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TH150910/The Importance of God's Word in the Believer's Life

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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September 22, 2015 7:09 pm

TH150910/The Importance of God's Word in the Believer's Life

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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September 22, 2015 7:09 pm

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Harvest messages are brought to you by harvest partners receive free email daily devotions were to become a harvest partner, please visit us father now as we look at these words given to us by Jesus, help us to be people who take the seed of God's word readily into our hearts, and may it take root and may there be fruit that lasts a lifetime. So speak to us as we look at your word now in Jesus name we pray. Amen as we think back just a couple weekends ago about the Southern California crusade. Consider the fact that well over 10,000 people made a profession of faith that we don't call them conversions because we don't know if there conversions yet we call them professions of faith, we wonder how many of those people are going to continue on as followers of Jesus, will I don't know the answer to that only tell you something about them and something about all Christians in general. If they want to continue on spiritually. They will and they don't want to continue on spiritually.

They won't.

I just want you to know that we do everything possible to ensure that they will get strong in their faith. You wonder what happened to the person walks forward like in a church service here and we took them over to a side room what happens in that mysterious room is said to them when they come down on that field will some of you know, because your counselors but basically that counselor will just share with their brand-new believers.

Some of the basics of the Christian life. In the also record information in their given one of these is called the start Bible.

This is a project I worked on a number of years ago to New Testament chock-full of notes from beginning to end on the most important things that a Christian needs to know.

It's sort of designed to help someone acclimate to the Bible for the first time so we give them one of these to take home.

That card is filled out, and then the card is immediately sent to a participating church and back.

A lot of these folks to a volunteer to help, but will stay up late the night I getting that information to the churches that are participating and then those churches have special new believers classes designed for the individual that came forward. Also, we encourage the person who came forward to attend the church of the person that either brought the more a church that we would recommend to them nearby, and we found that the vast majority of people go to the church of the person who brought them to the event will then after that a phone of follow-up phone call is made. The first phone call is made one to three days after the crusade and then after that they get another call a week later and this happens for three week.

Then a letter comes in the mail, encouraging them to read the Bible go to church than I personally show up at their house and I say why haven't I seen you in church.

And if that doesn't work, I sit in their car and I nabbed them for one month and then I got WPI me that part up but you can understand anything more than this would be intrusive so the person really wants to go forward.

They will were doing everything we can to help them. For me personally. I didn't have a Bible given to me.

I didn't have someone explain to me what happened, but thankfully a guy reached out to me and I just want to see if you know anybody that accepted Christ at this crusade. One of the telltale signs is a walk around the red Bible with a white arrow you see one of these people. I immediately make contact with them, encourage them and help them to acclimate to the church.

This is what people need more than anything else in a transitional moment is not a Bible scholar not a theologian. They just need a friend that just need a Christian friend is a hate, and hang out with us and help them and you pray for them and you're just there for them.

But really, if a person doesn't want to continue on in the faith and basically they won't. It really is up to the individual using Oak Ridge or wrong. It's up to God will not completely because you see, God give me a free will and in their free will. I have the choice to either accept or reject Jesus Christ and also in that free will. I have the choice to continue to follow him or not to follow him. God will give everything to me that I need to go forward spiritually, but I must take advantage of what is offered. Here's the bottom line. Everyone is either progressing or regressing in the spiritual life, you're either growing or you are not growing you're either gaining ground in your losing ground as a follower of Christ.

Now, sometimes the question is asked why is it that some succeed you know with great effect in others just effectively crash and burn, or others may slowly wither away while the answer is, these are people who did not choose to take advantage of what God had given to them I were told over and Deuteronomy 3019 God says I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you I said before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Therefore choose life. I love this. As I got so mad give you a test and here's the answer.

I wish they would do that for us in school.

Here's the answer. So you'll get NA I said before you life and death was seen in cursing by the way, the answer is choose life.but I have to do that if I don't do that and I effectively choose death. There's God's part and there's my part.

You know an interesting passage Philippians 212 says, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Now that doesn't say work for your own salvation. Salvation is a gift of God to the man of the woman.

The put their faith in Christ.

What it does say work it out and it could better be translated.

The goal and fully complete as St. Paul and St. John once said, we can work it out, the Beatles, forget it. That's if you laugh, you're all okay. But anyway, I was a song from years ago carried to the goal and fully complete within the rest of that verse puts it all together, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God that works in you both to will and the two of his good pleasure to God's gonna work through you, but you have to carry it to the goal and complete it. We need that power of the Holy Spirit on a daily basis to live this life that God has called us to live the great commentator Alexander McLaren once wrote, quote he was a Holy Spirit in his heart, and the Scriptures in his hands has all he needs McGray so many we have the Scripture in your hands hold up your Bible. Okay, how many of you have a Holy Spirit in your heart raise up your hand. Okay you have all that you need for life and godliness. Second Peter 13 since his divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him was called us for his own glory and all right. So that brings us to our text, a portion of Scripture we often call the parable of the sower. The Bible doesn't call it that, but it's been called, so will refer to it as such, I think you could just as easily call it the parable of the soil's because it's really about the different kinds of soil that the seed lends it. This is a story Jesus tells to explain to us why some press on in the Christian faith and others do not. Let's read it together. Luke chapter 8 starting in verse four when a great multitude to gather did come to him from every city. He spoke by a parable about parables in the illustration of an earthly story with a heavenly meaning he spoke by a parable of the sower went out to sow a seed, maybe as Jesus was speaking to the people. There was a sower off in the distance, casting the seed out.

He may have just sower over there, a sower went out to sow his seed and as he sowed something on the wayside.

It was trampled down and the birds of the air devoured it; walking as soon as it sprung up and withered away because of like moisture. Some fell among thorns, or weeds and the weeds sprang up and choked it, others: good ground and yielded a crop a hundredfold, and when he said these things, he that has ears to hear, so someone asked him the question, what is this parable me and Jesus says to you, it is been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven but to the rest is given in parables that seemingly not seeing and hearing they may not understand how Christ goes on to explain the parable of the sergeants. Claire here is the parable is this this seed is the word of God goes by the wayside are the ones to hear. But then the devil comes and takes away the word out of their hearts, lest they should believe and be saved.

The ones on the rock of the rocky soil are those who, when the care received the word with joy but they have no root, they believe for a while but in time of temptation, they fall away, the one that fell among thorns are those who, when they've heard go out on their choked with cares and riches and pleasures of this life may bring no fruit to maturity, but the ones that fell in the good ground are those who have incurred the word with a noble and good heart. Keep it and bring forth fruit with patients a better translation would be perseverance or endurance. All right, so what does this mean to me. Basically, you up for kinds of people. Your life is represented in one of these categories for types of soil if you will.

I want to the notice in the story. Only one out of four makes it only one out of four makes it. Now there are people that are critical of what we do in these Crusades and the sea is not effective. But here's my response.

Okay let let's just take that number of 10,000 people. Let's say only one quarter of that group using the status of the parable of the sort only one quarter of that group continued on was I to say work going for 2500 people to come to the kingdom of God sure what sure, but the point is is this is up to the individual my job.

Your job is to throw this seed out far and why don't back in these days they didn't. So crops like we saw him today. Today we would have a carefully prepared field and we would put our seats and in neat little rows and we might have an irrigation system already installed in the seed should be watered and so forth. In biblical times you just have a sower with a sacristy he'd rip a little hole in it and just pick that seed up and throw it he just walk on, throw it so would go on the road, someone gone rocky soil, etc. you get the idea.

Almost sending indiscriminate manner. He would take the seed and fling it to the wind. That's really how we do evangelism.

There is a place for one-on-one evangelism but there's also a place of just taking this even throwing it. Did you know that the word broadcast literally means to so see. So when you broadcast. If you take the word of God for you taken Crusades and we put it on television or it's on the Internet where it's on the radio that sort of cleaning the seat.

Is that really a good idea.

All you it's a really good idea. I want to get the seed to as many people as possible because there are certain people that will never darken the doorway of a church without turn on the TV or the watch another laptop or the hearing on the radio when I fruit so many amazing stories of people will come to Christ listing our radio show watching the TV show someone wrote me last year about a person who watch the webcast on their computer and this individual was a man that had been prayed for by his wife for years and he was watching the crusade on his laptop and at the end when the invitation was given the whites that I walked in he was kneeling in front of his laptop praying to receive Jesus Christ to see.

So that's the power of the word of God. So we just fling the seaweed broadcast this even reach as many as we can. Paul writes in first Corinthians 3. My job was to plant the seed in your hearts Apollo sets another preacher. He watered it, but it was God who made it grow. The ones who plan the ones who water aren't important, but God is important because he is the one who makes the seed grow the one who plants in the one Waters work as a team with the same purpose. So we all have our role in this summer called to preach. Some are called to establish friendships with people. Others are called to pray for this. Others are called to financially invest in this, but every person plays a role and when that individual comes to Christ to share the fruit of it.

Okay, so what about these people that don't make it that they lose their salvation. That's a question that's often asked, can a Christian lose their salvation is what I would suggest, in response to that. I think a lot of times we think a person is lost or salvation. The real story is then never had salvation to begin with is the only way I can tell if you're Christian or not, some by what you say it's through the test of time and as days passed and weeks pass and months pass in years past. In decades past. I see you continue to grow.

I think God continue to change you. I say now that's a Christian, but for those that come in their part of us and then they leave us aware they ever really a part of us.

Here's what it says in first John 219.

These people left our churches because they never belong with us. Otherwise it would've stayed with us when they left disapproved. They did not belong with us now, having said that, let me bring this up, you can be a prodigal you know you can know the Lord walk away from the Lord. But here's the real test. The prodigal always come back home again and if they don't come back home again if they make a profession of faith and never return to it again. My suggestion to you is not. That's a person who lost their salvation were rather, that's a person who really never had salvation to begin with and this is illustrated now in the story before us as we look at the different categories of soil look at category number one I want to call them the highway. Here's the highway.

Here's a good verse 11 of the date the parable is this the seed is the word of God goes by the wayside of the one to share it and then the devil comes and takes away the word out of their hearts that they should believe we said so it's a picture of birds eating see you know if you've ever gone to McDonald's or In-N-Out Burger in your seated outside.

You know the moment that Fry hit the ground, will probably want to hit the ground. These birds are trained, they didn't know the getting me even more aggressive. I was a restaurant the other day Bert hopped right up on my table. He just waiting. You know, don't get me started on Siegel's thinking scavenger birds and other thereafter. The beach is waiting for you so it actually is heard me talk about Siegel's my hatred for them and which is only rivaled by my hatred for cats not getting I love I love cats, but I don't live Siegel's at all, but she said you know you talked about Siegel steels that she said I was on the beach the other day with our family. My little boy was eating a hamburger. This Siegel grabbed it out of his hands and flew off with that. That's the picture, the birds, grabbed the seat immediately. So when a person makes a profession of faith. Satan is like ready to strike. He's ticked off.

He's angry. He's lost one of his own. He wants that person back and he wants him back now, that's all we need to really be praying for you. Believers, but this is really a description of people that you may share the gospel with and they just don't respond. Second Corinthians 4 forces Satan, the God of this evil world has blinded the minds of those that don't believe so there unable to see the glorious light of the gospel that shining upon no matter what you say, no matter what clever arguments you use there just unaffected sometimes are hostile. Sometimes I'll scream and she would tell you to get out of there face. Other times are very nice about this. It would you like to come to the harvest Crusade of being nothing.

No, thank you for asking those serious ego would you like to come, no and no matter how much you persist, they keep saying no no matter what you say. Nothing seems to penetrate it.

Sort of like water off of a ducks back. Now we need to be careful because sometimes people act as though they don't want it but deep down inside they really do. The woman at the well is a great illustration of this. This is a woman that was engaged by Jesus and initially she was sarcastic she was flippant. She was disrespectful what he was getting through to her and eventually she believed was the first female evangelist of the New Testament. So sometimes people put up the fašade acted like they don't want to cure it, but really they do so we need to pray for wisdom from the Lord to know the difference between a person who really is just putting on an act, but wants to cure than someone who just doesn't want to hear it at all.

So that's category number one category number two. This one is really interesting and surprising. Look at verse 13.

Those on the rock those up when they approved the word look at this received the word with joy but because they have no root for a while. They believe in a time of temptation, they fall away.

These folks are very different from the colonists hardhearted indifference highway characters.

These are people that seem to get it now. The idea that Jesus is communicating that rocky soil in it when you go to Israel and were taking a tour there next year if you care to join us little commercial plucker in the month of May, but some one thing you'll see there's a lot of in Israel are rocks.

Rocks everywhere and there soil that's embedded with rock so sometimes you could plant a seed there and it would shoot up, but because the rocky soil would stop the roots from going on. It would wither in the sun. That's the illustration Jesus is using.

So who are these people, these are the people in contrast to the ones who said no to you to come with you to a crusade or they to come with you to church and when the invitation is given, they respond they walked forward they pray the prayer and they are so fired up.

They were going to just buy a Bible they buy the biggest Bible you've ever seen. They need a wagon to pull around, you know there they start quoting Scripture when you have a time of worship. They sing louder than anybody else.

They lift their hands higher than anybody buddy else they talk to everybody about their new found faith in you state that is the most amazing conversion I've ever seen, and this goes on for maybe a week or two weeks or maybe a month maybe even two months and then you don't seem in church pay. I was in your church lately why I'm not into that remark.

What I'm not into that and I believe it anymore. What happened to them today would happen to them there. The seed sown on the rocky soil. And here's the problem with people like this is they will say to others you I went to the whole Jesus freak phase and you know it didn't work for me. I was into it for a while but but it just didn't work for me or they'll say something like, oh, I tried Christianity, but it didn't really take with me. You know what they never tried Christianity because Christianity is in a product like toothpaste. We use its Christ and if it didn't take it's because you didn't do your part.

I like this quote by GK Chesterton who said, quote Christianity has not been tried and found wanting. It's been found difficult and not try and quote that's what it is seeing the real issue here is our heart was shallow soil. It shot up quickly, but it didn't take why because some people are impulsive by nature do we have any impulsive people out there. It took imagery and I want you post your the first adopter of all new technologies right. I wanted apples and though I wanted with I didn't even finish the sentence. A new bra I wanted you to hear the person in the line of the store over the hill all that extra stuffers if you buy that stuff, you're the person who you bought that exercise machine because the promise was you would lose all this weight right if you walk down the street in a neighborhood on a Saturday a lot of people have their garage doors open. You'll see those exercise machines. We see people working out on them. Never Josie closing off him a really expensive closing those of those people that felt for the infomercial date they bought the product. They didn't need there just impulsive by nature, so maybe in their Crusader in the church service. A friend went for the fifth time to go forward to and they prayed the prayer she wasn't real didn't take. Here's a little more detail. The fall when time of temptation comes verse 13 says he temptation is going to come to every Christian and trials are going to come to that first Peter forces don't be surprised at the fiery ordeal. That is, come on you to test you as though something strange were happening to you.

It's not a matter of if it's just a matter of when. It's been said that Christians are a lot like teabags you don't know what they're made of. And so you put them in hot water and some just can't handle it and they fall away. And then there sometimes persecution that causes them to do that Matthew's version of the same parable gives us a little more light in Matthew 1321 in the same parable Jesus is when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word. Immediately they stumble so that new Christian goes home and that probably announces to their family there. The following Jesus. And they're not met with a standing ovation.

Some cases are met with mockery and rejection and anger sometimes and outright hostility when they see that they so I didn't sign up for this. They walk away. You than you were never really a believer to begin with, we think of our Christian brothers and sisters that are suffering around the world right now we have this huge refugee crisis on our laps as people are fleeing from ISIS in many of those people, not all necessarily but many are Christians are being targeted because of their faith in Jesus Christ.

And they've had to suffer greatly and even in America. Now there's a greater hostility against Christian faith. We see it all the time that's just too much for you and you're just talking to make it why don't want to be persecuted, then you're not going to make it as a follower of Jesus.

But here's the thing you need to think about. If anyone ever persecute you, and by the way, the word persecute means to Hunter to chase doesn't always have to be a physical assault or a threat against your life might be the termination of a friendship might be the loss of position at work. It might be shown another way, joke, at your expense.

But when you are persecuted. Here's what you should do. Rejoice. Jesus said blessed are you in a better translation would be happy are you happy are you when men persecute you and revile you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, he says, and be exceedingly glad for so persecuted they the prophets that were before you. Just make sure it's falsely make sure I mean persecuted because I'm a follower of Jesus.

Not because I'm obnoxious or mean or unkind, which is often the case where it is a badge of honor that every believer will be persecuted and if you're a true believer. These difficulties will not weaken your faith they will strengthen it when we say that again. If you are true believer temptations and persecution and trial will not weaken your faith, it will strengthen or maybe for these people when they realize a following Christ meant denying themselves, that was too much for them and they just walked away. For others it might've been unbelief. You know they built their foundation on their emotions and maybe you had an emotional experience. When you were converted, how many of you had sort of an emotional experience. When he came to Christ ratio that's good. How many of you did not say I did not, but some do.

And maybe you wake up one morning you don't feel that excitement gets all the tunability here.

You know that's why don't like it when people compare their faith to Jesus to drugs in the amount of drugs no segment Jesus is the ultimate hey listen buckaroo. He's not always going to be the ultimate hi okay you're not always going to be in a euphoric state.

That's part of growing up spiritually that you have to always be on an emotional high. This isn't going to work for you. Sometimes we build our foundation on a person and when that person falls away.

We fall away. We build our foundation on the church and what we see a little hypocrisy or inconsistency. We turn away.

Don't build your foundation on a person don't building on a pastor don't building on a church building on Christ and you'll stand the test of okay so that brings us to number three. We have one more after this will call them only here this one is fascinating reporting they that fell among thorns are weeds are those that when they've heard the word go forth and are choked with cares and riches and pleasures of this life and they bring no fruit to perfection of the seed that was planted in the soil was in a constant battle with weeds and weeds don't attack plants, at least not quickly doing time but you've never seen a nice little flower growing and suddenly the ground starts to rumble next to it and some muscular little we burst up, you know, lunges, and start shaking the plant by headstand and smacking the back-and-forth petals flying doesn't happen, but you'll see a little.

We grew up in the next day it's a little closer than exceeds a little closer and the next he can wrap itself around it and ultimately it can choked out the plan. And that's the picture that we have here. This is not something that happens over night. Notice what choked this out doesn't say said, though it could include that it's choked with the cares and the riches and the pleasures of this life is not necessarily bad stoppages life but we had let the normal affairs of life become more important than the spiritual things of life. It's been said, the second best is often the worst enemy of the past is not a person that says I will pray I will read the Bible, I will go to church brother to person that does that for a while but then they start thinking I'm too busy today. I have to check my emails and I have to read the news and then I have to update my Instagram and I had to send out a few tweets and and you know send out some tax and I just enough time to read the Bible. It's a person is a shuttle to go to church with members new movie or TV show or this other thing is going on.

It's a person who says I don't really have time to pray which is so you know busy right now you see it's gradual in things of God become less and less appealing. Other pursuits crowd out God and before you know it. He's not a part of your life anymore. It happened so gradually, and it happened so subtly you didn't even see it until it was a actively done, these are people that were with this for a time and then we see them less that we don't see them at all you know even the apostle Paul had this problem, try to believe that you could know Paul personally and not walk with the Lord because he was such a tremendous example but the pollen fund Philemon chapter 1 verse 23 talked about a few people up.

Chris, my fellow prisoner in Christ Jesus send you greetings, so do Mark Aristarchus Dimas and look my coworkers. How awesome would it be to be mentioned in an epistle of Paul that I would bring them in every conversation. My name is Dimas.

You may have heard of me in Paul's letter to the Philemon link Paul single this guy out a group of people by name.

So Dimas is mentioned in the writings of Paul. Not once, not twice, so that's a good news.

He's mentioned in more than one epistle, here's the bad news.

The second mention wasn't so good because in second Timothy 410.

He says Dimas has deserted me because he loves the things of this life is going to Thessalonica while Hayden and read about your one of Paul's writings that seem Dimas. But see, this is the guy that was singled out for his friendship and his commitment and now he's fallen away and what caused Dimas to fall away doesn't say overt sin. He loves the things of this earth.

The King James version puts it, having loved this present world. Listen to this. There's nothing wrong with having a career. There's nothing wrong with having possession.

There's nothing wrong with having a home.

There's nothing wrong with having a car but of those things become more important to you then spiritual things, then suddenly they can start choking you out in the here's the better plan, put God first and seek first his kingdom and the Lord says all these things shall be added to you. Get them in the proper priority.

We can be so obsessed with these things and they choke us out. So that's what happened in that category. One last category will close with this number four will call them fruitful. Here's these are the ones that got it right with diversity. Those on the good ground are those when they have heard the word receive it with an honest and good heart, and they keep it and they bring forth fruit with patience. Having heard the word they keep it one of the keys to growing spiritually is getting as much of God's word into you as possible and it comes down to how you hear while talk about this more next time. But you know you can come and listen and hear nothing right never talk to somebody in maybe there like texting and and they got the data here were just that is finished texting and let me know when you're done and then I'll say it again and we can sit in church among men, what was said. I have no idea I was texting in my heart all how you share.

This is why Jesus would often say he that has an ear to hear, let him listen. The story is told of Pres. Franklin Roosevelt got tired of these long receiving lines.

He would have to stand in and shake everybody's hand.

So one day just decided to do something crazy and see if anybody notice. We stood in line and people came to shake the hand of the president of the United States and every person that came to him. He said these words to them. I murdered my grandmother's more, Mr. Pres., it's an honor to meet you, Pres. Roosevelt that I murdered my grandmother this morning and are limited. That's wonderful, Mr. Pres., thank you for that and it's fantastic.

Mr. present God bless you Mr. Brooks. No one was listening. They were so excited to meet the president. They did listen to what he said. I murdered my grandmother this morning. Finally, I think it was the ambassador from Bolivia.

Hearing him say that said response will Mr. Pres., I'm sure she had it coming. That's all we can be said through church service. After church service. Bible study after Bible study lesson. It goes in one ear and write out the here's the key to success or failure of the Christian life depends on how we hear the got word of God, how we hear X and when you hear Jermaine responsible for that I believe a few of really meant God, you will have a hunger for Scripture.

And if you do not have a hunger for God's word. There's something wrong with you. Healthy people are hungry people.

When you go to see the doctor and not feeling well which one of the first things he asks how is your appetite. This is all I know I'm healthy right now because I'm hungry. By the way, I am always hungry.

Well, maybe 10 minutes are Friday I'm not but it comes back quickly. That's a good sign. In some ways, but if you're constantly hungry for God's word that's good so your Bible say Thomas great I'm dead, but she little later that night he get up the next morning, hungry again. Good.

Good for you and that's this category.

They are hungry for God's word and when trials, persecution comes they don't think of feeling. They just dig in. Listen, I know it gets hard at time to follow Christ, but it's worth it and we heard from a couple of courageous soldiers earlier on tonight and these are men that have been a real firefight in the really put their lives on the line. They know what it means to be a soldier in the Bible uses that picture for the Christian life. Paul says to Timothy, endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. Some people need to just toughen up a little bit know it's hard will shut up it's worth it will be so weak there people today that are standing up for the most insane thing speaking up for things that are so wrong and were timidly hiding in our little closets as followers of Jesus lets people. Let's be brave. Let's be strong and let's speak up for him and not back down so which one of these four are you.

Why don't you the first category probably would be minty if you were but maybe you're here, brought on by a friend in your just you know the whole night.

You've just been watching and praying. Looking at your watch and pray, and I stops in but is he done yet to.

Let's go so I don't know what I can see the only God's Holy Spirit can help you see your need for Jesus. Some of you may be like the one on rocky soil. You know you made this so-called profession of faith, but maybe it was not genuine at all and you sort of fell away in a way you then really follow what you were never even there to start with. I would say to you tonight whether to build your life in Christ now and get serious and do it the right way. Some of you may be like the people choked out.

It's not that you're involved in bad things. It's just that everything is more interesting to you, then spiritual thing. You can hardly wait to get done with reading the Bible so you can get to the fun stuff you really want to read could hardly wait for the church service to be over so you can go do the stuff you really want to do the it should be the opposite. And if that's you, then you need to say Lord help me with this and I want to make a real commitment to you and maybe some of you are just the seed on the ground and I'm sure most of you are and you're just bringing forth spiritual fruit. That's amazing, then God bless all of you, but there might be some of you that have joined us to have an even asked Jesus to come in your life you your hearing these things for the first time we talked about 10,000 people that walk forward on a field a couple of weekends ago to say they wanted to follow Jesus, but you haven't done that yet you don't have to walk down to the field of Angel Stadium. You can make that commitment right here right now as we bring the service to a close.

If you're not certain that Jesus Christ is living in your life.

If you're not sure that your sin is forgiven. You don't know with confidence that you will go to heaven when you die you can get that resolved. Right now by saying God, I'm sorry for my sin by asking Jesus Christ to come into your life. There might be some of you that made a commitment to follow Christ, but you fallen away. You need to come back to him again tonight like to see you make that recommitment as well so were going to close in prayer and if you need to make a commitment for a recommitment to Jesus do it right now. Okay, let's pray father, thank you for your word to us and I pray that it will land on good soil and I pray for those that may not yet know you yet that you show them their need for Jesus and help them to come to you and believe tonight when I had about her eyes are closed and were praying. How many of you would say Greg I want Jesus Christ to forgive me of my sin. I want to know that when I die I will go to heaven. I want Mike Jill taken away. I want to know God in a personal way. I want to go to heaven when I die, if that your desire.

If you want Jesus to come into your life and forgive you of your sin. Would you raise your hand up or you're sitting love them to pray for you tonight you want is forgiveness. Raise your hand up when we print the accomplish what else raise your hand upon vacancy, but she was well published you to accomplish you as well ma'am, I'll what else Fraser Canada, let me pray for you you want is forgiveness accomplish you raise your hand up there in the I'll come bless God bless you too. Yes, bless you to accomplish. You also encompass generation can get lifted. Now let me pray for you compass you one final moment anybody else raise your hand up our prayer for you, bless you and you, bless what I had just about maybe some of you would say men I've fallen away from the Lord. I've been a prodigal son or a prodigal daughter, but I want to come back to him again tonight.

I want to return to the Lord. Pray for me affect your desire. If you need to come back to Christ.

Would you raise your hand up and let me pray for you right now. God bless you. Anybody else come bless you compass each one of you, Lord, thank you for each one of these.

Now I pray you give them the strength to follow you and receive all that you have for them as your child.

Thank you for them not to ask everyone to just raise your hand if you would please I want you to stand to your feet to stand up wherever you are all of you that raised her hand stand here for a bright non-nominal Biju in a prayer that tried to stand up, others are standing you raise your hand. You want Christ in your life or you want to make this recommitment to him. Stand your feet right now working to pray together. Anybody else bless you, bless you.

Many are standing. So if you need to be one of them used at even if he did not raise her hand but you want to make this commitment or recommitment to Christ and your feet right now wherever you are working to pray together. Anybody else stand now published. You might be a few more of the publisher there in the back anybody else come bless you to one final moment you want to make this commitment or recommitment to Jesus stand up bless you to wait one more moment level.

Pray anybody else stand now, come bless you. Bless all of you all right you that are standing and want you to pray this prayer out loud after me. This is where you're asking God to forgive you of your standing, you're saying I'm in a follow Jesus. Again, as I pray pray this out loud right where you stand. Okay, pray this out loud after me, Lord Jesus, I know I'm a sinner but I know you are the Savior who died on the cross for my soon I turn from my sin.

Now that I choose to follow you from this night forward.

Thank you for loving me and calling me and for giving me in Jesus name I pray. Amen. God bless all of you that got drafted

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