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SM180520/The Writing Is on the Wall

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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May 23, 2018 5:09 pm

SM180520/The Writing Is on the Wall

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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Harvest messages are brought to you by harvest partners to receive free email daily devotions or to become a harvest partner, please visit us I was in the gym the other day. Yes, it's hard to believe I go to the gym occasionally and I and I was walking on the got one of those fancy machines. That way you test your body weight in all this, and I asked about of these the bullet because it's much to do a missive about the game is that I'll tell you what will do it for free. So I climbed up on the scale.

I'll be honest, I wasn't excited by what I saw. It's a little more than I wanted to weigh and then he asked me what my height was nice that I'm five 10 1/2 and easily measure you and he measured me said. Actually, your five 9 1/2. Listen, I used to be five 10 1/2 now I'm shrinking.

I've heard it happens when you get older great to know I bawled that and I'm shrinking. What next, and I think I know why this is happening to me. I think it's a chip I've been eating at the market I discovered I talked about this on Wednesday and Thursday. If you were here but I found these chips are called Chica chip send and inside the wall. Try these out and bought today what what you open a backup.

You can't stop eating them and I'll go through a whole bag and other not that expensive. They're very affordable so I'll grab a couple bags in the go to the market and it is becoming a problem and so I said to my wife the other disabilities are becoming the evil chips from either a problem and I was in the market the other day and I saw them when I put a bag of them in my basket and my granddaughter was with me.

She said pop up. Why are you putting the evil chips so I took a picture of the display of these Chica chips and I said what I say right now is that I love these chips are great but they are like the evil chips to me and then I got a letter from Chica chips. They saw my post and they were very excited and I was talking about them on social media. Then something I didn't know about them.

It's a family that owned the company and it's a Christian family, so they think before they pointed out that they put John 36 been on every bad and then they sent me a free box of cheek. I did not leave that box of tickets to so were working for the chip and my wife says you're eating the evil chips again. I said no there Christian chips yeah well, a lot of us when we get on the scale way more than we want to weigh but God is the scale to any sees things differently than we see them on God scaled you don't want to weigh less you actually want to weigh more. You don't want to be a spiritual light weight would bring this up because this is a story of a man who stood on God's scales will tell you why say that if you moments, but this is a very familiar story of King Belshazzar and the writing on the wall that we've heard that expression the writings on the wall. This is where this statement came from Belshazzar was the grandson of Nebuchadnezzar. He was the final ruler of Babylon. He was an evil young man that went out of his way to mock and attack God and he read the very heavy consequences of doing that you actually saw the very hand of God writing on the wall of his palace with a very specific warning. The writing was on the wall and I think the writing is on the wall for us all. Right now it's on the front pages of our newspapers.

It's on the covers of newsmagazines.

It's on the news it's on the Internet it's on twitter. Everywhere you look, the writing is on the wall were seen Bible prophecies fulfilled before our very eyes. The Bible tells us in the last days there would be unhinged violence and tragically, we have another shooting now, this time in Santa Fe, Texas. By the way, not all that far from where we will be holding harvest America and I hope to see when these horrible things happen. I do not know why the media feels it's necessary to shove a microphone in the face of a grieving child and asking them how they feel about this. These poor kids are obviously traumatized and shocked and they're trying to process the information.

One young lady that was interviewed in the aftermath of this shooting a student at Santa Fe hi said between sobs. I shouldn't be going through that this is my school. This is my daily life. I shouldn't have to feel like that that's so true. She shouldn't. I wish these things were happening because the sudden loss of a loved one is devastating and we need to pray for her. We need to pray for the families that have lost children there in Santa Fe, Texas, but I'm sorry to say that this senseless violence is another sign of the times. Another sign of the times is probably in your pocket and your first or quite possibly in your hand.

Right now I'm talking about your cell phone. The explosion of technology is significant and now with artificial intelligence added to it. We talked of these devices in our homes. You know Google homework Siri or whatever device you use it you know you talk to it. It gives you an answer probably gives you more information than your husband gives you when you talk to him another inanimate object, but Tom, you know these things drive our cars and they have this information in the two by one thing you know these ads sort of follow you around in different websites.

There's coming a day when a man will harness this technology for evil, and no one will be able to buy yourself without his Mark that man is called the beast and the Antichrist in the Bible will talk about him later in our studies in the book of Daniel. This conflict in the Middle East legal which is happen we open our American Embassy in Jerusalem instead of Tel Aviv. But violence breaks out conflict breaks out and what is it, remind us of the Bible tells us that Jerusalem would be the epicenter of end times events Jerusalem. Why Jerusalem this tiny little city in this tiny little sliver of land being the very center of all of our attention. Scripture very specific in saying it would be and were seen that happen.

I think you can make a case for China who is now an economic and military superpower. There flexing their muscle like never before. I think you can make a pretty good case for them being spoken of in Scripture.

I think certainly the emergence of Iran as a nuclear nation as a nation hell-bent on the destruction individual is clearly spoken of in Scripture. Here's my point.

I could go on all around us are signs of the times the writing is on the wall and here's what the writing, the same folks Jesus Christ is coming back again will hear before is known Daniel five is the story of the fall of mighty Babylon. The Babylonians felt that their city and their nation. Well, it was impregnable.

No one could defeat them. After all, Babylon was surrounded by a complex series of walls, some as high as 300 feet the mighty river Euphrates came right to the center of the city, so water was plentiful that enough food stored up to feed their population for the next 20 years, so they were really afraid of anyone in the fact this is right outside of the walls of Babylon at this moment historically with the Medo Persian forces under the command of Cyrus and this is the moment when God said to King Belshazzar. Your number is up because, listen to this.

Every nation has a shelf life. Ancient Babylon was that around 86 years. The powerful Persian Empire did better. 280 years, the glory of Greece was eclipsed after 268 years mighty Rome ruled for nine centuries.

The United States of America is 242 years old and counting. So there is a beginning the middle and end of a nation and so we have to be very careful and prayerful about our own nation. As we look at our future and what was going on historically while Nebuchadnezzar the king has died. Remember, prior to his death. He had a dramatic conversion after a bout of insanity that last a long period of time he returned to his senses and he put out of the creeds of the whole kingdom telling everyone that he was now a believer in the Lord God. Everyone knew the story of the conversion of the mighty Nebuchadnezzar, but apparently this message was not passed on to his son who he named evil merit circuit evil merit really evil, merriment, and the kid was like he fulfilled his name. It was a wicked king is so evil that can evil evil merit on how to son named Belshazzar who was named after the God bell see the Babylonians worship the God bell.

The other temple to them there in the city of Babylon.

So here is this young boy king ruling over the kingdom, named after a false God. And this boy went out of his way to mock God. He went out of his way to insult God. He knew the story of his grandfather. He knew I was grandfather and proclaimed his faith. But this boy wanted to challenge God openly and that will never go well let's read about what happened in chapter 5 reading verses 1 to 6. I read from the new living translation. Many years later, King Belshazzar gave a great feast for thousand of his nobles only drink wine with them while Belshazzar was drinking the wine to give orders to bring in the gold and silver got that his predecessor, Nebuchadnezzar had taken from the temple in Jerusalem. He wanted to drink from them with his nobles lives and concubines.

He brought these gold cubs taken from the temple.

The house of God in Jerusalem and the king and his nobles and his wives and concubines drink from them element to stop for a moment. These are vessels instruments that are used for the worship of God. So this guy goes out of his way to say all these are for God. Let's fill them with wine and let's worship the false gods of Babylon were short while they shrink from them. They praise their idols made of gold and silver and so forth. Suddenly they saw the fingers of a human hand writing on the wall of the king's palace near the lampstand, the king himself saw the hand is a road. His face turned pale with fright. His knees, not together in fear in his legs gave way beneath him. There is this not an amazing story so vivid you can see it, these ancient kings. They love to throw big fees to Shaw father.

Cool. Stop and of course Belshazzar was no exception. Memo we look at the story of Esther Kinnard exerts these throughout fees for a party that actually lasted for six months. So these people are all drinking which never ends well. Can we all agree on the simple fact that when you get drunk you say and do really stupid things. I just read about a four year study that determined the following and I quote young adults to binge drink frequently are more likely that showed this advantageous decision-making patterns than their peers who don't drink while you needed a four year study to figure that out. My response to that is, of course that's the case so we don't need a study to figure this out. But here's the thing. This wasn't as much of a drinking problem as it is a pride problem. This young man had basically ignored everything he learned from his grandfather, and you know I think we have a problem today in our culture were were so fixated on youth. We look to you for style cues for our slaying. Sometimes, even for a worldview and in reality when you're older you need to be imparting wisdom to people or younger, listen to me if you're a young person, you need an older person in your life who has some wisdom who can help you.

And so if you're a younger person. Find someone who was older and mature in their faith to mentor and disciple you and if you're an older person. Find someone who is younger than you. You can mentor and disciple because there's not that many advantages of getting all are there one of the advantages.

Hopefully you've learned a few things. Nothing is more pathetic than a dirty old man of the female equivalent of cougar right so as we grow in our faith, we can passings these things on to the next generation. And that's something that was not happening in the life of Belshazzar figures it's interesting he's having this giant party this big feast in honor of his false God. And while this was taking place judgment was literally at the door and he had fair warning because the prophet Jeremiah had told him exactly how it would come years before in Jeremiah 27 seven it says all nations will serve Nebuchadnezzar and his son and his sons sought, so his son. We Artie talked about his son. Son is Belshazzar, then the end will come. Not only did God tell Belshazzar and Babylon that the kingdom was getting in with Belshazzar as King, but even told them who was going to lead the invasion hundred and 75 years before this man was born because you read in Isaiah 4428 Cyrus he is my shepherd, and he will fulfill my purpose God said a guy named Cyrus is going to do it. So you would've thought though Belshazzar what is it okay let's see, they say it's getting in with me and there's a large army outside of the walls who's leaving that army's name is Cyrus sire, you would've thought that it was that maybe we should pay attention but no they just carried on with their drunken feast. He didn't listen to what God had warned him about and now God's hand is going to give him a specific warning on the wall of the palace prescribed at that very moment they saw the fingers of a human hand writing on the pasta wall of the king's palace near the lampstand, the king himself saw the hand as it wrote the finger of God writing on the wall that same finger wrote 10 Commandments on the front and the back one of the things that finger wrote was you shall have no other gods before me. One of these people doing the worshiping false gods there going out of their way to mock God and the Bible issues this warning do not be deceived, God is not mocked whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. And Belshazzar was mocking God. He was terrified when he saw this gun was a smirk. The defiance of God. I don't think anyone is ever sobered up faster. The Belshazzar suddenly this young man realizes his life is coming to an end is banquet hall is been turned into a courtroom and he is about to be declared guilty and there these right in his writings on the wall and he completely freaked out. You know the Scripture says his knees were knocking together.

One translator says that the original language suggests that Belshazzar defecated, you know, that means he probably pooped his pants for them. Sandia's are that the only thing you'll remember today but that is complete. Fear he just like Ike. All the blood leaves his face. He pale his knees are literally knocking on each other. You probably heard it said when your knee start knocking Neil on them and something scares you pray call out to God that he call out to God, no, he call out to his astrologers and his fortunetellers in his soothsayers and all the rest of it said explain this to me. They said king.

We cannot explain this to you into your the queen mother. The grand mother grandmas here. She walks into his voice. You need to talk to the prophet Daniel.

He was a great help to your grandfather and it would be of great help to you right now. Go talk to the man of God. Now Daniel had pretty much been off the grid for 10 years. At this point is shut down all his social media accounts. No posts on Facebook, Instagram, no tweets, nothing. But he was ready for action and was he was called on and he immediately comes Eddie's ready to deliver the word of the Lord, and he comes with a very direct approach to the king. And here's the thing with Belshazzar. He was intentionally you know they can be a grant said you can make a pretty good case of the fact that Nebuchadnezzar was just an ignorant pagan guy. He didn't know he captured the people of Israel.

He passed those laws, he built the statute, but when he was finally confronted with the facts, though he was powerful. This king came to his senses and turn to God and believe Belshazzar knew better. He knew what happened to his grandfather but he ignored it. He was deliberately ignoring what was said and do you know that a sign of the end times is that people will be willfully ignorant. First Peter three says understand this in the last days scoffers will come, mocking him following their own evil desires, and they will say where is this coming he has promised. But they deliberately forgot that long ago by God's word the heavens came into being in the earth was formed out of water and by water. Notice they deliberately forgot their people today I want to hear you say we know Jesus that don't see Jesus to me there so open-minded until Jesus comes up there when you talk about spirituality and whatever path you follow until you dare to mention the Bible and then if you pull a Bible out, they will literally recoil your receipt often do we know you mentioned the Bible happen to have their just wanted you to do with that thing put it away. There is no power in this book is made of leather and paper and a couple of ribbons on the bottom but there's power in the words in this book, and when you hold of the very Bible people react visibly to what I want to hear that they want to hear it. If it's not true what you care if I quoted are not because deep down inside they know it's true. They know it's alive and they know it's powerful and they're afraid of it. Please say so what should we do not quote the Bible know quote the Bible.

But here's the cool thing you don't to carry around a 50 pound Bible with you and sometimes you can just quoted from memory and they won't even know it's happening until they been stabbed like 20 times with the sword of the Spirit share conversationally. I think we think when we have to preach the gospel. We have to elevate our voice we have to yell what we quote the Bible with the quoted in a weird way like, let me just say what you talking that way keep it conversational. Keep it real and engage a person and you see Belshazzar did not want to hear the Bible but Daniel pressed on your to keynoters couple take away principles number one when you're sharing God's word when you're preaching the gospel know your listener know your listener Daniel walked into the room of this terrified king, and he knew all about him. He done a little research will be Google Belshazzar probably not, but he knew the history of the kingdom, and he reminded the boy king of his grandfather and his dramatic conversion and then Daniel says about child service.

22 Belshazzar you knew all of this but you have not humbled yourself she made a connection with him and I think it's very important when you share with people to connect to them. Jesus had a home-court advantage in God knew everything about everyone, so he sat down with a woman at the well. He goes why know your living with a guy and you been married and divorced five times a week. I do know that I am God right so you knew we don't know those things about people so we get to know them by talking with them something. Remember when you share your faith, make it a dialogue not a monologue.

I've seen some Christians talk to others about Christ and the just talk and talk and talk, they don't even come up for air and I can see the person tuning out six stop so make a conversation, ask them questions, get to know them because as I told you before everyone's favorite subject is themselves. People love to talk about themselves.

Find out about them and then appropriately apply the word of God to the situation here. Daniel knew his listener, but not always straightforward. He says you have failed to do this. Belshazzar God is sent you a message earth 25.

Here it is. Many, many tackle Parson is really means many means number God is number the days of your rain and you brought it to an end tackle means way you been weighed in the balances and you fail the test.

Parson means divided your kingdom is been divided and given to the Medes and Persians loose paraphrase body.

Your number is up you been weighed in God scales and you don't have what you need right now. So Belshazzar is blown away by Daniel's wisdom and his boldness and he wants to reward the prophet for his insides and let me give you a purple robe and a gold chain and a grill for your teeth.

Come on now, then nothing on any of her stuff. Did you hear what I just said the kingdom is done, the parties over you, but I'll make you through roller third ruler over what this this is done for and I don't want your rewards. I'm just telling you this is true because you need to know it in verse 29 says that Belshazzar's command. Jenny was dressed in purple robes, a gold chain was hung around his neck.

He was proclaimed the third-highest roller in the kingdom of that very night Belshazzar, the Babylonian King was killed is going to be out last night for every person is going to be a last night for every nation will be a last meal allows statement last breath.

Then he turned and I was on a radio program this week. Prosser's perspective with my brother sent toward the end of the program. A lady called.

She was very distressed.

Her mother Vicki was dying she was on her deathbed. The family was gathered around Vicki and though Vicki was a believer.

She was a little bit afraid and she said the whole families listening to the radio right now. Can you say something to her.

I just thought of what I would say if I walked into that room personally. That happened to be on the radio and I just said Vicki. Here's what Jesus wants you to know. He says let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. You believe in God believe also in me. In my father's house are many mansions over my not so I would've told you. I go and I will come again and receive you want to myself the work I am, you may be also.

And where I go you know in the way you know Thomas said we don't know the way. We don't know where you're going. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life and no man comes of the father but by me. I said Vicki you are going to go now in the presence of God and you don't have to be afraid to leave all of your pain behind you all of your questions are going to be answered and you can is see the Lord in these Guinness EDU well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord, I could say that to her.

I could say that to her because she was a believer in I could not say that to a person who is not a believer in Jesus told to destroy before about father who had three sons and he was on his deathbed and he said to his first son.

My son, I love you and I'll see you in the morning.

He took a second son to Mrs. son. I love you and I'll see you in the morning he came to his third son, and he said son goodbye.

The sense of why did you say goodbye you said to my brothers.

I'll see you in the morning. He says that's because their believers in one day will be reunited in heaven. That voice of a father I wanted know you. I want to see you again. He says you must believe in Jesus Christ. For that to happen, and then the boy gave his life to the Lord and the father says I'll see you in the morning as well.

That's the hope of faith. Using something like so one day. Life will lead. So here's what we need to do live our lives wisely. We don't know how much time we have in this life before us. Listen to this every morning God deposit into your bank of time 86,400 seconds. That's 1440 minutes, which equal 24 hours know you have to choose how you will spend those minute nothing will be carried over to the next day on credit you have disbanded and what you don't spend is forfeited forever. So let's take that time that God is given, and let's use us. Use it wisely. Alright, so no pipe down come down. I appreciate caters for take away points as we come to a close number one we learned this in the last message no one is beyond the reach of God. Belshazzar could've been reached but because his heart was hardened. He was not given another chance folks listen to me. There is a point of no return. I don't know when it actually happens in a person's life, but I'm telling you it's out there somewhere. There is the unpardonable sin we you can blaspheme the Holy Spirit. We don't know what it is. So we always want to keep reaching out the message of the gospel and never give up on anyone. No one is beyond the reach of God. Number two, having been reached.

We need to pass it on to others. Nebuchadnezzar did not reach his son evil or his grandson Belshazzar and so these trees need to be passed on. Listen, your Lena legacy right now for your kids and grandkids. I need to get grateful. How many of you have children measuring up your children lots of how many of you have grandchildren. While lots of how many of you have great grandchildren.

Okay, how many of you have kids in Sunday school right now. Okay, so here's my point. First of all, God bless you for being at church and being a great example. You made the right decision today right you did because there's a lot of things that people would rather doing Sunday sometimes and go to church and some people are denied to go to church as much as I used to. Here's a game on TV or it's a beautiful day and really go to the beach or I want to go golfing or I wanted to sit my La-Z-Boy need those chips to Greg was talking about. I want to stay home and watch online. That's what I meant to do all watch online you're really missing out. You need to be here as an active part of the church and you know and not listen people watch us around the country and so I would say to those most you need to be an active part of your shirts okay is something inducing this church.

I happen to be here. You're here so I'm witnessing this church. But I'm saying to any believer anywhere they should be an active part of their church and if they don't their laying a foundation in handing on a legacy. I'm sure the steps of you before, listen in both mom and dad attend church regularly 72% of their church will be faithful to do the same if only dad attend church regularly 55% of the children will remain faithful. If only mom attends regularly 15% of the children will remain faithful. If neither attends regularly, only 6% will remain faithful.

Your kids are watching you your modeling it for them. What priorities are you showing them that they see you read the Bible for they see you, pray for they see you seeking to live a life that honors God.

Your setting an example for the be very aware of that.

I don't think Nebuchadnezzar did a very good job of this. In this grandson rebelled against God. Point number three were almost done were placed here on this earth to glorify God. One of the things that Daniel said to Belshazzar as he said given weight in the balances you been found lacking and you have not glorify God. That's why I'm here.

Is that why my here you're here to glorify God is and what is that evening means that you recognize that your life is a gift from God. And whatever you do you want to do it for the glory of God. The Bible says in Isaiah 43 seven everyone who is called by my name, the Lord speaking, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made. You are required to worship your design to bring honor to the Lord's. Whatever you do if your mom if your dad if your businessman if you're a schoolteacher.

If you're an athlete. If you're a musician if you're a preacher if you're a missionary.

If you are a fill in blank here. Do it for God's glory be the best you possibly can be.

Work harder than anybody else and then when you succeed and I believe you will let people know you're doing it for God's glory and listen to this clip around if you can't do it for God's glory. Don't do that thing anymore.

I can't say Lord blessed me as I go to this thing they don't do that thing. Lord blessed me as I go to church today.

Yes, Lord blessed me as I go to the bar and get drunk today.

No, I kind of I can write hallowed be thy name over the don't do it because your design to bring glory to God. Last point one day we will be weighed in God's divine scale.

Don't be a likely eat more chips. No seriously, don't be a spiritual light weight. What is I mean it just means some young people leave but there's no substance. There is no death is just not much of anything like one day you're gonna report yourself and I know that usually used in the negative. What your reports are so well yes, but it can be positive or negative. Let's go back to verse I quoted earlier.

Don't be deceived, God is not mocked whatsoever a man sows, that will he also reap. If he so so the flesh shall reap corruption, but at least those of the spirit will reap life everlasting. Yes somebody sold of the flagship sub I don't have time for God and I break his commandments all reap the repercussions, but also yes if I have time for the Lord and I do what he wants me to do all reap those blessings as well. What kind of spiritual weight does your life have right now some of your thinking and I don't like this message that much wind will maybe because you're not living as you want to live they be number one are not a Christian I will get that settled them in a moment or never choose your Christian but you're not really living for the glory of God. You know you can check in with God you check the little boxes you know my Bible. Some recently and her church so that sugar me a little favor with God. It but you're not really honoring him or seeking the live for his glory. He would sing. Honestly, you failed will God give second chances doesn't is another time the finger of God broke you wrote on the wall. The palace of the sows are you wrote on the tablets of stone and then there was a woman caught in the act of adultery and remember she was proper for Jesus and her accusers said this woman is been caught in the very act of adultery in the law says she should be stoned. What do you say in Jesus began to write on the ground in the sand.

We don't know what Jesus wrote what he wrote something and then he stood up and said let's him. That is without sin among you cast the first stone and they look at what he had written and he went down again and wrote a little bit more in this and in each of them dropped the rock they went back home and there was no this woman who'd been caught in the act, and Jesus turned to her and he said, woman, where are your accusers. She says Lord, I have none. He says neither do I condemn you go sin no more powerful and that's what Jesus says to each of us only of sin. When we fallen short, he will forgive us know. Here's the interesting question.

When did this woman become a believer, causing Jesus to say: sin no more.

Probably in the nano seconds. Probably about the time he said to her accusers. If you are without sin cast the first stone and they all love and then he says were your accusers, she says, Lord, I have not you call him Lord, right there. She believed how long does it take to believe in Jesus Christ as a take years or months or days. No, it doesn't even take hours. It can happen in a moment it can happen in the second or you just say I believe in Jesus and I choose to follow Jesus that can happen for you right now so close in prayer and in a moment, I will extend an invitation for you to have the Lord of the Lord say to you, you're forgiven: sin no more will fall short will break God's commandments we all fail. But Jesus died for the sins on the cross. 2000 years ago and he rose again from the dead.

Now he stands at the door of our life are the Knox and says it will hear his voice and open the doors shall come in as Jesus ever come into your life.

If not, would you like him to. So on that day comes when you're on your deathbed. If you have the luxury of a deathbed. By that I mean some people know the end is coming. They can say goodbye to people they care about, but for others.

Death comes suddenly and unexpectedly, are you ready for that moment. If you are, you don't have to be afraid because you go right into God's presence want you but if you don't have Christ living inside of you. You should be scared your knees should be in Aachen just like Nobel says our God will forgive you he would've forgiven those jobs are.

If you have repented, but that was not the intent of this young king's heart, but it could be the intent of your heart. There is no sin. He will not forgive, if you will ask him to forgive you. Let's pray father, thank you for sending Jesus to walk this planet of ours to live a perfect life then to die a perfect death than to rise again from the grave Lord, we know that Jesus is here with us right now standing at the door of our life and knocking it a full hear his voice and open the door to come in. I prefer any that are here that don't know you yet Lord, help them to come to you and believe what I have is about. Her eyes are closing were praying together. How many of you would say today Greg, I'm not sure if I will go to heaven when I die, I'm not sure that my sin is forgiven. I I can say with confidence. I know Jesus is living on my life but I want to say that I want Christ. I want to go to heaven someday. Pray for me if you need that second chance in life. If you want Jesus to come into your life right now and forgive you if you want to go to heaven when you die, would you raise your hand up wherever you are, to pray for you today. Raise your hand up Iraq and see it. Same.

You want Jesus. I'll pray for you.

God bless you lifted up our I can see it please God bless you. You and you will bless you hands are going up.

You need to raise your hand. Take this little step of faith. You guys watching on the screens right now. Those Lagos Woodcrest East Vail, Orange County, would you raise your hand up and say yes I need Jesus as well. I can see you but the Lord sees you. Anybody else you want Christ to come in your life. Raise your hand. We pray for you the bless you Bobby.

Some of you that need while a second chance you've messed up. You have them in glorifying God with your life.

In fact, it's been more the very opposite of that. You've been doing things you shouldn't be doing this. His follower but you want to repent of that recommit your life to Christ, you need to make that recommit the did Jesus, would you raise your hand up right now. Let me pray for you don't be embarrassed. He just wants to forgive you and he wants to say to you: sin no more. Anybody else raise your hand up when we pray for you all of you that every church, and I want you to pray this prayer after me you can even print out loud if you like.

Again, as I pray just pray this after me now pray Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner but I know you are the Savior who died on the cross for my sin. I turned from that sin. I repent of that sin. Forgive me of that sin I choose to follow you, Lord. From this moment forward in Jesus name I pray, seek

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