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How God Can Turn Your Mess into a Message!

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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October 22, 2019 12:35 pm

How God Can Turn Your Mess into a Message!

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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October 22, 2019 12:35 pm

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Let's give a warm harvest welcome to Joe Rosenberg, the great great to have you, Joel.

So here's is this your latest book, the Persian gambling tells about this book well basically the short version is, what if every good political thriller has a what if premise what if the Iranian regime took the hundred and $50 billion that Pres. Obama gave them for the Iran nuclear deal with.

They took that hundred and 50 billion and they went secretly to North Korea and they try to buy half dozen fully operational nuclear warheads and get them back secretly to Iran. That's the that's the premise yes and I'm getting ahead of myself. It did you not have this conversation with the president of United States Pres. Trapani asked about this book didn't you tell him that very I did the same. This was in the Oval Office. In March, just before the book came out, who has in the office with. I had had lunch with VP Pentz has been a long time to grand dropping names along the US governor think a lot of bragging. I'm hearing okay for last couple starts of the last service preemptive. I know that this is all true. Please continue. So so Pentz had taken me in and in the room was also Sec. Pompeo and Nash. Writer then John Bolton so the three of us are sitting there presence behind over the resolute desk you honestly what I'm thinking I never been in that room before what I'm thinking is not my book, how do I talk and present it. The old Sesame Street jingle one of these things is not like the other one of these things just doesn't belong like I was the most us of jumble so present asked me about the book to give me the short version. I said this is the elevator pitch. I said what I said and he said he just leaned back, that's scary that premise.

He says how you know that's not happening already. How you know the rains are try to do that is will Mr. present on trusting that you and the men in this room are working every day to make sure the person gambled on the right. Let's keep praying for that. So these are, you know, you write these books, their works of fiction, but really there based on the based on your research, your experience, your troubles, people you have relationships with. And yet you're not. He's an outstanding fiction writer.

And unlike those people the right fake news. He acknowledges fiction about an extension really what the purpose I would say and I highly recommend any book that Joel read the gospel is woven through every rock doesn't mean I character gets even every book that's not realistic, but what I'm really trying to get my wife I met at Syracuse University Campus Crusade for Christ and we were terrified and learning how to share the four spiritual laws. The little attract so we thought maybe instead of sharing a 10 page booklet may, we would share a 450 page booklet. So these are really four spiritual long tracks disguised as New York Times best-selling political thriller assassinations, car chases, explosions, and this is my way of grabbing cattle and drawing people in and the spiritual temperature goes up, so I hope will find interesting, but also given to somebody who you've been either too scared to share the gospel with or you tried everything and they're just not getting it. I like this weekend about Bible prophecy.

Maybe somebody's hearing this for the first time what is Bible prophecy. Why did people avoid the topic because it seems to me in churches today.

Joel, it's not talked about as much is it used to be talked about.

So why do you think people are avoiding the topic and why does it matter to us what matters. First, because 27% of the Bible is prophecy, half of which is Artie come true. All the prophecies about the Messiah's first coming of how we know that Jesus is in fact the Messiah and all the ancient prophecies that came true.

Tell us we can trust this book that the things that have come true, convinces the things that have not yet come true will.

So God wants us to know if one out of four verses in the Bible is about prophecy. These are things that God thinks it's important. If we were to teach our son or daughter 27% last of what they need to know to drive safely.

We helping them about the other drivers on the road if medical schools taught 27% last of what it needed, people need to save lives. Are they helping these future doctors.

What about the future patients and saying if God tells us we need to know this.

We need to know, but many pastors ministry leaders haven't studied it carefully so they their confused and they avoid things that they haven't thought of carefully, or they don't really believe it or they're trying to avoid the prophecy nuts. They don't want to be associated. You know the websites where everything has flames and it's black and red. Every sentence is an capital letters with 92! After you like to have some decaf you it's all going to be had you read it all works out right but anyway what the problem is that yes there are prophecy not to. And that's the nuts have taken over the 27%. This is because except for yourselves in there and it hearing the number of others but not that many people are teaching this people aren't teaching it. How are they supposed to believe how people believers are people to believe in and they haven't even heard so just like there are people who are teach heresy of the gospel you.

For example, Greg.

You don't say to preach the gospel because there are heretics out there don't be associated with air techno. That's why you preach so carefully the gospel of Jesus Christ because people need to hear it. How can they believe if they haven't even heard so now, not all my books deal with properly. But a number of them have as that's the promise.

What if and when my books a few years in a number years ago 13 years ago 14 years ago was called the Ezekiel option. I took the premise of the Ezekiel prophecies of chapter 38, 39 Russia, Iran, Turkey and other countries forming this alliance come after Israel and now I read in the papers this week. Russia Iran to gather their they formed their Norton just just miles north of the borders of Israel. I wouldn't say it's way too soon to say okay were seeing the prophecies of Gog and Magog. Ezekiel 38 and 49 come true, that no work. It's it would be it would be a mistake to draw conclusion but Russia, Iran and Turkey have never had an alliance they've never been actively militarily engaged in Syria just miles north of Israel where the prophetic invasion is coming from the north. That's unnerving.

Geopolitically what's happening and it's intriguing prophetically because the chapters before Ezekiel 38, 39, you might notice is 36 and 37 hashtag just saying. And those are famously the most dramatic properties of the rebirth of the state of Israel in the last days Jews coming back to the land of Israel and settling their in the last days Jews coming to faith. Having a spiritual awakening in the last which is happening so the fact 36 and 37 are coming to pass. Does suggest 3039 or coming and it's getting it's getting interesting especially for those of us who live so someone listening to this is like okay that's really interesting, but how does this affect me. I think one thing that comes to mind is there's an event. The Bible speaks of call the rapture will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air. This is before the tribulation period begins in the Antichrist is revealed. Where you see the rapture, or Christ comes for his church fitting in timewise or chronologically in relation to the scenario that you just described in Ezekiel.

Well, I can't can't be definitive on that because the Bible is not definitive. There's a there's a doctrine called the doctrine of immanence, which means that Jesus could come in terms of the rapture, not the second coming with the rapture to scoop us up out of the world that could happen at any moment that immanence could happen at any moment what that means is that there's no prophecy. This clearly indicated as has to happen before the rapture but is important to know that that doesn't mean that certain prophecy won't take place before the rapture, the most notable which is of which is the rebirth of the state of Israel right. Classically you would like is a dispensational theology that getting too technical to said for 1900 years the rapture will probably happen and then Israel will be reborn in, but clearly Israel has been reborn clearly. Jews of come back to the land and continue to our family encoded and are rebuilding the ancient ruins, so it's not in any know whether prospects can happen. First, and maybe Ezekiel 38 and 39 does happen. First, you know what the what and why it matters to us.

When you see Israel reborn as a country and you see the gospel being preached to every nation, and you can't go to Matthew 24, most of which has those properties are being fulfilled. So if you check off list check check check tick tick tick check you what happened that that text says when you see all these things happen know that he, Jesus is right at the door is easy. He's about to enter human history live with an urgency to live either holy lives that we should live. But then we can actually affect live repentant live but we also have to live great commission focus life where we are telling people who don't know hey dude, you gotta know about Jesus and you gotta make a decision for him or against.

Yes that's right. Now Joel you've just been traveling a lot lately. They're all around the world. You had some amazing meetings with crown princes presidents we are to talk about your meeting with the president Prime Minister's eye cures a couple of photos maybe tell us about these photos here is that Saudi Gazette who are you meeting with Karen and what did you do this well this is me meeting with arguably the most vilified and controversial leader in the world crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Solomont. I have been invited to lead evangelical delegations to 66 different times and the latitude here. We met with the president of Egypt present LCC met with the King of Jordan King Abella. The second that's with the United Arab Emirates. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Syed and was fast about all these meetings is for most of these countries is the first time their top leaders have ever invited evangelical followers of Jesus to their palaces to talk about religious freedom, human rights, peace with Israel, potentially, and all range of issues and we like to talk about those issues are important issues but also puts us in the room to say.

You know, your Majesty, or your Royal highness, the Bible commands us to pray for kings and all those in authority what your prayer requests.

How can we pray for you and we pray for them at the end of these meetings in the name of Jesus and tell them I'm so sorry about Skip present the gospel church so we will so a year ago in November of last year was the first time that I was invited to come to Saudi Arabia and meet with their leaders, the foreign minister told us that you're the first Christian leaders in the 300 years that the Saudi royal families control the Arabian Peninsula ever been invited to the palace.

That was God open door, and imagined not as an American even talk about a Jewish evangelical do dual US Israeli citizen evangelical who has two sons who have served in the Israeli army that is not normal, a senior Israeli official told Angel you're the first Israeli citizen in history to publicly meet with the leadership of Saudi Arabia. In that meeting.

I said to the crown princes. We're just getting started.

Your Royal highness, I'm guessing yes that may be the term evangelical Christianity is not used that often in the kingdom is at a fair assessment and he laughed and he said that's probably fair that they only have a single church that is freely operating in the country right that's something we've been pressing them on and I will just to define terms. Here we have an ordained pastor with us on this delegation skip icing from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Could he just take a moment and explain what is it mean to be an evangelical Christian and what is it that we believe yes please share it.

I would lie would love to hear it. So this is just an amazing thing that God is opening these doors.

They have their reasons, we have hours for building friendships fringes where we honor what we can honor their some of these countries are making major sweeping positive reforms from these countries. Most of them still have huge problems and we get to be in the room having very candid conversations about the things we think should still change sometimes people are critical of going into environments like that or even going into the White House. They see it as an endorsement of everything that's happening there. People don't understand this. As believers we want to go wherever we can to bring the gospel look at how Daniel influenced the leaders that was Nebuchadnezzar the defendant throwing Jews in the fiery furnace in the right. I like that was like the guy you would be tweeting on this guy everything about what is right and Darius to Joseph with the Pharaoh and the apostle Paul before various Roman leader for crying out loud. Caesar absolutely imagine if there were social media in the day that Paul feel I want to speak to Caesar the people that he's not apostle. He doesn't believe in Jesus who does that guy think he is to seriously we're we believe, I know you do and you've taught me a lot about this. Every person in the world needs a friend who loves Jesus right no matter what they've done what their background what they believe. Even if you can sit and another was a man who chopped people into little pieces he threw Jews in the fiery furnace when he got say that's right I Daniel didn't know that Nebuchadnezzar was can become a follower of the God of Israel when he started the relationship. We can't know, we, but we have to be faithful to honor King's and to pray for kings and be witnesses was Paul's calling in acts nine. You're to be my chosen instrument to be my witness to Gentiles kings and the sons of Israel. Now, not always get that open door. I never expected it, but we were trying to learn to be faithful. If God opens doors to them power last in the powerful. That's right. Here's a picture of you with the powerful, there is the president and not all of it. I get it, but one of the first questions he asked me not the first one of them was tell me a little bit about yourself.

Well, Mr. Pres., I was never Trumper until the Thursday before the election. When I had to make a final decision. Now Greg you know the president how often you think the term never Trumper is using his presence through his eyes, but it was after I talked about why in an and also honored what he is doing now to keep his promise.

He's become a very pro-life present.

I have a lot of concerns with them still honor what I can honor pro-life pro-Israel those important things to me a pro-religious freedom and the most on those three issues of any president.

It was after talk, telling him that I was never Trumper and we talked about these issues. We also asked me did the vice president just call you and evangelical jewel. I said yes you and evangelical Christmas present I am but your name is Joel Rosenberg is not Jewish I salon my father side of Jewish. I don't understand.

He said how can you be Jewish and believe in Jesus.

That was the first question he asked me I'm like more you can talk about being a Jewish follower of Jesus office for the first meeting I've ever had in the Oval Office is doing crazy things and it was after all that, but he said you want your picture taken for well pray we need to pray for the present, as I do.

I know you do every day is under a lot of pressure and we need him to do well and honestly, if a future president for a different party invite me.

I hope I would say yes my that's been my attention. Whether to lead us in prayer for the president's cabinet for a country right now.

Okay, let's pray father in heaven.

King of all Kings and Lord of Lords. We thank you that you are great and you are sovereign and your powerful, you raise up kings and you remove them and we pray that we would be faithful as we want to be now praying for our president. The present United States for my prime minister premise of Israel and and be merciful to both of them to their families to their children to their advisors. They come under enormous attack.

They have to make enormously consequential decisions.

We pray that you draw them to yourself. Give the ears to hear and eyes to see hearts to understand you and your love and your word and we pray that they would make wise decisions.

We also pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We pray for all these mostly leaders and in the Arab world that you be merciful to them and we pray that as is Greg now preaches from the life of Moses, that we would not resist your will for us to what messes of our lives we made how unqualified we feel to serve you before Pharaoh's or before people are just regular people. But helplessly faithful to whatever you call to do for your glory and not our own. In the name of our great King who is coming soon. The name of Jesus we pray. Amen man let's think Joel Rosenberg thanks so fantastic with the great talking with Joel. What I cite full man he is so appreciated him all I will let scrubber Bibles and turn to Exodus chapter 3 and were in our brand-new series of ever calling water fire stone tile of my messages how God can turn your mess and your message know by nature. I will admit it. I am a messy person. How many messy people do we have out there. Just own it if you're gonna messy you live in clutter your melodic cats in your house, you have nothing. How many of you are very tidy need people raise your hand up okay. How many of you who are messy are married to a tidy person or your tidy and your marriage or messy present so you only marriage counseling though to write so the other day, we carved pumpkin all know you carved pumpkins is in that satanic know actually visited. We did with our grandkids and and we made kind of a mess and it was all over the table and so Kathy said Greg can you clean up the mess and I was trying it was so bad I think Kathy I know my clean will not meet your standards maybe you should do it and she agreed and I got out of claiming that so but to my desk is always cluttered. I have lots of books stacked up papers drawing for my grandchildren half eaten burritos on my collection of powder puff girls figurines know that's a joke it's actually look to the figurines know anyway but so you know I live in clutter and clean it up, but listen I got good news for messy people, especially those who have made a mess of their lives as the Lord is really good at cleaning up our messes right he can discern your mess into a message and he can discern your test into a testimony. Talk about a guy who messed up his life. Moses really blew it big time taken in the court of Pharaoh being trained presumably to be the next Pharaoh of Egypt. He knew this was of the life he wanted to live in being a Jew himself. He wanted to help us fellow Jews get out of the bondage of Egypt.

He senses destiny early on, but he had the right idea, but he certainly won about it in the wrong way and he went out one day looking at the treatment of the Jews, they saw an Egyptian taskmaster who is especially cruel beating a Hebrew, and he stepped in. The Bible says he looked to the right you look to the left and he killed the guy hidden in the sand, which is in the great idea if you're trying to hide something to send shifts.

It was quickly discovered, the Pharaoh found out effectively put a contract out on the life of Moses.

Moses is now gone from the Prince of Egypt to be the fugitive from Egypt so is our story opens, he's moved off to the wilderness and he's been there for 40 years and now the Lord comes and speaks to the 80-year-old Moses, let's read about it together. Exodus 3 starting in verse one.

One day Moses was tending the flock of his father-in-law Jethro, the priest of Midian, and he went deep into the wilderness near Sinai, the mountain of God.

Suddenly, the angel of the Lord appeared to him and you might underline that phrase. The angel of the Lord to come back to it.

The angel of the Lord appeared to him in a blazing fire in the bush. Moses was amazed because the bush was engulfed in flames. What it didn't burn up. Moses said to himself. Amazing wires in this push burning up. I must go over and see this and when the Lord saw he had caught Moses attention God called to him from the bush. Moses.

Moses here I am. Moses replied God told him to not come any closer, take up your sandals for your standing on holy ground stop there.

God proceeds until Moses, he seen the suffering of his people and now is a pony appointing Moses to go back to the Pharaoh demand the release of the Jewish people, and Moses was studying heard from God for 40 years. But in reality God was preparing him. As I said before, Moses spent 40 years in the Pharaoh's court finding out he was a somebody 40 years in the wilderness finding out he was a nobody in 40 years in the wilderness with the Israelites finding out what God can do with a somebody who realizes there is nobody so these 40 years may have seemed like a waste of time. The Moses did given up any hope of doing anything for us. Fellow Jews, but God was getting him ready Chuck Smith once told me that everything is preparation for something else. So I want to think about your own life for a moment, you might be going through something that makes no sense to you right now you're asking why am I going through this trial. At this stage of my life. Why am I having to learn this lesson. Why am I facing this hardship or why am I living in obscurity. Why, because God is molding you, and of the man or woman he wants you to be a God was preparing Moses. This goes about as normal test software they tendency he's watching over us flaw in the Lord comes to him. Let's go back to verse one we read that the angel of the Lord appeared to notice it's not an angel of the Lord. That's the angel of the Lord that may be a reference to the fact that this was what we call a Christ often a Christ company is an appearance of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament so the Lord comes to him and speaks through this bush no. This is wasn't uncommon to see a bush on fire that can happen, but this was a bush that kept burning so effectively. It was an ordinary brothers doing an extraordinary thing.

In other words God was doing something out of the ordinary to get the attention of Moses and I would suggest to you that sometimes things happen in our lives out of the ordinary to get our attention because what they seem to you like Providence. Usually what may seem to you like a coincidence is actually Providence. And while you may perceive as an interruption. Maybe intervention the meal straight. I was just back in Nashville, Tennessee. Y'all and I'm speaking this 6000 Christian counselors at an event there and so I was flying back to LAX which what is the deal with LAX of this is like the worst airport in the country and it's always under construction and what are they doing all I see are things that light up that said in all the lanes are closed up.

I'm done venting. I feel much better worst airport Thursday but anyway so I was scheduled to fly back to LAX and I was going to take an earlier flight and connect the dollars for this. It turns out, the flight that I would be taking was late there for missed my connection so we rescheduled and I took a later flight to LAX and so I got on the plane, American Airlines flight is in boarding. I wanted to work on my message and I wanted a plug-in that I have since replaced the plug-in on this plane and the flight attendant said yes there is. And by the way, I'm a Christian. Nice to see you pastor Greg and civil greatness to be with you so I was on the flight about two hours.

Then I had to go to the bathroom yes preachers go to the bathroom so I came out in the end she was standing there and she said can I talk to for a moment. I said sure and she started to cry and then she told me about a crisis she was facing a very serious crisis. I will tell you what it was but but she said I knew you were in Nashville and I pray you would be on this flight she said because I probably went social media and in so I said well here I am, so I shared some rupture with her and we had prayer together and she said I knew the Lord was going to put you on this life because like you posted on Instagram and interruption is divine intervention. Like okay there you go. So I was thrilled with that and I've found that often extraordinary things happen in ordinary circumstances is all I could get a message of God in the morning you like a mission impossible right God speaks you audibly know it just happens when you're doing other things. So sometimes when something happens out of the ordinary. Tension the Lord may be leaving you or the Lord may want to use you. So it's a burning bush.

It's an ordinary bush doing in extraordinary thing. It's almost like Moses was like this. Bush was older now skin whether they stand from the sun probably thought it was done, God was just getting them ready to rumble.

This reminds us that God has a plan for our life in every stage of our life. God wants to use you when you're young. God wants to use you when you're middle-aged God wants to use your one-year-old God wants to use you when you're old and you still think you're young. God wants to use it when you're young you think your whatever God still wants to use you nothing is sadder than someone that is not learned to age gracefully when a girl turns into a cougar.

Please don't want a young man turns into a dirty old man that said, by the way, if you're over 50, you can no longer shop at forever 21. Just don't need to know this. They should start carting people out the door, is a man holding 950.

You cannot commit what know you can't come there's a store over there.

Go over there.

It's called over 50 well I think one of the reasons that God can work to young people so effectively as young people are flexible there open date like action, they like to do stuff.

I went to Disneyland are not long ago with Levi Lesko, his daughter clover and I took two of my grandchildren are Christopher and Allie so you only want to do is go on rides and roller coaster rides in you know and there's one picture of me were coming up throughout the space Mountain. You know you get the picture at the end and I'm too cheap to buy and so I just took a screenshot of it, but that everybody has their hands in the air with a smile and I definitely am ready to throw up because I was in so were wanting along an outright deceit in the corndog and at euro there was a rocking chair on the porch and Main Street and run away to some crazy ride and I so wanted to sit in the rocking chair and take a nap.

Using told people become set in their ways. They like routine. They sit in the same place in church every Sunday on. I know because I said I know you said I know I look for you and I'm sad when you're not here by the way, but so when you're young you know your open to what God wants to do.

Here's my point.

Moses was 88 years old. This is an age where people are long past retirement people safe or retired now okay what are you going to do well with images working to live a life of leisure were going to get the motorhome ever going to just take it easy.

You know what, that's nice to have some time, but I think you're far better off if you say look at all the free time I have.

How can I know glorify God with my life, and serve him, and guess what, if you take that attitude, you may live longer.

Extensive studies have been done on those who have entered into retirement and for those that simply chose to live a life of leisure or no longer had any purpose in life. Many of them died at a younger age. I just read a study that followed 7000 people age 50 for more than a decade, and researchers from people die at a younger age if they felt their lives a little purpose. Listen as a Christian, your life has purpose. God is allowed you to go through all that you've gone through the good the bad and the ugly, to mold you into the men of the woman that he wants you to be and you have something to offer you something to do so. Get out of your La-Z-Boy and find out what God's plan is for you. Moses got started at 80 does the Lord say to him verse six Exodus 3 I am the God of your father the God of Abraham, Isaac and the God of now we read that we think these are great patriarchs of the faith, and indeed they are Abraham, Isaac and Jacob at the pre-flood people to Abraham as godly as he was had serious lapses in his fate. Isaac was biased and did not listen to the Lord Jacob's mistakes are legendary. So here's what I think God is saying Moses, I am the God of men who have failed to do need second chances. Moses, I am the God of ordinary men and women of accomplished extraordinary thing.

That means I can use you. I know you messed up Moses. I saw you look to your right you did look, you look to your left, but she looked up because of you looked up I wouldn't said no no no no no I know what you did, but I've seen the suffering of my people. Verse seven. I've seen the oppression of my people who are in Egypt. I've heard their cries because of their task masters and I know their sorrows God is seen God assert God's God is aware of what you're going through right he sees he hears. He knows it and he cares about.

Hebrews 415 says this high priest of our speaking of Jesus understands our weaknesses.

For he faced all the same temptations we do, yet he did not send tell the Lord say Moses you are the man.

And just like an old bushes burning over there you're going to burn with my message to you.

What about the Moses would've fallen down on his face and said thank you Lord for second chances, but instead he becomes human excuse machine know this may sound humble at first like a noteworthy but in reality got a call and so it was an act of disobedience looks as good as excuses because of these of the same excuses we offer as to why God would never work through us. Excuse number one Moses effectively says I'm not deserving to be used by God. I don't deserve to be used by God. Exodus 311.

Who am I to appear before Pharaoh. Moses asked God how can you expect me to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, he did have a point. If you were God, would you pick Moses is this guy that murdered the Egyptian the Lord seems to go out of his way to pick well flawed people.

Maybe a social get the glory. Ultimately, God is not looking as I've said many times. Her ability is looking for a billability. God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the call really what he wants adjuster. Some of the stable Lord I I'm in all go do it if you want me to do it.

We look at Gideon, looking for choices that this is a guy that seems to be afraid of his own shadow Lord says hey Gideon you mighty men of valor. The lead Israel out of the bondage there into the Midianites, but that's because God didn't see Midian or excuse me Gideon for what he was. He saw him for what he would become God sees potential in you. Maybe you don't. You look in the mirror and you see flaws you see shortcoming God sees what you will become a mighty man a mighty woman for him Moses as well. I'm not deserving will know were not deserving, but is not based on what we deserve the grace of God that he calls us by number two Moses effectively says but I don't have all the answers, researching Moses protested.

If I go to the people of Israel and tell them the God of your ancestors is sent me to you they won't believe me. The last quote which god are you talking about what is his name. So what should I tell them God replies. I am who I am, just tell them I am has sent me to you. So Moses basically says go alive. God responds I am that I am in other words Moses is not about you it's about sometimes are afraid to share our faith because we think a nonbeliever might*a question we don't have the answer to.

We think why after going to prove the existence of God and of the gift to do anything of the kind I think you need to just proclaim the gospel and it will do its work, because God's word is alive and powerful is a will shall I quote the Bible to someone who doesn't believe in the Bible. Well of course you should just just because they don't believe it doesn't take its power away use the word of God. Years ago when I was starting our crusade ministry. I was in my mid-30s I hardly thought qualified to do such a thing, and I was in the house of Billy and Ruth Graham one afternoon and Billy was gone preaching. I was there with Ruth and my wife Kathy and Becca have a picture of that time. So this is what I look like you can see I was doing a comb-over and I had him all so the only thing worse than a comb-over is a comb-over mullet and then the PSA did resist Don's mustaches well so there you see Ruth and she was such a wonderful lady and she had so much wisdom and I said Ruth I am just going to be doing more. This preaching in stadiums and I don't feel prepared and and and I feel like I need to really study up and apologetic. She said Greg you just preach the gospel.

That's what Billy is done all these years and that's what you need to do and she was right. I suggest you you know more than you think you know all these years of personal Bible study all these years of sitting in church all this time you spent absorbing God's word. You know a lot, and maybe the reason you don't know how much you know this because you've never had an opportunity to utilize it.

But if you get into a setting where maybe your mentoring someone or your teaching a home Bible study or your sharing the gospel with someone, all of a sudden the Holy Spirit activates those memory banks with information that you pertain and it comes out in what you're saying is so good you want to take notes on yourself right. God calls you to speak for him. He'll give you the words when you need them know we don't have all the answers, but he does excuse number three.

The people won't believe me. Exodus for over one chapter Exodus 4 Moses protested again. Look, they won't believe me they will do what I tell them, though, to say the Lord never appeared. You know, when we stopped there for a moment say he has a point is remember after he killed the Egyptian. He saw two Hebrews arguing any tried to intervene in one of them said made you a prince and a ruler over us. Are you going to kill us. As you killed the Egyptian so the point was, they were not initially responsive to his leadership choice and I want to do that again. I don't have them reject me again verse two Exodus for the Lord asked him what you have there in your hand. Moses replied what's a shepherd's staff throw it down on the ground the Lord told him so. Moses threw it down and it became a snake. Moses was terrified and he turned and ran away.

That makes me laugh actually. Then the Lord told him not take all of its tail. So Moses reached out and grabbed it and it became a shepherd's staff again perform this sign. The Lord says, and they will believe you and the Lord told him no realize that the Lord God of their ancestors, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has appeared. So I see this is a somewhat comical see what is that a shepherd's staff throw down, throws it down turns into a snake.

Probably a cobra.

The cobra was the symbol of Egypt and a very venomous snake you get bit by a cobra, you may not be long for this world. So the Lord says to get up by the tail. One thing you never do with a snake is pick it up by its tail.

I know because I used to collect snakes. Don't ask me why. When I was a kid, I had this great fascination with reptiles and snakes in particular. And I used to catch them in the wild, as well as by them from pet shops and then when you catch us taking these sort of following it through it, slithering ahead of you and you can there's a little instrument you can use Erbe pronged instrument.

If you get it on the snake's neck. Not easy to do hold him in place reached on the pick him up or you can do with their foot and so we would step on the snake's head kind of lightly and then reach don't get them by the back of the head and then grab the rest of his body and throw him into a pillowcase and be bit by a probably four times in the process with the reason you hold them at the back together so we can bite you. You pick a snake up by its tail stick and rewrite back and strike and so Moses obeyed God for God to give them credit.

He picks up the cobra probably and now it turns back into his staff again.

Now, as I said, the serpent, the cobra was a symbol of Egypt. It's also a symbol of St. Joan of the Lord is saying I want you to face your fears. Here's a symbol of Egypt take us snake by the tail resident expression states and take a tiger by the tail right go for. Don't be afraid to face your fears. I wonder what peers are facing right now.

Maybe I'm talking to somebody that is an addict you're an addict to drugs. Maybe it's math pot heroin some other drug under know what it is. Maybe your an alcoholic, you drink every single day and you can break free from it. You try and you fail and you just given up. Okay, I'm telling you take the snake by the tail. Face your fears and know this God is bigger than your addiction, and he can deliver you from the power switch out to stop making excuses for and you have to stop blaming it on other people and only this is you, you need to be willing to change. You need to bring it into the light of day.

Make yourself accountable to others.

They help me with this. Pray for me. Maybe you need to go to rehab or get some kind of treatment but they said and attack it and don't let it control you for another day. You know we love the story of the smattering of applause. That's okay that's good. We know the story of David and Goliath and remembered they were the little shepherd boy based off with this 9'6" massive individual name.

Goliath was armed and body armor and had everything in David's gun loosely around, but how the Lord rather should I say the Lord had.

I love how the story unfolds, Goliath is there and what is David knew he had taxa. David doesn't retreat that would make sense. He does even the whole ground. He runs toward his opponent whip in that sling around pray in the whole time. Like a guided missile that implants itself one of the four again of Goliath crashes forward to the ground than David, what is he do, he gets Goliath's sword and he cuts off his head. By the way, that dude had a big head probably took about. I'm serious, and afterwards he holds it up. By the way, that's one way to get ahead in life right to send head of Goliath's and gentlemen.

These are the jokes okay so so here's how you face a giant you attack it you cut it set off to go.

This is gross. Would you even talking about how do you have chocolate addiction. How do you tackle a problem you bring it out of the light of day you do it in the power of the Lord, and you cut out any opportunities to continue to live that way in the future, so he took the snake by the tail. Right. So in closing, one of the take away.

Choose from this message number one. Ask God to forgive you if you messed up like Moses admit you've messed up and as I said in another message try to feel forward. In other words, learn from your mistakes. You see, Moses learned some important lessons person the court of Pharaoh.

We were schooled in the ways of Egypt a new Egyptian culture Egyptian art Egyptian military strategies he knew about all the Egyptian deities.

This would all come in handy when he was facing up with the barrel and in the wilderness.

He learned how to deal with the wayward sheep that would come in handy as he led army of people to the wilderness for 40 years.

He learns why impulsiveness was a bad idea and he learn how to wait on the Lord number two if possible, ask for forgiveness from those you have Kurt so if you've heard people apologize, apologize to your parents apologize to your ex-spouse apologize to your children know you should never apologize to a job yet he should. If you hurt them if you been wrong will. I don't want them to see my flaws that they know your flaws. Trust me, just so you know what that time that I did that thing I was wrong and I ask you to forgive me. You would be amazed at the healing power and saying something like this. I see this happen a lot, you know, father-son. I want to pick on you but I will you know you mess up maybe walk on in your family. Or maybe you're an absentee father. But mom still it happens and then the children get older and you have no relationship with them and then you have no relationship with your grandchildren and it's this miserable scenario. Did it ever occur to you that you can go to your child. Even your adult child safe.

I was in the father.

I should.

I wasn't the mother, I should have been and I am really sorry. Would you give me another chance you might be surprised will happen all of a sudden healing could start taking place over necessary apologize and listen to this, make restitution. Afterward we don't hear much these days restitution so will say oh sorry I did that I didn't want to wreck your car sorry I wrecked her car on purpose.

Forgive me.

I forgive you to buy wait hold on buying a new car that's all restitution. Zacchaeus was a man who took advantage of other people financially. He met Jesus in his life was changed and he came out and publicly announced. I will restore four times whatever I took from any person wrongfully. Jesus said, truly, salvation is come into this guys life today so we don't think of restitution run sorry well it's my sincere.

Sorry. Can you fix it. Let's say that you spread a rumor about someone that was not true even put it on social media was found to be false and wrong. Oh go to them. Sorry not let your repentance be as widely known as your sin is spread the false message now spread the right message so we will do the will just apologize for the possible make restitution and listen to this now. Your failure mistake or sin is a part of your story.

Maybe you'll use it as an object lesson. Don't do this thing, because I did this thing and I face the consequences of it, and I wished I'd never done it and I don't want you to same make the same mistake that stealing forward friend and that's turning your mess into a message for turning your test into a testimony say this is what the Lord is done for me. I messed up. I did so many things wrong, but the Lord did this for me.

Remember the story of Malcolm is that guy who led the charge to arrest Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane.

Simon Peter pulled out his sword took a swing off comes the guys here. So what is Jesus doing heals the man's ear. The ear of Malcolm Sue by the way, I found out the careful study Marcus his last name was van Gogh. Malka spent Google it later van Gogh cut his ear off or get a Kazen artist Dutch artist okay. I digress delayed reaction in the delayed reaction is I get it and it was some funny.

So what's the point why we wasting time where you just a little longer here. Okay Jesus last miracle was covering up the blunder of a disciple of plywood Jesus.

I wouldn't heal that guy Edison serves right Jesus healed him who Jesus can take whatever wrong you've done and forgive and yes heal and be glorified in your life still.

So in closing, maybe there somebody here that doesn't even have a relationship with Jesus Christ were talking about what it is to know the Lord is he living inside of you is your sins forgiven you tried to be a good person you try to live a good life. You tried to change your life and you fail you need help. You need God. You need Christ who died on the cross for your sins and rose again from the dead three days later, live inside of you that I could close by giving an opportunity for you to pray and ask him to come in. This lady who wrote me or is Nietzsche commented on social media about her husband coming of the Lord and then our daughter was watching online, and she came to the Lord. I like to see that happen right here for some of you maybe it's your first time at church. Maybe you been here many times. But you can't really pinpoint a time where Christ is come to live in your heart that can change she can come in your life right now because he stands at the door of your life in the Knox and he says if you hear his voice will commit not just talking to the folks in the room talking to you that are watching on the screen might be a big screen.

One of our campuses might be a small screen at home and might be your TV screen wherever you are, Christ can come and live inside if you but you need to ask him to do that. I like the closing prayer by extending an invitation for you to put your faith in Jesus so he can turn your mess into a message. Let's pray now father I pray for any person, here it is not know you were ever they are afraid that your Holy Spirit will convict and convince them of their need for you that they would come to you and believe the mother has about their eyes are closed or praying together.

How many of you would say I need Jesus Christ in my life right now.

I want him to forgive me of my sin. I want to know that when I die I will go to heaven.

Pray for me. If that's your desire.

If you want Jesus Christ to come into your life and forgive you of your sin if you made a mess of your life and you want God to step in and change and change her story would you just looked your hand up right now. Wherever you are not up to pray for you raise your candidacy.

I need Jesus today. I need his forgiveness. I want to go to heaven when I die.

Pray for me. If that's your desire, raise your hand wherever you are. All right everyone of you that is raising your hand I want you to stand your feet and him and lead you in a prayer everyone to be raising her and stand up even if you did not raise your hand but you want to make this commitment or recommitment to Jesus just stand up all pray together. That's right, others are standing you're not alone. Others are sending God bless you. Nobody else stand up for him to pray together stand your feet will pray you that are watching on the screen wherever you are. You stand up as well for all the pray together away one more moment anybody else that needs to stand stand.

Let's pray about you that are standing are you that are sending pray this prayer out loud after me again as I pray pray this out loud after me. Pray these words. Please, Lord Jesus, I know that I'm the center but I know that you're the Savior who died on the cross for me, and rose again from the dead. I choose to follow you, Jesus. From this moment forward. Thank you for sharing this prayer and answering it in Jesus name I pray.


God bless each one of

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