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God’s Answer to Fear, Worry and Anxiety — Part 1

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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May 9, 2020 4:00 am

God’s Answer to Fear, Worry and Anxiety — Part 1

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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May 9, 2020 4:00 am

In Psalm 27:5 it says, “For in the day of trouble he will keep me safe in his dwelling; he will hide me in the shelter of his sacred tent and set me high upon a rock.” We grow in our faith by reading the Bible and believing what it says. We need to learn to replace thoughts of anxiety, worry, and panic with Godly thoughts and thus train our mind to think biblically.


Did you know that worry doesn’t make your life longer? It just makes it more miserable. In Matthew 6:27 we read, “Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?” The believer should not worry, as Christians, we need to put God’s Kingdom first and turn your panic into prayer. If you don’t want to live in fear, anxiety, and worry, put your concerns in the hands of God. “But in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving . . .” (Philippians 4:6).  

Birds don’t worry.   So, why should we?

Flowers don’t worry.   So, why should we?

Trade your worry for worship.


Matthew 6:33

Read: Philippians 4:6

Philippians 4:6

Daniel 6:10

Romans 10:17

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Okay, everybody just like in church so much of a grab your Bible and wanted to turn to Matthew chapter 14. I've got my green Bible here with lots of ribbons and I want you to grab your Bible.

If it is ribbons are not enjoying me as we talked together heard a story about a little boy that was very scared he was in bed at night and he cried out, daddy, daddy, I'm scared. The father said son go back to sleep. Everything's fine daddy daddy. He said come to me come to me know my room and the father said Nelson God is with you and the little boy shot back. Right now I need someone was skin on that Sue Jesus is Jesus is God with skin on them anyways if you like were in sort of a collective nightmare in America and indeed around the world were like scared little children, and we need the light turned on, and we need the comforting reassuring words of our father in heaven who is here with us, and here's what the Lord says to us in Isaiah 43 verse two when you pass through the waters, I will be with you when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you when you walk to the fire.

You will not be burned, the flames will not set you ablaze when the coronavirus is spreading. You will be protected. Oh wait, that's not in there, but it's implied, isn't it because God is bigger than what were all facing right now and here's a thought.

I want you to consider the Christian is indestructible until God is done with them, you're indestructible.

What is that mean it means you can live as long as God wants you to live and he will protect you.

Until that day. The Bible evinces though a thousand may fall at your side will not come near you. If God still is a plan and a purpose for you or for me were going to continue on as a story in the book of acts when the apostle Paul was shipwrecked is boat came apart in the in the Bible says the board they were on boards going into the shore of a little island there and I wonder, by the way of one of them stood up because if they did that the first case of surfing ever.

Even before the guys over in Hawaii. So the ball serve ball hitting 10. I don't know but there were reports of the short just saying anyway so they arrive at the shore there freezing there drenched in there warming them.

So by this fire and they're the people that live in the island. All of a sudden, a venomous snake fastens itself the Paul's armfuls ago that a mistake shakes off falls in the fire and dies.

All the people are waiting for Paul to die because it was a snake with venom that could kill them, but he just continued on, because it wasn't his time on the web been bitten by a lot of snakes have been bitten by gopher snakes and king snakes and bowlers and pythons. Is anyone here ever been bitten by a snake any buddy bib.

The only person what's with that quote it's because I collected snakes and I was a kid I wanted to be my goal in life at that point was to be a her pathologist then they upgraded it later to be a cartoonist but I did this once think he was a little pythons and whenever it would put my hand in the tank. The coal of the terrarium I he would strike and bite every time strike a bite strike and by other people would put their hand in there.

They'd never bite him.

I hated that snake. But anyway, he's long gone, but the here's the point I'm trying to make you you can live as long as God wants you to live is an interesting passage in Mark 1618, it says the pick up snakes with their hands and if they drink deadly poison. It will not hurt them at all. And clearly, this verse is not saying that we should have services we can rattlesnakes around is a verdict done. That's crazy. That's not trusting the Lord. That's testing the Lord, but what I'm saying is you're going to be around as long as God wants you around. So as God said to Abraham in Genesis 15 one. Do not be afraid. I will protect you and that's great for us to know. But then he was the questionable Greg what about that moment when death comes then death cops.

But here's what the Bible says to live is Christ, or to die is gain is another translation puts it, living means living for Christ and dying is even better listen. Nobody wants to die but we are all going to die, but the reality is, as a Christian we don't even have to fear death itself because God is greater even than that. So listen I want to talk to you about how to deal with your fear, anxiety and worry, and we all experience it okay I'm not exempted. Nobody is so literally the story from the Bible. Matthew chapter 14 I'm in the start in verse 22. Here's what we read.

Immediately Jesus made his disciples get the boat and global form to the other side while he sent the multitudes away, and then he went up into the mountain by himself to pray.

Might underline those words or come back to him and when evening came, he was alone there, but the boat was in the middle of the sea, tossed by the ways of the wind was contrary. Now in the fourth watch of the night.

By the way, that's the last part of the night right before the sun will rise at the fourth watch of the night Jesus came to them walking on the sea when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled and said it's a ghost that cried out for fear. Listen, that's us right now we don't know where we are but were like in the middle of the sea bobbing around. We don't know what's coming next.

So what does Jesus do and say we read that immediately Jesus said to them, be courageous and don't be afraid. Verse 28 of Matthew 14 and then Peter says, Lord of it. You tell me to come to you.

Jesus said, and Peter got out of the boat, walked on the water to go to Jesus. Look at verse 30 a come back to this, you might underline it when he saw that the wind was boisterous at the King James were the wind was wild, he saw the wind was strong.

He was afraid and beginning to sink he called out to Jesus the Lord save me and immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand and caught him and said oh you of little faith, why did you doubt. Then I got back in the boat and they all said truly, this is a son of God, is if you take away points for you. Number one. Jesus is with you in your storm and he's watching you in your storm. We read in verse 23 he went by himself to a mountain to pray and more kids. The detail in Mark 648 commenting on the same story when he saw the disciples straining at the oars because the wind was against them. So Jesus was watching them. And Jesus is watching you none impassively but with great interest and great concern though they lost sight of him. He never lost sight of them. You're not alone in your little storm right now some of you are with family you're kind of hanging out together you vent some great family time that a little stress to his never been you know cramped up in that space for such a long period of time.

But you know some of you are alone you're watching this on the cell phone or a tablet and you don't have family you don't have friends I want you to know that Jesus is there for you. Jesus cares about you and the Bible says that Jesus is inter-seating for you.

Point number two Jesus will come to us in our storms. In some ways he comes to us in a way that maybe we notice more when were in a storm. You know when we have everything going on the supermarket shelves are filled in and there's movies to go see in restaurants to go eat at 10 things to go to its great, but things are different right now in and were saying words Jesus, he's right here. How did Jesus come to them.

He walked on the water. You know Jesus is God. That means he could do whatever he wants.

He could've flown in by wood Jesus. I would've never walked anywhere out of flown everywhere. I do said to the disciples were going out to Jerusalem and then I would say and how I go.

You do not know what is it me, I just meet you there to worry about it then it would just flown their meta-make as a going Jesus walked among us is a man he ate food like we ate. He slept like we sleep. He felt human pain like we feel he walked in her shoes he lived her life he died our death, but he came to them on the ways to show him that the thing they feared the wind and the sea was only a staircase for him to come to them heard a minister say the other day. Chaos is never the evidence of God's absence.

It's the arena in which he moves so were in chaos right now or wait and was in God's gone, gods are gone. This is the arena in which he moves.

This is the opportunity for the church to step into the vacuum and help people maybe you know somebody that's elderly like me and maybe they need help. Maybe they need someone to go to the market for them may bear in neighbor needs a hand you start talking them you start communicating. This is something when we have not had before. It's all a whole new time and a great opportunity for us to show the love of God, will the disciples are terrified they think it's a ghost. Why didn't he know it was Jesus answer because they weren't looking for him and a lot of times we miss Jesus not because he's upset, but because were not looking for him sometimes and storms will become more aware of his presence. Joe put it this way, Job 42 five I've heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eyes see so someone listening to me right now would say I've heard about how God answers prayers.

But now I see it, I've heard all got as close to people when they're facing hardship.

But now I've personally experienced it and you can experience that as well so Peter says, Lord of the two told me to come. Jesus is come, and Peter is walking on the water. Let's give credit where credit is due. Nobody else volunteered to do this, not James and John. Nobody else just Peter and the Lord did say, but then what happened.

Matthew 1430 when he saw the wind was boisterous, he was afraid and beginning to sink he cried out, Lord save me see sometimes were doing well and then we look at the wind and we begin to sink. We turn on the news here. The latest report here. The latest rumor about covert, 19, and it causes us to panic and our hearts begin to sink Peter sink because he was afraid he sink because he took his eyes off Jesus because when fear rains faith is driven away.

Faith don't hang out together. Faith is either going to be there or fears going to be there but when one comes in the other walks out heard a doctor say some of never heard before on the news.

He said quote courage uses the same pathways is fear."

So you can make a choice. You can be afraid that's easy. Or you can be courageous and that's what Jesus told them to do to be courageous, but Peter sink because he's took his eyes off of Jesus and will begin our eyes off of Jesus were going to sink. We forget God's promises to us were going to sink. The Senate wanted tell you would state sustained Kathy and I and Jonathan are sons of the darkest time of our life. It was when our oldest son Christopher at the age of 33, was killed in an automobile accident.

It was devastating and you are whole life changed overnight. And unlike the way things are now, we could go out, you know, and we did after you know few days after we went out we went into a restaurant but you know the food seem to have no flavor and I would watch other people laughing and having a good time in I resent it because I was in such deep pain. I couldn't escape the pain. No matter where he went. It was there with me. In fact, if I went to a place that I'd gone too previously with my son. I would have all these memories of our time together. So I wanted tell you what got me through it and I want to tell you would get me it gets me through it and I want to tell you what will get you through this storm and a son in it. It's a him it's Jesus it's Jesus that got me through. It's Jesus that gets me through, and it's listening to Jesus speaking to me from the word of God the son, we need to be together right now.

I know we have to keep our social distance, but we can communicate virtually texting, emailing, posting, using the phone, I saw little video work. An elderly woman was having like 100 birthday and her family gathered outside singing to her through the window that was beautiful, but we need to be communicating. Let's reach out to one another. Make sure nobody is left alone and keep your eyes on the Lord years ago. Jonathan was one learn how to scuba dive told were you when that happened you member.

I think I was a different like 10 or 11 years old.

I was just at the age where I can legally go and learn how to scuba dive yet so we were on Maui.

We have a church in Maui. By the way hello harvest colonic but anyway were on Maui and and I'm certified as a scuba diver. I was certified years ago, which means that I can die when I want I can go get tanks and such, but Jonathan wasn't certified so we went there would training course all day long and I said to the instructor.

Hey when you guys go on the dock tomorrow. I'd like to go. He said are you certified.

I said yes I am. I have a Patty card PA DI, which means that I can get the tanks and so would happen is the next day comes in. The weather went south and the boat for Bob and around and and I thought all men. I don't want to go out there because I didn't know for a long time and so the driver dive instructors is working to go so we got on the boat and we got think about this. Your strapping on all this equipment, you have your BC best your inflatable vest. You're very, very heavy scuba tanks are you of your regulator that you breathe through your got your fins weight belt and then you sit on the edge of a boat like this and you hold onto your mask and you fall backwards. That's a lesson you want to do when your strapping on all that weight and and we went in the water we start to breathe. I started to freak out. I was scared and I looked over at Jonathan. His eyes were as big as saucers. He was terrified and I didn't wanted him to see. I was scared because I'm certified and I have a Patty card so I was really scared and I looked over the instructor who turned to Jonathan and he said Jonathan look at me.

Jonathan looked at him and I'm looking at him to and he said these words to Jonathan. Remember your training, and Jonathan. Remember started to breathe well below the surface and everything was fine so the same way we start to panic in this storm, Jesus would affectively say look at me, look at me to look at the wind.

The look of the circumstances.

Look at me and remember your training. Remember what you've learned in the word of God supported Peter do as he began to sink. He called out to Jesus folks if ever I've seen a wake-up call for America. I think were seeing it right now he is allowed this to happen. We don't know why but America Christian it's time to pray.

I'm not talking about a laid-back casual prayer I'm talking about a fervent storm the gates of heaven type of prayer that calls out to God in desperation and urgency. We need God.

In America we need God to intervene in turn backward president Trump was called an invisible enemy. We need to pray for our scientists and those that are doing research to find some kind of cure for the coronavirus something we can do and I know they're working on it. We need to pray for our president's task force vice president pants and all the others that are working tirelessly to help us through this national crisis call on the Lord hears what God says: me and I will show you great and mighty things that you don't know there's another verse of the know your one boy does it fit right now.

Second Chronicles 714. Lord says of my people which are called by my name was the now, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, those of the conditions overcomes the promise. God says that I will hear from heaven, I will forgive their sin and heal their land. It's time to pray. It's time to turn from your sins to and call out to the Lord. Peter started to sink what we read. We read immediately Jesus reached out and grabbed him.

I'm talking to somebody now that needs to call out to the Lord somebody who is not sure that their sin is forgiven. You know, if you're a believer right now you can do all the stuff you normally do.

Can you you can't go to the bar. He can parting someone needs to let the kids in Florida know that were on the beaches, by the way, but you can't do those things you normally do your your low and some of you are very scared.

But I want you to know something God loves you and God wants a relationship with you and God isn't mad at you. God wants to show to you the wonderful plan he has for your life. Jesus Christ came to this earth. As I said earlier, he walked among us is a man he breathe our air. He lived our life and then he died our death and then he rose again from the dead and now he is ready to forgive you of your sin. No matter what you've done but you have to admit you're a sinner you have to say Lord I know I've broken your commandments. I know I've fallen short of your standards and Lord. I'm sorry and then you must receive Jesus into your life. Becoming a Christian is not just reading the Bible. It's not just saying religious things. It's actually having Christ come and live inside of you. Here's my question to you is a close is Jesus living in your life right now. You might say, well, I'm not sure let me ask you question if a family moved into your house in the middle of the night and were cooking things in the early hours of the morning.

Do you think you would know graduate not suggesting God is like that. I just seen and someone moved into your house, you would know if Jesus is living inside of you. You will know let me flip that around. If you don't know that is living inside of you. Maybe it's because he hasn't you see are not born a Christian, you have to be born again. Jesus said, being raised in a Christian family doesn't do it. Going to a church doesn't do it you have to say Lord I'm a sinner, I believe you're the Savior, and I ask you to come in the my life right now and forgive me of all of my sin. He will do that for you. I think talking to some prodigal's out there right now. You haven't been to church for a while now. Have you, but the good news is churches come to you and even more Jesus is here ready to come into your life, ready to forgive you so prodigal sons and daughters wanted to come on home. We all know the story of the prodigal who run away from home lived in a distant land blue all is inherited, said his dad gave to him made a mess of his life. One day he came to his senses and he said I was going to go home and asked dad to hire me as a worker but the Bible says about the way Jesus told the story of the boy was still a long ways away. The father saw him ran to him through his arms around him and kissed him and said no my son is home he was dead as a life again and that's how God feels toward you got isn't mad at you. God is mad about you and God loves you and God will accept you as you are. If you will come to him and ask his forgiveness. So everyone appear home and lead the folks out there that need Jesus in their life and the prayer I'm in as good as a pray this prayer you guys would pray it after me just like I'm in as folks watching right now to pray. So if you would like Jesus Christ to come in the your life if you would like to be forgiven of your sin. If you would like to know with certainty that you will go to heaven when you die, I want you to pray this prayer out loud even after me.

Pray this prayer with me now pray these words Lord Jesus, I know that I'm a sinner but I know that you're the Savior who died on the cross for my sin.

I'm sorry for my sin.

I turn from it now. Jesus come into my life be my Savior, and be my Lord and be my God, thank you for hearing this prayer in Jesus name I pray, amen

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