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It’s Time to Shake Hell

A Call to the Nation / Carter Conlon
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April 24, 2022 1:00 am

It’s Time to Shake Hell

A Call to the Nation / Carter Conlon

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April 24, 2022 1:00 am

it's time to pray

It's Time to Shake Hell

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Carter, from the historic Times Square Church in New York City is a powerful hell was going to walk the presence of God's will is going to try to tell us the battle is glad you've joined us for a call to the nation with Carter, from Times Square Church in New York City in first Samuel 13, the Philistine army consists of 30,000 chariots 6000 horsemen, as many people as the sand of the seashore. Israel's army was just 600 men without any swords, so they went and hid themselves in caves think it's wrong and in holes in patients the Philistines sent out raiding parties to mock Israel's cowardice, but in man named Jonathan with his armor bearer set out to fight the invading army believing God was with them, and because of his brave act of great trembling throughout the land was felt. Let's join Carter now with today's message titled, it's time to shake him to see in first annual 13 and 14 is an enemy army has come in and they far outnumber the people of God, and they are threatening the testimony of God in the earth, and this has been the age old battle from the garden of Eden and onward God has promised to have the people in the earth that represent his glorious promise to make us more than we are.

Give us more than we could possess in the devil is always coming out of full force to try to literally swallow our confidence in our God, our confidence in the promises of our God and to eradicate the testimony of God in the earth, and this is a course what were finding happening on on a huge scale in our generation. But be encouraged because people have gone before us is time to go through these things and God has proven himself faithful to them will prove himself faithful to you and I today just as he has in the past these the same yesterday today and forever. We believe that God doesn't changed now in this particular scenario in the first Samuel. It started chapter 13 verse five it says the Philistines gathered together to fight with Israel 30,000 chariots is a lot of chariots 6000 horsemen and people as the sand which is on the seashore and multitudes list. This is one more time, a huge army coming against the testimony of God and God's people in the earth an overwhelming army just as it has been, in many instances throughout history. Now in verse six is when the men of Israel saw that they were in danger for the people were distressed and the people. This is the people of God, hidden caves, thickets rocks and holes in the people of God went into hiding.

Basically just trying to survive. Everybody's is going to go home and notice it's like in our generation when the threatenings are coming against those who hold the biblical truth. For example, and a lot of people just going to go into hiding the hide in the workplace that all hide their Christianity in the workplace. The hide in their homes that will hide in the store that is tied to life within them. As the Scripture said they'll bill take this light of Christ. Put it under a bushel and hide it under their bed and that's the tendency when were threatened and we are being threatened in this generation. Make no doubt about that. Make no mistake, it's going to get darker as the days get as the days progress in some of the Hebrews crossed over Jordan and of the land of getting Delia some of people to start off and started looking for a safe haven. Maybe sold her stuff and went to Tahiti somewhere where they felt maybe that I can live out my life and not be threatened by this darkness, and so nothing really changes in that regard, there are people are going to hide. With this overwhelming threat against the testimony of Christ summer going to summer going to flee and go into other places. And now, as for Saul, this is the present King of the time in Israel.

He was still in Guild out all the people followed him trembling so that everybody was, left to fight this darkness is really afraid, trembling, simply because they're overwhelmed the numbers. The numbers are just just overwhelming at this time.

Verse 15 says Saul number the people present with them. They had 600 men. So here's the odds one more time to go 600 soldiers and coming against it was 30,000 chariots 6000 horsemen and people. As numerous as the sand on the seashore. Not only that readers came out of the camp of the Philistines in three continents and one company turned one way another another way, and the third one going the other in the Raiders were sent out to literally strike terror in the in the peoples of the land before the invading army came. This is what they were sent to do. Another words, shouting at people omitted hiding behind walls. You can't hide. You can't defend yourself were coming for you. You're not going be able to stop us.

You don't have enough power were more powerful than you are in search of the reading parties are going on three different directions from this massive army to let the people of the land know were coming. If you think you're going to defeat us.

We are living a pipe dream. This is never going to happen. Also, in the land of Israel. There was no blacksmith out at this particular time allowed thrall the land of Israel because the Philistines were were the dominant peoples of that time and they didn't want the people of God, making weaponry and so attain verse 22 says it came about on the day of battle.

There was neither sword nor spear found in the hand of any of the people who were Saul and Jonathan. The only people in the sword was Saul and his sons on the meds and that you're facing. What is only chariots now facing 30,000 6000 horsemen. The people on the as a sin on the seashore who obviously aren't and there's nobody even has a sort of value to 600 of you in your ear about to go against an army and you know you have weaponry you might have sticks and stones. That's all you got the fight this thing and here are the people following Saul solace in the sensate King was lost touch with God is actually been told by Samuel the prophet that your Uranus done you your time of ministry is finished. Now, the Scripture says these people are trembling that are following Saul and there there, the not knowing what to do and it would've been a very, very difficult moment. The Scripture says one day it happened in chapter 14 the Jonathan, the son of Saul said to the young men who bore his armor come, let us go over to the Philistines garrison that is on the other side did not tell his father and Saul was sitting on the outskirts of Libya under pomegranate tree which is my grown, the people who were written were about 600 men.

Keep in mind they don't have any weapons that he job know this is what it is better the heat of the son of the top Nick about Ichabod's brother, the son fit is the son of Eli, the Lord's Friesen silos were unified so you got a backslidden king and you have a priest in the sense that is Ichabod them is the glory of God's nephew is the prince of the glory of God is gone. In other words, his nephews the presents about as refreshing as a mouthful of sand it doesn't get any worse than this. So Jonathan is sitting there and Jonathan is the type of a guy that this is a muddier. I know the history of the people of God, and I'm not going to sit here any longer and just wait for this encroaching army to come in and slaughter us. I'm going to get up and going to fight back and he tells his armor bearer. It doesn't matter to God. How many people we are. If God is with us were majority. So let's you and I get up and let's fight back. Let's do something that only can be done in the strength of God, so he got up in the in the armor bearer went between the passes which Jonathan sought the Lord. Chapter 14 verse four to the garrison of the Philistines, and there was a sharp rock on one side and a sharp rock on the other side the name of one was Bos as knit the name of the other was sent Moses means slippery place in the other the other rocket. It really means forms for me. So here they are there there going into the battle they have to go through a slippery place in a place were in a sense you're not even sure of your footing.

That's ahead of you and yet you and you also have these thorns means the battles of the mind that that is similar to the thorns were pressed into the brow of the son of God that I need was marked by the soldiers of that time and struck on the head with the staff saying, hail, King of the Jews. It's the mockery when you and I get up to fight there's a power of hell. It is going to mock the presence of God within us the power of hell is going to try to tell us the community will be able to climb into this place for the battle is a power. This is who do you think you are to think you can stand up and somehow defeat this incredible army. This come against you. What you think you are is only through viewing here you are coming up to challenge that a garrison of the of the.

The enemy army now that the Scripture says in verse five that the front of one face north with the rock towards Mick Nash which which means a concealed place in the other southward towards Gibeon, which means a place of past Association. So you gonna walk in the slippery place your your your being bombarded in your mind and your being reminded of your past associations and going into the battle and the devil, just as they are trying to say. Who do you think you are. You remember what you used to do to remember the people used to hang out with what makes you think God is going to go with you.

The biggest battle we find is in our minds and of the developing picture in your mind and is got to but if he can't get through. And you might have got him because of God is moving with you. There is a victory that is about to be one that only can be won by the power of God in your life and soul behind them is a past Association before he was a hidden place is kind of.

It is a difficult spot to be in because here in the slippery place being bombarded in your mind. The devil is reminding you of your passenger Association maybe reminding Jonathan, your father is backslidden Ichabod's nephew is your priest you got an army of 600 men don't even have swords only go to sticks and stones in their hands. What makes you think that you're going to be able to win this battle behind you is all this in ahead of him is a place that you can see you're moving to it by faith.

But you can see it and there's no real tangible reason in the natural. Why is that when this victory and so to win a spiritual victory in up in a season like this is going to be something of God that gets into the heart as it did with young David when he faced Goliath. The safe I'm going into this battle because the armies of the living God have been challenged by this power of darkness is not by might is not by power. It's by the spirit of God that this battle is going to be one going to get up for. From where I am not to live among the trembling of the longer I'm going to go and I'm going to begin to fight this battle that is ahead of me. Then Jonathan said to the young men aboard his armor come, let us go to the garrison of these Philistines.

It made me. The Lord will work for us for nothing restrains the Lord from saving by many or by, through, so Jonathan had something in his heart in his mind that his father didn't have, nor did the 600 or with him. If God is with us, who can be against us. If God is with me who can stop what God wants to do through my life is God has sent me to do something, it shall be done not in my power, but in the power of Christ within me. So his armor versa didn't do all that is in your heart goes and I am here with you, according to your heart. I love it is so good to have a friend like that is so good to have a friend when you say God is God is giving me something and it's always good to have a friend that says let's go. I'm with you. Let's do this. They first got I get a friend like that is online tonight. His name is Mark Dustin on is like that.

I love the fact that Mark is willing to go in any battle anywhere in sac any devil in any place I thank God for that with all my heart his armor versa do it's in your heart going with you, according to your heart, and Jonathan said very well it's crossover these men and we will show ourselves to them and if they say to us wait'll we come to you then will stand still in her place and not go up to them, but if they say, because we will go out for the Lord is delivered them into our hand and this will be assigned to us. So both of them showed themselves to the garrison of the Philistines and the Philistines is not the Hebrews are coming out of the holes where they have been hiding. If you stand up to fight back against the devil.

The first thing you will fight it against our voices mockery that will come against you, the men of the garrison called Jonathan and his armor bearer and succumb up. Dawson will show you something and others. You think you're going to meet us the come on up and will show you how the battles one will show you how foolish you are, will show you what's going to happen to you then. Jonathan said to his armor bearer come up after me for the Lord has delivered them into the hand of Israel. Don't you love the jewel of the kind of faith on when everything seems to be against you, but you stand up and safe. Come with me were going to go into this battle.

God's given them into our hands and Jonathan climbed up on his hands and knees with his armor bearer after him.

You know, we have this impression that we going to the battle is God of involve six chariots and 12 white horses and a bunch of soldiers and banners and flags in the thought of crawling on her hands and knees up this hill is not really our viewpoint of what victory looks like but here is, here's Jonathan, the son of the backs of the king and his is climbing up this mountain on his hands and knees and if it's kinda like it's it's like you and I in our Bible seriousness of the students are in the Bible school in your side.

I should be experiencing this incredible victory, but yet I'm climbing through my thoughtful effort reported on mine and submits to the client calling for a little please lock on this cliff is a is a Glock and down the spotlight on writing for for whatever God can give me in the way of victory and I want to look like on strong but it's been a very, very difficult battle for me in Scripture says he climbed up on his hands and knees with his armor bearer, and they fell before Jonathan and as he came after him. His armor bearer killed them.

The first letter which Jonathan and his armor mermaid was about 20 men with about 1/2 an acre of land, so it's not a big battle.

They want this in the messages I have for people that are online is not a big battle that God made you to win. It's only half an acre and 1/2 an acre is 110' x 110'. That was the whole size of this battle to half an acre. But when they went up and they won this half-acre seats everybody here.

It has a half-acre that you gotta win your half-acre might be drug addiction.

Your half-acre might be depression your half-acre's for some this is that the dysfunction in your family, your half-acre might be the unbelief it's in your own heart that everybody has a half-acre that you have to take in and Jonathan and his armor bearer went up and they took that half-acre and when they took that half-acre something happen.

The Scripture says in verse 15 there was a trembling in the camp in the field and among all the people this about the Philistine army know the garrison and the Raiders also tremble in the earthquake so that it was a very great trembling to men rose up the climbed up the hill. They took on a garrison's about 20 Philistine soldiers on about a half-acre of land, not about the size of the century roughly and they captivated it and when they did it say because these armies that were coming against the people of God were demonically inspired and when they came in and took on this kerosene of the Philistines.

The demonic powers that were behind them began to realize that something would happen. Somebody had invited God into the battle Jamie said is this reason to believe in God you do well.

He says that the demons also believe in tremble. The devils know the power of God. The devils know that the day is number the devils know that they're about to be judged and thrown forever into a lake of fire. They are fully familiar with the power of God.

The only way they can defeat the people of God is to somehow convince you and I that God is not with us.

God is not powerful where somehow a substandard people in the art, but every once in a while somebody stands up and takes a half-acre from hell. Somebody stands up and wins the battle somebody stands up and in the power of their God wins the battle of the mind wins the battle of their family wins the battle against the fearless in their own heart wins the battle against the addictions that have gotten hold of their bodies late and simply take your half-acre your half-acre members right in your apartment where you are right now, it's your hundred and 10 510 faith can only tell you something when you take out half-acre. There's a trembling that will come into hell everything of darkness to use against you and your family will begin to tremble when you take out half-acre.

You might've to climb on your hands and knees to get up to the top of that hill you have to endure every form of mockery that will come your way from a sense of darkness will come against the Jews to their God, and suddenly there's a trembling the halls. The Scripture says that means all of the thousands of chariots, all of the thousands of people litter as the sand on the seashore.

There's a trend line comes into the host and even raiding parties that work miles away probably 3040 miles away from listening to is a sudden cider comes into the because the doctors and into the battle.

Hallelujah to the time of God into the name of Jesus. The enemies rise to bring in their arm is matter their threats we have living Christ on our side of eternity. The God who sent his son to die on the cross captivity captive, and gives gifts on demand because all power has all authority everything that his name will bow before him one day and declare that Jesus Christ is Lord he is with us and when you and I stand up and take your half-acre we send a soldering to hell with the devils ever convince you that you have no part in this battle that were fighting in this generation. You sir are addicted use you ma'am are depressed, you young person don't see a reason to go forward in life you can stand up to snoop on your mountain you take your half-acre you want children to begin to shake the dealers in your neighborhood will begin to say they have a phenomenal communication system works, but I know when somebody rises up and brings Christ into the battle. There is a say case that happens in hell country going among the powers of darkness. Not only did they tremble as they turned against one another extended began to destroy each other and when it happened because Jonathan and his armor bearer went in and fought this battle has been people who were in hiding him. They joined into the battle is with this occurrence came into the hearts of the people of God because that tree had been already one Christ has been brought into the battle and reported that way by just two men who decided I'm just going to do this. I'm just up and I'm just out on not sitting here with the fearful and longer are they the prognosticators need the analysts to tell us all the reasons why we can't do this or we can't do that are all all the people say the battle can't be one.

I'm just I'm just not sitting here with them any longer.

I'm outta here in interesting things.

Jonathan didn't bother even telling his father because his father would've talked him out of it. You know if you're going to do something that involves faith. Don't talk to people litter full of unbelief defined a friend or says let's go. Let's do this. Let's do this and Jonathan said I is something in my heart I just I just believe the God is the same God as he always has been. We don't need an army to win this battle beneath God because us and God are a majority.I think it's time for everyone to bring God back into the battle.

Whatever your battle is whatever your half-acre is in your life, whatever it is that that you need to pursue whatever mountain you need to climb whatever slippery place you need to go up if you have to go in your hands and knees just going your hands and knees.

It doesn't look like a victorious position, but actually it really is the battle really is one on her knees always has been and always will be Talking to the Entire Army of God. I'm Talking to the Men and Women Who Don't See Themselves As Having an As Having Any Power in the Future You Don't See Yourself Living in the Present Victory in the Same You Will Pastor What Is Required of Me That Get up Go Forward into the Battle so Done with This I'm Done with the Devil Destroying My Home My Marriage My Family My Children My Mind My Body My Neighbors I'm Done with This I'm Going to Get up and in the Power of God. I'm Going to Go into the Battle.

I Don't Care Who Mocked Me. I Don't Care What I Have To Fight My Head.

I Don't Care What Voices Come against Me. I'm Going into This Battle and by the Grace of Almighty God.

I Believe This Battle Is Going to Be One and I Don't Care Who Moxley Libby Mockler Always Be Markers When You Set out to Live by Faith That They Will Bear Their They Will Bear Their Troubles, God Will See to It That There Will Always Be Markers. We Set out to Find and Fight for God to Father I Ask God in Jesus Name That You Would Give You Would Just Give the People the Power to Walk with You, Given the Power Lord Jesus Christ to Serve You and to Live for You the Power to Believe That All Things Are Still Possible to Those Who Believe in Christ, God Almighty, Help Us Not to Live Our Lives Trying to Hide or Sitting with the Trembling on the Mountainside Would Help Us to Going to the Battle and Believe That If We Take Our Half-Acre That It Can Send a Shudder through the Ranks of Darkness. Father, I Want to Say Thank You with All My Heart, Give Us the Grace to Believe That You Are Able You Say Will Fester How to Get into This Battle Is Really Simple. Admit That You Need a Savior. You Know You Can Save Yourself so Save Yourself the Trouble of Trying to Save Yourself Because You Can't Give up on That and Let the Son of God Save You It Came to This World and the Winter Cross Was Brutally Beaten and Rejected so That That You Might Be Forgiven to Just Let Him Forgive You Just Open Your Heart and Say Jesus I Can Save Myself. Forgive Me Then Confessing Him As Your Lord, Lord Christ You Are, That the Lord of My Life from This Day Forward, and Forever. And Don't Try to Govern Your Life Anymore and Then Let Him Lead You and Watch Where He Will Lead Delete You into Place of Only Victory for Yourself, but You, Your Life Will Be Used To Bring Victory to Others All around Us. Father, I Thank You God with All My Heart I Thank You Lord Jesus Jesus Jesus God Almighty We All Pray This Prayer Together Just Say These Simple Words with Me Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank You for Loving Me. Thank You for Coming to Get Me in Giving Your Life on the Cross That I Might Be Forgiven. I Open My Heart and I Invite You to Come into My Life to Be My Lord and to Be My Savior. From This Day Forward I Will Live for You. I Will Search You and I Will Love You. Thank You for Loving Me and Giving Me the Promise of Forgiveness of a Purpose to Live in Eternal Life with You. The Day I Die from This Day Forward. Jesus Christ, You Are the Lord of My Life, You're Hearing This You Feeling Jonathan and His Armor Bearer Used.

You Know That It Has To Be God Which Are Willing to Go into the Battle You're Willing to Going to the Fight Willing to Believe God for Whatever It Is, Where It Is a God Is Leading and You Just Want to Make That Declaration Just Come Forward Save Board.

I'm Just Going to Go with and around the Trust to My God for Victory in My Life the Trustee for Whatever It Is You Want to Do through My Life. I'm Just Going to Trust You That You Give Me the Power to Do It. I'm Going to Go for None. I'm Going to Go into the Battle and I'm Going to Win This.

Thank You for Joining Us This Week for a Call to the Nation with Carter Come from Times Square Church in New York City. For More Information Log onto TSC Don NYC TSC.NYC You Can Count on a Powerful Message between Bottom Call to the Nation with Carter,

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