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TH140123/Forgiven, Forgotten, and Free

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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January 27, 2014 12:51 pm

TH140123/Forgiven, Forgotten, and Free

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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January 27, 2014 12:51 pm

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Harvest messages are brought to you by harvest partners receive free email daily devotions or to become a harvest partner, please visit us lift up our Bibles and turn to John chapter 8 John chapter 8 and let's pray together. Father we pray that you will speak to us as we read your word Lord. This is an amazing story before us now and one that many of us know quite well, maybe we've missed the meaning of it or some of the meaning of it. So we pray that we will see it like we've never seen it before. And if we have been forgiven that will appreciate that is only to be forgiven again, but if we have never found your forgiveness, let this be the night that we find it we commit this time a Bible study to you in Jesus name I met with the title of my message is forgiven and forgotten in free you know we live in a time where everything is being recorded. I mean you run a red light camera will take the picture and the ticket will arrive in the mail you shoplift in the store I cameras going to record that one article said and I quote, we may not realize it but were all movie stars, thanks to the roughly 30 million surveillance cameras throughout the United States that capture each of us on film about 200 times daily. Then there's the government surveillance.

Presently the NSA is gathering hundreds of millions of email address both breaking and the private networks at least oversee data centers of Google and Yahoo in their building a database of trillions of location records transmitted by cell phones around the world. No question about it.

You are being watched so just be aware that you're lucky to get away with anything you're going to get caught if you tried to break a law, but sometimes cameras are even needed because some thieves are criminals whether just idiots. Quite frankly, I hope we don't get a letter from an upset criminal for calling him an idiot, but I read a story to story about a bank robber that was recently, Colorado reason he was caught because he wrote his demands on the back of his own check so his address was on the front but that's about the best part.

The best part is the use the cute puppies book objects from the base think of cuteness out the little puppies. His name is address and this is a holdup written on the backs of the cut that guy for sure.

Also, if you're gonna rob a store, make sure your style is current or the convicted bank robber one crime spree just a week after being released from federal custody and the reason the conference he was very 1980s style clothing because that's what he had when he went in the prison and that's what he had when he got out and so he was wearing his members only jacket some of your thing.

What's wrong with that.

I still wear members only jacket. My question is what are you a member of exactly people that were bad jackets is at the club and he probably had one of those old cell phones to go along with that member. The is the call of the brick for good reason. So he got caught as well. I read about a thief in Wichita, Kansas, who was arrested in an airport hotel because he tried to pass counterfeit bills problem was they were $16 counterfeit bills know if you get a counterfeit try to actually work with currency that's functional out there today will let me ask you a question. Have you ever been caught in the act of doing something wrong. How many of you have been caught the all the rest of you are just pure and innocent, I guess. Okay, not even as a kid we here's a story of a woman who was caught in the actual act of adultery. No wonder the laws she could have been put to death by stoning. But fortunately for her, she didn't get what she deserved because he was brought before Jesus what could've been the worst day of her life and potentially I might add. The last day of her life turned out to be her best in the same can be true for any of us right now because it's not a matter of if but when were going to say or do something that we wish we had never said or done. But this story shows that we can be forgiven our sins can be forgotten and we can be free Rawson a look at one of the most well-known statements of Christ which is he was without sin cast the first stone. I might add, that is also one of the most misunderstood statements of Christ so will look at that as well. So let's dig in John chapter 8 starting in verse one we read these words. But Jesus went to the Mount of olives snow early in the morning he came again to the temple and the people came to him and he sat down and taught them.

Then the scribes and Pharisees brought to him a woman caught in adultery when they sent her in the midst they said one teacher, this woman was caught in adultery, in the very act. Now Moses in the law commanded us that such a one should be stone. What do you say notice this, this, they said testing him, that they might have something of which to accuse them. But Jesus stooped down and wrote on the ground with his finger, as though he did not hear when they continued asking him, he raised himself up and said to them, he who is without sin among you, let them cast the first stone. Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground, then those who heard it, being convicted by their conscience, went out one by one, beginning with the oldest of the last thing Jesus was left alone and the woman standing in the minutes, Jesus raised himself up and saw no one but the woman he said to her, woman wear those accusers of yours has no one condemned you, she said no one Lord and Jesus said, neither do I condemn you go and sin no more.

And Jesus spoke to them saying I am the light of the world. He who follows me shall not walk in darkness, but he will love the light of life. There is, is not an amazing story.

This is one of the greatest stories ever told. Now before we find out what Jesus did for this woman. Let's understand the backdrop of the story because it significant. John chapter 7 closes with the words and everyone went to his own house. John chapter 8 verse one has a statement. But Jesus went to the Mount of olives. Notice that contrast, everyone went to his own house.

But Jesus went to the Mount of olives. There's a poignancy in that image that stirs you. Here is the Savior of the world God in human form, huddled under an olive tree sleeping alone on a cold October night on the Mount of olives White because he had no home to return to Jesus himself said the birds have nest, the foxes have holes, but the Son of Man is nowhere to lay his head. But what was he doing he was communing with this father and he leaves us an example to follow.

In this way, you know, sometimes we need to get away from the crowd and spent time in communion with our father. Listen to this.

Sometimes we need to unplug anything with a screen on it, turn it off everything on the wall of the tin your back pocket. I'm talking about televisions I'm talking about iPads and iPhones or whatever it is, unplug all that stuff and be still and know that he is God and that's what Jesus did. He spent time with the father. The Pharisees had been all awake all night had seen this game while Jesus was communing with heaven can affect were communing with hell, but it's during these times when we retreat a bit will begin away from the crowd. You can find the resources to deal with the pressure that life can bring a Jesus said in Mark 631 to his disciples come apart to a desert place, and rest for a while.

The old country preacher vents after once" if we don't come apart. We may just plain, part that's a good thought in a come apart and so here they are with their plot. They want to arrest Christ.

And so they've had this scheme as I said to put them on the horns of a dilemma of the lawyers at work carefully on this. They said there was no way that Jesus could get out of this situation they find a woman caught in the very act of adultery. Christopher's question that comes to mind is what we does not take to the adultery words. The guy he's on the story just the woman I suspected one of the men condemning her was the guilty party. But much of their surprised. Jesus turns the tables on the he turns the white heat of his wrath on their sin instead of hers. Much to their chagrin, they thought they look so holy spouting scripture. The law says this what you say and he turned it right back on them and I love this. This is a good reminder that not everyone who quotes the Bible is necessarily a believer, often those who quote Scripture to condemn others are frequently the guilty is of all those were quick to find fault with others often have greater fault in their own lives is not interesting. The people that are so quick to come down and someone else often are guilty of far worse than this is exactly what Jesus was talking about when he said in the sermon on the Mount, why are you trying to pick the sliver out of your brother's eye. When you have a telephone pole in your edges using modern language because I think the people would've done what you just said they would've chuckled when he said that it's an illustration. It's a humorous illustration, but it makes a point you're so quick to focus on the minutia in another person's life and get your guilty of overt sin and that's what he is pointing out with these guys here, the sin that stands out here is not of is not of a woman who was unrighteous and knew it the sin that stands out here is that of those who were self-righteous and did not know, and here's the thing. If we know of someone with falling in sin.

Our objective is to confront, listen and restore the not condemn, and destroy them. This woman was caught in the very act and we may know a person right now that's living in some kind of scent there doing something they should not be doing.

So what we do what we want to try to help them.

Here's what the Bible says, when someone falls this in Galatians 61 brothers of a man is overtaken in a fault you were spiritual condemned them and then tell as many people as you can what they have done right now.

Bible does not say that some of your sins and of the Bible notice and I made it up but you would think it was in the Bible. By the way some Christians deal with sin in other people's life is what it actually says. It says brother. If a man is overtaken in the fall. You were spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of meekness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted again. Our objective is to restore, not destroy is not interesting that it's is considering yourself lest you also be tempted to come meekly wife because the sum of this one day it could be you one day you could be the person that stumbles and falls. One day it could be you. That makes a mistake to commit said sin and hopefully someone will come and graciousness and boldness to you and hope you get back on your feet again. We all have the potential to follow the old hymn says prone to wander, Lord, I feel it, prone to leave the one I love. Yes, we can fall into all kinds of sin. So we have to constantly keep our guard up. Imagine the shock of a young preacher who heard a guest speaker at his church one day out of these works.

I've spent the happiest moments of my life in the arms of another man's life choose me wife I believe that completely start over again. Imagine the shock of a young preacher when he heard a judge speaker in this church out of the words I have spent some of the happiest moments of my life in the arms of another man's wife than following a positive speaker added that woman was my mother so people Chuck and languages. It I've got to use that line so few weeks later he was speaking to a group of people and that phrase came to him and so he said I have sent some of the happiest days of my life in the arms of another man's wife than his mind went blank and he could remember the punch line and he muttered meekly for the life of me I can't remember who she was so sounds like he deliver that because Bradley is. I delivered the joke about the Joe, you know, we laugh at that, but the issue of adultery is no joke. That's what this woman was engaged in the given how many lives have been destroyed by it.

How many marriages a come apart because of it.

And the thing with adultery is that's just part of the sin if not all of it as bad as it is because in every case of adultery.

There is always deception and betrayal read an interesting article in USA Today with the headline business scandals prompt look into personal life. The article talk about those would committed corporate fraud in many of the cases there was also infidelity they came to realize this quote if their life is a lie is not confined to their personal life. If the lines of their wives. There's huge potential there also lines of their colleagues, their Board of Directors and their auditors."

That interesting. So there's a breakdown in one area. There's usually a breakdown in another area, because committing adultery is not only the act of the new cover it up. It's a rare situation when a husband just confesses to his wife and committing adultery or wife doesn't of the husband. They usually only confess it after they been found out. And even when they been found helpful deny it.

As long as they can. Let me give you seven reasons, usually six might come up of the seventh of the time I'm done six reasons why you should not commit adultery.

Reason number one you do incredible damage to your spouse Paul tells us that when you have a sexual relationship with someone you may call it a one night stand. But when you have sex with someone you enter into a oneness with them, even if it's poker that Paul says in first Corinthians 6.

Don't you know them and joins himself to a prostitute, he becomes one body with her for the Scripture states the two are united in the one you see the man and a woman come together and they pledge their love one to another one of the ways they demonstrate that love is the sexual union to become 1.God in the book of Genesis called their name Adam and many became one and so this is why Jesus actually gave a release clause in the marriage for unfaithfulness, because in such a gross violation. Yes, adultery is grounds for divorce, but adultery is also grounds for forgiveness and I've seen marriages were the sin this occurred and forgiveness is been extended in the marriage has survived it. But just understand that this is a serious enough some of your listing of the well I'm not married.

So I'm home free dating no and listen, you have a new I will work for you, not adultery is called fornication, adultery is when you're married to someone having sex with someone besides yourself. Fornication is when you're not married, having sex with anyone and you will damage yourself when you do it because the Bible warns of the sin of fornication, or if you live in the state, fornication think there's a song about the Colossians 3 says a put to death the earthly things lurking within you have nothing to do with sexual sin and purity laws shameful desire because God's terrible anger will come upon those that do such things. Listen, if you're engaged in this sin, you're in a backslidden state. Make no mistake about it. You may claim that you're a Christian and you may have found a way to rationalize having sex with your boyfriend or your girlfriend or or that sort of thing, but I'm just telling you you my friend are in a backslidden state right now and the scary thing is, you may not even know and that's what you need to repent as quickly as possible because once you cross this line. It's easier to cross it again and again and again. There's a vulnerability in your life is able. Greg will God forgive me of course he will listen to this, others notice quickly and sadly some never will. One philosopher said, quote godly. Forgive your sins what your nervous system won't," said kill deep down inside, and radical measures need to be taken to prevent this from happening again is it will all just marry the person that I having the fling with but in most cases, that doesn't work either. One expert said the divorce rate among those who married their lovers with 75% 75% divorce rate of those who marry the person they had the fling with why the reason for the high divorce rate include the intervention of reality. Killed expectations and a general distrust of marriage and the distrust of the affair. He writes make sense all yeah we we got married but not really trust that create and should he really trust you see a building that marriage on a very a faulty foundation number three why should you not commit sexual sin or adultery appear married, especially you do incredible damage to your children, if only people would think about this you know the Bible talks about the sins of the parents being visited on the children. That's not talking about some mystical generational curse that's on a family. If there is no such thing.

This is simply talking about repeated behavior. You know little eyes are watching little ears are listening and statistics bear this out that children are people get divorce often come from divorced homes. People wind up as alcoholics often come from alcoholic homes. It's very simple.

You just can't set sin on and then your kids present on to the grandchildren and the grandchildren grow up and they thousand on and it's like a cycle of sin and we don't think about that.

We just think about our self and our selfish desires.

We don't think about the impact that it has on our own family. They matured and think about it, the king of Israel. He had sex with Bathsheba and the God forgive him, but there were repercussions because David son and then raped his half-sister team.

So effectively he took advantage of a woman just like David took advantage about Shiva, then another of David son Absalom killed his brother and then just like David killed Bathsheba's husband Uriah using so you can pass it on. Number four.

You do great damage to the church he damage in church and damage the cause of Christ. The Bible says when one member suffers, full body suppers were interconnected as Christians and the victories and defeats of an individual believer impacts all of us and this is what part why Paul wrote to the believers in Corinth to remove an immoral man because he said a little leaven leavens the law seen Corinth was a really really sinful city just filled with prostitutes everywhere and sexual sin was rampant there and so God raised the church up in this city but there were problems there and actually the church they were boasting about the fact that they were having the guy in fellowship with them. Still, that was in an illicit relationship. There's a lookout liberal we are lookout loving. We are lookout carrying where what were letting the sky living in immorality fellowship of this pulse is he crazy get that guy out of Letson Julie Horstman know you do it for the sake of the church and you do it for the sake of the person, because number one, you're saying that that person listen body as a Christian you can have your cake and eat it too was wondering about that expression because I've ordered cake and I've eaten it is and that having your cake and eating it too, but you know what I'm saying you can't come if they all praise God is in fellowship with God's people wonderful it's so great serving Lord and then go do that you can live in those two worlds. You make a choice and if you get a live that way. We love you so much. As hard as it is for us organization you're not welcome here until you repent, with its mean no it isn't mean it's loving because you're trying to confront them with the reality of their sin is the other problem of a person who is living in open sin be at immoral immorality or some other sin without repenting. You're basically saying it's cool. Go ahead. Everyone do it it's a bad example for height, so that's why Paul said that in particular, you damage the cause of Christ. After Davidson, Nathan the prophet came, Newman said, because what you've done. You've given the enemies of God, reason, the blasting never sent you sin against the Lord is sin against God.

Now, in contrast to David who did not resist sexual temptation. There was Joseph, who by the way was really good looking Bible tells us in. The guy was really built. He was really handsome and the wife of Potiphar was hitting on him far from subtle. Just saying, have sex with me in the fact and he said how can I do this thing and sin against God. That's fantastic. Joseph understood this is a sin against God.

I don't know if in the Lord. We need to think about that as well so those are some reasons to not do it here was this woman caught in the act of adultery. There's these Pharisees didn't care about her. They wanted to trap Jesus in a way their sin was worse than her sin. She sins not always obvious. Some sins are like murder, adultery, stealing, others are more subtle, like pride, selfishness and gossip. Sometimes we send in ignorance or presumption that is why David prayed in Psalm 19. Who can discern his errors acquit me of hidden faults and keep back your servant from presumptuous sins. Listen to this.

The Bible talks about sins of the flash instance of the Spirit. Paul points out in second Corinthians 71 because we have these promises dear friend, let's cleanse ourselves from everything that in the Baller body or our spirit and latticework for complete purity because we fear God. So what is it mean to commit a sin of the spirit lesson. It is to knowingly go against what is true you know we talked about our some sins worse than others will guess they are. They are, but it may not be the sins you think we might have a letter that that's the worst of all we hear is what Jesus said the Pontius pilot. He said he would have no power over me.

If it were not given to you from above, the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a graders some sins are great with the second greater sent.

What is the greater sin of the one that handed Jesus over to pilot it was is that he was either talking about Caiaphas or Judas. Caiaphas was a high priest who had a hand in putting Jesus up in these false charges and sending them to the Romans to do his dirty work to crucify him or Judas who betrayed him. Either way, it's the same Judas was one of the handpicked disciples of Christ, who betrayed the Lord and Caiaphas the high priest should have known better. The point is, when you've been schooled in the Scripture like Caiaphas were exposed to the truth, and the power of God like Judas are without excuse. Letson knowledge brings responsibility and when you know what is true and you sin against it. It's even worse than the person who does not know what is true so we look at it. Some people were believers look at that horrible center committee yeah but wait a second. If you go on and then commit that sin you've committed a greater sin. In effect, so that's what these Pharisees were going to acute setting his sights on them, not on this woman who knew she was a center so they throw her down before Jesus is there in the temple in the morning they debated their trap and they said the law says stone her nose was an interesting dilemma because it Jesus said stone her. The people would've withdrawn from his just but distant touch on the other hand, if he said let her go.

He would be defined the lawn and the fencing disregard the law and live as you please.

Some people falsely interpret God's loving patience and grace and willingness to forgive as leniency and some will even take it a step further and see it as approval of the woods as a well and I've been committing the sin and nothings happened yet so many gods cool with it expected prayed about it the other day to God. I get on I am having sex with my girlfriend and and I am wondering how you feel and the Lord just said go for my child.

No I did that was you talking to you because God will never contradict his word.

But see, we can delude ourselves into thinking this way we think it's all God doesn't care or God turning a blind eye to my situation even worse day maybe God approves of it centers of the Bible says. Second Peter 39. God is not slacker tardy as some men count slackness like this is long-suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish.

God is just cutting you some slack right now and he's giving you some time to repent. But if you don't repent him telling you it's going to catch your sins going to find you out and so repent while you can. Don't wait until the full repercussions. You know, maybe you're grown, you find yourself pregnant. Now what now what now you carry the baby to term. Will the children is a legitimate know the child's illegitimate your illegitimate but now deal with your sin. Don't add another set in murder and unborn child carry the baby to term.

Maybe things will work out you can marry the father and raise a child in the way of the Lord.

David Elmore got them raise a child as a single mother. If you can't do that, then put the child up for adoption. Let the child live and I post a little article about this because recently had sanctity of human life to my Facebook page and I was amazed by how many people commented specifically women who told me that had an abortion and and how it still hurt so badly years after so you don't want to compound that sin. But here's the good news is, even if you've committed that sin God to forgive you of that as well so we need to come to him and find his forgiveness. But here was this woman she's caught in the very act of adultery and now we find Jesus doing something interesting. Verse six Jesus wrote on the ground. Now this is not the first time we've seen God right. We know that the 10 Commandments were written by the finger of God. When Belshazzar mock God member. That guy is drunk and he saw a hand writing on the wall with Trillium Maisie about that story is not an arm just a hand just a hand writing on the wall and the message was your days are numbered. Judgment is coming.

So now the great lawgiver himself is turning the tables on the Pharisees anything okay guys you like to quote the law to condemn another. Let's see how you fare under its searching life in Jesus wrote on the ground now here's the big question. What did he writes the greatest minds have grappled with this for years in the church. But I'm in a solvent right now not just kidding. I don't know. Here's another translation of the verses we just read Jesus bent down and wrote with his finger in the dirt.

They kept out of badgering him. He straightened up and said the sinless one among you go first throw the stone bending down again. He wrote some more in the dirt. What was he writing down there till he was playing tic-tac-toe. No, I don't think so Saul brought my opinion I think he probably wrote the commandment thou shall not commit adultery. And then I think possibly next to the commandment, he started writing the oh yeah you because when the condemnor Caitlin thou shall not commit adultery okay Caleb to put your name there. Hey Abraham, put your name down there to yet he Joshua on the put you down thereto in the "how do you know how you know the and they left from the eldest to the youngest is not interesting why is where you live longer. You've committed more since probably I need to get going home now. I think the roses and the other the commander conviction.

How could he do this because Jesus knows the secrets of the heart, some 44 tells us Romans 216 says in the date God will judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel will British preacher who I had the privilege of getting to know Alan Redpath once said I forgot what he said was weirdness secret sin on earth is open scandal in heaven. Listen you think your sin secret. It's going to come out.

Jesus knew he knew at their number. He knew all about every one of them. Now he makes a statement like him. That is without sin cast the first stone. Verse seven of this verse is quoted a lot of that's also quoted with the companion verse judge not lest you be judged. Right judge. I like to be judge. Matthew 71.

That is the nonbelievers favorite verse and maybe the only verse in the Bible.

They know they don't know John 316 with a no John or Matthew seven with pavement George Miller should be judge and not just a way of saying go away and leave me alone when you're trying to confront them with their sin, but he who is without sin cast the first don't, here's the way it usually used. Maybe someone is doing something wrong living, nursing the sick pay little one is without sin cast the first stone and the implication is that you know you've done the same thing, or maybe even worse.

Who are you to judge me. But here's the thing I would like to point out to you. The woman didn't say it Jesus to a woman visit plug-in that's without sin because of her so she had no right to say that she was caught in the act of adultery.

Jesus said it, that's the key. He was in no way condoning or justifying her sin because he says in verse 11 go and sin no more. Now here's what we misunderstand. Matthew 71M this first we see him and don't judge me. Who are you to judge me, but was not Jesus making a judgment when he says to her go and sin no more. What was the judgment he was saying what she did was a sin we say what I was Jesus. He is a right to judge but but were not supposed to judge as Christians. Actually, I would beg to differ, the opposite extreme of judge mentalism's nave acceptance of anything after Jesus spoke about specs and logs. He talks about dogs and pigs in the sermon on the Mount and he says. Don't cast your pearls before swine. What is that mean it means don't give a string of pearls to a pig pig would not appreciate it that you know and that's idea don't take the holy things of God and offer them to someone who has no interest in them whatsoever so that's an evaluation I have to make a member when tears gauze, a young Christian I was altering the gospel in.

I had this younger guy with me, who was just trying to do that for the first time and were talking to some big burly biker dude, you know, with big giant arms and tattoos everywhere and in the little guy was sharing the gospel and the bike is the here and leave me alone. I said let's go in the little guy said okay fine but when I get against your pearls before swine and thinking. Not good, not good at something verse to quote to them at the virtue. Think of which understand I have to make an evaluation. Another words I have to determine who this wine are, who the person is, it doesn't regard the things of God.

See there is a place for judging.

Don't tell me Christians are not supposed to make judgments. Judgment is the exercise of critical thinking, and it's needed. On occasion John 724 says, don't judge by appearance judge by what is right Odin to hear that just by what is right, the Bible just told me to judge not to condemn, not to be judge mental but I am to make evaluations. I am to be discerning and I am to make certain judgments. We need to express our opinions on right and wrong, truth and lies good and evil princess. If a believer is caught in a sin, we have to call them out first Corinthians 5 says not to associate with anyone who claims to be a Christian, yet indulges in sexual sin or is greedy or were subtitles or as a drunkard or a swindler don't even eat with such people. Paul writes this is my responsibility to judge outsiders, but it certainly is my job to judge those inside the church were sinning in these way the Bible even says in first Corinthians 6 to go to know Sunday as Christians were going to judge the world, therefore, are you not worthy to judge even a little better so we have to make those evaluations and it's not it's not violating Scripture when you do it.

I wouldn't want to condemn them. We don't want to destroy them.

We don't want to drive them away. Again, as they said we want to restore them so Jesus clear the house, he exposes self-righteous Pharisees and hypocrites, and they will leave and now this woman is alone with Jesus. You wonder what she was thinking never met a guy like this before and I'm sure she was a very attractive young girl. She was probably used to guys checking her out, looking at her lustfully she was used to being object to men. And here's Jesus looking at her like no man is ever looked at or before. He doesn't look at her he looks through her and he looks with love and she sees a flaming righteousness in his eyes get a tender compassion and that rebellious heart the drover to a lifestyle like this begins to soften, and the denial begins to drain out of her. She's alone with Jesus and he says to her verse 11 woman, where are your accusers so you can very easily read over that and missed the significance of that statement. He said woman, where are your accusers. This is a Greek word that speaks of respect toward a woman if speaks of a wife and mother. A lady, you know, we might see a checker brought right. I will be will say that but I just a check occasionally, but with great affection, but you know I mean you my demeanor girl and use a certain expression to describe her within you meet a woman that is impressive or important music men nice to meet you it's it's respect that is the word Jesus used. He said woman is at the same lady or man. Where are your accusers she probably said that she's publicly relevant that some fine lady just show up because no one's ever called me that before but you know why he could say that to her because he saw her for what she could become not, for which he was God sees the same thing and you he sees your potential know he could look at a man like Simon vacillating hotheaded Quicken 5 to handle and given new names as I want to call you Peter from now on.

Peter means rock.

Of course you see other saw Simon Jesus saw Peter. Then there was Jacob the kid nonwaiver. Jesus changed his name to Israel which means to rule with God.

Robert Gideon.

He was called a mighty man of valor. What color is about. That is when the angel shows up to talk to Gideon. He's threshing wheat hiding from his enemies and the address shows and says hey Gideon, mighty men of valor, heroic guy. He's hiding the joke right in angel joke right know it was a recognition of potential know right now your Gideon right now you're afraid one day you're going to lead troops in the battle and that's exactly what he did, God sees you for what you can become.

And that's a wonderful thing. Now harlots could become a lady.

Verse 11.

Neither do I condemn you in the second. How can he say this, she was still a moral she was just caught in the act. The reason he said neither do I condemn you is because in a short time he was going to personally take upon himself the very condemnation that she should have faith on the cross of Calvary. Now notice something else.

It's very important. He did not say go and sin no more, and as a result, I will not condemn you.

In that case you can make it know he said neither do I condemn you now as a result or as a recognition of that go and sin no more seat, you never go on and live a really wonderful life to earn God's approval.

News flash God approves of you.

He loves you. He knows you with all your frailties but you have been changed by Christ and you are now his child. Now he says as a result of all that I've done for you. You go out there and will be controlled by sin.

Any longer go and sin no more.

He says the same to all of this is active forgiveness was followed by a challenge and say hey just go on your merry way. Next time you mess up you know if I'll see you again. No change. Yes, God will accept you as you are, but he doesn't want to leave you that way.

This is important because Arford some Christians think we would God loves me the way that IM and this is just the way I am. I sin this in the lot but don't you he loves you the way you are, but he wants to change you.

Implicit in this statement was a warning.

Don't keep living in this lifestyle. Using the same to us.

Leave your lifestyle of sin doesn't mean you have to be perfect because no one is and it doesn't mean that you need to be sinless, but it should mean that you will sin less she weakens it will in the cinema was in the sin that what I know when the second God wants to change you.

The Bible says of any men be in Christ he is a new creation old things have passed away.

All things become fresh and new, or become true Christians were to be new people.

Your identity should not be and what you were but who you are, your identity is not.

I was a drug addict or I was a stripper or I was a gangster or I was an alcoholic. He should be so transformed he would be amazed to find that which you used to be doping known for who you were be known for who you are in Christ. That's who we are. So one of this woman believe well what you replied to his question. Where these accusers of yours.

She said I don't know. I don't know where they are.

There's no man, Lord. She said Lord you know how fast belief can happen fast. I just woke up. Three.

What is he going almost we think belief takes a long time conversion takes months and no it can happen in an instant. It's amazing when you're just looking at something a certain way. I really don't believe this. I don't accept this and I don't know the said bill is fully that's the work of the spirit.

I can produce that there's nothing I can say that it ever could cause that to happen, but I've seen it happen before my very eyes.

When I preaching the people all see a person who I can tell is a visitor and I and I watch the reactions and then it's almost like to see a light go up like as a light bulb over their head right again. It just I and I remember that moment that happened to me when I just got it. I just understood it and I think for that woman. When she saw all those hypocrites walk away and she looked up at Jesus. She does it.

I believe I believe right now in Kim and that's why she said no man, Lord. Where your accusers is only Q joke, no man, Lord, by saying the word Lord she was acknowledging he was God. He was a Savior. He indeed was the Lord Jim of the first-time use of the words praise the Lord with is alien to you as they were to me and I hung around with these persons of my high school campus that said it all the time think some people frankly they say it too much you think, hey, how you don't praise the Lord gradually been leading the praise the Lord and I just went have love for his Lord.

And then I and then I took a nap.

Praise the Lord and then on to and I reprises good appraisal Lord. Could you like meaning when you say it is not a fill statement I can actually be vain repetition at Jesus spoke of. But I would hear these persons will praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. I thought in my heart I wanted to praise the Lord I wanted to praise the Lord, but it just on that, so we're in the first time I said it I would praise the Lord is little easier the second time third time for time to great thing to say is that budget say it together. Praise the Lord is good. Give thanks in the Lord for he is good and his mercy endures forever not just a verbal I sent where your accusers but you have any there are none. Lord and she knew that he was the one she was going to follow. So let's wrap this up with the three promises. Jesus came to her number one her sins could be forgot. He never mentioned her past. Her sins could be forgotten. The same can happen for you. You can put your sins in the rearview mirror. Jeremiah 3134 says God speaking. I'll forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more. We should not choose to remember what God has chosen to forget our God has a big eraser. He justifies us when we become Christians. What is that mean justifications, an interesting legal word found in the Bible were justified by faith we trust in Christ. It's a word that speaks of forgiveness and the removal of something one way it's been described as just as if it never had happened. Number two, she did not have to fear the judgment day. Jesus did not condemn her, nor does he condemn us. He says go and sin no more Bible says in Romans 81 there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. Number three. She had new power to face a problem going sin no more, and you have the power to a few trusted in Christ, but maybe some of you haven't yet made you been caught in the act of your own sin. Or maybe you haven't been caught yet but you're playing around with it in my warning to you is get right with God.

Because if you play around with sin since going to play around with you and is going to catch up with you but here you have an opportunity to repent of it.

That's what that woman had we learned from the story number one we should not commit sexual sin, you damage yourself the person you sin with the church. Your witness in the Lord God told us for good reason not commit adultery.

Number two, we should not condemn others who have sin but restore them if you know someone was fallen into sin trying to restore them again. And thirdly, when you send it's not the end. It's not the other to be a new beginning for you.

You can be forgiven. Your sins can be forgotten and you can go on your way free. Just as Jesus died on the cross for this woman caught in the act of adultery he done on the cross for your sins matter how horrible they are, maybe, are guilty of this. Or worse or whatever it is you've done. God can forgive you listen. God can even forgive a murderer Saul of Tarsus murdered Christian's but he was forgiven became the apostle Paul. Moses murdered a man, he too was forgiven God to forgive you. I don't know what sin you've committed what thing you're struggling with what you can come to you and find a complete pardon and then go no longer be under the control of Senso right now I want to extend an invitation for some of you that may need to get right with God, and maybe you've come here as a believer in and everything is great in your life and I hope this is been an encouraging message to you. Maybe you come here tonight is a nonbeliever you you don't really know what it means to be a Christian, you want to become one tonight. You want Christ to come inside of you. This can be the night where everything changes for you were God will forgive you of all of your sin and mean you come here tonight, listen.

As a compromise or you're a Christian, you know better what you doing some you should not be doing and you know what you're doing is sinning against the life and it's a greater sin because you know better.

God hold you to a higher standard and if you're doing that it's going to catch up with you. So this would be a good opportunity if you need to to repent of that. Didn't think of this as your wake up call the sometimes when I travel all call the front desk of the hotel and I'll tell him I need a wake-up call. At this time and in some of us may be receiving a wake-up call from God. Right now we think you need to stop doing what you're doing you need to stop justifying and rationalizing this and I'll tell you what one good thing about these Pharisees, at least give him credit for the left from the eldest of the youngest, because their consciences were bothering them.

The worst thing is not have your conscience bother you.

The worst thing is when you are conscience doesn't work anymore. The worst thing is when you are sinning and you don't even feel bad about it. If you're feeling bad about it and lease the content is still working pay attention. I have a fire alarm in our house. The most sensitive thing of all time know Kathy will cook you naked goes off and so the way you stop it is you. I take a broom and basically polka but you know him ever since taken it off the ceiling in destroyed it because it was beginning to drive me insane, but a fire alarm is warning. That's okay, maybe that was a little too sensitive. But wait until it beats the alternative. Burning your house down so maybe your conscience is working good don't have that you'll drive you away in despair. Let that you'll bring you right to Jesus Christ will forgive you and then they'll say: sin no more. If you need to make a commitment to Christ respond to this invitation. Right now, let's all our head sharper. If you would please father, thank you for your word to us.

Thank you for sending Jesus to die on the cross, the Lord Jesus, thank you for your sacrifice and your offer of forgiveness. Now we pray for any here that may not yet know you help them to see their need for you help them to come to you now. We pray what I have is about Araiza close and were praying. How many of you would say tonight. Greg, I want to be forgiven of my sin. I want my sins forgotten I want to be free. I want to know Jesus in a personal way. Pray for me. I'm ready to say yes to Jesus Christ about your desire. If you want Christ to come into your life if you want your sin forgiven, if you want to go to heaven when you die wherever you're sitting would you lift your hand up and let me pray for you right now slit your head up or I can see it. God bless you and God bless you and you and you and you lifted up I please, bless you.

Anybody else bless you there in the corner there in the back.

God bless all of you, bless you. Anybody else you need Christ in your life you want is forgiveness. Lift your head up a prayer for you tonight accomplish what I have just about maybe some of you would say I know it's right and I haven't been living it. I just realized even now am in a backslidden state. As I found a way to justify sin and I'm ready to repent of it and get right with God. I need to come back to Jesus. Pray for me at that your desire. You raise up your hand.

You need to come back to Christ, you backslidden, will forgive you raise your hand upon me. Pray for you topless each one of you father think you know for each one of these give them the strength to stand up and follow you and receive all that you have for them. For you ask it in Jesus name, amen

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