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TH140522/Power to Change the World

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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May 29, 2014 3:44 pm

TH140522/Power to Change the World

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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Harvest messages are brought to you by harvest partners to receive free email daily devotions or to become a harvest partners, please visit us chapter 1 in the title of the message is power to change the world with pray together order so exciting.

All these opportunities you've given you've given us the message. The only message that really matters. The only message I can change lives for timely in eternity.

Help us to see how important this is following you and sharing this truth with others speak to us from your work and we pray that after we hear this message that will be empowered in a way we've never been empowered before, so we commit this time a Bible study to you now in Jesus name we pray. Amen. How many of you have had your life dramatically impacted by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Raise up your hand will I want to view tell you what the lesson I planned on doing back in 1970 and Harbor high school campus walking across the grounds there was to become a Christian. If you would've told me I was going to be a Christian, I would allow figure phase interview told me I would one day be a preacher.

I might've assaulted you actually I don't think anyone aspires to do this. Trust me, but God had different plans in mind for me. You know, I look for everything that this culture offers and of course I'd not bound anything worth living for. I certainly didn't find it in the adult world that I was raised in a world of affluence, a world of booze world of immorality world of just debauchery really so I knew that was not the kind of life I wanted to live but I hung out with the cool kids and I were the cool closing we did cool things and not enough cool. The show gone for the rest of my life when I first saw the Christians I thought they were the lamest people I've ever laid my eyes on.

I categorize them immediately as losers. Ms. Fitz people that nobody else wanted.

Of course are some truth to this, and you and I size them up in the one a bunch of idiots.

Why would anybody walk around on a high school campus with the Bible talking about Jesus said just crazy and here's what's really interesting if it tried to reach me by being cool. They wouldn't reach me at all. The most uncool thing you can do is try to be cool. Forget cool peers would reach me authenticity.

I saw something in them. I didn't see anywhere else. I didn't see it in the adult world of my mom. I didn't see it in my world. I saw it in their world something worth believing in something worth living for something worth dying for any no I don't think things have changed all that much since then other young people today are still looking for something worth living for something to dedicate their life to we hear now before us in the book of acts in our series. The greatest stories ever told is the birth of the church. This is the church Jesus started. This is literally the original Greek at this is the template Christ himself late. He said of the church that he would build it and the gates of hell would not prevail against Jesus only started one organization when he walked this earth and it is the church in this. I would also add is the church that changed the world didn't have mass media like we have today. You know that Paul didn't have a TV program, Peter was non-radio.

Thomas didn't tweet you know I Matthew didn't Instagram.

I mean, they had none of that media that we have today, but in a relatively short period of time. These disciples and their followers turned their world upside down.

Now we look at our culture today, we look at the church today and it seems like the world is turning the church upside down more than the church is turning the world upside down. Would you agree with me on that. We have moral compromise and double standards. Among those that claim to be followers of Jesus, and we have no power.

So I want to go back to that day that we call Pentecost that day when the Holy Spirit came upon those believers and transform their lives because we've got to get serious about this or nothing is going to happen this first century church. They seem radical to us but in reality they were radical at all. They were normal.

This is normal Christianity.

We read about in the book of acts, were not experiencing something on the level it's abnormal or might describe it as watered-down. It seems wherever Paul went something happened either a conversion or a riots but there was always action. There was never a dull day it was set up Paul and Silas in X 17 six that they churn the rest of the world upside down and that it was said of them there disturbing our city. All I pray that we will disturb this city in a good way. I think that's what our world needs today a holy disturbance. G. Campbell Morgan once said that quote organized Christianity which fails to make a disturbance is dead." Many years ago.

AW told the road quote. If the Holy Spirit were taken away from the New Testament church. 90% of what they did would come to a halt with of the Holy Spirit were taken away from today's church, only 10% of what it does would cease." There's truth to that, and I think this early church. They were dependent on the power of the spirit of God. But nowadays we can become dependent on other things. Yes, the world seems to be turning us upside down. So let's look now at those men and women that change their world. By the way the world was messed up and I will say all things are so bad know they are but I want you to know that the world was not all that much different than ours today, and in some ways you can even make a case for it being somewhat worse, they lived under the jurisdiction of the godless Roman empire, and if you like the way government is run now you can't even imagine what it was like back then were Caesar ruled and did whatever he wanted. Immorality was rampant in cities like Corinth prostitutes openly walked the streets and solicited potential clients. The religious establishment was corrupt idolatry. Spiritism and demon worship or openly practice and everywhere that those first century Christians when they were ridiculed, oppressed and persecuted and physically assaulted for their beliefs.

In some cases there were even murder yet within 30 years the original hundred and 20 and their converts change their world. One of the early church fathers. Tertullian wrote these words in the year 200. That's 200 years after the death of Christ quote listen to this. Speaking of Roman culture.

Now we filled every place among you, cities, islands, fortresses, towns, marketplace is the very Tribes companies palaces scented the forum we have left nothing to you, but the temples of your God."

I love that you get it we would update that today. Had you like seeing the church think we we pulled every part of the culture we told entertainment politics doing ugly newspapers media wherever there is anything going on.

We've influenced it. We have our people there taken over in a good way. We don't see that happening today. It seems radical but is a center ready its normal so let's see how this happened.

Now were at that in between stage of the church. Jesus is thy is resurrected, but he is not yet ascended in the Holy Spirit is not yet come upon the church. So here's what's happening were in acts chapter 1 verse one.

By the way I'm reading from the new living translation. In Luke, the author of this book rights to Theophilus, who presumably was the person who probably underwrote Luke's writing project here and a fellow believer might add, dear Theophilus my first book, I told you about everything Jesus began to do and teach Lucas referring to the gospel of Luke until the day he ascended to heaven after giving his chosen apostles further instructions from the Holy Spirit during the 40 days after his crucifixion.

He appeared to the apostles from time to time and proved to them in many ways, he was actually alive. On those occasions. He talked to them about the kingdom of God and one of those meetings he was eating a meal with them and he told them, don't leave Jerusalem until the father sends you what he has promised. Remember I told you about this before John baptized with water, but in just a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit when the apostles were with Jesus.

They kept asking them more. Are you going to free Israel now and restore our kingdom.

The father said so states Christ reply anymore not to know. But I tell you this right now. When the spirit is come upon you, you will receive power and tell people about me everywhere in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and Samaria. The ends of the year was not long after that and said this was taken up in the sky while they were watching and he disappeared into a cloud and there were straining their eyes to see him and to white robed men suddenly stood there among them, and they said men of Galilee, where you standing here staring at the sky. Jesus is been taken away from you and that heaven someday. Just as you saw him go he will return. There, look at verse three, he proved to them in many ways, he was actually a lot, whereas the new King James version puts it, there were many infallible proofs, I want you to know something about your faith. Christianity Christianity under no Christianity is Christianity is not some feel-good belief system.

It's not some fairytale on steroids.

When you check your brains at the door. No, the Christian faith is based on unreliable and documented evidence on the life, death and resurrection of Christ from the dead, thereby justifying his claims promises.

Now granted, there is an element of faith necessary to believe, but that faith is based on clear facts about the word that Luke uses here for proved when he says that he proved to them in many ways is a word that includes the idea being convincing. See, there were those dating back to the earliest centuries in the present date. Who would say Jesus did not rise from the dead people say will the disciples were having a mass hallucination look is saying listen to this. I checked this out. I've done the research and I have the proof verse three. During the 40 days after his crucifixion. He appeared to the apostles time and time from time to time and proved to them in many ways, he was actually alive and on those occasions. He talked to them about the kingdom of God.

That phrase he appeared or was seen by them is a phrase that means they eyeballed him, eyeballed him if you ever eyeballed anybody know that means that when you really stare at someone have your head someone eyeballed you. Maybe you girls know more about this. You know when the guys looking at you Raj is looking for new look and he looks away right will they were just staring at Jesus. They cannot believe their eyes have ended up in the work so we just stares at me and and I think maybe they recognize me. I don't know and and they come.

I had someone come up to me not long ago and said I know who you are. I said okay why my they said your shock warrant is not unlike a composite pastor, John Smith and Rick Warren. Then I survived Tim Greg Lorig.

I knew that if you have a yes and so would stare well, Jesus would appear that he would disappear, then it would appear that he would disappear. Then he would appear that he would disappear and show appear it show up there they saw him over and over and over again every time he looked exactly the same you can't do that with a hallucination and don't forget that they were devastated by the crucifixion, they were scattered, but the resurrection changed their lives and so now they didn't know what to do next.

They didn't know what the next move was so Jesus is giving to them direction and it's interesting because Gary is risen again and they go back to a preconceived notion that was actually incorrect. Donna verse explored even a free Israel now and rest our kingdom understand most people of the during the time of Christ misunderstood his mission. They thought it was coming to overthrow the power of Rome that when they leave those palm branches at his feet on Palm Sunday cried out. Hosanna, there were in effect till there were in effect saying save. Now that's was enemies save now doing now, Lord, don't wait.

So when he was arrested and beaten and murdered. This made no sense to them. This was not the plan but actually it was a part of God's preordained plan because the father had always planned at the sun would go to the cross and died for the sin of the world was not coming to take a crown of gold or to take the crown off of Caesar. He was coming to wear a crown of thorns and type of the sin of the world and always died. He's risen again were back to square one. Okay Lord vented dental plan. When are you going to establish your kingdom and Jesus is not correcting their thinking is effectively saying guys this is not the time for that. My purpose is to establish my rule and reign in the hearts of men and women. My goal is for people to believe in me of the hope of heaven, and I accomplish this by dying on the cross for their sins and rising again one day I'll return again and establish my kingdom but that time is not yet, effectively were there were asking him to date set. People still want this today. What is Jesus coming back and there's always some crackpot who thinks they figured it out and they have a date. There was a guy doing that not all that long ago and I made the bold prediction he was wrong and I was proved right because I'm a prophet, absolutely not, simply because I read a very simple statement of Christ in the Bible really says no man knows the day or the hour when the Son of Man will return. If you were to translate that from the original language it would translate out to no man knows that there they are.

When the sentiment is coming and what it actually means is, no one knows the day of the hour when the Son of Man is coming. So when someone comes along and says I know I know but I figured it out. Don't you believe in their were effectively doing okay Lord, when are you coming let's get this plan back on track again. People want Jesus to come back. Lord we want to get outta here and go to heaven with us and God is a work for us to do. Jesus told us that we are to occupy till he comes.

What is it me or that's King James work the means to invest till he comes invest what investor life investor time investor resources because everything that's been given to you is a gift from God. The Bible says you are not your own. You been bought with a price. Therefore glorify God with your body to God wants to use you and he wants to use you to reach other people. He wants to use you to invite other folks into the kingdom of God. And when the time is right at the appointed hour by the father. Jesus will return again and establish his kingdom on earth, and we will indeed rule and reign with him. But until that day we have work to do. Jesus says we should work. While it is the day because the night is coming when no man can work.

So Jesus takes his disciples to a mountain then gallantly, perhaps, to give them perspective about the world around them so he gives the know his last words. Always interested in the last words people give before they leave this life you'll find that those priorities will emerge. The things that really matter and Jesus gives his last words that he's not dying he's leaving he's ascending in those lives were directly found in Matthew 28 of her 16 he says he calls them together to worship him. Some doubted is that all authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things I have commanded you. Below I am with you always, even to the end of the eight we call this the great commission you combine it with the words of Christ, and Mark Reese is going to all the world and preach the gospel and you have the big picture.

What are we to do or to preach the gospel and were to make disciples. That means were to lead people to Christ and then by making disciples help them get up on their feet spiritually help them become strong in the faith and go into it again and do it again and do it again. That's what were supposed to be doing as we await the return of Christ in he ascended as possible on their minds. Okay, that's a great plan how we gonna pull this off and you look at us were not like Harvard graduates here were not the religious elite were just regular guys and girls work. Blue-collar workers were fishermen and we had a tax collector and former zealot over herein. You know were a ragtag bunch.

What are we going to do and then plus their track record admit so good after this point Peter already openly deny his Lord three times are probably thinking that Peter could be demoralized for the words of one woman. How could he, and for that matter, they be expected to go into all the world and make disciples. How are they going to do it same when working to do with the power they had never known the giver say this is from King James. Now you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit is come upon you to be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the year. The way you're going to do it.

Jesus is saying is with my divine power. Power to share your faith power to speak up and be counted. Power to live for the Lord power if necessary to die for the Lord power to turn your world upside down and listen to this. The same power that was poured in these first century believers on the day of Pentecost is available for believers today.

That's true. What was that there is like a people neuroscience. I don't know if I agree really you give her a four know when something isn't working in the electronic gadget maybe at your computer your tablet or your phone and so you call the helpline if this thing isn't working. The first thing they always ask is it plugged in and as it turned on.

You'd be surprised how many people haven't done those two basic things and sometimes in the Christian life brother trying to do something for God. Nothing's happening, there's no results were struggling in our own Christian life. And here's the question, are you plugged in is your life turned on spiritually. You need this power, you can do it without power.

Some say we need another Pentecost. We don't need another Pentecost any more than we need another caliber. What we need to do is appropriate. What was given to us on the original Pentecost is. Here's what Peter says in the day of Pentecost, read it again in a moment. He says of What Just Took Pl., Holy Spirit being poured out that this promise is unto you. It's under your children to all those or a far off.

In other words, this power that's coming on these believers is still available to every believer today.

Now here's where the problems develop.

When we come with to the subject of the work of the Holy Spirit. We have two general camps. If you will. Two general reactions. The first group would be those that claim things that go be on the scriptural or even contradicted and it's all done in the name of the holy spirit ever some unknown reason, a lot of these people are on television. So you turn it on and are acting like crazy people, and blaming it on the Holy Spirit. I've seen services. Our people are allegedly under the influence of the Holy Spirit there screaming there yelling there running around like chickens with their heads cut off. So I've even seen people making animal noises.

All this is the Holy Spirit. I don't know what spirit it is but it's not the holy one, so look at that access and will say what will this freaks me out.

I don't want anything to do with that. But listen, this is unscriptural activity.

See, here's the key. When Peter stood up on the day of Pentecost and the people question what's going on thesis this is that which is spoken of by the prophet Joel in the last days, God says I'll pour my spirit out on all flesh your sons and your daughters will prophesy in your old men will dream dreams to the point is, he was able to say this is that which was spoken of by the quotes the prophet if we can say this is that which was spoken of in Scripture we should not be doing it and so I think that we have this access and some people recoiled from it because they don't want any of that. But here's another danger in its own way. It's just as bad as those that seek that which is not found in the Scripture. And it's those that don't seek that which is found in Scripture.

The danger is being satisfied with much less and that's called Quincy the spirit to God's Holy Spirit wants to work in your life in you when check what is it mean to quench the word quench means to extinguish will talk more about this on Sunday when we talk about blaspheming the Holy Spirit because there's specific since it can be committed against the Holy Spirit, including quenching, resisting and salting and of course blaspheming the Holy Spirit because the spirit is not in it buddies that he's a personality of the Trinity are. You can send specifically against him, but you can quench the spirit you didn't quenching is split so you went out camping in your Donnan your use in a fire ring so you extinguish the fire right you pour water on it or put sand on it, you extinguish that flame because you don't want that flame to go unattended and create a fire. Later, sometimes you do that with this trick we quench it we extinguish it. Holy Spirit says I want you to do this and we say no, pouring water on it. Don't even think about it. We don't want to be used by God quenching the Spirit.

I don't want this power in my life that can be quenching the spirit we need to ask God for all the power he has for us to do the work is called us to do because of the accessible safe while I don't want that as a result, we throw the baby out with the bathwater. By the way, is anyone ever thrown a baby without water. What a strange expression where's the baby. I don't know last time I saw him he was in the bath but I threw the water out. Let me check the backyard. I found that he's okay. That's really disturbing isn't it.

But you know can want this.

I don't want any of it and we miss it now.

Here's a question was the Holy Spirit in the lives of the believers were reading about yes you what cousin John 20 prior to the ascension of Christ.

He appears to them that this peace be unto you as my father sent me though I send you and he breathed on them and said receive the holy spirit so the Holy Spirit had come into them and listen when a person believes in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit's seals that that's what the Bible teaches. Every believer is sealed by the Holy Spirit. He indwells that Robert told in Romans 816 the spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. It's a wonderful inner conviction and witness of this. Just know that you know, I know I'm a Christian and that's it. Inner conviction of the spirits of every believer in Jesus has the Holy Spirit coming in. There has Holy Spirit in them, but this is different. He didn't say you will receive power, after the Holy Spirit comes in you. He says you will receive power, after the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and he uses a unique word superpower comes from the Greek word June MS by the way, that word entered the English language. When Alfred Nobel made the discovery that would become misfortune. Alfred Nobel discovered explosive power stronger than anything the world had known up to that time. So we asked a friend visit was a Greek scholar what the word for explosive power was in the Greek is but he said what's doing a mess and Noel said good I want to call my invention dynamite and after we get there were dynamite comes from June MS so here's what Jesus is. Eight.

You'll receive explosive power dynamite if you will in your life. When the Holy Spirit is come upon you, not political power to overthrow Rome, but spiritual power to overcome sin spiritual power to preach the gospel spiritual power to change the world.

And this happens when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. They didn't know what that meant.

All they know is Jesus said wait in Jerusalem.

So they're waiting. They don't know what to expect. Here's what happened next. Chapter 2 of them there with me if you would verse one. Are you bored yet that are not this good stuff on the day of Pentecost seven weeks after Jesus resurrection. The believers were meeting together in one place. Suddenly there was a sound from heaven like the roaring of a mighty windstorm in the skies above them, and it filled the house were there were meeting and then would look like flames or tongues of fire appeared and settled on each of them and everyone present was filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues is a Holy Spirit give them the ability godly Jews from many nations were living in Jerusalem at that time when they current this sound, they came running to see what what it was all about, and they were bewildered to hear their own languages being spoken by the believers. There is nothing like this had ever happened before affect Luke's use of the word. Suddenly emphasizes the element of surprise even though the believers knew that this first coming was imminent, they were caught by surprise by describing the noises emanating from heaven. Go to verse two there was a sound from heaven like a roaring mighty windstorm of this points out, this was a super natural activity. So what was going home of the spirit was coming upon them now. Should we expect something like this to happen today.

Will the answer is yes and no.

No other time in the Bible to the believers of the mighty rushing wind or the spirit come on them in flames. So this I think was unique to the day of Pentecost, but the power of the spirit came on the believers over and over again in the book of acts. I think of flame appearing over them symbolize God's power on them. They were on fire. God set them on fire to reach a culture that was going up in flames know we talked about being in on fire Christian were not talking about wildfires we know about wildfires here in Southern California we just had some, it's almost predictable. You know the weather gets very hot very dry and die, and then the horrible thing is when you get people were arsonists that will intentionally set these fires in the firefighters have discovered a way to fight these fires and you might see in effect, they fight fire with fire.

It's called back Bernie or a controlled burn. This is a technique a firefighter will use to stop a wildfire of these small fires are started by the firefighter. They burn approximate or flammable tutorial and it comes up to a point and it stops and there's a gap between what their fire burned in the oncoming buyer and hopefully that oncoming part.

Out the line so through their controlled burn through able to stop the approach of the wildfire. That's all we do reach culture with a controlled burn power to be a witness people who were set aflame by the Holy Spirit. This is what Jesus meant when he said to the church of Ephesus. I would rather you be hot or cold, but if you're lukewarm I'll spit you out of my mouth and there's three spiritual temperatures a Christian can have hot, cold, lukewarm, and God actually would rather you be cold and hot which I find very interesting, because you would expect them to think I want you to be hot. Lukewarm is not as good cold so works" would imply a person who's not even really a believer has no passion for God at all part of course, speaks of a first news totally committed. But here's the problem.

See, when there you're a cold person.

There is greater hope of you becoming a hot person than the rich for you when you're a lukewarm person because the lukewarm person is in a place of self-satisfaction they think they know more than they know they don't think they need to grow there just in the state of mediocrity. And Jesus says of lukewarmness. It makes me sick so because are neither hot or cold or lukewarm. I'll spew you out of my mouth that's changing is a very nice spew. I tortured expect a British person as if they're nauseated and I'm feeling rather nauseated why I think I'm going to go spew right now cheerio whatever spot of tea later on. Then, but the word spew means bonnets. I'm sick.

I'm in a bar that's where Jesus is a nieces lukewarmness. The sick to my stomach placing one of throw up, so he wants us hot, but it's a controlled burn not fired to make us crazy to be a witness to mix a metaphor for a moment, but staying on the firefighting theme served like a fire hose.

Have you ever seen a fire hose out of control with it the Old someone. Let's go. That's caring right.

Those things are powerful: you gotta get hold of that now, out of control. He could hurt somebody with firefighters controlling it in aiming in the right direction for competitive fire up. So here's this power God wants an ally, but it's a practical power and this is why think a lot of people lose it they are missing the get all excited about power, power, power, fire fire fire but they don't do anything to reach her culture.

Listen, that's not how high you can jump itself straight you walk when you hit the ground again its power to be a witness power to go on impact others.

Power to have a boldness that you never had before. Case in point, Simon Peter, this is the guy who can't muster up enough courage to say he believes in Jesus to complete strangers and ends up denying the Lord.

But after the power of the spirit comes upon them just read what he says in acts chapter 2. This fiery wonderful biblical sermon that results in 3000 people coming to faith in Jesus Christ hate that's not the same Peter I read about in the Gospels.

That's right, that's the newly empowered Peter and God was using you not having said this, once you've been filled by the spirit you need to understand what that means in a practical way. She really talks about. It's a deck in your life. Far too often we make the filling of the spirit and emotional thing. Let's pray for people. He told of the Holy Spirit.

First thing we do is we did in the life I would do that would dim the lights while why will we don't want to scare the Holy Spirit away.

Okay and nowhere to sing a certain kind of song that the water does that make the Holy Spirit come more quickly.

So I think we should do this in the light openly and ask God to Phillips and we make it so much about emotion did you feel it. Did you get it did happen to know I didn't feel hate. Forget about what you feel. This is very little to do with anything emotional. This is about asking God to give you something he wants to get Fritz, it's over in Ephesians 518 says don't be drunk with wine, because I will ruin your life but be filled with the spirit speaking yourself in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your hearts to the Lord.

One is I mean be filled with the spirit. Interesting Chris on the term. There one translation of the word filled conveys the idea of women filling the sale of a ship as it carried out to see when filling the sale of a ship, so to be filled with the spirit is to allow God to fill your sales and guide your course July, making his commands, not a drudgery but in the life you know if you've ever been in a sailboat before you know the difference between a gust of wind and having nothing, just that there bobbing around waiting and then someone comes to menu just cruise along and that's how the Christian life can be. God gives you the power and that feeling to do what he's called you to do and it's like I have to do this.

It's a con man this is great. But, honestly, actually, that word filled also to be translated to prayer me eight permeated back in this culture. They didn't have refrigeration like we have today. So the way they preserve meat was by rubbing salt into it and I would keep the meets edible for certain period of time.

A modern equivalent would be something like the church. Okay, so let the Holy Spirit permeate your life, what is that mean he wants to permeate or saturate what you think he wants to permeate your mind. He wants to permeate your line he wants to permeate your prayer like your work supply. He wants to permeate your business. He wants to permeate your leisure time he wants to saturate your marriage. He wants to saturate your singleness to what I don't know what you're talking about. I mean you're allowing the spirit to be a part of everything that you do is wind is filling your sale. His influences affecting your life to be filled with the spirit means I'm carried along by and under the control of Jesus Christ I feel myself with the word of God.

So his thoughts become my thoughts did standard become my standard is will becomes my will to be filled of the spirit is walking, thought by thought decision by decision at by act under the spirit control and you will receive power, verse eight, when the Holy Spirit is come upon you and you will be witnesses unto me in Orange County, Southern California, the United States and to the end of the year nursing with translation really really that the Greg translation. Actually, that's just an update because to them home was Jerusalem and in Samaria that the uttermost parts of the earth, but for us here right now were in Orange County which is a part of Southern California which is a part of the United States which is a part of the planet that some of the bait of California really is a part of the United States, but we think it is.

But the point is is you start where you are and you go on from there. Really this is a strategy for evangelism. It starts in our backyard. A person want to be a witness to those around us know our desire here.

Harvest Orange County is impact our community right here. We want to reach people who've never been reached before and then the Lord opens up doors for us and course we've had those doors open through our harvest crusades over the years were celebrating 25 years. This year at Angel Stadium of the doors are open through media were able to utilize radio, television, the Internet, other things would bring the gospel out, but it starts in our back yard. So as we think about this only personalize it for a moment. Are you stricken with fear at the thought of sharing your faith. I've to explain you. I never wanted to be a public speaker. This was not what I did. I wasn't one of those people you know in school.

Those ones that are up, giving talks and lectures.

I was in that guy.

I was the guy in the back of the room, making jokes and getting sent to the vice principal's office again.

I was would you call a disciplinary problem. My sole goal in life was to be a cartoonist so I could mock people with drawings and then if that didn't work out my backup plan was I wanted on a pet shop so that's pretty much it.

I did have great aspirations so the only reason I became someone who speaks is because I had something worth saying. And I wasn't in me to do this naturally and I remember the first time I spoke I was terrified, but I also remember God's Holy Spirit giving me a boldness I'd never known before.

I'm telling you, you can have that same boldness who can come just like a wallflower.

I don't care. You'll be an empowered wallflower and I don't mean you have to yell I don't mean artistic loudly ideas mean you're going to have a boldness like you've never had before from the Holy Spirit to speak up in that situation to state what is true God will give this to you and give it to you again and again, here's the cool thing. Not only does God want to fill you with the Holy Spirit. But he'll give you a refill is nice to know God gives refills but you hate it when you go to a restaurant and they charge you for refills on your iced tea and that's why order iced tea because I keep getting more for free and there's one restaurant I go to and they you know it they want to leave when they stop refilling your glass then you really know they want to leave when they take your glass away so the good news is this of the Lord. He'll refill it over and over again and back. We read in Scripture that he would fill those disciples again and again. So here's I want to bring this to a close, I want to ask you, have you been empowered with the Holy Spirit will grade them a Christian to good, and I believe the Holy Spirit is living inside of me. Great. And I believe he sealed me okay and tested. That's for every Christian. But as a Holy Spirit come upon you yet, and if he has. If you don't have the boldness for Christ. If you've never asked him to empower you to give you an opportunity to do that. But before we do that, I don't want to forget some folks who may have joined this one Christian ship because the reason we need this power to reach folks like you and just as I said the beginning of this message I was looking for purpose and meaning of my life and I didn't find it anything.

This culture offered and I don't think you're gonna find it either. You were designed to know God. That's what you're searching for and that's what you wanted all along. You just didn't know it. Jesus Christ was the son of God.

He died on the cross for you. He gave his life up for you. We shed his blood for you and if you will say to God for adventurous center and asked Jesus to come to be your Savior and Lord will forgive you and you can know that you will go to heaven when you die and if you've not done that. I like to give you an opportunity to do it right now so if you joined us today and you're not a believer yet you want to become one. Here's your opportunity to change your eternal address from hell to heaven from hopelessness to hope, from aimlessness to purpose from Satan to God. If you'll say yes to Jesus. Let's pray everyone bow your head if you would father I pray for any here that do not yet know you help them to see their need for you help them to come to you now and receive your free givenness. We pray that your Holy Spirit would to his wonderful work of convicting and convincing of sin in the lives of those that need the letterheads about our eyes are closed were praying. Maybe some of you would say Greg, I need Jesus Christ in my life. I need my sin forgiven.

I want to know that I go to heaven when I die I want this purpose and meaning in life you were talking about earlier.

I want that right now. Pray for me is that your desire. If you want Jesus Christ to come in your life if you want him to forgive you of your sin. You lift your hand up right now were of your city. I like to pray for you if you want Christ to come of your life you want him to forgive you of your sin. Let me proof you raise your hand wherever you are accomplishing this to the public and see it if you would please you want is forgiveness of bless you. Anybody else ready to say yes to Jesus Christ you want to go to heaven when you die raise your hand up her pray for you right now. Is it a pirate can see that you would accomplish one final moment of bless you and what I had just about maybe some of you would say hey on that lukewarm person you were talking about. I'm trying to live in two worlds, and you know what, it's not working out. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I want to change.

I want to really commit my life to Christ tonight.

Pray for me.

If you're that lukewarm person appear the person that meets the needs to make that recommitment to Jesus, would you raise your hand up right now. Let me proof accomplish accomplish anybody else accomplish.

Be ashamed you're among friends and family here accomplish you on final moment you want to make that recommitment to Christ. God bless you, and ask all of you if you would please a brazier can distend your feet nominally join the prayer stand your feet you that just look your handstand that will get up right. I think if you mean it shall stand if you don't want to stand on staff and owner pray. Don't pray it. You want to stand on in her pray together. Now this is really ceiling that commitment Stennett know if you want to make a commitment recommitment to Christ. One final moment stand and what else then publishing us all right all of you that are standing want you to pray this prayer out loud after me again as I pray pray this out loud after me for this know if you would, Lord Jesus, I know when a sinner but you died on the cross for my sin and paid the price for every wrong I've ever done. I'm sorry for my sin. I turned from, and now and I choose to follow you from this moment forward as my Savior and Lord is my God and my friend. Thank you for loving me and accepting me and forgiving me in Jesus name I pray, amen. God bless all of you

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