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SM160320/How to Come Back to Life Spiritually

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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March 23, 2016 2:50 am

SM160320/How to Come Back to Life Spiritually

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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March 23, 2016 2:50 am

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Harvest messages are brought to you by harvest partners receive free email daily devotions were to become a harvest partner, please visit us titled my messages how to come back to life how to come back to life. Revelation chapter 3. When we pray now father as we open your word that we want to hear your voice. But before we do that we want to give thanks to you were reminded of the story in Scripture of the 10 lepers that were healed and one came back to give things Jesus asked the question were the other nine Lord, we don't want to be like the other. Neither forget to give thanks because we pray and pray and pray, then prayed for harvest America and you answered our prayers. You did above and beyond that which we could have asked or thought. So now we wanted to say thank you Lord bless all of those new believers were ever they are. We pray that they'll be absorbed into vibrant churches and and that they will continue want in their spiritual life. Bless all of them.

We pray, not just in Texas but all around the country and the world that came to you, we commit them all to you now speak to us as we open your word. We ask in Jesus name, amen. Okay.

Quick question. How many of you like to be sick, raise up your hand you like to be sent by another. Some people like that what we call the hypochondriacs right they have their doctor's phone number under the favorites on their iPhone right this that they always think they're sick of Ruth Graham, the wife of Billy Graham once said and I quote a board as someone who when asked how they are feeling will tell you, and there are people like that.

They love to talk about their aches and pains all the time. But then there are others that are in denial when they're sick and they're reluctant to go to the doctor read a rather strange article in the paper a while back about a woman who ended up in the Seattle a med emergency room after complaining about nausea, vomiting, and a dull pain in her back doctor discovered the woman listen to this had eaten a tube sock why I don't know. She said she had a nervous habit of eating about hapless sock each evening while now I know where those other socks go okay, this woman is been eating them. I did hear the story of a brunette lady, a brunette lady, the blonde ladies are allowed to bring that lady who went to a doctor because she wasn't feeling well.

She said.everything I touch turns. I touch my head and hurt.

I touch my leg. It hurts.

I touch my shoulder. It hurts.

I touch my toes.

Everything hurts.

I was wrong with me.

The doctor said hope you're not offended but were you ever a blonde.

She said yes. The doctor said you broke your finger sees your fingers broken everything she touches.

We are Revelation chapter 3 is a story of a sick church. The problem was they didn't know they were a sick church.

In fact, even worse than being sick, they were actually dying church and we find what Jesus says about them about the problems that were developing and I want to point out five marks of a dying church in this message. But he also gives them a prescription for recovery. How does a person die will sometimes it's sudden and unexpectedly. Other times it's over a period of time a new acre pain and grab something that's left untreated and and then it leads to death, and the same can be true individually. We can be a sick or a dying Christian and there are telltale signs but Jesus will tell us how to come back again now this particular little section of Scripture were looking at is really the introduction to the great book of Revelation and we have the message of Jesus to seven different churches.

These were actual geographical churches that once existed. The church of Ephesus and the church of Sardis and Laodicea and Smyrna and so forth.

And they're not in order. The where just said them directly following a postal route. So these were churches that once existed but they also are really a picture of the church historically from the church of the first century to present day, and sadly, we see a regression.

We start with an apostolic church called emphasis and we end up with an apostate church called Laodicea odd starts of the church leaving their first love and it ends up with the church closing their doors to Jesus himself, causing them to say that the church of Laodicea in Revelation 320 behold, I stand at the door may not know if you hear my voice, and open the door, I will commit. I mean, contextually, Jesus said that to the church. We often quoted as Jesus wanting to become the life of a nonbeliever. And that's true of course but in effect, this was a nonbelieving church it's possible to be in the church and not really believe that's how bad the church gets in the in times the same can happen in marriage. You show me a marriage that set in the divorce court and I can take you back. You would probably find the problems develop. Months before, maybe even years before there was a breakdown in communication. The romance was gone. The affection was gone and one thing leads to another and soon the marriage is unraveling.

The same can be true of us.

As followers of Jesus, we lose that closeness to Kim that intimacy with him and one thing leads to another. Before we know it were a sick and dying believer was at the end will not necessarily we can come back to life, hence the title of this message, how to come back to life spiritually.

Here are the words of Jesus and how to do that.

But first let's identify the problem. Revelation 3 starting in verse one to the angel of the church in Sardis write these things saith he that has the seven spirits of God and the seven stars I know your works. You have a name that you are alive, but you are dead, be watchful and remain and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die forever not found your works perfect before God.

So remember what you have received and heard and hold fast and repent. Therefore if you will not watch, I will come upon you as a thief is Jesus, and you will not know what our outcome upon you. You have a few names even in Sardis, but not the father garments they shall walk with me in white, for they are worthy. He that overcomes shall be clothed in white garments, and I will not blot out his name from the book of life, but I will confess his name before my father before his angels. He that has an ear to hear that I'm here with the spirit says to the churches. There is a church of Sardis impressive on the outside but dying on the inside story about it church are caught on fire and was a small town in people rushed out the watches and there stood the pastor watching his beloved church going up in flames and some men showed up that a pastorate see many times around town and had invited him to church, and the guy never came know here yes when the church is in flames and the pastor said I can't believe that you showed up. This is the first time you've ever come here before. Why did you come on this day of all days, in the guise of line. I know it's a first time pastor, but this is the first time your churches ever been on fire's elect not to be true of some churches of Jesus starts with a compliment before criticism. Look at verse one. He says I know your works. I know you guys are busy zoos on a lazy or inactive church. They were not slackers. They had a name. In fact, their name was known far and wide affect. The church was probably humming with activity. There was no shortage of money or talent or manpower. There was outwardly every indication of a church on the move but there was a problem that was developing that only Jesus could see. He says in verse two.

I have not found your works perfect before God that would better be translated, fulfilled, you're not fulfilling the purpose for which you were placed there and what is the purpose of the church. This is a very important question why does the church exist. Are we here to just babysit your kids on Sunday morning while you catch up on your sleep. We here to entertain you.

Are we here to provide programs for you to be involved in no that is not the purpose of the church. The church is here in this earth for three reasons. Therefore fingers up okay three okay three, number one, the church is here for the glorification of God. Number two. The church is here for the edification of the saints, and third and lastly the church is here for the evangelization of the world. You can sum it up this way upward in word outdoor first were here for the glorification of God. That's why we give such a place to worship in our church and by the way worship is simply prayer set to song we sing these songs were praying these musicians that stand appear are leading us in prayer we call them worship leaders there, not the warm up that that's why we should not show up late to church and missed a time of prayer because were here to bring glory to God, and that such is true of us in church, but it's true of us in life, whatever you do, you should be able to bring glory to God in your career and your marriage and your choices you make in life bring glory to God.

That's why God put us on this earth and heaven. We read these words for your pleasure.

You have created all things. I'm created by God to bring pleasure to him and bring glory to his name. Number two were here for the edification of the St. such as the fancy word that means to build up.

That's all we give such a prominent place in all of our services to Bible study were always going to do that. We've always done that will always do that because this is God's word that he is given to us so we come to hear the word of God and however that's expressed there's always worship and Bible study, you'll probably notice of its youth ministry industry. The women ministry. The men that doesn't really change it's always worship and Bible study and not only Bible study, but it's encouraging one another in building up one another and serving one another. That's the edification of the saints and finally there's the evangelization of the world. This is really the outgrowth of the first two.

I'm glorifying God and being built up in the church and now we evangelize the world and fulfill the great commission, but Sardis was not fulfilling their purpose. They had a great reputation, but no reality. They were dying and they didn't even know it. This remind you of the story of Samson member him.

He was the he-man with the she weakness sense.

Unlike the girls and straightaway he was involved with a prostitute and then the other involves of women and he finally ended up with this girl named Delilah that was hell-bent on his destruction and Samson thought he could handle it because after all he had superhero qualities I want occasionally killed a thousand Philistines with a job only picked up off the ground. This guy picked up the gates of the city wants and carried them for many miles before dumping them. This guy was amazing.

And a lot of times we think Samson was super buff right in a washboard abs and bulging biceps Bible never says that maybe he was a little nerdy guy, you know, skinny and small and because we read the Holy Spirit will come upon them anyway. Do these supernatural feats of strength. Whatever the case, Samson thought he would always get out of every probably was in and for the most part he did tribes would be set for him and he always overcame the traps on Delilah even began to try to find the secret of his strength getting closer and closer to the truth and then when she thought she found the toothache. The Philistines are upon you and the Philistines would rush in to grab a penny thrown aside like a ragdoll. One day she did discover the secret of his strength that was as long hair, which was a symbol of his consecration to God as a Nazirite and she shaved his head, and she said the Philistines are upon you, and he jumped up to get rid of them. But the Bible says in Judges 1620, he did not know that the Lord departed from him and of course they grab them and took them away and gouged out his eyes. It was a very sad story the way it ended but see this is the thing the person who is dying spiritually is usually the last to know they think everything's fine. They think they're doing just great. They can rationalize every decision they've made, even though those decisions are wrong and someone will come along and say hey bro I think there's something wrong in your life spiritually, and seen some bad indications and they'll say something like, hey, don't judge me. I'm doing fine for you to say anything to me but there dying to Jesus told him they were dying, but they didn't realize that they were dying that you know you can do all the right things outwardly and still be spiritually dying we can sing our worship songs perfectly knowing each lyric as well as the melody. We can pray eloquently even having people comment and say why that was a wonderful prayer we can dutifully take notes on messages that we hear and even though our Bibles quite well with it can be a spiritual deadness about all I don't want you to go out of church today St. man that was great worship or even say men is in the harvest, worship, and amazing. I want you to walk out here same men don't we worship a great God to that's the message that were trying to convey a great God that we worship. I don't want you to walk out of your same great sermon, I want you to walk out of your same great Savior, because that is our job if you will disappoint you to Christ and we've all been to dead churches. We know what they look like just a deadness from beginning to end and there are marks of a dead church, a Chuck Swindoll wrote an excellent book on the book of Revelation any given outline on five marks of a dead church on taking his outline and adding some of my own thoughts them.

Here's what he came up with number one dead church worships its past a dead church worships its past. There are amazing stories of conversion, but they all happen 3040 years ago and I'm all for reflecting back on what God is done, but I refuse to live in the past we need to be in the present and we need to always be planning for the future but dead churches live in the past number to a dead church is inflexible and resistant to change.

It's inflexible and resistant to change, listen the problem in the church today is sometimes work flexible. What we need to be in flexible work inflexible.

What we need to be flexible that make sense what or where should we be inflexible.

We should be inflexible on the essentials essentials of the teaching of the word of God, of the worshiping glorification of God evangelism. These are essentials.

Were not going to back down on one of the water these things down. These are the essentials so we need to be lots of we need to be inflexible. There, but then we need to be inflexible with nonessentials urges me flexible with nonessentials and give me all confused again or someone in the same sorry losing my voice or I'm fine all right now. So we need to be flexible with inflexible's and by that I mean style. This is where people get hung up style styles of music, embracing new technology all kinds of things along those lines tell you little secret. It might surprise you. I don't like all the music we have on harvest Crusades second is revelation to some of you I know what I mean I don't dislike it, but it's not my style of music, but it's not about me it's about reaching the generation of young people that make like certain kinds of music so we change the subject are not going there are gonna like the music well, who cares what you like, why don't you put your ear plugs in and load up your van with a bunch of young kids and take them to the crusade and pray that they come to Jesus. That's the point.

Son about the world revolving around you because when you get older you like routine predictability listen to certain kinds of music, usually from your childhood. You like to go to a certain restaurant and sit in a certain seat and order a certain item every single time you have your go to close that you always wear you like to know what's coming. Young people. In contrast, like chains and it actually like activity so we can become very rigid and we can be resistant to change.

Remember when we put in video screens. I think it was the 90s. I can't remember now, we put two screens up and some people freaked out and people were asked to write me a letter I don't come to church to watch TV were not exactly showing reruns of I Love Lucy Academy which is video enhancement eye level. He was if I don't follow Greg to be here in person speaking. I don't want to watch them on the screen.

They say this weather watch me on the screen as I see where you're looking you're looking there on the screen right that's okay, but my point is we become very rigid about this. I don't like this, but we think about this from what we were able to do it harvest American notes on the put a screen appear that has bunch of stats on it using the screen as a matter of fact and okay so let's let's review this for a moment to look at the redline 82,000 people came. We filled the stadium to capacity with overflow.

I'm told thousands of people were not able to get in.

We never expected that I'll be truthful with you.

I always thought we'd ever room enough room for everyone. So God truly did above and beyond that which we could ask or think. So 82,000. That's a lot of people. Here's a picture of from the platform if they can pull that photo up to can give you a sense of the size of the crowd going all the way to the top tier. Those are just solid people. Let's come back to the ground for a moment and let's go to what else it says back to the ground for a moment sometimes technology doesn't work as well as you would like your product now on the top line 6300 people made a profession of faith.

That's a lot of people. 6300 cake that's all that we did as I was.

If I would've been more than enough work all the prayer worth all the effort, but as they say in the commercials but wait there's more knowledge of the down 7000 host sites write all around the United States and even around the world. Look at that number in the middle hundred and 80,000 by the way, we don't exaggerate numbers here were very particular about numbers and so we had 180,000 people in attendance at a host sites somewhere in America or in another country.

That's a lot of people they were watching a screen and by the way, but best of all 18,000 of them made a profession of faith to follow Chrysler that's amazing right there. Now here's there's even more. Look at the bottom line, 89,000 people 769 watch the webcast it says unique views. Now, sometimes people will say we got so many kits on our website that is not all that meaningful. A unique view is someone that tunes in and stays tuned in.

We had 89,000 we can track that sort of thing you'd in 123 countries led to that last number 1042 not go to the next screen. A look at this conclusion. 351,769 people in attendance. 25,342 people making a profession of faith know I mentioned, we went around the world. I've gotten some wars that since we had that put together well hundred and 23 countries visited harvest America life. There was a church in India were 156 people gathered in India business harvest America, they missed that. And they made it harvest India. God bless him for that and 32 people made a commitment to follow Christ watching it in India in the church in Nairobi had 2000 people attend 2000 people in Nairobi listen 700 people responded at the imitation in Nairobi crazy so you know we have to be flexible, new opportunities come along new platforms of media to use those platforms with the gospel, but a dead church is inflexible and resistant to change. Number three a dead church is lazy leadership, lazy leadership of complacency and lethargy sets it to churches and spiritual cruise control and I want to change anything, you know what periodically. I think things need to be blown up. I like to blow stuff up. What are you some kind of pyromaniac. Let me explain.

Well, I do blow that much about sons, dramatic but I did blow a tugboat up once a toy. It's okay. It was a little toy that belonged to my son Christopher who was a very little boy at the time it was a sort of little unsinkable tugboat and and we try to push it down to the bottom of a pool and would pop back up again and he really love this crazy thing and so after the years. I finally got a little older, is that he, Christopher, you want to blow this thing up. He said yeah that, let's do it. So we cut a tiny hole and we dropped and MET and it you don't and MET us.

That's more powerful than the cherry bomb that I was a dramatically different dropped it in, got back and watching the disorders that the Donna Lovato sentiment, but hey we blew it upright sometimes in church. We need to blow things up like we've always done it this way we can change it know you can change it.

In fact, you need to change it is not working anymore you know any church. It still is a cassette ministering maybe it's time to blow that up as you have to go to eBay to buy cassette players located on the way of the 8-track, but my point is will say, but this is always the way we did a but is it still effective. Maybe it's not as effective as he used to be. Let's change it. Let's be flexible.

We can be flexible.

We won't change the essentials, but let's be flexible with the way their expressed okay so those are the marks of a dead church know if this is happening in the church or even an individual individual's life which said they do.

Jesus gives us prescription for spiritual renewal.

Number one they need to wake up verse two be watchful.

That could be better translated, wake up. Another words recognize something is seriously wrong. First you wake up number two. Strengthen the things that remain verse two.

Strengthen the things that remain, the word strengthen means to stabilize that which is frail noticing the scene and so many films someone is seriously injured someone else's stay with me until help come stay with me.

Don't leave me now Jesus is in effect think stay with me church. Don't give up now is a very important one. Number three be watching for the return of Jesus Christ. Why verse three if you will not watch, I will come upon you is empty. You know it's interesting how people react to the imminent return of Christ.

I think it's a real spiritual barometer of where you are at with God when you hear Jesus is coming you get excited that I would say to me you're walking with the Lord. The sense of dread overtakes you and your Christ could come back at any moment that would indicate to me that maybe you're not walking with the Lord as you ought to. John gives us two potential reactions to Christ's return of first John 228. He says now dear children, continue to live in fellowship with Christ.

So when he returns will be full of courage and not shrink back from him in shame. Your two choices. If you're right with the Lord you will be full of courage. If you're not right with the Lord you will be shrinking back from human shame.

You can walk with him and have courage, or you cannot walk with them and have shame.

What is your attitude toward the Lord's return. A person is right with God when they hear Jesus say, behold, I come quickly responds. Even so, Lord Jesus, I'm ready. Lord, you know I've been a pastor for over 40 years you know that and back in those days we first started out I I would preach on the soon coming of Jesus.

I believe Jesus could come at any time.

That guy even design the little bumper sticker with my little cartoon character been born again with a little Bubble Same Jesus Is Coming and We Printed It and We Reprinted It We Reprinted It Again… Will Bring Them Back Again. But You Know Is Immigrant That Was 40 Years Ago and You Can Come This and That Mean You're Wrong Know I'm I Was Wrong. I Think We Should Live Every Day As Though It Were the Day Christ Was Coming Back.

I Don't Regret Any of This One Day, It'll Be the Day We Should Live Every Day As Though It Were Our Last Day Because It Could Be Yeah Craig I Was 40 Years Ago. Just What Were 40 Years Closer to It Than We Were Then, so I'm Still Excited about It the Look of Jesus Comes in My Lifetime Really Doesn't. That's Not the Point. You'll Come When He's Going to Come, but I'll Tell You One Thing Some of You Want to Be Glad He Didn't Answer Our Prayer to Come Back in 1972 Illustrate, Let Me Take a Quick Poll. How Many of You Will Become a Christian since 1970.

Raise Your Hand. You See, Look around.

That's A Lot Of You Got Is Not Late As Some Men Count Lateness. He's Long-Suffering toward Us, Not Willing That Any Should Perish but That All Should Come to Repentance. When You Believe Jesus Could Come Back at Any Moment It As a Purifying Effect on You Spiritually Were Told of Her Son. He Didn't Have This Hope Is the Hope of the Lords Soon Return.

He Purifies Himself, Even As We Are. Even As He Is. Excuse Me.

So How We Live As We Await His Return Were to Live Godly Uncompromising Live for His Glory. We Are to Strengthen What Remains, Watching and Waiting for Him to Listen to This. We Are to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit We Are to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit Because He Tells Us That We Need That Power in Our Life. In Fact, It's Interesting When You Go Back to What Jesus Says of This Church.

In Verse One.

He Presents Himself As the One Who Holds the Seven Spirits of God and the Seven Stars. These Symbols Were Identified in the First Chapter of Revelation. The Seven Spirits Are Symbol of the Holy Spirit in His Fullness.

What Jesus Was Saying Is You Guys Who Are Dying Spiritually, You Need the Power of the Holy Spirit in Your Life to Give My Question for You. Are You Filled with the Holy Spirit. So Greg, I'm a Christian. Of Course Sam Holland You Can Be a Christian and Not Be Being Filled with the Holy Spirit Because over in Ephesians 5 It Says Be Filled with the Holy Spirit Speaking Yourself in Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Singing and Making Melody in Your Heart to the Lord That Could Better Be Translated Be Constantly Filled with the Holy Spirit Again and Again and Again.

Therefore, a Believer Needs Refills Missing. If You like Buying a Car Brand-New Driving up for a Week or Two and Then the Car Stops Working, You Think We Can a Piece of Junk. Is This Your to Get Back to the Dealer. This Car Stopped Operating That's Brand-New and the Dealer Looks in Your Dashboard and Says That Red Light, Sir, Is Called an Idiot like and Your to Fuel This Was a Tesla Know This Is Not an Electric Car. Sir, You Need to Put Fuel in the Vehicle.

So Were Going through Life and We Start Sputtering and We Find Ourselves Becoming Impatient with People in and We Don't Look for Opportunities to Share Our Faith.

Another Problem Is Our Developing We Say What's Wrong Maybe You Need a Refill of the Holy Spirit. So How Do You Get It Is Pray for Effective the End of Our Time Will Pray and Ask God to Refill All of Us so We Need to Be Refilled with the Holy Spirit. We Need to Be Living a Life That Brings Glory to Him and Now Very Interesting and Understood Misunderstood Verse.

Look at Verse Five He Who Overcomes Will Be Clothed in White Garments, and I Will Not Blot out His Name from the Book of Life, but I Will Confess His Name before My Father before His Angels.

The Bible Tells Us That God Has a Book That Gives Quite A Few Books. He Has a Book of Remembrance Containing the Names of Those Who Fear the Lord, and Think on His Name Then He Has the Book Sometimes Referred to As the Book of Life, or Even the Lamb's Book of Life Effect. Revelation 20 We Read That the Books Plural Will Be Open and the Dead Will Be Judge What Is Written in the Books and Then Another Book Is Open Which Is the Book of Life, and Whoever Is Not Found Written in the Book of Life Will Be Cast into the Lake of Fire Is My Question for You Right Now Is Your Name Written in the Book of Life.

So How Do You Know What When You Believe in Jesus, It's There. I Don't Know When It Happens. I Don't Know If God in His Foreknowledge Puts It in There before You Believe Because He Knew You Would.

Or Maybe He Writes It in There When You Jubilee but One Thing I Do Know When You Put Your Faith in Christ. Your Name Is Written in God's Book of Life. You Know You Can Have Your Name of the Church Register but Not Have It Written in the Divine Register so We Want to Make Sure Name Is Written in This Book, but Here's a Very Important Thing. The Greek Sentence Here Has a Double Negativism Jesus Meant to Say I Will Never Buy Any Means Blot Your Name out You Should Never Walk through Life As a Christian Thinking. I'm Not Say If You Put Your Faith in Christ, God's Is Your Name Will Never Be Blotted out in Order to Live in Fear of That You Can Live in Confidence That Your Eternal Future Is Secure. Look at Verse Five He Who Overcomes Will Be Clothed in White Garments, and Will Not Blot out His Name from the Book of Life, and I Will Confess His Name before My Father before His Angels. I Love This. Jesus Promises to Stand up for Us in Heaven. Here's a Question We Stand up for Him under These Standing up for Us, Talk about Having Friends in High Places. You Stand up for Him.

Jesus Said If You Will Confess Me before Men Are People of Confession before My Father in the Angels in Heaven Then the Additive You Deny Me before Men Are People All Deny You before My Father in the Angels, Here's Something to Consider. Sometimes by Not Confessing Him. I May in Effect Be Denying Him There. Give Me an Outright Denial As in the Case of Simon Peter When He Said I Never Knew the Man That He Said It Three Times in a Peter Think about That for a Moment.

I Mean, Jesus Said Your Regular Diet Deny Three Times That You Know Me before the Rooster Crows Twice. So Peter Leaves and Is Hanging out by the Courtyard of Caiaphas, First Question, What about This Other Any Roosters around Here Because of There Are. I Don't Want to Be Here. I'm Steering Clear of All Roosters Jesus Mentioned a Rooster in Our Prayers First and I'll Sure Enough the Rooster Crows and Honored When yet I Was a Denial Sometimes and Not Confess Is a Denial You Might Be in a Conversation with Some Coworkers and the Conversation Turns to Spiritual Things and Everyone Begins to Opine about Their Views on God and the Afterlife. I Think Those Are I Think That What You Think of the Turn You What You Think Happens after We Die. Do You Think There's a God and He Was a Christian Say Something like I Really Don't Comment on That and I Don't like to Get into Arguments Really That Was a Form of Denial.

Come on Now, Don't Deny Him, He Standing up for You Stand up for Him. Yes, Jesus Can Heal the Sick and Dying Believer. That's Why I Want to Pray That God Would Just Fill All of Us with the Holy Spirit before I Do That I Want Just See These Final Words to Any of You That Might Be Visiting Today Are. Maybe You've Come Here for a Time but You're Not Sure If Your Name Is Written in God's Book.

Listen We Gotta Get This Resolved. Right Here, Right Now Is Not Something You Put off.

I Said, You Should Live Every Day As Though It Were Your Last Day Because It Could Be and I Believe That Someone's Name Is Going to End up in the Obituary Column. It Could Be Your Name.

It Could Be Mine.

But If I My Faith in Christ Said That Something I Have To Fear That That's What's Going to Happen. It Happens I Go to Heaven but If I Don't Have My Name Written God's Book What Is the Bible Safe Will Be Cast into the Lake of Fire for How Could a God of Love Sent Summoning All US Was a Matter of Fact, God Doesn't Send Anyone to Hell They Said That Little Role in Video. God Doesn't Send People to Hell. He Saves People from Hell. Last Thing He Wants Is for Anyone to Go There. That's Why He Sent Jesus His Son to Die on the Cross and Paid the Price for Our Sin and Rise Again from the Dead, and This Coming Weekend Will Remember That I Will Celebrate That. Listen Right Now You Can Have Your Name in the Book. If You Believe in Jesus. If You've Not Done That You Can Do It Right Now. We Can All Bow Our Heads and Pray and Everyone Pray with Me If You Would Father Thank You for Your Word to Us.

Thank You for Loving Us so Much That You Sent Jesus to Die for Us Now. I Pray for Those That Are Here and Those That Are Watching and Listening That Do Not yet Know You. I Pray That Your Holy Spirit Will Convict Them of Their Sin Convince Them of Their Need for You and Help Them to Come to You Now Believe What I Had Said about in Her Eyes Are Closed Door Frame.

How Many of You Would Say Today Greg, I Want My Name in God's Book. I Want to Go to Heaven When I Die I Want to Be Ready for the Return of Jesus. Pray for Me I Was Ready to Say Yes to Jesus Right Now That Your Desire. If You Want God to Forgive You of Your Sin If You Want to Be Sure That You Go to Heaven When You Die If You Want Your Name Written in God's Book If You Want to Be Ready for the Lord's Return Wherever You Are, What You to Raise Your Hand up and I Want to Pray for You This Razor Him up. I Reckon See a Cop Bless You Raise Your Hand up. I'll Pray for You Today. You Want Christ in Your Life. Let Me Pray for You Wherever You Are, Just Lift Your Hand Applied. I Can See It.

God Bless You. God Bless You. Anybody Else Raise Your Hand.

Now I'll Pray for You Guys Watching the Screen. Of Course I Can See You but That Doesn't Really Matter Now Doesn't Because the Lord Sees You and the Lord Loves You Which You Raise Your Hand up Right Now Saying Yes I Want Jesus in My Life Wherever You Are.

Raise Your Hand. The Bless All of You That Are Raising Your Hand Away One More Moment. You Want God's Forgiveness.

You Want Christ to Come in Your Life You Want to Know You Go to Heaven When You Die, Richard Blasts. Now Everyone That Is Raise Your Hand If You Would Please Watch of This Dandy Her Feet Stand up, You Heard Me Right. Stand up and Begin a Pray Together Even If You Did Not Raise Your Hand but You Want Jesus to Come into Your Life, Stand up Wherever You Are You Watching the Screen Stand up Wherever Your Hearing This. Watching This, Dandy. Her Feet Were Going to Pray Together You Will Not Regret This Decision Away One More Moment Stand up Will Pray Together Get This Settled Man Come on Anybody Else.

Tell Your Feet Stand up. God Bless You, Standing the Bless You Anybody Else Stand Now or I Got Bless All of You Know You That Are Standing Want You to Pray This Prayer out Loud after Me Again As I Pray You Pray This out Loud after Me Right Where You Stand.

Pray This Now, Lord Jesus, I Know That I'm a Sinner but I Know That You Are the Savior Who Died on the Cross for My Sin and Rose Again from the Dead. Jesus Come into My Life.

I Want My Name in Your Book. I Choose to Follow You from This Moment Forward in Jesus Name I Pray a Man. God Bless All of You That Certain Phrases Express How Blessed

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