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Angels and Demons, Part 1

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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June 28, 2009 5:45 am

Angels and Demons, Part 1

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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June 28, 2009 5:45 am

Are angels real, or just an invention of Hollywood? Pastor Greg Laurie says the answer may surprise you! Today, Pastor Greg Laurie shows us God's plan for angels in the lives of believers. Listen for some fascinating insight.

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Harvest podcasts featuring Pastor Greg Laurie are brought to you by harvest partners to receive Pastor Greg free online daily devotions or to become a harvest partner, please visit us Daniel chapter 6 turn there with me if you would, Daniel six, and were in our series that were calling us send souls what every person needs to know on the title of our messages.

Angels and demons. I heard the story of a time when God up in heaven. Was wondering how things were going down on earth, so he dispatched an angel to check up the angel return sometime later in the Lord. Things are not going so well. Man is really evil. In fact, we found that 95% of the people are bad and only 5% are good so the Lord wanted a second opinion.

He said even the higher ranking angel down to earth to check. After a little time at the outset angel return get pretty much the same report, Lord.

It's not good.

95% of the people are bad.

Only 5% are good so the Lord decided that at least he wanted to encourage the 5% that were good and so he wanted to lift him up a little and let them know he was aware so we shot him up an email of 5%. People who were good.

You want to know what the email said you can get one either. I was a joke by the way down to what it brings. The whole idea of what were looking at together which is that there is indeed a god in NC and there are angels in demons.

There is an invisible world.

It's hard for us to believe that because we live in the natural world, we relate to what we can see with our arrival we can share with our gear what we can reach out and touch with the Bible teaches there is a supernatural world and invisible world and that is the realm of God and Satan.

That is the realm of angels and demons and it is all around us right now and we can somehow pull back the veil if you will. It would blow our minds to see what we would see the see the Angels of God at work to see the demons of hell at work to see all the spiritual activity swirling around us at any given moment in the book of Kings is a story of Elisha the prophet he was with his servant to Hayes I and they fell asleep and when they woke they were surrounded by enemy forces and gay Hayes.

I began to panic any wall, but woke up the sleeping prophet safe. What are we going to do and allies are probably wiping the sleep from his eyes. Said don't be afraid, those that are with us are more than those that are with them and then Elisha prayed Lord I pray opened his eyes and he may see in the Bible says the Lord opened his eyes and he saw, and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. Those were the angelic forces of God. Those that are with us are more than those that are with them. So let's pray now and ask the Lord to open our eyes as we take this look at the invisible world. Let's pray father open our eyes today to the reality of the spiritual world open our eyes today to the nearness of eternity and the relative shortness of life on earth open our eyes to know more about the work of the Angels as well as the work of the forces of darkness open our eyes that we might see the plan you have for us open our eyes, because we want to see Jesus so speak to us from your word. We pray in Jesus name, amen. Quick Paul, how many of you believe in angels today razor. You believe in the existence of angels while you're not alone. I would expect that kind of response from you but a poll that was conducted by time magazine revealed that a whopping 69% of Americans believe in the existence of angels that almost 70%, and 48% of Americans believe they have their own guardian angel. We are guardian angels will look at that in the moment. 1032% even said that they had felt some kind of angelic presence in their life.

At some point and then what icon also interesting was believe in angels, and teenagers is even higher. This survey revealed that three out of every four young American believe in angels today. They have their teen Angels. Of course not.

But it's amazing to me how we believe in these angels. But that we shouldn't, but it just shows that we are spiritual people in a broad sense, we believe there is a supernatural world and I think one of the reasons we believe in angels is because we've all had those close brushes with death.

We had that moment that they could've gone the wrong way will we just barely missed that car or we just barely got through that situation and we wondered, was that an angel that delivered me that an angel that intervened on my behalf. Here's the problem with angel. Let me restate that. Here's the problem we have in our understanding of angels we have gotten a lot of our information from Hollywood.

You know, Hollywood is taken.

The topic of angels, along with heaven and hell in a sort of hijacked it and turned around and given it back to us in the distorted way. You know when we think of angels, we may envision some of the movies we've seen like you know it's a wonderful life you know that when they showed every Christmas said, starring Jimmy Stewart and he's going to commit suicide but Clarence the angel comes and helps them because Claire convinces trying to earn his wings you know that's one version or there's a TV program that was on for years called touched by an Angel and then there was other movie called the preacher's wife, starring Whitney Houston and she is visited by an angel played by Denzel Washington are then there was another will be called city of angels, starring Nicholas Cage, who plays an angel that falls in love with Meg Ryan, so he decides to give up his rights as an angel and become a human, so the idea is that angels are exalted, humans are angels have to earn their wings and all these funny little ideas that are passed around. And then of course the latest movie out there is called angels and demons and so we may not really know what we believe about angels, but as far as I'm concerned, there is only one ordered source on the topic of God and Satan angels and demons and that is the Scripture so broken up by the what the Bible has to say about this. Let me begin by stating that the activity of angels, especially in the lives of believers is constant. We may not necessarily be aware of the presence of angels, we can't necessarily predict how and when they will appear.

But the Bible says they are there for.

We are told in Psalm 34 seven the angel of the Lord guards all who fear him, and he rescues them. There are examples everywhere in the Scripture did you know that there are at least 300 references to angels about the old and New Testament, we see gains that were good example is when Simon Peter was arrested for preaching the gospel in the book of acts chapter 12 and the believers went to prayer. What is the Lord do an answer to their prayer. He dispatches an angel to deliver Peter. Peter is so deep in his sleep.

The angel pastor practically punch them to wake him up and shake him and wake up Peter and the door opened automatically and often when we offer our prayers to God.

It may be an angel that is actually being dispatched to help and answer come about by angels are amazing creatures.

They straddle both heaven and earth that would appear that though they are created being that they never die, but we are told over in Luke 2036 Jesus said of people who have gone on a heaven. Neither can they die anymore, for they are equal unto the angel angels have a special work that they do in the life of the believer, because Hebrews 114 tells us are not angels ministering spirits sent to minister to those who will inherit salvation and as I said there are just their story after story telling us of the work of angels, one that comes to mind from contemporary times is from a book written by Billy Graham called angels God's secret agents and in this book he tells the story of John Pat was a missionary to the new hub readies violence and one night of Patton and his wife were in their home there at the mission station and there were those that wanted to kill them, and so a number of the people that were indigenous to that region were coming to destroy this man and so John and his wife began to pray and they were surprised that no attacker became in the next morning of the natives were gone and they wonder what happened and so a year later, the chief of that tribe that wanted to kill the missionary came to Christ, and so John was sitting down with him having a conversation and he said I have to ask you what happened that night when you were coming to kill us. Why didn't you follow through on it and the try the chief said will what you mean. Why did we go through with it, who were all those men with you there, and John Patton said there were no men there in the chief said no we didn't attack because there were hundreds of big men in shining garments with drawn swords circling the mission statement station and job that those may have been angels actually that could be a modern example. I would even take it a step further and say it is entirely possible that you are personally met an angel because we are told in Hebrews 13 to do not forget to entertain strangers for in doing so. Some people have entertained angels without knowing it. Now if I knew I was entertaining an angel. I would definitely take good care of it angel from God. Can you take the lead. Yes, where would you like to go but one of the Lord sent someone to me that was not the kind of a person I would necessarily want to hang around with. Maybe there were not an attractive person. Or maybe there were a difficult person. I don't to be around them. I don't want to help them. What if that was an opportunity to entertain an angel without knowing it. Angels sometimes take on human as we see in Scripture. They would often appear as manna by the way, there is no instance in the Bible of an angel appearing as a woman. There are no chick angels.

I'm sorry it's funny because we use that expression. Angel usually in a feminine sense will say oh she's a he is an angel. We don't think he's as handsome as an angel or she sings like an angel. So we think it within the feminine and often in the religious art angels are female in the Bible. Angels are always male, so sometimes they take on human form, but generally we don't know what they're doing and when they're doing it. I think the subtitle of Billy Graham's book is accurate. Angels are God's secret agents, sort of like the Navy SEALs you know that elite fighting force they are dispatched on a mission. They go in the take care of business and you never hear about. It's not publicized you don't know the names of the seals it did not and so you may read about the success of the mission. You may never know about the mission at all. That is what the Navy seal does angels are like Navy SEALs, and that said there dispatched by God ministering spirits, protecting, delivering, sometimes guiding and then going back. You don't know it's them.

You don't need to engage them.

You don't need to try to communicate with them. They are simply doing the work that God has called them to do.

I think if we could see how many angels are involved in our lives it would blow her mind so like putting on polarized sunglasses. I prefer polarized glass and my friends know my wife. She doesn't care about things like that. She wants her glasses to look cool and sometimes a look at the classes she's going to limit through these and they're all scratched up and say why do you wear these because I like him. I think try my on and I'll pick up my polarized glasses. She puts arising look at the water right now you can see all these hues and shades that you can normally see through scratched up fashion glasses.

You know, and we just sort of put on some polarized glasses and see into the spiritual world for further were seeing things that are not there were seen more clearly the hues that subtlety the spirit beings that were or maybe I can compared to putting on those 3D glasses know you go to a movie in see it in 3D. We went recently to see a film with the RI daughter-in-law on our our granddaughters and it was 3D animated film, and so we took Stella in in Stella put those 3D glasses on and saw things coming at her from the screen. She started screaming she would watch the movie. But the promised two minutes and I was totally engrossed. This is an animated film for children. By the way I'm totally engrossed must-see end of film what's going to happen so we were going there for the kids in Graham on the mom had to sit in the lobby taking care of the children. What grandpa's out of their sense of that was what if we could put on 3D glasses or 40 glasses.

The next dimension you know and see all these angels that would be glorious. See the demons that would be a little bit frightening but the practice they're all at work behind the scenes that given angel were to appear for us today on this date. We would be tempted to worship, because it would be so glorious, so magnificent there such amazing creatures. In fact, when an angel of the Lord appeared to John the apostle on the island of Patmos.

That's exactly what he did, he fell down to worship it, and the angel said to not worship me on your fellow servant worship God. And that's interesting because it shows that angels don't draw attention to themselves and others.

While this undue attention that is often given to the angel in my opinion is unwarranted and there are people that that have an obsession with angels are so many books about don't know any given bookstore just book after book with strange title went out to and type in the keyword angel and here's some of the titles I found how to hear your angel. There's another. The encyclopedia of angels even another healing with angels and then there's working with angels and then there's Angel therapy healing messages for every area of your life. And then there's cooking with angels. I ordered out one another's in cooking with Ingalls and me that, but I do know how to make angel food cake item you in the fallen Angel one devils taken of double double dates and but here's the thing is that people want to connect with these angels in here from these angels and and I am afraid that they might end up hearing from the wrong kind of Angel because, as will discover in our next messages are not only the holy angels of God.

There are fallen angels or demons that do the work of Satan and that is why the apostle, set up by rent angel from heaven, bringing any other message, and that what you already heard, let him be accursed. Why would an angel bring a message contrary to the gospel, because it would be a fallen angel see that Lucifer, Satan the devil he's a fallen angel used to be a magnificent powerful high-ranking angel who had access to the presence of God when he rebelled against the Lord will be with that later. But my point is, the devil could come to us as an angel of light. You know the devil were to appear to us today, God forbid, I can tell you this much. He would not have Redskin and horns coming out of his head and pointed ears and hooves for P and appointed to the pitchfork you see me on the Orange Julius Topp right to know that's a caricature, the real devil, Lucifer also called the son of the morning, he would be back this week while and here's my message will include no no no, even if an angel from heaven came, bringing any other message on that which we've already heard the message of Scripture, let him be accursed. So we must be careful. These people opening themselves up to angels and angelic influence.

Watch out you might be listening to the wrong angels.

How many angels are there out there. Lots more than we could probably even count in the book of Daniel, he talks about how there's thousands upon thousands, 10,000s time 10,000 that would be 100 million angels.

Revelation 511 says that he heard the voice of thousands and millions of angels around the throne and of the living beings and of the elements. Not only are there a lot of angels but their very powerful were told over and Psalm 103 verse 20 they excel in spring angels are not as powerful as God, but the more powerful than people and what it would appear that some angels are more powerful than other angels. There are rankings among the angel in first Peter 322 we read that Jesus Christ is gone and the heaven and is at God's right hand with angels and authorities and powers and submission to him somewhere. Here we have this ranking. We have angels, authorities empower and by the way, there is that same ranking in the fallen Angel pulses.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers in spiritual my in the supernatural realm there organized the angels of God are organized under the command of the Lord Jesus Christ, the fallen angels are organized under the command of Lucifer the fallen Angel. They have rankings not unlike the military now only think of angels, we have to understand that there are some outstanding angelic personalities we find in Scripture. There are two angels that we know for sure by name.

One is Michael and the other is Gabriel, but and we can include Lucifer to if you wanted to.

He's fallen but he's an angel who has a name for us in Scripture know Michael you sort of like angel Uno.

He's like the man he he is identified in Scripture as the archangel, and I don't know that that is saying there are no other archangels, but it may be saying that because he is referred to as such in the turf term archangel occurs twice in the New Testament and in both instances it is used in the singular, and is preceded by the definite article the as an archangel, so there may only be one Michael the Archangel, it's interesting that he will play a unique role in the rapture of the church which I believe is the next event on the prophetic calendar which were told in first Thessalonians.

For the Lord himself of the sent from heaven with a shout with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ arise first and after that we were to live in remaining will be caught up to meet them in the air.

And so shall we ever be with the Lord.

Also, we know that Michael is called in when lower ranking angels need help is a fascinating story in Daniel chapter 10 don't turn their element just sort of tell it to them again to dig in the Daniel six in the moment but in Daniel and you can turn if you want to and is seen returning there, you know early and I'll be done telling the story alright so you can look later if you like, or look now if you want when everyone this is America, man. That's what everyone but I Daniel 10 is a story of Daniel Pring and he was asking the Lord for something and the Lord dispatched an angel with an answer to his prayer.

The angel finally shows up and says Daniel had to tell you why there seems to be a delay in the answer your prayer. I was dispatched from heaven. 21 days ago with an answer, but I was opposed by a powerful fallen spirits identified as the prince of Persia. I couldn't handle him. So they called it Michael who came and overpowered that demon power and I was free to then come and bring you the answer to your prayer. That's great story shows there's ranking among angels for sure, shows that some are more powerful than others schedules. Michael is very powerful but it also reminds us that when we pray, spiritual travel is raging, and it may be that the so-called the lady your prayer is due to angelic battle going on behind the scenes listen when you're praying for the salvation of someone when you're praying for a prodigal son or daughter to repent. Don't give up you don't know what's happening and don't think Wally wasn't answered as quickly as I would like God must be saying no yeah he might be saying no today. Maybe will say yes tomorrow.

Or maybe the day after you keep praying Jesus said, not in the door shall be open, seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given to you in the original language that would be in the tents of keep asking, keep knocking, keep seeking listen God's delays are not necessarily his denial, there may be a reason for so we have to keep praying. We also know that Michael will ultimately overcome Satan as revealed in Revelation 12 there was a war in heaven. And it's interesting because the angels are referred to early in Revelation as the stars so it's Star Wars right Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon and his angels fought back but he was not strong enough and they lost their place in heaven and the great dragon was hurled down, that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray.

He was hurled to the earth, and his angels let them.

Ultimately, Michael the Archangel overcomes Lucifer the fallen Angel canal. There is also Gabriel and Gabriel, though maybe not. Archangel is certainly a high-ranking one.

Gabriel appears in the old and New Testament.

He appears in the book of Daniel are revealing the future to the prophet he comes at the beginning of the new covenant and appears to Zechariah and tells him he's going to be the father of the last of the Old Testament prophets the direct forerunner of the Messiah. Zechariah will be the father of John the Baptist and Gabriel was given the privilege of appearing to a young girl named Mary living in Nazareth to tell her she would be the mother of the Messiah. Can you imagine getting that mission. If you're in a big room. All the angels are there in the Lord to alright.

I need an angel to go deliver the message to planet Earth that the Messiah will be part wants the job you really you know that. Sorry that's my warped cartoonist mind at work. There Gabriel was dispatched to the message to tell Mary that she would be the mother of the Messiah and Gabriel went also to Joseph and revealed to him that she was carrying the Messiah and her world and then there were the cherubim and the Seraphim. We don't know a lot about them with a two archangels I we read about the Seraphim and Ezekiel 1, verse five chapter 14 chapter 28. Interestingly, God placed the cherubim in a position of keeping men out of the garden after he had eaten of the forbidden fruit cherubim with a flaming sword. Now the Seraphim appear to be special angel. If you will that worship God. Read about them in Isaiah 61 where it says in the year the King use iodide I saw the Lord sitting on his throne, high and lifted up in the glory of his his glory filled the temple and above it stood Seraphim each one had six wings in which we covered his face, which we covered his feet to a flu and one cried to the other and said, holy, holy, holy is the Lord of both the whole earth is full of his glory.

Angels amazing creatures. Londoners are sitting there. You might be thinkable. Greg you know it's very interesting to learn about them and what does this have to do with me. Actually, a lot, and I think whenever we study doctrine or theology if you will, which is a study of God we learn things that will help us in life because it can be no theology without doxology.

By that I mean we want to know how this applies to us alright cheers if you take away trues about angels number one. Sometimes the Angels revealed God's purpose.

Sometimes it revealed God's purpose as you remember that angels were dispatched to Abraham to reveal to him what was going to happen in Sodom, which was going to be judgment or dimension. How an angel was dispatched to Zechariah telling me would be the father of John the Baptist and also to Mary and so forth. Number two, the angels have come to help bring us to salvation and sometimes give us guidance again. The Angels help us to come to salvation and sometimes give us guidance is a fascinating story in the book about that. We looked at nurseries that were an angel came to Cornelius, a Roman centurion who did not know the Lord. Yet he was open and an angel came and revealed to him that he needed to meet Simon Peter would give him the gospel about storing is fascinating to me because I read and I wonder why didn't the angel just tell him straight out pay is what you need to do here is who Jesus is what he said. Here's how to come in the relationship with them. Why because the primary mission of angels is not to preach the gospel. That's our job will help us do it.

They might even guidance sometimes in our efforts to do it, but God chooses to primarily reach people through people seems to me if I were God, I don't think I would use people I certainly wouldn't use me I'm using, I would send angels to churches. Can you imagine if an angel just kinda appear right here in this room believe in Jesus.

Now would be like okay okay let's do it.

God is not primarily chosen to reach us at wake. He reaches people through people. The Angels work behind the scenes you see, the angel was there to direct Cornelius to go to Peter so he can hear the gospel mother Angelica and another example of Angelica direction is when an angel came to Philip and said go to the desert and he went to the desert and there he found that men visiting from Ethiopia searching for God will ultimately came to faith in Christ.

And so angels help us come to salvation and also sometimes give us guidance.

Now let's come to our text and look at one of the most well-known stories in the Bible. It's a story of Daniel in the lion's den how to Daniel in the for this situation. Well, he was advisor to the king.

King Darius Daniela been around for a few years. At this point he was getting on in was blessed by God as a man of integrity respected by the king himself and Daniel and enemies because they were jealous of his success. And you know whatever your success will be people were jealous not try to undermine so they look for weaknesses in his life. How can we bring this guy down, what are his inconsistencies.

Whatever is weak spot is vulnerability and they couldn't find anything hidden taken any trips to Argentina.

Nothing but the claimant takes too long. It's in the news that's all well.

This was a man of integrity without any weak spots. And they got it working to bring this guy down is only one way to do it has to be concerning him and his God because he knew that Daniel had a wonderful habit of praying three times a day, he would get down and as these open up the shutters of the South and call on the Lord. They said let's get a lot of facets is, no one can pray to any God except the king, and if you violate this law you're thrown into adult life. You know, Daniel got up right so they would begin taking this idea. Let's passes locking you great law flattered him made him feel more important. He signs it into into action, not realizing he's dooming to spread. So now Daniel, here's the message.

If you prayed any God will be better the lives really that's interesting. Okay, it's time to pray and pray they arrest and he sent now to be executed.

There is no way out of this situation apart from God that first-rate pics of Daniel six so the king gave the command. Verse 16 and they brought Daniel and cast him into the den of lions. But the king spoke and said to Daniel, your God, whom you serve. Continually he will deliver you easy for him to say he wasn't one of the lion's den. Then the stone was brought and laid on the mouth of the den of the king sealed it with his own signet ring with the segments of his Lord, that the purpose concerning Daniel might not be changed. Now the king went to his palace and spent the night of fasting and his musicians were proper for a rather no musicians were brought before them in his sleep when from him. Then the king arose very early in the morning and went and had raised to the den of lions and he cried out with a limited voice to Daniel Daniel, servant of the living God as your God, whom you serve continually with able to deliver you from Alliance hoping he would not hear a large belch, you know, in the Daniel Soto king live forever.

My God sent his angel and he shut the lion's mouth so that's the story of Daniel Lyons notes an amazing story because the king couldn't sleep but Daniel could be king and all the luxury and comfort of the palace could not sleep but Daniel and Ed den of hungry lions could listen better to be in a lion's den, than anywhere else without I'd rather be in the valley of the shadow of death with Christ, walking next to me in the finest home with all the money this world has to offer.

I'd rather be anywhere with the Lord that anywhere else.

Without him and maybe you're in lion's den, so to speak. You're surrounded by hostile people.

Maybe you're in a valley where you're going to great difficulties. Maybe you're going through a storm in life of the Lord is with you. Don't despair.

Daniel thought well you know what can happen if I die and I mean by lions I go to heaven if I live I can continue to serve the Lord so you know it's in God's hands and the Lord said his angel to shut the lion's mouth. You know sometimes animals have more sense than people knows animals that were not messing with this angel Wednesday of the story of the limitless donkey love that story is a story of a man named Balin who was a prophet for higher and there was a man named Bailey that wanted Balin to curse the Israelites and the Lord spoke to be limited. Don't you dare curse those people. They belong to me. But Balin was determined to get the money was on his way in the wrong direction to do the wrong thing writing this donkey as he is riding along an angel of the Lord appears donkey sees it, he can be angel of the Lord in the path of the donkey causes the beast. The animal will go build a good school, he starts to beat the donkey. Still, the donkey won't go to go a little bit further, another between two wall and this time the angel of the Lord appeared again, but he has a sword out in the document. No way.

He stopped in his tracks.

Any bumps up against the wall hurting feelings like Mel is repeating the donkey even harder in the Bible says the Lord opened the donkey's mouth can find it on Numbers 22.

Donkey says to bail him. Why are you hitting me that's amazing.

That's a miracle. What's more amazing is without missing a beat, being a response because you will do what I tell you conversing with the beat. You know then the donkey said, haven't I been a good donkey haven't always done what you told me to do.

Why are you beating me because they lumbers like you won't do what I want and will be angel from extending above the store going to accept it in the end.

So the angel makes himself visible to bail many seeds. This powerful creature and the utilization I was actually thinking of killing you and sparing the donkey animal had more sense and you had. Yes there are angels involved in our lives.

Sometimes stopping us from doing the wrong thing sometimes guiding us to do the right thing watching over us. Do we have Guardian Angels. Why don't know the answer to that we may work told by Jesus that we should not look down on the little ones, meaning the children. He said right so you there are angels in heaven always see the face of my father in heaven their angels. It says so it may be that at least children have Guardian Angels. I know our children need Guardian Angels, especially those little ones always getting themselves in the trouble they probably worn out a few angels, but what about when the mouth of lien is not closed. What about when you don't narrowly miss them brush with death, what about when we dock that mean the Angels missed their opportunity is I mean the Angels were asleep on the job know it means that they have another mission now because an angel does not determine what I meant to be born. Nor does he determine what I'm going to die.

That's up to God.

The role of the angel is to do what God wants them to do any changes when death, the role of the angel. Up to this point is been the guy to protect sometimes to stop but when the time is come for me to enter into eternity. The role of the angel is to give me an escort into the presence of God. Remember the story of Lazarus and the rich man there in Luke 16 we looked at it recently. In our study and hell. You recall that there was a man who was wealthy and was successful and powerful. And then there was an impoverished man that lived outside of the gates of this other man's estate living up the bread. The rich man wiped his hands on and death came, and the rich man who had no place in his life. For God, went to Hades or hell I was in torment, and the poor man named Lazarus who had faith in God. The Bible says was fostered by the Angels into the presence of Abraham, and that is what happens when a believer dies, they are taken straight into God's presence by the very Angels of the Lord.

And yes, death knocks at every door. It's no respecter of persons. Just as last week two American icons passed into eternity. Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Tara Fawcett had a long bout with cancer.

She was once regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Many girls copied her hairstyle many boys had her poster on the wall and she was on the television program Charlie's Angels first season did a few movies and TV, movies, and so forth. And then she got cancer a few years ago when I thought it and eventually she died in it was somewhat expected. There was actually a TV special about her life and her struggle with cancer and in Farrah passed into eternity.

But on the same day unexpectedly pop superstar Michael Jackson also died aged 50. Now there are some that thought they had predicted the death of Michael Jackson because of problems he had had but the official cause was given his cardiac arrest.

I mean, you think about the success this young man had in his life he of 13 Grammys and he sold 750 million records worldwide then just like that. Both of them enter into eternity. I don't know either one of them were at spiritually. I just hope they had faith in Jesus Christ. So now the king of rock. Elvis is dead. The king of soul James Brown is dead. The king of Grimes Kurt Cobain is dead and now the King of pop Michael Jackson is dead, but the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ. She's alive, but no harm already put their trust in him. So when death comes in yes it come. He will welcome you with your angelic escort into his presence. Do you have that hope you know for certain that you will go to heaven when you die you know we talk about deathbed conversion.

I just experience at this last week prior to leaving on this trip to Altoona, Pennsylvania. I was called to visit a man with terminal cancer. I was told he may not make it to the week. I actually thought about going to visit him after I got back from this trip, which would have been Saturday, but I decided I better get out there before. Even though I didn't have a lot of time.

I just made some time and I when I felt very prompted by the Lord to go to him on Thursday and I went to CM and he was in bad shape but he was very alert and very aware we talked at length and you know sometimes when you're called as a pastor to visit a person in a hospital who may be dying for family will sake don't tell them they're dying. We don't want them to hear that the put you in an awkward position because you feel like you want to talk to them about the reality of eternity and make sure they're ready.

But in this particular instance he knew he didn't have long in fact he said I don't have much longer and so I talked to them about heaven and you already believed in Jesus. Up to this point, but I wanted to be sure that he was ready so I told him about the reality of heaven what heaven will be like.

I talked to him about the promises of God and I said you don't forget to take a trip we have to prepare my and if were going to go somewhere we have the book a hotel and we have to book a plane fare and we pack our bags in the same way you're going to take a trip into eternity. And the only way to be sure you go to heaven is if you have your ticket that was bought for you 2000 years ago by Jesus is the paper with his own blood and need to ask for his forgiveness and so I said would you like to pray with me right now and he said yes and we pray he prayed earnestly and with great passion and after we were done Frank pie comforted him with the promises of God talk more about heaven read him some verses the description of heaven by the apostle John and then I saw come back and see you Saturday and then I got the call late Friday night and he had the moment. He took his last breath. He was assured by the heaven by the Angels and of the presence of God because it because he put his faith in Jesus Christ and that is the hope of the Christian, but if you don't worry that on that God would extend grace like that always league you know what you want with me throughout your life. You don't get to go but even on a deathbed until turn premieres and you'll say I love you. I long for fellowship with you.

I want to have any. Yes, I forgive you do that for you and I close by asking do you know that you will go to heaven when you die, don't tell me you're a good person because you are where you don't know me. Yeah, probably. If I did, I think you're even worse than you are.

You may be good in a relative sense.

I understand what you mean when you say good person.

I understand that some people are worse than others but no one is good enough to go to heaven heaven is not a place for good people. It's a place for forgiving people only forgiving people get they have, how are my forgiven by coming to Jesus and saying I'm sorry for my sin. I turn from it and I put my faith in you and you alone to save me. Have you done that yet.

If not, would you like to today in both services. I've extended an invitation for people to come to Christ and many have responded and I think there are many of you that need to respond as well so you can know beyond the shadow of a doubt you will go to heaven when you die because friend you don't know when life is going to but if you know the Lord. You don't have to worry about your ready. Heaven is a prepared place for prepared people. Are you prepared if not respond to this invitation I'll give you know as we close in prayer atop our heads.

If you would everyone pray father I pray for those here that may not yet know you will not put their trust in you yet were separated from you by their sin. Lord, would you help them to see their need for you and come to you because you died for them on the cross. You shed your blood for their sin.

Help them to turn from that sin. I believe in Jesus so they can go to heaven. We pray has about in her eyes were closed and were praying, if you would like to know for certain that you will go to heaven when you die if you would like Jesus Christ to come of your life to be your Savior and Lord.

If you would like your guilt taken away if you ready to say yes to Jesus. Would you lift your can. Whatever you're sitting at an appropriate just looked up your hand if you would pray for you today publish and God bless you there in the middle. God bless you there in the side of the aisle over on the other side, bless, publish, over there about up in the balcony. You want God's forgiveness today publish you in the middle of the balcony toward the back of the balcony. Anybody else. When we pray for you today, ready to say yes to Jesus Christ. God bless you. Maybe around in the courtyard right now in the amphitheater and the sunshine that I can see you but I want you lift your hand as well. You're just then I want to know God slipped her hand up wherever you are in any of our overflow venue. Bless all of you, Lord, help note each one of these that have taken this little step to take an excellent help them to be forgiven by you this day, so they can know beyond the shadow of a doubt that will go to heaven and they die. This we ask in Jesus name, amen

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