place to Start Than with God Himself. What Does the Bible Say about God. We Must Have a Proper Understanding of the Character and Nature of God Was a W-2 Dozer Who Said Nothing, Twist, or Deforms the Soul More Than a Low or Unworthy Conception of God, and I Think That's True If You Don't Understand Who God Is Your View of God's War. It's Going to Affect You in the Way That You so Let's Begin Now for a Moment with the Words of the Apostle Paul That We Reflected upon. When We Were in the Book of Acts Recently. You Remember He Was on That Tempest Tossed, See, and It Looked As Though Everyone on Board the Ship Was Going to Die, but the Lord Came to Paul and Assured Him He Would Have a Safe Arrival in Rome. So Paul Was Able to Stand before All the People There and Say Last Night. An Angel of the Lord God, Whom I Serve, and Whom I Belong Said to Me, Don't Be Afraid.

Paul, You Must Stand before Caesar and God Is Giving You All Those Who Sail with You, so Keep up Your Courage Been. I Believe God.

It Will Be As He Said We Just Saying That Together. I Believe God Invokes We to Live in a Storm Tossed World Global Terrorism Rampant Immorality a Recession We Don't Know Where These Things Are Going to Lee.

These Are Uncertain Times and We Need a Real Certainty That Will Help Us to Get through It Because the Times and Circumstances Change.

God Never Does All but God Is Changing Day by Day. The Bible Says Malachi 36 God Speaking.

I Am the Lord.

I Do Not Change to Listen When You Believe God Doesn't Necessarily Change Your Circumstances. Sometimes It Will but More Often Than Not, It Will Change You. It Will Help You to View Your Circumstances Properly.

I Believe God's Let's Begin with a No-Brainer for Point Number One but We Have To Say It Because It's at the Very Foundation of This Series Will Be Doing Together. God Exists and Is the Creator of the Universe and Man, God Exists and He Is the Creator of the Universe. Mankind I Could Spend the Rest of This Message and Many Other Messages Trying to Prove to You the Existence of God. I Know That There Are Militant Atheists Who Have Done Their Level Best of Late Writing Books to Undermine the Faith of Those Who Choose to Believe the Bible, but Most Polls Would Reveal That Americans Buy a Large Believe in God.

I Don't Know That There Are That Many Real Atheists out There and Even Those Who Claim to Be EPS Really Are Probably Agnostics at Best and Even Those Who Claim to Be Atheist Still Have Their Moments of Doubt, Don't Day so I Don't Know How Many out There Who Are Hardened in Their Believe That There Is No God Whatsoever, Though I Did Hear of a Group Would Be Different Were Complaining about the Fact That They Didn't Have a Holiday That It Was Unfair in Our Pluralistic Culture That Christians Had Holidays and They Didn't Have Any Mean after All Christians. We Have Christmas and We Have Easter and He Is a Known of the Holiday. What with the Second. You Know It Is Doable Holiday.

They Just Don't Know What It's April 1 Which Is April Fools' Day You Say Because It's National EPS Day Because the Bible Says Only the Fullest, Said in His Heart There Is No God. You Know It's Interesting the Bible Never Tries to Prove the Existence of God. He Never Noticed That the Bible Just Starts with These Words. You Know Them. Genesis 11 in the Beginning. In the Beginning God. It Just Assumes the Obvious and Assumes That People Know This Is True. Frankly, I Think It Takes Way More Faith to Believe There Is No God Then It Takes to Believe That There Is One in the Beginning God in the Beginning Know People Are Willing to Accept the Premise of a God, but It Seems Today That We Want to God in Our Own Image As Voltaire Said, Quote God Made Man in His Image and Man Return the Favor and Go Nuts.

And We Have Largely Today. Not a Generation That Necessarily, Does Not Believe in God but Rather a Generation That Believes in a God of Their Own Making. Not Even One. We Can All Agree on, but We Can Sort of Customize Our God, You Know, We Live in a Day of Information on the Man. Some of You Are to Young to Know This but You Know in Television Used To Only Be Three Channels. As You Know That We Got Our News at 6 O'clock and You Would Turn on the Television and Find out What Was Happening in the World.

We Didn't Have Information on Demand.

RTV Said or Even Color.

Now There's like 5000 Channels and Still Nothing Good to Watch. I'm Neither Flip Flip Flip Flip Flip but I Can't Believe It. 223, 224, 567. Five. What This Is Crazy and Still I Don't See Anything That Interest Me. For the Most Part, but We Live in Anyway You Know. It Started off with Oh Now You Can You Know Record Things at Home and Something Called the VCR. No Course, None of Us Ever Did Figure out How to Program Those Crazy Things.

They Are Perpetually Would Blink 12 O'clock, 12 O'clock All Day Long, but Then You Know We Move Forward a Little Bit and Now We Can Record with the TiVo Technology and DVR's and Burn It Even onto DVDs and Now with MP3 Devices. We Can Take the Information and We Can Downloaded the New Trend in Music of Courses Not to Go Buy a CD Anymore but That Is Downloaded from ITunes or Some Other Music Service and You Can Be Listening to and Then You Can Burn It on a CD. If You Want to Do That. It Information on Demand. I Can Hear or See What I Want to See and Hear When I Want to See It and I Need Information I Give Go out on the Internet or Do Whatever. So We Sort of Apply That Using Sometimes to God, You Know, We Have Our IPod and We Have Our IPhone and That We Want Our God.

He's Personalized. These Customize Why God Does What I Want Him to Do. I God Says What I Want Jim to Say I Edit out the Tracks. I Don't like to Leave the Ones That I Do. That's What Were Doing Today. But That's Not the Way to Know God. We Don't Mold God in Our Image He Wants to Mold Us into His in the Beginning God.

That's Where It Starts.

Not in the Beginning You in the Beginning God and If I Eliminate Got I Got a Big Problem in the Beginning What Well in the Beginning.

Massive Glad Taxes Floating in Space. Let's Have the Beginning. One of the Massive Genesis Come from Worded Space Come from Sooner or Later Everyone Gets around to Asking the Question Worded God Come from. That's Not an Easy Question to Answer Because the Bible Doesn't Tell Us Where God Came from. It Just Tells Us God Is Just As in the Beginning God. You See, God Is Always Existed. He Did Not Come from Something He Was Not Invented or Created Is Always Been There. God Is No Beginning nor Does He Haven't in in the Beginning God in the Beginning.

Simple As That. But Who Is This God That Is Always Existed Know This Is Hard Because Were Trying to Wrap Our Finite Minds around the Infinite, It Would Be like Trying to Explain Hawaii to My Granddaughter Lucy.

I've Never Told a Lucy Stories I Tell Stella Stories Know My Other Granddaughter and It Was a Wonder We Can Hear a Lucy Story Here Is Your First Official Lucy Star Lucy Christopher Lori Now It's Really Not Much of a Story Just More of an Illustration, but in a Lucy She's Growing She's Developing in.

She's More Alert, More Aware and You Can't Really Communicate with Her for the Most Part Little Bit Now It's Interesting the Most Important Years of a Child's Development of the First Five Years and Studies Have Been Done That Will Show Even before You Can Verbally Communicate with the Child You Are, You Know, Communicating with Them You're Getting Information across of Them up There Nurtured of Their Loved It There Cared for If There Neglected. This Is Going into the Psyche of a Child before They Understand a Single Word Spoken so A Lot Of the Communication Is Done with Inflection of Voice with the Softness of Touch with the Expression on Her Face and We'll Talk to Babies the Same Way You Walk up a Baby, What's up You Busy, You Know You Make Little Noises They Can Look at You and You Smile and No Smile and You Know You Interact with the Baby Now There's Only Certain Things You Can Tell a Baby Know Stella Tuning Appears All I Can Communicate Certain Things to Her. She Can Only Go so Far in Her Comprehension so I Might Illustrated or Drawn Something to Help Her, but Lucy She Only Cares Inflection and Tone, and so Forth and so It's Really Hard. How Can I Explain Hawaii to Lucy Lucy Today I Want to Tell You about Why He the Sky Is Blue and the Water Is Warm. She Has No Idea What I'm Talking so Here We Are Trying to Grasp God Were Trying to Make God into Our Minds and into Our Logic.

Sometimes He Does Often.

He Does Not.

This Is Not a Copout.

It's Not an Excuse for Simple Acknowledgment That I Will Never Fully Be Able to Comprehend God This Side of Heaven, but It Has Been Said If God Were Small Enough for My Mind He Wouldn't Be Big Enough for My Needs and One Day I'll Comprehend God One Day I'll Understand Everything about God Because the Bible Tells Me in First Corinthians 13 We Don't See Things Clearly Were Squinting in a Fog Peering through a Miss but It Won't Be Long before the Weather Clears and the Sun Shines Bright. Will See It All. Then See It As Clearly As God Sees Us Knowing Him Directly.

Just As He Knows That. Having Said That, We Cannot Fully Comprehend God. Let Me Also Add, We Can Know God. And of Course Knowing God Is the Essence of Being a Christian Are John Tells Us That This Is Eternal Life That You May Know, the One and Only True God and Jesus Christ Whom He Said, and Then the Apostle Paul Said My Determinant Purpose My Determined Purpose in Life Is to Know Him. That's Where Were under to Know God and Then As an Expression of That to Honor to Glorify and Magnify God with Our Line. So What Is God like Does God Know Literally Everything. Can God Be Present All around the World. At the Same Time This God of Limitations to His Power Are Events in Our Universe. Random or Is There a Plan. Does God Care about Someone like Me. Let's Treat Someone 39… Read A Few Verses We Can Learn Three Important Take Away Truth about God Today Someone 39 Verse 10 Lord, You Certainly You've Known Me, You Know My Sitting down to My Rising up. You Understand My Thought of Far off You Comprehend My Pantomime Lying down in Your Recorded with All My Ways. There's Unaware My Tongue but Behold, the Lord, You Know It All Together. You Catch Me behind the before You Later Again upon the Such Knowledge Is Too Wonderful for Me. It Is High I Cannot Attain in This Psalm, Someone 39, Learn Three Vital Things I Need to Know about God. Number One God Is Omnipresent, Which Means He Is Present Everywhere Number Two God Is Omnipotent, Which Means He Has Unlimited Power. And Number Three God Is on Mission Which Means He Is All Knowing. Let's Start with the First One.

God Is on Mission Which Means God Knows Everything.

When We Read Again from Psalm 139.

This Time on the New Living Translation, so Just Listen Whole or Even Examine My Heart You Know Everything about Me You Know When I Sit down or Stand up.

You Know My Every Thought When It's Far Away You Chart the Path Ahead of Me and Tell Me Where to Stop and Rest Every Moment You Know Where I Am. You Know What I'm Gonna Do You Know What I Meant to Say. Even before I Say Wow Process. I Don't Even Know What to Say before I Say in Urban Times and I Said Things That I Wish I Had Said You're Probably Sitting There Saying I'm Experiencing That Right Now Listening to You Know about. We've All Had That Happen, but God Knows What I'm Going to Say before I Say It from This Another Verses We Learn That God's Knowledge Is As Eternal As He Went. God Knows Now He Is Always Known I Will Always Know. Let Me Repeat That Would God Knows Now He Is Always Known and Will Always Know God Doesn't Learn New Thing. He Doesn't Forget What He Is Learned like We Do, We Learn New Things. But God Never Does God Knows Them from the Beginning. No Sign of Dollars. We Never Forget Anything. I Have a Hard Time Believing That Because It Seems like a Forget A Lot but Think Magazine Says That the Brain Can Store Enough Data to Fill Several Million Books That Decimated, and the like, Bring Can Store 1 Million Billion Bits of Information and You Wonder That Really True, but There Have Been Times When Certain Things and Triggered Memories to Go Back so Many Years and I'm Surprise I Still Remember a Certain Thing so Vividly but Listen God. She Remembers Everything at All Times Either Several Labs in His Memory. He Never Forget Someone Sometimes I'm Seeing Someone That I've Known for Years and I Blank out. I Can't Remember Their Name.

The Sad Thing Is I'm Talking about My Wife Now and It Is Embarrassing Is Your Name Betty No, but Can You Imagine If God Allowed to Memory in You Are Who I Forgot All about, You Know, and Contrary to Contractor That God Knows Everything, Including What Is Going on in the Creation God Knows about Every Star in the Sky You Know There's an Interesting Thing in Her Going Back a Number of Years the Astronomers of the Day Determined That They Knew the Number of Stars in the Sky and They Laughed at the Bible.

This Unscientific Book That Actually Says the Stars Are Innumerable. But Then, As They Develop More Powerful Telescope to Realize or More Stars in Their Thought There Were Actually More Galaxies in the Thought and As Time Went by and They Develop More and More Powerful Telescopes and We Were Involved in Space Exploration. We Discovered That the Stars Are Innumerable.

Just like the Bible Said That Having Established That Fact. It Is Also True That the Bible Says, Psalm 147 Verse Four God Determines the Numbers of the Stars and He Called Them Each by Name, but I Run Out Of Names Fast. You Know, Because Astronomers Estimate They Are about 100,000 Million Stars in the Milky Way Alone and outside of That Are Millions and Millions of Other Galaxies. God Knows Every Star in Every One Has Its Own Name. That Vast Knowledge Benevolence, Personalize It. Not Only Does He Know All This Information He Knows about You. Jesus Said the Very Hairs of Your Head Are Number Know My Case It's Know What Is It 89.

You Know Very Imaginatively around. I Guess for Some of You, You Know It's A Lot More Work, but the Bible Says That God Knows about Every Little Bird That Falls to the Ground and Think about Every Little Bird and Jesus Brought Those Two Points up to Bring This to Our Attention, He Said, so Don't Be Afraid Because You're More Valuable to God Than a Flock of Sparrows This Awesome God He Created the Universe and Numbers the Stars Is Interested in You.

What Bothers You What Concerns You.

What Brings Party to You, Which Brings Tears to Your Eyes. It's of Concern to God for the Psalmist Said in Psalm 56 Say You Keep Track of All of My Sorrows. You've Collected All of My Tears in Your Bottle You Recorded Each One in Your Book, so Whatever You're Facing Right Now the Lord Knows about It. He's Concerned about It. If You Make Sacrifices for Again Working for His Kingdom Giving Financially Serving Him in Some Way Shape or Form. God Is Aware of It and You Will Be Rewarded for Jesus Said Your Father Who Sees You in Secret Will Reward You Openly. Not Only Is God Aware of What Concerns You, but He Is Aware of the Wrongs That Are Done in the World Today Were Told in Proverbs 15 through the Eyes of the Lord Are Everywhere, Keeping Watch on the Wicked and the Good. How Could He Punish Evil Otherwise and Reward Good Works, Not One Single Thing Occurs in Any Place without Him Being Aware of It. He Sees Everything That Happens Every Where. And He Sees Everything Happening in Our Lives. He Doesn't Just See You He Sees through You.

Course When Jesus Walked This Earth, and He Was God in Human Form, He Would Often Read the Minds and Hearts of People Which Drove Him Crazy. If It Were You Thinking That since Own Your Hearts Honey, I'm Glad I Don't Have That Ability to Be Kind of Depressing to Know What People Really Think about Me You Know Some of the Back Door, Shaking Hands at Me with Accomplish Tester Grade. That Was a Great Message in the Really Thinking That Message Was so Lame You Really Are Ugly and Person Who Knows What We Think but God Can See Right through It. He Knows Every Thought That We Have and This Is Why It's so Preposterous to Believe That We Can Hide Something from God.

You Think You're so Clever I've Done This Little Center-Right Move This Money around Her at Her Kids. This Being Her Recovered up This Thing That I Did Everything Will Be Made Known That Which Is Done in Secret Will Be Shouted from the Mountaintop so You Live a Godly Life That Will Be Proclaimed If You Lived in Ungodly Life That You Will Be Revealed in Time.

But Here's the Thing to Consider about God Knowing All Things. He Knows What Can Happen before It Happened. Nothing Catches God by Surprise.

God Doesn't Say What What Will What Would That Come from God Knew It Was Going to Happen and That's Because God Dwells in the Eternal Realm. Isaiah 4610 Says I Make Known the End from the Beginning, from Ancient Times. What Is Still to Come.

My Purpose Will Stand. I Will Do All That I Please God Knows the End from the Beginning. I Barely Know the End.

At the End.

I Forget What Happened When God Says He Knows the End from the Beginning. That Means It's Not a Stretch for Him to Predict What Will Happen in the Future.

For Instance, about I Told You I'm in a Revealed to You Who Won the Super Bowl and I Told Her the Steelers Won a Last Minute Upset What You Think Me a Great Prophet Know You Would Think of Me As Someone Who Probably Watch the Super Bowl. It's Not a Big Deal but See for God He Can Predict the Future As Well As We Can Pretty Speak of the past When We Restate That God Can Predict the Future More Accurately Than I Can Describe the past Because Sometimes My Memory Is Fuzzy and I Forget Who Did What When God Only Forgets What Has Happened. He Knows What Will Happen Because He's in the Eternal Realm When He Says Something Will Happen. You Can Be Sure It Will Happen Just As He Said Was AW Tosi Who Said in God. There Is No Was or Will Be, but a Continuous and Unbroken Is in Him, History and Prophecy Are One in the Same. We Think of the past Tense.

We Think in the Future Tense God Things in the Eternal Tent. It's All the Same to Him. Therefore the Bible Is the One Book That Dares to Predict the Future, Not Once, Not Twice, but Hundreds of Time. How Does That Work. God Is Omniscient God Knows All Things. Therefore, Telling the Future for Him Is Nothing and We Look at How the Bible Prophesies about How the Messiah Would Come to Us. We See It Happen Exactly As the Bible Said It Would Happen. Where Would the Bible Said It Would Happen, and so Forth and All the Prophecies That Were Fulfilled.

Therefore, We Read What the Bible Says about Our Future and It Has A Lot to Say about Our Future. You Can Know It's Going to Happen and A Lot Of It's Being Fulfilled before Our Very Eyes Right Now Is in It, so the Bible Describes the Nature of God. It Tells Us of the Omniscience of God.

God Knows All Things. Number Two God Is Omnipresent God Is Omnipresent, Which Means He Is Present Everywhere. Let's Read A Few More Verses in Verse Seven Someone 39 Where Can I Go from Your Spirit, Where Can I Flee from Your Presence by Attending Heaven You're There If I Make My Bed in Hell, Behold, You Are There, Take the Wings of the Morning to Dwell in the Uttermost Part of the Sea, Even There Your Hand Shall Lead Me in Your Right Count Shall Hold Me by Saying, Surely Darkness Will Follow Me. Even the Night Will Be like about Me. Indeed, the Darkness Shall Not Hide from You, but the Night Shines As the Day the Darkness and the Light Are Both Alike to You Now These Words Can Be Either Comforting or Frightening, Depending on What Side of the Fence You're on. If You're a Follower of Jesus. They Bring Great Comfort. As the Psalmist Has Said It. If I Take the Wings of the Morning and One of the Uttermost Parts of the Sea, Your Hand Will Lead Me, Lord, I'll Never Be Alone.

You Will Be There No Matter Where I Go, That's Great to Know God Is Not Bound down by Geographical Boundaries or Time Zone. He Is Present Everywhere and No Matter What You're Going through. He's There with You. Jesus Said I Will Never Leave You or Forsake You. And in the Greek That Is Emphatic It Can Be Better Translated. I Will Never Know. Never Know Never Leave You or Forsake You.

Jesus Said Hello I Am with You, Even under the End of the Age. That's Not Just a Promise for Short People. Hello, I Am with You Get It Low Low Care Was Enough. It's for All People That You Will Never Be Alone When You Going to Right Now, You're Not Alone. The Omnipresent God Is There Walking with You through It Were Told over and the Book of Isaiah When You Walk through the Water, God Speaking All Be with You When You Pass of the Rivers Will Not Sweep over You When You Walk to the Fire.

You Will Not Be Burned, the Flames Will Not Set You Ablaze Wherever You Go, God Is There. CS Lewis Said and I Quote, We May Ignore.

But We Can Know Where to Evade the Presence of God. The World Is Crowded with Him. God Is with Us, Not Just One More in the Church Worshiping Probably Leave As Well.

Whatever You Go.

Our God Is Omnipresent and Also Thirdly, God Is Omnipotent God Is Omnipotent, Which Means He's All Powerful Know We've All Heard the Question.

Can God Do Absolutely Anything He Wants in the Question. It Usually Follows That Assumes the First Was That in the Affirmative Rules It Will Go to Give You Anything You Want, Because God Is All-Powerful, Always out so Well. Can God Do Anything That Is on Godlike. For Instance, Can God Contradict Himself by Making Something More Powerful and More on Godlike Than Himself or the More Popular Version of the Question. Can God Make a Rock so Heavy He Cannot Lift It.

Maybe the Question How to Be. Could God Make a Person Solely They Could Not Think of a Better Question about God. What Is It Supposed to Stump Us Somehow like Wow That's a Real Brain Twister. How Do You Deal with the Listen Will We Seek God Is All Powerful. It Doesn't Mean That God Will Do Something That Is Wrong. God Will Not Do Something That Is Sinful and Will Talk a Little Bit More about the Nature of God and His Attributes. In Our Next Message but God Is Righteous God Is Good God Is Holy and so Forth. But God Will Not Do Something That Would Contradict His Nature As Scripture Says God Cannot Deny Himself. Listen, God Cannot Lie, nor Can God Die.

Okay, so What Is Impossible to God.

Not That Which Is Difficult to His Power That Which Is Contrary to His Nature, so That's Not Really Think God Can Do Something As Much Is It Seeing God Won't Do Something with Understand What Omnipotence Me. Omnipotence Means God Is Infinite Power That Can Never Be Depleted, Trained or Exhausted Again. Omnipotence Means God Is Infinite Power That Can Never Be Depleted, Trained or Exhausted Daughter Know about You but I Have a Phone It's an IPhone Is a Matter of Fact, and It Dearly Makes It through the Day on One Chart Seems about Three Quarters in the Day, My Batteries Get Low. And Then When It Hits Read You Know It's Trouble.

So I Have To Go Plug It Back in Again. You Know in World Where Battery Life Were Aware of How Much Mileage We Can Get before We Need to Get the Next Refuel or Refill for Our Car Truck. But God's Resources Are Never Exhausted. He Doesn't Have To Recharge at Night or Refuel It Just Constant and It Never Ends. And so That's Why It's so Ridiculous When Someone Says Well I Tried Everything and Know All I Could Do Is Just Goal for Ray Yeah All You Can Do Now Is Callout to the Omniscience Omnipresent Omnipotence, Creator of the Universe, the God Who Created All Things and Is Named. Every Star Knows about Every Hair on Your Head and Every Bird That Falls of the Ground, All You Can Do Now Is Callout to the Unlimited God Is Seen Things Change When You Put Them in the Perspective You See Your Requirements Are Never a Drain on God's Resources. You Will Never Need More Than God Can Supply the Bible Says He Is Able to Do Abundantly above and Be on That Which You Could Ask or Think so Consider Your Circumstances Right Now. What Are You Going through. Maybe You're Overwhelmed by Tragedy or Greek or Sorrow or Confusion or Uncertainty Weren't Then Again, Maybe You're Bound by an Addiction of Some Kind and Addiction That Is Grown so Powerful It's Turned into a Lifestyle and You Feel As Though You'll Never Be Free from It. I Want You to Know That the All-Knowing, All-Powerful, Ever God Is Here to Help You Don't Say God Is Nowhere. God Is Now Here, God Is Here to Help You. God Is Here to Meet Your Needs. God Is Here Waiting for You to Call out to Him Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord. It's a Rhetorical Question. The Answer Is No God Can Do What Needs to Be Done When It Needs to Be Done When He's Waiting for You to Do Is to Call out to Him. Jesse Is Infinite but Is Knowable. Let's Break down As I Know It's Hard to Wrap Our Minds around God, the Supreme Being. If You Want to Know What God Is like.

Just Look at Jesus.

Jesus Is God. That's What God Is like, and Jesus Himself Told Us a Story There Were All Very Familiar with the Gives Us a Snapshot of God. If You Will Recall That the Parable of the Prodigal Son. The Bible Doesn't Call It That It May Be More Accurately Describe the Parable of the Loving Father Because It's Really Told More from the Father's Perspective Than the Sun.

Jesus Effectively Saying Here's What God Is like a Certain Manner to Silence the Younger Son Said to His Father. Father Give Me My Portion of the Goods That Are Coming to Me so He Divided His Estate and That Boy Took His Money and Went Often Wasted at All and Prodigal Living. The Boy Comes to His Senses.

He Says Pay My Father's Hired Servants Have a Better Than Me, to Go Back and See Father Are No Longer Worthy to Be Called Your Son. Just Take Me on As a Hired Servant. But While He Was a Great Way off. Jesus Said the Father Saw Him and Had Compassion on Him, and Randy Kim Threw His Arms around Him and Kissed Him and Hugged Him and Said, Rejoice with Me. This Might Send He Was Dead and Is Alive Again. He Was Lost Is Found so What Is God like God, like a Father Who Misses a Son. God Is like a Father Who Will Welcome Just Son/Daughter Back in the Fellowship with Him to Build Churn from That Sin. From That Sin. God Wants to Show His Affection, His Plan and His Purpose to Each One of Us.

That's What God Is like and If Jesus Himself Did Not Set It.

It Would Almost Seem Irreverent to Suggest God Is like a Father Is Willing to Lose His Dignity to Get to His Son in Time of Need. LME Explained That in the First Century Culture Told You This before It Was Considered Undignified for Older Men to Run Older Men Did Not Run Just Wasn't Done. You Know They Were the Long Robes in Those Days, so the Run. You Have To Pull the Rope up above Your Knees Just Wasn't Apropos Not to Mention It's Hard for an Older Man to Run. I Know This from Experience Because I Go out Running Waiting for the Release of Endorphins and I've Never Met a Single Endorphins. I Don't Even Believe in Endorphins. I Was Talking to a Doctor, the Father of Aerobics They Call Him Wonderful Christian Man. His Name Was Ken Cooper.

He Is a Cooper Clinic in Texas and Then I Asked the Doctor, You Gotta Tell Me about Endorphins. Were They Were Going Fine Them.

I Want Something to Buy Them Know You Said You Just Press on an Annual Field Limit. I've Never Experienced Any Way Coming Back to the Story. Jesus Described the Father and Older Gentleman Willing to Lose His Dignity If You Will, and Run to Get to Us on a Net Suggesting God Is Giving up Dignity, but I'll Tell You One Thing, God Gave up the Privileges of Deity When He Walked among Us, and Died on the Cross, He Never Give up His Deity. Jesus Never for a Moment Cease to Be God. But He Laid Aside the Privileges of Deity When He Came and Walked among Us, and Took upon Him the Form of a Servant. This All-Powerful, All-Knowing God Loves You and He Welcomes You into Fellowship with Him. That's the Bottom Line If You Don't Know Him.

If You Have a Relationship with Him, Then You're Going to Go through Life Alone and You're Going to Face Those Storms without Help and You're Going to Have These Days of Uncertainty with No Anchor for Your Soul When You Call out to God and Be Able to Say like the Apostle Paul. I Believe God to Get You through the Hardest Times. Most Importantly You'll of the Guaranteed Hope That When You Die You Will Go to Heaven.

I Can Think of Anything More Important Than That at All and Where You Will Spend Your Eternal Destiny.

Yes, God Is Omniscient, All-Knowing. Yes, God Is Omnipresent, Present Everywhere.

Yes, God Is Omnipotent, All-Powerful, and That God Loves You and Want You to Know Him and If You Do Not Have a Relationship with Him Respond Now As We Close with This Prayer. Father, Thank You for Loving Each One of Us. Thank You for Calling This to Yourself and Now I Pray for Everyone Listening to This Message. They Will Help Them to See Their Need for You and Help Them to Call on Your Name. We Have Told Us in Scripture. Whoever Will Call upon the Name of the Lord Will Be Saved. So Lord Help Those That Do Not yet Know You to Reach out to You If You Want God's Forgiveness Today If You Want to Become of Your Life and Forgive You of Your Sin and Transform You from the inside.

If You Want to Know That You Will Go to Heaven When You Die. Pray This Prayer Right Where You Are out Loud after Me. This Is a Probe Asking Christ to Come in Your Life Again As I Pray Pray This out Loud after Me, Lord Jesus, I Know in the Center but I Believe You Died on the Cross in My Place, and Rose Again from the Dead. Now I Churn from That Sin That I Choose to Follow You As Savior and Lord His God and Friend.

Thank You for Calling Me and Accepting Me and for Giving Me Lord Jesus Name I Pray, Amen

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