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TH171116/The Holy Spirit and You, Part 2

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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December 6, 2017 6:34 pm

TH171116/The Holy Spirit and You, Part 2

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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Harvest messages are brought to you by harvest partners to receive free email daily devotions or to become a harvest partner, please visit us when I turn on the television these days. There's just so much bad stuff is in there just said to be layered on Fred to the eye I see so much sin on this legacy selfishness UC violent you see murder you.

You hear of rape you hear of all these horrible things happening. And I'm just talking about the cartoons on Saturday morning.

No, seriously, though, it's just it's sort of like sin is on display every day. Every night for us all to see. So what is the worst sin.

A person could possibly commit that stealing is a murder. Is it adultery. Those are bad sins for sure, but let me re-ask the question what sin offends God more than any other I think you might be surprised by my answer here in John chapter 16 were looking together at the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the non-believer in our last message. We focus primarily on the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian now were looking at the work that he wants to do in the life of the person was not yet a Christian were John when John 16 starting in verse seven Jesus says nevertheless I tell you the truth it is to your advantage.

I go away for IPA do not go away the helper will not come to you, but if I depart, I will send him to you. And when he is calm, he will convict the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment of sin, because they do not believe in me of righteousness, because I go to my father and you see me no more, and of judgment, because the ruler of this world is judged. There the Holy Spirit of God.

Clearly the most misunderstood and misrepresented member of the Trinity. It seems whenever there is something weird going on. It always gets blamed on the Holy Spirit right you flip the channels you come to some Christian TV station.

I put that in quotes.

In some cases, and you see people coming out of the power of the spirit there falling on the floor nurse shrieking there laughing uncontrollably there barking like dogs and the preacher says this is the Holy Spirit and even make it sound more holy. So when you hear Holy Spirit telling her know if I want to know I want to just tell you all the crazy stuff that is not the Holy Spirit that's just crazy stuff because the Bible tells us what the work of the Holy Spirit is in Jesus makes an amazing statement to begin with. Here in John 16. He says it's to your advantage. I go away from. I do not go away, the helper will not come to you, but if I depart, I'll send them to you.

Remember in our last message on the Holy Spirit. We talked about the word that the word helper comes from its Paraclete toasts in Greek, one who was called alongside the help of the definition of it. It speaks of an advocate in a court of law. Among other things. So Jesus is actually saying it's better for you that I go away, it's to your benefit or to your advantage that I go away. Otherwise, the Holy Spirit would not come to you in this way, know that and amazes me because it seems to me oh no, the best thing would be to have Jesus with us physically. I mean, how amazing would that be imagine if Jesus was sitting in church with you this next Jesus. I mean you can stop looking out of these he is God.

What's what's God doing now and you would find yourself just staring at him wanting to hear whatever he had to say anything he would do.

But Jesus is saying it's actually better for you that I go away, because in the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete tells the helper that advocate.

The counselor will come to you notice he says in verse eight, when he has come member. We pointed out that the Holy Spirit is it not a force is a personality because sometimes people think he's just some power out there like something out of Star Wars or something. No Holy Spirit has a distinct personality, though he is likening Scripture to fire in the Dobbin and other things in reality, he is always referred to as a he. And that is a G because he's part of the Trinity. So here's a quick review of what we already saw in them a look at what were going to see here in John 16, number one, we already discover together.

The Holy Spirit is come to went well.

The believer and to seal us is come to undo all us and seal us. Ephesians 113 says, in whom you trusted up to her. The word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, in whom, having believed, you were sealed with the holy spirit of promise was a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those were God's possession, to the praise of his glory. So these things happen to us when we believe. I don't think we realize all the incredible things that transpired when we became a Christian because you didn't feel it necessarily but I'm telling you it was such a dramatic shift toward even wrap your mind around for starters you pass from darkness to light up. For starters, he became a citizen of heaven instead of a citizen effectively of how, for starters, all of your sin was forgiven and if that's not enough, you were justified, which means God took all of your sins and he forgave them and he put the righteousness of Christ into your account and then you were sealed with the Holy Spirit you are signed, sealed, delivered by God himself and the word sealed means that we have God's ID tag on us and on I travel RFID tags are my bags and I mentioned a while ago that I picked up one of my bags at an airport and was wheeling it away and some lady came chasing me and she said that's my suitcase and I looked on it and it was my suitcase will sure enough it was hers. We have suitcases that were identical in the way we determine who suitcase was hers. By checking the ID tag and I had walked up with her suitcase.

God is put his ID tag on you. You belong to God or destroyed an older guy was known for his godly life and someone asked him once old man. What you do when you get tempted. The old codger several I just looked up to heaven and I say Lord, your property is in danger like her desire belong to God, I'm sealed by the Holy Spirit. I'm his child. Time is one of the sheep and I'm one of his possessions. The Bible says your body is not your own. Affect your know your own. You belong to God, who brought you with the price in your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus bought me out of the slave auction and I now belong to him what we can say things like that all day long and guts as I want you to annoy me business, dropped a heavy down payment. That's what it means when it says that there was a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance what it means is, God is saying to let you know I mean business to reassure you that you will go to heaven one day so you can be assured that everything I promise is true. I'm placing my Holy Spirit in your life is that down payment or that deposit.

I'm not going to back down. I'm not going to change my mind I'm not going to abandon you or forsake you. I'm never gonna stop loving you and when you become a Christian you at that inner testimony of the holy spirit is in Romans eight says in verse 15. You've not received the spirit of the Dobson like verbal slaves and said he received God spirit was adopted. You may be one of his own children. Now we say Abba father and his spirit joins with our spirit to affirm the word God's children doing talking about right now, that inner conviction for Greg, how do you know your Christian I just know I know, because God's Holy Spirit lives inside of me and he confirms it to me and then hopefully there's fruit a result of my life that would demonstrate that to others as well. Of course this is based on the promise of the word of God. But there is that inner conviction of the spirit and if you don't know right now.

Please do not leave this service tonight without knowing that you know and I'll tell you how that can happen for you.

What else is the Holy Spirit doing the life of the believer. He teaches us, because Jesus said in John 14, the helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I've said to you you you didn't read the Bible is a historical document. It is historical, but you can also read it is God's living book.

You know the Bible says of itself that it's alive and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword. I love what Martin Luther said about the Bible.

He said the Bible has hands it takes hold of me.

It has feet. It chases after me and have you ever had a time when you open up the word of God and ask for direction and ask for insight and it just came alive to you.

That's the Holy Spirit, teaching you, and then there were times when you were in a conversation with someone in a whole passage opened up the you started quoting that you don't even remember consciously memorizing, but there it was.

That's the work of the Holy Spirit in your life. Number three. The Holy Spirit helps us in our prayers and obedience to God.

He helps me in my prayers and my obedience to God. Jesus said over there in John 14. If you love me and obey my commandments. Alexa father and he will give you another advocate who will never leave you these referring to the Holy Spirit. You may say will Greg I don't feel like I have the power to live the Christian life, you're wrong. If you vest Christ to come of your life.

You have all the power that you need.

You just need to learn how to step on the accelerator and put the pedal to the metal because I'm telling you the horsepower is there the spirit power is there.

So we need to unleash it in our lives. And I'm not suggesting were waiting for an emotional experience. I don't know where we come up with this idea that whatever we ask God to fill us with the spirit we have to feel something. Okay, let's pray for God to fulfill the spirit turn the lights down, why Holy Spirit afraid of lights or something you can do with the lights on when you get up in the morning before you put your feet on the ground say Lord Philly with the Holy Spirit to have an emotional experience. When you put gas in your car or if you have an electric car. Do you have an emotional experience.

When you plug it in the wall if you're sending the water you might have an experience know you just put gas in your car.

You plug in your car or whatever it is, and so the same thing is true of asking God if those you might feel something, you might feel nothing. It doesn't matter because Jesus says the father will give the Holy Spirit to those that dimmed the lights and wait for an emotional experience know he said the father will give the Holy Spirit to those that ask him.

So what you need to do. Ask him and then receive it and he'll give you the power you need.

Romans 813 says it's of the power of the spirit you can put to death the deeds of your sinful nature. For those of the lead by the Spirit of God are the children of God, the power is there number for the Holy Spirit empowers me for service I Jesus said in John 1417 the spirit of truth in the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he dwells in you and will be his beat dwells with you and will be in no you see these disciples when he was showing these things, that the spirit in them yet because Jesus was still there, but after Jesus died on the cross and rose again from the dead. He appeared to them in the upper room.

Remember, and he said please PDU and the reason he would say that is. People always freaked out when they saw him risen from the debts we had to start with APs guys at school chill.

It's all right okay don't have a heart attack.

Please PDU and then he said receive the Holy Spirit and he breathed on them and the Holy Spirit came in the within them the day of Pentecost in acts 18 we read that the Holy Spirit of God came upon them because the Bible says you will receive power, after the Holy Spirit has come upon you, so when you believe he comes in. You then he will come upon you to give you the boldness you need to share the gospel a kiss about what the Spirit does in the life of the believer. What does he want to do in the life of the nonbeliever that brings us to John 16 number one.

The Holy Spirit has come to convict us of our sent. You could also just interchange the word convince with convict. He's come to convince us of our sin. Verse eight John 16 when he has come, he will convict or convince the world of sin, of righteousness and of judgment. You see one's ignorance of sin, righteousness, and judgment can bring their destruction. So God has sent his Holy Spirit to make the nonbeliever aware of this before we can appreciate the solution we have to see the real problem, so we need to be convicted by the spirit because there's no conversion without conviction being a Christian is not just living a better life. Jesus is not just helpful, he's our only hope he has not come to improve our life becomes to save our life and so we need to realize that only the Holy Spirit can show us our real neat. You know it's interesting that the word convict needs to cross-examine the cross-examine have ever been cross-examine. Have you been arrested and interrogated by an officer. Maybe you have a mother which is similar to an officer if you're out late, were few bit what if you been doing empty your pockets, to give you a polygraph testimony of a polygraph bill yes I do look really nice right the Holy Spirit has come to cross-examine us with the purpose of convicting or refuting an opponent. He doesn't come to just convict the world in general but to specifically show them they're lacking in the righteousness they need to get to heaven is a very important distinction is not just since in general the Holy Spirit is come to show you the biggest sin of all the sin of self righteousness, and in its place.

God wants to give you his righteousness.

I bring this up because every time you turn around people are thinking that they get to heaven by good works and no, I guess I don't expect nonbelievers to know much about this when I hear Christians release professed believers still subscribing to an idea like this. It just seems insane to me but people do still think that said, well, you know, if you live a good life. You get to heaven, and if you live a bad life, then you will go to help, listen, use flash.

There are good people that are going to go to hell and there are bad people that are going to go to heaven so it makes no sense at all with biblical. Let me explain.

Being a good person will not get you haven't, you can be a good person, but if you think you're so good you don't know Jesus, you can end up in hell and you can be a bad person of very bad person but if you repent of your sin, even if it's on your deathbed. Christ will forgive you and let you and they have because heaven is not for good people is for forgiven people say Lord you get that call the thief on the cross member that got by the way, the word deed probably isn't even accurate.

That's the word we use, but the word that is used the original language implies a criminal guilty of a capital offense. He rips probably are murderer and insurrectionist trying to bring about the overthrow of Rome so this is a bad dude and Jesus says to him today. He will be with me in paradise because the man said, Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom. Okay so I raise the question earlier. What is the were sent. So what is it said adultery is that stealing is it taking the Lord's name in vain. What about rape or incest. We been hearing about those things a lot lately. So what is it a recent survey was done among British Christians and they were asked to identify the most and least important of the 10 Commandments and run away. That's it's a bad premise. Ramana rates the 10 Commandments Houston we have a problem percent should I say instead of London. We have a problem right okay so back to the Brits 93% of them still felt thou shall not commit murder was valid. Good to know.

So my next trip to England. I guess I will get killed. Hopefully, a 93% still felt thou shall not steal, was a valid commandment then starts to drop after that 87%… Not bear false witness was still good and only 23% dumped also not take the name of the Lord in vain was still valid today 68% of British Christians. I I feel the pointed out that I see that earlier. These are British Christians" they think it's okay to take the Lord's name in vain. 60% no and then this one the most amazing of all, only 20% thought having other gods before him was wrong that 68% thought it was just fine to have other gods before the Lord. Really, how interesting. God doesn't see it that way because when he gives the 10 Commandments he doesn't start with.

Thou shall not murder. He doesn't start with.

Thou shall not commit adultery.

He doesn't start with. You shall not take the Lord's name in vain.

He starts I think I am the Lord your God have no other gods before me. It's up to yield to God than a second commandment you shall love no graven images, which is really an extension of what the first commandment says you know where you cannot worship something in the place of God because it comes down to this. Five. Another God perform, it's all downhill from there and then those other Commandments will be broken as well. Let me turn it around. If I put him first in my life.

The other Commandments will fall in the place. Jesus sums it up this way. He says if you love the Lord your God with all of your heart, all of your soul and all of your mind and love your neighbor as yourself, you'll fulfill the commitment because I work well if I love God with all of my heart, soul, mind, I'm not can have another God before I'm not gonna worship a graven image, I'm not going to take his name in vain. I love my neighbor as myself.

I'm not going to kill him because that's not very neighborly is it. I'm not going to steal from him. I'm not going to lie to her.

I'm not can it covered what belongs to them.

You see, so these crazy so-called British Christians can't just go to the Commandments and decide what's valid. What is invalid God's word does not change according to the mores or culture of our times. The reality is we should become farming culture to God rather than expecting God to conform to our culture. Okay, so what is the worst sin that we can commit against the Lord of an answer that next week and I'll answer it now. You probably know the answer. You're taking notes.

The worst sin in the home of the most far-reaching consequences.

You can commit is not believing in Jesus Christ to know Greg you're wrong. Murder's works well no, actually, those are outgrowths of the sin inside of the person who does not know God, but say no to Christ as a complete rejection of the work of the Holy Spirit.

The root of all of our problems.

The worst thing you can commit is not believing in you will be judged for that.

So the Holy Spirit number two now has come to bring us to Jesus.

He says in verse nine. I've come to convince them of sin, because they do not believe in me to interesting sin. Not since sometimes we I think in the church are major on minors. By that I mean we sort of get the cart before the horse will kind of focus on lifestyle choices that are sinful and will harp on those things. Here is my objective, I want to establish a dialogue with the person, regardless of what sinful choices they've made. So out there living with their boyfriend or girlfriend out of wedlock or if they're gay or if they're a liar or a thief or all the above, you know.

Hey I want to first talk to them about their need for Jesus because this is the way I see it don't come to Jesus.

Everything else will get sorted out. But if I focus on those things and never get around to telling them about Jesus.

I can, in effect, drive them away.

And I think a lot of times people think of the church as being against everything and working to speak on what the Bible says and say what it says on whatever topic it is for addressing but our message is the gospel, and we want people to believe and then their lives will change as a result of the Holy Spirit has come to show us that to bring us to Jesus to be like going to a documenting dock. I have headaches I had hurts all the time.

Will he can obviously signify some Advil and that'll help with in your headache will come back so good Dr. isn't it just you with the symptom.

He's going to deal with the cause right you know maybe you you're dehydrated or maybe there's another medical issue and after a series of tests that will be determined but better to get to the root of it than just merely treating the symptoms and so that is what the Holy Spirit is come to do is show us our need for him. Listen. Having said that the Holy Spirit will not force us to believe in Jesus. I do not believe in irresistible grace that is taught by Calvinists. I rejected why because the idea of irresistible grace is predestined to believe if you really want to are not in the grace of God is irresistible so you're going to come to Jesus if you want to or not, I beg to differ. I think you can resist the Holy Spirit of God.

Say what you think you will because the Bible says so member when Stephen was standing before the Sanhedrin, he said, you stubborn people knew. He then at heart you're deaf to the truth. Must you forever resist the holy spirit.

It's interesting because he was addressing a group of spiritual leaders that knew the word of God and the implication in the verse. There is that they knew it was true and were rejecting it. Regardless of that fact resist you resisting this word you know what I'm saying is true, but your choosing to not believe it.

So it is resistible. Verse 13 when he the spirit of truth is coming will guide you with all true. He will not speak in his own. He will speak only what he hears and he'll tell you what is to come to bring glory to me by taking what is mine making it known to you. See if you refuse to believe in Jesus, you're effectively calling the Holy Spirit a liar because first John 510 says he that believes in the name of the son of God has us witnessing himself, he that does not believe this made him a liar because he is not believe the record that God is given of a son that's called insulting the spirit so the Holy Spirit comes and says shows you your center in any Jesus music.

I do not. I'm a good person.

I don't need Jesus OC or call him a liar know you put words when Milton asked him not because of your rejecting the work of the Holy Spirit is come to do to show you you're not righteous enough to get to Kevin and show you that Jesus is the answer you're effectively saying he's a liar.

Number three.

The Holy Spirit is come to show us our need for righteousness. Look at verse 10 he says of righteousness, because I go to my father and you see me no more just for the drop in my cousin Maureen a contact lens in my right eye. I just wanted to share that with you. This is not a tear. This is a drop of clear eyes.

I digress. So the Holy Spirit has come to show me my need for righteousness. Verse 10 of righteousness, because I go to my father, Jesus says and you see me no more. Now here's the funny thing most people believe in heaven. Today, 72%, but as I said earlier they think living a good life will get them there. But yet the Bible says all of sin and fallen short of the glory of God.

It says there is not good. No, not one in the Bible also says in James 210. If you have been in one point of the law, you're guilty of all of know the Bible is not saying that there are not good people there are good people. Let me take it a step further. I've met people who are not Christians that are good people and in some cases better. People than some Christians I know that make sense when I say good I mean they're friendly. There trustworthy. There are considerate to other good people in that regard. This is not about if you're a good guy or a good girl this is about.

If you're good enough to get to heaven and no one that good so I'm pretty good actually got you're not as good as you think you are in your much worse than you think you are that the truth, because one sin is enough to keep you out of heaven. And trust me, you committed a lot more than one set Solveig so the Holy Spirit is come to show me this about myself.

Listen to this. Even on my best day, my righteousness, my goodness, benevolent, kind, considerate things that I do are pretty much throw away because Isaiah 64 six says my righteousness is as filthy rags, but then what about the bad days and those are not so think about all of that even your best day you don't even get close in on your bad days.

Your soul so far away. So the Holy Spirit comes to show me that I need Jesus. He shows me I'm not righteous enough I'm not good enough. Not so why would will be driven away and despair but so I will run to the cross gently does he says you're bad you are sinful. There's the answer and he likes the way it Jesus go to Jesus and your sins will be forgiven. Go to Jesus and the righteousness will be placed in your account, go to Jesus in your questions will be answered. That's a very important distinction he shows you the sin that he brings you to the Savior. That said, the work of the Holy Spirit is another thing. This is not in our text but it's an revelation which is the second Thessalonians, and revelation. The work of the Holy Spirit is also keeping the lid on things is keeping the lid on things if you had something cooking inserts overflow your holding the lid on wall right now things are super wicked. Consider this second Thessalonians to seven says the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. Only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way to do international translation of that same verse says the one who now holds it back will continue to do so until he is taken out of the way the Holy Spirit through the church is a restraining force in the world today. When you look at these wanton acts of senseless violence, people walking into malls and shooting people walking into what church and killing people, even children and we see these horrible depraved things happening, you say it can't get any worse then it gets worse, doesn't it, and then more bad things start happening closer together and this is just a glimpse of what is coming.

I would like to say folks, it's going to get better really soon know you know what is going to get worse, way worse because there is a time coming to the earth, called the great tribulation. This allows for seven years and will be inaugurated by the emergence of the antichrist was really a false Christ, the false Messiah and all hell is going to literally break loose to say well this is the most depressing thing I've ever heard. That's about the absent good news ready for it before the Antichrist emerges on the scene. Jesus Christ is going to come for his church and call us up to heaven. This is sometimes called the rapture of the church where it says the dead in Christ arise free. At first we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.

Some people's overlord rupture is known. The Bible say your best argument. The word Bible is in the Bible, the Genova, the word Trinity is in in the Bible. Did you know that so the word rapture is in there, but the word harp also is the Greek word, and so if you have a Latin Bible to translate to rapturous which we get our English word rapture from some forget the word rapture call of the harp also were caught up to meet the Lord in the air going to happen, but it's going to happen before and I Christ is revealed. That's why it's futile and pointless to try to figure out the antichrist. Every now and then; I figured it out. They read a book, but it's never the guy, and it's not even worth spending your energy on because Antichrist can't be revealed until the church is removed so the Holy Spirit working through the church now. Sometimes this is misunderstood and people think the Holy Spirit is going to be taken off of the earth, and that's not true. And here's why. Because people are going to come to Jesus in the tribulation.

Not only that there's going to be a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit during the tribulation.

Oaxacan people come to Jesus without the Holy Spirit fell. We've already pointed that out. No man comes to the father says our Lord…. Trust him. So the spirit will still be at work in the world and the tribulation. But what is insane is he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way, means the Holy Spirit's restraining work through the church will come to an end were caught up to be with the Lord in heaven and until that day comes, were told by Jesus to be salt and light in this culture the standard for what is true to speak out against what is wrong to let others know of your faith in Jesus Christ as John 15 says the light shines in the dark, but the darkness did not comprehend that's an interesting thing that phrase comprehend the word that means understood means unknown believer cannot wrap their mind around what you believe. Alyssa Holy Spirit tells him her shows. That is why I always pray that the Holy Spirit will work in the hearts of people. When I speak I pray that the Holy Spirit will work in the heart of a person when I'm sharing my faith because sometimes people will come up to me. It's a great urine evangelist. Tell me what I can say that will make a person believe like I have some secret, okay don't share this with anybody. Only us evangelist know about it. But if you say this I don't and what's in my pocket here just a piece of paper which, like a parking ticket but some say this MAA okay now there is there something like that. It's just the work of the spirit. There's actually a bit of mystery to it, love, love that because I don't know I just know when I see it so I can sure these things and some of you will hear and see. I get that.

I believe that in another person will hear it in and not get it at all, only the Holy Spirit can help you to grasp this, but here's the funny thing sometimes we want to play Holy Spirit. We want to be Holy Spirit and you know will convict them of their sin will guilt trip them right into the kingdom will pressure them into believing will argue them in to the Christian faith know you do not want to do that because that they can be argued in they can be argued out that we wanted to be a work of the Holy Spirit. So as you live a godly life that creates the tension that the Holy Spirit uses to bring about conversion. Listen to this. It's the division that brings unity so okay. I don't even know what to talk about.

Jesus said don't think that I came to bring peace, but I tell you, rather division for men will be divided against us on a woman against her daughter and the man's enemies will be those of his own household. Don't think I came to bring peace, but but this deficiency will add to something Christianity is all about peace while in a way this but before there can be that ultimate peace.

There has to be attention. Here's how it works. You live as a man or woman of God, and you change in environment. Let's take Thanksgiving that's coming soon and your Christian and maybe you became a Christian in the last year or two so you get a get together with your family. Let's see your family loves to drink and party in carry-on and tell jokes they should be telling etc. and now you're the Christian and they all know you're the Christian, so now the meal is put on the table and everyone standing around awkwardly waiting for you to hopefully not do a prayer absolutely do a prayer and I find most people will not stop me from praying I'll walk up to a nonbeliever, especially if they're hurting and I'll ask them do you mind if I prayed for you. Can I preview very rarely if I had someone say no to pray hospital is the uncle had say so you know what I like to just pray we know don't be obnoxious about it. Don't do a one hour prayer.

Okay. And I don't know if he should extend an invitation interview no words about our eyes are closed.

Some of you might be thinking why no Jesus uncle hear him talking to you know be cool about it. Lord will lead you as to what you should see and do what it does create this tension and you don't like the attention because you still laugh together and have more fun together. Another assisting in you, which you could get rid of that thing in and will know it's that thing it said tension at the Holy Spirit will use by showing a contrast between your life in their life that can help to bring them to Jesus.

So just roll with it. Don't make the tension worse than it is by guilt tripping people are being obnoxious or mean being as friendly and as loving as you can be. But just be a Christian and pray that the Holy Spirit will work through your life to make people aware of their need for Christ.

That's why I say it's the division that ultimately brings unity or the conflict that ultimately brings peace. The Holy Spirit has come to bring us to Christ in first. He can access. So let's pray that work happens in a person's life.

Christmas is approaching you think it was tomorrow it all the decorations are coming out now and all the focus is on us some lubricant to spend and what were going to buy from work. Let's just say that I went out about you a very expensive Christmas present effect. Let's say that I emptied my savings account and submit everything I owned. I sold my house. I I took everything I have and I don't even own my house, but somehow I sold it. I'm still making payments on it, but I sold everything I said I bought you this gift and I want to give it to you and you know was viable because the price tag was still attached to it is no funding with people he price tags and gifts you give it to the person I all I'm really hoping you'll do is say thank you and I accept this gift and I'm going to enjoy this gift you can live in my backyard. I know you sold your house to get it. But if you were to take this gift that I spent everything I owned just forget insane all think you so sweet of you and then you just remove it off to the side. You can open the gift and openly wanted. Can you return it.

Actually, I can't.

All that's too bad, you know that's an insult to me no matter what God did. He gave his own son. What more could God care for humanity than his own son.

Jesus put on the cross is spotless, sinless, perfect son that he loved with all of his heart and then God took all of his judgment in all of his rapid should of been put on you and should have been put on me and instead he put it on his own son that he loved so much, but he did that because of his love for us and all we have to do now is take this gift of eternal life.

That was bought at the cross, just receive it and say, Lord. Thank you and if you say well I don't want that. That's an insult to God in your rejecting the work of the Holy Spirit is come to do, and you can find yourself committing the unforgivable sin. What's the unforgivable sin. The blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, according to Jesus, what is that it's the complete and total rejection of the work. The spirit is come to do, let me put it another way, the unforgivable sin is the rejection of Jesus Christ. It's worse than any other sin.

Why, because all other sins can be forgiven no matter how radical, no matter how horrible they can be forgiven, but the one sin. God will not forgive is if you reject his provision for your sin. Jesus, who died in the cross and rose again from the dead.

Guess what the Holy Spirit is here with us right now I know what he saying you say how do you notice he says that in this work we read this in Revelation. In the spirit and the bride say, come let him that is thirsty, come let him drink of the water of life freely.

The Holy Spirit is saying to you right now if you are not yet a believer in Jesus, live questions, you just come. Why will these problems. Yet, this addiction, the struggle is probably yeah, there's a simple yeah, come to Jesus you say just come to Jesus because when you come to Jesus in your forgiven of your sin he can transform your life. It's not a 12 step program. It's a one step program come to Christ and believe. So so ends the sermon focus, but so begins a change life for you if you accept this message. We share.

Here's the message. Plain and simple euro center is not as good as you think you are your actually muscle much worse than you ever thought you were. But the good news is, is God is made a provision for your sin, and he poured it on Jesus who died in your place, and rose again from the dead and Jesus now stands at the door of your life, and he knocks and he says if you hear his voice and open the door he will come in the Holy Spirit is save you, now you can say will know I don't want to come. When you know what, you don't have to come in. The Holy Spirit will not drag you kicking and screaming from the Jew still show you, you will sense that need in your life but you can resistance it will.

I don't want it. I don't care. Okay, that's up to you.

You can resist him or you can yield to him. Knowing your driving you see a yield sign that means yeah okay he'll pay attention.

Other traffic may be flowing in your be open okay so we yield to God. It just means I'm sin all right Lord come in and I'm removing the stop sign of my heart. I'm opening the door of my life.

I'm inviting you in I I'm seeing here it is Lord come in entering the my life and forgive me you'll do that for you. Your life can change tonight you can know you go to heaven and you can walk out of here with that inner assurance I was talking about earlier is spirit bears witness with your spirit that you are a child of God. If you don't know that tonight respond to this invitation will extend as we pray together. Let's all bow our heads and everybody praying father, thank you so much for loving us, sinful loss wicked us and you love us so much.

You sent Jesus to die on the cross in our place.

Lord, your Holy Spirit is here with us right now he's at work he's tugging on hearts right now is moving in the lives in the minds of people showing them their need for you, Lord. They have to respond. You won't force them to believe Lord I pray your Holy Spirit will convict and convince any person care or any other person listening or watching who does not yet know you and I pray that they will come to believe in you. Now we ask this in Jesus name, heads or about in her eyes are closed and were praying together. How many of you would say tonight. Greg, I want Jesus in my life. I want my sin forgiven. I want to know that I'll go to heaven. I want that inner conviction you are talking about where I just know that I know and I'm one of God's children pray for me if you want Jesus to forgive you of your sin if you want to go to heaven when you die you want that second chance in life. If you want Christ to come in your heart right now. Wherever you are when you lift your hand up and let me pray for you is lift your hand up if you want Jesus to come into your life and I'll pray for you tonight to bless you anybody else.

God bless you with your hand apartment can see it. God bless you, bless you. Anybody else raise your hand upon me.

Pray for you tonight. Your life can change your eternal destiny can change but you must come and believe the spirit says, and you have to say all right here I come. I believe anybody else ever raise your hand yet lifted. Now let me pray for you review if you want Christ to come of your life. Raise your hand. I'll pray for you to bless you. Maybe there are some of you that have fallen away from the Lord, you need to come back to him again tonight. You need to return to the Lord, would you raise your hand up right now. Let me pray for you if you need to come back to Jesus Christ. Maybe you fallen into some sin some vice, some lifestyle something you know is wrong and you need to return to Jesus make a recommitment. Raise your hand up or pray for your God bless you, bless you. Anybody else need to come back to the Lord. God bless you. Anybody else but me. Pray for you tonight the Holy Spirit working on your life but you have to respond.

He won't force you to believe away one more moment anybody else wants to make that recommitment to Christ.

Raise your hand. Bless you, ask everyone of you if you would please set raise your hand saying you want to make a commitment recommitment to Jesus I want you to stand your feet and the lead you in a prayer just stand up every want to be the raise your hand. Even if you did not you want to make this commitment a recommitment to Jesus Christ. Tonight, stand up on the lead you in the simple prayer to stand up publisher. By the way, people are standing so you will be the only one to stand up wherever you are, let me lead you in this prayer. God bless you and you anybody else stand up will pray together away one more moment stand now, you raise your hand. Even if you did not stand up right publishes understanding all of you that are standing want you to pray this prayer out loud after me again as I pray pray this out loud after me right you stand for this prayer, Lord Jesus, I know I'm a sinner but I know you're the Savior. I'm sorry for my sin.

I turned from my sin I choose to follow Jesus from this moment forward, fill me with your Holy Spirit Lord, thank you for calling me and accepting me and for giving me in Jesus name I pray. Amen. God bless you that's good. Pray that prayer bless you guys about the front of you

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