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SM180729/Making Sense of the Prophetic Puzzle

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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August 2, 2018 7:02 pm

SM180729/Making Sense of the Prophetic Puzzle

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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Harvest messages are brought to you by harvest partners receive free email daily devotions were to become a harvest partner, please visit us how many of you like puzzle Frazier had to be like puzzles that I am not one of you, I admire you seem like smart people like puzzles to sit down to work on this puzzle. If I'm with my wife and and we walk through someone's home and there's a puzzles.

You will literally sit down and start working on the puzzle that we walked through a hotel and they have a puzzle in the lobby. She will sit.I went to work in the puzzle and I just keep walking. I like why to me at the Y. It's a waste of time will look before us here in Daniel chapter 9 is a prophetic puzzle and we don't want to keep walking. Here we want to see what this puzzle is all about. Because this puzzle or prophecy is the most remarkable in the book of Daniel. That's saying a lot because there's some significant prophecies in this book because this is such a significant prophecy.

I would even say this is one of the most mind blowing prophecies in all of the Bible. Why because this prophecy was ever going to read in a moment gives us the exact date of the arrival of the Messiah, not for his second coming, though I think I can say with some certainty when the second coming of Christ will be the second coming of Christ will be at the end of the tribulation.

The Bible is very clear in pointing this out. So once the rapture happens it's going to do a quick flyover. Here's the chronology of prophetic events to come from my viewpoint number one. The next event I think on the calendar would be the rapture of the church were all Christians are caught up to meet the Lord in the air on the heels of that is the emergence of the Antichrist will talk about him a little bit more in a few moments and that inaugurates the great tribulation.

The last 47 years at the end of the seven year tribulation period is what is called the battle or gobbles of Armageddon and that is when Christ returns and what we call the second coming, the second coming is at the end of the tribulation. During the battle of Armageddon.

But since the rapture is an apple. We don't know when that's going to be, but you can counted pretty much from seven years after the rapture more or less well we don't know when the rapture is and I don't care what blood moons are doing.

By the way, I don't buy into any of the blood moons definitely tell you what the Bible does say the moon will be turned to blood started as a prophecy by Joel also quoted by Peter on the day of Pentecost that is speaking specifically of what will happen in the tribulation. Were not in the tribulation. So please don't be sidetracked by blood moons of there's plenty in the Bible that is reliable, that we can depend upon.

So having said all that, we don't know when the rapture is the second coming will happen seven years after the rapture but the Bible actually predicted the very date that Christ would start his public ministry or when he would arrive on the scene and you know the Lord revealed this to Daniel and you know when the Lord revealed this to Daniel when he was praying you a lot happens when you pray not only does Adele not want you to preach the gospel trust think the devil does not want you to pray why because there's power in prayer. It's been said and Satan trembles. When he sees the weakest saying upon his knees will do everything he can to keep you from going to the Lord in prayer.

Daniel was praying and not only was he praying he was repenting of his sin and he said the three hardest words. Remember what the three hardest words are to say no more dessert know those are not the words. The words are. I have sin it is very easy for me to say you have sin, but it's harder for me to say I have sin.

That's what Daniel said. What's remarkable about that is, we don't really know of any sin that Daniel committed though we know he was a sinner like the rest of us what he was willing to own up to his own sin and admit it and so God worked as a result of this. Did you know that one of the greatest revivals in America started with a prayer meeting. It happened in downtown New York City was a man named Jeremiah Lanphier who decided to hold a prayer meeting, so he handed out flyers to New Yorkers St. join me at lunch time for prayer.

Very few people showed up that usually the way it is with prayer meetings. You know, people show up for a Bible study, maybe even more people suffer a Christian concert or worship event. But you say let's ever permitting your numbers will go down, but that did not deter Jeremiah Lanphier and he called this little prayer meeting and only a handful showed up but something dramatic In the stock market crashed. The next day, and soon his little prayer meeting was filling up within six months. 10,000 people were gathering every day at lunch time in New York City for prayer. This isn't Sunday morning.

This is lunch time there praying and they started renting theaters and concert halls because they were overflowing churches so they could hold these prayer meetings and then God started moving and 50,000 New Yorkers came to Christ from March to May. During that single year 50,000 people were coming to Christ every week and what it was all said and done over 1 million people came to Jesus.

As a result of the permit is called the grape for a revival and God could do it again. It just starts with someone like you. So would Osama started prayer meeting in my neighborhood how to start a prayer meeting at my office, to start a prayer meeting over here and you think that little step of faith and wall. Daniel was praying he was repenting of his sin. I have Cindy said to the Lord, you know, the problem is, some people have never repented of their sin, and yet they claim to be Christians.

I read recently that 50% of Christians don't have the assurance of salvation Naaman to say something provocative. I believe one of the reasons 50% of Christians in America don't have the assurance of salvation is maybe because 50% of them hard say all can you see the great weight half of Americans generally will say I'm a Christian you think half of America is Christian know if it is I sure don't see the evidence of it. That's the only thing I can evaluate so my point is this if you want to be a Christian you must believe in Jesus, but you must also repent of your sin. On the day of Pentecost as the spirit was being poured out. People were deeply moved and they said that the apostle Peter, what should we do and Peter said repented of your sins that you may be converted in times of spiritual refreshment will come from the presence of the Lord, repent we say okay what is that even mean the question is actually a military term that means an about-face, my friend Tony Clark told me this Tony was a Marine glia summary. I guess if you're a Marine you're always a Marine in my right about that. So his Marine buddies not in active service, but he told me it's a military term. I did not know that and you know that the command about-face. That's what repentance is its about-face, I'm going this way, I repent its about-face on going that way. So instead of running from God. I'm running to God and I'm doing what God wants me to do. Repent of my sin. That's important you know people assail. I just love the Lord so much and I have this deep feeling for Jesus and okay does it affect you in the way that you live because here's what Jesus would say they listen if you love me, keep my commandments. Yes, but I feel emotion that school, keep my commandments, but I feel your nice do what I tell you to do that I would be like a husband to know dear, I love you so much you do is wife I just love you I love you and then he is having affairs with five other women simultaneously that Crete doesn't love you okay and in the same way for say no I love the Lord were breaking his commandments were doing things his word tells us not to do.

Do we really love him so. Daniel repented of his sin. He asked the Lord to forgive him and as he's waiting on the Lord God reveals something amazing you know God wants to reveal truth to you. He wants to show his will to you and or somebody listening to me right now that needs to know the will of God for their life and here's what the Bible says if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask from God and he will give it generously shows only the Lord told the back say not enough to give this to you is that I really wanted generously give you my wisdom so Daniels praying is repenting the Lord lays this autumn look at Daniel nine verse 25 know therefore and understand from them that from the going forth of the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince, there will be seven weeks and 62 weeks the street will be built again, and the wall, even in troublesome times and after the 62 weeks Messiah will be cut off, but not for himself stop there. I know some of you are scratching your head using what what is it even me. Let me read it to you from a modern translation listen, it will be 49 years of the Lord to Daniel +434 years from the time the command is given the rebuild Jerusalem until the Messiah comes. Jerusalem streets and walls will be rebuilt. Despite perilous times. After this period of 483 years, the anointed one for the Messiah will be killed, but not for himself, his kingdom is still unrealized. So what is this me let started taken apart and put it back together.

God is telling Daniel that the city and walls of Jerusalem will be rebuilt because her in ruin at this time. When did that happen under Nehemiah. Remember, we study the book together in this series we called the rebuilt life so Nehemiah was the cupbearer to the king. He was a Jewish man a cupbearer means that you access to the king pretty much 24 seven. You are always in close proximity to the most powerful man on earth, and Daniel heard about the plight of his fellow Jews how the city was lying in ruin and and he wanted to do something about it. He was in a construction guy even wear a hard hat.

He wasn't an architect. He was a cupbearer counselor and advisor. When he got I'm in a position of influence. I want to leverage my influence for God's glory and and so apparently Nehemiah was a very cheerful guy because when did the king said, hey Nehemiah, why do you look so sad. He was probably one of those guys that is smiling all the time and I love that we Christians are that way.

Listen Christian should be cheerful people are Christians and sort of light up a room when they walked in. So don't be a Debbie downer or a Bobby buzz kill and blame it on God.

Sometimes Christians villages three serious men to shut up. You're just where okay stop it. Be cheerful. The Bible says this a cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit saps a person strength you know some people are always smiling personally, comes the minor's pastor Ricky Ryan no Ricky you palmetto. He's our campus pastoral red harvestable Lonnie O'Malley effective now. We became a person it would be Ricky Ryan. He always wears Hawaiian shirt. I traveled with them around the world going to cold climates, you know, I'm wearing a sweater or jacket. Ricky still wearing a white shirt and flip-flops and sacred youths freezing. He does sort of is the personification of a Loja and he's always smiling always has an encouragement purging word I said to him, Ricky. You are the most Christian Christian. I think I've ever met. Your your you know, just a great representative of Christ. So when Ricky isn't smiling. That's weird. I remember a moment when Ricky was not smiling and I was responsible for it are Ricky is a very good surfer defect when he was a young man he competed and so he loves surfing.

He loves surfboards or surfers. Do we have any servers here, you surfer to so so Ricky got a brand-new board and he was put that on top of his attorney said Greg would you tie that down for me.

I said sure understand. I have no mechanical abilities that I mean even tying the surfboard down is perplexing to me. So I did my best, Greg version of China's surfboard down and so he's driving the head of me and I'm behind them and and as he takes up I saw the board like I don't come off the car go airborne.

It was a light alike board a small board and it's flipping in the air flipping flipping flipping and then it hits the ground below hits the ground below pentagram boom boom boom boom side filled with things and so we pulled over. Ricky gets out of his car. He looks it is surfboard looks at me. He's not smiling. A rare moment in time. Ricky was like what happened upon you and your board to this is so much because light upon the newborn and I was responsible. My point is, Nehemiah was a happy, cheerful guy, but at this moment in time. He wasn't smiling so the Kings is what's with the proper Nehemiah does Kings is our new Misys. I'm sad I'm sad for my people that their diversity is lined in ruins and Arctic church. He says will what you want to do well king I would love to go back to Jerusalem and rebuild the walls again.

King says I think that's a good idea. Hi to have you gone but I'll tell you what I'll do because I like you so much. I'm in the Senate armed escort them and underwrite the whole project. So the prophetic clock was set in the motion from the moment that Kings Arctic Xerxes gives the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the coming of the Messiah is this many days.

The clock was now ticking. The moment that wall started to be rebuilt. So now we can put it all together and we do the math and see how this actually really works out to be good to swallow. The fly don't know he was tasty though I liked him. I so Nehemiah 21 says it came to pass in the month of Nissan.

In contrast of the month of Toyota to different month, the month of Nissan in the 20th year of King Arctic Xerxes so we know it's 1/20 year of the reign of Arctic Xerxes. So let's do the math. Arctic Xerxes began his reign as king and for 65 BC so the 20th year of his reign would have been for 45 BC. Remember we come backwards and BC years. Now the first day of Nissan is March 14. According to our calendar, and this 69 weeks of Daniel began with March 14 445 BC when the commandment of Arctic Xerxes was given to restore and rebuild Jerusalem calculated out and it comes out to 173,880 day what happened from the moment that King gave the decree to rebuild the city 173,880 days later, Jesus of Nazareth road into the city of Jerusalem on a donkey fulfilling Bible prophecy to a T. That is amazing to me. And by the way, when Jesus rode into the city. He was playing this hand, if you will for a large part of his ministry.

The Lord sort of flew under the radar and by that I mean he would heal someone and they'd say, don't tell anybody, because my hour has not yet come right now is ours, he knows exactly what he is doing when he melts a donkey and writes in because the Bible says that the Messiah would come riding a donkey so he was saying to everyone you got the right folks.

Make no mistake about it, I am your Messiah.

So this is a total fulfillment of Scripture so that people are having a party there waving palm branches or crying out hosanna to the son of David, you know what Jesus is doing is weeping. It's like someone crying at the Rome birthday party I think when you get older maybe you do that I don't even like to hear birthdays anymore when your kids might birthdays on Sunday when you get older as I come home I birthdays on Sunday another year to your almost crying natural party hears Jesus the biggest party of the year and he's weeping wisely weeping because he knows he's going to be cut off. That took Daniel said Messiah will arrive and he will be cut off. Jesus knew he was going to die for the sins of the people look at verse 26 of Daniel nine.

After the 62 weeks Messiah will be cut off. Not for himself. Jesus was coming primarily to die on the cross for the sins of the world. He knew that any new these very people that were crying.

Hosanna today and only ours would be crying crucify him and let his blood be on us and on our children later at 33 was people are saying it is beginning at 33 Jesus Christ said it is finished so that he was finished, but his work was finished the work that God had given them to do to die on the cross for our send out an interesting twist.

When this happened, the prophetic clock suddenly stops like in a football game. You know your almost at the end of the game of the score is tie and they stop it and you know when that clock starts again.

You are like two minutes say and then it's over with and so this next play is super significant.

It's like the prophetic clock suddenly stopped.

It's a time out and it will start ticking again with Antichrist is revealed. That brings us to verse 26 the prince who is to come.

This is not Jesus. This is Antichrist. The prince who is to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. The end of it will be with the flood and the end of the word desolation's are determined.

Underline the word desolation, until he won the moment. Desolation's are determined and he will confirm a covenant with many for one week at seven. The seven in this case, seven years, but in the middle of the week will bring an end of the sacrifice and offering. And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate the prince is the antichrist will inaugurate a seven year tribulation. Bill initially emerge on the scene is a man of peace will be charismatic, brilliant Satanic Superman, but in reality the devils son. Antichrist will help the Jewish people rebuild their temple, which would be the third Temple. By the way there's no Jewish temple in Jerusalem today. When you see a photograph of Jerusalem by the way, were leaving the tour to Jerusalem, he can still sign and be a part of it's going to be amazing. But when you see a photograph of Jerusalem.

You usually notice that large gold dome right that's called the dome of the rock that's an Islamic shrine to Mohammed. That is not the Jewish temple the Jewish temple is not been rebuilt, but the dome of the rock is it's called is built on what is also known as the Temple Mount, which is the area that the original Jewish temple of first built by Solomon and rebuild by King Herod and then later destroyed by Titus in his Roman legions of that will be rebuilt again. So when the antichrist builds the temple for the Jewish people. Some will hail him as Messiah because they believe Messiah will rebuild the temple. I talked to a Jewish person. The number of years ago in Israel and I said what you think Messiah will look like these. He said he'll be a man will be a great world leader and he will rebuild our temple. You just describe the antichrist. He said: what you like to be our Messiah set a right to me while he will be antichrist.

Remember the prefix anti-doesn't just mean against it also means instead of so is an imitation of Christ. But then after the temple is rebuild. That is when the abomination of desolation takes place, spoken of by Jesus in Matthew 24 and what we call the all of it discourse which he does a flyover of end times event and he says when you see the abomination of desolation. Then it says let the reader understand.

So God clearly wants us to understand what this is all about. The antichrist will erect an image in the temple and commit everyone to worship. This will mark the halfway point of the tribulation for the remaining 3 1/2 years. Antichrist will make everyone take his mark in the will go buy or sell without it. He'll persecute Jewish people you will persecute Christians and you will ultimately be destroyed along with this forces in the battle of Armageddon. That's that's all going to come in the future, so I know some of you are thinking. While this is like kind of depressing. So let's get the big picture not pull the camera back what what what what what should we be looking for.

Antichrist is Antichrist forget that the never figured out, the Bible does not say look for antichrist. It tells you to look for Jesus Christ.

That's our focus. Jesus said when these things begin they happen. Look up for your redemption is drawing near and the Scripture also tells us to return a second time for those who are looking for him. So we should be looking for the Lord. So we talked about the future of the world.

Let me just talk for a moment about your personal future persistent couple of things to know about your personal future.

First of all let me say your future is very bright in the how do you know you know you live my life altogether step further. Your future is going to be better than your past, how would you know if you live my best know I have not will. How would you know what my future is because of what the Bible says and here's what I know about you, no matter what is in your future. If you're a Christian, you're going to heaven. Therefore, your future is very bright once a form of escapism.

Is it hallelujah give me out of here. I think those are the most heavenly minded of the greatest earthly good loose paraphrase of CS Lewis. Those that think the most about the next world to the most for this one gives us an eternal perspective as we live our lives, so your future is bright number to your future is good and why do I say that because the Bible says Romans 828 we know that all things are working together for good to those that love God and are the called according to his purpose. Now there are things that happen in life that are inexplicable bad things happen to good people that things happen to godly people and I can explain it. I've had bad things happen to me and many of you have had bad things happen to you and I look years later at them and I still say that's a bad thing that happened I don't know why that happened but yet God promises you work all things together for good. He doesn't say he will necessarily make a bad thing. Good, but he says good will come. Maybe, despite the bad thing and I think it will be get to heaven. The will all be sorted out and I suggest to you when were in heaven. We may look back on earth and by the way, you will have memory in heaven. Sometimes it will soon heaven, you will remember nothing about her. I don't know why he would say that are many verses that would apply that will have recollection of life on earth, and even have more knowledge of me working in the war in heaven outlasts right so I think I can look back on my life on earth and actually say that thing that I thought was a bad thing actually was a really good thing because of what it produces. Let me illustrate. I have five granddaughters will for my grandchildren for granddaughters and are they like dolls that pretty much, mostly for the most part over the dolls now, but they like culture while and they would break dolls that happen should know.

So I would buy extra strength a few extras put away so my granddaughter would come in as she did one occasion Papa the dolls head came off and there before me is a headless doll she's holding the head. She cut the body by I can fix its entrance to the dolls hand on you know and it's not going on.

I kick it they had to go back. I said it's okay gave it all got its okay will be okay. Trust me, it's not okay but actually I do understand it's going to be okay. I look at this I give him a brand-new daughter like suddenly it's okay they don't even want the decapitated doll now go to the forerunner of a brand-new doll right so here we are in this life.why did you let this happen. God says it'll be okay no it's not okay God you don't know what you know, I know what I'm to know you not understand. Actually, I do understand can be okay. You'll see that one day I get to heaven and they like recognizing now, Lord, I understand why that happened. Now, Lord, I realize why this thing took place in my life.

Paul had a thorn in the flesh was a phrase he used.

Actually, it could be translated stake in the flesh so so bad. It was physical. We don't know what was but three times. He said Lord would you remove this store. This affliction, and God said in response. My grace is sufficient for you, so Paul then goes on to say in second Corinthians. I'm glad to boast about my weaknesses, so the power of Christ can work through me.

That's way way take pleasure in my weaknesses and the insults and the hardships and the persecutions and the troubles that I suffer for Christ when I am weak, then I am strong. What are you nuts no is a heavenly perspective. Now this stuff is hard, but I rejoice in it because when I'm weak I'm strong so your future is bright. Your future is good and your future will be provided for Jesus said in Matthew 633 seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you. What are these things the context of the sermon on the Mel Lord says what you're going to eat what you're going to drink what you gonna wear all elaborate a little more aware, you gonna live what you're going to drive where you're going to marry all the needs of life.

He says I'll take care of that if you put me first and seek me first. The Bible is filled with the promises of God. There are thousands of promises in this book to the follower of Jesus Christ. And I think in many cases we haven't taken hold of them there, like gift cards to be delivered give you gift cards.

Let me ask you question how many of you have ever received a gift card recipient Jake how many of you have ever given a gift card recipient how many of you, your church answer honestly how many of you have ever regifted a gift card reserve.

I've done it to because I have a drawer that I throw gift cards and I like what is this liver donuts. I don't want to. There is a really a liver donuts I was googling away like that. No, but you like I could give cards or places I never will go to so I put them in a drawer there unredeemed gift cards in the side because someone spent money on that.

That card has value, but if it's unredeemed, I'll never know that value and God is given us promises and were like people that don't redeem gift card here. The promises of God take hold of them.

So let's go back to this earlier statement of Daniel and conclude verse 26 he will be cut off, but not for himself. That's why Jesus came to be cut off because were cut off from God by our sin sums it will. Jesus came to be the greatest moral teacher of all time will trust me was that a lot more will he came to perform miracles. Yes, he did perform many amazing miracles, but the primary reason Jesus Christ was born in a manger in Bethlehem and then live the perfect life and then died on the cross was so we could be forgiven of our sin.

Jesus said the Son of Man has come to seek and save that which was lost is that I have come to give my life as a ransom for many.

Why because were separated by God. Let's say we all decided to jump to the moon, let's jump to the moon and I said I'll go first.

I get all my energy and I jumped up maybe 3 feet.

That's the size I could go and you come along and you jump maybe 4 feet and then Olympic pole vaulter comes longer maybe gets up 20 feet and then I guy with the rocket packs he comes along and he gets up a thousand feet, then power goes out and it's not a good ending for him. Okay so here's the question that the guy in the rocket fact go higher than I went. Yes, the guy in the rocket fact get any closer to touching the moon.

No, so that's us all live a good life will be a moral person rented some may be more moral than others. Some may sin more than others, but we all fall short. Despite our best efforts we don't even get close to reaching heaven or meeting the righteous standards of God, so God loved us so much. He said that I'll take care of this for you and he sent his son to this earth to be cut off and that's what Jesus did.

He went to the cross and he was cut off so we could have a relationship with him coming back to puzzles for a moment, I mentioned that my wife likes to put puzzles together so she completed one a while ago, except there was one missing piece is Greg I finish the puzzle pieces missing. I have to find the missing piece or were literally on our hands and knees looking under chairs and tables for the missing piece we finally fronted parent is and she put it in that she was happy so that's us in life with a goat you know if I just get these certain things.

My life will be fulfilled okay if I just meet the right person. We have the perfect little marriage in the perfect little dog will be happy here. We are were now maybe we need children, we need to get kids and get kids can only the kids and the dog and now what happened when were still not happy.

Okay, maybe we need this.

We need this house will that house wasn't quite right. We need this other house or no we meet this other think and you just go on and on and on through life and you assemble all these things and you think you should be happy because the puzzle is completed, but something's missing.

I'll tell you what's missing Jesus Christ and God holds the missing piece.

You gotta reach out for the missing pieces in here the missing pieces in their the missing pieces in the hands of God, right say Lord I need Jesus, forgive me of my sin. That's what he was cut off.

So in a moment were going to receive communion together and organists are the elements that represent the broken body in the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and will distribute them to all of you and ask you to hold onto your bread and hold on your copter both in one tray until were all served.

But let me say this before we do that communion is for Christians only. Now if you're not a Christian and you receive communion. You will not be arrested.

You will not be detained.

You will not even be frowned upon, but I'm just want to save you.

It's a bad idea because God is watching wasn't a bad idea because Jesus said, look, I want you to do this in remembrance of me. He was in the upper room of this disciples. He took the bread he said take any this is a remembrance of me. This is my body which is broken for you. Drink this cup. This is the new covenant representing my blood that will be said drink of this cup why he says I want you to remember me till I come again so he hasn't come yet so we receive communion and we remember but if I don't believe in the one that these elements represent. Why would I want to receive communion. The Bible even warns of eating and drinking judgment to yourself. So here's my solution. It's a good one.

Believe in Jesus Christ. Ask him to forgive you of your sin and join us for communion. So I would like to close in prayer and extend an opportunity for any of you are not sure if your sin is forgiven.

You're not certain that you would go to heaven if you were to die, you don't know if you're ready for the Lord's return what you want to be. I want you all to respond to this invitation that I will extend now as we pray together and then you will become a child of God that he will forgive you of all of your sin, you need to do that but if you do it right now as we pray atop our heads everybody praying please father, thank you for your word to us.

Thank you for sending Jesus to die for us to be cut off for us and then to rise again three days later. Now, Lord, I pray for every person here who does not know you. Help them to see their need for you help them to come to you and help them to believe in you at this very moment we ask no overheads about Araiza closer were praying. How many of you would say today. Greg pray for me. I want Jesus to come in the my life. I want him to forgive me of my sin. I want to know that when I die I will go to heaven. I want to be ready for his return. Pray for me. I'm ready to say yes to Jesus. If you want Christ to come in your life if you want to go to heaven when you die if you're ready to say yes to Jesus today, would you raise your hand up wherever you are and I'll pray for you raise your hand. God bless you raise it up. I reckon see it please God bless you and you raise your hand up wherever you are old. Upon reckon see it please let me pray for you. God bless you guys just got bless up in the balcony got bless you some of your watching the screen right now, I can't see you. Of course, but the Lord sees you. Would you take this little step of faith and raise your hand as well saying yes I want Jesus Christ raise your hand up when we pray for you I would ask everyone of you if you would please arrange your hand to stand your feet and I will lead you in the prayers of all of you. The razor had to stand up even if you did not raise your hand but you want Jesus Christ to come in your life you want him to forgive you of your sin.

Stand your feet will pray together wherever you are, to stand up, stand up and will pray you will not regret this guaranty. Anybody else stand up now let me lead you in this prayer, so you can get right with God. If you're watching the screen stand up wherever you guys are all pray this together. Only one more moment anybody else stand. Now if you would please the bless all of you standing. All right, as I pray I want you to pray this prayer out loud after me again as I pray pray this prayer out loud.

Okay pray this prayer. Now, Lord Jesus, I know I'm a sinner but I know you're the Savior who died on the cross. It shed your blood for every sin I've ever committed.

I'm sorry for my sin. I repent of my sin I choose to follow you, Lord. From this moment forward. Thank you for accepting me and for giving me in Jesus name I pray a man cup. Bless each want to be there. Pray the prayer

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