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SM150920/Fallen, but Forgiven

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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September 24, 2015 7:51 pm

SM150920/Fallen, but Forgiven

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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Harvest messages are brought to you by harvest partners to receive free email daily devotions or to become a harvest partner, please visit us fallen unexpectedly good about your business and suddenly you trip over something and you do a face plant those of the worst kinds of false. They come so quickly.

You don't have time to brace herself everything. The commercial and TV answers a little divisor you push the button for help and in the ladies that I've fallen and I can't get up why you laughing that's so sad.

She's fallen and you have what is with the cruelty of second service not. Now it's it's the way she says it right. I've fallen and I can't get well. Have you ever felt that we spiritually when you fallen and you can't get up. Listen, you can get up and you must get up if you have fallen. I want to look today at the life of a man who fell his name was Simon Peter heard the story of his fall, and it's also the story of his restoration and it may be the story of your restoration to pellets. Remember who Simon was.

Jesus picked up our Lord chose him and gave him a new name. Up to this point he was assignment and Jesus said from now on you to be called Peter which means rock or a raw or if we put it into the vernacular today. Rocky or the rock and I would've the other disciples because the agreement of becoming seriously brought me anything but rock. Why because Peter, we know from the Gospels was impulsive. He was impetuous he was hotheaded and yet Jesus says your name is the rock.

It didn't make sense but sometimes we need to grow in the warning you know God looks at you and he sees potential he doesn't just see you for what you are BC shoot for what you will become PCs the end from the beginning Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said, quote greater is the art of beginning our great is the art of beginning. But greater is the art of ending" God sees you for what you will be you see a blank canvas that sees a finished painting. You see, piece of coal. God sees a beautiful sparkling diamond UC problems. God sees solution UC failure.

God sees potential we CNN God sees a new beginning is Ava Greg.

I failed in the past, will all of us have in some way shape or form, but the past cannot be changed. That done, but our response to it can be for God can take our Indians and turn them in to beginning so here we are, know the upper room with the disciples really looked at the Snark last message on Judas Iscariot and Jesus tells them that one of them is going to betray him now understand these are not just his disciples, their friends, their friends with each other. They can rightfully say they're friends of Jesus. One of our Lord's friends is about to betray him.

He identifies Judas and says whatsoever you do, do it quickly put in the back vernacular pain and get on with it, get it over with and out of the room goes Judas no, Simon Peter's observing all this, and he thought this would be a great opportunity to boast about his devotion to Christ, and we picked the story up in Matthew 26 starting in verse 31 look through with me if you would. Then Jesus said to them, all of you will be made to stumble because of me this night, for it is written, I will strike the shepherd and the sheep of the flock will be scattered, but after I been raised.

I'll go before you went to Galilee. Peter answered and said to them, even if all are made to stumble because of you I will never be made to stumble. Jesus is assuredly, I say to you that this guy before the rooster crows, you will deny me three times.

Peter said even if I have to die with you, I will not deny you so said all the disciples. There know this is a chronological look at the life of Christ from all four Gospels of Luke brings an interesting detail here. In his version of the same story in Luke 22 we read Jesus saying the Simon, Simon, Simon, Satan is been asking for you, that he may sift you as we but I have prayed for you that your faith should not fail. And when you will return to me strength in your brothers. Imagine for a moment. You're just hanging out with Jesus and he turns to you and says hey Greg Greg, the devil's been asking for you buying me when it freak you out just a little bit, especially coming from Christ. Yes Satan is been asking for you in particular that you would be taken out of the care and protection of God. I don't know that I've ever been tempted by the devil himself.

Let me explain that see the devil as a well organized network of minion.

No, not those minions demon powers that do his bidding. So generally when you and I have been tempted. It's been a demon doing it for the devil but the devil is not the equal of God. He is not omnipresent, meaning he can be everywhere at the same time, the devil can only be in one place at one time. So it's highly unlikely that Satan himself was tempted. Most of us, so it's possible, but Lucifer comes to Jesus and says I want that guy I want him Simon Peter. I want one. He wouldn't stop asking Kim to be given to me. Jesus says he's been asking accessibly over and over again that he would be taken out of the care and protection of God. Jesus says, but I pray for you, man. I'm so glad Jesus is in the gap for us.

Can you imagine listen whenever the double comes knocking.

I suggest you asked Jesus to answer the door. As I don't want to face the devil I know Max from nor are you and what it Satan wanted to Jesus as he wants to sift you as we listen. God knows what you can handle and he's put a wall around you. I had your protection around you, though he will allow the devil. At times to bring certain temptations in your life. God will not, never allow you to be tempted above your capacity to resist God lets us go through fiery trials. He always has a purpose. Listen to these words from worn wearers be one of my favorite Bible commentators follow me on this if you what he says quote what God puts his own people into the furnace.

He keeps his eye on the clock in his hand on the thermostat. He knows how long and how much we can take it we rebel you will have to reset the clock but if we submit, you will not permit us to suffer one minute to long. The important thing is that we learn the lesson he wants to teach us that we will bring glory to him alone." SOL said I love the first part, especially when God puts his people in the furnace. He keeps his eye on the clock in his hand on the thermostat, my wife and I are always fighting over the thermostat is about winter home in the car you know she wants it warmer. I wanted cooler with this heatwave. We been having no I want to keep the house cool like it 70 or 71 my wife like puts it back up like 75 I'm sweating I going to back and forth with the thermostat. You know God always has his hand on the thermostat. He will give you more than you can take Joey says is eye on the clock. You will leave you longer in the child and you need to be, but he was praying for Petey is great for pewter. I wish he was praying for me/yes because in Romans 834 it says who is he that condemns Christ Jesus who died more than that was raised to life is at the right hand of God. Listen interceding for us. He's interceding for you. Just as Jesus was interceding for Peter a great Bible commentator Robert Murray McShane made the statement and I quote if I can hear Christ praying for me in the next room. I would not fear a million enemy yet distance makes no difference. He is praying for me." That's truth is praying for you as well and what was Jesus praying that you will not fail you can have a lapse but you gonna come back again so I'm praying that your faith would not fail to see Jesus is senior to leave and return and Peter said then I would be balk to California, but some is believe it is going to return again. How many of you knew I was imitating Justin how many of you have no idea what that was all about to start to tell you he's pray for him and Peter did have this lapse. Why did Satan target Simon Peter short answer. He was a threat. What is a double target anyone he targets those of the greatest threat to his kingdom know you don't kick a dead horse.

I don't think you should kick any horse with no reason that you get that one so Satan sizes us up. And if you're a complacent pew potatoes just taking up space in the church that is no real threat to his kingdom will give you a hassle here there but he's not going to set his sights on you, but if you're a person that takes God seriously and actually wants to engage people with the gospel wants to make a difference for the kingdom of God, the devil is going to try to bring you down. Some of you come here today and you been under spiritual attack you been tempted like never before. Crazy thoughts come into your mind. Crazy attacks coming you're saying what I done wrong to deserve this turnaround. Maybe it's what you done right, because that attack from the enemy can be a confirmation you're actually on the right track. So here the enemy is attacking Simon Peter. No, let's look at what led to his fall because of what we follow in his footsteps.

The same thing can happen to us. Let's look at what happened assignment and take it as a warning, so we don't go in the same direction. Step number one. The led to Peter's fall and this is on the screen. If you're taking notes along with references. Step number one is first step down was self-confidence. Self-confidence verse 33 Peter answered and said, even if all are made to stumble because of you I will never to be made to stumble know what prompted Peter to make the statement what was Christ identifying Judas Iscariot as the betrayer is the trader, and Peter, this is insane. I'd never do that fact.

I will, I would stand up for Jesus.

I would die for Jesus choices, even if all are made to deny you.

I will never be made to not are you going to be just even if James and John, the so-called Sons of thunder and even if they let you out or Matthew or Andrew I Simon rock member you gave me the wrong name that's me, never deny you loose paraphrase Jesus as since you brought it up, not only to deny me once but three times. There was his problem. It was self-confidence. I'll never do that. That's why I never boast of my commitment to Christ you know some people go on and on about how much they love the Lord and how committed they are to Jesus. And that's good but I don't know. I would rather boast of how much God loves me but you think you know the apostle John wrote a gospel called John obviously and we college on at least and he would often use this phrase the disciple whom Jesus loved, and he was referring to himself, so you might read them because I like the perk of writing your own gospel you get to see Jesus love me more than anyone else that someone John was saying he wasn't seeing Jesus loved you more than anyone else he would just save I'm the disciple whom Jesus loved just what you're the disciple whom Jesus loved.

He loves you. See John was not boasting of his love for the Lord. He did not think I'm the disciple. The loves Jesus he said I am the disciple that Jesus loves the problem with Peter as he was boasting of his love and his commitment and effort is first step to spiritual failure is the denial was self-confidence and speaking these words, Peter not only revealed an unfounded confidence in himself, but he also directly contradicted what Jesus said Jesus said you going to deny me. Peter said you're wrong know God's never wrong know sometimes people come to verse in the Bible they don't agree with. Someone asked me a while back. Would you come to a verse in the Bible that you don't agree with my answer simple, you're wrong. Change your opinion. Simple as that. And so you know God may say some is a wider agreement that will actually that's too bad because of God says that it's true that Jesus is something that is going to happen. It's going to happen. You can take it to the bank. That is why when the Bible addresses our future.

What we call Bible prophecy, you know it's going to happen just like he said leaders of the said Lord. This is shocking and I'm horrified but if you see it's true truth know you're wrong Jesus, you got this all wrong. I will never deny you so he's boasting of his own love. So competent.

There has to come a moment in our life we just wake up and realize were not all that and a bag of chips.

We just aren't all vulnerable. We all of the potential of all, everyone of us and it usually starts with pride. The first first.

Mr. Nepal is often the one that says I will never fall. Others may, but I want careful now heard a story about two ducks and a frog that lived on the farm of Barbara Brown and their good friends and so the drug came in the little pond dried up and the ducks were getting ready to leave his fly off in the little fronts the guys if you leave I'm a guy I need your help you to get me out of here in the fronts and I have an idea when you two ducks picked up a stick. You know each one of you taken in in your beak and then as you flat all hold onto the stick with my mouth and you can take me to a new place where there's water so the ducks talked it over you. They figure that out so I woke up a few people just now you owe Donald so then I could do that.

Did you we have grandkids to learn a lot of trip so the ducks agreed okay will grab the stick and using them by your Malcolm will take you out of your so that they came in the ducks got the stick and their peak in the little frog leapt up and grab it by his mouth and off they flew. Macy. So farmer Brown's tenderness really looks up and he sees this type of two ducks flying with a stick that frog hanging by his mouth and former resident that is amazing that in the frog said I did get the joke to be with her just hung on and shut up.

He would've been fine and he had to take the credit. I did pride goes before a fall. Learn the lesson of the little frog step number two the led to Peter's fall was carelessness. I don't even know prayerless and this is a word I've been using it for so long. I think it is perhaps it was a lack of prayer. Look at verse 39 of Matthew 26 he went a little further, now or in the garden, disseminating our Lord is contemplating the cross and he is Peter James and John with them and he says to the father father. It's possible let this cup pass from me. Nevertheless, not as I will but as you will. Then he came to his disciples and found them asleep, and he said what could you not watch for me for one hour watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. This spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Here is our Lord in anguish as he contemplates the horrors of Calvary. All he asks of Peter, James and John, is to just set up with them and pray, but instead their slumbering and sleeping now this is a direct result of the person of self-confidence, pride and fearlessness go hand-in-hand without got this one. Cover I've got money in the account. I have an amazing Dr. I am so smart I'll fix this I don't need to pray about it or don't you.

What Jesus told them to pray and what Jesus tells you to pray, you better start praying understand this prayer is not just for petition to receive something for God, but prayer can also be for preparation preparation for something that is coming.

You see Jesus do a storm was brewing in you and just a matter of moments the lives of the disciples good was good to be changed forever. He knew Judas Iscariot in the temple guard and some Roman soldiers were coming to arrest them soon be synchronized.

Pray have you ever have the Lord wake you up in the middle of the night, put a person or situation on your heart and affirm why this for me.

I always wake up at 3 o'clock anybody else what is with 3 o'clock. You know it's it's too late to stay up. It's too early to get up and is wake up to this point there is a name you know, usually for me. The first thought is cheeseburger no I such a baton, or could be done… See the record ducks eating cheeseburgers known that it's maybe a person something I'm concerned about something I'm burdened with an income stream. Here's what I've learned to do just pray about it right there is pray. Love the words of Martin Luther who said just pray about it. Let God worry good news is, God doesn't worry but to God. II don't know what to do here you handle this. So the Lord was preparing the disciples to pray. But instead their sleeping and you know, listen to this prayerless this can be as much of his sin is breaking a commandment only know exists in the line we notice in this deal.

We know it to send you commit adultery but did you know can also be ascendant up Craig no Greg you're wrong and that way their sins of commission and omission right ascendant commission is doing what you should not do a sin of omission is not doing what you should do and over in the book of James 417 we read to him that those to do good and does not do it.

This sin so the Lord is showing you to pray about them. You better start praying about it. Jesus said men ought always to pray and not give up. Scripture tells us to pray without ceasing with this is the will of God and Jesus concerning us. Number three, Peter fell because he trusted in human effort instead of God's power again. He trusted in human effort instead of God's power. So here's a scene there in Gethsemane Jesus is in anguish. Suddenly, here comes Judith with the temple guard.

Obviously they're coming to arrest Christ, and we read in verse 51 of Matthew 26. Suddenly, those one of those were with Jesus that's viewed by the way stretch out ascendant through his sword and struck the servant of the high priest we find in another gospel.

The guys name was Marcus and the cut off his ear and Jesus said, put your sword in its place brawl take the sword will perish by the sword, don't you think that I could not pray to my father and he would provide me with more than 12 legions of angels. Now you can understand Peter's outrage at the moment.

Here comes Judas, one of Peter's friends. One of the Lord's disciples and he thinks that 30 dog and he pulls out his sword and the reason that milk is probably got a severe cut off was he was leaving the charge closes in the grab Jesus and Peter thinking yeah like over my dead body. It takes a swing full year comes up. It's the ground. Amazing. Jesus is put that thing away. Peter you live by that sword will die by that sort. I could call and angels would deliver me right now, but Peter was wanting to help Jesus.

That's commendable, I suppose, but he was going about it in the wrong way. Seaport Peter couldn't get it right.

He was boasting when he should have been listening.

He was sleeping when he should have been praying. Now he was fighting when he should have been surrendering. This is pure stupidity on his part.

He took the wrong method to it. Now we look at our country right now our country is in a spiritual and moral meltdown.

America needs change. We have so many problems going on. We have riots in the streets. We have, of course, this external threat of Islamic terrorism, a coming to our shores and only escalating add to this the fact that we have the worst decisions being made in art history, like the recent decision by the Supreme Court that we look at this and we think America needs to change in a political cycle were getting ready to elect a new president so were looking for someone to lead us out of this mess, so we think. Let's get busy okay I want to tell you what are two secret weapons are right now is that your mother whether or not boycott and protest, nor are they even register and vote. Let me say this, I believe every Christian should register and vote.

It's very important and will you don't love the world, shut up God wants you to be the light of the world and he wants you to be the salt of your stop misinterpreting Scripture be an influence for good. The Bible says when the godly rule. The people are at peace as you're looking at those candidates don't just think about the economy you think about that person and their use and I'm looking for someone with a biblical worldview. I'm looking for someone that is faith in God and his word and am looking for somebody that would make decisions that are in alignment with what the Bible teaches, and I could go on about that. That's another subject that is important as it is. And yes, it isn't Martin the secret weapons the church as that are rarely employed our prayer and preaching prayer and preaching. We need to pray for America like never before.

We need to pray for a spiritual awakening.

That's our only hope.

We need a nationwide revival and then we need to preach and that's why we do what we do that's ever going to a place as big as AT&T stadium because we want to bring the gospel to people so their hearts and change one little detail. Her footnote the last miracle of Jesus was covering the blunder of a disciple.

You know that Jesus healed the guys here is amazes me. Marcus gets his ear cut out Jesus is like sisters is your name.

Then go here when he got that for you okay so then go member is not as tough as their government alright so any heels. When the shield I said that's what you get your ear now I winded but I would've done that for sure. But Jesus would heels up the last miracle of our Lord was covering the blunder of a disciple. It just shows his love and his compassion to the Varian number four Peter Spohr step down was following at a distance following the disinterested. Peter followed him at a distance to the high priest courtyard and he went in and sat with the servants to see the end. Listen this distance from the Lord in closeness and fellowship is at the heart of every fall. Peter was still following but added distance in his defense, it's more than some of the others could say but he was at a distance. This is the problem with people in the church today. They kind of follow at a distance. It's a token involvement there late to church in the early to leave.

Don't be late to church. Please because you miss out. I see members of a church in the worship is over they missed the what would you think that's opening at that's a time of prayer and worship were created to do that. Don't miss our worship and to leave early morning or the amount of weight don't come late and leave early, early and leave late and don't really get the most out of this for your to worship together with your to learn together here to encourage one another.

You might have just the right word of encouragement for someone who's come to church today. They might have the right word of encouragement for you. Take your time, enjoy the time we have here together but when you follow at a distance. You're more vulnerable know we've all seen those programs and television were we watch the lion or the Tiger or the whatever strike it's pray and you know I've actually been African at sea lions in the wild are magnificent creatures and by the way, I never mock lions when I'm close to a living. One, because that's the big cat. Okay, so that's one cat I respect. There's also a cat. My neighborhood I really like. I found out his name is Calvin. He just walks around, comes walking across my board symptoms walks in my house. He's looking for mice and stuff. And if you run up to a meal electric pennant and the music done about him to look for stuff you like to cat scan like a dog that's why like so you see the line is waiting for the praying that leasing would showing up for lunch or come busy remnant healing that I want anything striped for lunch today. Oh here comes a gazelle look at him and broke it off. I got an event at work so stinking I don't know then there's a one gazelle 25 feet behind all the rest don't don't don't find says that's lunch anyway so the right moment is to the cruises of strikes brings it down so the devil watches us a calendar bring down someone hears all these people moving together as a family, the church.

It's harder to get them out of that all look at this straggler a look at this one. Following from a distance.

A look at this halfhearted person will be a much easier pray she Peter was following at a distance and now here he is in this place of vulnerability or destroy the little boy who fell out of bed in the middle of the night his volcano and said what happened. He said I think I stayed too close to the place where I got in. That's why we always stayed too close to the place what we got in. We stayed too close to that old life. We stayed too close to those old friend and then were surprised when we fall back into that simple pattern again. He was following at a distance now.

The fifth step to a small Matthew 26 verse 69.

He sat outside in the courtyard, and the servant girl came to him saying you were with Jesus of Galilee, he denied it before the malting. I don't know what you're saying when you got out of the gateway, another girl comes Newman says you are there. This fellow was with Jesus of Nazareth.

This time he denies within all I don't know the man little later those who stood by came up and said to Peter, surely you're one of them for your speech but phrase you and Peter began to curse and swear same. I don't know the man immediately a rooster crowed and Peter remembered the words of Jesus would said to him before the rooster crows will deny me three times and he went out and wept bitterly. She following the distance.

Peters called he's attracted to the warmth of a fire. The enemies fire if you will, the outer courtyard of the high priest Caiaphas people are warming themselves against the chill of the night and so Peter approaches and in he's warming himself. He's waiting for the end. Verse 58 says he thinks it's over with. Let's just watch the end, the end of Jesus life. The other peters dream the end of everything that he held dear and he didn't realize it was.

Not the end it was a new beginning that was coming. But here's the thing Peter was now in the wrong place with the wrong people about to do the wrong thing in his denial falls when you hang out with the wrong people in the wrong places, just a matter of time until you do the wrong thing that happened to Peter and so one person says you're with Jesus.

Now I gotta run another another person said no.

I recognize you. You were with Jesus.

This time he takes in no finally summits as your speech betrays you know what is that mean you see they identified him as a Galilean a Galilean, was a person who lived in the country.

Jerusalem was sort of like New York City and Galilee was under what the compared to what it was like of the country and was on the shore therein and the people lived in Galilee were not educated, they were not as sophisticated as those that lived in Jerusalem.

So to say your speech but phrase you it's a way of saying you're not sophisticated you're sort of like a you know your trailer trash man and you got that.

I think you got that Galilean accents and no Peter denies the third time St. I never knew them. And when it says he cursed and he swore there in verse 74.

That doesn't mean Peter swore like a sailor boy was it doesn't mean he used profanity. This means he took an oath. That's the original language thing. He took in all and pronounced a curse on himself if he were lying in other words, he effectively said, listen to me. I swear to God I never knew Jesus Christ in a rooster crows. If that's not bad enough, Jesus now is walking by at that very moment in a make eye contact with Jesus started with Peter while everything happens at once he takes his oath, the rooster crows, and he sees Christ will get a look.

Do you think Jesus gave Peter that he given that evil I like hearted Jesus roll his eyes half now. I think it was a look of love as Jesus love Peter Artie told him this would happen. He told he would fall and he would return again fact that phrase Jesus looked at Peter to better be translated. He looked right through Peter. Okay Peter messed up. Was he a believer audio did he fail sure did he deny his Lord absolutely, but he needed to remember that he would return again this setback was temporary and vicious reminders that anybody can fall into sin.

But know this, Peter was restored later will be with that in the days ahead as we look at the resurrection of Christ. But Peter was restored so let me ask you know today you come here maybe you fallen and you can't get up. Maybe in some way shape or form you deny Christ, sometimes a way we can deny Christ is not professing Christ not speaking up for Jesus. Or maybe you been trapped in some situation you been hanging out with the wrong people you been doing the wrong things and you know you're still a believer but you're following that it distance and this should be the day where you recommit your life to Christ and say Lord I don't know folly with the distance I want to be close to you as I possibly can.

But there might be some of you here that are watching who don't have a relationship with God of all we heard these amazing stories from the Crusades this year of people that were transforming what I meant. What sad story.

Some of the more this boy abandoned by his mother who turned to drugs in this other girl who wanted to murder her own mom because she was so caught up in the web of alcoholism is just sad story after sad story with a happier ending because Jesus came into their life. I don't can mess your life is in right now. This can step in and you can turn your ending into a beginning, but you must ask for his help to sometime today will I don't need. Gotta fix it myself. Okay you go ahead and try that out me know how that works sooner or later you're going to just realize you can't fix it affect you going to discover the more you try to fix it the worse it gets this going to have to come a moment when you're going to seek God help because there's no way out but you that's all right to be there for you to call upon the name of the Lord still here you and I'll answer your prayer. Would you do that right now if you ever asked Jesus to forgive you of your sin. Are you confident right now that if you were to die, you would go to heaven or are you in a state where you've made a commitment to Christ, but you've either fallen away or you're following at the very least that it distance. This is a time to get right with God working to close in prayer, to give you an opportunity to pray and commit a recommit your life to the Lord. Let's all bow our heads now father, thank you for your word to us.

Thank you for loving us, Lord, we fail, but you never fail and you are ready to forgive and I pray you'll speak to hearts now what I had about in her eyes are closed or praying. How many of you would say today. Greg, I don't think I really know God in a personal way. I don't have the assurance of go to heaven when I die. There's a big hole in my life and I want God I need Jesus. Pray for me.

I'm ready to believe in Jesus today affect your desire. If you want Jesus Christ to come in your life if you want him to forgive you of your sin if you want to go to heaven when you die if you want your guilt taken away, would you raise your hand up wherever you are. I'll pray for you. God bless you left your hand up, I reckon see it please bless you, bless you.

Anybody else got bus after watching the screen. Of course, I can't see you. That doesn't really matter now does it. God sees you to little step of faith are taken to wherever your watching me on a screen ratio. You think I want Jesus anybody else raise your hand up when we pray for you you want is forgiveness, bless you. Many are raising their hands. I hope you're one of them, bless all of you, but I had just about maybe some of you would say that I'm a backslider and I know it I'm hanging out with the wrong people. I been doing the wrong things I want to stop and I want to recommit my life to Jesus. I want to return to him and be restored. Pray for me if you need to come back to Jesus today, would you raise your hand up and let me pray for you today to bless you. Anybody else, bless you.

Anybody else raise your hand. Now, bless each one of you, and ask everyone to be that of raise your hand if you would please stand your feet and I'm a lead you on a prayer of commitment. Just dandy. Her feet.

If you raise your hand. Even if you did not, but you want to make this commitment or recommitment to Jesus Christ stand up, others are standing, you won't be alone stand up. That's right, you heard me right.

Stand up, stand up wherever you are you watching the screen stand up and I will lead you in a prayer God will hear your prayer take this little step of faith. All stand your feet. Anybody else for not standing stand.

Now wait one more moment you want to make this commitment to Jesus, you want him to forgive you of your sin. Let me pray for you stand up to bless you, bless all of you standing one final moment in the will pray anybody else stand now pray together. Anybody else, bless you and God bless you. Yes compass you to all right all of you that are standing. I want you to pray this prayer out loud after me again as I pray pray this out loud after me. Okay, pray this now, Lord Jesus, I know I'm a sinner but I know that you're the Savior who died on the cross and shed his blood for every sin I've committed. I'm sorry for my sin. I sure from my sin and I choose to follow you, Lord.

From this moment forward. Thank you for loving me and accepting me and for giving me in Jesus name I pray, amen and

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