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SM161016/The Choices of a World Changer

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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October 18, 2016 6:47 pm

SM161016/The Choices of a World Changer

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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October 18, 2016 6:47 pm

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Harvest messages are brought to you by harvest partners to receive free email daily devotions or to become a harvest partners, please visit us or at our world changers series I will get to be looking at two passages of Scripture today. Hebrews chapter 11 and Genesis 13 Hebrews 11 and Genesis 13 in the title of my message is the importance of right choices, you know, every day were faced with all my I don't know if it's thousands or hundreds. It seems like thousands, but just countless choices, every kind of choice imaginable from 01 American to eat for breakfast. Women can wear what room identity whom we can email whom I can respond to all the things that run through our minds.

Choices that were going to make. I don't know about you but when I pull up to a take-out restaurant. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by too many choices. You know they've all these things and then there's the pressure of people behind you and they want to order so your cyclic United yes can I help you I went to Taco Bell the other day.

By the way, I love Taco Bell I love Taco Bell. I would pick Taco Bell over many restaurants that cause much more. Trust me because I do think the food is fantastic, and there's something on the Taco Bell menu and giving you a food tech now so it you'll thank me for this later because I told you about getting a burger at in and out right.

I told you to get it animal style. Have any of you ever tried it on. Please note I'm trying. When I give food to solicit okay when I give you the word of God really loves about food tips there up there to okay so I wanted to get to the next level.

I told you animals that would chop jalapeno peppers or member member then exhibited in that, but Taco Bell back to them. There's a menu item that used to be under menu years ago. That's no longer on their screen. Of all these thousands of new things to loop the loop the loop. I don't even know these things are you ready for it. It's called the insured Rito the end she read it.

It's not on the board but it's still in existence today still not a make it and it's good.

What is indigent Rito US. It's like an enchilada on steroids in Canada which is good. But all these decisions. Again, those decisions don't matter a lot unless you eat too much and inflated night you pay for it later, someone asked me recently what was the best decision you've ever made in your life by the wall easy. Number one accepting Jesus Christ write me no question about that. That's number one number two Mary, my wife Kathy. That's number two right up there no doubt number three not wearing the toupee that was custom-made for me this is true, what Gets to a someone made me a toupee.

While US while I didn't request it from my friend Dennis I get Jeannie and who's watching right now he Dennis has gone talk to him this morning he had a toupee may and he goes, Greg, you need to get one of these two.

These are really amazing and I'm doing that this is voice and he says body, the guy who makes him as a Christian like I can't wear to pay nobody ago when made for you you'll do it for free. Sure enough, this guy makes me a toupee. At first he please. Though it wasn't the worst I've ever seen was about it all and I felt very self-conscious wearing it because on the inside of the toupee and said made for pastor Greg Laurie Bennett said, praise the Lord! Unlike, really, so one time I you know we are trying to wear this thing okay so I wore we went to Costco and there with the wind was blowing really hard that night it was lifting off the back of my head you know that that's just a buzz kill when you're here is flipping up in the back.

You know, while so I just envision nothing flying off and landing in someone's lap. Made for pastor Greg Laurie is a good decision to not wear that for sure is a lot of bad business decisions that have been made.

I read about an opportunity that came to the Mars candy company, a member the film ET ET phone home member that moving the little alien will ET like to eat candy.

Remember, so Steven Spielberg who directed ET went to the Mars camp candy company and said would you like to have your candy M&Ms featured NET. They said no we don't want that. They didn't think the film would do well so we'll work went over to Reese's pieces and sales of their candy went up 65% the same month. The film was released. That decision read about an executive at Decca records. I was given an opportunity to audition a new band. He listened to him he was not impressed. He said guitar groups are on their way out. Well capital records to come up in the first year they sold $38 million for the records and since then they've sold 65 million records, you probably heard of in there called the Beatles I was a bad decision.

Guitar groups are on their way out. I bet that guy was on his way out after he made that decision. Another bad decision was when the Trojans accepted the gift from the Greeks the Greek army were trying to get into the impenitent impenetrable artwork, impenetrable city of Troy to no avail. So they came up with a plan they would build a large wooden horse known as the Trojan horse, and they put some soldiers in their innate came up to the hopes of Troy said we have a gift for you and they accepted the gift.

Strangely enough, and brought it into the city and then the Greek army acted as they were, though they were retreating, so the people are trending them in those Greeks are something they're gone and they left.

This is great gift. Thank you.

People of Greece to buy and then of course there were soldiers inside of the Trojan horse of came out open the doors at the Greek army and in the city fell 1 of the worst decisions ever happened to a group known as the Donner party ever heard of them. These were pioneers back in April 1846, 90 pioneers and 20 covered wagons made the journey from Chicago to California. Not an easy journey, but something that was doable. Many were on their way to our state. Back in those days. This is before the California gold rush broke out and brothers Jacob and George Donner were leading the party so they began their journey on the California trail that was the way most people came to California, but they met some random person who told them there was a shortcut which states, which resulted in them ending up many of them freezing to death. 40/87, died in many of the survivors actually turn to cannibalism. So beware of wooden horses shortcut in toupee. Okay world of the phase 3 C's of life challenges, choices and consequences. Again, challenges, choices and consequences those challenges may come as an opportunity or a temptation.

The hardest thing to learn in life is which printer crop which bridge to cross, in which bridge to burn because choices are important as we will see in the story before us. Here we have side-by-side to believers, Abraham and Lot 1 Abraham most for most of the part of most of the time made the right choices in life and the other lot made a series of wrong choices that he lived to regret, which is goes to show that your choices do matter and God will show you the choice to make, but it still up to you to act in that choice.

Back when I was in school I hated pop quizzes because I was never prepared. I never did my homework. I was not a good student. I have a granddaughter, Allie, who loves school. It's her first year in school.

Her sister was off for the day she goes to a different school and so we were babysitting them and I said Allie you can take the day off from school today and be with her sister and she said no I want to go to school and I looked at her and I thought, are you related to me. How did this happen. I was so impressed, but she loves to go to school and I never liked those pop quizzes I like those open book test where you could actually find the answers. Will God effectively gives an open book test to all of us and he says over in Deuteronomy 3019 I've said before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, that you and your children may lead a love that God says okay here is your choice of life or death, blessings or curses.

By the way, the right answer is. Choose lot.

I'm giving you the answer, but we still cast the deciding vote by what we do and it's so true God says choose life for you and your listen. Children may live because your choices affect not only you but your children and potentially your grandchildren and your great grandchildren. Ungodly decisions can impact the family for generations, godly decisions can impact the family for generations as well. So now let's look at the world changer who made the right choices. Let's go to Hebrews 11 verse eight we come back to Abraham by faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place which he would receive as an inheritance and he went out, not knowing where he was going by faith he dwelt in the land of promise as in a foreign country, dwelling in tents with Isaac and Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise. There, Abraham is uniquely introduced to us in Scripture is the friend of God and one day God said to his friend Abraham that he wanted him to follow him leave his life of paganism and worship of false gods and leave his family and pack his bags and go God said I want you and your wife Sarah to go to this land. You don't even over the land is all reveal that to you later.

I want you to go and Abraham obeyed sort of. He did leave that was a big step. He did leave his family. That was a bigger step what he took one family member along with them and that was lot lot was his nephew in law had a detrimental effect on his uncle now in effect, God tells us to do the same thing because we all know certain people that build us up when were around them spiritually and we all know people that sort of drag us down over around them spiritually know if you God for dinner with certain people. You come away feeling closer to the Lord builds up in your faith other people to cut it pull you down.

I give all the people I've had the opportunity to meet and get to know I've been able to meet a lot of wonderful godly men in women that it pressed me deeply.

I suppose if I had to narrow it down to the most godly person I've ever met and spent time with it with hands down the Billy Graham.

He is the most Christlike person I've ever met. Just unbelievable kind, generous person. Everything you think he is he is and more. He's just that God he's been walking with the Lord. All these years, but I know other people who are Christians by the way were always ticked off about something you know they're always mad at someone, they remind me of Don Quixote tilting at windmills you know they always have to have an adversary or an nemesis in I get really weary of that. Okay when it's always this person's doing that, that they're always upset about something, some people pull you down and up you been with them you're not looking forward to being with them again in other people when they build you up and you feel closer to the Lord lot was one of those guys that was dragging Abraham down.

Second Timothy 222 says run from anything that stimulates youthful laws follow anything that makes you want to do what's right. Listen pursue faith and love and peace and enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with your heart. Enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with your heart. So here's my question for you.

What kind of influence are you having on people.

Are you will godly influence or an ungodly influence are you building others up or are you one of those people that drags them down. Now let's reverse it. What kind of influencer people have been on you, are you more like Abraham, the friend of God. Lot the compromise or are you a world changer is addressed before or is the world changing. You know, having said that this does not mean we should not have relationships with nonbeliever because Paul writes in first Corinthians 5.

Nine. When I wrote you before I told you not to associate with people who indulge in sexual sin, but I wasn't talking about unbelievers who indulge in sexual sin are those who are greedy or swindlers or idol worshipers. You would have to leave this world will avoid people like that.

What I meant to say was, you should not associate listen with anyone who claims to be a Christian, yet indulges in sexual sin or is greedy or worship titles or is abuse over as a drunkard or a swindler don't even eat with such people listen. I expect nonbelievers to behave like nonbelievers so I'm not shocked when I'm working out at the gym and some guy talk to me and uses when you have some profanity help you set that what what you two more Christlike because he's not a Christian, yet so I want to establish dialogue. I want to engage him. I want to ultimately reach him.

I don't expect them to exhibit the behavior of a follower of Jesus, but when I am around a Christian.

I expect more when I'm around someone who professes to be a follower of Christ.

I am hoping that they're going to reflect that in the way that they live. So here's the dynamic in the story were about to consider lot was not in nonbeliever lot was a believer, albeit a compromising one, and that is why Abraham told him to separate from Genesis 12 one God said to Abraham, get out your country and from your family and from your father's house to a land that I will show you. But again, as I told you, you brought long lot along now, in the absence of his father is lot left his father he probably looked Abraham as a father figure and dad to Abraham's credit that was something in this great patriarch that lot so admired any wanted to be around this godly man well this godly man.

Abraham took a detour.

He shouldn't take him remember onset of continuing on in his journey to the land God was leading them to you took a detour down the eject.

That's because the famine came in the land then and he said to his beautiful wife Sarah hate it when you see the Egyptians, tell them you're my sister because of the finding your my wife will kill me and take you in the Pharaoh Sarah.

Sure enough, the Egyptians come along spot the gorgeous Sarah and Abraham goes with his lies.

Sarah strangely goes along with it, and then a series of plagues come on the house of Pharaoh any rebukes Abraham and says get out of here. Take your family and leave my country and this is where the conflict between Abraham a lot now begin to develop and I were going to go back to Genesis 13, I had to turn there as well. So flip over to Genesis 13 regular read verses 1 to 13 by the way I'm reading from the new living translation. So Abraham left eject it says Abram, but I'll see Abraham because his name was later changed. Abraham left Egypt and traveled north into the Negev, along with his wife and law and all Lyons Abraham was very rich in livestock silver and gold from the Negev, they continue traveling by stages, toward Bethel and they pitch their tents between Bethel and AI where the account before exiting pleasure. Abraham and built the altar and worshiped the Lord again lot who was traveling with Abraham had become very wealthy with lots of sheep and goats. Herds of cattle and many tens but the land could not support both Abraham and Lot with all the flocks and herds living so close together so disputes broke out between the herdsmen of Abraham and Lot at that time, Canaanites and parasites were living on the land. Finally, Abraham said the lot. Let's allow this conflict to come among us or our herdsmen. After all were close relatives. The whole countryside is open to you. Take your joints of any section of land you want will separate. If you want to go to the left I'll take the land on the right. If you preferred prefer the limb on the right. Go to the lab to this law took a long look at the fertile plains of the Jordan River in the direction of Zoar. The whole area was well watered everywhere like the garden of the Lord or the beautiful land of Egypt. So lot took the land that reminded him of Egypt. That's before the Lord destroyed seven and Gomorrah. Lot chose for himself the whole Jordan Valley to the east of them and he went there with this flocks in the servants and parted company with this uncle Abraham. So Abraham settled in the land of Canaan, and Lot. This tends to a place near Sada and settle among the cities of the plain with the people of the area were extremely wicked and continually sinned against the Lord. There are, I so here's the operative statement for the moment you make your choices and then your choices make you secured Abraham a lot. They've acquired great wealth they become very prosperous.

There's nothing wrong with prospering, because if you work hard you invest your money. You say you tie you one of the Lord you live a life of integrity, it's very likely that you're going to do well in life financially.

Some may be better than others, but God is going to bless you as you want a biblical principle, so it should not come as a shock that God would bless someone lot prospered and Abraham prospered. But the reaction to it was different. You see, Abraham had possession, but possessions have a lot just comes down to the person.

Some people may have a lot in not be all that attached to it. The understanding came from the Lord. The understanding can be taken back from the Lord. So their touch is light but others man. They hang on everything they pinch every penny they hoard their like Gollum in the Lord of the rings right past chance got that ring don't you dare try to pry it from their fingers are all about that stop and I was lot to the reality between Abraham. A lot was not caused by the land of the famine of their wealth, or even their herdsmen. The heart of every problem is the problem of the heart and Lockhart was in this world is evidence by where he ended up living Abraham was content with his lot, but lot wanted a lot more Lord wanted stop Abraham wanted God what you want to if you seek God first, if you seek him in his kingdom first one is Jesus promised all these things shall be added unto you. But if you're all about getting that stuff and getting a head had been successful in on you go then then your going to lose twice, you will get the Lord in very likely will get the stuff you want even if you get the stuff you want. You probably won't be satisfied with that because you'll still want more stuff and this was a problem with lot.

He wanted to have all this world offers but he still wanted friendship with God and the Bible warns in James four for you adulterers, don't you realize friendship with the world makes you an enemy with God. I say it again that that your rain to enjoy this world you can't be a friend of God.

So make a decision you want to be God's Trinity want to be the world trip lot wanted to be the world's friend Abraham wanted to be God's friend in lot wanted to have it both ways.

See the problem with lot was. He didn't believe. Don't forget he's identified in the New Testament as a believer, but he sort of leaned on Abraham, it comes under this Abraham walk with God, but lot walk with Abraham Lund needed uncle Leigh to cut out: Lund needed this man of God, the kind of people moving forward.

He couldn't do it on his own. He hadn't developed his own close relationship with the Lord and their people like this that are constantly drawn to the world and a lot of times the people I find that are the most drawn to the world are people who sometimes are raised in the church see when you're not raised in the church and he lived in that world and you've seen the underbelly of it, you can become pretty disgusted by it, but we've never lived that life and you've been relatively sheltered and you know you never watch secular cartoons you only watch veggie tales and you only went to Christian movies and you didn't even have devil's food cake because I was evil. You know in your parents were doing the best they could to try to raise you in a godly way. But maybe there were a lot of rules and regulations and and then you and friend you met at school and went to public school may be or what maybe was a Christian school, and you know they're out there doing this other stuff and all that looks so exciting and they look so attractive your son like a monster on the light to get over there. You know and that's how lot was all men are drawn to these things. I'm attracted to these things, but when you been in that world Yorty know what it is you know when I came to Christ for me it was, to some degree a process of elimination I knew were the answer was not because I saw everything the world had to offer. And then something my mother's life and to some degree through my own dumb decisions.

I knew that software was that so I wasn't strong to that. Like maybe some are temptations are always there for anybody but here is a person lot is drawn to those things. But Abraham is drawn to God.

You see, it was Abraham's love for the Lord that kept everything in perspective. It was Augustine's said love God and do as you please add some to get crazy statement.

Do as you please. Yeah but if you really love God is you want to love God, you will want to do what pleases God and Abraham understood that he had his focus on eternal things he was looking to the Lord, but lot was drawn to these other things. But Abraham thought know we got up our company. Now let's try to part as friends and Abraham was a peacemaker.

He wasn't a troublemaker and choices listen nephew tell you what you choose what you want it. We were we want to go.

I'll let you go. You want to go to the left to go to the right. You know the right to go to the left.

You decide to Genesis 39 is not the whole land before you separate from me and he says go wherever you want. He gave the best choice to lot didn't get a set I get the best choice. I'm in charge here know you said you go pick whatever you want to go the other way. Abraham figured he would leave the choice and outcome to God.

So make your choice now in lot made his choice and it was certainly the wrong one. Are you in a similar situation right now.

You don't know if you can totally be honest and forthright in your business, because if you are, you're afraid that line sheet of a competitor will take advantage of you, and you might even lose some business if you do things ethically and with integrity it's easier to cut a corner it's easier to not do it the way you ought to do it, but here's a question you have to ask yourself, are you more concerned with the fast buck, or the approval of God. Maybe you're in a situation where you want to tell some of your friends about the Lord but your concern is if you tell them it might cause friction with that. In fact, if you tell them about your faith in Christ. It might bring a division of those people warning in one to bring beer friends any longer. So you're reluctant to listen to this. Jesus says in Matthew 1034 don't imagine I came to bring peace on earth I came to bring a sword I came to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.

Your enemies will be those of your own household what what the very friction your treading may be the thing that brings conversion in the life of your friend.

Do you know what a conflict you want to get along with everybody. If you stand for Christ. It might bring friction yeah here's a question.

Do you want harmony with people in friction with God or harmony with God in friction with people when I say friction I don't mean that you're being mean or heavy-handed. But what I mean is you make your stand for truth that causes a temporary tension because that person is under the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Now you pray for them to come to their senses and then they come to Christ and you are the ultimate unity in the real peace and God wants to bring into your home.

We have choices to make in life. Lot made the wrong choices and there were a series of steps that led to them ending up in the wrong place. It was a series of small choices that lead to bigger and worse choices in sin. It's always little things that turn in the big thing for like falling into sin is a lot like gaining weight and no you say I don't I don't want to get heavier. I want the skill to go left not right okay so you try, but then you cheat, you know you go to talk about with Greg late at night and you get the answer reader. That's about enough then you go over to In-N-Out Burger, and you get the ghetto. Double double animal style chopped jalapenos and additional heartburn. You notice that your gaining weight. But here's what happens is a cloudy messed up. I might is all you know Jed, you know large stack of pancakes for breakfast and when you rise like what I've already messed up my medical just keep messing up my morning off my diet and that's often work. I'll do this little sin. And you know I know I should know but I just don't want to need a well I already did that, I might as well do the other thing already did the other thing I might as well do that other other thing in little things turn into big things and that's exactly what happened with lot out of the end up in the worst city on earth saw them tomorrow.

You're taking notes.

Here's principle number one.

He looked the wrong way. Verse 10 lot lifted up his eyes and saw all the plain of Jordan, that is what it was well watered like the land of Egypt. Genesis 13 verse 10 he looked the wrong way.

Notice of Locke's point of reference was Egypt. And why was he drawn Solomon because saw them reminded him of Egypt. So what's your point of reference lot looked around, saw Zona McMorran he took the first step down. By the way, this was not a casual glance, the phrase looked means he looked with longing. Have you ever looked with longing at anything like I want that that car on the showroom floor that outfitted in the window that donates you know coming on the conveyor belt that Krispy Kreme confessing all of my bad food issues are and tell her I'm not that attractive girl or guy whatever it is all he looked with longing. I want that I desire that sword started with a look. This is what happened to Eve.

Remember when she had of the forbidden fruit. We read in Genesis. She saw the tree was good that it was pleasant to the eyes desired to make one wise, and she took of the fruit and ate it. She saw a set of Latinos eyes that they haven't lot lifted his eyes of the plain of Jordan verse 10, he took a long look at the fertile plains of the Jordan Valley listen the IC with a heart loves Abraham to take a lot out of Egypt, but apparently you couldn't get Egypt out of lot and Outlook determines outcome Abraham walk by faith world changers do lot walk by sight.

This second step down was one separated himself from godly influence now this was a good thing for Abraham but a bad thing for lot and a sure sign of spiritual decline is when we find ourselves wanting to get away from godly we find ourselves wanting to get away from godly people. So if you find when you're around Christians and it's kind of a drag and you don't enjoy it that that's not a good sign.

It's a good sign when you say I want to be around the people of God when your wife says the honey of time for church.

Anything that's on a good sign slacker husband when you're the one thing the car is ready, let's go to church. I Wait to get there. That's a good sign when you're thinking about people to be around or maybe take your vacation with her spend extended time with you want to be around believers. That's a good thing when you want to avoid believers. That's not a good thing.

Number three is third step down was. He moved to stand to a place near Sodom. Genesis 13 verse 12 he moved his chance to a place near Sodom, fascinated by the freewheeling lifestyle and their disregard for God lot thinking he could handle it edges even closer now if you were to ask lot at that point him and what you doing why you moving close to this wicked city.

He might've said well you know I don't approve of what they do a lot of opportunities and I could go in there and influence people in probably do a lot of good.

Yeah, maybe you could, and maybe it will influence you that depends on you, others a twist in the story. Sodom is attacked by another army from another city and of all things lot is taken hostage.

She's not even a real citizen of Sodom. But he's taken hostage because he's in the wrong place at the wrong time of the wrong people do check it out.

Abraham the warrior.

He gets an army together of his service, they go over and they get lot free from this kingdom bring them back again, that's amazing. So how does lot show his gratitude toward his heroic uncle.

He moves to Sodom, it wasn't done enough to be living near Sodom know he moves to sonic you know, sometimes God will send warnings to get our attention were just getting a little too close to sin in the be those little warnings like you shouldn't be doing that. The relationship with a coworker at work, a member of the opposite sex is getting a little too close of that habit you have of stretching the truth so you tell another lie to cover up the law. You previously told and if you don't watch out you could end up like lot and that brings us to this for step down lot went from the frying pan into the fire is for step down. I didn't have you turn there, but trust me this is in the Bible, Genesis 19 one.

He sat in the gateway of Sodom subversive is looking at Sodom as a point of reference because it reminded him to give him up Egypt, a place he should have never gone. Secondly, he has visited near Sodom and now he's actually moved into Sodom and according to Genesis 19 he's in the gateway of Sodom know we can very easily miss what that meant to be in the gateway meant that you were in the place of leadership, the leaders would serve near the gate that sort of work headquarters were so now lot is sort of like an elected official, he he's a leader in sodomy could have tried to influence them, but apparently he himself was being influence. As I said before lot was more like a thermometer than the thermostat. A thermometer just tells you what the temperature is up thermostat controls the temperature uncle Abraham was the thermostat lot was thermometer they were influencing him more than he was influencing them that Jesus did tell us where to go out into this world and be both salt and light were to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world somersault but they're not like what is that mean it means the limit but they don't proclaim it. They live it, but they don't proclaim it.

Others are like, but they're not salt, they proclaim it, but they don't live it because I had to choose I'd rather you live it, not proclaim it and proclaim it or not live it better yet live it and proclaim it right below is neither. He was a prototype of an unbeliever prototype about compromising believer in fact we get a little commentary on them over in second Peter two says lot nearly driven out of his mind with this sexual filth and perversity was rescued surrounded by moral lot.

Day after day that righteous man was in constant torment, so there he was in this wicked place surrounded by all kinds of perversion. Listen, no one was holding a gun to his head course content been invented yet no one was holding out no one was holding up an arrow to his and I don't know whatever sort he could've walked away at any time, but he chose to stay there. So here's where it gets really creepy. One day the Lord dispatches some angels were going to go now and deliver Sodom and Gomorrah are no deliver lot from Sodom and Gomorrah so the Angels walking around and the people of the city see them and the Angels end up at Abraham's awesome by the way, Angels on the meat appearances.

Sometimes you read of them having wings but in general they appear to submit.

By the way there's no female angels in the Bible to break it because he always issues as pretty as an angel.

Actually, angels are dudes in the Bible so that's reality sounding like the Angels walking through the people of Sodom see them well is good looking guy so they show up at the door of lots in Genesis 19. You don't have to turn there you can if you want verse five they shot a lot for the men became to spend the night with you. Bring them out so we can have sex with them at the literal translation inaccurate lot stepped aside to talk to them shutting the door behind him. Please my brothers.

These bags don't do such a wicked thing. Look, I have two virgin daughters do with them as you wish.

Just leave these men alone there under my protection. What did you just say that. Are you glad you're not one of lots daughters. I have two virgin daughters. Do what you want with them leave these men alone. Angels are like a very sky he's lost contact with reality. We go to kinematic lot you, now.

Well I need to stand probably do things know you're leaving now let's go grab your family. Let's go select those awards and sons-in-law judgment is coming on Sodom and Gomorrah were they do left in the space. You know why compromisers don't reach anyone in reach anyone cares to compromise or hear living the Christian life is you want to live in the nonbeliever love said you because you won't even stand up for your own beliefs and so they dismiss them out of hand, so lot now is leaving Sodom and Gomorrah unwillingly with his wife and with his daughters. And you know the story is are on their way out the Angels, they don't look back but lots wife looked back and by the way, that's an intentional looking. Not a casual wall what's going on, but it was like in complete disobedience.

She turns into a pillar of salt and he gets out with his daughters and that's by the way, why Jesus said, remember lots wife. And then the things aren't bad they get, even if year because after they get out lots daughters have sex with him and they become pregnant and they give birth to a child they mow one of them gives birth to a child the Moab, they became the father of one of Israel's worst enemies. The Moabites hate having some fun now since I like the Bible Bible so honest when something horrible happens. It tells you when something wonderful happens. It tells you it's all here so these are the consequences of choices again.

You make your choices and your choices make you lot got out of the city by the grace of God by the hair of his chinny chin chin. He could have stayed there and been destroyed with them, but before the destruction of the Lord came and delivered him but meanwhile Abraham made the right choices now we read these words in Genesis 13 then the Lord said to Abraham after lot had separated from him look around and see the land that God is given. Check it out. Son friends. This is all yours after he separated from lot. You see, while he was with Lonnie was sort of worn down.

He wasn't worry to be. Now we obeys God and now the Lord speaks to him again lot lifted up his eyes to see what the world had to offer. Got invited Abraham to lift up his eyes and see what heaven had to offer. Abraham offered lot. The best land, but God gave to Abraham the entire land he would have it all yet he made some sacrifices he lost one and to the point your him, like lot yet defection form he lost, he made the sacrifice. Listen to this God always gives his very best of those who leave the choice with let me say that again God always gives his very best of those that leave the choice with him. To those that say, not my will but yours be done. One day Jesus was with his disciples. They were talking about how much they'd given up to follow him.

And Jesus made this amazing statement we read that they blurted out. We left everything to follow you. Jesus said, I'll tell you the truth, no one is left home or wife or brothers or sisters or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God who will fail to receive many times as much in this age and also in the age to come eternal life. So what have you given up to follow Jesus.

Maybe you've given up pleasures of this world.

Maybe you've given up relationships with old friends that were dragging you down. Maybe you've given up devices or addictions. Maybe you've given up whatever you've given up. Here's what God says on the make it up to you on the make it up to you in this life and I'm in a make it up to you and the life to come. You have my word on that. It's God's trading deal and it's really good.

So don't ever be afraid to commit an unknown future to unknown God. Don't ever be afraid to say the Lord you choose for me because God will make a choice far greater then any choice you will make for yourself because you think we don't have all the information we don't see everything we do see that little moment that will read God sees the bigger picture. He sees the ultimate goal, you can let you make that choice for you. So here's my question enclosing.

Are you a world changer like Abraham are you being changed by the world like lot. The choice is yours again you make your choices and you trip your choices will make you some choices don't matter if you get a chill Lupa or an injury to, but I urge you get the answer read but then other choices really matter who you going to marry. That's a big one. But the biggest choice of all is of course the choice about Christ and it's either or choice. Either choose to follow Jesus. I choose to reject Jesus. So you say will let me ask you this if I become a Christian, will I have to give up anything.

Yes, you will live you yes you will have to give up misery and ever present kill fear of death. The big hole in your heart you have to give it all up, God will give you his joy is peace, the hope of heaven will fill that void inside of you pretty good deal. I'd say that there are other things you give up as well. Whatever you give up. God will more than make it up there might be some of you here that have never made the choice for Jesus Christ you've never suggested Jesus and by not choosing him by not saying yes to him, you are automatically saying no to him and I don't think you want to do that so I want to give you an opportunity to choose him.

Remember, God says, I set before you life and death, blessings or curses. Choose life, that you may live, he tells you the options that he tells you what to do. Do the right thing. If you've not chosen Jesus and asked him to come in your life you can do it right now as we close in prayer.

Let's pray father, thank you for your word to us. Thank you for your love for us and now I pray for any art here that are watching that do not yet know you, Lord, help them to see their need for Jesus and help them to believe in you right now. Never has about there might be some of you here today. The want to choose Jesus Christ you want him to forgive you of your sin, you want to go to heaven when you die if that's you, if you want him to forgive you if you want him to come in your life if you want to become a friend of God respond to this opportunity. Now I'm a lead you in a simple prayer and I would ask that you would pray this prayer out loud after me again wherever you are if you want Jesus Christ to come in your life. Pray this prayer right where you are out loud even after me pray this, Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner but I know that you're the Savior who died on the cross for my sin. I churn from my sin.

Now that I choose to follow you from this moment forward. Thank you for loving me and calling me and accepting me in Jesus name I pray, amen. God bless you guys. I pray that prayer

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